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I have posted pictures like these before. And I cannot resist if I see a picture like this not to share it on my blog. Because it is so powerful. Because it is beautiful. Because it is the essence of submission.

Training Carrie, chapter 98

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 98

 I put my arm around my naked sister's waist and walked with her to the
dance floor, an area of the living room that was uncarpeted hardwood floor.
William noticed us approaching and smiled at us. We stopped near he and
Helen, Carrie turned to me and put both her arms around my neck, and we
began dancing. While Carrie wad helping me improve my dancing techniques,
we hadn't put much emphasis on me leading, but that's what she wanted me to
do. With her as my partner, I didn't have to be very good at it, so after a
few steps we were dancing smoothly.

    We danced slowly for a few minutes, Carrie's body pressed against mine
and my arms around her waist. After we had shared a long, passionate kiss,
she whispered, "You know how I like to be held." I slid my hands down to
her hips, then moved them toward her pussy and took hold of her labia. She
breathed a sigh in my ear and whispered that she loved me.

    We were barely moving, swaying back and forth and kissing softly.
Carrie pulled away from my lips and whispered, "I want you to come to me in
the guest bedroom tonight, after Helen and William are asleep. If you're
too tired, we don't have to do anything. I just want you in bed with me." I
told her I would be there.

    I found it awkward, holding Carrie's labia with both hands while trying
to dance with her. I shifted my grip so I was holding both her lips between
the fingers of one hand, then moved my other hand around her waist. She
looked into my eyes. "Better?" she asked.

    "Yeah, how does it feel for you?"

    "Wonderful. I'll bet you could get a finger or two inside me, if you
let go of one of my lips," she whispered.

    I smiled at her as I shifted my grip again. "Are we trying to make them
jealous, or are we having sex?" I whispered.

    Carrie shuddered as my fingers slid into her moist pussy. "Can't we do
both?" she asked.

    Carrie and I swayed to the music for awhile, then I felt a tap on my
shoulder. I saw Carrie smile, then I looked around to see Helen standing
behind me. "May I cut in?" she asked. I thought she wanted to dance with
me, but as soon as I released Carrie, Helen stepped by me, giving me a peck
on the cheek in passing, and went to Carrie. They started dancing, Carrie
now leading. I looked around at William, and he smiled and opened his arms
to me.

    As I walked over to him, William asked, "Can I talk you out of that
gown?" I reached behind my neck to release the halter top, let the gown
slide to the floor, and kicked it away. He appraised my body for a moment,
then said,  "You're looking really good, your weight will be where it
should be in another month or so." I thanked him, and we began dancing.

    After we had danced a few minutes, William asked, "Is everything OK?"

    I raised my head from his shoulder and looked at him, saying, "That's a
pretty vague question."

    "Good point," he said. "What I meant was, do you mind me flirting with

    I thought about it for a little while. It would never have occurred to
me to lie to him, I just wanted to say what I was really feeling. "My head
doesn't mind, but my heart and my gut do, I'm feeling jealous... And

    He said, "You have absolutely nothing to feel insecure about, she
adores you. I was going to take you and Helen to bed tonight, but if you
say the word, I won't touch her again. The last thing in the world I want
to do is hurt you in any way."

    I knew that, just as I knew he really would leave Helen alone if I
asked him to. That's exactly what I wanted to do, but I knew Helen wanted
to fuck him. "No, she's here to see how we live," I told him. "Do whatever
you want, as long as it's not against her will."

    William grinned and nodded his head toward Helen and Carrie. Helen had
just removed her gown and laid it across the back of the couch. She pressed
her body to Carrie's, put her arms around Carrie's neck, and they began
swaying to the music. "Carrie did what I couldn't do, she got Helen out of
her gown," William said.

    I said, "She loves me, but she lusts after Carrie." I looked up at him.
"She lusts after you, too."

    William said, "Don't worry, she's got plenty of lust for you. As for
me, she sees a guy who seems to keep two hot, sexy women satisfied, and
she's curious if I'm really that good. If only she knew how I'm holding on
for dear life to that tiger's tail."

    "That's one well-fucked tiger, and you are that good," I said. He
kissed me.

    We didn't talk much after that. About five minutes later, Carrie tapped
me on the shoulder. "Go dance with your woman, I'll look after this horny
old man," she said with a big grin.

    As I walked up to Helen, she threw her arms around my neck and gave me
a hard, passionate kiss. When she finally pulled her lips away, she said,
"I can't believe I've been here less than a day, is every day here like

    Smiling, I said, "Pretty much, yeah. If the weather's good tomorrow,
you'll see something that will blow your mind... Are you looking forward to
our three-way with William tonight?"

    Helen took a deep breath, then said, "Yes, I am. I hope that's Ok with
you." I nodded, telling myself it wasn't a lie if I didn't say the words.
"We were talking about living as lesbians before," she said. I nodded
again. "I'm not really a lesbian, Char, I've always liked men. I told the
truth when I said Carrie was the first woman I'd ever had sex with. Will
that really make us lesbians, if we're together?"

    "It's just a word," I said. "I always knew I was bisexual, I've always
enjoyed sex with men and women. Carrie's bisexual too, although she didn't
know it until I came here. William's hopelessly hetero." I stopped moving
and looked into her eyes, then said, "I hope you understand that I'll
always love William and Carrie, and I'll want to have sex with them
whenever we're together, and it's Ok if you want that, too. But other than
them, I intend to be faithful to you, you're everything I want. So, when
you and I are together, you can think of us as lesbians, or bisexuals with
no men in our lives, or just two people in love. I like the last one best.
But you need to be prepared, some people who see us expressing our love in
public will label us as lesbians. It's a simple explanation that appeals to
simple minds."

    Helen hugged me tight. "You make it seem so ... uncomplicated," she

    I said, "It's not complicated at all, until you start thinking other
people are supposed to behave the way you want them to."

    We danced for another ten minutes, then William and Carrie walked over
to us, hand in hand. "Let's have a last glass of wine on the couch, then
it's bedtime," William said. I felt Helen tense up a little. Letting her
out of my arms, I took her hand and led her to the couch. William filled
each of our glasses, then we sat and talked until the wine was gone.
Finally, William gave Carrie a long, sensual kiss, then he stood and held
out his hands to Helen and me. "Time for bed," he said.

    In the bedroom, William turned to Helen. "Please undress me," he said.
She glanced at me, I nodded to her, and she stepped in front of William. As
she began unbuttoning his shirt with trembling hands, William said, "Helen,
Dear, would you rather be alone with Char tonight?" She looked up into his
eyes, then slowly shook her head. He smiled at her, saying, "You don't need
to look to Char every time I ask you to do something. If Char objects to
what I'm doing with you, she's free to say so. OK?"

    "I'm sorry, William," Helen said in a soft voice, "I'm very nervous. I
was looking at Char for support, not permission."

    He kissed her. "Char does support you, even though this is hard for
her," he said. "You're both very lucky, to have found one another and to be
so much in love."

    Helen finished unbuttoning William's shirt, then removed it. After she
unfastened his pants, he sat in a chair so she could remove his shoes and
pants. When he was naked, she moved to take his cock into her mouth, but he
stopped her. "It's too soon for that," he said. He had her change places
with him, so that she was sitting in the chair and he was kneeling in front
of her. Starting at her knees, he slowly kissed his way up first one leg,
then the other. Then he moved his attention to her pussy.

    Helen was sitting back in the chair, with her legs spread open, running
her fingers through William's hair. I walked around behind her, tilted her
head back, and began kissing her. After a minute of that, I put my hands on
her shoulders, slowly moved them down onto her chest, and began caressing
her breasts. When I took her nipples between the thumb and forefinger of
each hand and squeezed, she wrapped both arms around my head and pulled me
to her very hard. A moment later, she had her first orgasm.

    We gave her two more orgasms in the chair, then William got to his
feet, effortlessly scooped Helen up in his arms, and carried her to the
bed. He laid her on her back, and was going to continue eating her pussy,
but she said she wanted him to fuck her. He eased himself down between her
legs, slowly guided his cock into her pussy, then lay still on top of her,
supporting most of his weight on his elbows. "How does that feel, are you
ready to start?" he asked.

    In a dreamy voice, Helen said, "It feels wonderful, you can do anything
to me, I'm ready for whatever you want." He slowly began stroking his cock
in her pussy, and a few seconds later she came again.

    I crawled onto the bed beside them and began kissing both of them.
William said, "Helen, Char's not getting much out of this, do you think you
could eat her pussy while we're fucking?" Helen said she would like to try
that, so I repositioned myself behind her head, facing William. After
helping her tilt her head back, I edged forward until my crotch was within
reach of Helen's mouth. I carefully lowered myself onto her, not wanting to
smother her by resting my full weight over her face.

    After a few minor adjustments in our positions, Helen was doing a
pretty good job. It's a lot harder to do upside down and on your back, and
she hadn't had much practice, but she was doing Ok. Then William moved his
head up to my belly and began licking my clit, adding a lot to the process.
I was beginning to feel like a participant, not just an assistant to the
chief fucker. I reached down and took Helen's hands in mine, and she pulled
her lips away from my pussy long enough to say that she loved me. When she
resumed her attack, sticking her tongue deep into me, I came for the first
time. A few seconds later, Helen came for her fifth, then her sixth time.

    We continued like that until Helen and I had cum one more time apiece,
then William said he wanted the two of us to trade places. While we were
trying to reposition ourselves, it was obvious that Helen was already as
limp as a wet noodle, she wouldn't be able to kneel for very long over my
mouth. So we put her on her back near the head of the bed, with me on my
knees and my face in her pussy, and William fucking me doggy style. After a
few minutes like that, Helen began having a series of small orgasms. I
could tell she was reaching her limits, so I told William we should finish
up, and then rest for awhile. A minute later, he and I came together, and
it felt like he pumped a gallon of cum into me. When our orgasms had run
their course, we all collapsed on the bed, Helen between William and I.

