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Training Carrie, chapter 66

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 66

Training Carrie
                               Chapter 66

    I said, "Carrie, do you think we can put this behind us now, and
continue with the wonderful day we were having? Or would you prefer to
mope around all afternoon, while Char and I have a good time without you?"

    "I want to be with you and Char, William," she said. "You're right, we
were having a wonderful day, and I disrupted it. I'm sorry I did that, and
I'm sorry I put Char at risk because of my disobedience. Please, let's
enjoy the rest of the day."

    I told Carrie to stand up, then I got off of the bed, released her
wrists, and removed her manacles. We kissed, then I said, "Dress your
slave warmly, Carrie, I want to go for a walk."

    "Yes, William," Carrie said. "Char, take your skirt off, Sweetie."

    I went to the back door and stepped outside. It was sunny and cool,
perfect weather for a walk. I filled the canteen, grabbed a blanket, and
took both to the bedroom.

    Carrie had dressed Char in jeans and a sweater, and was putting a pair
of sneakers on her feet. "Does she have on panties under the jeans?" I

    "No, William," Carrie said.

    "Put some cotton panties on her, please," I said.

    Carrie hesitated a fraction of a second, just enough to tell me she
knew I was jerking her around. Then she said, "Yes, William," and began
removing Char's shoes and jeans.

    When Char was dressed, I began dressing Carrie in her latex leotard.
When I had her all of the way in it, with the back zipped up, I opened the
zippers over each breast and her crotch, and carefully eased her breasts
out of the zipper slots. I heard Char say, "Wow," and Carrie looked over
at her and grinned.

    "Do you want your posture collar, Carrie?" I asked her.

    "Whatever you wish, William," she said.

    "Do you want your posture collar, Carrie?" I asked again, emphasising
the word 'want'.

    She smiled at me, and said, "No thank you, William, I'd rather not
wear it this time."

    I had Carrie sit on the bed while I put socks and her new walking
shoes on her feet. Then I gave her the canteen and Char the blanket, I
grabbed Carrie's survival kit, and we headed for the back door.

    We had walked only a few dozen feet from the house when Carrie noticed
that Char was crying. She asked what was wrong, and Char said, "This is
the first time I've been outside since I was captured. It's wonderful."
She held her arms out and twirled around. When she asked if she could run
ahead, Carrie took the blanket from her and told her to stay in sight of

    As we walked up the gentle trail leading to our first rest stop, Char
was running around like a little kid, looking at everything. Carrie said
she had a lot of energy for someone who had been malnourished for a long

    I put my arm around Carrie's waist and pulled her close. I said, "Can
you imagine us, 20 years from now, and that's our daughter, running around
and exploring her world?"

    Carrie looked at me with her eyes wide, then she dropped what she was
carrying and put her arms around my neck. "Yes, William, I can imagine
it," she whispered. "I want it to happen."

    "So do I," I told her, then we shared a long tender kiss.

    We were still kissing when Char ran up to us. Breathlessly, she said,
"That looks like fun, can I play?"

    I told her we were close to a spot where everyone could play. She
clapped her hands and said she bet she knew the spot I was talking about
and she would meet us there. She grabbed the blanket and took off up the
trail. "Kids," I said, getting a big laugh and a hug from Carrie.

    We walked slowly up the trail, talking and kissing and trying to
smooth over the earlier unpleasantness without directly mentioning it.
When we came within sight of the clearing, Char was lying on the blanket,
naked and spread-eagled. As we walked up to her, she said, "I guess I'll
feel really silly if this isn't the spot you meant."

    "This is the spot," I told her. "Aren't you cold?"

    "No, Master, the sun's warm. Plus, down here near the ground there's
very little air movement, so it's nice and toasty."

    "Great, another analytical mind," I said. "Now I'm outnumbered."
Carrie laughed, and said that it must run in the family.

    "Mistress," Char said, "I've never fucked anyone in a black rubber
suit before."

    "How can I resist that kind of seduction?" Carrie said to me, as she
dropped to her knees on the blanket and kissed Char.

    I stretched out on the far edge of the blanket and watched Carrie and
Char making love. They were already developing a style and an unspoken
communication that made their movements look almost practised.

    I wondered if they would be more spontaneous if I weren't right there
watching them, and I was trying to think of a way to find out, when Carrie
spoke to me. "Are you just going to watch, or had you planned to step in
at some point? We didn't bring a dildo, so you've got the only cock here,
how about some service?"

    As they attacked me and started undressing me, Carrie said if they put
the strap-on harness and a dildo in her survival kit, then they wouldn't
need me at all. Char said the dildo was Ok, but it wasn't as good as the
real thing, and I thanked her for her vote of confidence.

