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Training Carrie, chapter 70

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 70


I knew exactly where we had left the strap-on harness, so I ran to get
it. Walking into the bathroom a few seconds later, spinning the harness
around my finger, I told them I wanted to watch the lesbian enema party,
too. Carrie said the only way I could watch was if I let them give me an
enema. I shrugged and said Ok, then sat on the edge of the tub to watch as
Carrie gave Char her enema.

    Char began crying again while she was Posed on the floor receiving her
enema. Carrie asked if whe wanted to stop. Char said No, it was just that
posing for the enema made her remember all of the enemas she had been
forced to take during her training. She said she knew this was different,
and she just needed to work through her memories and the bad feelings they
brought with them.

    When the enema bag had emptied into Char, Carrie and I helped her sit
on the toilet. Then we both knelt in front of her, kissing and caressing
her. We told her again that we loved her and we would protect her, and
after a few minutes she was smiling and returning our kisses. She asked me
how long I wanted her to hold the enema, and I told her it was her
decision, she could hold it as long as it felt good, or release it
whenever she was ready. She said she would like to hold it for a few
minutes, and asked us to continue kissing and caressing her while we
waited. We were happy to do as she asked.

    When Char had finished relieving herself, I said that I would give
Carrie her enema. After she was filled with the contents of the enema bag,
I told her to get up and wait by the shower while Char gave me my enema.
While Char refilled the bag, I got on the floor and assumed the Enema Pose
just as both of them had done. When Char turned and saw me Posed, she
said, "Weird." I asked her why it was weird, and she said because I was
their Master. I didn't offer her any explanation, so she proceeded to give
me my enema.

    When I was filled with the enema and Char had removed the fill tube
from my ass, I got up and sat on the toilet. After Char finished cleaning
the equipment, I called her over to me and asked her to kneel. We kissed
and caressed one another for a few minutes, then I expelled the enema.
When I was nearly finished on the toilet, I told Carrie to turn on the
shower and get in. She smiled, knowing what was going to happen.

    When Carrie had the shower adjusted to the right temperature, she
climbed in and pressed herself to the wall, face first, under the shower
head. When I got in behind her, she looked around at me. "This is gonna be
messy," she said.

    "That's why we're doing it in the shower, not on the bed," I said.
"Try not to leak when I first penetrate you." I pressed my body against
her, pushing her hard against the wall of the shower. She turned her head
around as far as she could, and we kissed. I reached down and positioned
the head of my cock against her sphincter. Pulling away from her lips, I
asked her if she was ready for me. "Always," she said, and I pushed my
cock into her ass. Looking down, I didn't see any sign that she had
leaked. Kissing her on the back of the neck, I said, "Good girl," and
started to fuck her.

    Carrie was squeezing so hard, trying to avoid a leak, that it was hard
for me to move my cock in her. I could also tell that it was painful for
her. "Relax your ass," I told her, and she did. That was a lot better, but
we could tell by the faint smell that she was leaking a little. We agreed
to continue anyway, and we moved together to establish a rhythm. It was an
odd feeling, fucking her ass when it was filled with a liquid. I didn't
think it was better, or worse, than a normal butt fuck, but it was
certainly different.

    Carrie seemed to like it a lot better, though. "Wow," she said, "I can
feel the whole column of water moving back and forth as you fuck me. What
a feeling!" She came right away, then she asked me to go faster. Soon she
was having continuous orgasms, and I slipped my arm around her waist to
help her stay on her feet. She was panting and gasping, and I asked her if
she wanted to stop. "God no, don't stop, this is amazing," she said.

    After a few more minutes I came, and soon afterward my cock began to
go limp. "I'm sorry, Carrie, I've run out of gas," I said. "If you want to
stand here a few minutes, we can go again."

