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Training Carrie, chapter 64

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 64

"There are two things we want to accomplish this morning, Carrie.
First comes exercise, then a relaxing reading session."

Carrie laughed. she turned to Char, who was still stunned by all that
had happened to her in the last few minutes, and said, "Wait until you see
what he refers to as 'relaxing reading,' Char. You won't believe what he
does to me." Char gave Carrie a weak smile and nodded.

"Wake up!" Carrie told Char. "You're stuck about 5 minutes ago. You
need to stay in the present with us, Char. You have to be alert to what we
require of you from second to second. Whatever's wrong with you, shake it
off right now."

I put my hand on Carrie's shoulder, and said, "That's a common
problem. Following an intense orgasm, slaves sometimes enter a dreamy
state like Char was in, if you let them. They're basking in the afterglow,
and they tend to tune out everything else. Fortunately, I never had that
problem with you, you were always completely responsive to me, even while
you were in the middle of an intense orgasm.

"You have to break her of doing that, nip it in the bud. You should
forbid her to cum again for awhile, as punishment. You might also consider
something like nipple clips, to focus her attention on the here and now."

"If she drifts off again, that's exactly what I'll do, William. Thank
you for the advice." Turning to Char, she said, "Char, you are not to cum
again until you are given permission. Do you understand?" Char indicated
that she understood. Carrie turned her back on Char and we continued our

I said, "I was thinking that Char needed a context to understand what
she and I will be doing to you downstairs during the reading. While we're
waiting for breakfast to settle, before you do your exercise, let's show
her the movie we made in Maurice's car."

"Oh, yeah," Carrie said with a grin, "I'd love to see it again
myself." I told Carrie to put her slave on the couch and sit right next to
her. While I fetched the camera, Carrie started telling Char the story,
about the movie and what it had to do with my reading to her.

When I returned with the camera, Char and Carrie were sitting thigh to
thigh, and Carrie was trying to explain everything to Char. Carrie told me
that all Char knew about "The Story of O" was that it was a famous work of
pornography, but she had never read it. I sat down on the opposite side of
Char and slid closer until she was squeezed gently between Carrie and me.

I gave her the short version. "Char, the movie we're going to show you
is a scene from "The Story of O," that Carrie and I acted out right here
on the couch. Carrie didn't know what was happening until about 5 minutes
into the scene. You'll see it, the moment she understood who her character
was, and then you'll see a masterful job on her part of getting into the
role. She had me believing she was really afraid."

I prepared the camera and showed Char where the control buttons were
located, then handed it to her and told her to hold it with both hands,
positioned so we could all three see the screen. I was on Char's right
side, so I put my left elbow on the back of the couch and draped my arm
over her right shoulder, so that my fingertips rested on her areola and
brushed her nipple. I laid my other hand on the inside of her thigh, just
below her pussy, and began curling and straightening my fingers in a
gentle caress of her thigh. Seeing what I was up to, Carrie did the same
on the other side, except she shoved two fingers into Char's pussy and
rested her thumb on Char's clit. Char whimpered when Carrie's thumb
contacted her clit, and her body began trembling continuously.

"We're all set, Char, start the movie," I told her, then Carrie
reminded her that she was forbidden to cum and she needed to stay focused
on her Master and Mistress. Char fumbled with the controls, then finally
started the playback.

As the movie began, I narrated for Char. I explained that I had told
Carrie the couch was the back seat of a car. Carrie was beginning to think
I was crazy, but she didn't know what to do except go along. At the very
beginning of the scene, I turned the camera on and then introduced Carrie
to it as my friend Maurice, the car's driver. In spite of her predicament,
Char chuckled softly at Carrie's expression of confusion and exasperation.

We kept silent through the several minutes of inactivity I inserted to
build the tension. Char became increasingly amused at Carrie's discomfort,
and finally she laughed. Carrie pushed her fingers farther into Char's
pussy and applied her thumbnail to Char's clit. Char gasped, and Carrie
said, "Not so funny now, eh Char?"

