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Training Carrie, chapter 77

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 77


I followed Char down the hall, but I waited outside the guest bedroom
door while she opened it and went in to Carrie. I didn't need see what
went on, I just wanted to hear the short conversation.

    "I have to prepare you," Char said.

    After a pause, Carrie asked, "Who are you, what's your name?"

    "My name is Jeanne," Char said. "We're not allowed to talk, I have to
undress you now." A minute went by while she stripped Carrie, then I heard
her say, "I have to blindfold you again, until we are in the toilet area."

    "What are you doing? Don't touch me like that," Carrie said in a loud,
angry voice. I smiled, knowing Carrie loved being touched like that.

    "I have no choice," Char answered softly. "This is how you will be
taken from place to place in the Chateau, you had better get used to it.
Now put your hands down to your sides and leave them there. If you won't
behave, I'll have to ring for a valet. Believe me, you don't want that." A
moment later, Char and Carrie came out of the bedroom. Char was holding
Carrie's left labium between her thumb and fingers, pulling Carrie along
by her pussy. Although I couldn't see her full expression behind her
blindfold, I knew it was expresing embarrassment and humiliation.

    As they walked by me, I let Carrie brush against my bare arm. "We're
not alone," she cried. "I'm naked, anyone can see me, please let me put on
some clothes."

    Char stopped. Looking back at Carrie - and at me - she grinned. To
Carrie, she whispered, "Be quiet, foolish girl, or you'll get us both
whipped. Of course you're naked, what did you expect when they brought you

    When Char got Carrie into the bathroom, she nearly closed the door all
the way, leaving a crack for me to listen through from the bedroom.
Although I couldn't see, I heard Char start filling the bathtub. Then I
imagined her removing Carrie's blindfold. I then heard her raise the seat
on the toilet. "You'll have to squat over the toilet, you're not allowed
to touch your ass to the seat. Would you like to hold my hands for

    "Yes, please, Jeanne," Carrie said quietly, then a few seconds later I
heard her peeing.

    "You have lovely breasts," Char said. That was my cue, I kicked the
door open and strode into the bathroom, holding the crop in my hand. I was
curious if Char would let go of Carrie, which would probably cause her to
fall into the toilet. That would have been bad, because I would have
certainly doubled over laughing if it had occurred, spoiling the scene.
But Char knew what was coming, she managed to hold onto Carrie and look
startled at the same time.

    As Char was pulling Carrie to her feet, I said, "You know the rule of
silence, Jeanne, and you were not supposed to close the door. You've just
earned punishment." As soon as Char had Carrie pulled up to the vertical,
she fell to her knees at my feet, head bowed and hands extended, palms up.
Carrie acted as if she was afraid to look at me, she stood trembling with
her eyes lowered.

    "Please don't whip me, Pierre," Char said earnestly. "I'll do
anything. Would you like me to suck you? I'll give you the best head
you've ever had, but please don't whip me."

    I laughed. "Here's my counter offer, Jeanne," I said, "I'll whip you
now, and you'll blow me later. And if it's not the best head I've ever
had, I'll whip you again." Looking over at Carrie, I said, "On your knees,
and don't move until I give this one the punishment she's earned." Carrie
dropped to her knees, visibly trembling.

    When we planned the scene, I wanted to turn Carrie away or blindfold
her, then fake Char's whipping. But Char had talked me into giving her a
few genuine blows with the crop. She was willing to take the pain in order
to increase the realism for Carrie, and I finally agreed to it. I bent her
over with her hands on the front edge of the bathtub, then pulled up the
back of her short skirt and tucked it into the waistband.

    Stepping back and to the side, I quickly gave Char two strikes with
the crop, hard enough to mark her ass. She winced at each blow, but
otherwise remained still and quiet. "I'll finish your punishment just
before you give me the blow job I'm owed," I said. When she stood up, I
said, "Leave your skirt up in the back, so my marks on your ass will be

    "Yes, Pierre, thank you," Char said quietly.

    "Continue with your duties," I told Char. "Since you've already paid
the price, you may play with the new one while you work. But if you allow
her to cum, I'll whip your breasts." Without looking at Carrie, I left,
returning the door to its almost-closed position.

    Listening outside the door, I heard Char shut off the water to the
bathtub. A moment later, she asked, "Were you finished on the toilet?"

    "Yes," Carrie said, barely above a whisper. "I'm sorry you were

    Char said, "It's unavoidable, but still I try to obey the rules. I
shouldn't have spoken to you." A moment later, she said, "Take my hand,"
then, "Stoop over the bidet, let the water clean you."

