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Training Carrie, chapter 63

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 63

  I waited until Char was in place and had begun working on Carrie's
pussy, then I moved into position behind her. She jumped when I first
brushed her vulva with my fingers, but then she relaxed and pressed
against my hand. I played with her outer labia for a minute, then began
making forays inside with my fingers, pleased that she was already wet.
She jumped again when I first contacted her clit, but then she began
moaning softly. Finally I thought she was ready, so I eased the head of my
cock into her. She pushed back against me, which I took to mean she was
asking for the whole thing. Although her mouth was busy with Carrie's
pussy, Char was very expressive about the pleasure she felt when I
penetrated her fully.

    After a few minutes, the three of us were very well in sync, and
everybody seemed to be enjoying what they were getting. We fucked for
about 10 minutes, then Carrie and I came at the same time. A minute later,
probably when Carrie's tremors had damped out, Char thought we were done.
She raised her face from Carrie, but Carrie immediately reached down and
pushed Char's head back down. I kept fucking her, and after a few seconds
I could tell from the moans that she had gone back to work on Carrie.

    The whole process was repeated twice, and finally Char raised her head
long enough to ask if we could stop, she was exhausted. "We'll stop as
soon as you cum for us," Carrie said, "Then you can have a few minutes
rest before we try another position."

    "I'll try, Carrie, thank you," Char said. It took two more orgasms
from Carrie, and one from me before Char finally came. When the fireworks
were over, Carrie patted her on the head and said she was a good girl.
Char thanked Carrie, then thanked me, then asked if she could please lie
down for awhile.

    We all stretched out on the bed, with Char between Carrie and I. We
idly roamed our hands over Char's body, while totally ignoring her
otherwise. We made small talk for 5 or 10 minutes, then Carrie asked me
what was on the agenda for tomorrow. I said exercise and then I would read
to her downstairs. She groaned and said she was still hot from the last
time I read to her.

    I pointed out to Carrie that her new slave could help during the
reading, if only she wasn't afraid to enter the training room downstairs.
"That won't be a problem, William," Carrie said, "I'll make sure she goes
to the training room without a peep." Then she spoke to Char for the first
time, twisting her nipple while asking, "Isn't that right, Char?"

    A moment later Char said quietly, "Yes, Carrie, I'll do whatever you
want. Whatever you or William tell me."

    Carrie leaned over and kissed Char on the lips. "That's the right
answer, Char. Don't forget it." She paused, then added, "I think it would
help your attitude if you called me 'Mistress' and called William 'Master'
from now on. When you're answering Yes or No questions, you will call me
'Miss' and you'll call William 'Sir'. Do you understand?"

    "Yes, Miss," Char answered.

    Carrie looked at me, and said, "See, she's a little slow, but finally
she's catching on. I think she's going to work out Ok." She layed her hand
on Char's breast, kissed her again, and said, "The more submissive and
obedient you are, the more fun and sex you'll get."

    Char smiled and said, "Thank you Mistress. Thank you Master."

    Carrie kissed her again, then said, "William and I have some more
fucking to do, but I think you've had a long day, and we should put you to
bed. Are you ready for bed, Char?"

    Char looked disappointed, but she was definitely tired. "Yes, Miss,"
she replied reluctantly. Carrie asked if she needed to use the toilet, and
she said "Yes, Miss," again.

    We led her to the tolet, each of us holding one of her hands, and
positioned her on the toilet. When we let go of her hands, she looked up
at us for a moment, then raised her arms to us. We both knelt in front of
her and began kissing and caressing her breasts, stomach, and face. We
soon heard the sound of her peeing as she sighed contentedly.

    After Carrie helped her squat over the bidet, she dried Char and led
her back to the bedroom. I had fetched the other set of wrist manacles
from the mural room, the ones I wore during our role reversal, and I
handed them to Carrie. She put them on Char, then fastened her wrists
together behind her back.

    I got a pillow out of the closet and threw it on the floor at the foot
of the bed, and Carrie helped Char lie down with her head on the pillow.
"When you've shown us you can be obedient and submissive, we'll consider
letting you sleep with us," Carrie said as she covered Char with a

    "Thank you, Mistress, I'll try very hard to earn that reward," Char
said with sincerity.

