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Traning Carrie, chapter 43

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 43

Dinner was ready, so I plated everything and carried our plates to the
dining room. I returned for some wine and glasses, then returned a final
time for my Slave. Taking hold of her nipples, I told Carrie to stand up.
Then I moved my grip to one of her labia and led her to the dining room.

    I had rearranged Carrie's chair so that it was positioned beside mine,
facing away from the table. Her dinner plate was on the seat of her chair.
Leading her up to the chair, and again taking control of her by her
nipples, I asked her to please kneel for dinner. She knelt in front of her
chair, and I released her nipples and sat down.

    I held Carrie's wine glass to her lips, and she took a sip and thanked
me. I told her she could unfold her arms, and she was free to feed herself.
Since I didn't want to put her wine glass on the chair, she would have to
ask me whenever she wanted a sip of wine. She thanked me again and unfolded
her arms. After spending a few moments relieving the stiffness in her arms
and shoulders, she picked up her fork and began eating.

    She kept silent for a long while, and I was just about to ask her if
there was still a problem. Finally she asked me for another sip of wine,
thanked me, and asked when we would attempt the hill again. I answered that
we could go any time she wished during the middle part of the day, but we
wouldn't do it again at night or in the early morning until her outfits
came and we decided if they would keep her from getting so cold. She said
we would do whatever her Master wished, but she would really like to try it
again naked in the cold.

    I told Carrie I didn't like the idea of her suffering through another
experience like the last time we went up the hill. She said it wasn't that
bad, she just wasn't used to it, and it was a challenge she wanted to face.
I said we would go outside after dinner and check out the weather, then
decide if tomorrow morning was a good time to try again. That seemed to
lighten her mood a little, we made relaxed small talk through the rest of

    While Carrie cleaned up the mess I made preparing dinner, I went to
Philip's "office" and got a pistol for the trip outside after dark. I
loaded it and stuck it in the back of my belt. Returning to the kitchen, I
saw that Carrie had just started the dishwasher. I told her to fold her
arms behind her back again, and watched her as she struggled to grab her
upper arms with each hand. Grasping one nipple, I led her to the back door
and outside. I was surprised at how cold it was, we hadn't been outside
since returning from our previous hill climb. Of course, I was dressed,
while Carrie was naked.

    We walked a little way from the house, and I noticed that Carrie was
getting goose flesh. I asked her what was the deal with the weather. It was
only a few days ago we went up the hill at night, and the temperature was
comfortable, then suddenly it got cold. She said it was like this last
year, and there would probably be alternating warm and cold spells until
Winter set in for real in a month or so.

    I let go of Carrie's nipple, and she stopped in her tracks. I kept
walking for maybe twenty feet, then said, "It's too cold, Carrie, let's go
back inside." Without looking at her, I turned and headed back to the
house. Reaching the door, I went inside, closed the door, and locked it.

    I moved away from the door, in case she cheated and looked around to
see if I was watching her. I moved to a window with no backlighting, and
knelt with just the top of my head exposed through the window, watching
Carrie. I checked the time periodically, and after 15 minutes she had not
moved a muscle. I waited another 10 minutes, and still she had not moved.

    Going out through the front door, I quietly walked around the house
until I was a few feet behind Carrie. I could see that she was shivering
badly. She jumped when I spoke and asked, "Do you still want to go up the
hill early tomorrow morning, Carrie?"

    "Yes, Master," was all she said.

    I walked around to face her, and I could see she was suffering from the
cold. "Perhaps I should leave you here another half hour, and see if you
change your mind."

    "Whatever Master wishes," she said through chattering teeth. I asked
her why she wanted to do this, and she said again that it was a challenge,
and she had hoped for support from her Master rather than hindrance.

    Her words cut me like a knife. "I'm sorry, Carrie," I said, "I
shouldn't have belittled your goals. Unfold your arms and come inside. If
that's what you want, we'll climb the hill tomorrow morning."

    She unfolded her arms, walked up to me and kissed me tenderly on the
lips, and said "Thank you, Master, it is what I want."

