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Training Carrie, chapter 73

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 73

  "Char, would you do the honours please, and spank your sister?"

    "Um, Ok. I mean Yes, William, if you want me to," Char said.

    "I do want you to, Char, that's why I asked. Please start now," I
said, trying to sound a little cross over her hesitation.

    Char stood up and set her wine glass beside Carrie's. She walked over
to Carrie and stood behind and to the side of her. "I'm sorry, Carrie, I
have to spank you again," she said quietly.

    "Don't be sorry, Sweetie," Carrie said, "give me a hard spanking. I
need it and I want it, and it's a command from your Master. Obey."

    I never gave too much thought about spanking technique. Generally I
just alternated, one slap to each cheek, about once a second. And that's
the way I saw Char spank Carrie on the hilltop that morning. So I was
surprised at the technique she used this time. She gave Carrie ten slaps
on her left cheek, as fast as she could, then immediately repeated the
process on the right cheek. She then delayed a second or two, and started
over. During the second ten slaps on her right cheek, Carrie said "Ow!,
that really hurts."

    Char immediately stopped, until both Carrie and I said, "Don't stop,"
at the same time. Char continued, and within two minutes she had Carrie
crying. Within five minutes Carrie's body was convulsing with sobs. Char
kept looking over at me, and each time I told her to continue. Soon she
paused long enough to switch to Carrie's other side, then continued with
her left hand.

    Carrie's ass was bright red, Char was really burning her up. I was
really enjoying the whole thing, highly amused that Carrie was finally
getting the kind of spanking she had thought she wanted. The next time
Char looked over at me, I said, "Stop looking over here, Char, and
concentrate on your work. I'll tell you when it's time to stop."

    "Yes, Sir," Char said, slightly out of breath. She seemed to redouble
her efforts, and Carrie started squirming and moaning worse than ever. I
eased out of my chair and quickly went downstairs, returning a few moments
later with the flog and crop. I don't think Char even realized I had been
gone. I put the crop on the chair seat beside me, and kept the flog in my

    I let the spanking continue for another five minutes or so, until
finally Carrie said, through her sobbing and gasping, "Please stop it,
William, I can't take any more."

    "One more minute, Char," I said, "you can stop in one minute, when I
tell you."

    "Dammit, William, I'm serious. Please stop her," Carrie said.

    I said, "Shut up, Carrie." She continued her sobbing, gasping, and
moaning, but she didn't speak again.

    A minute later, I said "Char, that's enough," and Char stopped
immediately. She began blowing on her hands and rubbing them against her
hips, trying to stop the stinging she no doubt felt. She told Carrie
softly that she was sorry, but Carrie didn't answer. She was still sobbing

    "That was a good spanking, Char, thank you," I said. "I'm sure Carrie
will agree when she's better able to talk to us." I paused, then held up
the flog for Char to see. "All you need to do now is give Carrie five hard
swats on each cheek with the flog, and your work will be finished. Then we
can get back to the orgasms I owe you."

    Char stood frozen, like a deer in the headlights. Twice she started
walking toward me, then stopped. Finally she said, "Please, William, don't
make me do that. It's torture, I don't want to torture Carrie."

    "It's not torture, Char, for Carrie it's pleasure. You know she enjoys
being flogged, just as she enjoys spankings. You've seen it with your own
eyes. Now stop being silly, take the flog and use it on Carrie as I've
commanded you."

    I knew she wanted to obey me, but she couldn't make herself walk over
to me and take the flogger. She lowered her eyes, and said, "William, I
can't. Ask me anything, but don't ask me that. Please don't."

    I looked at her in silence for a moment. I thought Carrie would say
something, but she remained silent except for the sobbing and sniffling.
Finally I said, "Char, do you remember what I told Carrie I would do if
she ever disobeyed me again."

    Char lowered her eyes. I think she saw immediately where this was
going. She said, "You said that if Carrie ever disobeyed you, you would
whip my breasts with the crop, William."

