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Training Carrie, chapter 71

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 71


 Back in the kitchen, I positioned the sisters as before and had them
kneel. After stepping back and admiring them for a moment, I again
complemented both on how attractive they were, and how obedient. I handed
their wine glass back to Carrie and reminded her to share, then turned to
the task of fixing dinner.

    After a few minutes of silence, I told Carrie and Char that they were
free to talk to me while I worked, or to each other. A moment later,
Carrie said very softly, "William, I have a confession to make."

    I stopped working and turned to her. "What do you want to tell me,
Carrie?" I asked.

    She was blushing. Looking me in the eyes, she said, "William, both
times that you put us on our knees here, I wanted very badly to bow and
kiss your feet. But both times I didn't do it, because I was embarrassed
to do that in front of Char. I'm sorry that my ego prevented me from
demonstrating my complete submission to you in the manner I should have."

    I smiled. "That's not anything you need to confess, Carrie. You know
I've never asked you to do that. In fact, I've tried to discourage it." I
stood in front of her, then asked, "Is that something you feel you should
do now, Carrie, even though it will embarrass you?"

    "Yes, Sir," she said in a whisper. That was the first time Carrie had
called me 'Sir', even though it was she who had told Char to answer Yes/No
questions in that manner. It pleased me to hear her say it.

    "Then you may proceed, my love," I said. Carrie handed the wine glass
to Char, then crossed her wrists behind her back and gracefully bent until
her head hovered an inch above my bare right foot. After a moment's pause,
she touched her lips to my foot, so delicately that I felt her heat more
than her touch. After holding her lips on that foot for a few seconds, she
repeated the action on my other foot. Then she touched her forehead to the
floor between my feet and remained perfectly still. I couldn't even tell
that she was breathing. My cock was rock hard.

    I looked at Char, and she was looking down at Carrie, her mouth open
in surprise. Then she looked up, first at my cock and then at my face.

    "Is that something Carrie should be embarrassed to do in front of you,
Char?" I asked her. I held my breath, fearing she would say Yes.

    After a moment, Char said said, "No, Sir." Then she looked down again
at Carrie's rigid body. "I can't imagine loving that intensely, or
surrendering to it so completely. I'm proud of her, she shouldn't be
embarrassed at all."

    "Please straighten up, Carrie," I said softly. Keeping her wrist
crossed behind her back, she raised her torso to the vertical, as smoothly
and effortlessly as she had bent to my feet. She was trembling and her
eyes were downcast. A tear slowly ran down each cheek.

    I knelt in front of Carrie, so close that her trembling breasts
touched my chest. "I'm completely unworthy of such intense love and
devotion," I whispered to her.

    She raised her eyes to meet mine, and said softly, "We are each..."

    "Worthy of the other," I finished for her. I saw her tongue run along
the inside edge of her lips, and I bent forward and touched my lips to
hers. We shared a tender, sensual kiss that seemed to last forever. When
our lips finally separated, Carrie whispered, "Please, I need your cock in
my mouth."

    I gave her another kiss, then said, "Later, I promise. We'll do
anything you want when we're in bed." Carrie smiled, but she also let me
know by her expression that she was disappointed. She was clearly ready
for a round of sex, and if I had let her start we would have been at it
for at least an hour.

    I turned to Char, whom we had totally ignored for awhile. She was
watching both of us intently. "How do you feel, Char?" I asked her.

    Totally ignoring my question, she said, "Before I was captured, I was
in love a few times, and I knew couples who were in love. But I've never
seen, or even heard of, the kind of love you two have. It's wonderful to
watch you together. You are so lucky."

    Carrie turned and kissed her sister on the cheek. "Thank you, Char,"
she said. "And thank you for accepting my need to express my submission to
William. But Sweetie, William asked you a question, and you ignored him.
You must always give William your attention, and his desires come first.
We will always be allowed to say whatever we want, but William always
comes first."

    Char lowered her eyes. "I'm sorry, William," she said, "I was so
fascinated, watching the two of you expressing your feelings. I should
have remained attentive to you, please accept my apology."

    "I understand that all of this is new to you, Char," I said, "but I do
expect you to maintain your discipline, and to show the proper respect to
your Master. You need to start making an effort, and let Carrie train you
to behave as I expect you to. Do you understand?"

    Char looked up and met my gaze. She said, "I do understand, William,
and I'll behave as you expect in the future. Please ask me your question
again, if you wish, and I'll be happy to answer."

    I smiled, and said "How do you feel, Char?"

