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Training Carrie, chapter 76

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 76

 I opened the door to the spare bedroom. "Miss me?" I asked.

    "I was beginning to," Carrie said. I was relieved that she had
abandoned the French. She turned to me, and I put my arm around her waist
and kissed her. "I love you, Rene," she said.

    "It's a beautiful day, let's go for a walk," I said. She put one arm
through mine, then gripped my forearm with her other hand. I could tell
she was surprised as we walked to the back door, but she remained silent.
After I unlocked the door, we went outside and walked away from the house,
toward the clearing where Carrie and I had fucked numerous times.

    "You're right, it is a beautiful day," she said, after we had walked
for a few minutes. She moved as close to me as possible, and rested her
head on my shoulder.

    We walked in silence for a minute, then Carrie said, "Rene, I've
thought a lot about what you said. You're right, I need to give myself to
you without reservation. I'm yours completely, use me as you will."

    I smiled, pleased that she was changing the story, making it her own.
"I'm glad you've realized that, O," I said. "I've decided that it's time
for you to take the next step. You must be trained to serve me properly."

    She shuddered, then said quietly, "Whatever you wish, Rene." I steered
our path back around the house, toward the SUV.

    We came around the corner of the house, and Carrie noticed Char
sitting behind the wheel of the SUV. She squeezed my arm and looked up at
me, but remained silent. Char was busy studying her script, and didn't
notice us until we were a few paces from the truck. I heard the multiple
"thunks" as she pressed the switch to unlock the doors.

    I led Carrie around the back of the truck and opened the back door on
the driver's side. Carrie got in and slid to the centre of the seat, and I
got in after her and closed the door. Char slowly turned and looked at
Carrie, her gaze moving over Carrie's body from head to toe. "Anne-Marie,
this is O," I said. Carrie was looking at Char, but she immediately
lowered her eyes when she heard that name. Char glanced at me and smiled.

    "What a lovely creature," Char said. "She's every bit as pretty as you
said, Rene. Does she know our destination?"

    "No, but she's agreed to my wishes." I reached out and put my curled
forefinger under Carrie's chin. Lifting her head and turning her to face
me, I continued, "Haven't you, O?"

    Her eyes flicked up to meet mine, then she immediately lowered them
again. "Yes, Rene, I'll do anything you say," she whipered.

    In a surprisingly menacing voice, Char said "Charming. She's going to
be such a treat." Carrie's eyes flickered, but remained downcast. "Shall
we begin our drive?" Char asked. I agreed, and she turned and put her
hands on the wheel.

    "Relax, O, enjoy the drive," I said, "all of your questions will soon
be answered." Carrie put her purse on the seat between us, then rested her
hands on her thighs, palms up and open. We sat in silence for about five
minutes, to let the tension build.

    I reached out my hand and touched Carrie's open, gloved palm with the
tip of my index finger. She thought I wanted to take her hand, and lifted
it from her thigh. "No, leave your hand as it is," I told her. She lowered
her hand and opened her fingers until they were straight.

    I spent a minute running my fingertip over her gloved hand. Finally
she whimpered, then softly said my name with a pleading tone. "Shhh," I

    Char turned her head to look at Carrie, and said, "The first lesson
you must learn, O, is to speak only when you're told." Carrie whimpered
again softly, and I felt a tremble in her hand.

    After waiting another minute, I took Carrie's purse, which was on the
seat between us, and set it on my opposite side where it was out of her
reach. "Take your gloves off," I told her. She sighed softly as she
removed her gloves and handed them to me. I put the gloves beside her
purse, and she again rested her hands on her thighs.

    I let another minute go by, then said, "Unfasten your stockings, and
roll them down until they're just above your knees." As Carrie looked up
to see if Char was watching, Char adjusted her rear-view mirror so she was
looking at Carrie's lap in the mirror. Carrie looked at me pleadingly. "Do
as you're told," I said. "This is exactly why you need training, you only
obey when and if you feel like it."