    "So what do you think I would do if you disobeyed me, Char?" I asked.
She didn't answer, so finally I said, "Answer my question, Char. What do
you think I would do if you disobeyed me?"

    She sighed. "You'd whip Carrie's breasts with the crop if I disobeyed
you," she said, sounding defeated.

    "That's right, Char, I would whip Carrie's breasts with this crop." I
held up the crop for her to see. "And when I finished whipping Carrie's
breasts with this crop because of your disobedience, I would once again
tell you to flog Carrie's ass. Would you continue to disobey me, Char? We
could stay in that cycle all night, if you refuse to obey. Is that what
you want for Carrie, to have her breasts whipped with the crop all
evening, when we could all be in bed, giving and receiving pleasure?"

    Char was defeated. Tears pooled in her eyes as she slowly walked over
to me and took the flog from my hand. "That's five hard strikes on each
cheek, Char. I'm not sure I can trust you to deliver hard blows, so Carrie
will count each one. If you don't hit her hard enough, she won't count the
strike, and you'll have to repeat it. If you want to minimize Carrie's
pain, you'll give her 10 hard strikes and get it over with, instead of
having to repeat some of them. Do you understand?"

    "Yes, Sir," she said. Her tears ran down her cheeks as she slowly
turned and walked back to Carrie.

    "Did you hear what I told Char, Carrie?" I asked. She had almost
stopped crying, but her ass was still bright red.

    "Yes, Sir," she said softly. "I'm ready for my flogging, William,"

    "Please begin now, Char," I said. After a moment's hesitation, Char
struck Carrie on her left cheek. It looked like a hard blow to me, but
Carrie kept silent, even though her body had jerked when she received the
strike. "That wasn't hard enough, Char, you are causing Carrie more pain
by holding back. Start again."

    Char reached back with the flog and delivered a really hard blow to
Carrie's left cheek. "One!" Carrie screamed.

    "Ok, Char, that was a little too hard, but you've got the right idea
now." I said. "Please proceed, let's get this over with and move on to
more pleasant things." Crying now, Char delivered the remaining nine blows
to Carrie's ass. Carrie called out each count, but didn't scream again.
When it was finished, Char dropped the flog and began sobbing quietly.

    Carrie looked at me, and I nodded. She stood up and turned to Char.
She was still crying herself, nevertheless she tried to comfort Char.
"Don't cry, Sweetie," she said, "you were great. You really blistered my
ass with that spanking, where'd you learn to do that?"

    Ignoring Carrie's question, Char said, "Carrie, I'm so sorry. I
spanked you too hard, then I flogged you too hard. Please forgive me, I
didn't want to hurt you at all."

    "But you hurt me in a good way, Char, and I wanted to be hurt.
Sweetie, you gave me what I needed. I'm going to ask William if you can
spank me and flog me from now on, you've taken it to another level. Thank
you so much." At that point Carrie hugged Char and kissed her tenderly.
Char was confused, but she seemed to feel better about the whole thing
after hearing what Carrie said.

    "Char, please go get a cold, damp washcloth so we can cool your
sister's ass," I said. When Char ran to the bathroom to get the washcloth,
Carrie came to me and gave me a tender kiss. "Are you OK?" I asked her.

    "My ass is burning up," she said with a rueful smile. "The girl's got
a gift for spanking. Her flogging technique needs work, but she'll be Ok,
if you can ever get her to do it again."

    I smiled. "She'll do it again, never fear," I said.

    Char returned with the wash cloth. Carrie lay face down on the bed,
then Char draped the cloth over her ass. Carrie sighed at the partial
relief the cold, damp cloth brought to her burning cheeks.

    Char stood beside the bed, tears still running down her cheeks. I
stood up and walked over to her. "Char, there have to be consequences for
your disobedience," I told her.