    Carrie turned her head and kissed me. "We can do it again another
time, there's no need to wear you out. It was wonderful, though, thank you
William." I held her against me and kissed her until her trembling had
subsided. I told her to squat over the shower drain and finish expelling
her enema as soon as I pulled out of her, which she did. As Carrie was
squatting under the shower, holding my hand for support, Char said, "That
was amazing, do you guys do that often?" She had apparently been watching
us from just outside the shower.

    "That was the first time," Carrie told her, "but I hope to hell it
wasn't the last. You need to experience it too, Char, it feels amazing."
Carrie looked up at me, and I nodded. She grinned, and looked at Char.
"Char, go give yourself a second enema while I bathe William. Then bring
me the strap-on, it's your turn for an enema fucking." Char grinned and
went to prepare her enema.

    When Carrie finished discharging her enema, I pulled her to her feet
and we kissed passionately. "I love you more every day," she said. She
soaped up a wash cloth and began bathing me. When she finished, I did the
same for her, then we both rinsed off and I climbed out of the shower.
Char was waiting, holding the strap-on dildo. Carrie said, "Give me the
dildo, Char. You towel William dry, then come in with me."

    "I can dry myself for once," I said with a grin, "you girls go ahead.
I can't wait for the hot lesbian-on-lesbian action to begin."

    As Char climbed into the shower, she asked Carrie, "Why does he keep
calling us lesbians? Doesn't he know the difference between a lesbian and
a bisexual?"

    "He knows it bugs us, Silly. Why do you think?" Carrie said. "Now get
up against the wall, my lesbian sister." Char giggled and flattened
herself against the wall of the shower.

    Carrie pressed her body against Char, as I had done to her. "Turn your
head around and kiss me," Carrie said. After they kissed passionately for
a minute, Carrie pressed the head of the dildo against Char's sphincter.
"Here it comes, Sweetie," Carrie said as she gently pushed the dildo all
the way into Char's ass. She stroked in and out a few times, then stopped.
"Do you think you can cum from this, Sweetie?" she asked Char.

    "Yeah, and it won't take long. It feels wonderful." Char said.

    Carrie said, "Char, I think you should learn to control your orgasms.
Would you like to do that?" When I heard that, I walked over to the shower
quietly and listened to the conversation.

    "You mean cum any time I want to?" Char asked.

    Carrie started pumping her hips slowly, moving the dildo in and out of
Char's ass. "I mean cum any time William wants you to, and never cum if he
forbids it. I've given him that control over me, and you should let him
control you that way, too. I can teach you to do it, and it would be a
wonderful gift for you to give William, to show him your obedience to his
will. You see how much freedom he gives us, and how well he treats us. We
owe it to him to offer him this level of control over us, on the rare
occasions that he chooses to exercise it."

    "I guess, if that would please William, that's something I'd like to
be able to do," Char said.

    "That's the right attitude, Sweetie. We'll start right now. I want you
to clear your mind. Just concentrate on what your body is feeling, and
listen to my voice. When your body tells you it's time to cum, you'll wait
until you're given permission. You can control your orgasm, all you have
to do is decide from second to second that you won't cum. It takes
concentration at first, but it will get easier with practice. Then, when
you're given permission to cum, you will allow your body to have its
orgasm. It's harder than it sounds, but that's all there is to it. Are you
ready to give it a try?"

    "Ok," Char said, "let's try it."

    Carrie sped up, and within a few minutes she had Char moaning. A few
minutes after that, I saw that Char was straining her muscles and
squeezing her eyes shut, trying to control herself. After another five
minutes she said, "Please, I can't wait any longer. I need to cum."

    "You haven't been given permission, Char. You must wait," Carrie told
her. "Listen to my voice. You control your body, it doesn't control you.
You have the power to have an orgasm when you want to, and only when you
want to. Use your power, the power that helped you survive your captivity.
Use it now for your family, for William and me. Obey, and don't cum
without permission."