    Once they had me undressed, they put me on my back. Char straddled my
waist and put my cock into her pussy, while Carrie straddled my head
facing Char. Carrie then leaned forward and tilted her pelvis, giving me a
good angle between my mouth and her vulva. Char leaned forward to Carrie,
and they began kissing and fondling one another's breasts while I pumped
my hips and ate Carrie. Other than it being hard to breathe, I thought I
was doing Ok, hearing sounds of pleasure from both slaves.

    I lost track of time, but I think Carrie had cum all over my face
twice, and I had cum in Char once. Carrie said, "Hey, he's not doing
anything with his hands, what a slacker." Someone, probably Char, grabbed
my right hand, pulled it down toward my cock, and put my fingers in
contact with Char's clit. "This poor girl hasn't come yet, you selfish
pig," Carrie said, "Get busy with those magic fingers." Then Carrie
grabbed my left hand, and pulled it up to her left breast, and said her
nipple could use some finger action too.

    When I got a good rhythm going with both hands, Char said, "He's
wonderful, he must have an octopus somewhere in his family tree."

    "I told you he was great," Carrie said. "You just have to explain to
him, in simple terms, what you expect from him. His talents aren't in the
mental area, if you know what I mean." I nipped her clit carefully with my
teeth, and she shrieked. Laughing, she said, "But he has a very talented
mouth, and sharp teeth."

    We fucked in various other configurations until we were all satisfied
and tired. The sun was low, and the air temperature was getting
uncomfortably cool. I told Carrie to dress her slave, and I began to put
my clothes on. When Char was dressed, I zipped up Carrie's breasts and
crotch, put the canteen strap around my neck, picked up the blanket and
survival kit, and we started for home.

    I was walking in front, and Carrie was bringing up the rear. I could
tell Carrie and I still had a problem, in spite of the good sex we had
shared with Char. After awhile, Char moved up beside me and said, "May I
carry something, Master?" I thanked her and handed her the blanket. She
walked beside me for a few paces, then said, "May I put my arm around you,
Master?" I looked back at Carrie, and she nodded. I put my arm around
Char's shoulder and pulled her close to me, and she put her arm around my
waist. She looked up at me and said, "I love you, Master."

    "Knowing I would mark your breasts with the crop if Carrie disobeys
again, you love me?"

    "I know you're a kind Master, and I'm not afraid of pain any more. You
won't harm me. Besides, my Mistress will obey you, she won't let me be
hurt for her offence. Yes, I love you, and I love my Mistress."

    "Char loves me, Carrie," I yelled over my shoulder. "do you love me?"
Char wasn't happy that I had repeated what she said, although I was sure
Carrie heard her anyway. I pulled her closer and told her softly that I
loved her too. Then I felt her arm tighten around my waist.

    Carrie kept quiet at first, to show me she didn't want to play this
game. finally, she said, "You know I love you, William. Do you really have
to ask me if I love you?"

    "What do we need to do, so we can move past this, Carrie?" I asked

    She said, "You could promise me you won't harm Char because of my
fuck-ups. That would probably clear everything up."

    "No, Carrie, I won't do that," I said. "I want you to obey me, you
want to obey me, and now I think I've finally found a way to motivate you.
Char's well-being will be assured if you simply obey. Given those facts,
how do we move on and put this behind us?"

    Carrie moved up beside me, on the opposite side from Char, took the
survival kit from me, and put her arm around me. Char looked over at her
and they smiled at one another. "You win, William, you've found a
punishment I'm not willing to accept. I never intended to disobey you, I
think you know that. Now you've closed out all my options, it's put up or
shut up time for me." She paused, then added, "Somehow I'll find a way to
keep from disobeying you again."

    "Would you accept a suggestion?" I asked. Carrie nodded her head.
"Your problem is impulse control. Why don't you enlist Char's help, to
warn you when you're about to do something that will get you into trouble?
Even if she turns out to have the same impulse control problems you have,
it probably won't hit both of you at the same time. We all want to avoid
hurting Char unnecessarily, let's work together to prevent it."

    "I want to help, if it's acceptable to Mistress," Char said.

    After a moment's thought, Carrie said, "I want to get control of
myself, William, I want to do it for you. But in case I slip up again,
having Char keep an eye on me is a fine idea. Thank you for suggesting it.
And I apologize again to both of you for causing this conflict."

    "Kiss me and tell me you love me, if it's true," I told her.

    She pulled all of us to a stop, kissed me on the lips, looked into my
eyes, and told me she loved me. Then she kissed Char and told her she
loved her.

    When we got back to the house, I told Carrie that she and Char would
make dinner tonight. "I don't know how to cook," Char said, "please teach
me how, Mistress." Carrie said she would be happy to teach Char to cook.