    "Here's something to help you get to sleep. Open your legs for me,
Sweetie," Carrie said. She threw back the blanket and Char opened her
legs. Carrie began stimulating Char's pussy with her hand, and Char began
moaning immediately, then had an intense orgasm a few minutes later. As
soon as her orgasm started, Carrie pulled her hand away, threw the blanket
over Char, and crawled back into bed with me.

    Carrie put her fingers into her mouth and licked them clean. Then she
looked at me with mock surprise. "Why William, have you been fucking that
little cunt? She tastes just like you."

    "Not me, Carrie, I swear," I said, then we both broke up laughing. We
hugged and kissed for a few minutes, then I began giving Carrie a good old
straight fuck.

    As we were fucking and laughing and talking, we heard soft sobs coming
from Char. "Shut up and go to sleep, Char," Carrie said, "unless you want
the two of us to finish your spanking." Char was quiet after that, but I
doubted she was asleep.

    Early the next morning, I woke up to Carrie's kisses. "I've gotta
pee," she told me. I rolled out of bed and took her by the hand. I was
pulling her toward the bathroom, when she pulled back and led me over to
Char. Carrie pulled the blanket off of Char, said, "Get up and come to the
bathroom, Char," then she led me to the bathroom and sat down.

    As Carrie was peeing and moaning from my stimulation of her nipples,
Char walked into the bathroom. Carrie looked at her and said, "We're going
to leave your wrists bound behind you for a little while, Char. Did you
sleep well?"

    "Yes, Miss, thank you," Char said sleepily. Carrie ignored Char after
that, until she and I had finished on the toilet and the bidet. Carrie
then seated Char on the toilet, knelt in front of her, took control of
both her nipples and began rolling and squeezing them, and at the same
time gave Char a passionate kiss. She kept at it until Char finally
relieved herself. When Carrie pulled away from her mouth, Char was
gasping. "Thank you, Mistress," she said.

    "My pleasure," Carrie said as she stood and patted Char on the head,
then helped her to stand and led her to the bidet.

    Back in the bedroom, Carrie put her "reverse apron" house wear on Char
and asked her if she knew what it was for. "No, Miss," Char said. Carrie
explained the rule about sitting, reminding Char that she had seen Carrie
sit like that last night at dinner. Then she made Char practice sitting
while pulling the house wear away from her ass at the same time. It would
have been better if her hands weren't bound during her first lesson, but
Carrie chose to leave her bound. When we both agreed that Char had become
proficient, we let her relax while I dressed Carrie.

    I had selected her floor length sheer gown and high heels because it
was my favourite outfit, but also because I suspected it would have Char
drooling over Carrie's appearance. When Carrie was dressed, she spun in
the middle of the room. Looking at Char, she said, "You're still under
informal speech, Char, you can speak any time you wish. What do you think
of my gown?"

    "You're more beautiful than I could imagine, Mistress. I'm getting wet
just looking at you."

    Carrie laughed, then went to Char, pulled her up from the chair by her
nipples, and kissed her. "That's so sweet," Carrie said. "I'm glad I make
you wet, I want you wet all the time. William and I want you to be
constantly ready for sex with us, and as you become better trained we'll
be using you more often. Do you like that idea?"

    From across the room, I could see Char trembling. "Yes, Mistress. I
like that idea very much," she said.

    I suggested that Carrie release Char's wrists, so she could brush
Carrie's hair and put on her lipstick. As Carrie was unlinking Char's
wrists I went to start breakfast.

    The coffee was ready, and breakfast was nearly ready, when Carrie led
Char into the kitchen, holding her by one of her labia. Char's wrists were
again fastened behind her back. Carrie's hair looked good, but not up to
my usual standards. They both wore lipstick. I complemented Carrie on her
hair, and she said that Char would do better after a few more tries.

    Carrie told Char to sit on the stool, and we both watched to make sure
she pulled up her house wear as she sat. She remembered - how could she
forget with both of us looking at her - and she blushed slightly as she
sat. As I continued preparations for breakfast, Carrie poured two cups of
coffee. She offered me a sip from one cup, then took the other cup to
Char. "Here, Sweetie, take a sip of coffee."

    I could tell that coffee was another of the things Char liked, but
hadn't been allowed to have during her captivity. She took a sip, then
gave Carrie a big smile and a "Thank you, Mistress."

    Carrie asked me if she could help. I asked her to set the table, then
seat her slave and wait for me on her feet. "Yes, William," she said, and
took Char to the dining room.