    Char seemed to stand taller, and her features relaxed somewhat. A
moment later, she said, "I'm in control now. I give that control to you,

    "Not to me," Carrie said. "I'm teaching you how to serve William. Tell
me who controls your orgasms, Char."

    "William controls my orgasms," she said. Carrie looked over her
shoulder to make sure I was there. We shared a smile, and I held up two
fingers, indicating I would wait two more minutes. She nodded, then turned
her attention back to Char.

    "Tell me why you want William to control your orgasms, Char," Carrie

    "He's my Master... I mean our Master. It pleases him to control your
orgasms, I owe it to him to give him that control over me as well."

    "That's right, Sweetie, you owe it to him. You'll enjoy surrendering
that control to him, believe me. Your orgasms will be much more satisfying
when you put them under his control." She continued stroking the dildo in
and out of Char's ass, slowly building the tempo. I could see that Char
was again straining for control. Carrie looked around at me again, with an
expression that told me the time was now.

    In my most commanding tone of voice, I said, "Char, cum. Cum for your
Master, right now."

    Char had a very hard orgasm. I think she tried to scream, but the best
she could do was gasp. Her legs started wobbling, and Carrie immediately
grabbed her around the waist to keep her on her feet. After a few seconds,
she started pawing the tiled wall of the tower, then finally reached up
with both hands and grabbed the pipe the shower head connected to. Her
body was racked with tremors and spasms, and Carrie continued to fuck her
ass slowly, keeping her orgasm going. It was perhaps 15 seconds before the
orgasm ended and she began returning to normal, but it was another minute
before her spasms had died out completely. Finally, she looked around at
me and smiled. "Thank you for letting me cum, William, that was the most
intense orgasm I ever had."

    "I'm very pleased that you've chosen to let me control your orgasms,
Char. While you're learning to exercise better control, you'll always wait
for permission before coming. Later, when your training is complete,
you'll be permitted to cum any time you choose, unless I have a reason to
forbid it. Do you understand?"

    "Yes, William, I'll do my very best to obey you, and never cum without
your permission," Carrie said.

    Carrie was still slowly fucking Char. She said, "Giving William
control of your orgasms means more than not coming without permission,
Char. It also means coming any time William commands it, no matter where
you are or what you're doing at the time. Do you think you can learn to
do that?"

    "I don't know, Carrie," she said, "How could I ever learn that?"

    "Practice, Char," Carrie said. "We could try it right now. Do you
think you could cum again right now if William told you to?"

    "I don't think so, Carrie. I'm still exhausted from before, and I
don't feel like I'm close to an orgasm. But I'll try if William wants me

    "Maybe this would help," Carrie said, and she reached down and started
dancing her fingers over Char's clit. Her clit was stil supersensitive
from the last time she came, and it only took Carrie a minute to bring her
near another orgasm.

    When Carrie nodded, I again said, "Char, cum for your Master!" Char
had another orgasm. It was weak compared to her first one, but that didn't
matter. Now we had put the idea in her head that she could give control of
her orgasms to me, and that it was something she should do, all we had to
do was give her lots of practice. Carrie turned to me with a wide grin. I
gave her a thumbs up, then said, "You girls are going to prune up, you'd
better bathe one another and come out onto dry land."

    "Yes, William, right away," Carrie said. Then she kissed Char's
still-trembling shoulder and said, "You were wonderful, Sweetie, you're
really amazing. I'm impressed." Char turned around and kissed Carrie
passionately. I turned and walked out of the bathroom, wondering if there
was anything Carrie couldn't do, or anything she wouldn't do, for me.

    Checking the clock in the bedroom, I saw that it was nearly 5:30. I
walked to the kitchen to plan dinner.

    I was making a salad when the sisters ran into the kitchen, naked,
giggling, and gently shoving each other. They both put their arms around
me and hugged. After tenderly kissing each one, I lined them up shoulder
to shoulder, facing the kitchen workspace, and had them kneel. Pouring two
glasses of wine, I handed one to Carrie. "Share with your sister," I told
her. She offered the first sip to Char, then took one for herself.

