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Training Carrie, chapter 78

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 78

 Returning to the living room, I saw that Carrie was still lying where
I had left her, sobbing quietly. I helped her to sit up, then to stand.
With my arm around her shoulder, I led her to the end of the couch, and
had her lean her ass against its arm. I kissed her on her lips and said,
"You've done very well, my love. There's one more trial you must face
tonight, then you can rest and sleep."

    "Rene?" she said with great emotion. "Oh, Rene, I'm so glad you're
here. I've tried my best to obey, Rene, just as you told me. I hope I've
pleased you."

    I said, "Yes, I'm very pleased, O. We'll talk again tomorrow morning,
in your room. Until then you must remain silent, except to cry out in
pain." I kissed her again, then stood her up and took her to the wall
where I had installed the eye-bolts. With my arm around her shoulder, I
felt Carrie tremble. This time, I didn't think she was acting.

    Stopping her about 2 feet from the wall, I unclipped her wrist, then
clipped them together again in front of her body. After attaching the end
of the chain to her wrist manacles, I pulled the other end of the chain to
raise her hands and arms. While gently pushing her closer to the wall, I
continued to pull the chain. Finally, Carrie's breasts and hips were in
contact with the wall, and her heels were off the floor. I secured the
chain to hold her hands where they were, then nudged her feet apart until
she was standing on tiptoes.

    I stood silently and watched Carrie for a minute, letting her
anticipation build. Then I picked up the crop, and swished it through the
air behind her a few times. When she heard the sound, she whimpered. I
remembered Char, and looked over to assess her state of mind. She was
standing against the wall, about 10 feet behind Carrie. Her face was pale,
and she was wringing her hands.

    I struck Carrie on her ass, twice in quick succession. As she cried
out in pain and surprise, she lost her footing and momentarily hung from
her wrists. I paused until she was able to stand on tiptoe again, then I
struck her twice more on her thighs. She kept her footing that time, but
she let a sob escape her lips. After another pause, I struck her another 2
times on her back, and that time she only moaned.

    Each blow of the crop had marked Carrie's skin, marks which would fade
by morning. But, since I intended to subject her to multiple whippings
tomorrow, I wanted to limit any marks I put on her tonight. So I put down
the crop. Using a plot device from the book, I said, "The crop marks her
too much, let's use the flogger on her."

    Moving to another position behind Carrie, I responded to my previous
statement. "Yes, with the flog, we can whip her as long as we want,
without marking her skin. Let's flog her."

    I picked up the flogger and moved into position behind Carrie. I began
flogging her moderately hard, at random locations on her back side,
intending to eventually cover her from shoulders to knees. After a few
minutes, she was moaning continuously, and only a few minutes after that
she began sobbing and crying. I knew she was exaggerating her suffering a
little, although not a great deal, but I wondered if Char realized that.

    If this had been a flogging of Carrie by her master, she would have
held whatever position I put her in, for as long a she possibly could. But
this wasn't the Story of Carrie, it was the Story of O. I had expected her
to follow the plot line, that's why the third eye-bolt was in the wall at
the level of her waist. Sure enough, as I continued flogging her, she
began turning, as if she were trying to shield her rear from the crop. As
a result, my blows began striking her on her side. Eventually she had
turned almost completely around, so that her back was to the wall and I
was flogging her breasts, her stomach, and the front of her thighs.

    I told Carrie we were pausing to let her catch her breath. That wasn't
unreasonable, since by this time she was screaming continuously and
begging me to give her a moment's rest. Char looked unhappy, to say the
least, so I dragged her along with me as I headed for our bedroom. When we
were out of Carrie's hearing range, I said, "Do you have anything you want
to say to me?"

    "I'm sorry," she said. "I was completely out of line when I questioned
you before. I can see the pain on your face, I know what this is doing to
you, and I'm sorry I questioned your judgement. It's hard to watch, but I
know you wouldn't be doing this unless it was what Carrie wanted."

    I hugged her tightly. "Thank you, that means a lot," I said.

    Char took my head in her hand and pulled my lips to hers. After she
gave me a passionate kiss, she pulled back and looked into my eyes. "I'm
so sorry you have to go through this. I'll support you in any way I can. I
hope you'll let me take your mind off of it later tonight, in bed."

    I said, "I'd like that. In fact, I think I'll need it. Thank you for
understanding how hard this is."

