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Training Carrie, chapter 69

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 69

  I freed Char's wrists, but reminded her that she was still under
Formal Speech rules. Then I took my two slaves to the bars, and told
Carrie to lean over the front bar until her torso was horizontal. I bound
each of her breasts tightly with three turns of rope, then attached the
loose ends of each rope behind her neck. When I stood her up, each breast
was a nearly perfect sphere that stood straight out from her chest. I
tightened the floss around each of her nipples, producing gasps from
Carrie. After playing with her nipples with my tongue for a few moments, I
had Carrie wet and moaning.

    Turning to Char, I said, "Char, take your sister slave to the
punishment area." Char took hold of Carrie's upper arm and led her to the
punishment stage. Following behind them, I saw that Char couldn't take her
eyes off of Carrie's breasts. I was sure she wanted to do to Carrie's
nipples what she had just seen me do. In a matter of minutes, that's what
she would be doing.

    When Char and Carrie reached the stage, I thanked Char, then took
control of Carrie from her. I turned Carrie facing away from the stage,
unfastened her wrists, then lay her down with her ass hanging off the
front edge of the stage and her feet still on the floor. As she lay back,
Carrie spread her arms, and I reattached her wrist manacles to the floor
of the stage. After attaching her collar and belt in a similar way, I
moved to her feet. Lifting up each leg, I attached the ankle manacle to
the corresponding rope. When both legs were secure, I tightened the ropes
until Carrie's legs were straight up and separated by 90 degrees. The
weight of her legs and ass were supported by the ropes.

    Kneeling at Carrie's crotch, I kissed and licked her labia and clit
for a few minutes. When she first moaned, I turned my attention to the
tender inside skin of her thighs, kissing and licking the length of both
thighs. Then I stood up and looked down at her. "Carrie, would you like
your thighs flogged before we start?" I asked her. She smiled up at me and
nodded her head.

    I positioned Char on her knees beside Carrie's left breast. Fastening
her wrists behind her back, I told her to begin kissing Carrie's nipples,
and to keep kissing them until I told her to stop. "No tongue, no teeth,
just lips," I cautioned her. She looked up at me and nodded, then bent to
her task. I picked up the flog and held it up for Carrie to see. She
nodded to me, and I began flogging the inside of her thighs. I was using
light, rapid strokes, alternating between her thighs. Soon I heard the
first moans from her, and a few minutes later the tears were slowly
running down the side of her face. When Carrie first sobbed, Char stopped
kissing Carrie's nipples looked up at me, but I told her to continue her
task and not concern herself with anything else.

    Soon I had achieved the uniform rosy glow I was after, and I told
Carrie it was over. Although she was sobbing loudly, I could tell she
wasn't ready to stop. I asked her if she would like a light flogging of
her pussy, and she nodded her head vigorously. I told Char get up and
kneel beside Carrie's head, and to kiss her lightly on the lips while I
flogged her pussy. When Char was in position and kissing Carrie, I began
lightly flogging Carrie's pussy, using quick flicking motions with my

    In a matter of seconds Carrie was again moaning loudly, and turning
her head from side to side. I stopped the flogging, and told Carrie that,
if she couldn't hold still so Char could kiss her, we would have to stop.
Carrie stopped moving, and I resumed flogging her pussy. Now she was not
only holding still for Char, she was actively kissing her back. Soon they
were exploring one another's mouths with their tongues, even though Carrie
was still moaning and crying from the pain I was inflicting on her pussy.

    I could tell that both Carrie and Char were becoming very excited. I
didn't want Carrie to cum while she was being flogged, so I decided it was
time to stop. I told them that the flogging was completed, but they kept
on kissing. I dropped the flog, then went over to Char and physically
picked her up with both hands, which surprised her and Carrie.

    I carried Char off of the stage, then set her down on her feet. I
unfastened her wrists, then holding my arms out to my sides I told her to
remove my clothes. Still startled by my previous action, she immediately
started undressing me. When I was naked, I refastened Char's wrists behind
her back, then walked to the stage and lay down on my back beside Carrie.
"Come here and suck my cock, Char," I said.

    Char slowly walked over and jumped the few feet up onto the stage,
then knelt between my legs. I told her to go ahead, and to make it last
until I told her to finish me. She leaned over and took my cock into her
mouth, and began bobbing up and down on me.

    I had intentionally positioned myself with my head near Carrie's
outstretched hand. I soon felt her fingers caressing the top of my head
and running through my hair. I looked over at her and saw that her head
was turned as far as she could turn in my direction. Our eyes met, and she
silently mouthed, "I love you." I reached my arm out and rested my hand on
the side of her breast, and she sighed as a last tear ran down from her
eye onto the stage.

