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Training Carrie, chapter 68

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 68

 Carrie was doing her usual excellent job of plodding up the rugged
terrain, with no sensory input except what she felt in her feet and
nipples. Char had run out of questions and moved up to walk beside Carrie.
She watched Carrie's every step, as if she could learn to do the climb
herself just by watching it done. I was thinking about how I could help
Carrie past her insecurity, and how I could help Char past her feelings
that we were simply using her as a pawn between us. I thought I had a
plan, and I intended to implement it when we reached the top.

    At the steepest part of the whole climb, near the top of the hill,
Carrie stumbled and went to one knee. Char said something like, "Oh, no!"
and looked back at me.

    "Char, please help her up and see if her knee is cut," I said. Char
helped Carrie to her feet, brushed off her knee, and told me she was Ok.
"Give her a hard swat on her ass, then we can continue," I said. She
didn't want to do that, but I told her to obey me immediately. Char
reached back with her right arm, then gave Carrie a very hard open-handed
slap on her left cheek, causing Carrie to jump and then to check and
straighten her posture.

    We continued, and soon came to the picnic area at the top of the hill,
bathed in warm sunlight. After halting Carrie, I told Char to stand about
4 feet in front of Carrie, facing her, and not to move until she was told.
Then I removed Carrie's earplugs, and congratulated her on a good climb. I
left her blindfolded for the moment, as I removed the dental floss on her
nipples and started freeing her from the backpack.

    As I worked on Carrie, I told her and Char that I wanted them both in
the basement after lunch, but until that time I was going to be an
observer of their behavior. They were on their own, they were not to speak
to me and I would not speak to them. I asked them both if they understood,
and they both said Yes. I knew Carrie wanted to ask me what I was doing,
but thankfully she kept quiet.

    Once I had the backpack off of Carrie, I set it on the ground, then
removed her blindfold. I sat down on a rock about 10 feet away, facing
Char and Carrie. Both of them stood still, looking at me, for a long
moment. Carrie didn't understand what I was doing, but she was more
accustomed to my surprises than Char. After a moment of indecision, she
shrugged. "Char," she said, I need to be fucked, and it looks like you're
elected. Strip while I get the blanket."

    "Yes, Mistress," Char said as she began undressing.

    While Carrie was unpacking the blanket, she asked Char, "Was that you
that spanked me after I stumbled, Char?" Char, now standing naked, nodded
silently. Carrie walked up to her and cupped Char's breast with her hand,
then gave her a tender kiss on the lips. "That was a good shot," she said,
smiling. "After you help me with my immediate needs, and I return the
favor, we'll see how good a spanker you really are." Char seemed relieved,
I saw a faint smile on her lips.

    Carrie spread the blanket, then pulled Char down with her. They lay
together kissing for a short while, then Char reached down and began
unfastening the dildo vibrator from Carrie's rings. Once Char had the
vibrator out of Carrie's pussy, she took a moment to remove Carrie's shoes
and socks, then lay between her legs and began kissing and tongueing her
labia and clit. Carrie was moaning in a matter of seconds, and she soon
had a series of violent orgasms.

    Char raised her head, and I saw that her face and neck were covered
with Carrie's cum. When Carrie had recovered enough to know where she was,
she looked at Char and laughed, then sat up and pulled Char into her arms
and began kissing and licking her clean. They spent another few minutes
kissing and nuzzling, then Carrie had Char lie on her back back, then she
turned on the vibrator and began using it on Char's pussy and clit. When
Carrie had Char moaning, she started alternating between the vibrator and
her tongue, then finally used both at once. While Carrie was working the
vibrator in and out of Char's pussy, she licked and sucked her clit. Char
was more excited than I ever remembered seeing her. She was writhing
around so much that Carrie was having trouble keeping her lips on Char's
clit. Finally Char screamed as she came. After a moment she reached down
and ran the fingers of both hands through Carrie's hair, saying "Thank
you, Mistress," over and over.