    "My knees are starting to hurt a little, William," she said. Then she
blushed and grinned up at me. "But of course, you meant how do the nipple
clips and butt plug feel. The plug feels wonderful, I've almost cum twice
because of it. When my camisole rubs my nipples, it's wonderful, much more
sensitive than my nips usually feel."

    I told Carrie to pull the straps of Char's camisole off of he
shoulders and drop the front, so I could see Char's nipples. Char was
still holding their wine glass in one hand, she tried to hold up the
camisole with her other hand. I said, "Let it drop to the floor, so Carrie
and I can enjoy looking at your body. You can put it back on when I give
you permission to stand."

    "Yes, Sir," Char said. She let go of the camisole, straightened her
posture, and pushed her breasts out. She obviously liked the idea of
Carrie and I admiring her body.

    I looked closely at Char's nipples. They were dark red, with just a
hint of blue or purple. I layed a fingertip on first one nipple and then
the other, and Char responded with a sigh. They were both warm, indicating
good blood flow. "I think we can tighten your clips a little," I told her,
and proceeded to do that, causing her to wince. "Too tight?" I asked.

    "No, Sir," she said. "Please tighten them as much as you wish, I can
stand the pain."

    "That's not the idea, Char," I told her. "I don't want to torture you.
You said you wanted to learn to be guided with reins attached to your
nipples, so we're trying to get you used to the nipple clips. We're also
exploring the kinds of things that turn you on, that add to your pleasure.
If the clips start causing you serious pain, tell me and I'll remove them

    She smiled at me, and said, "Yes, Sir," again.

    I said, "Char, please take another sip of wine, then hand the glass
back to your sister." She did as I asked. "Now, please raise your arms in
front of your breasts, and place the tip of your index finger on each
nipple." Again she did as I asked, smiling when her fingers touched her
nipples. I said, "Stay just like that until I release you. Try to hold
your fingers still, don't rub or roll your nipples with your fingers. And
do not allow yourself to cum."

    One more time, she said, "Yes, Sir."

    I refilled their wine glass from the bottle, then told Carrie, "Don't
forget to share this with your sister. And I want you to admire her body
and talk to her while I make dinner."

    Carrie grinned up at me, and said, "Yes, Sir."

    I looked down at her for a moment, then leaned over and gave her a
quick kiss. "I like it when you say that, do it whenever it's

    "Yes, Sir," she said, and we both laughed.

    Char looked at us and shook her head. "I only get about ten percent of
what passes between you two. You really are one person in two bodies."

    Carrie said, "We're not that hard to understand, Sweetie, you'll catch
on in no time." She paused, turned to Char and looked her up and down, and
said, "And as far as admiring your body, I've been doing that all day, and
it keeps looking better to me all the time. Tonight in bed, William and I
are going to admire the hell out of it." Char giggled, and said she hoped
we would.

    I was busy with dinner, my back to the slaves, and I said without
turning around, "If Char remains obedient, and only cums with her Master's
permission, she'll be well fucked tonight. If she disobeys, she might find
herself sleeping on the floor alone."

    "She's doing fine, William," Carrie said, "I'm sure that won't be a
problem, will it Char?"

    Char didn't seem so certain. "I'm trying very hard to obey, William,"
She said. "May I please take my fingers away from my nipples, I'm getting
really turned on."

    "You're not rubbing or rolling your nipples, are you, Char?" I asked

    Her voice sounded strained as she answered. "No, William, but I can't
hold my fingers perfectly still, and the small movements are more
stimulating than rubbing would be. Please let me take my fingers off, just
for a few minutes?"

    I looked at the clock. "You're trying to make this too easy on
yourself, Char," I said. "I know you're stronger than this. Hold your Pose
for 5 more minutes, then you can lower your hands for 2 minutes. I'll tell
you when."

    Unhappily, she said, "Yes, sir. Thank you, William."

    Carrie did a pretty good job of engaging Char in conversation, trying
to distract her from her problem. They talked about Carrie's spanking, and
Char told her how much it hurt her hands. "You'll get used to it," I told
her, "you're going to be taking more and more responsibility for Carrie's
spankings, and you'll be flogging her, too."

    Char said, "No, William, please don't make me do that. I could never
flog anyone."

    Carrie said, "Of course you can, Sweetie. If William tells you to,
you'll do it. William, I've been hoping you would flog my ass and butt
fuck me on the rails, maybe Char could try that tomorrow."

    "We'll see," I said. Char's 5 minutes were up, so I said, "Char, you
can lower your hands for 2 minutes now... Unless you'd like to try holding
out another 5 minutes."

    "Please, William," she said, "I'm near my limit. Please let me lower
my hands now."