"It is funny, Carrie," I said. "Please don't punish your slave for
laughing at something that's funny."

"You're right William. I'm sorry, Char, let me make it up to you,"
Carrie said. She began stroking Char's clit lightly with her thumb,
producing a whimper of frustration and stronger trembling from Char.

I brushed Char's nipple with my fingers. "Here it comes, Char, watch
closely" I said, as the movie reached the point where I delivered the line
of dialog that Carrie recognized.

When the movie Carrie sneaked a look at me, then said "Oh, my God,"
Char gasped.

"Mistress, that's so cool," she said. She was trying her best to
particiate as we demanded, in spite the intense stimulation she was
receiving. I told Char that was just the beginning, and alerted her to
watch how Carrie got into the part and played to the camera as if it was
the car driver. Char was rapt by the performance, to the degree that she
partially tuned out our attempts to excite her sexually. She occasionally
offered comments like "Cool," or "Neat.""

When Carrie had been led out of the "Car" and was standing and waiting
for someone to take her into the Chateau, I said, "Tell me if she's crying
here, Char. She denies it, but I was right there, and I'm sure she was
crying behind the blindfold."

Char craned forward, and studied the screen carefully. "My Mistress
was definitely crying, Master," Char said.

"I was not, I was pretending to cry. It's called acting," Carrie said.
I glanced over at her to see she was grinning. Then she laughed. "Ok, I
was crying. It's a tribute to your ingenuity and our mutual trust,
William. I was able to let go completely and allow myself to believe I had
been abandoned in a strange place, totally alone and exposed. It scared
the shit out of me, it was one of the most exciting things I've ever

"But Pierre was your tour de force, William, he was truly terrifying,
even though I knew it was you. I wish you had taped Pierre, just to listen
to him again. I still get a chill remembering him."

When the movie was over, Char told Carrie again that she had given a
wonderful performance. Carrie thanked her, and asked if we could rewind
and play it again. Char groaned loudly, and said, "Mistress, I don't think
I can withstand yours and Master's stimulation, I'm very close to coming."

"You'd better not cum, you horny little slut," Carrie said. "We're
just getting started with our day, and it's going to be a long time before
you're allowed to cum again."

"Yes, Mistress, I'll try my very best to keep from coming. And I
apologize for zoning out after the wonderful orgasm you gave me, it was so
intense. I long for the next time I'm allowed to cum for my Mistress and
Master, and I promise I'll stay in the present, where I can continue
serving you."

"I believe it's time for your exercise, Carrie," I said, "We can watch
the movie again later, if you want. Why don't you let Char clean your
fingers, then let's go to the spare bedroom."

"Yes, William," Carrie said as she moved her fingers from Char's pussy
to her mouth. I took my hand away from Char's breast, then bent over and
kissed her nipple. With her mouth full of Carrie's fingers, I could still
tell she was smiling at me.

In the spare bedroom, I told Carrie she could undress and prepare for
exercise. Following the chain of command, Carrie ordered Char to undress
her, then to put on her sports bra and her socks and shoes.

As Carrie mounted the eliptical trainer to do her 5-minute warmup
exercise, I asked her if I could borrow her slave while she worked out.
"We both belong to you, William," she answered. "Please use her as you
wish." I directed Char to get on her knees and bend over the seat of the
weight bench. Kneeling behind her, I reminded Char that her Mistress had
forbidden her to cum. I slipped my cock into her wet pussy for
lubrication, then carefully pushed my way into her ass and began slowly
fucking her.

Carrie finished her warmup, and dismounted to stretch. She grinned
over at me and asked me if it was tight. "Yes, it's tighter than I
expected," I said, "she must not have been used like this very often."