    Back in the house, I apologized again. Carrie said that no apology was
necessary, Master was free to leave his slave outside all night, if that
was Master's wish. I told her to knock off the good slave routine for a
minute so we could talk about what happened. "Ok," she said, walking up and
getting in my face, "let's talk. Why did you punish me for wanting to excel
at a task you set for me?"

    I met her gaze, wondering if I should tell her to back off, or have the
discussion she needed to have. After a moment's thought, it was obvious. I
had screwed up, so I would take what I had coming. "In my own clumsy way, I
was trying to convince you that it was a bad idea. I thought if you got
really cold within sight of the house, it would occur to you that you
wouldn't want to be even colder an hour's walk from the house."

    She laughed. "First of all, I don't need the house to get warm, I can
use your body. It saved me the first time we tried this, and I would bet my
life it would save me again. Second of all, you can stop me from bugging
you about the hill with a single word, you don't have to leave me standing
outside in the dark, naked. You tell me how important it is for us to talk,
then you treat me like a child. If you think it's a bad idea to attempt the
hill again, why don't you just tell me we're not doing it? If I argue about
it more than you like, simply tell me to shut up."

    I said, "You're right about everything. Where do we go from here?"

    She walked up to me until our bodies were pressed together, then hooked
an arm around my neck, an aggressive move I was beginning to really like.
"Listen, you should really take me to the basement and use the crop on me
for what I just said. But whether you do that or not, where we go next
should be our bed. I want to be thoroughly fucked, then I want to get a
good night's sleep. Tomorrow morning, I would like to be on top of the hill
and have your cock in my pussy as the sun comes up." She smiled, then
added, "And you'd like that too, wouldn't you?"

    I nodded and smiled. "You're amazing," I said. "You'll receive what
you're due with the crop the next time we go downstairs. For tonight, bed
it is." We walked arm in arm to the bedroom. After using the toilet and
taking a shower, we went to bed and made love. Carrie set the alarm for
4:30, then we drifted off to sleep in one another's arms.

    When the alarm went off, Carrie groaned but hopped out of bed. When I
got my eyes open, she was standing beside the bed and holding out her hand
to me. I took it, and she dragged me to the bathroom. We quickly took care
of the toilet routine. Leaving Carrie naked, I sent her off to begin
loading the backpack. I reminded her to fill the canteen, grab some food in
a sack, her survival kit, and her rolled up clothes, and secure it all to
the backpack, then return here with the pack. I got dressed, then rounded
up all of the equipment Carrie would wear.

    When Carrie came back to the bedroom carrying the loaded backpack, I
took it from her and laid it on the bed. I took her in my arms, hugged and
kissed her, and said I was proud that she wanted to accomplish this
difficult task, and I was sure she would do a great job this morning. I
reminded her of the safe signal, to stop moving if she couldn't continue.
Then I gave her a stern look, and told her I didn't expect that signal to
be given. She assured me it wouldn't.

    When I began dressing Carrie, I almost asked her if she would rather
wear walking shoes than the high-heeled pony boots, which weren't designed
for hill climbing. But I knew what her answer would be, so I put the boots
on her and began lacing them up. Then taking her to the bathroom, I lubed
up her pony tail/butt plug and inserted it. Then came her body and head

    I was taking her back to the bathroom to attach the dental floss loops
to her nipples, and she pleaded with me to attach the reins to her labia
rings. I told her that was out of the question, but I had prepared for her
to ask, and I had an alternative. I attached the jingle bells, that she had
worn on her nipples several times, to the labia rings. The bells weighed
nearly nothing, but they would let her know her rings were in use. She then
asked if I she could wear her "manhole cover." Again I refused, saying that
it would waste time removing it before fucking her on top of the hill.

    Returning to the bedroom, I attached her wrist manacles, helped her get
into the backpack harness, then fastened her wrists to the bottom of the
frame. I tightened her dental floss loops, getting two groans from Carrie,
then attached the reins and threaded them through the backpack. Finally I
stood in front of her, took her by the shoulders, told her I loved her and
kissed her. I put her bit in her mouth and attached it to the head harness,
then put on her blindfold and inserted her earplugs. After putting on my
jacket and slipping a flash light and the pistol from last night into my
belt, we were ready. I patted Carrie on the ass, and she whinnied. Taking
the reins, I began driving her through the house to the exit door.