    We lay together for a long time. William and I were gently caressing
Helen all over, and she was thanking us and telling us how wonderful she
felt. She said she had cum more times, since she met the three of us, than
she had in her entire life. After a while, Helen drifted off to sleep, and
soon William was also sleeping. I eased off the bed and left to see about

    As I walked down the hallway toward the guest bedroom, I could feel
William's cum on my thigh. I started to go back and use the bidet to clean
myself out, but then I decided Carrie would like that job, so I continued
on my way. Carrie was asleep, but she woke up at my first touch and pulled
me into bed next to her. She began covering my face in kisses, telling me
how much she loved me and how much she would miss me.

    We snuggled for awhile, kissing and briefly crying together. Then
Carrie looked into my eyes and asked if I was too tired. I shook my head,
looked down toward my pussy, and said. "I brought you a message from

    Carrie grinned, then started kissing her way down my body. "So, you're
still passing messages between us," she said. "What will we do without

    I said, "He fucked Helen until her eyes crossed, but he wouldn't cum
until he was inside me."

    "Don't you know how much he loves you?" Carrie said. "In a way, I think
your leaving will be harder on him than on me. He relies on you, to keep me
on course and under control. So do I."

    After Carrie and I gave each other two orgasms apiece, I was starting
to feel really tired. I told her I wanted to snuggle with her for a few
minutes, then go back to Helen and William, but instead we both fell

    I woke up with Carrie kissing me and the morning sunlight in my eyes.
We decided to use the toilet in the master bedroom, because it had the only
bidet. When we entered the bedroom, we saw that William had Helen lying on
her back on top of him, and he was slowly fucking her ass while playing
with her breasts. She was having the time of her life, making noise every
time he stroked her, moaning or saying things like, "Oh my," or "Yes!" or
"Ahhh." It occurred to me that the first time we went shopping together,
Helen and I would have to buy a strap-on harness and a selection of
dildoes. She was definitely going to need frequent ass fucking.

    When William saw us enter the room, he said, "I wondered where you
went, Char, I should have known." Carrie and I made a quick trip to the
toilet, then Carrie climbed onto the bed and began eating Helen's pussy. At
William's invitation, I positioned my pussy over his face and settled down
onto him.

    Lying on top of William and getting her ass fucked, her breasts and
nipples stimulated, and her pussy eaten, and looking up into my upside down
face, Helen was in full-blown sensory overload. She wasn't making any more
sounds, she just looked up at me with a silly grin on her face. Soon she
started coming continuously. Her whole body was shuddering and twitching,
and the muscles of her stomach and belly were rippling. Breathing in sharp
gasps, she closed her eyes tightly and gritted her teeth, and stayed like
that for a long time. Finally she opened her eyes, looked up at me again,
and whispered, "Please stop."

    William heard what Helen said, so he immediately stopped everything he
was doing. "She's had enough, Carrie," I said softly. Carrie moved her
mouth away from Helen's pussy, then started softly kissing her thighs and
the mound above her pussy, bringing her down slowly.

    I raised myself off of William's face, then reached down for Helen's
hands and held them. After a few moments she squeezed my hands. "You people
are trying to fuck me to death," she said weakly. Then she added, "This is
more amazing than I could ever imagine. If someone had told me they had
done what I've done in the last twenty-four hours, I would have laughed and
called them a liar. It just doesn't seem possible. But this is how you guys
live, isn't it?"

    Carrie laughed softly. "Well, having a fourth person does add more
possibilities," she said, "and we wanted to make the weekend memorable for
you. If it's too much, we can slow down the pace, or stop and give you a

    Helen raised her head and looked at Carrie. "I trust you, show me
everything, do anything you want with me," she said. "If I die here with
you guys, I'll die happy."

    Carrie and I helped Helen ease off of William and lie down on the bed.
The three of us sat around her, touching her occasionally to let her know
we were with her. After she had recovered somewhat, she looked up at all of
us. "I'm surrounded," she said with a smile.

    "You're surrounded by people who care for you, and are happy to be with
you," William said.

    "And one who loves you very much," I added.

    Carrie asked William what was on the agenda. He said he would think
about it while we all showered together and ate breakfast. As soon as Helen
was able, we went to the bathroom and got in the shower. It was pretty
crowded with four people in there at once. We didn't do much other that
bathe, mostly because Helen had all she could take for awhile. William did
give Carrie a quick fuck, while Helen and I kissed tenderly, but other than
that we just bathed one another.

    Breakfast was finished, and we were lingering over second cups of
coffee. Suddenly William announced that I would be spanked in half an hour.
I had hoped he wouldn't make me take a spanking while Helen was here, I
didn't want her to see me like that. I thought of asking him to let me off
the hook, but I didn't. A moment later, Helen said, "William, may I take
the spanking in Char's place this morning?"

    "No!" I screamed, louder than I had intended. They all looked at me
with surprise on their faces. "No," I said again, softer this time, "that's
out of the question." Looking at Helen, I said, "Helen, you don't know what
you're getting into, please don't do this."

    "Why not?" Carrie asked softly. "We want to show Helen how we live, and
one spanking won't do her any harm." She looked at Helen and smiled. "Daily
spankings don't do Char and I any harm, it just stings and burns for
awhile, then it fades away."

    I said, "Carrie, it's not going to happen, please don't encourage her.
I don't want her to be spanked."

    William looked at me and said, "Char, she has a right to make the
decision herself." Turning to Helen, he asked, "Helen, is this really what
you want, or are you just trying to spare Char the pain of the spanking?"

    Helen said, "Both. I want the experience, and I want to spare Char the
pain. You made me a guarantee, that I would ask you at least once to cause
me pain. I thought you were crazy at the time, but now I'm asking you for a
spanking. Please, Master."

    She had found the magic words, that decided it. I could have probably
raised enough hell to stop it, but I couldn't disagree that it was Helen's
right to try a spanking if she wanted to, plus I knew it wouldn't do her
any real harm. After we cleaned up from breakfast, we all walked back to
the bedroom. I was holding Helen's trembling hand. I looked back at Carrie.
"Please, Carrie, take it easy on her, don't hurt her more than you have
to," I whispered.

    Carrie moved up behind us and put a hand on each of our shoulders. She
said, "Sweetie, I have to give Helen the same spanking I would give you. I
owe it to her, to show her what it's like. Can't you understand that?"

    "Carrie's right, Char," Helen said, almost whispering. "That's what I

    In the bedroom, William said, "Helen, Carrie and Char have learned the
discipline that allows them to hold their position without restraints
during a spanking. Do you think you can do that?"

    "I...I'm not sure, William," Helen said. "What happens if I can't?"

    "In that case, we would have to start over," William said. I wouldn't
have let that happen, even if it had meant carrying Helen out to the truck
and trying to drive through the gate.

    "Maybe you should tie me to the chair," Helen said softly.

    "We'll do it downstairs, at the bars," William said. He took us all to
the mural room, telling us the normal transition rules would be waived for
this visit. He fitted Helen with my leather wrist and ankle manacles and my
bondage belt, then we all went downstairs to the basement.

    Holding her by her upper arm, William took Helen to the bars. After
positioning her, he clipped her belt to the bar and then dropped to one
knee while he secured her ankles to the attach points in the floor. He
walked around the bar, told Helen to bend at the waist, then stretched her
arms out and attached her wrists to the second bar. "Try to keep looking at
your own face during the spanking," he told her. "Feel the pain in your
ass, but understand its effect on you by watching your face." In all of the
countless times I had been told to watch my own face during punishment,
that was the first time I ever heard a reason for it.

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I could not resist when I saw this picture. Remember when you were a child going from one number to the next?

I love it.

Training Carrie, chapter 97

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 97

 I was still thinking about it when William walked into the room. He
grinned, looking at my crotch. I had forgotten about the strap-on, I eased
off the bed and removed it. He walked around to the other side of the bed,
looking down at Carrie and Helen. "What happened to them?" he whispered.

    I said, "Helen's exhausted from coming too many times. Carrie's
exhausted from her spanking, plus she supported Helen's weight for a long
time, while I butt-fucked her with the dildo."

    "You won the battle, you're the last one standing," he said.

    I said, "We had fun, we just went at it for a little too long. Helen
never had anything up her ass before, except a few different fingers. Hers,
yours, and some other guy's, to hear her tell it. She really got off on the
dildo, she loved it."

    William said, "I'm really sorry for what I did to Helen. It seemed like
a good way to put her in touch with herself, but it was stupid. I'm sorry."

    I smiled at him. "Carrie told me it was her idea. It's Ok... When we
take her home Sunday night ... I'm staying with her for awhile. Maybe
forever." So much for trying to find the right words.

    "I thought you would," he said.

    "Aren't you going to forbid it, or try to talk me out of it?"

    He smiled. "No to number one. To number two, would I be able to talk
you out of it? I think it's unlikely, so I'm going to treat you like the
adult you are, and let you make your own decisions. It's what we promised
you we'd do, when you first came here. We'll support whatever you decide."

    I felt hands on my shoulders. Carrie was behind me. "Is our fledgling
leaving the nest?" she asked. William nodded. "You're going to let us come
and visit, right?" Carrie asked, concern in her voice.

    I turned around and hugged her. "I want you to come and visit. Every
day, if you want. I love you both, I'm not trying to get away from you. I
just need to be with Helen and not be a slave, and find out if we have a

    "But we don't know if it's safe for you, Sweetie," Carrie said. "At
least there's some protection here. Out there, you're vulnerable."

    "We don't know it's not safe, Carrie," I said. "Helen has changed
everything, I have to get on with my life. I'm taking one of your pistols,
if you'll let me. I'm not ever going to be Arthur's slave again, so if he
finds me, one of us will die. Either way, I'll be free of him."