    I hugged Char again, until she gently pushed me away from her. She
looked up at me and said, "My sister is alone. She's waiting for you." I
nodded, then went to the mural room to get Carrie's bondage belt.

    Returning to the living room, I saw that Carrie had calmed down,
although she was still crying under her blindfold. She was still
positioned with her ass against the wall, and I noticed that her feet were
spread apart so that she had to stand on her tiptoes. I took that as a
good sign, if she was in bad shape she would have brought her feet closer
together, easing the strain on her wrists.

    "Are you ready to continue?" I asked. She began begging and pleading
with me to stop whipping her and release her arms. I picked up the crop,
then said, "Since you want your front whipped, as well as your back, we
might as well mark you there also." I struck her hard across her breasts,
two inches above her nipples. This started her screaming again, and
begging me to stop. As the crop mark reddened across her breasts, I struck
her again, once on her belly and once across each thigh.

    Finally, I lowered the crop and brought it up between her legs,
striking the lower part of her pussy, well below her clit. The blow to her
pussy was much lighter than any other I had given her, but it made her go
wild. She was thrashing around so much that her feet were off the floor
much of the time. She began calling for Rene to help her, to make them
stop torturing her. I put down the crop and picked up the flogger again.
"She wants you, Rene," I said. "Show her your flogging technique."

    Carrie was still thrashing around, although she had regained her
footing. Again I noted that she was keeping her feet spread wide apart,
something she would not do if she was in any trouble. I gave her several
light strokes across her breasts with the flogger, then stood back. "You
can do better than that, Rene, she hardly felt it at all," I said.

    Carrie was pleading. "Please, Rene, I love you, don't do this to me.
Can't we go home, Rene? I promise, I'll do anything. Please take me away
from here."

    I said, "She'll do anything, all right. Go ahead, Rene, give her some
serious flogging before we turn her around again." I began flogging her,
moderately hard, up and down her front. I avoided her crotch, but gave her
a thorough flogging over her breasts, stomach, and thighs. She continued
to cry, scream, and plead with me to stop. Although she was moving around
as much as her bound wrists allowed, she made no more efforts to turn her
body away from the blows. She was getting just what she wanted. Finally, I
told her we were going to pause and let her rest again. She continued to
beg between her sobs, for Rene to release her and take her home.

    Putting my hands on her hips, I gently turned her until she was again
facing the wall. I fastened her bondage belt around her waist, then tied
it securely to the eye-bolt at her side. This pulled her slightly to one
side, so that she had to put most of her weight on the toes of one foot. I
nudged her feet closer together, so that she could stand on the ball of
one foot and the toes of the other foot. "This will keep you where we want
you," I said. Patting her on her ass, I said, "When we resume, we're going
to concentrate on this pretty ass, and see how rosy red we can get it."

    The whole time I was tying her waist, she continued begging to be
released. After listening to me say that her ass was my next target, she
said nothing at all for a moment, then she asked for a drink of water. I
nodded to Char, and she quietly went to the kitchen. Returning a few
seconds later, she handed me a glass of water. "Here's your water, O," I
said. She turned her head and leaned back, so I could get the glass to her
lips. She greedily drank all of the water, and when I pulled the empty
glass away from her mouth, she smiled faintly and thanked me. Then she
resumed her role and begged me to release her.

    I ran my hands over Carrie's ass, then stepped back and resumed
flogging her. She remained silent for a few seconds, then began crying,
sobbing and moaning again. Occasionally she would ask me to stop, or to
pause for a few seconds, neither of which I did. After flogging her for
about five minutes, I stopped again and put down the flogger.

    Although my brain disliked what I was doing, it was Ok with my cock, I
had a raging boner. I decided to put it to good use, enacting another
small episode of O's story. Stepping up behind Carrie, I spread her hot
cheeks apart with my hands, then plunged my cock into her ass. Rather that
screaming or protesting, she sighed. I moved my head so I could see the
side of her face. She was smiling.

    While I continued to fuck Carrie, I turned my head as if speaking to
someone behind me, and said, "You're right, James, her ass is a little too
tight. Starting tomorrow, she'll wear a dildo when her ass isn't in use.
That will make her more open and available after a few days." When I said
that, she came. I was hoping that wouldn't happen, it was a calculated
risk. She knew I didn't want her to cum while a whipping was in progress,
because I didn't want to reinforce her association of pain and pleasure.
In this case, I think she was simply too exhausted to control herself.

