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Training Carrie, chapter 62

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 62

  Back in the kitchen, Char sat on the stool she had eaten off of
earlier in the day. While Carrie removed the potatoes from the microwave
and wrapped them in foil to finish cooking, I heated the grill for the
steaks. As we were working, Char said, "I remember what couples in love
look like, and I've never seen anyone as much in love as you two. You're
like one person almost." I remembered that Philip had said the same thing
earlier in the day.

    We both smiled at her, and Carrie said she felt like the luckiest
woman in the world. "Luck had nothing to do with it," I told Char with a
grin. "She kidnapped me and brought me here. And now it turns out she's a
serial kidnapper, she's done it a second time." We all laughed, then I
told Char that I was the lucky one, Carrie's love saved me from an empty
life, and gave me more happiness than I ever thought was possible.

    Carrie and I fixed a quick salad while the steaks cooked. When
everything was ready, we filled up three plates and took everything to the
dining room. We set the table, then I held Carrie's chair as she pulled up
her skirt and sat down. When I held Char's chair, she asked, "Should I do
that?" nodding at Carrie.

    "Do you want to?" I asked her. She shook her head. "Then sit down," I

    When everyone was seated, Carrie gave Char a sip of wine, then Carrie
and I took our sips at the same time, our eyes locked on one another. Char
broke the spell when she said there was no way she could eat all of the
food on her plate. Smiling, Carrie told her she needed to gain some

    We made small talk during the meal. At one point Char asked what we
did here, what was a typical day like? Carrie and I both laughed, then
Carrie said we didn't have any typical days. I told Char we had an unusual
lifestyle, and it would make very little sense to her if we tried to
explain it. She would just have to spend a few days with us, and she would
begin to understand.

    Char said she wanted to fit in, and hoped we could find ways to
include her in our activities, whatever they were. I told her we wanted
that to happen also, but we weren't going to change the way we lived, at
least not right away. If it turned out after a few days that Char was
feeling left out, we would talk about how to improve things. She said that
was more than fair, she'd be better off than she was no matter what it was
like here.

    When everyone had eaten their fill, I said we would finish our wine
and then have desert. Carrie gave Char a sip and then took one for
herself. She looked at me and put her hand on the table for me to take. I
of course took her hand, and told her I loved her. "I love you," she said

    Still looking at her, I asked her if she would like her ice cream
dressed or naked. I expected a mild protest, but instead she asked how she
would be having it if Char weren't with us. I told her she would be
having it naked and blindfolded.

    "Then I'll have my ice cream naked and blindfolded, please William,"
she said with a grin.

    "I'd like to propose a variation, Carrie," I said. "If you're
uncomfortable with my proposal, we'll do it the normal way." She nodded.
"I propose that for the first half of the game, until the ice cream gets
below your navel, you have to guess whose tongue is licking it up, mine or
Char's." Carrie groaned, but I continued. "If you guess right, you get a
spoon of ice cream for yourself. If you guess wrong, no ice cream for

    "What happens below the navel, William?" she asked, no longer

    "Below the navel, it's just you and me, Kid," I said. "Of course, Char
can watch if she wants to," I added.

    Char was smiling.

    I think Char held her breath during the few seconds Carrie thought it
over. Finally Carrie smiled again, looked at Char and then back at me, and
said "I trust you, let's play."

    Char didn't understand the significance of the "I trust you" at the
beginning, but I did. She was asking me to do exactly what I said I would
do, and not try to trick her. She was pretty sure I wouldn't, but this was
important to her and she wanted me to know that.

    I stood up, walked behind Carrie's chair, and pulled it our from the
table with her in it. I knelt in front of her and began unbuttoning her
blouse, then gently pulled it out of her skirt and removed it from her
shoulders. She leaned forward while I pulled the blouse off of her arms
and tossed it aside. I kissed both of her nipples tenderly, then kissed
her on the lips. "I love you," she whispered as our lips separated. I
unfastened her bra and slipped it off of her arms, then pulled her skirt
up her torso. She raised her arms while I pulled the skirt over her head
and removed it. The bra and skirt joined the blouse in a pile on the
floor, then I removed her shoes, and she was naked.

    Telling Carrie to stay as she was, I went to the bedroom to get the
equipment we needed. When I had everything, I looked at the clock and
waited another 2 minutes, to see what Char would do while I was gone. I
returned to find that she had gotten up and was standing beside Carrie.

    I showed Carrie the rope, then proceeded to tie her wrists and ankles
to the chair. I put her posture collar on her neck, then tied it to the
chair back to immobilize her head. Finally I slipped on her blindfold.
Char seemed fascinated by the game, and we hadn't even begun playing yet.

    I asked Char to please go to the bathroom and get us a hand towel. As
soon as she was out of earshot, I asked Carrie, "Did you and Char talk
about anything interesting while I was gone?"