    "Char," William said. I turned back to face him. "As a favor to me,
would you please wait one more week? We'll take another trip into town next
weekend. When we're ready to come home, you can choose to stay with Helen,
or come back with us. Meanwhile, you and Helen can talk on the phone every
night. Will you do that for me?"

    I smiled. "Of course I will, William. Just please don't spend the week
trying to change my mind."

    "We're not going to try to change your mind, Char," Carrie said.
"William just wants you to think about it, and make sure this is what you
really want to do. Because there are other options, like visits each
weekend. You also need to consider that Helen has a job. You'd be alone all
day while she was at work."

    Score one for Carrie, that hadn't occurred to me. "I'll think about it,
I promise," I said.

    It was half past five. William said he would delay dinner until seven,
and he and Carrie would be in the living room. I said I would stay with
Helen. After they left, I sat on the edge of the bed beside Helen. "Are you
really moving in with me? What changed your mind?" she asked quietly.

    I said, "I told you I would come and stay with you when it was safe.
It'll never be safe, so I've decided to start living my life the way I want
to live it." Looking at her, I asked, "Are you sure it's what you want?"

    Helen took my hand and pulled me down beside her. Looking into my eyes,
she said, "I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

    "Carrie did have one good point, though," I told her. "What can I do
during the day, while you're at work?"

    "Anything you want to," she said, "There's a library nearby, there's
shopping, movies, parks. You can use my car and go anywhere you want, you
could even come here and spend the day with Carrie and William a few days a
week. Or you could get a job of your own." I told her I didn't know how to
drive, and I didn't know how to do any job except be a sex slave. She put
her arm around me and pulled me close. "We'll figure out something. All
that matters is being together. I'll teach you to drive. I'll help you find
a job. I'll do anything, just be with me. We'll move to a smaller
apartment, so both of us can get by on my salary."

    I smiled at her. "I'll have to talk things over with Carrie before I'm
sure, but I think I can assure you that money is one problem we won't be
having. In fact, it's very likely that I can support you in style, you
could quit your job."

    Helen looked at me for a long moment. Finally she said, "Wow, when you
jump into something, you go all the way, don't you? Now it's my turn to say
we shouldn't move so fast. I assume you're telling me that you or Carrie,
or both of you, have money. But I like my job, I don't know if I'd be happy
not working. Let's take our time, talk everything through, and make smart
decisions, Ok?" I nodded and kissed her.

    We lay together quietly for awhile, then I asked her if she was Ok, if
she was ready to get of bed. She said, "I'm not exhausted like I was, but I
feel kind of fragile." She looked at me, then looked away. "Char, I'm
afraid I'm going to start having orgasms again. It seems like I'm right on
the verge of coming, just lying here. That's not normal, is it?"

    I resisted the urge to smile. She was having vivid memories of her
intense experience. "No, that's not normal," I said. "We did too much, your
nervous system overloaded a bit. Let's lie here for awhile, I think the
feeling will fade."

    "Char, I loved what you and Carrie did for me," she said. "It was
absolutely the most mind-blowing experience I've ever had. I don't know how
long I came, but it seemed like it would go on forever. I was overwhelmed.
You're right that I overloaded, but I loved it. I can never thank the two
of you properly."

    I smiled. "I think we can come up with a few ways for you to thank us."
I looked over at the strap-on harness, laying on the other side of the bed.
"Did you ever wonder what it was like to have a dick?" She laughed softly.

    A moment later, Helen said, "Char, you told me it would hurt, but I
never felt the least bit of pain. Everything felt wonderful."

    I grinned. "Are you complaining?" I reached out and gently pinched one
of her nipples. "There's the pain I promised you, want some more?"

    She laughed again. "No, no, that's enough, thank you very much." Then
she got serious. "The point I was trying to make was, you're a wonderful,
gentle lover. You did things to me that normally cause pain, and all I felt
was pleasure." She kissed me tenderly, then whispered, "You're my perfect
lover. I'm glad I saved my cherry for you."

    We had said all there was to say for the time being. We began kissing.
softly at first, but soon with increasing passion. After a minute or two, I
was starting to get pretty hot, and I could tell that Helen was, too.
Pulling my lips away from hers, I said, "We should wait awhile, you're
still tired from what we did before." I slid off of the bid, then took
Helen's hand and gently pulled. "Get up, let's go find Carrie and William,
and see what we're missing. I'll bet they're fucking under the tree." Helen
laughed, then slowly got to the edge of the bed and stood up.

    When she was on her feet, I asked, "Ok?" She smiled at me and nodded.
"Do you still feel like you're about to cum?"

    She grinned. "No, I just feel like I was fucked half to death by two
beautiful, sexy women. I never knew what that felt like, and now I do. It
was wonderful beyond belief." She took my hand, looked into my eyes, and
said, "Seriously, Char, I'll never forget it, it was beautiful."

    "Be sure you tell Carrie how you feel," I said, "she did the hardest
part, and right after a hard spanking. It took a lot out of her."

    "Let's go find her, I'll tell her right now," Helen said.

    I hadn't expected to find them under the tree, but I did expect to find
them fucking. I was surprised to find William sitting alone on the couch.
He was still naked, as were Helen and I. "Where's Carrie?" I asked him.

    "She's in the office, making some phone calls," he said. I started
walking toward the office. Helen was following me, until William said,
"Helen, would you please stay here with me?" She looked at me, and I told
her with a grin to obey her master. She walked around the couch and sat
down beside William.

    As I got to the office door, I heard Carrie's angry voice. "I don't
give as shit, Philip, I want him dead. If you can't handle it, I'll get
someone who can."

    I said her name softly. She looked up at me, and the angry expression
on her face softened and faded. "I have to go now, Philip," she said to the
phone. "Just find him. I want him dead or in jail in a week, or I'll start
looking for other ways. Please... Philip? I'm sorry I'm so upset, but we're
out of time, she's moving next weekend... No, we're not going to stop her,
we're going to help her... I know you're trying. I love you. Bye." She hung
up the phone. "I asked William to keep you away, I didn't want you to hear
that," she said.

    "I guess he thought I should hear it," I said. "Carrie, I don't know
very much about the law, but I think you just broke a big one."

    "I did, you're right. But there's an intercom line between here and
Philip's house. It wasn't a public call, nobody could have heard it but him
and you."

    "I didn't hear anything, I got here just as you hung up the phone," I
said. "But I don't want you to get in trouble trying to help me. Please be

    She started picking up some papers from the desk, they looked like
notes in her handwriting. "Before I talked to Philip, I called Mr. Bishop,"
she said. I didn't place the name right away. "You remember the lawyer
Philip brought to see us, the morning I had to sign all of the papers?" I

    Carrie looked up at me, then continued. "Sweetie, you can't live out in
the world without ID and money, so Mr. Bishop is taking care of it for us.
In about a week, you'll have ATM and credit cards, and a checking account
at a bank in Albuquerque. Helen's address will be on your checks, but all
the credit card bills will go directly to Mr. Bishop's accountants, you'll
never see them. I also have an address in town where you can go and get a
picture ID made. I made sure Bishop understood that there are no limits on
your funds or your credit." She smiled, a very tired smile. "I'm sure I've
overlooked something, but when we figure out what it is, I'll make it
right," she said.

    I was overwhelmed, I couldn't have spoken even if I'd known what to
say. I ran around the desk and sat in her lap and hugged her tightly.
Eventually I was able to sob a "Thank you."

    I sat in Carrie's lap for a long time, quietly hugging her. Finally she
asked me what I wanted to do for the rest of the weekend. She said she was
sure William would agree to knock off the master/slave stuff if I wanted
to. I thought about it, and I almost said Yes. But finally, I said, "One
reason Helen came was to find out what our lives are like. Other than the
one rough spot during your spanking, I think she's enjoying herself. Let's
give her the rest of the weekend, let William do whatever he wants." I
couldn't help laughing when I realized what I had said, "let our Master do
what he wants."

    We walked arm-in-arm back to the living room. Helen and William were
sitting side by side on the couch, chatting away about something. Helen
seemed totally unconscious of the fact that she was naked, sitting next to
a naked man. In less than a day, she had adjusted to situations she
probably hadn't imagined before.

    "Good news, Char," William said, winking at me, "Helen's a good cook."

    "I suppose he told you I can't cook at all," I said to Helen.

    "He said you were learning fast, and getting better every day," she
said. "And I told him I would help you to get even better still." I leaned
over the back of the couch, gave her a peck on her cheek, and told her I
looked forward to her help.

    William told us dinner was on him, then left for the kitchen. Carrie
and I both stretched out on the couch on our backs, with our heads touching
in Helen's lap. She was running her fingers through our hair, and thanking
Carrie for helping her have a ten minute orgasm, when William returned with
a bottle of wine and three glasses. I half expected a comment about hot
lesbian action, but he was able to resist. He poured out three glasses on
the coffee table, told us dinner was half an hour away, then went back to
the kitchen.

    Helen said that we hadn't gotten to do a real three-way, because she
hogged all the pleasure during our time together. "It's only Friday
afternoon, I promise there'll be a three-way before you leave," Carrie

    "That's good, Carrie, because I remember our hour together last
weekend, and I want more," Helen said. "Can we do it tonight?"

    Carrie hesitated for a moment, then she said, "I think William already
has plans for you tonight, Helen."

    "Oh, my," she said, then quickly added, "Well, Ok then, we'll do it
some other time."

    "I think Helen has an itch that needs scratching," I said.

    She slapped me lightly on my forehead. When I looked up at her face,
she was looking down at me, a very slight smile on her lips. "Do you mind?"
she asked.

    "No, I don't mind. I'd like to be there with you, but either way I
don't mind."

    "I want you to be there, will William allow that?" Helen asked.

