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Training Carrie, chapter 67

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 67

 "Can you cum for me, Char?" I asked. She nodded her head, then came a
few seconds later. When I felt her body spasm, I began to cum. She put her
lips to mine and murmured that she loved me.

    As her trembling eased, Char threw her head back and said, "Wow,"
again, then she looked at me with a big grin. I gave her a final kiss,
then lifted her off of my lap and set her on her feet.

    Carrie came back to the kitchen. "Looks like you enjoyed it, you're
glowing," she said to Char.

    Char threw her arms around Carrie and kissed her. "Thank you for
sharing him, he's a wonderful lover," she said.

    "It's part of the process of letting go, Sweetie," Carrie told her as
she took my hand in hers. "You came along at the perfect time, to help me
stop clinging to him. There's plenty of him to go around, I won't lose a
thing by sharing him with you."

    Carrie said dinner was ready and on the table, so we all went to the
dining room. I held the chair for Carrie, then Char, and watched each one
in turn as they raised their skirts to sit. Char watched Carrie very
carefully as she raised her skirt, I knew she was taking my advice and
studying Carrie's technique.

    I sat at the head of the table, with one of my women on each side of
me. Before anyone had a chance to start eating, I put a hand out to each
one. Carrie immediately put her hand in mine, then Char followed suit.
"Are we going to pray before we eat?" Char asked.

    I wasn't sure if she was serious or joking. Carrie smiled, and said,
"We're not big on prayer, Char. William just wants to share a moment with
us before we eat. Would you like to pray?"

    Char shook her head, saying, "When I was being trained, I prayed a lot
to be set free and to see my mother again. It didn't work, so I don't pray
any more. I was just asking."

    We had been eating for a few minutes when I told Carrie that Char
thought she was being used just as a way for us to pass messages. Char
blushed, uncomfortable that I would tell Carrie what she said to me during
sex. I told her it was Ok to say anything she wanted to either of us, but
she shouldn't expect Carrie and I to keep secrets from one another.

    Carrie ignored the secrecy aspect, and tried to reassure Char, as I
had earlier, that she was a part of our lives now, and that in time she
would be a full participant in everything we did. Char nodded and said she
understood, and she would be grateful for whatever role we gave her.

    "Then you won't mind if William or I occasionally use you to pass a
message?" Carrie asked Char. Carrie had a neutral expression on her face,
perhaps too subtle for Char. But I understood, Carrie was telling Char we
would use her as we pleased. After all, she had agreed to be a slave for
both of us. Char repeated that she would do whatever we asked, and
apologized for complaining. I told Char to give us time, perhaps a few
weeks, and then if she still felt like an outsider, or that we were using
her without including her in our lives, we would discuss it again.

    With a grin, I then said I needed to make sure both she and Carrie
understood one thing regarding secrecy. I explained that Char and I would
need occasional time alone together, so we could conspire to create
situations and scenes for Carrie, that Char would never reveal any of
those plans to Carrie ahead of time, and that Carrie would never press
Char for details of what went on when she wasn't present. Carrie laughed.
"You mean, if I ever get paranoid and feel the two of you are plotting
against me and doing things behind my back, I'm probably right."

    Taking Carrie's hand in mine, I smiled at her and said, "Not probably
right, exactly right. Very convenient for Char and I, isn't it?" We all
laughed, then Carrie said she trusted us, and hoped our plots led to
interesting situations and activities.

    We worked together to clean up after dinner. Then I asked the women if
they had any preferences about how we spent the evening. Char said she
would like to hear about the time Carrie and I reversed roles. I
protested, but Carrie asked me to please let her tell the story. I
shrugged and said Ok, so we sat on the couch, me in the middle and a sexy
woman on each side, while Carrie told Char every detail of my 24 hours of
torment. It took Carrie over an hour to finish her narrative, what with
all of the laughing and giggling she and Char subjected me to. When the
story was finally told, they both kissed me and told me I was very brave
to allow Carrie to take control of me.

    Holding my breath in dread of a Yes answer, I asked Carrie if she
would be calling for another role reversal in the future. She looked at me
smugly for a long moment, then shook her head. "I like things just the way
they are, William," she said. I kissed her and thought, "Thank God."

    Carrie asked if we could turn in early, then make an assault on the
picnic hill early in the morning. I agreed, but that caused Char to ask a
new round of questions about what we did on the picnic hill. We told her
it wasn't so much what we did when we got there, which was to fuck. The
interesting part was how we got there, and was easier to show than to
explain it.

    After using the toilet and shower, then another round of sex, we were
all tired and ready for sleep. As we were getting into bed, Char said
Carrie should sleep in the middle, because she was the focus of most of
our activities. I said it should be Char, to celebrate her status as the
newest member of our group. Carrie said it should be me, so either woman
could reach out and grab some cock if she needed to during the night. I
decided we would take turns, starting tonight with Char in the middle.