    "You said I had lovely breasts, was that what he whipped you for?"

    "Yes. They are lovely, I want to kiss them."

    "Is that allowed?" Carrie asked.

    "No," Char said, "but he won't return before I've prepared you. We
have a little time, and I don't need your permission to use your body. Who
will you complain to?"

    I heard Carrie sigh. "I've never done this before, with another woman
I mean," she said. "But I won't complain. It feels so good."

    After a silent interval, Char said, "Now you do it to me." In a little
while, Char chuckled. "I think you have done this before," she said.

    "May I touch the welts on your bottom?" Carrie said. "I've never seen
anyone whipped like that before."

    "Kneel down," Char said. "Touch them with your lips." The only sound,
for a minute or so, was Char moaning.

    There was silence for awhile, then finally Char said, "I have to clean
you out and bathe you now, and I can guarantee that it will be very
stimulating for you. Now clasp your fingers together behind your head and
leave them that way, I want complete access to your body." I heard Char
running water in the basin, filling the enema bag, then she said, "Have
you ever been penetrated fore and aft at the same time?"

    "Oh, God," Carrie cried.

    I walked over to my favorite chair and sat down. After noting the
time, I leaned back and began planning the details of the next scene. I
owed Char some fun for her pain, so I had decided to let her play with
Carrie for awhile before bathing her. I had told her she would have half
an hour.

    I actually gave her 35 minutes. When Char opened the bathroom door and
led Carrie out by her pussy, Carrie was flushed and panting. "You'd better
not have let her cum, Jeanne," I said in a threatening voice.

    "She hasn't cum, Pierre," Char said quietly, "but I can assure you she
wants to. She's very needy."

    "Fix her hair and prepare her, I'll return in 15 minutes," I said. I
walked up to Carrie, took one of her nipples between my fingers and thumb,
and squeezed. She gasped. "You saw what I gave Jeanne," I told her. "If
you cum before you are presented to your new Masters, you'll get ten times
what she got." I gave her nipple a hard twist, then turned left the room.

    When I returned to the bedroom, about 15 minutes later, Char had
Carrie standing in front of the full length mirror. Her hair had been blow
dried and brushed, and it looked perfect. But Char had used too much
makeup, which is exactly what I had told her to do. She had succeeded in
making Carrie look like a tramp, but a very attractive tramp. Char had
also rouged Carrie's areolas, and had used a bright red lipstick on her
inner labia. As I walked up to her, I could also tell that she fairly
reeked of perfume.

    Looking at Carrie's face in the mirror, it was clear she was unhappy
with her appearance. I could also tell that Char had kept Carrie on the
edge of orgasm, I knew exactly how she looked when she was kept 'needy',
to use Char's term.

    Telling Carrie to remain where she was, I took Char by the arm and led
her to the mural room. Once we were out of Carrie's sight, I quickly
removed Char's bondage gear, which I now needed to put on Carrie. I put
Char's padded leather cuffs and collar on her, then we returned to the
bedroom, Char carrying Carrie's cuffs and collar.

    I sat in a chair, and Char stood beside me. "Stop admiring yourself in
the mirror, Slut," I said, "come her and stand in front of me." Carrie
immediately walked over to me, but stopped a few feet away. "Closer, until
your legs are touching mine," I told her.

    She took a step, and her bare knees were contacting my leather clad
knees. I reached out and cupped her vulva in my hand, then reached under
her crotch with my fingers. Simultaneously, I penetrated her ass with a
finger and her wet pussy with my thumb, causing her to jump. I probed both
of her openings until she moaned, then withdrew my hand.

    Turning to Char, I said, "Collar her, and put on her manacles." Char
walked around behind Carrie and slipped the collar around her neck. She
had to stand on tiptoe and reach over Carrie's shoulders to close the
collar. When she heard the click indicating the clasp was locked, she went
to Carrie's left side and attached her left cuff. Then she did the same
with the right cuff.

    I again covered Carrie's vulva with my palm, and pushed until she took
a step back and away from me. I stood up, turned her around, and clipped
her wrists together behind her back. Taking her by her labia, I led her to
the low backed chair and bent her over it. "Welcome to your new life,
Slut," I said, as I plunged my cock into her ass.