    I expected her to deny her disobedience, since she did eventually obey
me. But she didn't deny anything. She met my gaze and said, "Yes, Sir."

    "First of all, no more orgasms. When we're all in bed later, you are
free to cum whenever you choose. But until then, you will not cum. Is that
clear?" Char nodded, then said it was clear, and I continued. "Secondly,
Carrie is due two strikes on each breast with the crop, as punishment for
your disobedience." To my great surprise, Char dropped to her knees and
kissed my feet, imitating Carrie's technique as best she could. Then, with
her forehead to the floor between my feet, she said, "Master, please don't
hurt Carrie because of my disobedience. I swear, I'll do anything you say
from now on. Anything at all, I promise. If someone has to be punished,
use the crop on me, not on Carrie."

    I looked over at Carrie. She had raised up on her elbows, and was
looking around at Char and I. "Stand up and look at me, Char," I said. She
jumped to her feet and met my gaze, her lips trembling. "Your punishment
is suspended, but not cancelled, Char. That means the next time you disobey
me, Carrie will receive a double punishment, four strikes on each breast
with the crop. Do you understand?"

    She smiled and took my hands. "Yes, Sir. I do understand, William, and
I'm very grateful. I'll obey you from now on, I promise. I'm yours to

    I said, "I've been very pleased with your obedience, Char, until this
problem with flogging. The only behavior you need to correct at this time
is to get over your reluctance to use the flog on Carrie. Look me in the
eyes, and tell me you will flog Carrie any time I wish, on whichever parts
of her body I tell you to, and for as long as I tell you to. Then the
problem will be behind us, and we can forget tonight's misunderstanding."

    Char met my gaze, and said exactly what I wanted to hear. I hugged and
kissed her, and told her the matter was forgotten. "Go and be with your
sister slave, and talk to each other," I told her. She crawled onto the
bed, with her head close to Carrie's. They kissed, then nuzzled, then
began to talk about the flogging and spanking issues.

    I sat down and sipped my wine, watching but not really listening to
the sisters. That was as much privacy as I was willing to give them, to
occasionally ignore what they said to one another. I smiled as their
kisses and touches inevitably became more passionate. Soon Carrie moved
her head toward Char's pussy, and I tuned in again as Char said, "No, I
can't take a chance on disobeying. I'll do you instead."

    Carrie raised up and looked at me. "William, please let the poor girl
cum. She's apologized, and promised never to disobey you again, and she
did flog me in the end." She grinned when she realized her unintentional
pun, then continued. "She's learned her lesson, won't you please show her
some mercy?"

    They were both looking at me expectantly. I sighed, as if I had fought
a battle and lost. "Char," I said, "until we're all in bed together, you
will cum whenever Carrie tells you to."

    "Thank you, William," they said, in two part harmony. Carrie resumed
her travels down Char's torso, and soon she was licking and nibbling all
around and inside Char's pussy. That quickly evolved into a tightly
coupled 69, with Carrie on top of Char, and each pussy covered with a
hungry mouth. In another few minutes, I heard Carrie say, "Cum," and they
both did. I smiled when I saw that Char curled her toes again.

    I didn't keep count, but Carrie took Char to the point of orgasm
several more times. Once she held Char at that point as long as Char could
resist, the rest of the time Carrie commanded an orgasm as soon as Char
was capable of it. But Carrie was so smooth, I'm sure Char thought she was
coming on command every time.

    After a time, the action on the bed tapered off. The clock said it was
just after 10:30, and I was about to get up and join Char and Carrie. Char
crawled out of bed, walked over to me, and knelt at my feet. I glanced at
Carrie, and she was watching us with a smile on her face. Whatever Char
was planning, Carrie had put her up to it. Looking into my eyes, Char
said, "William, I'm sorry I disobeyed you. Will you please forgive me, and
let me suck your cock?"

