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Training Carrie, chapter 65

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 65

   I suggested that we postpone the reading session, and spend a few
hours in bed, properly welcoming Char into the family. Everyone agreed, so
I walked my women to the door, an arm around each one's waist.

    We were about to exit to the stairs, when Carrie pulled away from me
and ran to the Master's area. I didn't know what she was after, until she
came running back with a dildo in each hand, grinning ear to ear.

    "Good idea," I said, "but we need one more thing." I left them by the
door and went to the Master's area myself. Rummaging around in the drawers
Carrie had filled with a vast array of bondage and fetish paraphernalia, I
finally found the harness I remembered seeing weeks ago.

    I returned to the women, waving the harness. "What's that for?" Carrie

    Char giggled. "It's a strap-on harness," she said. "It'll let us do
what Master does. I'd be very happy to demonstrate it for you, Mistress."

    After I removed Carrie's bonds, and Carrie removed Char's bonds,
Carrie said we all needed to go to the bathroom and take enemas before we
got in bed. I grinned, knowing she was planning to include me during part
of their strap-on play.

    When we finished in the bathroom, they both led me by the hand to our
bed. We stretched out with Carrie and I on our sides beside Char, kissing
her and caressing her body. We each in turn welcomed her to our family and
pledged our love and commitment to her. With tears flowing down the sides
of her face, she pledged her love and obedience to both of us.

    Carrie told Char that she was free to cum as often as she wished, and
Char promised her orgasms wouldn't interfere with her devotion to her
master and Mistress. Then Char asked if it would be all right for her to
seek permission each time, when she felt an orgasm was near. She said she
wanted to give her Mistress and Master every opportunity to control her,
and to fine tune her responses to suit their needs. Carrie said that was
very thoughtful, and assured Char that today none of her requests would be

    After we cuddled a while longer, I told them I would like to see what
I missed last night, the two of them making love. "Gladly," said Char.
"Love to," said Carrie. I offered to get off of the bed and watch from a
chair, but they wouldn't allow it. I lay at the edge of the bed on my side
and watched as they began caressing and exploring one another's bodies.
Before last night, Carrie had never had lesbian sex, so she let Char lead
the way and demonstrate her technique. But Carrie never slavishly imitated
Char, she always put her own style on every action, and soon she was
showing Char subtle variations. I knew immediately they were going to be
compatible lovers, I only hoped they wouldn't lose interest in the man of
the house.

    At one point Char looked over at me. "Master's got a boner," she said.
Carrie laughed, saying there was nothing unusual about that. I told them I
could wait, I wanted to watch each of them cum first. Then I quickly added
to Carrie that I wanted her to cum naturally under Char's stimulation, not
because I told her to. She looked at me like I was an idiot, and told me
she understood what I meant.

    Carrie then said that her orgasm was near, but she wanted Char to be
the first to cum, to celebrate her addition to the family. Char choked
back tears, and said she was very close also, and she humbly begged
permission to cum. Carrie said permission was joyfully granted, then went
back to work with renewed energy, her face buried in Char's pussy.

    Within seconds, Char was gripped by a strong orgasm. At its height,
she reached out a hand to me, and I took her hand in mine. With her other
hand she reached down and ran her fingers through Carrie's hair. "I'm
right here with you, command me as you wish," she said.

    Carrie being occupied, I said quietly, "I command you to enjoy the
waves of pleasure washing over you. Your time with us is just beginning,
and there will be many more orgasms for you to enjoy in the months and
years ahead." Char sobbed as she smiled at me and squeezed my hand.

    Char's spasms were still occurring, but she asked Carrie if they could
trade positions so that Carrie could have her orgasm. They smoothly
reversed positions, and Char tenderly stimulated Carrie's labia with her
lips, tongue, and teeth, before going inside and alternately tongueing
Carrie's clit and the inner walls of her vagina. I recognized the signs
that Carrie was about to have one of her mega-orgasms, and I warned Char
that she was about to get bucked off. She pulled her face away from Carrie
at just the right moment. As Carrie's pelvis rose a foot off the bed, Char
grinned, then her lips touched Carrie's vulva at its highest point of
travel before following it back down to the bed. I thought that was pretty
cool, I would try to remember it the next time Carrie tried to buck me

    Carrie reached down and pulled Char up to her until they could kiss.
After a long lingering kiss, they both reached out to me and pulled me to
them. We lay in a heap, kissing one another for a long time. They were
sharing the contentment following good sex, and I was joyful knowing my
women had found each other, so soon after Char's arrival.