    I slowly fucked Carrie's ass until I came in her. Then I pulled her
upright, spun her around, and made her kneel in front of me. "Clean my
cock," I told her, and she carefully took my cock in her mouth and
proceeded to clean it thoroughly. I wondered if she would try to get me
hard and suck me off, but she didn't.

    When Carrie released my cock from her mouth, I turned to Char.
"Blindfold her," I said, "then take her back to the waiting room." Char
ran to the bathroom and returned with Carrie's blindfold. After slipping
it over Carrie's head and making sure it completely covered the eyes, Char
helped her to her feet. Then, holding Carrie by her pussy, Char led her
back to the spare bedroom.

    A minute later, Char returned to me in the bedroom. She was smiling.
"How'd you leave her?" I asked.

    "Blindfolded, cuffed, sitting on the edge of the chair. I told her not
to move, or else Pierre would beat her, then I gave her pussy a good
tongue lashing before I left her. Wanna taste?"

    I held out my arms. She ran to me, and we hugged and kissed. "How's
your ass?" I asked her a minute later.

    "A little tender, nothing to worry about," she said. "A long, hard
fucking would help me forget about it."

    "I promised you a thorough fucking, but we're going to be too busy
until later tonight," I said. I looked at the clock, it was almost 6:00.
"You can relax and talk to me while I make dinner, then you'll have to
feed the victim."

    When we reached the kitchen, Char asked if we could have some wine
with dinner. I had her open a bottle and pour one glass for the two of us.
She handed me the glass, and I raised it to her. "A toast to a fine
actress, an exciting lover, and an obedient slave," I said, then took a

    Char curtsied to me. "Thank you, William. My proudest achievement is
being called an exciting lover by my wonderful Master. May I make a
toast?" I wasn't sure I wanted to hear her toast, nevertheless I handed
her the glass. She raised it to me. With a grin, she began. "To a talented
producer of quality pornography, a fine actor in his own right, the man
who made me want to fuck men again, the most considerate and studly lover
a woman could ask for, the Master who set me free, and the man I love."

    She took a sip of wine as I bowed to her. "Studly?" I asked.

    She giggled. "You heard me."

    I kissed Char and thanked her for the fine toast, then she sat on the
stool and watched as I finished preparing dinner. Time was a factor, so we
ate at the kitchen counter. I let her eat half of her meal, with only a
few more sips of wine, then sent her to feed Carrie. After wolfing down
the rest of my dinner, I began gathering props for the big presentation

    First I went to the basement and gathered up a flogger, a couple of
dildoes, some short pieces of rope, and a long chain. I paused for a
moment at the movie camera, but decided to leave it behind, concluding
that filming the presentation scene would just interfere with the action.
Instead I positioned it on the tripod so I could easily film Carrie's
dungeon scene, which would begin sometime on the following day.

    In the bedroom, I picked out the mini skirt and blouse that would be
Carrie's slave costume. Returning to the living room with everything I had
gathered, I did my best to lay a fire in the fireplace. After threading
the chain through the eye-bolt I had installed high on the wall beside the
fireplace, I sat on the couch, trying to catch lost details as I waited
for Char.

    I heard Char rattling dishes in the kitchen, then she joined me in the
living room. She walked up beside me, and I pulled her into my lap and
kissed her. Seeing the dildoes on the coffee table, she grinned and asked,
"For me? William, you shouldn't have."

    "They're not for you, I've got yours in my pants, for later. Those are
some of Carrie's new Masters, whom she'll be meeting shortly. You're going
to be operating one of them, silently of course."

    "None too soon," Char said, "the girl is in serious need of fucking."

    "The whipping part of the scene is going to be pretty harsh," I said.
"She wants it that way, and I've decided to give it to her. In addition to
the real pain she'll be feeling, I'm sure she'll be overacting, convincing
herself that it's even worse. I don't need you for that part, and I think
you should wait in another part of the house."

    "I want to be here, if it's Ok with you," Char said.

    I gave her a serious look. "If you make a sound, or do anything to
distract her from her role, I'll make you regret it." I said.

    "I understand," Char said. "If it gets to be too much for me, I'll
leave. I promise."

    I pushed Char out of my lap and got up. "Bring me a glass of ice
water," I said, "then microwave what's left of your dinner and eat it.
Come back in here as soon as you finish." She went to the kitchen, and I
went to the fireplace and lit the fire. It only took two tries to get it
burning, not bad for a beginner.

    Char returned with the ice water, and I told her to put it on the
coffee table. "I don't know how to use the microwave," she said. I took
her to the kitchen and showed her how to nuke her dinner, then I went to
get Carrie. On the way, I remembered that I had left the crop in the
bedroom, so I detoured to pick it up.