    I relaxed, and let Char work on me with her tongue and lips for about
10 minutes. Carrie was still looking at me and smiling, she seemed to have
recovered from her flogging. I told Char to finish me, which she did
within a few more minutes. After she had cleaned my cock, I sat up, hugged
and kissed her, and thanked her for a very enjoyable blowjob. She smiled
at me with lowered eyes.

    I asked Carrie if she was ready for her reading, and she reluctantly
nodded. "You know you love it," I said, "stop pretending otherwise." She
grinned at me and shook her head. I had a "D'oh!" moment when I realized I
had forgotten to bring the book. I had to run upstairs and get it.

    Returning to the basement, I sat down next to Carrie on one side, and
told Char to sit on the opposite side. For Char's benefit, I explained
what we were going to do. I said that we would start over at the beginning
of the book, so Char would hear the whole story. Carrie groaned again when
she heard that. I told her that I wanted Char to know everything she had
revealed to me about the book's meaning for her. Carrie didn't seem happy,
I guessed that wasn't quite ready for Char to know everything she had told
me, and perhaps there were things she hadn't even told me yet.

    Continuing my explanation for Char, I said I would read a few pages,
then I would ask Carrie questions about the story. When I felt Carrie had
answered my questions completely and honestly, she would get a pleasant
reward, and we would move on to the next few pages. I admitted that it was
a slow process, but the goal was to understand Carrie as thoroughly as

    I started reading from "The Story of O," covering once more the
beginning of the story, until O was left at the Château. That was the part
we had made a movie of, which Char had already seen. When I finished
reading that part of the story, I began asking Carrie about it. But this
time I no longer asked her how she thought O felt, or how the story
affected her. Instead I questioned Carrie as if she was O herself, asking
her questions like, 'How did you feel when you had to remove your panties
in front of a stranger?', and 'Did you feel betrayed when Rene left you
alone at the Château?'. I even asked her about events that weren't
explained in the book, like 'Did you know before you got into the car that
Rene was taking you to the Château?'.

    Carrie resisted this method at first, refusing to identify herself as
the person in the story. But I wouldn't accept her answers from any other
point of view. After rejecting her answer, and then re-asking my first
question a half dozen times, she finally relented and began answering as
if she were O. I had Char get off of the stage and kneel in front of
Carrie's crotch, and every time Carrie gave me a good answer, and answered
from O's point of view, I had Char spend a minute eating her pussy.

    Carrie's interrogation lasted over an hour, until it became obvious
that she was completely exhausted. I closed the book after dog-earing the
page we were on. Then I leaned over and kissed Carrie and told her we
would stop for now.

    Leaving Carrie alone for the moment, I took Char by her arm and led
her to the rails. I bent her over the front rail, then fetched two short
pieces of rope from one of the drawers in the Master's area. I bound her
breasts as I had done to Carrie, then had her stand up straight. After
tightening the floss around her nipples, I spent a minute kissing and
nibbling them. Char began trembling, and I asked her what was wrong.
"Master, is this slave to take its sister slave's place on the stage,
Master?" she asked in Formal Speech. I told her that was the idea.
"Master, will this slave be flogged, Master?" she asked.

    Now I knew the problem, or thought I did. "Informal Speech, Char," I
said. "I hadn't planned to flog you, I was just going to attach you to the
stage for awhile in Carrie's place. Would you like me to flog you, Char?"
I thought I knew what she would answer to that question. But, after a
moment's hesitation, she surprised me by nodding her head. "Look at me,
Char," I said, "and tell me why you want to be flogged."

    She slowly raised her eyes to meet mine and said, "I've never had a
choice about whippings or beatings, William. Now I see that Carrie gets
pleasure from being spanked and flogged, even on her pussy. Maybe, I would
like it, if it wasn't too severe. I think I'd like to find out. If you
start to flog me, and I hate it, would you stop?"

    I said, "No, Char, if you ask me to flog you, I alone will decide when
to stop, using the same criteria I use when I flog Carrie. But, if you ask
me to flog you and you get no pleasure from it, you'll never have to be
flogged again. With that understanding, do you want me to flog you, Char?"

    "Yes, Sir," she said softly.

    I kissed her on the lips, then said "You're very brave, Char. I'll be
happy to honour your request right now. I know you'll be afraid. But trust
me, and try to remember that I will never cause you harm, under any

    "I know that, William," she said, "that's what gave me the courage to
ask you."