    They both smiled up at me, and I told them how pleased I was with the
day's events, and especially with their behaviour. "This has been a perfect
day, and it was the two of you that made it perfect," I said.

    Running my fingers through Char's closely cropped hair, I said, "Today
has been truly momentous for you, Char. How are you feeling about
everything that's happened?"

    Char gave me a big smile, then took Carrie's hand and kissed it. "I
finally have a sister, William," she said. "I've waited my whole life to
be with my sister, and it's more wonderful than I ever dreamed, I love her
so much. Then you helped me to start letting go of all of the horrible
memories of my captivity, and you and Carrie took care of me while I
cried. And then Carrie showed me how to begin surrendering control of my
orgasms to you, my Master, which I'm eager to continue practising. I don't
know how today could have been any better. I couldn't ask for a better
family, and I'm so happy to be here with both of you."

    "And you, Carrie," I said, putting the palm of my hand to her cheek.
She turned her head quickly and kissed my palm, then turned back to face
forward. I touched her face again and continued. "As ever, I'm in awe of
your intelligence, your goodness, and your devotion to me. Our partnership
and our love is the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced. Thank
you." A tear slowly ran down Carrie's cheek, and I caught it with a finger
and transferred it to my lips.

    I took the wine glass from Carrie and set it on the counter next to my
glass, then I knelt in front of them. Char still held Carrie's hand, and I
took each of their free hands in mine. I said, "I love you both, and I'm
very happy and very lucky to be here with you. Thank you both for this
perfect day." I tenderly kissed each slave, and then they kissed one

    I got to my feet, then helped my slaves to stand. "Let's find you some
clothes," I said, as I led them back to the bedroom. After looking through
Carrie's closet, I was uninspired. "Any ideas?" I asked them.

    Carrie raised her arms and did a pirouette. "What's wrong with this?"
she asked.

    "Not a single thing," I answered. "I was just thinking we should try
something different, something we haven't done before."

    "How about lingerie?" Char asked. Carrie jumped on the bandwagon,
saying I never let her wear lingerie, other than her sheer gown.

    I sat down and told them to show me some suggestions, and Carrie
started pulling out different items of lingerie. For each item, she and
Char would decide if they liked it or not, and which one of them should
wear it. When each slave had three candidate outfits, they began modelling
them for me.

    I didn't know what any of the stuff was, but I quickly picked out my
favourite outfits. Carrie told me that I had picked a mesh chemise with an
open back for her. I liked that it barely covered her ass, ending just
above the crease where her legs and her ass met. That and the fact that
I'm a sucker for any kind of sheer clothing on her body.

    The outfit I picked for Char was a camisole with matching panties. It
was attractive on her, but the main reason I picked it was because it made
her look less skinny and undernourished. But of course I didn't tell her
that. Since she would be wearing panties, I told Char about my modified
seating rule. I said she could sit normally, disregarding the rule which
said she must bare her ass, whenever her Master dressed her such that she
couldn't easily follow the rule. She thanked me, and gave me a quick kiss
on the cheek.

    I watched while Char brushed Carrie's hair, and then they applied a
little lipstick to each other. They stood before me for approval, and I
pronounced them both beautiful, which was the truth. I noticed that Char's
nipples were erect and visible under the material of the camisole. "Char,
are your nipples sore from the dental floss?" I asked her.

    "No, Sir," she said. She saw me looking at her chest, and looked down
at her breasts. Grinning, she said, "But they do seem to be standing up
more than usual, William. Is that from the dental floss?"

    "It probably is, or it might just be that you're excited," I said.
"Would you like to wear the nipple clips during dinner, Char? It would be
good training for your nipples, to help you get used to having them

    "If you think it would help, I'd like to wear them, William," Char
said. I told Carrie to prepare Char's nipples, while I retrieved the clips
from the bathroom. When I returned, Carrie had lowered the front of Char's
camisole. She was stimulating one nipple with her hand while using her
tongue on the other, and Char was holding her camisole to keep it from
slipping to the floor.