    Carrie moved up and lay down along side Char. She said, "I don't want
you to call me Mistress any more, Char. Call me Carrie. Or you can call me
Sister, or Marnie, or whatever you want."

    After a pause, Char smiled at Carrie and said, "Since you chose the
name 'Carrie' for yourself, I'd like to call you Carrie. You made me feel
wonderful, Carrie. I love you."

    "I want you to feel wonderful, Char," Carrie said. "I love you too,
and I'm happy that I've made you feel good. Relax and enjoy the afterglow
while I kiss you." Char lay still, with a peaceful smile on her face,
while Carrie gently kissed her face, neck and breasts.

    The two women lay arm in arm, kissing and nuzzling one another, for
about 5 minutes. They seemed completely oblivious to my presence, which
was exactly what I wanted. finally, Carrie gave Char one last long kiss
then asked, "Are you ready to give me a hard spanking, Char?"

    "I'll do anything you want me to, Carrie," Char said, "But I don't
want to hurt you."

    "I want you to hurt me, Sweetie," Carrie told her sister. "I'll feel
more pleasure than pain, I promise you. I want you to spank me on both
cheeks, as hard as you can without hurting your hands. If you switch hands
every few minutes, it won't sting your hands as badly. I'll tell you when
I can't take any more." Carrie held Char's gaze until Char agreed, then
they kissed one more time. Carrie hopped up onto her hands and knees, and
Char got on her knees behind and to one side of Carrie. Char bent over and
placed a tender kiss on each cheek of Carrie's ass, then lightly ran her
fingers over Carrie's pussy. Carrie shuddered, and Char began the

    I was surprised at how hard and fast Char was hitting Carrie, and so
was Carrie. Char looked frail and weak, but she wasn't. I still didn't
know the details of her captivity, except that she was consistently
underfed to the point of malnutrition. But somehow she had prevented her
body from growing weak.

    Carrie was gasping each time Char hit her, and it was only a few
minutes until tears began to flow down her cheeks. By the time Char paused
to move to Carrie's other side, she was crying freely and occasionally

    The spanking had been in progress for perhaps 15 minutes. Char had
changed sides three times, and the force of her blows seemed as strong as
when she started. Carrie's ass was bright red, and she was sobbing
continuously and gasping for breath. Finally Carrie collapsed onto her
elbows, and Char immediately stopped spanking her. "Should I stop,
Carrie?" Char asked. From the sound of her voice I could tell that Char
was tired and short of breath. I was hoping Carrie would call it quits.

    Carrie was silent for a long time, then Char surprised me by resuming
the spanking. After the first few slaps to her ass, Carrie cried out and
asked Char to please stop. Carrie then rolled over onto her side, moaning
and crying. Char lay down next to Carrie and asked her if she was Ok. In
answer, Carrie pulled Char to her, and they held one another and kissed

    They lay in each other's arms, and Char tried to kiss away Carrie's
tears as they ran from her eyes. After a few minutes, Carrie recovered
enough to thank Char for spanking her, and said she hoped Char's hands
didn't sting too badly. "I doubt they sting as much as your ass," Char
told her.

    Char held Carrie, and kissed her tenderly until Carrie's crying had
run its course. They both were quiet for awhile, and I wondered if they
had gone to sleep. then Char said, "Carrie, do you think I would ever be
able to do what you did, I mean climb this hill blindfolded?"

    Carrie said, "Would you like to try?" Char said she would like to, and
Carrie warned her, "It'll hurt your little nipples a lot, until you get
used to it. Are you sure you want that, Char? You don't enjoy the pain
like I do, so it will be unpleasant for you."

    "I'd like to know what it feels like, at least once," Char said. "Will
you please train me, Mistress?"

    Carrie kissed Char and said, "I'll train you, Char, on two conditions.
The first is that you not call me Mistress again. The second is that you
can't just try it once and then give up. If you agree to be trained, you
will continue the training until you are able to get all the way up here,
at least once. After that, we'll stop the training if you don't like it.
Understanding that you'll suffer a lot of pain in your nipples, do you
agree to my conditions?"