    We had been nuzzling one another for some time, when Char and Carrie
launched a coordinated attack on me. They pinned me on my back on the bed,
Carrie kissing me and Char sucking my cock. In a few minutes Carrie took
over the cock sucking duties, and Char got into the strap-on harness and
fitted it with a dildo.

    Kneeling behind her, Char carefully inserted the dildo into Carrie's
pussy and began fucking her. Carrie came at once, and so did I. Char
looked at me for guidance, she wasn't sure if she should stop or not. I
laughed and told her not to stop. I reminded her that Carrie could cum any
time and as often as she wished, and she had cum to show Char how pleased
she was with what Char was doing to her. Carrie took her mouth off of my
cock long enough to say, "What he said. Don't stop, Sweetie, you're a
wonderful lover."

    After Carrie came a second time, I said, "Carrie, I know what you're
dying to do, so why don't you let Char help you into the strap-on, and do

    She took my cock out of her mouth and grinned at me. "Why William, the
thought had never even crossed my mind. But I do have a question, William.
Why didn't you tell me about the strap-on harness during our role

    I laughed. "I wondered when you'd ask me that, I thought you'd wait
until you were fucking me. I didn't tell you because you were having
enough fun as it was. I would have told you about it at our next role
reversal, I swear. Now go get rigged up."

    Carrie and Char kissed and petted while they got the harness off of
Char and on to Carrie. Carrie walked up to the bed with the fake cock
waving back and forth. "Off the bed, William, we're going to do this in
style," she said. She spent a moment thinking about what she wanted to do,
then she made the decision. "I want Char on the table, on her back. I want
you fucking her sweet, wonderful pussy. At the same time, I'm going to be
opening you up a little." I shuddered.

    I helped Char onto the table, then gave her a passionate kiss. She
said she was looking forward having me in her pussy again, she had enjoyed
being fucked by me last night. "Enough foreplay," Carrie said with a big

    Char raised her legs and rested her calves on my shoulders, and I slid
my cock into her pussy. She sighed and asked permission to cum again.
"Permission granted, have fun Sweetie," Carrie said. As Char began to cum,
Carrie ran to the bathroom to get some lubricating jelly, then returned
and covered her dildo and my ass with it. Finally she poked her finger
into my ass and spread the lubrication inside me. Then I felt the end of
the dildo press against my ass, and at the same time Carrie said, "Shit,
I'm too low."

    Carrie ran to the closet and put on a pair of high heels. She came
back and poked me again, then said, "Just right." I braced for impact, but
Carrie decided to tease me a little first. "Are you ready for me,
William?" she asked.

    "Yes, Carrie my love, I'm ready for you. Fire when ready."

    She slowly eased the head of the dildo into my ass. "Open, open,
open," she said. I laughed, and she said "It's no fun teasing you,
William, you enjoy it as much as I do. Ok, here it comes." With her last
words, she slowly slid the dildo all the way into my ass. "Comfy?" she
asked me.

    "Oh, yeah, I just love it. I think I'm ready to try guys now."

    "No, you're not," she said, "because Char and I can provide everything
you need." She pumped the dildo in and out of my ass a few times, then
said, "See what I mean?"

    "Yeah, I see what you mean. That actually feels good, don't stop now."
It took us a minute to get the right rhythm. Since Char couldn't really
move with us, it turned out that the best technique was for Carrie to bend
her knees as I moved my hips back and forth. That way my cock slid in and
out of Char, and Carrie's dildo slid in and out of me.

    Soon Char received permission to cum again, and then a few minutes
later she got permission for her third orgasm. A little while after that
she said, "What is it with you guys and orgasms? Can both of you cum any
time you want?"

    Carrie's better at it than I am," I said.

    "William, Char's trying to tell you she's worn out. Please cum for her
so she won't have to ask you to stop fucking her. Char, he knows I'm
having fun fucking him, so he's holding off his orgasm so I can keep
having fun."

    I came in Char's pussy, and she came at the same time. "Oh, Master,
Mistress, I came without permission," she said, "I'm so sorry."

    "You have our permission to cum any time you want until further
notice, Char," I said. "It was your idea to ask before each one, it's not
a requirement. Until you're a little more accustomed to Carrie and I, why
don't you just enjoy your orgasms? We'll let you know if we want you to
suppress them, OK?"

    "Yes, Master, thank you," Char said.

    On impulse, I said, "Char do you remember a time when you were afraid
to get into the shower with me?"

    She laughed, a sensual, throaty laugh like Carrie sometimes rewarded
me with. "Yes, Master, that would have been yesterday," she said.

    "I hope you're not afraid of me any more, Char," I said.