    "After a few weeks at the Château, she'll never think of disobeying
you again," Char said. She continued to watch Carrie in the rear-view

    Carrie's breathing was more rapid now. She was looking at the back of
Char's head as she began fumbling under her skirt to unfasten her garter
belt. When her stockings were free of the garter belt, she began rolling
them down. I handed her the garters out of my pocket. "Use these to hold
your stockings up, just above your knees," I said. She slipped the garters
over her shoes, pulled them up her legs to the tops of her stockings, and
began again rolling her stockings down.

    Carrie had rolled down her stockings, and was again sitting quietly
with her upturned hands on her thighs. "You're wearing too many clothes,"
I said. "Unfasten your garter belt, then remove your panties." This time
she was quick to obey, but she tried to keep her crotch hidden under her
slip and skirt. I let her think she was maintaining her privacy for now.
In a minute I would show her how impossible that would be from now on.

    Carrie handed me her garter belt and panties. "Your panties are wet,"
I said, "you must enjoy undressing in front of strangers." She lowered her
head in shame. Amazingly, she also blushed. I glanced at Char, who had
looked around at Carrie to see her reaction to my comment. She mouthed a
silent "Wow," to me, and I smiled at her.

    I put Carrie's panties and garter belt in her purse. Then I turned to
her and said, "O, I want your bare skin in contact with the seat. Please
pull your skirt and slip up behind you." She raised first one hip and then
the other, until she had pulled her skirt and slip out of the way, and her
legs and ass were in full contact with the seat. I handed Carrie her
gloves and told her to put them back on, which she did.

    "Pull the skirt and slip up in the front also, so Anne-Marie can
examine your pussy," I said. She whimpered, but after a barely perceptible
hesitation she gathered her skirt and slip in both hands and lifted them
to expose her crotch and part of her belly. I reached down with my hand
and nudged her thighs farther apart. Her breathing was shallow and rapid,
and her face was bright red. Her lips began trembling, then a tear leaked
from her left eye and slowly ran down her cheek.

    Looking in the rear-view mirror, Char said, "Delicious. I'll bet it
tastes as sweet as it looks." Then she glanced around and looked directly
at Carrie's pussy. "Look how wet she is, the little slut is really turned
on. Is she always like this, Rene?"

    "She's a regular little fountain," I said, "always wet and ready."
Char faced forward again, but Carrie could see that Char was still staring
at her pussy in the mirror. Tears were running down both of her cheeks
now. She sat perfectly still, holding her dress and slip up in front.

    We sat in silence for a few minutes. Carrie's tears had stopped, and
she seemed to have calmed down somewhat. Then Char announced that we had
arrived at the Château, causing Carrie to gasp and begin trembling again.

    "Don't move," I told her. I turned toward her, and untied the bow at
the neck of her blouse. As I unbuttoned her blouse, Carrie looked up at
Char and then quickly lowered her eyes again. I looked up to see why, and
saw that Char had swivelled around in the driver's seat and was looking
directly at Carrie. She gave me a quick grin.

    When Carrie's blouse was unbuttoned to her waist, I took the scissors
from my pocket and cut the straps her bra straps. Then I unfastened the
bra and slowly pulled it out of her blouse. As soon as I unfastened her
bra, Carrie let go of her skirt and moved her hands to cover her breasts.
I slapped one of her hands, and said, "You weren't told to let go of your
skirt, you're being disrespectful to Anne-Marie." She reluctantly took the
skirt and slip in her hands and raised them again. She sobbed once, but
then regained control.

    When Carrie's breasts were bared, Char said, "You lucky girl, everyone
who sees your beautiful breasts will want to mark them. They were made for
the whip."

    Carrie quickly looked up at me, fear in her eyes and on her face. "You
didn't say anything about whipping, Rene," she said. "I never agreed to be
whipped, I don't want this."

    "What do you think training consists of, you silly little slut?" Char
said in a nasty voice. "It's a little late for you to be making demands of
Rene, don't you think?"

    In a soothing voice, I said, "Darling, from now on you must live for
the moment. I don't want you to worry about what may happen to you in the
future. I want you to live in the present, as fully and completely as
possible. If you are to be whipped, then you'll be whipped. There's
nothing you can do about it, and no one to whom you can appeal to prevent
it. All you have to worry about from now on, is obeying to the best of
your ability."