    It was only 5:00. I told Carrie and Char to strip, and I began taking
my clothes off. When we were all naked, I told Carrie to pour some wine,
and I turned on the radio. We all took turns dancing with one another and
sipping wine, until Carrie mentioned that Char hadn't made me her bitch
yet. I grinned and asked Char if she would like to do that now. She ran
for the bedroom to get the equipment.

    I bent over and put my hands on the back of the couch. After
lubricating my ass and her dildo, Char carefully pushed the dildo into my
ass, then began slowly stroking it in and out. She asked if I was Ok, and
I assured her I was. "Let's see if he's Ok after this," Carrie said, as
she knelt below me and began giving me a long, slow blowjob.

    The sensations I was receiving, from the combination of getting blown
while being fucked in my ass, were overwhelming. By the time Carrie
finally let me cum in her mouth, my knees were ready to buckle. I sat on
the floor with my back against the couch trying to recover.

    Carrie said that, as long as I was on the floor anyway, we might as
well rotate places and keep going. She strapped on the dildo, had Char
take my place leaning over the couch, and began fucking her in the ass. I
moved under Char and ate her pussy while I rolled her nipples between my
thumbs and fingers. It took only a few minutes for Char to cum under the
intense stimulation. When Carrie withdrew the dildo from her ass, Char
collapsed into my lap.

    It was now Carrie's turn to bend over the couch. I turned down her
offer of the dildo, saying I had my own. "Thank God you do," she said,
smiling and running her fingers over my stiff cock. While I stroked my
cock slowly in Carrie's ass, Char spent a few minutes licking and nibbling
Carrie's nipples, before moving her tongue and lips to Carrie's pussy.

    Carrie came twice before we let her go, then it was her turn to sit on
the floor and recover her strength. She looked up at me and said, "You
were right, William, there's definitely more variety with a third person."
She pulled Char into her lap and kissed her deeply. "Especially when the
addition is as hot, eager, and bright as this one," she added when their
lips separated.

    "She's a fast learner, an excellent lover, and as smart as her
sister," I said, "she's the perfect addition for us." Looking at Char, I
said, "I hope you're as happy with the arrangement as we are, Char."

    Char looked up at me with dreamy eyes, probably the result of too much
wine as well as good sex. "I feel like I've gone to heaven, Master," she
said. "I love you both and I want to stay with you forever."

    "We want that too, Char," Carrie said, and gave her another long open
mouth kiss. I sat cross-legged beside my women and took their hands in

    After we rested and made small talk for awhile, Carrie said she
supposed it was time to make dinner. We all got to our feet, and as Carrie
was leading Char to the kitchen, I said, "Carrie, I really liked the short
skirts you two wore earlier this morning, you looked like a matched set.
Would you please dress Char and yourself like that again, before you start

    Carrie turned and walked back to where I was standing. I wasn't sure
what she'd do, I stood and waited to see. When she reached me, she placed
her open palm against my chest, leaned forward and kissed me on the lips,
then said, "We'll be happy to dress any way you wish, William."

    She paused a moment, then patted me on the chest with her open hand.
It wasn't an aggressive pat, but it wasn't loving either. I smiled at her,
and said, "If you want to do it harder, and use your fists instead of your
palm, I'll understand."

    Carrie smiled back at me. "I would never do that, William," she said.
After the briefest of pauses, she grinned and added, "but I did enjoy
thinking about it." She picked up the dildo and harness, and hers and
Char's discarded clothes from the floor, and walked back to Char. Putting
her arm around Char's shoulder, she said, "Come on, Sweetie, let's go
dress to please our Master." As they walked toward the bedroom, Char stole
a glance over her shoulder at me and grinned.

    I got dressed, then took the wine glass to the kitchen and refilled
it. I was sitting on the stool when Carrie and Char came in, dressed
exactly as they had been when our trouble started earlier. They both
smiled at me and displayed themselves for my approval, and I sat and
admired their combined beauty for a moment.

    Getting to my feet, I walked up to them and slowly caressed Carrie's
breasts, then Char's. "You're both beautiful and sexy, and I can't tell
you how happy I am to be here with you," I told them. Carrie put her arms
around my neck and gave me a long kiss, turning me on with her amazing
tongue. When she released me, Char gave me an equally stimulating kiss.

    "Should we skip dinner and spend the evening in bed?" Carrie asked.

    "That's an excellent idea," I told her, "But the last thing Char needs
is to skip a meal. She needs regular, nutritious meals until she starts to
return to a normal weight." Carrie agreed, and took Char in tow and began
showing her how to prepare a meal.