    Carrie was positioned as I expected. She sat on the edge of the chair,
her back straight and her legs open wide, still wearing the blindfold and
her wrists still clipped together behind her back. Char had thoughtfully
put a towel on the floor under her pussy, and it was wet. Carrie's nipples
were rock hard, and her inner labia were puffed up to twice their normal
size. I tried my best to remember the words I had used at this point in
our first drama. In my gruff Pierre voice, I said, "Are you ready to begin
the life you were born for?" She turned her head toward the sound of my
voice. "Your new masters are eager to meet their new toy, it's time to

    I walked over to her, grasped her by the shoulders, and pulled her to
her feet. She cried out when I pinched both of her inner labia between my
thumb and fingers, then again when I pulled her toward the door. She
quickly caught up with me, trying to relieve the pain I was causing, but I
continued pulling her labia until we arrived at the living room.

    The fire was burning nicely, and Char was standing against the wall,
watching. I announced to the nonexistent masters, "Gentlemen, may I
present tonight's entertainment, your newest trainee. Her name is O." Then
I let go of Carrie's labia and quickly walked around the couch.

    Walking up to her from the opposite direction, I said, "Come to the
fire, my dear, let us take a closer look at you." I grasped her left
nipple tightly and pulled her into motion, guiding her around the couch to
the fireplace. I turned her with her back to the fire, then released her
nipple. She stood still with perfect posture, but she was trembling. I
could see her breasts and her lower lip quivering. Her breath was coming
in short, ragged gasps. Her pussy juices were slowly running down her

    I stood silently, watching her, for almost a minute. Finally she took
a deep breath, sobbed once, then seemed to gather herself up and regain
control. "Fear becomes you, my dear," I told her, as I briefly caressed
one of her breasts. Then I picked up the glass of ice water, and began
pacing back and forth around the room. I had used this same technique the
first time, trying to plant the suggestion that there were many people
present, at various places in the room.

    After letting her hear just the sound of the tinkling ice water moving
around the room for a minute or so, I began talking about her, as if a
conversation were in progress.

    "Before we do anything else, we should give her a good whipping."

    "Whipping, or spanking?"

    I laughed. "If you want her spanked, let Pierre do it. I want to whip
her until she bleeds."

    "Look at those beautiful, trembling breasts. They need to be whipped
hard." As before, this bit of conversation caused her to gasp. I was going
to make sure she experienced some of what she dreaded tonight.

    "Turn her around, let's see the other side." I put my hands on her
hips, causing her to jump. I forcefully turned her around so she was
facing the fire.

    "Look, faint bruises. She was caned some time ago. Maybe we should
refresh those marks, they're almost faded out." Again she gasped.

    "Bend her over, spread her legs." I bent her at the waist and nudged
her feet apart with my foot.

    "Look at those tiny rings. We'll replace them with bigger, heavier

    "We've wasted enough time already, who cares about her rings? I want
to fuck her and then whip her."

    I positioned the footstool between the coffee table and the fireplace.
Moving Carrie to the end of the stool, I forced her to kneel and spread
her legs, then tied each leg to a foot of the stool, just above her knee.
When both legs were secured, I bent her over onto the stool and released
her wrists. Pulled her arms down to the floor, I secured each wrist to a
leg of the stool, thus immobilizing her.

    After walking around her for a minute, carrying the glass of ice
water, I set the glass down and knelt on the floor behind her ass. I
caressed her ass and thighs for a moment, then simultaneously plunged my
thumb into her ass and three fingers into her sopping wet pussy. She cried
out, and I laughed. "She's more than ready, who wants to be first?" I

    I pulled my fingers out of her pussy, but left my thumb in her ass.
after rotating my hand out of the way, I slammed my cock into her pussy
until I felt my balls slap against her thighs. I pulled back until just
the head of my cock remained in her, then I slammed into her again. Her
whole body spasmed as she orgasmed. She bucked so hard that the end of the
stool her hands were tied to came off the floor. Her whole body was
shaking violently for a few seconds, causing the feet of the stool to
chatter against the floor. Then she calmed somewhat, and began having less
violent tremors every few seconds.

    During her orgasm, I did my best to maintain a steady rhythm of long,
hard strokes. In a few more seconds she had settled down, although I still
felt the tremors through her ass and the convulsions within her vagina.
Just when her tremors had almost stopped, she came again. The second
orgasm wasn't nearly as violent, but her tremors and the rhythmic pulsing
of her pussy were just as strong as before.