    "Yes, Rene," she said quietly and meekly. Then she whispered, "Rene,
I'm afraid. Will you be there with me?"

    "I'll be along later," I said. "In the meantime, you must do your best
to obey. When you obey anyone in the Chateau, you are obeying me. It is my
decision that you be trained."

    "I understand, Rene. I'll do my best, for you," she said.

    I told Carrie she could lower her skirt. I kissed her tenderly on the
lips, feeling the trembling in her body, then buttoned her blouse and
retied the bow at her throat. "Please lean forward, and cross your wrists
behind your back," I told her. Taking the rope from my jacket pocket, I
tied her wrists together. Then I took out the blindfold and covered her

    "How I wish I could take part in her training," Char said.

    "You know that's not allowed, Anne-Marie," I said. "I'll see that you
have some time with her, perhaps a few weeks in late Summer. By then, she
should be docile enough even for your tastes."

    "I hope not," Char said, "I'm dying to see how she responds under the
whip." That was her last line in this scene.

    Opening the door, I got out of the truck. Going around to the other
rear door, I opened it and took Carrie by the arm, noting that she was
trembling and breathing in short gasps. After helping her out of the
truck, I led her to the back door of the house and let go of her arm. "I'm
leaving you here, O," I said. "Someone will come out for you in a few
minutes. Go with them and do what they tell you. If you refuse, they will
force you. Do you understand?"

    Very quietly, she said, "Yes, Rene, I understand." After a pause, she
added, "Please don't abandon me." That was the same thing she had said the
first time we performed this scene. Carrie was still worried that I might
leave her at some point.

    I walked away from Carrie, back to the SUV. Char had shut off the
engine and was standing beside the truck, grinning. I hugged and kissed
her. "You were perfect," I said. "Who would have guessed you could be so
mean and nasty? Was it fun?""

    "It was a blast, thank you so much," she said. "But the best part was
watching you and Carrie. You were totally slimy, I hated you. Carrie was
awesome, she should have been an actress. She seemed so helpless and
scared, I wanted to climb over the seat and hug her." I told Char about
the first time Carrie and I performed this scene. Carrie had been so
convincing that I kept thinking she had somehow misunderstood what was
going on, and was really terrified.

    I made sure we were leaving nothing in the SUV, and that Char had the
keys. Then I locked the truck, and we went to the front door and then
inside. I hugged and kissed Char again, then told her, "Fair warning,
after we put Carrie to bed in the spare bedroom tonight, you're going to
be thoroughly eaten and fucked."

    "I can hardly wait," she said. "I've wondered what it would be like,
alone in bed with you, fucking hard and then drifting off to sleep in your

    After sending Char to the bedroom to get out of her pants suit, I went
through the house to the back door. Looking outside, I saw that Carrie was
standing as I had left her. She jumped when I opened the door. I went out
to her, and was about to take her arm and lead her inside, when I thought
of a variation.

    I walked all the way around Carrie once, noting that she was following
the sound of my feet on the gravel as I circled her. When I was back in
front of her, I reached out and untied the bow at her throat. Then I
slowly unbuttoned her blouse all the way to her waist. She was visibly
trembling, and again breathing in short gasps. I reached into the blouse
and ran my hands over both of her breasts. She stiffened and gasped when I
first contacted her flesh, but she didn't offer any form of protest or
resistance. Finally I eased the blouse over her shoulders. It slid down
her back and hung from her crossed, tied wrists.

    Carrie's breasts were quivering due to the trembling that now racked
her body. I reached out and cupped one of her breasts. Leaning down, I
kissed her nipple, then took it between my thumb and forefinger and
squeezed hard. She inhaled sharply, but did not react otherwise. I
chuckled out loud for her benefit, then took her by the arm and led her

    I took Carrie through the house to the guest bedroom, and positioned
her in the middle of the room with her back to the door. After kissing and
caressing her breasts for a few moments, I untied her wrists. Her blouse
dropped to the floor. "Wait here," I said in a gruff voice. "Someone will
come for you. You may remove your blindfold after the door closes." Then I
walked out of the room, closing the door behind me.

    As I entered the master bedroom, Char was just coming out of the
bathroom, naked. "What's next?" she asked.