    Carrie seemed to be over her need to dominate Char, she was treating
her more like a younger sister than a slave, answering any questions
thoroughly and showing no hint of impatience. As I watched them
interacting and cooperating to prepare dinner, I wondered what the future
held for us. Carrie would always be my love and my partner, but I thought
I could eventually get to a place where I also regarded Char as a
life mate. Then I reminded myself that Char could still choose freedom
rather than life with Carrie and I. In the long run, that might be the
best choice for her, and we would undoubtedly let her go if she asked.
Char didn't know it yet, and I suspected Carrie hadn't given it any
thought either, but I knew that Char would never want for anything, no
matter what path she chose. Carrie would see to that.

    I was aware of the dinner-related conversation between Carrie and
Char, and of the occasional kisses and caresses they exchanged, but most
of my attention was devoted to trying to see the future. I was considering
possibilities and probabilities, and wondering what we could do now to
assure our future happiness.

    I came back to the present when I saw Carrie look over at me. Then she
laid her hand on Char's arm and nodded her head toward me. As Char looked
over at me, Carrie said, "Dinner's under control, Char, thanks to your
help. Our Master seems bored, why don't you take him a pair of cute tits
to play with?" Char grinned and started to come over to me. Carrie pulled
her back, then kissed and licked Char's left areola and nipple, leaving it
shiny with her saliva. "Take him that message from me," Carrie said with a
chuckle as she released Char's arm.

    Char walked over to me with a big grin on her face. She came up on her
toes, straddled my leg, then lowered her crotch onto my thigh. She threw
her shoulders back and pushed her breasts toward me. "Mistress says you
need some toys," she said, "and there's a message from her on the left
one." Then she giggled, and added, "That would be my left, your right,

    I laughed. "You're a delightful woman, and a pleasure to be with," I
told her. Holding her by her waist, I bent down and licked, sucked and
nibbled her left nipple. "Message received," I said, looking at Carrie
over Char's shoulder. Carrie blew me a kiss. Then I turned my attention to
Char's right nipple with my mouth, while rolling her left nipple between
my thumb and forefinger. Char reached down and began rubbing my cock
through my pants.

    "How long until dinner's ready?" I asked Carrie.

    "Ten or fifteen minutes, time enough for what you want," she answered.
"I can stretch it out, if you need more time."

    "No, that's fine," I told her. I unzipped my fly and pulled out my
stiff cock. I had Char pull up the front of her skirt, so I could see what
I was doing, then I lifted her by her waist and set her gently on my cock.
She straddled my hips with her legs and threw her arms around my neck, and
said "Wow."

    I heard Carrie chuckle. "Wait until he gives you his Olympic gold
medal fuck with a triple somersault at the end. He just looks like a 98
pound weakling, he's as strong as a bull."

    Char was leveraging her thighs against me and pumping her hips up and
down on my cock. We had kissed several times, and her head now rested on
my shoulder. Carrie went to the dining room to set the table, then Char
asked quietly, "Will I ever be more than a way for you and Mistress to
pass messages?" Before I could think of what to say, she added. "If that's
all I can be, it's Ok. I'd just like to know."

    "You're already much more than that, to both of us," I told her. "You
know my life revolves around Carrie, and it always will. But when Carrie
and I tell you that we love you, we don't say it lightly. Give us a chance
to adjust, I promise we'll include you fully in our lives." She hugged me,
then kissed me again.

    Carrie was back in the kitchen, and she quietly came up behind Char
and kissed her on the shoulder. Then she moved to our side and kissed me
on the cheek. "Finish up, love birds, dinner's almost ready," she said,
then turned back toward the stove top.

    I reached out and took Carrie's arm, then pulled her gently back to
us. She leaned close, and I put my hand on her breast while kissing her
tenderly on her lips. "Stay with us, we want you to," I said, and Char
echoed the same request. Carrie put her arms around Char and I, kissed me
again, then kissed Char.

    "I'm Ok with it, William," she said, looking into my eyes. "It would
be silly if all three of us had to be together before two of us could
fuck. Sometimes three is the right number, and sometimes it's two." Then
she smiled at both of us. "But don't take so long that dinner is ruined.
I'll give you five more minutes, then I'm separating you with a crowbar."


  1. Happy to see Carrie not being so mean to Char but now she's denigrating William with her "teasing" comments. As someone who has been on the receiving end of that type of "teasing", I can say it's very hurtful and doesn't really show much love.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. She is jealous I think Cat. People get nasty when they get all insecure. Bullying is insecurity. I don't know either why William is taking all this.

      Maybe he will be tired of it soon.. Maybe not...


  2. I am not all that familiar with this is giving me an interesting view.
    hugs abby

    1. LOL, glad to contribute to your education, Abby.

      Big smile,



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