    "I already said you could, Char," I said. "Go ahead and lower them." I
looked around at her as she dropped her hands to her side, a look of
relief on her face. Carrie gave Char a sip of wine, then continued talking
about how enjoyable it would be, to be flogged and then butt fucked by her
sister slave.

    Dinner was nearly ready, and Char's 2 minutes were up. "Fingers back
on your nipples, Char," I said, "and they'll stay there until we're ready
to go to the dining room." Char quickly obeyed and touched her fingers
lightly to her nipples.

    I walked over to Carrie, helped her to her feet, and cupped her vulva
in my palm while I kissed her. Then I sent her to set the table for
dinner. Before leaving Char, Carrie turned to her and said, "Hold on,
little sister." Char smiled up at her and nodded.

    I looked down at Char and ran my fingers through her hair. "I know
this is hard for you, Char," I told her, "but you're doing very well. Your
first orgasm of the evening will occur soon after dinner, if you continue
to obey your Master. I haven't decided yet how many times you'll cum.
Perhaps three, or maybe four if you're very obedient. Then, when we're in
bed, I'll let you cum all you want." I crooked my index finger and used it
to lift Char's chin. When her face was turned up to me and she was looking
into my eyes, I added, "All of that is waiting for you, Char, but only if
you obey. Be strong."

    "Yes, Sir," she said.

    When Carrie and I had dinner on the table, we both returned to the
kitchen for Char. "Pull up your camisole and put the straps on your
shoulders, Char," I told her. When she had done that, Carrie and I each
put out a hand. Smiling up at us, Char took our hands and rose to her
feet. We both kissed her, and told her how brave and strong she was, then
led her to the dining room.

    "Sit down carefully, Char," I said. "Make sure the plug isn't hurting
you, before you rest all of your weight on your butt." She eased herself
into the chair, then smiled at me. "Try not to wiggle your ass too much,
you'll get excited," I told her.

    After watching Carrie flip up the back of her chemise and sit down, I
pushed in her chair and took my seat. Before I was settled in my chair,
Carrie and Char were both holding hands, and each had her other hand on
the table, waiting for me. I took their hands, looked at each of them, and
said, "I guess this has become a tradition, since we two became three. I
want to thank you both for choosing to obey me and to love me. I love both
of you, and you make my life a joyful experience. I'll say it again, today
was a perfect day, and it was the two of you who made it perfect. Would
either of you like to say anything?"

    Char said, "Thank you William, and thank you Carrie, for accepting me
and making me feel like I belong. Today has been filled with good things.
I love you both."

    Carrie said, "I don't need to say a word to William, he already knows.
But I'll say anyway, that I love him more than life, and I thank God he's
here with me, with us. And I love my little sister, my sister slave, with
all my heart. I'm sorry we found each other so late in life, and after so
much tragedy. But we're together now, and together we'll stay."

    Carrie and I made small talk as we ate. Char was quiet, but she always
answered any comment or question we put to her. I thought she had her
situation under control, then she dropped her fork on her plate. I looked
at her and saw her left hand gripping the chair arm tightly. "William, I'm
about to cum," she said through clenched teeth.

    "Stand up right now!," I told her. She immediately pushed back her
chair and stood. Her arms were at her sides, but each hand was balled into
a fist. "Relax your sphincter, don't clench the plug," I said. I could see
her body relax. "Open your fists and relax, you're going to be Ok," I

    She stood silently for a long moment, then looked at me with a wry
grin. "That was close," she told me. "It sort of snuck up on me. I was Ok
one second, and the next second I was almost there."

    "You did very well," I told her. "You did what was necessary to obey,
that's all that's important, isn't it, Char?"

    "Yes, Sir," she said. Then she added, "I'm afraid to sit down again on
the plug, William. I'm so excited I don't know if I can hold out."

    "We'll fix it so you don't need to sit," I told her. I moved her chair
so that it was between Carrie and my chair, then positioned it with the
chair back against the table. After covering the seat of the chair with a
napkin, I put Char's plate on the napkin. "Kneel in front of the chair and
finish your dinner, Char," I told her.

    Char moved to her chair, and was about to kneel, when Carrie said,
"Why don't you strip her, William? Her panties might be causing her some
added stimulation."

    "Good idea. Thank you, Carrie," I said. "Char, strip before you kneel,
please." Char took off her camisole, then her panties, and knelt in front
of her chair. I fetched her wine glass and put it beside Carrie's plate.
"Carrie will give you a sip of wine whenever you ask, Char," I told her.