    "This and that," Carrie said. "She asked me if we did this kind of
thing often. She offered to cheat for me, and tap a certain pattern on me
with her tongue so I'd know it was her. She said she was dying to lick my
skin and my dark nipples, and she was sorry she wouldn't be able to put
her tongue deep inside my pussy. You know, just stuff." She grinned.

    "Excellent, she's bonding with you," I said.

    "Yes, she so bonded she's dying to fuck me," Carrie said.

    "But she won't do anything until you give her permission," I told her.
"Now she knows she's your slave if you want her. You control her. If you
want her to choose slavery, and to choose you as her mistress, what you do
starting right now is critical. After she's licked your breasts a few
times, seen how responsive you are, and watched me eat your pussy, she'll
be wound up tight. You really should take control of her and fuck her
tonight, as soon as I untie you."

    "I'm considering it. Here she comes." As Carrie fell silent, I heard
Char's footsteps.

    "Don't consider it, do it," I whispered, just before Char entered the
dining room.

    I asked Char to put the towel on the chair between Carrie's open
thighs and to tuck it in under her legs and crotch. I watched to make sure
she didn't try to take advantage of Carrie's helplessness. She behaved
herself, but she was a little flushed when she finished.

    I took Char to the kitchen with me to get the ice cream. "This is so
cool," she said in the kitchen, "do you guys do this kind of thing all the

    "We don't do this particular thing often," I said, "but we do lots of
scenes similar to this, putting Carrie in a position where her obedience
is tested. When we start the game for real in a minute, I'll forbid her to
cum until we're in bed and fucking. She'll get very hot and horny before
we run out of ice cream, but she won't cum."

    "Can she really keep from having orgasms under your control?" Char
asked. She was sceptical.

    "Not only can she suppress them, she can cum on a moment's notice, any
time I command her to." Char flatly refused to believe that, so I offered
her a demonstration. She said we couldn't just use Carrie for our
amusement, not with something as important as an orgasm. "Sure we can," I

    Before we went back to the dining room, I said, "I'm thinking of
giving Carrie control of you for awhile, Char. You've seen the ugly side
of slavery, you should let Carrie show you the fun side. She's the perfect
person to help you understand how satisfying voluntary slavery can be. It
would mean spending more time with just you and her, until she got you
through any rough spots. Are you up for it?"

    "I guess so, if you think it'll help me understand," she said with
some hesitancy. But I could see she liked the idea.

    "Good then, it's settled. I expect you to be obedient to her." I said,
and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

    I got a bowl of ice cream and a small spoon, and we returned to
Carrie. I put the ice cream on the table, then told Char to place her palm
on Carrie's belly, just above her pussy. Char was hesitant, but did as I
told her. "Carrie, cum," I said.

    She came instantly, and Char quickly pulled her hand away and gaped at
Carrie. "How do you do that?" she asked.

    Carrie said, "I try my best to give my Master total control over his
Slave. My complete obedience to him is a goal we both work to achieve."
That was a clever non-answer. We had no idea how she did it, she just did

    "Carrie, you will not cum again until you are in bed and fucking later
tonight," I said. I didn't specify whom she would be fucking.

    "Yes William," she said, a slight smirk at the corners of her mouth.

    "Are you ready for some ice cream?" I asked her.

    "Yes, William," she said. I stirred and mashed the ice cream until it
started to get runny. I bent over her and carefully put a dab of ice cream
just below her left collar bone, drawing a quick gasp from Carrie. I
glanced at Char. She was staring, like she was afraid she would miss
something if she blinked. I started to tell her that the ice cream didn't
run that fast, but I decided to let her be.

    Finally the ice cream was melting sue to Carrie's body heat. A small
stream was slowly creeping down toward her left breast. I let it get half
way down her breast, then I delicately licked upstream. When she was
clean, I stepped back and moved a few paces to one side. "Who was it?" I
asked her.

    She was making faces and agonizing over her choice, then finally she
said, "I think it was Char." She knew it was me, she was playing her own
game within our game.

    "Sorry, no ice cream for you," I said.

    I ate a small spoonful, then fed one to Char. "Oh, my God," Char said
when she got her first taste. She almost came, and I guessed that her raw
fruits and vegetables hadn't come with ice cream for dessert. When she had
calmed down, I handed Char the bowl and nodded at Carrie.

    Char did exactly what I had done, under Carrie's right collar bone.
She used a little too much ice cream, and when it started to run it split
into three streams. Char went into action and quickly licked up two of the
streams as they neared Carrie's areola. The centre stream got to the
nipple before Char got to it, so she parked her tongue on the areola and
lapped up the ice cream as it arrived. By the time the ice cream stream
stopped flowing, and Char started licking upstream, Carrie was moaning
softly and shuddering. Char pulled back from Carrie, and she had that look
of lust I had seen earlier. "Who was it?" I asked Carrie.

    This time she made it look easier. "That one was Char," she said.

    I nodded at Char, and she said "That's right, Carrie, here's your ice
cream." Carrie opened her mouth and flicked her tongue a few times. That's
when I knew they would be fucking tonight.