    As soon as I came in Carrie's ass, I withdrew my cock and resumed the
flogging. She was too tired to put on much of a show at that point, she
just hung from her wrists and sobbed. After another minute, I stopped and
threw down the flogger. After releasing her waist, I loosened the chain to
let her arms down. She was too tired to stand on her own, so I lowered her
to the floor with the chain. Once she was sitting, I detached the chain
from her wrists, then clipped her wrists together behind her back.

    Carrie knew the whipping was over. Even though she was still crying
and sobbing, I could see she was relieved. "I love you, Rene," she said

    "And I love you, O," I answered. "I'm very proud of you. She gave me a
weak smile as I eased her down onto her side. "Rest for a few minutes,
then Jeanne wil take you to your room," I said.

    I stood and walked to the other end of the living room. As quietly as
possible, I opened the liquor cabinet and took out a bottle of Scotch.
Motioning for Char to follow me, I went into the kitchen and grabbed a
glass, then went to our bedroom. When Char followed me into the bedroom, I
closed the door and handed her the glass and bottle. "Pour me a drink,
then share it with me," I said, then I flopped down in my favorite chair.
A few seconds later she walked up to me holding the glass. It had about an
inch of Scotch in it. I took the glass in one hand, and pulled her into my
lap with the other.

    Char kissed me on the cheek, then I took a sip of the Scotch. I was
going to offer her a sip, but instead I upended the glass and swallowed it
all. "That's Ok, I hate Scotch," she said.

    "So do I," I said. "I don't normally drink, except beer or wine, but I
needed that."

    Char got out of my lap and went to the bathroom. Soon she came back
with a warm, damp washcloth, and proceeded to clean off my cock. Then she
took the glass from me, poured a little more Scotch, and crawled  back
into my lap. She put the glass to my lips, and I took a sip. "Feeling
better?" she asked. I smiled at her and nodded my head. She kissed my
cheek again. "Is it over?" she asked.

    I sighed. "It's almost over for tonight. Tomorrow it starts again, and
I'll need Jeanne in most of the scenes." I looked at Char. "Are you up to

    "I'm up for whatever you need me to do," she said. "What about you?"

    "I'll be Ok, with your help," I said. Then I explained what we had to
do to get Carrie in bed. She put the glass to my lips and I finished the
Scotch. then she kissed my cheek a third time, crawled out of my lap, and
pulled me to my feet.

    We returned to the living room. I stood and watched as Char walked
over to her sister and knelt beside her. "O, it's time to put you to bed
for the evening," she said. "You have to get up now." Carrie groaned, but
made no move to get up. "You must obey me, O, or I'll have to call a
valet," Char said. "Haven't you been whipped enough?" Carrie groaned
again, then slowly sat up. Char got to her feet, then helped Carrie stand
up. When she saw that Carrie was able to stand unaided, she grasped
Carrie's labia and began leading her to the bathroom.

    In the bathroom, Char said, "I'll hold you while you squat over the

    "Please unfasten my wrists, Jeanne, then I can keep my balance,"
Carrie said softly.

    "Only the valets and masters can do that, O," Char answered, as she
forced Carrie to squat over the toilet. "You're in position, and I won't
let you fall. Do what you need to do, so I can get you to bed. Pierre
doesn't like to be kept waiting."

    When Char took Carrie into the guest bedroom, I waited in the hall.
Char sat Carrie on the edge of the bed, then removed her blindfold. "Poor
darling, your eyes are red and puffy from crying. They really gave you a
hard time, didn't they? It's true, they treat you much worse if you were
brought here by your lover. You'll see."

    At that point I entered the room. "Behold, the lovely lady," I said, a
quote from the book that Carrie liked. She looked up at me with fear in
her eyes. I unfastened her wrists, then refastened them in front. "Shit,"
I said to myself, realizing that I needed the chain from the living room.
I put Carrie on her back in bed, then said, "Stay with her, Jeanne." I
quickly went to the living room, then returned with the chain. Standing on
the edge of Carrie's bed, I threaded the chain through the eye-bolt above
her bed. After running it through the front ring of Carrie's collar, I
attached it to her wrist manacles.