    "We'll leave her in there for 30 minutes," I said. "In the meantime,
we're going to reward one another for our performances." Char clapped her
hands, then ran over to me and began removing my clothes. After she
stripped me, I picked her up in my arms and carried her to our bed. At the
side of the bed, I stood holding her while we shared a long kiss, then I
laid her down on her back, her head on a pillow.

    I stood looking down at Char. Theatrically, she asked, "What do you
desire, Master?" Then she grinned up at me and added, "Your command is my

    It took me a second to realize what she had said, then I laughed.
"Shut up and spread your legs," I said. She spread her legs wide, then lay
still. I sat on the edge of the bed, by her shoulder, with one foot on the
floor and one leg curled up on the bed. "Play with yourself until you
cum," I said. "Show me what gives you the most pleasure."

    She immediately moved one hand to her breast and one to her pussy. As
she began stimulating herself, she said, "In the last few days, I've
learned that anything you do to me is what gives me the most pleasure."

    I leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips. "And what about
Carrie?" I asked.

    "She's a close second, but it's just not quite as good when there's no
cock involved," Char said. She stopped moving her hands, her eyes locked
on mine, then she added, "It helps that I'm head over heels in love with

    I didn't say anything for awhile, I didn't know what she expected.
"Don't stop, I want to see you cum," I finally said. She continued working
on herself, still looking into my eyes. I said, "I'd like to suggest to
you that it's too soon for you to be making those kinds of decisions.
After years of forced isolation and slavery, you've been here with us a
few days. Don't commit yourself to anything or anyone, until you've
thought everything through. You'll always have my love, and Carrie's, but
you might have a better chance for happiness away from us."

    "I might," she said, "and I'm not ruling anything out. I'm just
telling you honestly what's in my mind now. If you command me, I won't
mention it again."

    I put my open hand on her forehead, then ran my fingers through her
hair. "I always want to know what's on your mind," I told her, "and I'm
flattered at what you said. Do you remember your first night here? You
didn't want me to touch you."

    She smiled. "And right now, I'm aching for your touch. If I beg, will
you fuck me?"

    "As soon as you cum for me, I'll be happy to fuck you," I said. I took
her hand from her breast and moved it down to her pussy. As I leaned over
her breast, I said, "I'll take over up here." I put my mouth over her
nipple and began licking, sucking, and nibbling on it, while moving my
hand to her other breast.

    She came within a few seconds. "That's my good girl," I whispered as I
moved up to kiss her lips. She remained still as I touched my lips to
hers. Both of her hands remained at her pussy, although she stopped
stimulating herself after she came.

    As I continued to kiss Char, I pivoted up on my knee and swung my
other leg over her. I wound up lying on top of her, with my knees on the
bed between her legs, supporting my weight on my elbows. She slid my cock
into her wet pussy, then wrapped her legs around my waist. I felt her
shudder as she came a second time. "I know this is what I want," she
whispered, then she came once more.

    Smiling, I said, "You're getting ahead on orgasms, I'd better get

    "I'm sorry, William," she said, looking contrite. "I'm being selfish,
I know your orgasms are more important than mine."

    "Not tonight," I said, and gave Char a long, tender kiss, causing her
to cum yet again.

    "God, William, you're killing me," she said.

    I smiled at her. "You're in control, Char. If you don't want to cum so
often, then stop doing it." Then I kissed her again.

    We fucked for another 10 minutes. Char was kissing me passionately,
and moving with me to enhance the sensations we both felt, but she didn't
cum again. Finally, I felt my orgasm building. "I'm about to cum, Char," I
said. "I'd like it very much if you would cum with me."

    "So would I," she said, rubbing her hands up and down my back and
tightening her legs around my waist.

    We came together. I pulled my lips from hers and looked at her face. I
had never seen her look really happy until then. She was glowing. We
looked into each others eyes for a few seconds, then she relaxed
completely and closed her eyes. "Are you Ok?" I asked her softly.