    "The matter of your disobedience is already settled and forgiven,
Char," I said. "As for you sucking my cock, I would like that very much.
But you'll do it in bed, not here." I took Char's hands, and pulled her to
her feet as I stood up. We hugged and kissed, then I led her to our bed.

    I crawled onto the bed, gave Carrie a long kiss, then lay on my back
with my head on a pillow. I motioned for Carrie to join me, and she
cuddled beside me. I had an arm around her, and her head was resting on my
shoulder. I nodded to Char, and she positioned herself between my legs. We
were both looking at her, waiting for her to begin, when she said, "I feel
self-conscious with both of you watching me."

    Carrie laughed. "You'll get over it, Sweetie. There's no place in this
house for self-consciousness. Now, shouldn't you get to work?"

    "Yes, Mistress Carrie," Char said, with a hint of sarcasm. She was
tweaking Carrie for her tendency to be bossy. Carrie was a perfectionist,
and she wanted Char to serve me with perfection as well. Since I counted
on her to provide the details of Char's training, it was fine with me if
Carrie was a bit controlling. To show Char where my support lay, I turned
my head and kissed Carrie.

    I had been enjoying Char's lips and tongue for some minutes, when it
occurred to me to use this situation as a final training exercise for the
evening. "Char," I said, "from the time we all got into bed together,
you've had permission to cum any time you choose. But it would please me
if you use this as a training opportunity. Don't stimulate yourself
physically, just concentrate on what you're doing, and use any mental
imagery that works to get yourself excited. Then, when I cum in your
mouth, you'll cum too. Ok?"

    Char took her mouth off of my cock long enough to say, "Yes, Sir. I'll
do my best, William."

    "Good girl, that's all I ask," I said. I pulled Carrie's head closer
and began kissing her. She turned onto her side and rested a hand on my
chest. I reached down and felt my way to her pussy, then gently squeezed
and rubbed her labia between my fingers and thumb. Soon she was moaning
and probing my mouth with her darting tongue.

    I enjoyed the attention from Char and Carrie for about ten minutes,
then I felt the first indications of an orgasm. Pulling my mouth away from
Carrie's, I said, "It won't be long, Char, are you ready to cum with me?"

    Char shook her head, then raised up just long enough to say, "Don't
know. Maybe."

    Carrie said, "I'll help you, Sweetie, we can do it together." She
started to get up and move toward Char, and I knew she intended to
stimulate Char's pussy or clit to help her get off.

    "No, Carrie," I said, holding one of her labia rings and preventing
her from getting up. "She has to figure out how to do this for herself,
eventually. Let her do it, she'll be fine." Char raised her eyes and
looked at me. I could tell she was smiling, even with a mouthful of cock.

    About a minute later, I came. When I started spurting into Char's
mouth, she closed her eyes tightly and tensed her whole body, then she had
a powerful orgasm. It shook her so strongly that she forgot what she was
doing. She raised her head from my cock, and several of my spurts hit her
on the face and dripped onto the bed.

    Carrie said, "Char! William's orgasm is the most important thing for
you to deal with. His pleasure has priority over yours, tend to your
Master's cock right now!" Looking somewhat dazed, and still fully in the
throes of her own orgasm, Char nevertheless engulfed my cock again with
her mouth and resumed the excellent blowjob she had been giving me. She
prolonged the intense pleasure I was feeling, letting me continue
ejaculating for perhaps 10 seconds more.

    My cock stayed hard, but soon Char figured out that I was finished for
awhile. She proceeded to clean my cock thoroughly, then raised her head
and looked at me, still slightly out of it.

    I sat up in bed, cleaned my cum off of Char's face with the washcloth
that had been draped over Carrie's ass, then hugged and kissed Char and
thanked her. She was still trembling, and I thought she still looked a
little stunned, as much by her accomplishment as by her orgasm. She just
smiled at me and didn't say anything.