    I brought our 3 plates into the dining room and set them on the table.
Carrie had done as I asked. Char was seated, her chair right beside
Carrie's. Carrie was standing and smiling at me. I put my arm around her
waist and pulled her to me. We kissed hard for a long minute, and when the
kiss ended Carrie said seductively, "I missed my morning fuck, William,
let's go back to bed."

    "Breakfast is ready, and your slave needs to be fed," I told her.
"Duty first."

    She looked at Char, who was watching us intently. "Where's she going?"
Carrie asked. "If we went back to bed and had our usual hour long morning
fuck, she'd still be here when we were finished, still waiting to be fed."

    "Have you forgotten your reading session downstairs?" I asked. "You'll
get all of the stimulation you want before lunch today, be patient." I
pulled out her chair, and she gracefully bunched up the back of her long
gown as she sat.

    "That was beautiful," Char said after she watched Carrie sit. "I'll
never be able to make it look that smooth and sexy."

    "Yes you will," Carrie, said. "You'll practice it until you're
perfect, then you'll keep practising until it's part of your reflexes."
Then she gave Char a no nonsense look, and said, "You're under my control,
and you'll perform to my satisfaction. You're going to be amazed at what
you'll do.

    "If it were just you and me, that would be one thing. But I'm training
you to please William as well as me, and he will be as demanding of you as
he is of me. So you will be trained to perfection, count on it." As I
listened to her speech, I was fighting back a smile.

    Char swallowed hard, and said, "Yes, Miss."

    I sat down and suggested that we start eating. Carrie put a bite of
food from Char's plate on a fork and held it up to Char. Char looked
surprised, but opened her mouth and took the food. When she had chewed and
swallowed the food, she told me it was good. I thanked her, then she asked
Carrie if Carrie intended to feed her the whole meal. "This meal, and as
many others as I choose to feed you. Is that Ok?'

    "Yes, Miss," Char said. Carrie fed herself a bite of food, told me she
agreed that it was an excellent breakfast, then gave Char another bite.

    We ate quietly for awhile. I was pacing myself so I wouldn't finish
before Carrie and Char. I decided this was a good time to tell Char what
was going on. "Char," I asked, "Do you understand why we're treating you
like this?"

    She looked me in the eye. "No, Sir," she said.

    "While you and Carrie eat, I'll explain it to you. When I'm finished,
I hope it will be clear to you. If not, you'll be allowed to ask
questions. Ok?"

    She smiled at me. "Yes Sir," she said.

    "Carrie and I have been together about a month," I started. "The time
you and Carrie spent alone together, in the guest bedroom last night, was
the longest time Carrie and I have been out of each other's sight in that
month. We are very close, you and others have commented that we seem to be
the same person in two bodies." At that point Carrie reached out for my
hand, then leaned over to me and kissed it. I smiled at her and continued
my story. "Carrie and I often know what one another is thinking, and we
can communicate more with a glance than many people can in a long

    "We have an unusual lifestyle, which we developed in the month we have
been together. It consists of a series of activities. You can think of
them as scenes in a movie or play, except they don't follow in a logical,
plot development kind of sequence. The common thread they all have is the
exploration of Carrie." I squeezed Carrie's hand, and she gave me a warm
smile, as I continued. "We are looking for ways to extend Carrie's limits
in every way you can imagine, and that includes her obedience, her
emotions, her sexuality, her submissiveness, and many more things.

    "We train, explore, extend, and test Carrie's capabilities, and we
celebrate our mutual love and passion for one another. That's all we do,
and that's all we want to do.

    "But now you're here. Carrie and I agree that you're welcome to share
this house with us, no matter what. If you want to have nothing to do with
us, and go your own way, you are free to do that, we'll try not to bother
you in that case.

    "If you want more than that, if you want to become a third member of
the group, you're going to have to fit into the framework we've already
built. We think the best way to incorporate you into our life is as
Carrie's slave. We want to train you to serve Carrie in that role.

    "The way Carrie treats you, the way she's been treating you since she
took control of you last night, is the way she was treated by me when I
first began training her. Of course, Carrie has a quality I lack, called
style." Carrie frowned at that point and shook her head. "Your training
under Carrie will be much more pleasant and entertaining than Carrie's
training was under me. But I assure you that when you make mistakes, your
training under Carrie will be just as painful as hers was under me.