    "Oh, I'm pretty sure he'll agree to that," Carrie said. I understood
what she meant, she would make sure William agreed.

    Carrie and I were still lying with our heads in Helen's lap when
William came to get us for dinner. He was dressed in slacks and a sport
shirt. I didn't want to move, I was in heaven with Helen running her
fingers through my hair and gently scratching my scalp with her
fingernails. When I felt Carrie start to move, I reluctantly sat up, then
got to my feet and offered Helen my hand. As she was standing, I looked
over at Carrie. She gave me a cheerful look and a smile, but I could tell
she was still tired. We each picked up our wine glass, I grabbed the
bottle, and we went to the dining room.

    We had a pleasant dinner. William let us sit in our chairs, even
thought we were naked. We talked about our day while we ate. We all wanted
Helen to give us her true impressions of everything that had happened. I
knew she had been upset or scared by some of what had happened, but she
refused to say anything negative at all. She even said that what William
did to her during Carrie's spanking was a positive experience, although she
admitted that it was painful at the time. To his credit, William apologized
again for what he had done; and to her credit, Carrie admitted to Helen
that it had been her idea. Carrie told Helen that there could have been any
number of things that got her excited during the spanking, including
sitting on William's lap, and that Helen didn't seem to be the kind of
person that enjoyed seeing others in pain. Coming from Carrie, I think that
helped Helen to accept the event as nothing but a big mistake. I hoped so,
since I still thought of it as a dirty trick to play on someone I cared

    When we had finished with dinner, Carrie suggested we open a second
bottle of wine and move to the living room. William said he was promised a
lingerie fashion show, so he would get the wine while we three adjourned to
the bedroom. I asked what we should wear. He said, "Carrie knows what I
want her to wear, you and Helen wear something similar." Carrie and I both
knew what he wanted her to wear, her floor-length, backless, sheer black

    To wear the gown William had in mind, Carrie would have had to wear
high heels, to keep from stepping on the hem. But Carrie and I had a new
pair of matching gowns of the same style, which we had bought on the
internet, that were actually ankle length, so we could wear them and remain
barefooted. We put those on, and Helen put on the sheer nightgown she had
brought. Helen's gown did touch the floor slightly, but she could walk in
it without tripping herself. I took a few minutes brushing Helen's hair,
then Carrie's, we each put on a little lipstick, and then we stood side by
side and appraised ourselves. Carrie's gown was black, mine was powder
blue, and Helen's was plum.

    "Perfect?" Carrie asked.

    "I'd say so," Helen answered.

    "Definitely," I echoed.

    When we entered the living room, William's eyes popped out. "Wow," he
whispered, then he had each of us turn all the way around. "I'm the
luckiest man in the world tonight," he said.

    "Before we get into how lucky you are, may we open the Christmas
presents?" Carrie asked. William agreed, so we all gathered around the
lighted tree and sat on the floor. William asked Helen to do the honors, so
she picked up her two presents. As she handed one to me, and one to Carrie,
she said she hoped they were something we would like. Then she added that
Carrie's present was for William, also. We all thanked her, then William
asked her to see who the final present was for.

    Helen said, "I wonder," then she picked up the present and read the
card I had written, which said, "Merry Christmas, Helen. I hope we have
many Christmases together." When she finished reading it, she took my head
in her hands and gave me a tender kiss. "I hope so, too, beautiful girl"
she whispered.

    William told Helen to open her present first. When she saw the two
photographs in matching frames, she was overjoyed. "This one," she said,
holding up the picture where we were dressed up, "is for the living room,
and this one," laughing and holding the one where we were naked, "goes in
the bedroom, on my nightstand." Then she looked at me and corrected
herself, "I mean 'our' nightstand." She said she liked the pictures a lot,
and thanked us all.

    Helen asked Carrie to open her present next. It was also a photograph
in a frame. It was one of the pictures of Helen, taken the night she won
the Miss New Mexico title. "I had to call nearly everyone I knew, but I was
determined to find that picture for you," Helen said. She had signed the
picture with the words, "To my Master and my First Lady, I'll never forget
you. Thank you for accepting me into your world." Carrie and William both
kissed Helen and thanked her. Carrie said the 'First Lady' part was clever,
it worked on several levels. She showed me the picture, it was a beautiful
picture of Helen, looking only a few years younger. I told her she had
gotten even more beautiful since the picture was taken, causing her to
blush a little.

    Finally, I opened my present. It was a gold bracelet, with an
adjustable chain fastener. Helen said I could adjust it as my weight
returned to normal, or the chain should be long enough that I could wear it
on my ankle if I wanted to. The inscription had Helen's first name and
mine, with two interlocking hearts between our names. I got tears in my
eyes when I saw the inscription. Holding my hand, Helen said, "I was so
embarrassed when I told the jeweler what inscription I wanted, I'll have to
get used to being a lesbian in public."

    "We're not going to be one of those 'in your face' lesbian couples," I
said, "but yes, we'll both have to get used to being lovers in public." I
kissed her, then added, "We'll learn to do it together, we can do anything
together." She kissed me again and nodded her head. I held out the
bracelet, and Helen put it on my wrist. I saw her look at my wedding ring
while she was attaching the bracelet. I almost asked her what she was
thinking, but I decided that was a discussion we should have another time.

    We moved from the floor to the couch, sipping our wine and talking.
After awhile, William got up and turned on the radio. Then he returned to
the couch, held out his hand to Helen, and asked her to dance. When Helen
stood up and went with William, I slid over next to Carrie and rested my
head on her shoulder. She turned her head and kissed my forehead. "I had
gotten used to thinking of you as both my little sister and my lover," she
said softly, "but now I also feel like you're my child, leaving home for
the first time. I want you to live your life however you want to, but I
also want you to be safe. I'm very worried about you leaving here."

    "It's time, Carrie," I told her. "This is the right thing for me to do.
In my heart, I'm not leaving you and William, I hope you can understand
that. Somehow, we're always going to be together, that's what I want."

    "I hope you're right, Sweetie," Carrie said. "You make William and I
complete, it won't be the same without you."

    "Won't it be like it was before I came here?" I asked.

    She took my hand in hers. "Of course not, Char. We didn't know you
then, I didn't know I even had a sister. Now, we love you and we think of
you as our partner, and we hope you feel the same about us. We're going to
miss you tremendously, I hope you're right that we can still be together,
at least some of the time." She paused, then squeezed my hand. "I'm going
to have a long talk with William about moving up the time when we give up
the D/s stuff. If we're just a middle-aged married couple, maybe you and
Helen can come back and live with us."

    "Don't do that, Carrie," I said. "Even I know you're not ready for that
yet. We both know William has a plan, although he won't talk about it.
Let's trust him do it his way, don't rush into it just to be with me. I'll
only be thirty miles away."

    We sat quietly for awhile, listening to the music. I looked around at
the dancers, and saw that Helen had her arms around William's neck, and
they were kissing. He was caressing her breast with one hand. They were
barely dancing, mostly just swaying back and forth. I watched them for a
few moments, then Carrie looked around at them. "Don't worry about that,"
she said. "You already knew he intended to fuck Helen tonight, and she
wants him to. He's not trying to steal your girl."

    I said, "I know, but it's the ... what's it called? The green-eyed
monster, I feel jealous. I guess I need practice controlling my emotions, I
had to bottle them up for so long, I don't know how to handle them

    Carrie was quiet for a long moment, then she said, "Like when you
grabbed me by the throat and pushed your knee into my pussy?"

    I turned to look at her. "Yes, like that. I'm very sorry that happened.
I just kept getting madder and madder, out of all proportion to the
situation. For a few minutes, I was boiling over with rage inside."

    Carrie said, "Next week, I'm going to ask William to have you flog me.
He won't be with us when it happens. I want you to flog me until I can't
take it any more, until I have to beg you to stop. Then we can put it
behind us."

    "Don't do that," I said. "I'll flog you, but I don't need to 'get even'
with you, and I don't want to make you beg. My anger was way out of
proportion to what happened on the picnic hill. All I want and need is your

    "William and I were wrong to do what we did, Char, but we did it out of
carelessness, not because we wanted to trick you. I want to make it up to
you. But the reason I brought it up is, I'm worried about what might happen
when you're away from here, out in public or at home with Helen. I want you
to consider counseling, to help you get in touch with your anger and learn
to control it."

    I thought Carrie might be right, that I should try counseling. I told
her that, and said I would probably do just that. She smiled and kissed me,
then said, "Enough talk about that, come and dance with me." I stood up,
took Carrie's hand, and helped her off of the couch. She pulled her hand
back from mine, then reached behind her neck with both hands. In a moment
her gown slid down her body to the floor, then she put her hand back in
mine. "Let's see if we can make them jealous," she said softly.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Left in the dark again

More than a bit Photoshop here, I think, looking at the nail of her hand. What you did not look at her nail? Mmmm, that's me again huh? Sucker for details.

The blindfold is so erotic. I love to use the blindfold and leave her in the dark again, not being able to see, only to feel...

Training Carrie, chapter 96

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 96

   "It's too soon for you to be talking like that," I said. "We've only
known each other for a week, let's take our time and see what happens.
Obviously I'm not going anywhere. We can be together every weekend."

    "I know you're right," Helen said. "But I also know what I want. Do you
think I'll change my mind when I know more about you? I don't think so.
Have you done scarier things than being a sex slave for most of your adult
life?" She looked at me for a moment, then said, "I'm going to ask William
to let me stay here, I don't want to leave you."

    "He won't do that, not yet," I said. "In fact, you specifically told
him, and Carrie too, not to let you stay with us, even if you asked. You
were thinking clearly then, you must have known you would react like this."

    Helen said, "Last weekend, I was afraid I would fall in love with your
lifestyle, because I was so bored with my own. I had no idea I would fall
in love with you. I don't want to be a slave, Char, I want to be with you.
If slavery is the only way I can do it, then I'll be a slave."