    Once we were outside, Carrie groaned. It was even colder than the
previous time, there was frost on the ground, and Carrie's and my breath
hung heavily on the air. While I locked the door, Carrie began stomping her
feet and whinnying, eager to start her trek. It was still very dark, but by
now I felt confident that I knew the trail.

    As I started Carrie moving again, I was wishing I hadn't told her the
part about not expecting her to use the safe signal. I was trying to be
supportive, but I knew this trip was going to be a severe challenge for
her. I hoped my words wouldn't be what kept her going when her common sense
told her she couldn't make it.

    It was important that Carrie walk as fast as possible, both to minimize
the time it took to get to the top, and to generate as much heat as
possible from her physical exertion. But at the same time she had to
blindly feel her way along the trail with only the cues she got from her
feet in those heavy, high-heeled boots. After we had been on the trail for
awhile, I estimated that she was making no better progress today than she
had the last time. Considering how much colder it was this time, that was
bad news.

    The backs of her legs were all goose flesh, and she was clinching and
unclinching her hands as she laboriously moved along the trail. After what
seemed like an eternity, we reached the turn where she had briefly been in
full sun the last time. No such luck this time, the sky was just beginning
to lighten in the East. I wondered to myself if she realized where she was,
if she had a mental map of the path we took.

    When we reached the beginning of the steep terrain, I estimated that we
were about ten minutes behind the previous timeline. Not good considering
the difference in temperature. Carrie seemed to be slowing down, and I
began agonizing again about whether I should end the trip or let her try
her best to achieve her goal. This time I settled the argument quickly.
After our talk last night, it was clear she needed, and deserved, my
support. We would keep going until she succeeded of failed on her own.

    I breathed a sigh of relief when she made it past the spot she had
stumbled before. But only a few dozen feet beyond there, she took a bad
fall. She was unable to turn in time and fell forward against the rock

    I ran up and helped Carrie struggle to her feet. Examining her with the
flash light, I saw a few small cuts on her knees, one thigh and her breasts.
I carefully brushed her off, then pulled out one earplug. I told her she
took some minor injuries, but she was Ok. Then I asked her if she was ready
to continue. She stood still for a few seconds, shivering badly, then
slowly hung her head and shook it back and forth.

    As I was removing the backpack, I said "It's Ok, Baby, you did a great
job, it's just too damned cold." As soon as the backpack was off I got her
sweater and put it on her, then I removed her other earplug, blindfold, and
bit. Carrie was crying silently, and her head was bowed. I didn't have time
to comfort her until I got her dressed, so I just let her cry. I wrapped
her in the blanket and told her to sit down and start taking off her boots.
She began fumbling with the laces, but her hands were too cold. As quickly
as I could, I got her clothes from the survival kit, then went to work on
her boots. I had them off soon, then I slipped her panties over her feet,
quickly followed by her jeans. Pulling her to her feet, I pulled up the
panties and jeans, then forced her second sweater on over the first one.

    Sitting her down again wrapped in the blanket, I put on her socks and
shoes. I told her there was no level place to lie down, we would have to go
back down the trail about a hundred feet and then I would lie down with her
and warm her up. She didn't answer, she was still crying. I gathered up all
of the equipment in one arm, then took Carrie by her arm and pulled her to
her feet. I told her to keep the blanket around her and come with me, then
I began pulling her down the trail as fast as I thought she could move.

    In a few minutes we reached a flat spot, and I dropped the equipment in
a pile. Taking the blanket from Carrie, I spread it on the ground and
helped her lie on it. Lying behind her, I pressed our bodies together,
threw my upper leg over her legs, and wrapped us in the blanket. I put my
arm around her and pulled her to me, telling her we were Ok now.

    She started telling me how sorry she was that she had failed me, and a
lot of other crap along the same lines. I tried to reassure her, but I knew
she wouldn't be ready to forgive herself, for what she saw as a failure,
for some time. It was best just to let her wallow in it for now.