    We were lying together, Carrie and I caressing Char's body and kissing
her breasts and mouth. I told Char that, since we would all be sleeping
together, she and I must work together to make sure Carrie never woke up
alone. That meant that if Char and Carrie were alone in bed, and Carrie
was asleep, Char could not leave the room without waking Carrie up first.
Char asked why we had that rule, but I didn't want to tell her about
Carrie's fear of waking up alone. I told her it was just part of the
pampering that I wanted Carrie to receive, I always wanted her to be with
someone who loved her when she first woke up. I looked at Carrie, and she
had tears in her eyes. She knew why I didn't want to tell Char about her
fear, and she obviously agreed with that decision. I reached across Char
to kiss Carrie, and told her I loved her.

    Our conversation and caresses slowed gradually, and soon Char was
sleeping peacefully. Carrie and I stretched across Char to share a final
kiss, then we went to sleep too.

    I woke up later to hear Carrie sobbing quietly on the other side of
the bed. "What's wrong?" I whispered.

    "Nothing, I'll be Ok," she whispered back.

    I eased out of bed and walked around to Carrie's side. Taking her arm,
I pulled her gently from our bed and took her to the guest bedroom. There
we crawled onto the bed and lay down together. "Now, what's wrong?" I
asked again.

    Carrie sobbed softly for a minute, then said, "It was just so hard,
watching you fuck her while I fixed dinner. I felt like you don't need me
any more."

    "Why?" I asked her. "I'm really confused, you sent her to me, for me
to fuck her. What did you expect me to do, reject her and send her back to
you? And I'd still need you if I was fucking ten other women, don't ever
think I don't need you."

    Carrie was silent for a moment. Then she said, "No one did anything
wrong, I'm just having trouble letting go. Everything you did, everything
I said about letting go and not clinging any more, that's how I want it to
be, but it's so hard. I'm afraid you'll pull away from me. I've become
dependent on you, on the feelings you have. You always make me know I'm
loved intensely, even when we're fighting like we were this afternoon. I
want to let go and not cling, I want you to do and be whatever you wish,
but I don't want to lose you." She paused, then said, "Now I'm just
babbling and repeating myself, so I'll shut up."

    "Do you want me to stop fucking Char? Just say the word."

    She was very close to saying Yes, but then she changed her mind. "I
wish it was that simple," she said. "In a way, I wish she hadn't been
brought here. But she's here, and I can see that being with you is helping
her. She's remembering what a decent man is like, she needs to get used to
that. Plus, she adores you already, she loves fucking both of us, and she
needs some happiness and pleasure in her life. So I want us all to fuck as
much as we want, and I want you and I to lead Char back to a point where
she is able to choose her own path. And I want you to give me some time to
adjust, and to prove to both of us that I can really let go and stop
clinging to you. And I want you to fuck me now."

    "I'd love to," I said, and started kissing her breasts and running my
hands over her body. I thought it would help her attitude if I acted more
romantic than our usual slam-bang type of sex, so I was taking my time and
giving her a lot of foreplay.

    As I was beginning a tentative exploration of Carrie's vulva with my
fingers, she stopped me. "No, this is too easy. I've pledged to you I
would choose the hard path, and that's what I'm going to do. Please wait
here, William."

    I kept quiet and let her leave. As I expected, Char came into the room
a few minutes later. She looked unhappy as she said, "Mistress said I was
to come to you and ask you to please fuck me. Mistress said to fuck you
for at least an hour, and then ask you if we could return to bed with
Mistress." She paused, frowning, then continued. "Master, I know it's not
important that I understand, I'll obey the two of you no matter what, but
I'd like to know why I'm being used like this."

    "Lie down with me, Char," I said. "If you don't want to fuck, we
won't. I'll just hold you in my arms and try to explain." She climbed on
the bed and snuggled next to me. I told her about Carrie's insecurities,
and how she was struggling to overcome them and become the person she and
I wanted her to be. I apologized to Char for the way she was being used,
and offered her the lame excuse that her presence had triggered Carrie's
insecurity, therefore she should be willing to help Carrie work through
her problem.

    When I finished my explanation, Char was silent for awhile. Finally
she said, "We're a dysfunctional family. But I think we'll work it out
eventually. It'll be Ok." After another silence, she put her hand on my
cock and said, "Master, please fuck me."

    I said, "You don't have to do that, Char. I'll make sure Carrie
understands that she can't command you to have sex if you don't want to."

    She smiled at me. "I want to," she said.

    When we returned to our bedroom, Carrie was lying in the centre of the
bed. She sniffled, and I knew she had been awake and crying the whole
time. "Did you kids have a good time?" she asked.

    As Char and I crawled into bed on each side of Carrie, I said, "Yes,
we had fun, but we're glad to be back here with you." Char and I both
snuggled up to Carrie and kissed her, and we all fell asleep right away.