"This is the first time I've seen you fuck anyone else, William, I'm
very jealous," Carrie said with a smile. Then she addressed Char. "How do
you like him, Char? Didn't I tell you he was good? He's very unselfish,
nearly always more interested in his partner's pleasure than in his own.
He's fucking you slowly in your ass, because he knows he can give you
pleasure like that all day, and still keep you from coming and disobeying
me. I'd rather he took you to the edge of an orgasm and held you there,
driving you crazy, he's perfectly capable of doing that if he wanted to.
You don't even realize how good he's being to you right now." Char turned
her head and looked back at me. From the look on her face, I guessed she
had an idea how good I was being to her.

Her stretches completed, Carrie got back on the elliptical trainer and
began her exercise. After a minute, I asked her why she wasn't talking. "I
assumed you were too busy to listen," she said, smiling over at us. I told
her I could fuck and listen at the same time, and asked her to please
begin talking to me.

Carrie began talking about a variety of trivial subjects. Char had
been totally passive while I fucked her; but when Carrie started talking,
Char began to take an interest. She was new to everything we were doing,
and she didn't understand why Carrie was talking during her exercise, but
she was listening intently. At one point Carrie seemed to run out of
subjects. Then she looked over at us and saw that Char was hanging on her
every word, so she began explaining to Char what was going on, telling her
that I wanted her to talk so that I could determine how hard she was
working. Then Carrie smiled at me and said It was also a form of mandatory

Once Carrie had Char's full attention, she told Char how she was
looking forward to achieving total control over her. She tried to explain
to Char how happy she was, now that she had let go and surrendered to her
Master. Then she assured Char that it would be the same for her, if she
would simply apply the training she had already received and submit to the
two of us.

Char was smiling and nodding to Carrie, so I decided to reward her. I
pulled her upright by her shoulders, and then began softly caressing her
breasts and nipples. I whispered in her ear to turn her head to me for a
kiss. We touched our lips together tenderly and Char sighed her breath
into my mouth. I glanced over at Carrie and she was grinning at me. It was
a relief to see that she didn't seem jealous.

"I'm going to cum in your ass now, Char," I said. "I want you to enjoy
the sensation, but remember that you're forbidden to cum yourself. Is that

"Yes, Master. You're a wonderful lover, Master," she said. I kissed
her passionately as I unloaded in her ass. When my cock finished spurting
into Char's ass, she whispered, "Thank you for your gift, Master, it was a
pleasure to receive your cum."

Carrie had finished her workout and was doing her stretches. I pulled
my dick out of Char's ass, then patted her on the butt and told her she
would soon be part of our family. She asked me if she could clean my cock,
and I nodded. She turned around, bent low until she could take my cock
into her mouth, and began licking and sucking. Carrie climbed back on the
elliptical trainer and began her slow 5 minute cooldown. She and I looked
at one another and smiled.

When Carrie dismounted from the elliptical machine for the last time,
she walked over to Char and I. I told Char to get to her feet, and she
stood and smiled at Carrie. "Don't get too comfortable with him," Carrie
said, "He belongs to me. You're just a placeholder when I'm not
available." Char looked hurt, and I warned Carrie with my eyes that she
was going too far. She got the message, then hugged and kissed Char.
Looking into Char's eyes, Carrie said, "I guess I really am jealous, I've
never had to deal with a third person before. Don't worry, Sweetie, I'll
learn to share him with you." She gripped Char by the back of her neck and
added, "And I'll learn to share you with him. Right now I'm feeling
possessive about both of you."

Char smiled when Carrie said that last part, she obviously had a
hunger for affection and belonging. Carrie had Char remove her bra and
then kiss each of her nipples. Then Carrie took Char by both shoulders and
said, "Go to our bathroom right now and sit on the toilet, but don't do
anything until I'm there to watch you."

When Carrie released her, Char turned to leave for the bathroom. As
she reached the door, Carrie called her name softly, and Char turned and
waited. Carrie said, "Whenever you're alone, you will hold your arms above
your head like you did in the kitchen earlier. That will be a reminder to
you that your body belongs to us now, and you have no right to touch it
except under our control. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Miss," Char said, blushing a little. Carrie dismissed her, and
as Char walked out of sight she raised her arms straight up over her head.