    "Thank you William, thank you, Carrie," Char said, picking up her
fork. A few bites later, she said, "Carrie, may I please have a sip of

    "Of course, Sweetie," Carrie said, holding the glass for Char to drink
from. Replacing the glass on the table, Carrie asked, "Are you feeling
better now, Char? Is your crisis past?" Char said she felt much better,
and was under control now.

    Carrie reached down and patted Char on the ass, causing her to
instantly tense up and gasp. Suppressing a grin, Carrie said, "I'm sorry
Char, I couldn't resist patting your cute little ass. I didn't cause you a
problem, did I?" Char didn't see the humour at all, and she wanted to tell
Carrie about it, but she wisely kept silent.

    "Stop tormenting your sister," I told Carrie. "This is new to her, and
she's struggling with her control. How would you have liked it, if I had
patted you on the ass the first time you tried to keep from coming with
the plug up your ass?"

    Grinning, Carrie said, "As I recall, William, you did just that,
several times."

    I grinned at her. "In that case, all I can say is, 'Do as I say, not
as I do.'"

    "Yes, Sir," Carrie said with a straight face. A moment later, we all
three broke up laughing, then Carrie apologized to Char for teasing her.
Char asked for a make up kiss, which Carrie bent over and shared with her.

    The rest of dinner was uneventful. After we lingered over a final
glass of wine, I stood up and walked around to Carrie. Taking her by the
arm, I pulled her to her feet and took her to the other end of the dining
room table. She seemed unsure of what was happening, until I took off her
chemise. Then I put the palm of my hand over her vulva. "Are you hot and
wet and ready to be fucked?" I asked her.

    In answer, she came in my hand. We smiled at one another, eye to eye,
our faces mere inches apart. I held up my hand, with my palm to her. "Lick
it clean," I told her. She lowered her eyes in submission, then licked my
hand clean. Some of her cum had run down my wrist onto my forearm, and she
licked that up too.

    I put my open palm on her chest, between her breasts, and forcefully
pushed her back and down onto the table. she raised her legs up and
wrapped them loosely around my hips. I reached down and guided the head of
my cock to the slit between her labia. When she felt me at her entrance,
she tightened her grip and pulled my cock into her. "Perfect," I whispered
to her. She smiled, then relaxed her grip enough that I could move my cock
back and forth.

    I kept my hand pressed against her chest, pushing her down onto the
table. I began fucking her hard, and she started talking to me, telling me
how much she had wanted me earlier, in the kitchen, and how good it felt
when I dominated her and used her roughly. I let her go on for a minute,
then I finally said, "Shut the fuck up, Carrie."

    "And I love it when you talk dirty to me," she said. I knew she was
baiting me. I said, "Char, please come down here and put your mouth over
your sister's. I need her to shut up." Carrie smiled.

    "Gladly, William," Char said, jumping to her feet and running down to
our end of the table. She covered Carrie's mouth with her own, and they
began kissing passionately.

    "Carrie, play with your nipples for me, please," I said. Carrie
immediately began rolling and pinching her nipples. I added, "And Carrie,
since you think it's so easy, you won't mind suppressing your orgasms
until I allow Char to cum." Carrie's mouth was in use, so she let go of
one nipple just long enough to give me a thumbs up.

    Char and I used Carrie until at last I exploded in a crashing orgasm.
I kept stroking Carrie until my dick began to go soft. Then I took my hand
off of her chest, bent over and rested my head on her. She briefly ran the
fingers of one hand through my hair, then went back to massaging her
nipples. "It's your choice Carrie," I told her, "but I'd rather have your
fingers in my hair than on your nipples." She immediately put both hands
on my head, and began toying with my hair and one of my ears. I reached up
with one arm and caressed Char's upper arm. She raised her hand off of the
table, and we clasped fingers. Carrie and Char were still tenderly
kissing, and we all stayed like that for several minutes.

    Finally I straightened up, then helped Carrie to her feet. We kissed,
then nuzzled for a minute. "Who's for ice cream a la Char?" I asked.

    Char's eyes got big. "Is that what I think it is?" she asked.


  1. William is doing a good job of training Char but he's still letting Carrie get away with too much. If this was real life, once Char got comfortable, she'd probably resent Carrie's preferential treatment...when it comes to their slave positions.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Equals, I don't think Carrie wants Char to be her equal. No she wants to be the mistress I think. The point that bugged us at the time was: would Char feel an intruder in a close love relation? Even if he says I love you too (and we both know that is lust not love) how will she feel?

      You know after all these horrible experiences.


  2. It does seem that Char has a Mistress and a Master.....
    hugs abby

    1. Still addicted to the story like we were once? Yes, a Mistress and a Master, and one submissive. First come, first served.



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