    "No, Master, I think I'm falling in love with you," she said.

    "What's not to love?" Carrie said. "If you don't fall in love with
him, I'll think there's something wrong with you."

    I was still fucking Char slowly, so that Carrie wouldn't have to find
a new rhythm. "Are you about finished back there?" I asked Carrie. "This
poor girl is exhausted, we either need to stop for awhile, or you and I
need to get off of Char and continue your domination of me somewhere

    "Ok," Carrie said, "I think I know what it feels like to butt fuck a
man now. Or at least I would know if I had any feeling in my dick." I
could tell by Char's expression that Carrie was now looking over my
shoulder at her. She added, "But I still want to know what it's like to
stick my dick into a cute blonde chick."

    Char treated us to another throaty laugh, then said,  "Please give me
a minute's rest, Mistress, then I'll be glad to help with your research."

    Carrie patted me on the back. "Ok, I'm done," she said as she pulled
her dildo out of my ass. I knew she couldn't let it go at that, and sure
enough she added, "Just remember, you're my bitch now."

    "Then we need to give Char a turn, so I can be her bitch too," I told

    "See what I mean, Char?" Carrie said, "You can't get to him, he rolls
with all the punches. He rarely fights back, though. That's so we won't
stop trying to one-up him." Holding her lower body away from me, she
leaned in and put her arms around my neck. "He's my perfect man, and now
he'll be your perfect man too," she told Char. "There's more than enough
of him to share between us."

    "Yes, Mistress, I believe you're right," Char said.

    "Before you two give me a swelled head, let's get cleaned up and have
some lunch," I said.

    Char started giggling. "Swelled head? Which one would that be,
Master?" she asked. We all broke up laughing.

    Char helped Carrie out of the harness. As we were walking toward the
bathroom, Carrie took Char by the arm and asked her, "How do you like
being part of our family so far?"

    Char burst into tears and hugged Carrie. "I've never been happier in
my life," she said through her tears. I walked up behind her, and Carrie
and I made a Char sandwich. We held her until she looked up at Carrie and
smiled. "Sorry, Mistress, I sort of lost it," she said.

    Carrie said, "That's Ok, you're one of us now, we take care of each

    It took us a long time to take a shower. I fucked Char once and Carrie
twice, and Carrie and Char ate each other. I was afraid we would run out
of hot water, but it lasted until we finished.

    Back in the bedroom, I asked Carrie how she wanted to dress her slave
for lunch. She said she was thinking of lingerie, she wanted to see how
sexy Char would look in bedroom wear. I picked out a sheer black blouse, a
pair of red hot pants, and high heels for Carrie, and laid the clothes on
the bed. I told her she and Char could experiment with Char's look while I
started lunch.

    Lunch was almost ready when Carrie and Char arrived at the kitchen.
They were dressed identically, topless, shoeless, and wearing a short
skirt. Char was also wearing a gold choker necklace. The necklace was a
nice touch on Carrie's part, she had collared her slave in style.

    "We decided on a coordinated look, how do you like us?" Carrie asked.

    "Carrie," I said, "please return to the bedroom at once and dress in
the clothes I laid out for you. Then wait for me on your knees."

    Carrie's smile faded and she lowered her eyes. "Yes, William," she
said quietly as she wheeled and left for the bedroom.

    Char was confused, she started to turn and follow Carrie. "No, Char,
you stay here with me," I said. I walked up to her and gave her a long
kiss on the lips. She was still unsure how to respond, but after an
initial hesitation she returned my kiss with passion. When I pulled away
from her lips, I gave her a tender kiss on each nipple. "Carrie's right,
you have beautiful breasts," I told her. She blushed a little and thanked

    "Is Carrie in trouble, Master?" Char asked.

    "Yes she is, Char, do you know why?"

    "I think so, and it's my fault. She had decided to dress me like this,
and she was putting on the clothes you put on the bed. I suggested we
could dress alike, like a matched set, and she liked my idea. So it's my
fault she disobeyed you."

    "She doesn't have to follow your suggestions, Char, but she does have
to obey me. This is a sticking point between Carrie and I, that goes back
to before you came to us. After I screwed up and used the cane on her ass,
I thought she and I had made a pact, that she would never give me cause to
punish her again."

    Now Char was upset. "Oh, Master, please don't cane her for following
my suggestion. Give me her punishment instead. It's my fault, really."

    I laughed. "Relax, no one is going to get caned ever again in this
house. You don't need to worry about it any more, Char. Now help me set
the table for lunch, please."