When Char was out of hearing range, Carrie and I compared notes while
she sat and removed her shoes and socks. "That was a nice touch, having
her keep her arms up," I told her. "But you need to back off on the
jealousy talk, you're adding to her stress. She doesn't need to think
she's a cause for jealousy, I think she's trying her best to submit to
both of us."

"Yes, William," Carrie said, lowering her eyes. "Of course you already
know, but I'll tell you anyway, I really am jealous. I want both of you
for myself, and I don't like seeing the two of you together."

I took her chin between my thumb and finger, and raised her head until
she looked up at me. "When it comes to Char and me, what you want or like
is irrelevant. You opened the door last night, inviting her into bed with
us while we fucked. Now I'll do as I please, when I please, with either of
you." I paused until she nodded in agreement, then I said, "If you'll use
that wonderful brain, you'll soon figure out that you have nothing to fear
from Char. She changes nothing between you and I, except to add variety to
everything we do."

"I know that, William," Carrie said. "But what I told her is the
truth. I am jealous of both of you. I'll get over it."

"Get over it soon," I said, releasing her chin. "Now let's talk about
the rest of the morning. When we're finished tormenting you downstairs,
she'll take your place. We'll do the same to her, until we take her to her
limits, without letting her cum. Then finally you'll give her permission,
and the two of us will make her cum until she begs us to stop.

"When she's on her back, fastened to the punishment stage, coming down
from multiple orgasms, she will be the most vulnerable she's ever been to
us. For the first time in her life, she will have been restrained for
punishment, but received pleasure instead - lots of pleasure. She'll want
to commit to us, to make sure that happens again and again. It will be
your job to push her that last step, and make her give herself to us. Be
subtle, and be sweet. No more of your hard-assed attitude unless she does
something wrong. Do you understand?"

"Yes, William," Carrie said.

I kissed her tenderly, then said, "If you want her, she can be yours
today. If you don't think you want to share me with her, or her with me,
say so now, and let's decide where we go from here."

Carrie grinned at me. "I want you both. And I want you both in bed
with me this afternoon. Let's go make it happen." I put Carrie's gown and
heels on her, and we went to the bathroom.

Char was waiting on the toilet, her arms in the air. She beamed at us
when we entered the bathroom, and moved her arms forward to us. We each
took one of her hands and knelt in front of her. "Did you miss us,
Sweetie?" Carrie asked her.

"Yes, Mistress, I missed you both," she said. "It hurts to be sent
away by myself, I want to be with you all the time."

"We're here now, Char, and it's time for you to do your business so we
can get on with the program," Carrie said between kisses to Char's
breasts. As Char began to take a dump, Carrie said to me, "Don't you just
love her tits, William? Do you think they'll get much bigger when we get
her back to her proper weight?"

"I think they'll be about the same size as yours, perhaps a little
smaller" I said.

"As long as they're not bigger," she said, smiling at Char. "I want to
have the biggest hooters in the family." Char grinned, and Carrie kissed
her on the lips.

Char was finished, but before Carrie let her up she said, "Char, we're
going downstairs as soon as we're all finished on the toilet. You're not
going to give us any trouble about going into our training room are you?"

Char took a deep breath, then said, "No, Mistress, I'll go anywhere
you tell me to go. But I'm still afraid of the room. I know I'll be even
more afraid when I go inside."

I put a hand on Char's thigh and gripped it lightly. "It's Ok to be
afraid, Char. We'll put you in lots of situations where you'll feel some
degree of fear. But no harm will come to you, and eventually you'll accept
fear as another emotion to be experienced and remembered."

"Thank you, Master," she said.

When we had all had our turn on the toilet and the bidet, it was time
to go to the mural room. I told Carrie to explain the rules of transition,
and then to put all of the bondage gear on her slave. Carrie explained to
Char that she would be under formal speech from the time she entered this
room until she returned here from the basement. Char still wore her wrist
cuffs, so Carrie began putting on her ankle cuffs, belt, and collar.