    When I pulled the opposite end of the chain, Carrie's hands were
forced up toward her head, until her wrists were at her neck. She held her
hands together at the side of her face, as if she was praying. I secured
the chain to the second eye-bolt, out of her reach. I stood looking down
at her for a long moment, then I slipped my hand between her legs and
pushed three fingers into her pussy. A tear ran from her eye. I laughed as
I withdrew my hand, then covered her with a blanket. Taking Char by the
arm, I led her out of the room, turning off the lights as we left.

    As we walked down the hall toward our bedroom, Char whispered,
"Shouldn't we close her door?" I shook my head. If she woke up alone in
the middle of the night and had a panic attack, I wanted to make sure I
could hear her.

    Char and I quickly tended to our toilet needs, then crawled into bed
together. I was holding her in my arms, wondering if I should fuck her or
try to sleep, when I heard Carrie sobbing from down the hall. After a few
moments, Char said, "That's so sad. Should I go and try to comfort her?"

    "No, this is what she wants, leave her alone," I said.

    After a moment, Char said, "I don't know how many nights I sobbed like
that. Hundreds, a thousand, I don't know. Trying to calm my fear and rage
so I could get to sleep."

    I hugged her tight, and felt her body tremble. "Please fuck me," she
whispered in my ear. I reached down and rubbed her wet pussy with my
fingers, causing her to moan. After guiding my cock into her, I held her
to me as I rolled onto my back.

    Char and I fucked for nearly an hour. Somewhere in that time, the
sounds from Carrie's room had faded and then stopped. We had cycled
through most of my favorite positions, and Char had matched each of my
orgasms, plus she had a few extra of her own. We wound up as we started,
with Char lying on top of me. We had just cum together, and Char's head
was resting on my chest. "Why do you go through all of this?" she asked
me. "What do you get out of it?"

    "Those are really the same question, and you already know the answer,"
I told her.

    "But Carrie would do anything for you. You could treat her like shit,
and it wouldn't matter to her. In fact, she'd be more obedient if you were
cruel to her. You don't have to lift a finger to please her. She'd be
happy kneeling at your feet, waiting for a command, and yet you put
yourself through this. I don't get it."

    I didn't know how to explain it to Char, I didn't really know the
answer myself. Finally, I said, "Her submission to me, and my domination
of her, are only the top layer of our relationship, a tool to fully
develop her ability to give and receive sexual and emotional pleasure. She
won't always be my slave."

    "You mean she'll leave you some day ... or you'll leave her?" Char

    "No, I'll never leave her, and I don't think she'll ever leave me. I
mean that some day we'll give up the master/slave roles. You heard her
tell Philip she would bear my children someday, didn't you?" Char nodded.
"My children's mother won't be a slave. She'll be my wife and my life
partner. Those are the layers of our relationship below the master/slave
roles. That's what we'll have as we raise our children and grow old

    Char was quiet for a minute, then she asked, "Is there room for me in
that plan?"

    "I don't know, Char, it's not clear how our relationships would evolve
if there were three of us. Carrie will have to give you her own answer,
but I'll give you mine if you'd like." She looked into my eyes and nodded.
"I don't love you the way I love Carrie, but I do love you. I think you
would be happier, in the long run, if you could find someone - it doesn't
matter if its a man or a woman - who would love you above all others. But
if you want to stay with us, then I say welcome to the family."

    We lay quietly for awhile, until I realized Char had gone to sleep
lying on top of me. I carefully rolled her off. She woke up, reached up
and kissed me, then drifted back to sleep. The clock beside our bed read
11:45. I set the alarm for 5:00 and then went to sleep.

    When the alarm went off, I quickly silenced it, then sat up on the
edge of the bed. Char asked what I wanted her to do, and I told her to go
back to sleep. I wouldn't need her until later. I went to the bathroom to
take a piss and brush my teeth, then got dressed in my leather
master/valet outfit.

    After a trip to the living room to get the flog and crop, I went to
Carrie's room. I quietly closed the door behind me as I entered her room,
then I walked up to the side of her bed. She was sleeping soundly on her
side, her hands in a prayer position under her head. I pulled the blanket
off of her, causing her to stir. When I pulled the pillow out from under
her head, she came fully awake. She immediately remembered what we were
doing, and looked at me with fear in her eyes.