    When lunch was on the table, I pulled out a chair for Char. She
hesitated, wanting to ask if Carrie would be eating with us, but she
decided not to. I watched her as she pulled up her skirt and sat down. As
I pushed her chair to the table, I said, "You're getting very good and
that, Char. Watch how Carrie does it, she's perfected the motion."

    I sat down, then told Char to start eating. She hesitated, again
wanting to ask about Carrie, but then she picked up her fork and began
eating. "Carrie's so graceful at everything she does, I love watching her
move," Char said. She looked into my eyes. "I know this sounds silly,
Master, I've been here less than 2 days, but I'm in love with Carrie. I
love everything about her. And I don't mean like a sister."

    "Does it bother you, making love with your half-sister, Char?" I

    After a moment, Char smiled. "If there was a chance I could get Carrie
pregnant, of she could get me pregnant, that would be bad. Otherwise, why
shouldn't we enjoy sex with one another if we want to?"

    "Do you worry about getting pregnant, Char?" I asked. Smiling, I
added, "Not by Carrie, of course, but by a man?"

    "I can't," she said, as she looked up at me. "My br ... my master had
me fixed, so I couldn't get pregnant. It was a tube ... tubal something, I
can't remember the name."

    "A tubal ligation?" I asked.

    She nodded. "See my scar?" she asked, pulling down the front of her
skirt and pointing to a barely visible mark on her abdomen.

    I reached out and took her hand in mine, and she looked up at me. "Who
gave you the scars on your back, Char?" I asked her softly.

    She lowered her eyes, and after a long pause she said, "Everybody."
She was silent again for a minute, then she decided to talk about it. "My
training masters started it. When I wouldn't obey, they brought in 2 more
training masters. They worked me in 8 hour shifts, around the clock. They
let me sleep a half hour at the beginning and in the middle of each shift.
Each time they woke me up, they'd whip my back and ass until I bled.
Finally I couldn't take any more, I decided to act like they wanted me

    She had begun softly crying as she talked, but now she was sobbing. I
held her hand and looked at her until the sobbing ran its course. She took
a deep breath, sat up straight, then looked at me again. "When I was given
to my brother, my master, he said we should finish the pattern, so he kept
whipping me for a couple of years, until finally there was no place left
on my backside to put a new scar. He seemed satisfied after that, he
didn't whip me much, except to flog me each time before he fucked me."

    I sat silently, not knowing what to say to her that would have any
meaning. I felt hate for the system and the people that would do this to
her, or to anyone, for no reason except that they could. And I felt
disgust for myself, that I could have once participated in that system.

    Char spoke again, jarring me from my thoughts. "You won't let them
take me back, will you Master?"

    I looked into her eyes, and said, "I'll kill them if they try."

    She smiled and squeezed my hand. "I feel safe here with you and
Carrie. And loved, it's been a long time since I felt love."

    We sat holding hands and looking at one another for a few more
minutes. Then Char asked about Carrie, if I was going to let Carrie have
lunch. "We'll take care of that right now," I said. "Char, would you mind
staying here in your chair, to keep Carrie company while she eats her

    "No, Master, I'd be happy to," she said.

    I cleared the table except for Carrie's plate. I cut up the cold food
on her plate into bite-sized chucks, then set the plate on the floor
beside Char. "Char," I said, "you will never tell Carrie anything you and
I have discussed about her. I know she is your Mistress, but you must obey
me above her in this regard. If she ever asks you what I've said to you
about her, you must say that you're not allowed to answer, and refer her
to me. Is that clear?" Char said that she understood. I told her to remain
seated, Carrie would join her soon. Then I went to the bedroom.

    Carrie was kneeling in the center of the bedroom, dressed in the
clothes I had laid out for her. She was perfectly Posed, with her head
erect and her eyes lowered. "Stand up and strip," I said. As she was
undressing, I said, "We had a perfect morning. I got you your own slave
this morning, for Christ's sake. Is life just too predictable for you when
you're obedident? Do you get an overwhelming urge to piss me off? What's
wrong with you?" Tears were running down her cheeks, and she was
pretending she was under Formal Speech rules, although that wasn't the

    I went to the mural room and returned with Carrie's wrist manacles. I
put them on her and clipped her wrists together behind her back. "I don't
even want to talk to you, go to the dining room and eat your lunch," I
told her. Carrie walked out of the bedroom. I waited a minute and then
followed her. But instead of going through the kitchen, I crept into the
living room, and then looked into the dining room from the door that was
behind Char and Carrie.

    Carrie was on her knees, taking a bite of food from her plate. Char
said she was sorry, that it was her suggestion that got Carrie in trouble.
Still chewing her food, Carrie said, "It's not your fault, Sweetie, it's
my fault. Don't worry, everything will be Ok."