    "Formal Speech, Char," I told her. Taking her by the arm, I led her
back to the punishment stage. When we arrived there, I left Char standing
beside the stage while I released Carrie. As I was lowering Carrie's feet
to the floor, I said, "Carrie, Char has asked to be flogged as I flogged
you earlier, and I have granted her request. Carrie looked at me and shook
her head. "Informal speech, Carrie," I said.

    "Please don't, William," Carrie said. "She doesn't really want you to
flog her, she's confused."

    I had released Carrie fully and helped her to her feet, and now I led
her to stand in front of Char. "Char, do you want to be flogged?" I asked
her. She looked Carrie in the eyes and vigorously nodded her head. "There
you have it, Carrie," I said. "She wants to experience what you did, to
see if she can receive pleasure from it, and she has that right."

    Carrie bowed her head. "Yes, William," she said. She walked up to Char
and kissed her on the lips. "It'll be Ok, Sweetie," she said, "William
won't harm you." Char nodded her head and smiled at Carrie, but she was

    I quickly installed Char on the punishment stage. As I was raising her
legs, I told Carrie to kneel and begin kissing Char's nipples, using only
her lips, just as Char had done for her. Showing Char the flog, I asked
her if she was ready to begin. She nodded, and I began.

    The first few times the flog contacted Char, her body jerked and she
grunted. After that, she made no movement or sound. I didn't think
anything about it at first, but as I continued flogging her it seemed odd
that she wasn't responding in any way. Carrie noticed it too after a few
minutes. She kept glancing at Char's face, then at me, then finally she
said, "William, something's wrong."

    I slowed, but didn't stop the flogging. "Talk to her," I told Carrie.

    "Char, Sweetie, what's wrong?" Carrie asked. Char looked at Carrie,
but didn't speak. Carrie looked at me and said, "William, let her speak."

    "Char, Informal Speech rules, tell your sister what's wrong," I said.

    "What's wrong, Char?" Carrie asked again.

    After a pause, Char said, "Nothings wrong, he can't make me cry."

    Carrie looked around at me with a puzzled expression, then I saw the
light of understanding come to her eyes. "Oh, shit," she said quietly,
then she turned back to Char. "Char, William's trying to help you. He
wants you to let go, to trust us and let go. You need to cry, Sweetie,
that's why you asked William to flog you. You're safe here with us, it's
Ok to cry now. William isn't your enemy, Char, he's your way back. Let him
make you cry, then you can start to put away the past and live here with
us in the present. Please, Char, you need to cry."

    "If I start crying, I'll never stop," Char said.

    "Yes you will," Carrie said. "You'll cry it all out, and William and I
will be here with you the whole time. Let it go, Baby, put it all behind
you now. You need to cry, Char." She paused, trying to think of something
that would help. Then she said, "Char, William's not like any master
you've ever had. He doesn't want to break you, he wants to help you. You
know that, Char, that's why you asked William to flog you. Now you need to
let go and cry. We're both here for you, we're your family, and we'll help

    Char said, "You do love him, don't you?"

    "Yes, Char, I love him and I trust him completely. He only wants to
help you get better. Cry for him, and for yourself, and I promise
everything will be Ok."

    A tear ran down the side of Char's face, then another, then a flood. I
stopped flogging her and began unfastening her bonds. Carrie lay down
beside her and hugged her.

    By the time I had completely freed Char from the platform, she was
crying hard, sobbing and gasping for breath. Carrie was lying beside her,
hugging her and trying to find comforting words to say. I told Carrie we
should get Char upstairs on the bed, and she nodded. I scooped her up in
my arms and started for the stairs, and Carrie walked beside me holding
Char's hand.

    I took Char directly to the bedroom and gently laid her on the bed.
Carrie crawled onto the other side of the bed and lay down beside her, but
Char rolled onto her side and curled into a ball, crying harder than ever.
When I knelt beside the bed and tried to untie the ropes around her
breast, she attacked me, beating me on the chest and shoulders with her
fists. While Carrie tried to calm her and make her stop hitting me, I
stayed still with my hands on the bed. After a minute she looked at my
face, and seemed shocked at what she had been doing. She dropped her fists
and opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out except her sobs.

    "It's all right," I told her, "you're safe now. I just need to get the
ropes off of you, and then we'll stay with you and hold you as long as you
need us to. Go ahead and cry, cry it all out." She stretched out on her
back, crying her eyes out, but she stayed still while I removed the ropes
and the dental floss around her nipples. Carrie was laying beside her,
kissing her and offering words of comfort and assurance.