I commented that my bondage gear was a poor fit for char, and that we
would have to order a set that fit her, once she was at the proper weight.
She looked at me with curiosity when I mentioned that it was my gear. I
smiled and said we would tell her about it later.

When Char was fully outfitted and her wrists fastened behind her back,
I told Carrie to help her slave down the stairs, take her into the
training room, and leave her in the Waiting Pose. Then Carrie was to
return and receive her own bondage gear.

When Carrie came back up the stairs, she was grinning at me. "Any
problem?" I asked.

"None at all, but she's trembling like a leaf. We shouldn't leave her
alone down there for long." Before I could undress Carrie, which would
have prevented her from speaking without permission, she said, "I'm
already soaking wet. Are you going to allow me to cum during the reading?"

"I was going to, would you rather wait?" I asked. She said she would
leave it up to me. "Then you'll have no orgasms until told otherwise," I
said, then unhooked her gown and let it fall to the floor.

When Carrie and I joined Char, I said, "Just so you know the score,
Char, you and Carrie are both under Formal Speech rules, you are both
forbidden to cum, and you are both under my command." She nodded, then she
and Carrie smiled at one another. "My cup runneth over," I said, "two
beautiful, submissive women, eager to obey my every command."

I rubbed my hands together in mock eagerness. "What shall we do first?
I know, let's go to the bars!" Char didn't seem too thrilled about that,
but once I took each of them by a nipple and started toward the bars, she
gave no resistance.

When we got to the bars, I unfastened Carrie's wrists and pointed to
the bars. She took her position, spread her legs, and then bent over the
front bar and grasped the rear bar. Finally she raised her head and looked
at us in the mirror, a smile on her face.

I put my hands on Char's shoulders. "Nothing is going to happen to you
here," I told her. "Carrie is going to receive a spanking. It's not a
punishment, she's done nothing to merit a punishment. I spank her because
she and I enjoy it. I will spank her hard enough and long enough to make
her want it to stop. Your part is to watch Carrie as she receives her
spanking, and lend her moral support, to help her endure a longer spanking
than she would be able to endure without your support.

"You are still under Formal Speech, but if you believe that you can
say anything to Carrie that will be of comfort or assistance to her, to
help her get through the spanking, you are allowed to speak to her. She
will not be allowed to speak to you. As Carrie's slave, it's your duty and
responsibility to assist her in all things. Do you understand?" Char

I took Char around the bars until she was standing in front of Carrie.
Then I had her kneel under the bar, between Carrie's outstretched arms.
Unfastening her wrists, I said, "You may touch Carrie's hands with yours,
if you think it will help her. She may not let go of the bars for any
reason, and you may not touch her anywhere except on her hands. Keep your
wrists crossed behind your back unless you wish to touch Carrie's hands."
Her eyes were locked on Carrie's face, but Carrie was staring at herself
in the mirror as required.

I walked back to the front bar, positioned myself, and then began
spanking Carrie hard. Carrie's face remained stoic, but Char was showing
the pain on her face. After 50 strokes, Carrie still wasn't crying,
although the strain was starting to show. Tears were running down Char's
face, but she hadn't yet tried to comfort Carrie.

We neared 100 strokes. Carrie had been silently crying for some time,
and now she moaned loudly for the first time. Char was very agitated and
upset. After another minute Char reached up and put her hands over
Carrie's. "Let the pain flow through you, give it to me," she said. "Keep
whatever pleasure you get from this, and give me your pain. I love you,
and I want to take it from you. You should never have to suffer, let me do
it for you."

Carrie looked down at Char and was about to speak. "Keep looking at
yourself, and keep quiet," I said. She immediately raised her eyes back to
her reflection in the wall mirror.

Char didn't know what else to say. She periodically repeated what she
had already told Carrie, that she loved her and wanted to take the pain
from her. When we got to a little more than 200 strokes, Carrie was
sobbing and gasping continuously. Char was still holding Carrie's hands.
She said, "Oh this is awful, I don't know how to help, I want so badly to
help you Mistress, but there's nothing I can do. Please at least let me
share your pain. I'd do anything to take the pain from you, if I knew what
to do."