    "Is this part of your game, a scene between you and Master?" Char

    "No, Char, this is simply a case where I screwed up. Sometimes I get
an idea, or in this case someone gives me an idea. And the idea appeals to
me, so I do it without thinking. I guess that's called headstrong. It's
not a good trait for a slave."

    Carrie stopped eating and raised up to talk to Char. "Char, my problem
is that I'm only a slave for him, I'm only submissive to him. It's not my
nature, it's what I want to give him. I have to fight myself to be what I
want to be for him. I screw up a lot, so we have this ongoing conflict.
When he's punished me as much as he wishes to, we'll be back to normal,
until I screw up again. I try very hard to obey, to be his perfect slave.
Some day I'll achieve it, but today's not that day."

    I went back through the living room, through the kitchen, and back
into the dining room. Char looked at me, but remained silent. Carrie was
bent over her plate again. "Are you finished with your lunch, Carrie?" I

    "Not yet, William," she said quietly.

    "Aren't you going to offer your usual apology, and promise not to
disobey me again?" I asked.

    She straightened up and looked at me. "No, William," she said. "We've
said everything there is to say, many times. I disobeyed you. I did it on
an impulse, not intentionally. I didn't think about what I was doing, I
just did it. I wish I hadn't done it, and I hope I never do it again, but
we both know I probably will. You know how hard I try. What I'm sorry for
is that I'm not the slave you deserve."

    "Char," I said, "when Carrie has cleaned her plate, please take it to
the kitchen, and then bring her to the bedroom."

    "Yes, Master," Char said. I went back to the bedroom and stretched out
on the bed. About 5 minutes later, Char led Carrie into the bedroom,
holding her by the upper arm. I asked Char why she was holding Carrie's
arm, and she said, "Master, Carrie said when you told me to bring her to
you, you meant that literally, and I should physically bring her here. She
also told me that, when I was following your commands concerning her, we
were sister slaves, and I should refer to her as 'Carrie', not

    I smiled. "You see, Char," I said, "no one ever told Carrie that. She
just thinks that's the proper way for slaves to behave. And she's right,
it is. She has an incredible, intuitive feel for the nuances of slave
behaviour, except for the part where a slave is supposed to obey her
master. She's never been able to get that one right for very long at a

    Carrie was standing in the Waiting Pose. She hadn't reacted to what I
said, and she hadn't looked at me. "Carrie," I said, and her eyes snapped
up to meet mine. "I've been trying to think of a punishment that you
wouldn't be happy to endure for your Master. I think I've found one, tell
me what you think. Your punishment is two hard blows with a crop on each
breast ... of your slave, Char."

    "No!" Carrie yelled as she dropped to her knees. "You can't do that,
you mustn't, it's not right. Do anything to me, but don't hurt her. She
hasn't done anything wrong, and she's had so much pain. I'm begging you,
Master, don't do this." Tears were running down her face.

    "It's all right, Carrie," Char said. "I'll be Ok, don't worry."

    When they had both had their say, I said, "I assure you, Carrie, I can
do that. For this time only, your punishment is suspended, but it's not
cancelled. The next time you disobey, Char will receive the prescribed
punishment for both offences. Do you understand, and do you understand
that I'm serious?"

    Her head bowed, Carrie softly answered. "Yes, William, I understand,
and I know you're serious. Thank you for giving me another chance. I won't
fail either of you again."


  1. Once again I am impressed with William.....He has found a way to punish Carrie that will ensure that will not disobey just to get attention or pain....
    hugs abby

    1. It is a classic way of punish another and that you would rather be punished yourself, see any classic movie about this subject.
      It is a path full of risks though....


  2. Not sure how I feel about William threatening to crop Char to punish Carrie. Will have to think about that.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I can understand that completely Cat, and it borders on abuse, really. Of course they love eachother all sooo much all is covered with the blanket of love, but well,
      Let us see how it goes on shall we?


  3. Han, I think I need explanation..
    If s slave does misstake, it is Madters responsibolity .
    If Carrie did misstake, why is Char does punished?
    Is it her slave responsibolity ?
    She didn't do anything wrong. Why is Char punished? If Char does misstage should Carrie be ppunished?
    Very confusing.. Very.

    Mona Lisa

    1. We often are not on the same page where it comes to D/s stories and situations Mona Lisa, but this time I understand what you mean and - bring on the candles - I agree with you.

      It is morally wrong to punish someone just to get even with someone else.

      Not confusing,


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