    I needed to remove Carrie's ropes and floss, so I crawled onto the
other side of the bed and started working on her while she continued to
hold and comfort Char. Then I went to the mural room and returned with my
keys, which I needed to remove Char's and Carrie's bondage gear. Finally I
crawled onto the bed, on the opposite side of Char from Carrie. When Char
noticed me next to her, she hugged me. Through her tears she said,
"William, I'm so sorry, please forgive me for hitting you."

    "There's nothing to forgive, Char," I told her, then kissed her on the
cheek. We all nestled together on the bed for a long time, while Char went
through several cycles of crying and sobbing. Sex was the farthest thing
from my mind, but then Char reached down and took my cock in her hand. She
was playing with my glans with her thumb and fingers, and when I looked at
her face she smiled at me, even though she was still crying silently. I
kissed away her tears, but didn't do anything to encourage her sexual

    Within a few minutes, Char had me very erect. She looked over her
shoulder, and said, "Carrie, I know something that would make me feel
better." when Carrie asked her what that was, Char said, "I'd like to see
you and William making love. When I see the two of you together, I know
I'm with people who are very much in love, and that makes me feel like I'm
in the right place, with the right people, with my family."

    Carrie raised up on an elbow and looked over at me. Seeing Char's hand
on my dick, she smiled. "I see you've got him ready, are you sure you
wouldn't like to go first?" she asked Char.

    "No, I prepared him for you, I want you to have him first," Char said.

    "Don't I get any say in the matter?" I asked.

    "No," they both said at once, then they both giggled. Char then said,
"You'll always have the last word, William. You make slavery seem like a
pleasant way to live, I never imagined that was possible."

    Carrie climbed over Char and straddled my cock. Char moved over about
a foot on the bed and lay on her side watching us as we began fucking.
"God, this feels good," Carrie said. "Do you know how horny you had me

    I laughed. "We all know you can cum any time you want to," I said. "I
didn't forbid you to cum, why didn't you?"

    "I don't care any more about coming just to be doing it," Carrie said.
"I want to cum because of you, because you or Char raise me to that level
of excitement, like you're doing now, or because you command me." She
smiled, and added, "Besides, frustration can be good, as long as it's
eventually relieved."

    "Is your frustration being relieved now?" I asked her.

    "Oh, yeah, it is," she replied. Then she looked over at Char and said,
"Sweetie, would you do me a favour, and cover William's mouth with your
pussy? I can't get him to shut up and fuck me, he needs something to do
with his mouth besides talk."

    Char brushed the latest tears from her cheeks, then gave me a rueful
smile. "I'm not sure he'd want to do that, after I attacked him," she

    Before I could answer, Carrie said, "He's got a thing about strong
women who want to be his subbies. You and I are a lot alike, and I think
William understands that better than we do. You climb aboard, Sweetie,
he'll give you a good ride."

    I smiled at Char and said, "What she said." She giggled as she got to
her knees and swung a leg over my head.

    I fucked Carrie and ate Char until everyone had cum. Then Carrie and
Char traded places and we started again. Soon Carrie said, "Do you
remember that taste, William?" I bit her clit gently, causing her to
shriek, then laugh. We had told Char the whole story of our role reversal,
so she knew what Carrie was teasing me about. She and Carrie made a few
jokes about it at my expense, and I laughed along with them, as best I
could with Carrie sitting on my face.

    When we had all cum again, the women rolled off of me and we lay
together on the bed, resting. But soon Carrie was ready for more, and
asked me what was next. "I want to see some hot lesbian sex," I told them.

    After a few unpleasant comments, comparing me with a pig, Carrie took
Char by the hand and started pulling her off the bed. "We're going to give
each other an enema," she told me, "then you'll get your hot lesbian sex,
anal style. Go find the strap-on while we tend to the enemas."



  1. This was one of the most realistic scenes with Char but sheesh...that last paragraph. Carrie is telling William what to do? Not good.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Smile about your opinion of William. He is so different to what you think a good dominant man should be, Cat. He is giving her space only later to confront her with her own actions.

      Chapter 69 Cat.
      Special chapter.


  2. I very much enjoyed this chapter. I also happen to agree that a strong woman makes the best submissive.....I wonder if you have not proven to yourself that you are a strong, able person....will submission be your downfall to discovering that about yourself...
    hugs abby

  3. You need to be strong to face submission, it requires a very strong mindset. You need to be strong to be not a victim of this dominant behaviour, and the stronger you are, the deeper your submission can be.

    At least that is what I think,


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