    I gave her a serious look, and said, "Don't say anything about this to
William or Carrie, they'll just think you're a flake, and there's no way
William is going to let you stay here yet. If you love me, then do what I
say. We're going to wait, spend as much time together as we can, and see
where it goes. I promise, we'll be together every weekend, and we'll talk
on the phone every day." I grinned at her. "We can even have phone sex."

    She laughed, and I could see her relaxing. "I'll do whatever you want,
Char," she said. "Just tell me you know that I love you."

    I said, "I know, and I love you, too. Everything will work out, trust

    At the edge of my consciousness, I knew that William and Carrie had
finished at the bars and had moved to the Master's area, probably so Carrie
could rinse out her mouth. They were now walking back toward Helen and me.
I looked down at Helen and said, "Not a word." She nodded.

    "You've been in bed long enough for your first session, Helen," William
said. "What say we extract you and head back upstairs?"

    I held my breath. Helen said, "That would be fine, William. Thank you
for the tour and the demonstration. And everything else. I'm looking
forward to the rest of the agenda."

    "So am I, Helen, but we all need to be patient," he said. "Have faith,
everything's going to work out." Then he leaned down and gave her a long
kiss. I wondered how much of our conversation he had heard.

    When Helen was out of the bed, she stood looking at it. "I'm beginning
to understand, slavery could be pleasant, or it could be a nightmare. It
all depends on who's in control." She put her arms around William's waist
and hugged him tightly, saying, "Thank you, it really was a positive
experience. I think I'd like to do it again sometime."

    "Then you will," William said. He took her hand and mine, and led us to
the exit door. Carrie walked behind us, and when I looked back at her, she
blew me a kiss.

    After removing mine and Helen's bondage gear in the mural room, William
said we should hang up our clothes, we wouldn't be needing them for the
rest of the day. After that, we all went to the bathroom. William put Helen
on the toilet and had Carrie and I each hold one of her hands, while he
knelt in front of her, kissing her lips and caressing her breasts. She was
so embarrassed, and so turned on, that it took her forever to get started,
but finally she was able to pee and take a dump. Then, after Carrie and I
had our turns, Helen really got flustered when William had her attend him
while he took a dump. But she got through it, smiling and red-faced. We had
all been so worried about how far we could push Helen, we didn't want to
push so hard that she would run away from us screaming, or refuse to do
what William told her. But it looked like Helen was for real, and I
believed that she had meant what she said to me downstairs.

    "We could try four in the shower, but I think it would be simpler to do
it in shifts," William said. "Carrie and I will go first, Helen and Char
can wait in the bedroom." He grinned at me when he said the part about the
bedroom. I took Helen's hand and led her straight to the bed.

    "If you're still too sensitive, we can just cuddle and talk, but I have
to have my hands on you," I told her as I crawled onto the bed.

    "Lie on your back, I haven't tasted your pussy for hours," Helen said.

    I was enjoying everything Helen was doing to my pussy, but I felt the
need to talk to her. "When William was eating you, you squealed one time...
He pushed his finger into your ass, didn't he?" Without taking her mouth
off of me, she nodded her head. "Has anything been in there before?" I

    Helen raised up long enough to look questioningly at me, and answer, "I
told you before, just the occasional finger. Mine, and one guy's, that's
all I can remember."

    I kept quiet for a minute, then said, "So, in a sense, you're still a
virgin. Who are you saving it for?" She didn't answer, instead she attacked
my pussy with renewed effort. In about a minute, I had a wonderful, soft
orgasm, that seemed to last forever.

    I was still having minor spasms when I reached down and pulled Helen
away from my pussy. She stretched out beside me, and gave me a gentle kiss.
Looking into my eyes, she said, "It never occurred to me that I was 'saving
it' for anyone, but I want you to have it. Will you take my cherry?" I
smiled at her and nodded. After a few seconds, she asked, "Will it hurt?"

    "A little at first, until you learn to relax your muscles. But we'll go
very slow and easy. You might hate it, if you do we'll stop." Helen was
looking into my eyes. She remained quiet, so I kept talking. "William does
it to Carrie and I all the time, and we do it to each other. I like it, but
not better than regular fucking. Sometimes I think Carrie would rather take
it in her ass than any other way. The first time William ever fucked her,
he used her ass, and I think she's fixated on that." I grinned, wondering
how she would react to what I wanted to say next. "Carrie and I have also
butt-fucked William. He doesn't like it, but he lets us do it now and

    Helen's eyes got very big. "Obviously, it's going to take me a long
time to understand the three of you, if I ever do."

    "You need to start thinking of us as four, you're not an outsider any
more," I said. She smiled. "What you said downstairs, it sounded like you
were proposing to me. Is that how you meant it?" She slowly nodded her
head. "Then I accept," I said.

    Helen threw her arms around me and gave me a hard kiss. "Does that mean
I can stay here?" she asked after we pulled apart.

    "No, everything I said about that still goes. What it means is that
we're engaged. Or at least we will be, as soon as I buy you an engagement
ring." We hugged for along time. While I was holding her, I said, "You
don't really want to stay here, anyway. I'm going to ask William for
rotating visits, one weekend in town and the next here. Then, as soon as
it's safe, I'll try spending time at your place, just you and me. How does
that sound?"

    She said, "When the three of you are in town, you'll all stay at my
place. It's not as nice as your hotel suites, but it's a lot cheaper. Like

    "There's nothing wrong with your apartment," I said. "But any place I
can be with you is a nice place. William will decide if we need to stay at
the hotel."

    During our talk, Helen had moved on top of me, her legs straddling
mine. We were like that when William and Carrie came out of the bathroom.
Carrie laughed. "Good thing there's no hot water left, these two definitely
need a cold shower," she said to William.

    William grinned. "It's your turn, lovebirds," he said. Then he added,
looking at me, "Don't take too long, Carrie needs you for something." I
knew he meant her spanking, and then I wondered if he would make me take a
spanking in front of Helen. I didn't know if I wanted that, or not.

    I took Helen's hand and led her to the bathroom. "Do we have to take a
cold shower?" she asked.

    "No, Silly, Carrie was teasing us. The house has some kind of on-demand
system, the hot water never runs out." As we got into the shower, I asked,
"Are you still too sensitive?"

    "Let's find out," Helen said. As it turned out, her sensitivity was
just right. We each came twice, and got very, very clean.

    After we had toweled one another, I used the hair dryer on Helen, then
combed out her long straight hair. I told her I wanted it loose, not pulled
back in a ponytail. She kissed me. "I told you, whatever you want," she

    When we came into the bedroom, Carrie was in William's lap, kissing
him. When he saw us, William said, "Take your position for your spanking,
please Carrie." Then, to Helen, he said, "Come here, Helen, we'll watch
together," Carrie was positioning her low-backed spanking chair in front of
the mirror. I watched as Helen slowly walked over to William. He was still
naked, and his stiff cock pointed up at the ceiling. He saw Helen looking
at his lap. "Don't worry about that, you're not ready for it yet," he said.
Holding out his hand, he said, "It won't get in our way, come and sit
down." He pushed his cock down between his legs and then put his legs
together. Helen walked up to William, turned around, and carefully sat in
his lap. He reached around her and nudged her legs open, then took her
wrists in his hands and moved her arms up so her hands were behind her
head. "Please clasp your fingers together, and leave them like that until I
tell you otherwise," he said. Helen did as he said. She looked at me, a
mixture of confusion and fear on her face. I didn't know what William was
doing, and I couldn't have explained it to her if I knew. "Now lean back
against me," he told her, putting his hands at her waist and slowly pulling
her to him. When her back was pressed against his chest, he said, "Perfect,
stay just like that, and keep your legs apart." Then he looked at me with a
smile. "Char, please begin," he said.

    Carrie was bent over the chair, waiting. I walked up to her, then bent
over and kissed each cheek of her ass. "I love you," I whispered to her. "I
know, and I love you, too," she said. I began spanking her.

    I knew this was going to be a long one. We were well past the point
where Carrie should have been sobbing. Tears were flowing freely down her
cheeks, and she was breathing in rapid gasps, but she hadn't yet made a
sound. I had already changed hands twice, and each time I took a quick look
over at William and Helen. William was still sitting with his hands resting
on the arms of his chair. Helen looked very unhappy, she had tears in her

    A few minutes later, Carrie cried out, then began sobbing. I kept
going. Some time later, I heard Helen sobbing. I stole a glance over at
her, and saw that William had moved one hand onto her stomach. For awhile
after that, I tuned everything out except for the stinging and burning in
my palms and my shoulder muscles. I snapped back when I heard Helen say,
"Please don't, William. I don't want to feel pleasure while she's in so
much pain."

    I glanced over to see that William's hand was on Helen's pussy. "Carrie
is getting exactly what she wants and needs right now, Helen," William
said. "What do you want, and what do you need?" Helen didn't answer. "I'll
move my hand if you ask me again," he said, "but you'd still be excited and
wet, because it's the spanking that you're excited about, not my hand.
Isn't that so, Helen?" Helen remained silent. "Do you want me to move my
hand, Helen? All it takes is a Yes, and I'll stop. But I think this is
exactly what you want right now. Should I move my hand?"

    After a few moments, Helen said, "No, don't stop. Please don't stop." I
understood then what he was doing to Helen, and I didn't like it.

    A little while later, William said, "One more minute, Char, I'll tell
you when it's up." Carrie was howling, screaming, and begging for it to

    When William finally called for me to stop, Carrie lowered her head
down onto the seat of the chair. She was exhausted. I walked to the front
of the chair and knelt down. Taking her hands in mine, I asked her if she
was Ok. She asked me for a glass of water and a damp washcloth for her ass.
After she drank the water, I helped her to get up and move to the bed. She
lay down on her stomach, and I put the cold, damp cloth over her ass, then
kissed her.