    I held Carrie close to me and occasionally kissed the back of her neck
and repeated that I loved her. We probably lay there for 45 minutes. Her
shivering finally stopped, and she reached a hand up and found my hand. She
said I was right, that she shouldn't have tried to do this. I told her No,
I was wrong, she should have tried this, and she was going to try it again
in a few days. She squeezed my hand tightly and told me she loved me. I
said I knew she loved me. What I needed to hear her say was that she tried
her best, but it was simply too cold for her to finish the climb, and she
would do better the next time. After some hesitation, she repeated what I
told her to say. I made her repeat it in her own words until she sounded
like she meant it, then I told her I believed her, and couldn't be more
proud of her.

    It was light now, but we were not in direct sunlight and probably
wouldn't be for another hour. I asked her if she was warm enough to move
around, and she said Yes. I told her we were going to get up and finish the
climb. When we got to the top we would probably be in sunlight, and we
would have something to eat and decide if it was warm enough for a fuck.
She was still very unhappy, all she said was, "Yes, Master."

    When we were standing, I took Carrie by both shoulders and shook her
gently. She looked up at me, and I said, "Tell me I love you."

    "I love you," she said.

    "I know you love me, Carrie, but that's not what I told you to say. I
said, 'Tell me that I love you.'"

    She looked puzzled, then I saw the light of understanding in her eyes.
"You love me," she said, unable to resist a slight smile.

    "Tell me I'm proud of what you accomplished this morning."

    That got rid of the smile. "I didn't accomplish anything, Master. I

    "Ok, we'll start again. Tell me that I love you."

    "You love me."

    "Tell me I'm proud of what you accomplished this morning."

    With reluctance and resignation, she said "You're proud of what I
accomplished this morning."

    "Tell me I'm a lucky man, to be with a woman as intelligent, beautiful,
loving, and strong as you." She knew there was no choice, so she repeated
what I told her to say.

    I kept going for another minute, making her tell me many of the
positive feelings I had about her. Finally, she laughed and said, "Ok,
Master, I get it." I told her to describe what happened this morning, and
she straightened her shoulders, looked me in the eyes, and said, "I was
naked, I couldn't move very fast, I got too cold, so I didn't reach the top
of the hill. I tried my best, and I believe I can do better the next time.
And I thank God you're with me, Master." We hugged and kissed.

    "Should we go up the hill, or go home?" I asked her.

    "Let's go home, Master. The hill will wait."

    To keep her occupied, I had Carrie tie all our equipment onto the
backpack, then I put it on my back. I took Carrie's hand in mine, and we
started home.

    As we walked down the trail, Carrie became quiet again. I told her to
sing to me. "Please, Master," she said, "I don't feel like singing. Can't
you just let me feel bad for a little while?"

    I smiled at her. "You can feel bad any time it's appropriate, my love.
But when you're feeling sorry for yourself, you have to sing to your

    She smiled at me. "Can't fool you, can I?" she said. I shook my head,
and she started singing.

    Just as we reached the house, we came into sunlight. "Too late, you son
of a bitch," I screamed, giving the finger to the sun. Carrie laughed, a
happy laugh.

    Carrie went to the bedroom to strip, while I put away our gear. When I
met her in the bedroom, I hugged her then took her hand and led her to the
bathroom. We relieved ourselves, then I told Carrie to draw a hot bath, and
we would have a soak before breakfast.

    We were lying face-to-face in the tub, with my cock in Carrie. I was
teasing her asshole with the fingers of one hand, while the other hand was
rubbing one of her nipples under the water. She stopped kissing me long
enough to ask if she could come. I told her to wait, I wanted her for
dessert in bed after we had breakfast.

    After we dried one another and I had combed out her damp hair, I asked
Carrie to fold her arms behind her back. She was getting better at it, but
she it still took her some effort to grasp her upper arms with her hands.
Cupping her ass with my hand, I bent my middle finger and inserted it into
her asshole. She shivered, then looked at me and smiled. "I wondered when
you'd get around to that," she said.

