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Training Carrie, chapter 75

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 75

 When lunch was on the table, Char and Carrie wanted to know if they
could sit down, even though they were naked. I gave Char permission, but
told Carrie she would have to kneel on her chair. That did nothing to
dampen her spirits, she was so excited she could barely keep still.

    I said, "Carrie, you have to choose between the following premises.
First, will this be your first visit to the Château, as if we had never
done this before, or second, are you being returned to the Château for
additional training or for punishment?"

    "What will be different if I'm being returned?" Carrie asked.

    I said, "Well, to start with, you wouldn't have to partially undress
in the car, because you wouldn't be wearing any underwear. No bra or

    "Of course," Carrie said, "I should have thought of that. I really
don't want to give up the car scene, William, it sets the mood of
helplessness  and vulnerability for everything that comes after. Let's
make it her first visit." Grinning, she added, "Her second first visit."

    "Ok, that's how we'll play it. I'll do my best to make it seem new to
you, not just a replay of the first time."

    Carrie put out her hand, and I took it in mine. "I love that you would
do this for me," she said. "I know whatever you decide to do will be
wonderful and exciting. I love you, William."

    I looked into her sparkling eyes, squeezed her hand, and answered, "I
love you, Carrie." We held each other's gaze for a long moment, and
repeated with our eyes what we had said aloud.

    At almost the same instant, Carrie and I realized that we were
ignoring Char. We each reached across the table to her with our free hand,
and she put her hands in ours. "I hope someday I can find the kind of love
you two have," she said.

    "You will, Sweetie, I swear you will," Carrie said. Then she looked at
me. "Won't she, William?" she asked.

    "Of course she will," I answered, but I wasn't as certain of it as
Carrie sounded. I didn't lie to Char when I told her I loved her, and
neither did Carrie. But Carrie was the love of my life, and I didn't feel
that way about Char. She needed to get away from the two of us if she
hoped to find the kind of love we shared.

    "Is there anything I can do to help with the scene, William?" Char

    I laughed. "Everything depends on your help, Char," I said. "You're
the key to making the whole thing work." She grinned ear to ear when she
heard that, then she giggled when I added in a whisper, "But we can't talk
about the details while You Know Who is here."

    Still grinning and giggling, Char whispered back, "Let's tie her up
and throw her in the closet while we make our plans."

    Smiling at Char, Carrie said, "I came out of the closet for you,
Sweetie. You don't want me to go back in, do you? As for tying me up, that
sounds like fun!'."

    "I've a better plan," I told them. "Char and I will go into the office
and talk. Carrie will clean up from lunch, then she will go to the spare
bedroom and exercise for 40 minutes on the elliptical trainer. After her
exercise and stretching, Carrie will wait on her knees beside the
elliptical trainer until we come for her."

    "Yes, William," Carrie said, and immediately began cleaning off the
dining room table. As she reached for my plate, I grabbed her wrist and
gently pulled her into my arms. She sat in my lap and we shared a long,
tender kiss. When I finally pulled my lips away from hers, I told her to
kiss her sister, then get to work. Smiling, she pulled Char's chair back
from the table and then sat down in her lap. They kissed for a long
moment, then as Carrie stood up she grasped one of Char's nipples and
twisted it. "I'll tie you up, and throw you in the closet, Little Sister,"
Carrie said with a grin.

    I got up to go with Char to the office, when Carrie turned and asked
me if I wanted her to wear a sports bra during her workout. I thanked her
for reminding me, then waited while she brought it to me. After I put her
bra on and adjusted her boobs, I gave her another quick kiss and told her
to stop stalling and get to work. Smiling, she resumed clearing the lunch
dishes from the table. I took Char's hand and led her to the office.

    In the office, Char said, "William, I thought you said we needed time
to make plans. I don't have any idea what you expect me to do."

    I said, "When I saw you and Carrie on the floor before lunch, I should
have fucked you both right then. So the first thing I expect you to do is
undress me. The second thing I expect you to do is lie down on your back."

    "Yes, Sir," Char said with a smile, as she started to unbutton my

    After about 15 minutes and one orgasm apiece, we switched positions. I
was on my back, and Char was sitting astride my cock. "Do you mind if we
talk while we fuck?" I asked her. She smiled and shook her head. "The
first role I need you to play will be your hardest," I said. "After that,
your other roles will be easy.