    I fucked her for perhaps 5 minutes more, and she had 3 more orgasms. I
decided it was time for a change, so I pulled out of her pussy and
immediately pushed a dildo into her ass. After establishing a rhythm, I
motioned for Char. She knelt beside me and seamlessly took over,
continuing to fuck Carrie's ass with the dildo. As I was standing to move
to her head, Carrie came yet another time. By now she was totally relaxed,
resting her body on the stool, her head hanging off the far edge of the
stool. She had given her body to her orgasms, and had no energy to spare
for anything else.

    I knelt at her head. Grabbing a handful of her hair, I pulled her head
up. She automatically opened her mouth, and I shoved my cock to the back
of her throat. She closed her lips around my cock and tried to swallow it.
I immediately pulled out of her mouth. Still holding her by her hair, I
slapped her. This startled Char, who momentarily stopped fucking Carrie's
ass with the dildo. I gave her a dirty look, and she resumed her duties.

    Returning my attention to Carrie, who also had been shocked by the
slap. I pulled her hair harder, and said, "Until your masters tell you how
they want you to fuck them, you're passive. I don't want a blow job, I
want to fuck your mouth. Do you understand?" She did her best to nod,
considering that I had a tight grip on her hair. I put my cock back into
her open mouth, and she remained still. "Squeezee your lips around it," I
told her, and she did. Still holding her by her hair, I began pumping her
head up and down on my cock, using her mouth to masturbate myself. I could
feel her tongue making incidental contact with my cock, but she did her
best to remain passive and relax. I continued pumping her head for another
minute, trying very hard to cum, so I could stop abusing Carrie. Finally I
felt the orgasm beginning to build, then a few seconds later I erupted
into her mouth. "Swallow it all," I told her, and she immediately began
gulping, trying to catch and swallow all the cum I was pumping into her
mouth. At the same time, she had another orgasm.

    "Clean me off," I commanded when my spasms had stopped. As Carrie
finished cleaning my cock, I motioned for Char to stop fucking her ass and
remove the dildo. I untied Carrie's wrists from the footstool, motioning
Char to do the same with her legs. After reattaching her wrists behind her
back, I gently rolled Carrie off the stool onto the floor, then moved the
stool out of the way. Taking Char by the arm, I led her to the kitchen.

    In the kitchen Char looked at me, unsure what I wanted. "Everything's
Ok," I said, "I just need a glass of water. You did fine. You couldn't
have expected the slap, I didn't know I was going to do it until it
happened." I poured a glass of water, then offered it to Char. She shook
her head, so I drank it myself.

    She looked at me while I drank. "Did you have to treat her like that?"
she asked.

    "Yes, I did," I said. "Reserve your judgement of me, until you ask
Carrie how she feels about what I did. If that disturbed you, you should
definitely be somewhere else for the next scene."

    "Please, William, I want to stay," she said. "I swear I won't say or
do anything. Please don't make me leave. I'll be Carrie's witness. I can
tell her how it looked to me." In addition to her words, Char pleaded to
me with her eyes. I liked her last argument, about being Carrie's third
party witness, so I reluctantly told her she could stay.


  1. As I previously said, I haven't read or watched "The Story of O" in years but if I remember correctly, they were quite harsh...if Char can't handle but 2 strikes with the whip and gets upset over one face slap, not sure how she's going to hand the harsher enactments...could cause harm to her recovery, to Carrie's enjoyment or both. Will be interesting to see.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. You are right, in the Story of O this is the prelude to harsher treatment... Will William follow the script of the book, or will he play a different script? Tomorrow chapter 78.


  2. Well, well..
    I am with Char.
    The slap was a ...jyr&876.

    I think I will not read next chapter. I know what will come. I hated it in book and I really don't want My day be desyroyef one more time. It will take me days to calm down..

    So see you when next chapter , is over.

    Mona Lisa

    1. By all means, skip the chapter if you want to, Mona Lisa. I don't want you upset after chapter 78. I will notify you when it's safe to open your eyes again...

      Warm smile,

  3. I'm with Char. Haven't read until today and it's not my thing. Funny, how we're all different and turned on by different things.

    1. What do they say? Different things for different people, Leigh? I'm glad we are all different. Please stay the way you are..


  4. I have serious doubts about letting Char watch, for several reasons....
    hugs abby

    1. I'm afraid you just might be right on that hunch.



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