    Having done what I could for Carrie, I went to William. Helen was still
sitting in his lap, her eyes closed and her face red. He had moved his hand
from her pussy back onto the arm of the chair. "You shouldn't have done
that," I said to William.

    He looked up and met my gaze. "I think you're right, it was a mistake.
I apologize, to you and to Helen."

    Helen opened her eyes and looked at me. "No, it's Ok," she said. "He
made me admit something that I wouldn't have otherwise. I got turned on by
watching the spanking. William didn't touch me until I was already very
excited. I learned something about myself that I didn't know before. Thank
you, William."

    Reaching out my hand, I said, "Can she get up now?"

    "Of course," he said quietly. Helen unclasped her fingers and took my
hand. I gently pulled her to her feet and kissed her cheek. I told her I
was sorry, but she said again that everything was Ok.

    Helen walked over to the bed and knelt beside Carrie's head. "I'm so
sorry I took pleasure in your pain," she said. "I'm ashamed that I'm like
that, but at least I know it now."

    Carrie raised her head off of the bed. "There's nothing to be ashamed
of, you can't imagine how hot it makes me to get a spanking. For all you
know, you were simply responding to my rising level of excitement. It
doesn't mean you like to watch people suffer. Now kiss me, and don't worry
about this any more." Helen leaned forward and gave Carrie a long, tender
kiss, then thanked her. Carrie said, "You're a great kisser, a beautiful,
sexy woman, and an intelligent, interesting person to be around. I hope
we're all going to be together a long time."

    William glanced at the clock, then spoke to Helen. "Helen, it's a
little after three now. I give control of both Carrie and Char to you. I'll
reclaim them at five. Do you think you can handle both of them?"

    Helen stood up and turned to William. She grinned. "Yes, William, I'll
bend them to my will," she said.

    "If they give you any problems, just give me a call," he said. As he
was leaving the room, he said, "No spanking for you today, Char... Unless
Helen wants to give you one."

    I dropped to my knees. "How may I serve you, Mistress Helen?" I asked.

    "Oh, my, I'm going to enjoy this," Helen said. She stood, looking down
at me, for a long time, then she grinned at me. "I like having you on your
knees in front of me. Somehow, it seems like that's how it should always

    "Just remember, Mistress Helen," Carrie said, struggling off of the
bed, "payback can be a bitch, and so can Char and I."

    "Relax, Carrie, she's just having fun," I said. I looked at Carrie, and
realized she already knew Helen was kidding. Smiling, she walked over to us
slowly, then carefully dropped to her knees beside me.

    After looking down at us a little while longer, Helen said, "There's
been some talk that it's time I lost my cherry." Looking at Carrie, she
explained, "I've never had anything up my ass except a few fingers. Umm,
that didn't sound right, I meant a few different fingers, one at a time."
Looking back at me and smiling, she said, "I want to give it to Char, and
if it isn't too horrible an experience for me, I want Carrie to have her
turn next. Since I've been given control over two expert ass fuckers, I
want to do it right now, before I chicken out. Will you help me lose my

    "We'd be honored," Carrie said, "I'll get the equipment, while Char
starts your enema." I took Helen into the bathroom and showed her how to
pose for an enema. As I was trying to get her into the correct posture, she
asked what difference it made if her back was straight, or if she crossed
her wrists. I told her this is how Carrie and I were trained, and if she
wanted to share our lives she would follow the same training.

    While Helen was being filled, Carrie came in with the strap-on harness
and our smallest dildo, and proceeded to put it on me. When we had Helen
sitting on the toilet, she looked down at my fake dick. She said it looked
kind of silly. "Yes, but it doesn't feel silly when it's inside you, it
feels pretty damned good," Carrie said. We both knelt in front of Helen,
kissing her and playing with her breasts and pussy, until she started
complaining of cramps. Carrie told her she could let go, and she did.

    After the bidet, we both took Helen's hands and led her to the bed. she
crawled onto the bed and stayed on her knees, but Carrie told her to lie on
her stomach to start with, and to spread her legs. Carrie knelt at Helen's
feet, and started massaging the soles of her feet. After a minute she began
caressing, kissing, and licking her way up both of Helen's legs. At that
time I began doing the same thing at her neck, then began working my way
down her shoulders and back. We met at her ass cheeks, and concentrated on
touching and kissing her lightly all over her butt. Reaching between
Helen's legs, Carrie began touching her vulva, then making small excursions
between her lips, while I began circling her sphincter with my fingers and
occasionally pressing on it.

    By that time, Helen was moaning continuously, and telling us how
wonderful she felt. Her body seemed totally relaxed. I put a little
lubricating gel on my finger, then spread some right on her sphincter. She
jumped a little when she felt the cool gel contact her sensitive rose, but
she relaxed again right away. I applied gentle pressure with my finger, and
it slipped right in. Helen gasped, then moaned, then told me it felt really
good. I worked my finger in and out slowly for a minute, then began
applying gentle side pressure around the walls of her hole. Over a few
minutes time, I gradually applied more side pressure, until I began to see
that the opening was actually bigger than the size of my finger. I pulled
out my finger, then carefully replaced it with two fingers. She groaned,
and I asked if I was hurting her. She said No, it felt wonderful. Carrie's
gentle stimulation of her pussy was doing a lot to distract her from any
minor discomfort she might have felt in her ass.

    I began again, slowly working my finger in and out, while rotating my
wrist at the same time. After about a minute of that, Helen had a small
orgasm. Carrie smiled, and asked her if she was a little anxious. She said
she couldn't resist us, we were too good. I kept doing what I was doing,
and after a while I thought she was relaxed enough for the dildo. I leaned
down and kissed her on her neck. "Are you ready to give me your cherry?" I

    She said, "I feel like you already took it. I love everything you're
doing to me, I'm yours."

    I told Helen to get on her knees, then I quickly moved behind her and
began applying lube to my dildo. Meanwhile, Carrie moved around until she
was in front of Helen on the bed. Helen was on all fours, so Carrie took
her hands and pulled her upright. She told Helen, "Wrap your arms around my
neck, rest your head on your arm, and rest your weight on me. You just
relax, I'll position you at the right height." When Helen was hanging on
Carrie, she reached down with one hand and began gently stimulating Helen's
pussy and clit again.

    I put the head of the dildo against Helen's sphincter. Looking up at
Carrie, I said, "Up about an inch, please." She raised Helen slightly, and
I followed her up. That seemed the right height, so I gently pushed against
Helen, until her muscles relaxed and the head of the dildo slipped in. "Is
that Ok, Helen?" I asked her.

    "It's not Ok, it's wonderful," she said. She raised her head and kissed
Carrie on her cheek. "You're both wonderful, I love what you're doing for
me." Carrie smiled at me. I slowly pushed the dildo a little farther into
Helen, and she sighed. "Don't stop, I want it all," she whispered. I
continued pushing slowly until my belly was pressed against Helen' ass.

    "It's all the way in, Helen, does it still feel Ok?" I asked.

    "Yes," she said. Then she said, "You took my cherry, now you have to
marry me." She kissed Carrie again. "You helped, you have to marry me, too.
And both of you have to do this to me every day from now on."

    Carrie laughed. It was her throaty, sexy laugh, the one that made my
pussy warm every time I heard it. I began stroking the dildo slowly, and in
only a few seconds Helen came. She cried out, then started kissing Carrie's
cheek over and over. Carrie turned her head and found Helen's lips with her
own, and they began passionately kissing.

    Helen had another orgasm a few minutes later. Soon after that, she
began having continuous orgasms. She pulled away from Carrie's lips, and
said she couldn't take any more. "Yes you can, I'll ease off on your
pussy," Carrie said. "Don't quit, you can have gentle, continuous orgasms
for many minutes. Just keep your arms around my neck, relax, and enjoy the
feeling. We'll do everything, you just hang on." Helen let her head fall
onto her arm, but she held on, and she kept having small orgasms. I was
pushing the dildo slowly in and out of her ass, and I knew Carrie was
supplying just enough stimulation to her clit to keep her going. Carrie was
getting tired from holding Helen, but she saw the concern on my face and
smiled at me. "I'm Ok," she whispered.

    We kept Helen like that for about ten minutes more. Finally, I became
concerned that both Helen and Carrie were approaching their limits. "I'm
going to pull it out now, Helen, I think you've had enough," I said. She
nodded, she was too tired to say anything. I slowly withdrew the dildo from
her ass, then I helped Carrie ease Helen down onto the bed, on her side.
When Helen released her grip on Carrie's neck, Carrie took my hand and
pulled me down on top of her. She wanted to give me a hot kiss, but she was
too tired to put any passion into it. The spanking, followed by Helen
hanging around her neck for who knows how long, had taken everything out of
Carrie. I got off of her and lay down on the bed, with Helen between me and
Carrie. I reached across Helen and took Carrie's hand again. "I love you,
Sister," I said. "Thank you."

    Carrie whispered, "Char, what William did to Helen during my spanking
... that was my idea. One of my dumbest ideas ever. I'm so sorry, and I'm
sorry I let him take the heat. I didn't have the guts to tell you before

    I said, "Helen's Ok with it, so I'm Ok with it. Thanks for telling me."

    She smiled at me and closed her eyes.

    I looked at Helen. I knew she was asleep, or maybe unconscious would
have been more accurate, but she was still having small orgasms. I could
see the tremors passing through her body. Carrie was also out, from simple
exhaustion. I rolled over on my back and began thinking of how to ask
William for what wanted.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

I like classical music

You may have noticed I like my classics. Here is another classic I like very much.