    "We're going to do the first scene differently this time. Instead of
pretending the couch is a car, we'll actually do it outside, in Carrie's
SUV. You'll be the driver, and your name will be Anne-Marie. You haven't
read enough of the story to know who that is, but Carrie will know. I'll
tell you exactly how I want you to act, and I can even write you a script.
Since you'll be in the front seat and we'll be in the back seat, Carrie
won't see that you have your lines written down."

    "It sounds like fun," Char said, "but I've never done any kind of
acting. I don't know how to act."

    "You'll do fine, just relax and have fun," I told her. We stopped
talking and concentrated on fucking, and a few minutes later I was very
pleased that Char again came at the same time I did. "Did you cum with me
on purpose?" I asked her.

    "Yes, Sir," she said. "I'm trying very hard to control myself. I hope
you're pleased."

    I said, "I'm very pleased, Char. Would you like to go for another
orgasm, or should we get down to business?"

    Char giggled, a sound I was beginning to enjoy. "Work now, cum later?"
she asked. I pulled her down onto my chest and kissed her tenderly, then
she raised her head and looked into my eyes. "You don't have to tell me
you love me, William," she said. "I can see how you and Carrie feel toward
one another, and I know it isn't the same between us, or between Carrie
and me."

    "But I do love you, Char, and so does Carrie. Carrie is the love of my
life, my feelings for her are more intense than I ever thought possible.
But that doesn't mean I can't have feelings for others. Carrie and I both
love you, believe me. We're very happy that you're here, and we hope you
feel that you belong here."

    Char took my head in her hands and kissed me again, then said, "I feel
at home, here with you and Carrie. I'm very happy." After cuddling on the
floor with her for several minutes, I told Char we needed to get to work.

    Sitting at the desk with Char in my lap, I explained to her who
Anne-Marie was, why Carrie would recognize that name, and how she would
likely respond. Then I wrote a short script for Char, telling her what to
do and what to say. Whenever possible, I included alternate possibilities,
trying to account for Carrie's most likely responses. I told Char that if
Carrie took the action or conversation in an unanticipated direction, she
should say as little as possible and let me try to handle it.

    When I thought everything had been covered as well as possible, I
checked the time. It was nearly 2:00, Carrie would have been waiting on
her knees for an hour after finishing her exercise. Char and I walked into
the spare bedroom, to find Carrie exactly as I knew she would be -
kneeling in the Waiting Pose, still wearing her sports bra. I had decided
to remain naked, so Carrie knew as soon as she saw me that Char and I had
been doing more than planning her scene. She looked up at me and said,
"Those must have been some difficult plans."

    "Well, we spent part of the time fucking on the floor," I said with a
grin. Looking over at Char, I saw that she was blushing. I continued, "So
the planning wasn't as difficult as you might think. How was your

    "I missed having someone to talk to," was all she said. I immediately
felt regret. She had become accustomed to talking to me during her
workouts, and I shouldn't have sent her to exercise by herself.

    I reached out for Carrie's hands, and gently pulled her to her feet.
"I'm sorry, that was thoughtless of me," I told her. "I don't want that to
happen again, and if it does, I want you to say something." I eased her
bra over her breasts, and Carrie raised her arms so I could remove it. I
kissed her, then asked, "Am I forgiven?"

    "There's nothing to forgive, William," Carrie said. "We've been
together nearly every minute for over a month, and now I feel lonely when
I'm not with you. But you and Char are entitled to time alone together,
it's something I'll get used to." She kissed me, then smiled at Char and
asked, "How was she?"

    "We had two simultaneous orgasms," I said. "She's trying very hard to
be a good lover and a good slave, and she's doing a fine job on both
counts." Char was blushing again, but she smiled after Carrie hugged and
kissed her.

    We all went to the bathroom, where I gave Carrie an enema. While she
sat on the toilet holding the enema solution, Char and I knelt in front of
her, kissing and caressing her. After she had expelled her enema, and Char
and I had taken our turns on the toilet, we all showered together. I
allowed a good deal of kissing and groping during our mutual bathing, but
I wouldn't agree to fuck either slave. At one time Char and Carrie were
kissing, while Carrie rubbed her pussy on Char's leg. I thought Carrie was
about to cum, so I pulled them apart, telling Carrie that she could not
cum until she was presented to her new Masters. She groaned, then took a
deep breath and said, "Yes, William, of course you're right."