    "If you watch the way Carrie and I interact, the way she's treated by
me, you will see how you will eventually be treated by both Carrie and me,
and how pleasant your life will be with us. Carrie gives me all that she
has to give, and you will learn to give your all, too. In return for
Carrie giving me all that she is, I give back all that I am. The only
difference is that I command and she obeys. In your case, you will serve
two masters. Carrie will always be in charge of you, but you will do
anything I require of you as well. In return, we will treat you as a loved
member of our family and include you in our activities."

    I paused to let Char absorb what I had told her, then I asked her if
she had any questions. Her first question was whether she would be
whipped. I had Carrie stand up and show her the bruise across her ass,
then told Char the whole story of the worst punishment I had ever given
Carrie, and that I was wrong to have done it and would not do it again. I
told her that Carrie regularly receives spankings and floggings, but
they're for her pleasure, not for punishment, and that if Char didn't find
those things pleasant she wouldn't have to endure them. I told her that
the worst punishments she would have to endure were spanking, flogging,
and a mild application of the crop. She asked what a mild application was,
and I said it meant no cuts, and the marks would be gone within about 24

    Char wanted to know how long her training would take. I said I had no
idea, but she had already been through severe slave training, which Carrie
had not. That meant that if Char put her mind to it, she should be able to
satisfy our requirements soon, probably within a few weeks. But I pointed
out that the training was just her entry into our lives. The hard part
would be her total obedience to both Carrie and I, day in and day out, of
her own free will.

    Carrie had finished feeding Char and herself. I asked Char if she had
any more questions. "What if I agree to try, but then decide I can't do
it?" she asked.

    "You have to agree to train until we are satisfied with your
performance. You won't be able to stop the training once we begin. After
your training, you will be expected to make a decision and then live with
it. In other words, you can walk away from us now, or you can walk away
from us when your training is finished. If you stay through those two
decision points, you're our slave and you have no more choices. You will
be like Carrie is now, bound in slavery by nothing more than your promise
to obey."

    Char was trembling. I asked her if she had any more questions. "No,
Sir," she said quietly.

    "Are you ready to give us your decision?" I asked her.

    She sat quietly for a full minute, then said in a whisper, "Yes, Sir,
I choose training."

    Carrie reached over and hugged Char, then gave her a passionate kiss.
She felt Char's trembling, and laughed. "There's nothing to fear, stop
shaking," Carrie said. "After what you've been through, this will be easy.
Just do everything you're told, do it quickly, and do it like it's the
most enjoyable thing you could possibly be doing." She paused to slip two
fingers into Char's pussy, then continued, "a lot of the time, it will be
the most enjoyable thing you could possibly be doing."

    Char looked at Carrie and smiled. "Yes, Miss. Thank you, Miss," she

    Carrie corrected her, saying, "The correct response, using the rules
of address you were given, is 'Yes, Miss. Thank you, Mistress'." She then
made Char repeat the correct response several times, until she had the
submissive tone of voice Carrie wanted to hear.

    Carrie then unfastened Char's wrists. She told Char to clear the
table, take the dishes to the kitchen, put all of the dirty dishes in the
dishwasher and start it, then wait in the kitchen on her knees. Char said
"Yes, Miss," then quickly got out of her chair and began doing as she was

    After Char had gathered up the dishes, but before she left the dining
room, Carrie said, "Char, when you're on your knees on the floor, put both
of your arms straight up above your head and keep them there. I want your
roaming fingers as far as possible from your pussy."

    "Yes, Miss," Char said, then went to the kitchen.

    Carrie looked at me and we smiled at one another. "This is going to be
fun," she said.

    I said, "If she puts her mind to it, she should be ready in a week.
The big question is what she'll decide after that."

    "And what we'll do if she chooses freedom over slavery," she said.

    "I was right, wasn't I ?" I asked Carrie. "We want her to stay
regardless of her decision?"

    "Of course," she answered. "Like you said, she's family. But it will
be so awkward."

    "Are you happy here with me?" I asked her.

    Carrie looked surprised. "Of course, William, you don't need to ask me
that. You know I'm happy with you." She smiled, seeing the subtext of my
question. "So, if we make Char see that I'm happy as your slave, she'll
see that she can be happy with us as our slave, right?" I smiled and

    We sat at the table holding hands until we heard the dishwasher start.
We waited another 3 or 4 minutes, then got up and went to get our slave.