    Carrie stepped back, and I quickly attached a clip to each of Char's
nipples, then tightened each of them until she winced. I spent a few
moments rubbing the nipples with my fingers, until they were hard and Char
was getting turned on. I then re-tightened the clips, patted each of her
breasts, and told her to pull up the camisole and put the straps back on
her shoulders. Carrie said, "William, you know what would be a perfect
accessory for Char?" She grinned, then answered her own question, "The

    "Have you ever worn a butt plug, Char? I asked her.

    She shook her head. "No," she said, "is it what it sounds like?"

    I smiled. "Yes, Baby, it's exactly what it sounds like. I think you'll
enjoy it, let's go get you fixed up." She didn't seem convinced that she'd
enjoy it, but I didn't give her a choice. I took her hand and led her to
the bathroom. Carrie bent Char over and had her hold the side of the tub,
then pulled down her panties. After lubricating the plug, I slowly pushed
it against Char's asshole. "Push, Baby. Open up and take it in, we'll go
slow for you," I told her.

    When the tip of the plug finally entered her asshole, I stopped and
held the plug still. I asked her if it hurt, and she said, "A little." I
explained to her the that it would hurt more when the widest part entered
her, but that would only last an instant. She took a deep breath, then
said, "Go ahead, push it in."

    Char squealed when the widest part of the plug passed her sphincter.
As soon as it was seated, Carrie stood Char up straight, pulled up her
panties, and kissed her on the cheek. "How does it feel?" I asked her.

    She smiled at me. "It still stings a little, but that's almost gone...
I like it. May I walk around for a minute?" We watched as she walked back
and forth in the bathroom for awhile. Finally she stopped in front of me,
grinning. "It feels good," she said. Then she asked, "William, how long
will I have to wear it?"

    "You don't have to wear it at all, Char," I answered. "It would please
me if you wore it until bedtime, but if you'd like it removed sooner, just
let me know."

    "Ok," she said, in her terse way of speaking. I kissed her and said
she had made me very happy, getting me a big grin.

    As we walked back to the kitchen, Carrie said, "Does the plug remind
you of our fun time in the shower this afternoon?"

    Char smiled. "Yeah, I was just thinking about that. I could probably
get pretty worked up if I thought about it."

    Carrie said, "Well, you could use this as a training session. This is
exactly how I first learned to suppress my orgasms." Char wanted to know
how. "Just let yourself get turned on from the plug. Try to get close to
coming, but don't let yourself cum. It's delicious torture, believe me.
After an evening of that, you'll have killer orgasms when we're fucking in
bed tonight.

    "Just to make sure you understand, Char," I told her, "you are not to
cum without my permission. If you get too close, and feel that you have to
cum, you must ask permission first. And if I deny you permission, you must
do your very best to suppress the orgasm. Are we clear on that?"

    "Yes, Sir," she said. Carrie and I both kissed her, and told her we
knew she would do well.


  1. Again...Carrie is getting bossy...William do this...Char do that. Since she and Char are now supposed to be sister slaves, this could be a bit confusing for Char. Really think William needs to reign Carrie in a bit but this is Jay West's fantasy not mine. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. You are so right, she is getting the dominant side out again, and she is trying to manipulate again. Will William have an answer?

      Ah, Cat. We will see what Mr. Wests fantasy will bring.


  2. I agree,,,Carrie is trying to control..or manipulate what happens again. Orgasm control is part of my submission to Master, i enjoy reading about it here.
    hugs abby

    1. Smile about orgasm control. Wanita and I tried that several times, but never with much succes,,,
      Yes, Carrie is a bit manipulative... I remember Wanita getting mad about that.



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