Friday, 23 October 2015

This is the point that Wanita stopped "reading"

My spouse does not read English, she can understand some of it, she picked up from the movies, but never took the time or effort to learn to read it well. That is not good or bad, that is just how she is. So when we read the story together, I was telling her in my own words what had happened in that chapter and we would discuss what turned me on, what turned her on. Or off, of course.

Anyway it kind of was our first sexual story we intensely shared. And I remember well when Helen came into the picture she said to me, don't tell me any more. I have heard enough. At that time we did not know we were less than 20 chapters from the end of the story. For all we knew it could have gone to over 300 chapters, there are some very long stories out there. Kind of "Dune-format".

Anyway Helen in the story was the last straw for my Wanita. I still read on to chapter 107. Just wanted you to know that this is how far we came "reading" together.

It's so special reading together. Watching porn together is fun, but reading. Well, I'm the romantic remember....


  1. It is so romantic that you and Wanita read together. I can definitely understand why she chose to stop with the Helen was disturbing to me also but I have a quirk...have to finish any book I start...even if I don't like it. Might skim rather than deep read like I did on the chapters involving William as sub but still have to finish. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I know that quirk, Cat. There were several endings to this story, but this one?

      Not my choice, either.



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