    I lay back down, pulling Char to my side. The three of us were
stretched out, with our bodies in full contact. I kissed both of them, and
told them how proud and pleased I was to be with them. We all lay quietly
for a time, and soon everyone was asleep. I woke up hours later, and
quietly got out of bed to use the toilet. When I returned, Char was laying
half on top of Carrie, and Carrie was holding Char in her arms. I crawled
back in bed, snuggled up against my women, and pulled the covers over all
of us.

    I had gotten used to life without Philip, so it startled me to wake up
hearing his voice. He said, "Please don't reach for your pistol, Sir. I've
brought another outsider to the house, a lawyer. You all need to meet with
him right now." When I got my eyes open and looked at him, he was standing
at the door to the bedroom, looking angry. I guessed it had something to
do with Char being in bed, naked, with Carrie and I.

    Before I could say anything, Char squealed, "Uncle Phil." She jumped
out of bed and ran over to Philip. Putting her hands to his face, she
smothered him in kisses, then hugged him around his neck.

    "I'm glad you're feeling better, Charlene," Philip said. He hesitantly
put his arms around her naked waist, then returned her hug.

    Char began speed talking. "I don't just feel better, Uncle Phil, I
feel wonderful. I'm so grateful to you and your friend for bringing me
here, you saved me. I'm sorry for the way I acted when you found me, I was
scared and confused. But I'm Ok now. William and Carrie have welcomed me
into their family. This is my home now, and I'm very happy here."

    Philip said, "That's wonderful, Charlene. We'll have time for you to
tell me all about it later. But right now it's important that you all get
dressed and listen to what the lawyer has to say." He emphasised the 'get
dressed' part, while looking at Carrie.

    "Please wait for us in the living room, Philip," Carrie said, "we'll
be in as soon as possible, fully dressed." Her voice dripped with sarcasm
as she said 'fully dressed'.

    "Thank you, Carrie," Philip said. He smiled at Char as he gently
dislodged her arms from his neck, then he closed the bedroom door.

    "What fucking lawyer is he talking about?" Carrie said.

    "Why don't we find out?" I said. "Ok, let's cycle through the bathroom
quickly, then get dressed. Hop to it."

    We all went into the bathroom. Carrie and I held Char's hands while
she peed. Then Carrie and I peed together, standing, while Char used the
bidet and dried herself.

    Back in the bedroom, I put panties and jeans on Carrie, then told her
to finish dressing herself in shoes, socks, and a sweater. While she was
dressing, I put Char in her panties and jeans. Then Carrie finished
dressing Char while I dressed myself.

    We were about to exit the bedroom, when I decided to be cautious. I
got the pistol from behind the headboard of our bed, cocked it and lowered
the hammer, then tucked it into the waist of Carrie's jeans above her ass.
She jumped when the cold metal of the gun contacted her skin. Pulling her
sweater down to cover the gun, I said, "Stay in front of me. I'll put a
hand on your shoulder if it's safe, then you can relax. If I pull the gun
out of your pants before then, drop to the floor." She nodded and kissed

    One more thing occurred to me, which we should have talked about
before now. "Char," I said, "we don't discuss our relationship with
strangers. We're just family, not Master and Slaves, Ok?"

    Char looked me in the eyes. "Would it be impertinent if I said 'Well,
Duh!', William?" she said.

    I smiled. "Yes, but impertinent in a very pleasing way," I said. She
grinned and kissed me, then I opened the bedroom door. We filed out and
went down the hall to meet Philip and the lawyer. Carrie went first, I
followed her, and Char brought up the rear.


  1. Hmmm...I do believe it's about to get very interesting.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Ah, wait and see, Cat. The story bends your way a bit, huh?


  2. Great mindfucking, William.
    You are sure very proud about you.

    1. I have got the idea you didn't like this chapter much, Mona Lisa.


  3. Another twist??.....Glad i can just click and read on....
    hugs abby

    1. It took us a week to wait for the next chapter...



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