    Char thought for a moment, then said "Yes, Carrie, I agree to your
conditions, please train me. I want to be your perfect slave, just as you
are Master's perfect slave."

    Carrie kissed Char and hugged her tight. Then, looking into Char's
eyes, Carrie said, "We'll need William's agreement for this when he
returns to us, but I don't want you to be my slave any more, Char." Char
started to speak, but Carrie put a finger to her lips, then continued.
"You're my sister, Char, and I want you to be my sister slave. I think we
both should be William's slaves, and I'd like to think of you as my
younger sister slave. I want to teach you everything I know about being a
good slave for William, and show you how to please him as I do. How do you
feel about that?"

    Char was quiet for a moment, then tears formed in her eyes. "I think
that would be wonderful, Carrie," she said. "I've dreamed of being with my
big sister, of always having someone to love and share everything with.
This is my dream come true. I don't know how to thank you." She tenderly
kissed Carrie, then they hugged tightly for a long moment.

    Things were going exactly the way I had hoped, except I had thought it
would take a lot longer for Carrie to see the problem. Making Carrie
Char's mistress had been a mistake. It had isolated Char at the bottom of
the food chain, so to speak, plus it prevented Carrie from relating to
Char as her sister. Now both of those problems would be corrected. This
should immediately ease Char's feelings that she was just being used by
Carrie and me. And over time, Carrie would feel less possessive about both
Char and me. I was hoping we would all benefit from the change. I thought
about introducing myself back into their lives at this point, but then
decided to stay on the sidelines until after lunch, as I originally told
them I would.

    Carrie removed the canteen from the backpack frame, and she and Char
drank their fill. Without speaking to me, Carrie walked over and offered
me the canteen. I took a long drink, then handed it back to her. She took
the canteen, then stood silently and looked at me. We met each other's
gaze for a long moment, then I softly said, "Excellent decisions." Carrie
smiled and turned back to Char.

    "Time to head home, Sweetie," Carrie said. Char asked if she could
remain naked, since it was such a nice sunny day. Carrie suggested that
she put on her shoes, socks, and jeans, but remain topless. After Char put
her jeans on, Carrie tied the arms of her sweater around Char's waist.
When they were ready to set out, Carrie asked Char to carry the canteen
and blanket, and she hoisted the backpack onto her shoulders. Char helped
Carrie fasten the backpack straps, then Carrie grinned at me over her
shoulder as they set off down the hill. She had left me the pair of
leather reins to carry home.

    Char and Carrie held hands as they walked down the hill. They talked,
laughed, and kissed the whole way. I hadn't seen Char as happy and
animated as she was during the walk home, and Carrie also seemed to be
more light-hearted than she had been in days. I stayed about 10 yards
behind them the whole way, and occasionally Carrie would look back at me
with a smile. I had the feeling that all of our recent problems were
behind us, I couldn't help grinning back at her.

    When we reached the house, they both waited until I caught up and
unlocked the door. As we entered the house, I broke my own rule for a
second time, saying, "You kids do whatever you want. I'll stay out of your
way for the rest of the morning, then I'll call you when lunch is ready."
Without speaking, each of my slaves kissed me tenderly, then went off to
put away the equipment and do God-knows-what.

    Checking the clock in the kitchen, I saw that it was only 10:00. I had
an hour and a half to kill before starting lunch. I decided to hone my
Internet surfing skills, but after a half hour of that I was bored. I
stretched out on the couch, and had almost dozed off, when Carrie and Char
came through the living room. Char was blindfolded, and Carrie was
steering her with string tied to clips on her nipples. Char was bumping
into everything, and they were both laughing constantly. It was obvious
they were having a lot of fun, which was exactly what had been missing
since Char came to us. A good morning's work, I thought.