    After we had towelled off one another, I let Char blow dry Carrie's
mane, while I laid out her clothes in the bedroom. Returning to the
bathroom, I said, "Char, please take your sister to the dresser and sit
her on the bench." Char put down the blow dryer and took Carrie by her
upper arm. Leading her into the bedroom, Char sat Carrie down in front of
the dresser. As Carrie watched us in the mirror, I took Char out of the
bedroom into the hall. "Wait for me in the office," I told her quietly.
"You can practice your dialogue, I'll come for you when Carrie is dressed
and isolated."

    "Yes, Sir," Char said, then she turned to obey. I caught her by the
arm and gently turned her back to face me. "Relax, we're going to have
fun," I told her, then kissed her. She smiled, and when I let go of her
arm she left for the office.

    I returned to the bedroom and began brushing Carrie's hair. As I
worked, we silently looked at one another in the mirror. When I finished,
I laid the brush on the dresser. Carrie looked up and met my gaze, then
putting her hand on my forearm, she said, "Please fuck me. I won't cum, I
just need to feel you inside me."

    "No," I said. "You know it will be better if you're tense and on edge.
I don't have the advantage of surprise over you this time, I need you as
tightly wound as possible." She was obviously disappointed, but she simply
smiled at me and nodded. Turning her around on the bench, I gave her a
light application of lipstick and a very light spray of my favorite
perfume between her breasts.

    Carrie stood in the middle of the bedroom as I began dressing her.
First I put on her panties and bra, commenting on how much I hated
covering up her beautiful pussy and breasts. "But you'll get to uncover
them again soon," she said with a smile.

    "Not me," I said. "That asshole, Rene."

    Carrie laughed. "He is a jerk, that's why she fell for him."

    "Am I a jerk, is that why you fell for me?" I asked her.

    She smiled, and put the palm of her hand to my face. "Oh, no," she
said, "I was looking for something much worse than a jerk, but I found
something much better."

    I told her I needed to finish dressing her, before I weakened and
decided to take her to bed. She smiled again, and asked it that would be
so bad. Ignoring the question, I put on her garter belt and stockings.
Then I slipped on her blouse, buttoned it, and tied the ribbon in a bow at
her throat. Next came the slip and skirt, and finally her shoes. Handing
Carrie her purse, I stepped back to examine her. When I motioned with my
hand, she turned in a full circle, then stopped facing me.

    "It's a pleasure to see you again, O," I said.

    With her eyes locked onto mine, she curtsied and said quietly, "Et
vous, Guillaume." I walked up to her and took her in my arms, and we
shared a long, passionate kiss. When our lips finally separated, we were
both breathing hard, and again it took all of my resolve not to tear off
her clothes and throw her on the bed. But I didn't do that, instead I
asked her if she was ready to begin. She took a deep breath, smiled, and
said "Oui, Guillaume."

    I took her to the spare bedroom, left her standing in the middle of
the room with her back to the door, and told her to wait. Before leaving,
I pulled her hair aside with one hand and kissed the back of her neck. She
sighed. "Tell me your safe word," I whispered to her.

    "C'est 'Marlene', Maître," she answered softly. I deeply inhaled the
smell of her hair and her skin, then kissed her neck once more. After
straightening her hair, I walked out of the room, closing the door behind

    In the office, Char was studying her script. "I'm not sure I can pull
this off, William," she said as I walked in.

    I kissed her. "Of course you can," I told her. "It's just the three of
us. We all love one another, and we all want one other to be happy. This
is something you and I are going to do for Carrie, to make her happy. Just
relax, and try to have fun with your first acting job."

    I looked at her until she responded. "I'll do my best," she said, "but
I'm so afraid I'll ruin the whole thing for you, for both of you. Can't
you do it without me?"

    "No, we can't," I answered. "Look, Carrie will understand if you make
a mistake. I made a lot of mistakes the first time, and she still had the
time of her life. Now bring your script, we need to get you dressed and
take you out to the truck."

    Char grabbed her script and rushed over to me. I put a hand on her
shoulder to stop her, and she looked up at me. I tried a trick that had
once worked with Carrie, saying, "Tell me I love you."

    "I love you," Char said, looking at me questioningly. It apparently
works every time.

    I couldn't help smiling as I said, "I know you love me, Char, but I
asked you to tell me that I love you."

    She looked confused, then the light bulb above her head switched on.
Smiling, she said, "You love me."

    "Tell me Carrie loves you," I said.

    Grinning, Char said, "Carrie loves me."

    "Tell me that you'll do fine, if you just relax and have fun."