Training Carrie, chapter 95

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 95

 Home again, I carefully led Helen into the back door of our house,
then gently removed her ear plugs and took off her blindfold. "Welcome to
our home," I said. Throwing my arms around her neck, I kissed her

    We all hung up our coats on the rack by the back door. Helen looked
startled when Carrie took the pistol out of her purse, took William's
pistol from him, and went to the bedroom to put them in their usual
places. She returned in a minute, then William lined us up and looked at
us for a few moments. Carrie and I had on our usual cold weather wear,
jeans and sweaters, and I already said how Helen was dressed.

    Finally, William grinned. "Ok, it was a tough choice," he said, "but
I've made my decision. When the three of you meet me in the living room,
in ten minutes, I want to see three slaves dressed like that," he pointed
at Helen, "and not like that," he pointed to Carrie and me. "Then we'll
help Helen unpack and give her a quick tour before lunch." We took Helen's
hands and led her to our bedroom.

    In the bedroom, Carrie asked Helen if she needed to use the toilet.
Helen nodded that she did. "Cat got your tongue?" Carrie asked with a

    Helen shook her head, "I'm sorry, Carrie, I'm in shock. I just can't
believe I'm really doing this. I'm a slave."

    "You're doing it, Sweetie," Carrie said, as she and I peeled off our
jeans. "Go ahead and strip, then we'll help you on the toilet. We've only
got ten minutes for all three of us."

    We went naked into the bathroom. I took one of Helen's hands, and
Carrie took the other. As Helen sat down, we both knelt in front of her.
"May I caress your beautiful breasts?" Carrie asked.

    "This is too much, my brain hurts," Helen said. She looked at Carrie,
who was trying not to laugh. "Of course," Helen said, "I would love it if
both of you caressed my breasts while I pee." Carrie did laugh at that,
and so did I. We assured Helen that she would get used to our ways, if she
gave us a chance.

    Helen took her turn on her knees, while Carrie and I peed. I almost
came when she started nibbling on my nipple. When we had all used the
toilet and the bidet, which was another new experience for Helen, we
returned to the bedroom to dress. I dressed Helen while Carrie picked
outfits for herself and me, then Helen and I dressed Carrie, and finally
Helen and Carrie dressed me. "In a very strange way, this all makes sense
to me," Helen said. Carrie took Helen in her arms and gave her a big wet
kiss. When she let go, Helen took a step back. She looked at Carrie from
head to toe, then said, "Can't you change back into a sweater and jeans? I
can't compete with that body." Carrie was wearing one of her sheer black
blouses, William's favorite, and a very short skirt.

    Carrie grinned at her. "Oh, you can compete, take my word for it. But
Char and I don't compete, we cooperate, and you'll learn how to do that
too. Anyway, we don't need to compete for William's attention, there's
enough of him for all of us, with a lot left over."

    "And he never plays favorites," I added.

    We checked ourselves in the mirror, standing side by side. "Three
heart stoppers," Carrie said, getting a big grin from Helen. Then we
walked hand-in-hand to the living room. As we walked along, I whispered to
Helen that I was glad she came. She squeezed my hand and whispered back
that she was glad, too.

    William had turned the tree lights on, and he was sitting on the couch
looking at the tree. He looked at us as we walked in, then did a double
take. "Wow, I sure called that one right," he said with a grin. Helen's
Christmas presents were on the coffee table. "Helen, would you do us the
honor of putting your presents under our tree?" he asked.

    "It would be my honor, William, thank you," Helen said. She picked up
her presents and took them to the tree. "It's a beautiful tree," she said,
dropping to her knees and positioning the presents under the tree. Seeing
her present, she looked around with a grin. "Who is this one for?"

    William shrugged. "Some friend of Char's, we'll find out tonight," he
said. "Why don't we show you the guest bedroom, you can unpack there."
When we got to the guest bedroom, he said, "Char and Carrie keep some of
their clothes in here, there's not enough storage space in our master
bedroom." I helped Helen hang up what needed hanging, and showed her a
drawer she could use for everything else.

    When all of Helen's clothes were put away, William said, "Well, we
could give you a quick tour now. But to be honest, you've seen nearly
every room upstairs. Why don't you and Char stay in here and get
reacquainted? Carrie will come and get you when lunch is ready. It'll be
about an hour."

    "Yes, Sir," we both said. William kissed both of us, then Carrie
kissed us. Grinning, she followed William out the door. "Open or closed?"
she asked, looking back at us with her hand on the doorknob.

    "Open, please," Helen said before I had a chance. Carrie let go of the
handle and waved back at us as she left.

    Turning to Helen, I said, "While you're undressing me, tell me how you
like slave-hood so far."

    She kissed me tenderly while unbuttoning my blouse. "I absolutely love
it," she said, opening the blouse and baring my breasts.

    We started out on our sides, kissing and caressing. After a few
minutes, I flipped around so we could reach each other's pussies with our
mouths. I loved the sweet, salty taste of Helen's pussy, I concentrated on
nibbling her labia and pushing my tongue as far into her as it would go.
She liked a lot of stimulation before her clit was approached, so I took
my time. I, on the other hand, liked to be overwhelmed with everything at
once. The first contact Helen made was a gentle bite on my clit, causing
me to have a mini-orgasm.

    The hour flew by. I think I had four or five orgasms, and Helen
probably had about the same. But it still seemed like we were just getting
started, when Carrie came in. "Lunch will be on the table in about ten
minutes," she said. I rolled off of Helen and lay beside her, panting.
Carrie didn't leave, she stood at the foot of the bed looking at us. "You
have the cutest pussy, do you mind if I kiss it?" she asked Helen.

    Helen looked at me, but I just looked back at her. She had to learn to
decide things like that for herself. "I wish you would," she finally said.
As Carrie crawled onto the bed, Helen opened her legs and said, "I owe you
my thanks, and a good fuck. When you and I went to bed last weekend, I
didn't know anything, it was probably awful for you. But you showed me
enough so that I could please Char the first time we were together. So,
thank you, Carrie."

    Carrie was kneeling upright between Helen's legs. She crossed her
wrists behind her back and smoothly bent down to Helen's pussy. Her auburn
hair cascaded over her shoulders and flowed onto and over Helen's belly
and hips. She put her mouth over Helen's slit, and in only a few seconds
she had Helen whimpering and clawing at the sheets with her fingers. She
had done that to me so many times, I could have cum just from watching her
do it to Helen, if I hadn't been so tired. After a few more seconds, Helen
came hard. Carrie raised her head, then leaned back down and tenderly
kissed Helen's pussy. After raising herself back up to a vertical
position, she smiled at seeing the dazed expression on Helen's face. "You
don't owe me anything," she said, "and the way I remember it, you weren't
that bad. Maybe we need to try again, and see which of us has the better

    "I'm still trying to figure out the etiquette here," Helen said, still
gasping for breath, "but I would like to go to bed with you again." She
looked at me. "If Char doesn't mind," she added.

    "Carrie told you, we don't compete," I said.

    "I'm pretty sure William is going to have Char spank me after lunch,"
Carrie said. "We could ask him to have the two of you take me to bed after
that. Would you like to try a three-way?"

    "Say Yes, Helen," I said, grinning at her.

    "Yes, Helen," she said, getting a laugh from Carrie and me. Carrie
left, telling us to come to lunch.

    While we were dressing, I explained, "If William tells us to take
Carrie to bed, that has a special meaning. It means we control her, until
he takes control back from us. She has to do whatever we say. She's
offered to do that for us, and you've accepted. Not that it's much of a
sacrifice for her, she loves being controlled."

    "Do we owe her anything for doing that for us?" Helen asked.

    That was the first stupid thing I had ever heard her say, so I let it
pass. I said, "Carrie and I each work very hard at being a really good sex
partner, for each other and for William. That's what we owe her, our best
in bed."

    Helen was quiet for a minute. We were dressed and heading out of the
guest bedroom, when she took my arm and pulled me to a stop. "What Carrie
did to me was a little bit frightening. It was almost clinical, the way
she got me to orgasm within a few seconds. I didn't even know that was
possible. Is she always like that?"

    I kissed her, then said, "Carrie can't help showing off sometimes.
She'll be back to normal this afternoon. She's a wonderful lover, you'll
see." I kissed her again, then told her, "Try not to think about it so
much, just relax and let it happen," then I took her hand and led her to
the dining room.

    When we got to the dining room, William and Carrie were already
sitting at the table. William looked at Helen and said, "You look more
relaxed now, Helen. That's good, all that tension is bad for you." She
grinned at him, and said she was indeed more relaxed now. William said,
"We'll explain the full rules about sitting later, Helen. For now, just
watch how Char sits down, and then do what she does, Ok?"

    Helen nodded, and then watched me as I got into position in front of
my chair, flipped up the back of my skirt, and sat down. After she had
done the same, she smiled at William and said, "So, you didn't just make
that up on the spot, when you made me bare my ass in the restaurant?" He
shook his head.

    We made small talk during lunch. At one point, William said, "After
lunch, we'll take a quick tour of the basement." Turning to Helen, he
added, "All three of you slaves will be naked, your hands will be bound
behind your backs, and you'll be forbidden to speak without permission."
Helen lowered her eyes, and I saw her hand start to shake. I reached over
and put my hand on her arm, and told her she had nothing to worry about.
She looked up at me, gave me a slight smile, and nodded. But she didn't
say anything for the rest of the meal. Carrie and I carried on a cheerful
conversation, trying to reassure Helen, but I don't think we had much
effect on her.

    When lunch was finished, each of us carried our dirty dishes to the
kitchen, washed off the leftovers in the sink, and loaded them into the
dishwasher. William started the dishwasher, then turned to us and said,
"Let's show Helen the basement."