    I stayed on the couch until I thought it was time to prepare lunch.
Carrie and Char hadn't returned after their one pass through the living
room, and I hadn't heard a sound from them since then. It took me about 20
minutes to prepare a light lunch, and when I had it on the table I went
looking for the women. I had an idea where to find them, and sure enough
they were in bed together. I quietly walked up to the foot of our bed.
Carrie and Char were in a 69 position on their sides, and didn't see or
hear my approach. After watching them for a minute or so, I quietly said
that lunch was ready and that they could talk to me again if they wished.

    Carrie pulled her mouth away from Char's pussy, and asked her with a
grin, "Do we really need to talk to him, Char? I thought we were doing
just fine without him."

    Smiling, Char said, "Let's give him a break, he's probably lonely."
They both laughed as they reached up and grabbed me by the arms. Pulling
me onto the bed between them, they both began kissing me and trying to get
me out of my clothes. I protested, saying that lunch was ready and on the
table, but they wouldn't take No for an answer. I let them strip me, then
lay on my back while Carrie mounted my cock and Char mounted my face. They
were facing another over my body, and they leaned together and began

    We all enjoyed each other for perhaps a half hour, cycling through
several 3-way configurations. When everyone had cum a couple of times, we
collapsed in a pile on the bed. After a minute's silence, Carrie asked me
if it was Ok for Char to be my slave again, and for she and Char to be
sister slaves. I said that was a very good idea, and we should implement
it immediately. I was pleased that she explicitly asked my permission,
even though she already knew I approved of her plan.

    They both thanked me, then we lay quietly, kissing and petting for
another few minutes. Finally, Char said, "Master, I'm hungry, can we
please have lunch?"

    "As soon as you agree to call me William instead of Master, Char," I
answered. She repeated her question, using 'William' instead of 'Master',
and we all rolled out of bed. I told the slaves to put on their twin
miniskirts, then we went to the dining room arm in arm.

    When we were seated, I put my hands out to each slave, and each one
put her hand in mine. Carrie and Char also joined their free hands across
the table. "Did we have a good morning?" I asked them.

    "Yes, William, we had a very good morning," Carrie said.

    "The best morning of my life, William," Char said.

    I had prepared soup, salad, and iced tea for lunch. The soup had
cooled to room temperature during our romp in the bedroom, so I quickly
took the three bowls to the kitchen and microwaved them while Carrie and
Char picked at their salads. When I returned with the hot bowls of soup,
we made small talk as we ate. I couldn't stop grinning, and finally Carrie
asked me what was so funny. "Nothings funny," I told her, "I'm just

    "You planned this, didn't you?" Carrie said.

    "No," I said, "but I trusted that, if I let you follow your own path,
you'd find the best solution to our problems. And once again, you've
justified my faith in your judgement." I put out my hand, and she again
placed her hand in mine. "My perfect partner," I added. Not to exclude
Char, I took her hand also. "Are you pleased with the direction we're
taking, Char?" I asked her.

    "Yes, William, it's all I could ever hope for," she said, as she
smiled and squeezed my hand.

    After we finished lunch, I had my women remain seated while I cleared
the table. I returned from the kitchen with three bowls of ice cream, one
of which held a double serving. Giving Char the double serving, I took my
seat and we began eating dessert.

    After she had taken a few bites of ice cream, Carrie laughed. She said
"Usually when ice cream is involved, it turns out that I'm the dessert.
This is a welcome change."

    "There are two people here who would gladly eat you for dessert, if
that's what you want," Char said. We all laughed, and Carrie said for once
she would just like to eat her ice cream along with us.

    We ate in silence for a minute, then Char asked why I didn't make them
do all of the work, since I was the master and they were my slaves. Before
I could think of what to say, Carrie said, "Because he's the most
wonderful man in the world, and the best master a slave could ever ask

    "Thank you, Carrie," I said. Then I tried to answer Char's question.
"From the beginning, the relationship between Carrie and I was a
partnership. I never saw myself as her taskmaster, but rather as someone
who wanted to provide her the structure and direction she needed.
Partnerships that are too one-sided tend to break down, and I want our
partnership to last forever. Besides, I enjoy cooking, and I enjoy doing
things for Carrie, like brushing her hair."