    When I woke up, Carrie and Char were still sleeping soundly, Char's
head on Carrie's shoulder. I decided to let them sleep. Free from the need
to stay with Carrie until she woke up, I used the toilet and then went to
the kitchen to start breakfast. I made a hearty breakfast, with enough
food for four, hoping to get Char to eat a little excess and put on some
pounds. Using the cart and food covers Philip had used several times when
he delivered meals to us in the bedroom, I loaded everything and wheeled
it to the bedroom.

    The two sleeping beauties were still out. I gently roused them, and
told Char to assist her Mistress on the toilet while I set out the food
and arranged 3 chairs at the table. When Carrie and Char came back to the
bedroom, I told them to sit so we could eat. Carrie pointed out that their
butts were uncovered, so I took Carrie by the hips and planted a kiss and
then lightly slapped her on each cheek of her ass. "Now you can sit, your
butt has been blessed by your Master," I said with a grin. Carrie smiled
and sat down. Char was giggling, so I grabbed her and gave her the same

    We made small talk as we ate. No one wanted to discuss the sexual
pairing problem, so we carefully avoided any subject that might lead in
that direction. Carrie said she was anxious to start her trek up the hill,
she asked if she could duck out the back door and check the weather. I
refused permission, saying I would go while she and Char lingered over
their coffee.

    Since I was barefoot as well as naked, I just leaned out of the open
door to sample the air temperature. It was chilly, but not too cold for
Carrie to wear one of her mesh body suits. The sky was clear and already
light toward the East. It was going to be another nice day, like

    Returning to the bedroom, I told Carrie what she would be wearing,
then I told her to take Char with her while she rounded up all the
equipment she would carry on her back. As they went off to do that, I
cleaned up the breakfast dishes, wheeled them back to the kitchen, and put
everything into the dishwasher.

    We all met again in the bedroom. I watched as Carrie dressed Char in
the clothes she wore outside yesterday - sweater, jeans, sneakers. After
helping Carrie into her black mesh leotard, I unzipped the crotch and
breast openings. Carrie sat while I put on her socks and walking shoes.
Char fetched Carrie's wrist manacles from the mural room, and I locked
them on Carrie's wrists.

    I told Carrie she would be guided by her nipples rather than her rings
this time, and took her to the bathroom to attach a dental floss loop
around each nipple. When Char saw me tying the floss around Carrie's
nipples, she couldn't keep quiet any more, she started asking what we were
going to do. I told her it was a way I could exercise control over Carrie
and a way Carrie could demonstrate her obedience and her physical
abilities, and we both enjoyed doing it. Then I told Char to wait until we
were on the trail, and then she could ask more questions.

    Back in the bedroom, I finished equipping Carrie for the trail. She
was standing in the centre of the bedroom, her wrists locked to the
backpack and her reins attached to the dental floss and threaded through
the backpack. I told Carrie she would not be allowed to cum until she
reached the top of the hill, then I told Char to kneel in front of her
Mistress and try to bring her to an orgasm. As Char began eating Carrie's
pussy, I covered her eyes with the blindfold and inserted her earplugs,
then dressed myself and put on my jacket.

    After several minutes, Char had Carrie moaning continuously, and the
juices from her pussy were running down both her legs. I told Char that
was good enough, and when she stood up I pushed the dildo vibrator into
Carrie's pussy, attached it to her rings and switched it to the low
setting. Carrie groaned when I started the vibrator, she evidently thought
it was only a dildo until it came to life. I wasn't sure the batteries
would last to the top of the hill, but I had Char as a backup in case they

    I told Char she could walk behind us, beside us, or ahead of us, or
whatever she wished, as long as she stayed out of Carrie's way. Picking up
the reins, I drove Carrie through the house to the back door, and then
outside. While she stood waiting for me to lock the door, Carrie started
walking in place, and said "Brrr!" Char asked me if it wasn't too cold for
Carrie to be outside naked. I told Char that Carrie would warm up once we
started moving, and that part of the challenge was for her to be exposed
to the cold.

    When we started moving toward the trail, Char walked beside Carrie,
fascinated with the whole idea of what we were doing. She looked carefully
at Carrie's nipples, then came back to me and said she could barely see
the nipples move, but Carrie still turned. I said we had practised this a
lot, and part of the challenge for me was to make small, consistent pulls
on the reins to steer Carrie. The challenge for Carrie was to always turn
the same amount for a given force on her nipple.

    Then Char wanted to know how Carrie could make such good time over
uneven terrain. I told her that part of the answer was that Carrie
cheated. We had done this so many times that Carrie had a map of the
terrain in her head. I could vary our route to some extent, but Carrie
knew when we were on safe terrain versus dangerous terrain, and she walked
as fast as she felt was safe. the other part of the answer was that Carrie
had excellent reflexes, and sometimes when she stumbled, she could recover
so fast that we wouldn't notice.