    Before we entered the mural room, William explained to Helen about the
formal speech rules, and about the mural room being the transition point.
He also told her that the formal speech rules would probably be relaxed
once we were in the basement. At one point, Carrie interrupted his
explanations, to point out that we didn't have any bondage gear for Helen.
William thought about it for a moment, then told Carrie, "You don't need
hardware, you'll hold any Pose I put you in, for as long as I wish. Helen
can use your hardware." Carrie smiled, and said she would be pleased if
Helen used her manacles, but asked if she could keep her slave collar on.
William agreed, saying the collars wouldn't be needed, since we were just
taking a tour.

    In the mural room, William watched as we undressed, removing
everything but our chokers and Carrie's collar. I could see that Helen was
shaking, but I couldn't speak to reassure her. She would soon discover
that she had nothing to fear, but that didn't help her for the moment.
When we were all naked, William took hold of Carrie's wrists, and crossed
them behind her back. "You're wrists are firmly locked together, and only
I have the key to free them," he said. She smiled and nodded. Next,
William put on my leather wrist and ankle manacles and my belt. While he
was outfitting me, he explained to Helen that my crude gear would be
replaced with steel bonds like Carrie's, as soon as my weight stabilized.
He clipped my wrists together behind my back, and then turned to Helen.

    Seeing Carrie and I smiling at her, our wrists secured behind our
backs, seemed to help Helen a little. As William approached her, she held
her arms out for him to put on the manacles. Seeing the surprise on her
face when he let go of her arm after attaching the first manacle, he said,
"Yes, they are heavy, but you'll get used to it after a few minutes." He
proceeded to attach the second wrist manacle, the ankle manacles, and the
belt. Then he gently took her wrists and pulled them behind her back. She
resisted at first, but he told her in a gentle voice that she had nothing
to fear. She relaxed enough to let him clip her wrists together. Back in
front of her, he took her by her shoulders, kissed her on the forehead,
and said, "Believe it or not, the worst is over. Please try to relax." She
smiled and nodded her head.

    William lined us up in a row, gave each of us a tender kiss on the
lips and on each breast, and then began taking us to the basement. He took
me down first, so I would already be there when he brought Helen next.
Finally he went back upstairs and returned with Carrie.

    He stood looking at the three of us, a puzzled look on his face.
"Three slaves, but only two hands, how can I lead you on a tour?" he asked
himself. After a moment he lined us up in a column. Since Carrie wasn't
wearing a belt, she had to be in front. He put Helen right behind Carrie,
then took Carrie's hands and pulled them back until he could hook her
index finger into a D-ring in Helen's belt. "Don't let go," he said. Then
he put me behind Helen, and hooked her finger into the D-ring at the front
of my belt. "Don't let go," he said again, patting Helen on her shoulder.
She nodded her head. I leaned forward and kissed Helen on her back, and
she turned her head around far enough that I could see her silently mouth
the words, "I love you." She didn't seem so afraid, like she had been

    I assumed that William led Carrie by her labia, although I obviously
couldn't see that. As soon as we started walking, it became a comedy of
errors, with me kicking Helen and Helen kicking Carrie. William saw what
was happening and stopped Carrie. He stood beside us and explained that,
because we were so close together, we had to walk in lock step. He told us
that he would say "walk" to start us moving, and we would each lead with
our left foot. "After that, it's simple," he said. "If you're kicking the
person in front of you, just take shorter steps. We'll take our time and
walk slowly."

    Things worked much smoother after that. William took us on a clockwise
tour of the room, starting with the slave bed. Whenever we stopped, I
either rested my forehead on Helen's back, or else occasionally kissed
her. I could tell she was relaxing more and more.

    At the bed, William took his time, explaining to Helen how the slave
was restrained, and how the bed could be adjusted to just about any
position. Our next stop was the Master's area, and then we moved on to the
ritual sex area. There, William asked Carrie to demonstrate to Helen how
the bars were used. She took her position bent over the bars, and William
walked up behind her. Running his hands lightly over her ass and thighs,
William said, "At the organization's training room, this is where Carrie
and I first had sex, and where we began a love affair that will never
end." Carrie came so hard that she cried out, and I heard Helen gasp in

    William stood Carrie up and took her in his arms. He held her quietly
for a minute, and at the same time I was kissing Helen all over her back,
everywhere I could reach. Helen sighed several times, and I could feel her
body trembling. Finally, William pretended to restrain Carrie's wrists
again, then put her back into position at the head of our column. He
quickly finished the tour, going first to the toilet area, then the
punishment stage, then to the learning machine, which he didn't explain at
all. I was glad of that, I never wanted to see Helen in that horrible
thing. I never wanted to be put in it again either. I had never been in
Carrie's version, but I had spent countless hours in the organization's
machine, and I hated it. I still couldn't understand why Carrie had gone
to a lot of trouble to duplicate such an evil device.

    William announced that the tour was over, and that we were under
informal speech rules. He also unfastened our wrists, but left the
manacles on. He then asked Helen if she had any questions. With her eyes
downcast, she said softly, "I would like to know what it feels like to be
restrained in the bed, if that's Ok."

    William smiled. "I thought you might. Of course it's Ok." He held out
a hand, Helen put her hand in his, and he took her to the bed. Along the
way, William said, "To make your experience more realistic, you're back
under formal speech rules, Helen." She looked at William and nodded her

    After reattaching Helen's wrists behind her back, William carefully
backed her up to the bed. He attached her ankles to the bed, then lifted
her arms over the waist pad and fastened her belt to it. Finally, he
pressed her into the wraparound backrest and loosely fastened the straps
above and below her breasts. After adjusting the headrest, he asked her if
she was ready to be rotated. Helen looked concerned, but she nodded that
she was ready.

    William slowly rotated the bed until it was almost horizontal. As the
bed rotated, it forced Helen's legs to bend as if she were sitting, and to
spread apart. William fastened the straps just below her knees, so that
her lower legs were completely immobilized, then he tightened the breast
straps and gently tugged at her breasts until they were as high and
pointed as they would get. After fastening a strap across her forehead, he
attached the ropes to her wrists, pulled her arms down toward the floor,
and tied the ropes to the frame of the bed.

    William walked up to the head of the bed and looked down at Helen. she
gave him a faint smile. "Informal speech, Slave, tell your Master how you

    Helen said, "I feel like I'm completely under your control and at your
mercy, Master... It's not an unpleasant feeling. But honestly, if I didn't
trust you, I would be terrified right now."

    William said, "You can trust me, Helen. This is your last chance to
say No, otherwise you're about to receive your your first orgasm from me."

    She was quiet for a long time, then Helen said, "William... Master, I
remember what Carrie told me last weekend. Every orgasm I've had since I
first met the three of you, and I've had many, I was given by you. I'm
eager to have my next one, whenever you choose to give it to me." When
Helen said that, Carrie took my hand in hers and squeezed it. I was very
proud of Helen, we all were.

    William spent a few minutes kissing Helen while he played with her
breasts. Then he asked me to take over those duties, while he went to the
other end of the bed. I didn't need to watch William, I knew what he was
going to do, so I concentrated on Helen. What William did was spend a few
more minutes kissing and caressing Helen's inner thighs, then he began
kissing her pussy and nibbling at her labia with his lips and teeth. When
she was very wet, he moved his mouth to her clit, while continuing to
stimulate her pussy with his fingers. At one point he probably pushed a
wet finger into her ass, and that was probably the point where she
squealed and bit my lip.

    Helen was frustrated by being totally restrained. she kept trying to
move her head to participate in the kissing, but she couldn't do it, so
eventually she just relaxed her body completely. In no time she was
moaning and whimpering, and in another few minutes she had a strong
orgasm. William didn't stop, or even slow down, and neither did I. We
took her to three more orgasms, one right after the other. Finally she
started trying to speak, so I took my mouth off of hers. "Please," she
said, "it's wonderful, but I can't take any more right now. May I please
have a few minutes to rest?"

    William stopped what he was doing and walked back up to Helen's head.
Leaning down, he gave me a deep kiss, letting me share the taste of Helen
on his lips and tongue. Then he put his hand to the side of Helen's face
and looked down at her, smiling. "Let's stop for now, but I'm far from
finished with you," he said.

    Helen looked at me, and then back at William. Softly, she asked,
"Don't you want to fuck me?"

    "Of course I do," William said. "I've wanted to fuck you since you
walked into our hotel suite and dropped your dress to the floor. But
there's no rush, we'll get around to everything on the agenda before you

    William released one of Helen's wrists, then he put my hand in hers.
"Stay here with your lover, and bring her back down gently," he said. He
then took Carrie by her hand and walked over to the bars. I watched as she
leaned over the bars and he began caressing her ass and thighs. I knew he
was going to fuck her ass.

    I turned my attention back to Helen. Still holding her hand, I
released the strap that had immobilized her head. "How are you,
Beautiful?" I asked.

    Helen said, "I'm in love with you, Beautiful. But I'm feeling guilty
that I can get so excited by Carrie and William, I feel like I'm betraying

    "You're not betraying me," I said. "I love watching you when you're
turned on, it makes you even more beautiful and sexy. I'd like to tie you
up, and keep you just short of an orgasm for a couple of days. I bet you'd
be too beautiful for mortals like me to look at, it would probably blind
me or something."

    Helen's eyes got big. "You want to tie me up?" she asked.

    I smiled down at her. "I was just speculating out loud, developing a
theory. Would you like me to tie you up?"

    Helen had a devilish grin on her face. "What would you do to me after
I was tied up."

    This was fun. I said, "Well that should be obvious, I'd do anything I
wanted to. I could make you eat my pussy until I passed out from orgasm
overdose. Or I could make you cum from just being tickled. Or I could make
you confess all the wicked things you've ever done, and then give you a
spanking for each one of them. Or I could bring in a tattoo artist, and
have my name tattooed on your breasts, your ass, and right above your

    She said, "You can do anything you want to me, Char, anything at all.
I want to be yours, your lover, your ... your wife, I don't know what to
call it. I want to be with you from now on."

    I'd just been proposed to.
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