    "I'll do fine, if I just relax and have fun." She sounded like she
believed it, so I kissed her again, and we went to the bedroom. As we
walked down the hall, she was smiling and looking up at me.

    "We need to dress you like a sophisticated dyke, to put it crudely," I
said, looking at Carrie's clothes in our closet.

    After a moment, Char said "Pants suit."

    I had a vague idea what a pants suit was. "Ok," I said, "do you see
one of those?"

    Char reached into the closet and pulled out a hanger. The hanger held
a suit coat, and a pair of slacks. Holding it up for me to see, she
grinned and again said, "Pants suit."

    Char sat on the bed while I put the pants on her. When she stood and I
fastened the waist, the pants were too big for her thin frame. I asked her
if she saw anything else in the closet that would work. She said, "These
will work, if all I have to do is sit behind the wheel. Carrie won't know
the pants don't fit."

    "Clever girl," I said, holding up the jacket for her to slip into.
Char walked to the mirror, holding her pants up with one hand. "You're
beautiful," I told her.

    She spun around to face me. "Please don't lie to me, I know I'm not
beautiful. I used to be pretty, now I'm scrawny and scarred, and fucked
up." I put my arms around her, pulled her to me, and hugged her. "Can I
tell you a secret, William?" she whispered.

    "You can tell me anything, Char," I said. "I want to know all your

    Very softly, she said, "I look at Carrie, and she's so beautiful, so
perfect, and you can have her any time, any way you want her. And you
still want me. I don't understand why, but it means the world to me that
you do. I just want to thank you."

    I gave her a long, tender kiss, then said, "You are thin, but soon
you'll be back to your proper weight. You are scarred, but that doesn't
make you ugly. I disagree that you're fucked up, you seem remarkably
well-adjusted to me, especially considering what you've been through.
You're an exciting, knowledgable sex partner, and I've thoroughly enjoyed
the sexual and non-sexual experiences we've shared. And it will be my great
pleasure to have sex with you often, as long as you want to."

    "You mean I have a choice?" she asked, grinning.

    "I mean you can choose not to be my slave any more," I told her. "I
don't mean you can say, 'Not tonight Dear, I have a headache.'" Of course,
she giggled.

    I sat on the bed and pulled Char into my lap. "Do you want to talk
more about your feelings?" I asked her. "If you think of yourself as ugly
or ruined, you need to know that Carrie and I don't think you're ugly or
ruined. Trust us, and give yourself a chance to adjust, to let the
memories of what you've been through fade into the background." I kissed
her again and held her in my arms.

    After a few moments, I felt her stiffen. "I'm all right," she said.
"I'd like to talk about this more, if it's Ok with you. But for now, let's
give Carrie a good show."

    "I promise, we'll talk more, any time you're ready," I said. I
continued holding her until she started to get out of my lap. Pulling her
back down, I gave her a last kiss. She smiled, stood up, and pulled me to
my feet.

    "I assume you're going to wear some clothes too," she said with a
grin. While I was dressing, I had Char pick out a pair of shoes and put
them on. After making sure I had all the necessary props in my jacket
pocket - rope, garters, blindfold, and scissors - I took the pistol from
behind the headboard of our bed and put it in the other pocket. Finally, I
fetched the keys from the mural room and located the SUV key.

    "Time to go outside," I told Char. She grabbed her script, then we
went to the front door. Char hung back while I opened the door and looked
out. Everything was clear, so we went outside and headed for the truck. It
was a cool day, but sunny and clear.

    I unlocked the SUV, got behind the wheel, and started the engine. It
took a few seconds to start, but then seemed to idle smoothly. After
adjusting the heater, I got out and let Char get into the driver's seat.
"Are you ready?" I asked her. She nodded, then leaned over to me for a
final kiss. I kissed her tenderly, then said, "Close the door and lock it.
When you see Carrie and I approaching, unlock all the doors. If you see
anyone else, blow the horn continuously until I get here. Ok?"

    "Ok," she said. I stood aside as she closed the door, then blew her a
final kiss. She grinned, and I returned to the house.


  1. Gonna be interesting to see how Char reacts to some of the scenes from the 'Story of O' since they can take her back to where she was.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Yes, taking a risk there with some one who has been abused for a long time....


  2. I wonder how it will change the scene...having the three of them....will Char feel even more left out...
    hugs abby

    1. Well put, Abby. I'm sure that Char did feel left out, it's so evident to me this is a play where the third one is not needed, nor wanted..



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