    She kept her eyes closed. In a whisper, she said, "I've been a slave
so long, I don't even know how long. I hated every second of it, I thought
a lot about dying. When Uncle Phil brought me here, I thought I would be
set free, I wanted to be free. Then you said I was your slave, and I
thought, 'How bad could it be? He couldn't be any worse than the last

    She opened her eyes and looked into mine. "Now I want to be your slave
forever. I know Carrie is first in your life, I don't mind that. Just
please let me stay with you, and serve you, and fuck you, and love you. If
you don't want me to say I love you, I'll never say it again. Just please
don't send me away."

    "I'm not going to send you away," I said. "Carrie and I want you to be
happy. If you decide you're happy here, then you'll stay here with us.
You're right that Carrie will always be first in my life, but there's more
than enough room for you. I love you, Char, and I don't mind hearing that
you love me. I just think you should take more time to adjust your new

    "Ok, I'll take time," she said. Then she seemed to transition, from
emotional to a more rational state of mind. She gave me a tight hug, then
grinned at me. "Thanks for a great fuck", she said, "let's do it again
tonight. We shouldn't keep my sister waiting any longer."

    After kissing her one last time, on her nose, I crawled off the bed
and pulled Char off after me. "You're right, we've kept her waiting too
long," I said. "Let's get dressed."

    "We should take a quick shower, she'll know we've been fucking," Char

    I smiled. "That's right, she will," I said. "Now, let me show you what
we're going to use for slave uniforms. Do you remember the slave gowns
described in the book?"

    She said, "Yeah, too complicated. Not practical."

    "Exactly," I agreed. "Here's a simple outfit that serves the same
purpose. Minimal concealment, allowing full access at a moment's notice."
I took Char's miniskirt from the closet and put it on her. Then I took one
of Carrie's sheer blouses and helped her into it. I only fastened the
topmost button, and left the blouse outside of her skirt.

    Taking her to the mirror, I said, "Lift the front of your skirt and
tuck it into the waistband." She complied, then stood with her arms at her
sides. Her pussy was perfectly framed on each side by the draped front of
her skirt. I had her do the same with the rear of the skirt, and admired
the crack of her ass centered in the opening of her skirt.

    To show Char that she was as exposed in the rear as she was in the
front, I ran my palm over her naked ass. She smiled and nodded her head.
Then I reached around her and grasped her blouse on each side. Pulling
each side of the blouse under her arms and behind her, I buttoned the
bottommost button behind her back. After pulling the front of the blouse
to the outside of each breasts, I had her walk around the room, then
return to the mirror. She grinned when she saw her naked breasts and
stomach, and below her waist, her perfectly framed naked pussy. "So
simple, so cool," she said.

    From behind her, I pulled the rear hem of her skirt out of her
waistband and lowered it over her ass. I turned her with her back to the
full length mirror, then gave her a hand mirror. She looked at herself.
From the rear, she looked like she was dressed normally, except that the
blouse was bunched up behind her arms. I then turned her around to face
the mirror. Essentially, she was completely naked in front.

    Char laughed. "You're a nasty, evil man, William," she said. Then she
looked down at her feet. "Shoes?" she asked.

    "Nope, no shoes for the slaves," I said. "Could it be simpler?" she
shook her head. I pulled the Master's leather pants and shirt out of the
closet, the same outfit I had worn the first time Carrie and I played this
scene. Handing it to Char, I said, "Dress your Master, Slave, while I
describe the next scene."

    "Yes, Sir," she said, smiling. I explained everything to her while she
helped me into the clothes. Then I sat on the bed while she put socks and
shoes on my feet.

    Before sending Char in to Carrie, I put Carrie's collar and wrist
manacles on her. "Carrie will know these are hers, shouldn't I wear my own
bracelets?" Char asked.

    "You're going to give her a bath. These are steel, yours are leather,"
I said.

    Char grinned and said, "Oops!" I unbuttoned the bottom button of her
blouse and pulled it closed over her breasts. Then I pulled the front hem
of her skirt out of her waistband and let it fall to cover her pussy.
Finally I applied a little lipstick and eye shadow, then sent her in to
begin the next act.


  1. Now that was a hot scene...looking forward to seeing where this is going. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. A cute chapter.
    Thank you.

    Mona Lisa

  3. A fun chapter.....they are off to a good start with this roll play...let's see if it lasts..
    hugs abby

    1. Not a big fan of role play myself...



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