"Do you really want to take Carrie's pain for her, Char?" I asked. She
quickly nodded her head. "Carrie is due 200 more strokes," I said. "Would
you be willing to take them in her place?" Without hesitation, Char nodded
her head vigorously.

Carrie's eyes shifted in the mirror, to look at me. Through her sobs,
Carrie said, "No, William, please don't."

"Quiet, Carrie," I said. "The two of you will change places now, and
we will continue the spanking." Char immediately got to her feet and ran
around to the front bar. Carrie released her grip on the rear bar and
stood up. She looked at me, and it was obvious she didn't like what I was
doing. I knew she had received enough of a spanking to satisfy her needs,
so I assumed she was unhappy because she didn't want Char spanked for no

I helped Char position herself on the bars. I thought of restraining
her in position, then decided to wait and see if she could hold her
position without restraint, like she saw Carrie do. I reminded Char to
keep looking at herself in the mirror. I then turned to Carrie, who was
still standing beside me looking unhappy. "Take your position, Carrie," I
told her. She walked around to the rear bar and knelt in front of Char.

Even before I delivered the first blow, Carrie reached up and put her
hands over Char's, then said, "I'm so sorry, Baby, I should have been
stronger for you. You shouldn't have to take this in my place, you've had
too much pain in your life already."

I asked Char if she was ready, and she smiled at me in the mirror and
nodded. I began spanking her. Carrie kept talking to her, urging her to be
strong and telling her it would be over soon. A few minutes later, crying
now from sorrow rather than from pain, Carrie apologized to Char for
spanking her last night, and promised she would stop treating her harshly,
and would be the loving Mistress she deserved.

That was what I was waiting for, I stopped Char's spanking. "I think
I've made a mistake," I said. "Carrie didn't have 200 to go, she only had
20. We're finished, Char, you may stand up, and both of you are released
from Formal Speech rules."

Char let go of the rear bar, then ducked under the front bar and fell
to her knees in front of Carrie. They cried and hugged and kissed each
other, then both said "I love you" at the same time.

I let them have their moment, then finally I spoke up. "I feel there's
a lot of love and understanding in this room now. I hope it's a new
beginning for us, the beginning of a long, loving relationship among the
three of us.

Carrie helped Char to her feet and they both came to me. We hugged and
kissed for a minute, then Carrie returned to normal. She hit me on the arm
and said "Bastard."

"Who, me?" I said. "I'm sorry, but I never claimed to be a math whiz."

Carrie kissed me again, then spoke to Char. "This is what he does,"
she said. "He teaches you exactly the lesson you need to learn. I was mean
to you and I've been jealous of you, and in return you were willing to
suffer in my place through a long spanking. I understand now, and I swear
I'll always treat you with love and fairness, and I promise to be as good
a Mistress to you as I can possibly be. I know I'll screw it up at first,
but William will be here to keep me on the right path, as he always does."

We all hugged for a few more moments, then Carrie and Char shared a
long, sensous kiss. When they broke apart, Char took a deep breath and
said, "I know I need more training before I can serve the two of you as
you deserve and demand. But I would like very much to commit myself to you
now, if you will accept my service and my promise to be yours forever. I
don't need to wait any longer, I know this is the right decision for me."


  1. Finally, i have been wondering why Carrie was being so harsh and Char. Bill gets my admiration back...he knew just how to get Carrie to be a loving mistress...
    hugs abby

    1. William got your admiration back did he? It is an interesting way to learn a lesson... Creative as ever...


  2. I agree with Abby...I admire Bill for getting Carrie to be a loving mistress. However, if you'll remember, she behaved the same harsh way to Bill when he did his 24 hours as a submissive...she has no clue as to how to be a good dominant/mistress.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I agree with you 100%, she has no idea, but then again, I remember some people claiming William was too soft.
      I think he always has a well thought plan behind his actions, weather you agree with his plans is entirely another matter.



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