    Finally Char asked me the big question, what were we trying to
accomplish? I told her again that it was a way to explore the limits of
control I could apply to Carrie. I told Char about the original goal,
taking Carrie to the top of the hill and fucking her naked in the snow,
and how we realized that was too difficult and scaled back to a safer
scenario with Carrie wearing the latex leotard. I also told Char that we
had planned to make a movie, and that was one of the ways she could
participate with us. She could be our camera operator.

    Char asked if she could learn to do what Carrie was doing. I told her
that Carrie would probably be happy to train her the way I had trained
Carrie, if that was something that she wanted to try. She grinned and said
it looked like fun. I told her it was hard to learn, and would probably be
quite painful for her nipples, but she said that was Ok, she wanted to

    We had been in sunlight for a few minutes, causing Carrie to stand
taller and move a little faster. The terrain was beginning to steepen, and
I was telling Char to watch how Carrie's walking technique changed, when I
heard Carrie say my name very softly. I reined her to a halt, then removed
one of her earplugs and asked if she had a problem. She said, "William, I
don't think I can make it to the top without coming. I'm very excited, and
it's getting hard to concentrate."

    Carrie's vulva was swollen. Her red inner lips, normally concealed,
were pushing out prominently between the outer labia, and her clit was
peeking out from its sheath. She was very close to an orgasm. I reached
down and switched the vibrator off. "Do you want me to take it out?" I
asked her. She shook her head. I covered her vulva with the palm of my
hand, feeling her heat and wetness. Pressing gently, I said, "You will be
hot, wet, and ready for me when we get to the top, won't you?" She knew it
wasn't a question.

    "Yes, William, I'll be ready for you in every way," she said with a
smirk. I kissed her, and when she felt my lips on hers she pressed forward
and opened her mouth wider. Our tongues touched and played together for a
moment, then I pulled away from her as I felt my dick beginning to stir.
"I love you, William," she said. I reinserted her earplug, then tightened
the dental floss loops, producing sharp gasps. I patted her on the ass as
I walked back to my position behind her, and she favored me with a whinny.
Grinning, I picked up the reins and started her moving again.

    We had gone a few dozen yards farther, when Char said to me, "You
always want her to succeed." I asked her what she meant, and she said,
"You set challenges for Mistress, but you won't let her fail. You want her
to always do well."

    "She fails sometimes," I said, "But I consider those my failures, not
hers. My task is to challenge her, and to celebrate with her when she
conquers the challenge. When she fails, it's because I set an unreasonable
goal for her. She'll do anything for me, if it's possible. I want to push
her limits, but not so far that she fails."

    Char was looking at me, but she remained silent, so I continued,
"Normally, I think she would have made it all the way up the hill with the
vibrator on. But she's under emotional stress now, she's feeling insecure,
and it's just not a good time to push her to the limits of her control."

    "You really love her, don't you, Master?" Char asked. I smiled at her
and nodded. She frowned and said, "I'm sorry I'm causing complications for
you, for the both of you. Maybe it would be better if I went somewhere

    "Where would you go?" I asked her. She looked hurt, I think she took
my question as agreement that she should leave. She said she didn't know
where else to go, but she didn't want to be a problem. I said, "You're not
a problem, and we don't want you to go anywhere else. I know we're
treating you unfairly, Char. It's because we don't know how to integrate
you into our world as Carrie's sister, and we're too selfish to give up
the life we both want. You've been a slave under horrible conditions for
years, we thought you'd be willing to be our slave under better
conditions, hopefully enjoyable conditions.

    "Carrie's having a problem right now, precisely because she wants you
here, and she wants you to be part of our lives. If she told me she didn't
want me to fuck you any more, I wouldn't. But that's not what she wants.
She wants to face her insecurities and conquer them. She wants you in our
lives, and she wants you to share everything with us. Just give us a
chance to work things out, Char. It'll get better, I promise."

    Char smiled at me, and said, "Ok."


  1. Still reading but not sure I could handle a threesome...especially when the third was my sister. Will have to see where this goes. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Well she is conveniently her half sister... And it just one grand male fantasy piece at this stage of the story. No half work here....


  2. I am not surprised by Carrie's feelings of insecurity....under the circumstances. I am wondering if all 3 of them can keep getting along....
    hugs abby

    1. Even in BDSM where there are quite some threesome couples, polyamory ends often in heartache and pain. So often.

      It is almost impossible to live as three people together I think and be all three equally happy.


  3. Reading , but I don't understand what are they doing.
    This is so Alien for me.
    I don't share.
    Never will .

    We will see how it continue ..

    1. I never thought you were the sharing type of woman Mona Lisa, and why should you be? But it is a fantasy, and anything can happen in a fantasy...



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