    Looking at Carrie, I added, "And speaking of doing things for Carrie,
I never got to read to you the other day. We'll remedy that right now."
Carrie groaned, but she was also smiling. I took the ice cream bowls to
the kitchen, then returned and escorted my slaves to the bathroom.

    After removing their skirts, I sat Carrie on the toilet first, then
knelt in front of her and kissed her. While she peed, I rolled her nipples
between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, then pinched them hard. I
said, "I'd like to tie your nipples with floss, Carrie, are they too sore
from this morning's climb?"

    "No, William, I'd be pleased if you tied them for me," she said.

    When Char took Carrie's place, I gave her the same treatment. Then I
said, "Char, if you want to be trained for the reins, you'll have to try
dental floss on your nipples sooner or later. I think we should let you
experience it now. What do you think?"

    "Please, William, I would like to try it now," she said.

    After we had all used the toilet and the bidet, I brushed Carrie's and
Char's teeth. Char still wasn't used to having us help her with personal
grooming, she couldn't help giggling while I brushed her teeth. When I
finished, I told her to push the foam from her mouth into mine, rather
than spitting it out. We kissed as she gave me her saliva and toothpaste,
then I handed her the brush and let her brush my teeth. It's not very
hygienic, but it does break down barriers.

    I tied Carrie's nipples with dental floss, then tightened the loops
until she winced. Each of her nipples was now a perfect little chocolate
brown sphere, and I couldn't resist kissing and licking each one. when I
had her moaning softly, I turned my attentions to Char.

    Char's nipples were flush with the skin of her areolae, not "outies"
like Carrie's. One at a time, I kissed and nibbled at each nipple until it
was erect, then had Carrie grasp it with her fingers and pull out slightly
while I tied the dental floss loop. Char didn't show any outward signs of
pain, although it must have hurt at least a little. I told her that
wearing the floss would tend to make her nipples protrude, so that the
process would get easier over time. When both nipples were bound with
floss, I tightened the loops slowly, until a slight purple tint appeared.
Finally I kissed each nipple, and told both of them to go to the mural

    I asked the slaves if they wished to say anything before I placed them
under Formal Speech rules. Carrie said she loved us both. Then she walked
up to Char, took her own breasts in her hands, and touched her nipples to
Char's. "Let's see how this feels," she said, as she rubbed her nipples in
a circular motion against Char's nipples. After a few seconds, Char threw
her head back and had a strong orgasm. Carrie smiled, then came herself.
Char was having difficulty staying on her feet, she put a hand on each of
Carrie's shoulders to steady herself.

    Watching the women come down from their orgasms, I said, "That was
very nice, we'll have to do it again."

    I waited a few moments for them to recover. Finally they hugged, then
Carrie said, "Get it together, Sweetie, we mustn't keep William waiting."
Char straightened her posture, said "Wow," softly, then smiled at me. Both
slaves walked up to me and presented themselves, and I put them in their
bondage gear, then fastened each slave's wrists behind her back.

    I took Char down the stairs first, then into the training room.
Leaving her Posed in the middle of the room, I returned for Carrie. As I
led her down the stairs, I said, "I want you to begin training Char to
control her orgasms. She may never reach your perfect control, but let's
take her as far as she can go. She'll take your place on the stage after
I'm finished reading to you, you can start then." Carrie nodded her


  1. Think both Carrie and Char as sister slaves rather than Master/slave will be much better for both of them. I agree with William's thought process. Look forward to see where this is going.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Sister slaves. Equals in submission. Carrie his one true love? Jealousy in control?

      Questions, questions, questions.
      We have to see where this is going...


  2. I am back from some wonderful grandma time...and have some catching up to do...I do think that William has made a smart move.....My sister and I are close...i could not imagine one of us being 'in charge' of the other....
    hugs abby

    1. Yes, it does not only looks a bit strange, it is strange, equals in submission, family ties or not. Fortunately they are half sisters in the book, so all problems are solved....

      Thank God for that.


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