    I freed the far end of the chain, then began pulling on it, removing
the small amount of slack I had left Carrie. "Please stand up on the bed,
facing the wall," I told her. As I pulled on the chain, she struggled to
her feet on the bed. I put a hand on her ass and pushed her until her
knees were touching the headboaard of the bed, then I pushed harder until
she pressed her breasts against the wall. After removing all of the slack
from the chain, I secured it again on the second eye-bolt.

    I paused, assessing Carrie's condition following last night's
whipping. The crop marks on her back, ass, and thighs were still visible,
but there was no broken skin. I decided that it was safe to give her
another, much less intense whipping now.

    Carrie knew what was about to happen, and she was genuinely fearful.
She didn't want any more pain, so soon after last night, but she knew it
was inevitable. I picked up the flog, then put one foot on the bed and
struck her on her ass. She screamed, then began begging me not to hit her
again. Ignoring her pleas, I flogged her ass and thighs until they were a
pale shade of red. By the time I stopped, she was out of breath from
trying to cry, scream, and beg all at once.

    I exchanged the flog for the crop, and gave her four very hard blows,
evenly spaced over her ass and thighs. I was careful not to hit her on any
of the marks from last night. She became almost hysterical at that point,
but I had to trust that she would have used her safe word if she was
really in trouble. I waited a minute for her to calm down somewhat, then I
said, "Please turn around." After a few seconds, she had not begun to
turn, so I put a hand on each of her hips and forcibly turned her around
on the bed.

    I had never seen Carrie weeping this hard. "Please don't hurt me any
more, Pierre," she blubbered. What a relief it was to hear her say that,
it was her way of telling me she was Ok. I brought the crop down very hard
across the front of her thighs, causing her to scream so loud it hurt my
ears. Leaving Carrie standing on the bed, crying her eyes out, I picked up
the flog and turned away from her. As I left the room, I closed the door
behind me.

    When I returned to our bedroom, Char was sitting up in bed with her
hands over her ears, crying. When she saw me come in, she said, "I can't
take this, how much longer will it last?"

    I closed the bedroom door, almost muffling Carrie's wailing. "The
worst is over," I said. "I'll have to whip her a lot more, down in the
'dungeon,' but it won't be as severe as what she just got." I sat on the
bed and took Char's hands in mine. "Listen to me," I told her, "Carrie's
Ok. She has a safe word, but she didn't use it. At the worst point in the
whipping, she called me Pierre. That was her way of telling me she was Ok.
Try not to worry about her."

    I stripped off my clothes and fell onto the bed next to Char, on my
back. "God, I need another drink," I said.

    She lay down next to me, on her side, and put her arm over my chest.
"Poor baby, let Mama make it better," she said. I looked over at her to
see if she was making fun of me, but she wasn't.

    "Is that your way of saying you want to fuck?" I asked.

    She said, "I couldn't sleep after that, and I'll bet you can't either.
We're both hurting emotionally, just as Carrie is hurting physically.
Let's take our minds off of it by fucking for awhile, then taking a shower
together." Then she winked at me. "I'll be your distraction, if you'll be
mine," she said with a smile.

    I smiled back at her. "Climb on," I said. She started to straddle my
hips. "Not like that," I said, "put your pussy over my face and your mouth
over my cock."

    "Yes, Sir," she said, grinning.


  1. Not really as intense as I remember the book being but still harsh...too harsh for Char. Don't really understand William's thought process...Carrie can be a mother and partner or a slave...not both...sorta reminds me of some men who believe there are two kinds of women...whore or madonna and once she has a child, she goes from whore to madonna and he no longer want any relations with her. Will see where this goes.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Yes, I think Mr. West thinks in Madonna's and Whores. It is pure and utter nonsense of course. She cannot walk naked in the house all day with a kid around, bound and tied, but there are many other kinds of D/s-activities, I can tell from own experience...

      Wonderful comment, Cat, right on the spot.


  2. If Bill thinks that they...Carrie especially, but him also...can give up the M/s to become mom and dad....He is in for a big surprise. Yes, it would be different..but still be there. Not something you can just leave behind least in my limited experience...and humble opinion..
    hugs abby

    1. You light fuse and if fuse is burning you say, oh stop! You are so right Abby, it is a stupid line in the book. Like I said to Cat I think it matches Mr. West's idea of madonna and whore.

      It is so deep inside you, in my humble experience, that when it comes out, you cannot put it back like it was never there...



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