    I guided her gently to the kitchen, positioned her in front of the
pillow from last night, then tugged her to her knees by a nipple. After
washing my hands, I started making a quick breakfast. I told Carrie to talk
to me while I worked. She made conversation at first, but then it tailed
off and she became quiet. I looked around at her, and she had her head

    "Straighten up, Carrie, and raise your head. If you can't follow the
rules of posture, and keep your body erect and your head level, we can get
some training devices that will help you. How would you like to wear a
posture collar 24 hours a day for a few weeks?" She snapped to the correct
posture and apologized.

    I walked over to where she knelt on the floor, and she looked up to
meet my gaze. I asked, "Would it make you feel better if I took you
downstairs and punished you severely for what you think of as your failure
this morning?"

    She lowered her eyes for an instant, then looked at me again. "Yes,
Master, it's what I deserve," she said with conviction.

    "Very well, I'll give you a choice," I said. "Your Master was looking
forward to an hour in bed with his Slave after breakfast. But instead I
will take you downstairs and flog you slowly for an hour, neck to knees,
if that is your preference. Which will it be?"

    "I choose bed with my Master," she answered immediately. I helped her
to her feet using her nipples, and told her she could lower her arms, then
bend over the chair. She smiled very slightly and immediately assumed the
position for a spanking.

    I spanked her as hard as I my hands could stand for nearly 10 minutes.
When I told her to stand up and face me, tears were streaming down her face
and she was sobbing softly. I told her she could thank me and give me a
kiss. She looked into my eyes and thanked me, then tenderly kissed me on
the lips while putting her arms around my neck.

    Returning to my cooking chores, I plated the slightly overcooked
breakfast on a single plate and took it to the dining room, then returned
for a cup of coffee and my Slave. At the dining table, I sat in my usual
chair then had Carrie sit in my lap, facing me, with her back against the
table. After putting my dick in her cunt, I took the breakfast plate and
handed it to her, telling her to hold it between us while we ate.

    As Carrie held the plate, I fed us. Whenever I gave her a mouthful of
food, she would squeeze my cock a few times with her well-developed vaginal
muscles. I accused her of trying to get the majority of the food, and she
smiled and said, "Of course, Master."

    When we finished eating I took the plate from her and set it on the
table. Then I took her nipples between the thumb and finger of each hand
and began rolling and squeezing them. She began moaning softly. "Do you
know how distracting it was to have these things right in front of me the
whole time I was feeding us?" I asked her.

    "Sorry, Master, I'll leave them in the bedroom the next time we do

    "Don't you dare," I told her. She had closed her eyes, and I told her
to open them and look at me. She complied immediately, and I tried to give
her a stern look. "Are we going to be Ok, or are you going to hang a dark
cloud over our activities for the whole weekend?" I asked.

    She took a deep breath, then gave me her best smile, a smile that
always made me feel warm all over. "I'm going to stop wallowing in self
pity and be the partner my Master deserves, starting right now," she said.
We got up from the chair, took the dishes to the kitchen, then walked
arm-in-arm to the bedroom.


  1. He was wrong to leave her standing in the cold to try and get her to change her mind...he should have just told her no. She pulls the little 'master is not supportive of my goals' nonsense and he caves to whatever she wants. Part of being a good Master/Dom/HoH is doing what is in the best interest of your slave/sub/tih. Will be interested to see if he ever learns.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. The beauty of the story is that they both make mistakes and they can forgive each other. She is really trying to prove her submission to him, over and over and over again and he supports that. Does he have her best interest at heart? I think he does. Does he make a judgement mistake sometimes? He does.

      People do sometimes.


  2. I have to agree with Cat......He has proven in so many ways that He has her best interest at hear, and that He loves her.....He needs to step up and make the difficult decisions...(off my soap box now).
    hugs abby

    1. I think he is still in the lead. If even that means leading her with a finger in her behind leading her wherever he wants to go. It means leading her when she cannot see and want to prove her blind trust in him.

      Making mistakes is part of life,
      it is called learning.



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