    Char was kneeling in the middle of the kitchen floor, her arms raised
above her head as Carrie had commanded. Carrie took her hands one at a
time and examined, then sniffed her fingers. Satisfied that Char had
obeyed, Carrie said, "Stand up, Sweetie." Char got to her feet, and Carrie
wrapped an arm around her waist. Pulling Char to her forcefully, Carrie
gave her a long open-mouth kiss.

    When Carrie broke away after a long moment, Char gasped. "Thank you,
Mistress," she said with a tremble in her voice. Her arms hung limp at her

    Carrie ran a finger down Char's right breast and let her fingertip
linger on the nipple. "Did I make you wet again, Char?"

    "Yes, Miss," Char said as she lowered her eyes and shuddered.

    Carrie turned to me. "Oh, William, she's going to be wonderful. She's
so responsive, look at her tremble just from this simple caress." Carrie
laid her palm against Char's belly and grinned at me. "It's like putting
your hand on a purring cat. Come and feel it."

    Carrie moved her hand to one side, and I rested my palm next to hers.
It was like all of her muscles were quivering. "I think she is purring," I
said. "Maybe her pussy purrs."

    Carrie laughed at my joke. Then she addressed Char again. "I'll bet
you could cum for me right now if you really tried. What would it take to
make you cum, Char? Will you cum if I command you to?"

    "I'll do my best to obey, Mistress," Char said in a whisper.

    Carrie raised her hand and brushed the nipple on Char's left breast,
provoking a gasp. Then she grasped Char by the back of her neck, leaned
close until their bodies were in contact, and whispered in Char's ear,
"Cum for me Char, cum for your Mistress. Make me happy, Sweetie. If you
want to please me, cum right now."

    After a few seconds, Char began breathing in shallow gasps. About 10
seconds after that, she had a strong orgasm. She exhaled sharply and
trembled all over, and it looked like she was going to sink to the floor
in a swoon. Still holding Char by the neck, Carrie quickly wrapped her
other arm around Char's waist and pulled her close, then smothered her
mouth in another long, sensuous kiss.

    Carrie held her tightly and kissed her hard until Char straightened up
and was able to stand on her own. Then Carrie put her hands to each side
of Char's face and began praising her and telling her what an obedient
slave and an good girl she was. Char was almost hysterical, she didn't
seem to know whether to laugh or cry. Finally she said, so softly I barely
heard it 3 feet away, "I love you, Mistress ... Carrie."

    Carrie continued to hold Char, but when she spoke again there was a
chill in her voice. She said, "You don't love me yet, Sweetie, you love
what I do to you, and we're only getting started. We told you this would
be fun and exciting, and you're just beginning to understand what we
meant. Soon you'll let go of everything you were before, and you'll submit
to me completely and without reservation. Then you will love me, and
you'll be mine forever."

    Carrie let go of Char and made sure she could stand, then she suddenly
put a hand around Char's throat and gripped her firmly. Char's eyes opened
wide, and a look of fear came to her face. Carrie put her face right up to
Char's and said, "If you use my name again without my permission, I'll
flog those cute little breasts until they're bright red." Then she let go
and turned her back on Char. She grinned when she saw that my eyes were
almost as wide as Char's. "What's on the agenda, William?" she asked me in
a cheery voice.


  1. Carrie has always showed signs of at the very least being a 'switch'....she seems to have adapted to the Mistress title quickly.....
    hugs abby

    1. She was keen on that, wasn't she? And Char being her half sister did not bring any additional problems, thank God.


  2. I agree with Abby. Think I'm going to have to change up the timeline in my mind so that I can enjoy the story a bit more. William and Carrie have been together for 6 years and they have had Char with them for a year. Here training has been going on for 2 months. How's that for rewriting the story! :D

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Now, now, now, Cat. It is interesting in D/s relations polyamory relations are relatively overrepresented. He just loves Carrie. And then Char is nice too. And tomorrow he loves Char.

      Well, at least poor William lusts after the woman...


  3. Ladies, you are wrong. . The best word that fits Csrrie is no switch, it is BITCH.
    Isn't it sad that as soon as a some women are in charge of other women, they just become ...bitch?
    Bill has never treated her with such a condescending attitude as she reward Char.
    Why is it so???

    1. Now, now, now, Mona Lisa. Bitch... You think she is a bitch. Well she is behaving like that at the moment. All those repressed dominant feelings come out...
      We will see how the story continues and if she stays a bitch in your opinion...



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