    Carrie put on a show of savouring the ice cream. Then she said, "Char,
did you cum when you tasted the ice cream for the first time?"

    Char gave a throaty chuckle. "Almost, Carrie. I was very close."

    "When you fed me just now," Carrie said, "I imagined us coming
together from tasting ice cream." I was biting my tongue to keep from
groaning. Carrie was going way over the top. I thought she would just take
Char by the hand and pull her into the bedroom, I didn't expect a

    We had six more trials, three for Char and three for me. Amazingly,
(not!) Carrie guessed correctly for each of Char's trials, but was only
correct on one of mine.

    The last two trials had involved letting the ice cream pool up in
Carrie's navel and then licking it out. Since the next step was to go
below the navel, and I had promised Carrie it would only be me licking her
after that, I told Carrie and Char that Char was out of the game. They
both groaned, but I told them those were the rules we had agreed to play
by. I decided to cut the game short so the women could get it on, so I put
a spoonful of ice cream on Carrie's belly and watched as it trickled down
toward her pussy.

    I told Char to kneel down beside me so she'd get a good look at the
clean-up process. I let some ice cream enter Carrie's pussy, then stuck my
tongue inside her and lapped it out. After repeating that a few times, I
let the ice cream run until it started running out at the bottom of her
labia. Then I licked up and down her outer labia several times before
penetrating them and thoroughly licking everything I could reach with my

    I looked over at Char, and she had a hand under her skirt. "Carrie," I
said, there's just a little bit of ice cream left, and it's about to run
into your pussy. Won't you please let Char have one more taste?"

    Her voice trembling, she said, "Yes, William, if that's what you

    "I really think Char deserves another taste of ice cream, don't you?"

    "Yes, William," she said, sounding helpless and resigned to the

    I got out of the way and made a sign to Char with my hand, indicating
"It's all yours." Char took my place and began giving Carrie a very
thorough going over with her lips and tongue. Carrie was moaning for real
now, and within a minute I became concerned Char would take her to orgasm.
I decided to trust that Carrie would let me know if she was approaching
her limit. Carrie had a better approach, after another few moments she
forcefully said, "Stop, Char."

    Char stopped immediately and pulled her head back. "Yes, Carrie," she
said submissively. A faint smile appeared on Carrie's face. I had told her
she was in control of Char, and now she knew it. Tied to a chair and
blindfolded, she demanded obedience and got it.

    "Can Char untie me now, William?" she asked.

    "Sure, Carrie, the game's over. You did very well, as usual."

    She smiled. "Thank you, William," she said. "Char, untie me."

    When Carrie was free, she stood up. "Remove my blindfold and collar,
Char," she said.

    "Yes, Carrie," Char whispered as she obeyed.

    Carrie stepped closer to Char until their bodies were in contact. She
put her hand at the back of Char's neck and squeezed lightly, taking
physical control of her slave. Looking into Char's eyes, she said, "Go to
the guest bedroom and wait for me. Remain standing, I'll be in to undress
you when I'm ready." Still holding Char's neck, she took her wrist and
pulled Char's hand up to her nose. She sniffed Char's still-moist fingers,
then said, "And don't touch yourself again without my permission." She
leaned closer and brushed Char's lips with hers, then let go of her neck
and wrist.

    Char shuddered. "Yes, Carrie, thank you, Carrie," she said, then
walked toward the bedroom.

    When Char was out of sight, Carrie turned to me with a big grin.
"How'd I do?" she asked.

    "I'm in awe," I told her truthfully, "you're a born Master."

    "I'll always be your Slave, William. You know that, don't you?" I
nodded. "Are you coming in to join us?"

    "I think you should work it out by yourselves the first time. But if
you want me, I'll be in our bedroom. Give a yell and I'll hear you."

    She kissed me, and asked if she could go. "Of course you can go, your
slave is waiting." She grinned ear to ear. "Be firm with her, Carrie. She
wants to please you, tell her what you want from her and then make her
give it. Train her well." Carrie kissed me again and went to her slave.

    I cleared the dinner dishes, then put everything we had dirtied from
today's meals in the dishwasher. Going back to the dining room, I picked
up the ropes, collar, blindfold, and Carrie's clothes, and headed for our
bedroom. As I passed the hallway that led to the guest bedroom, I heard a
loud moan I recognized as Carrie's. I almost went in to join the new
lovers, but then I thought better of it and continued to the master

    After stowing the hardware, I hung Carrie's clothes in the closet,
then stretched out on the bed. It was only 9:30, and I wasn't the least
bit tired or sleepy. I lay quietly, enjoying the occasional murmurs of
laughter and squeals of pleasure wafting into the room from down the hall.
Eventually I began slipping into and out of a light sleep. Each time I
awakened it was to a new round of sounds from the women.

    Finally I must have tuned them out and gone into a deeper sleep. When
I woke again it was a little past 10:30, and the sound I heard was someone
getting a sound spanking. I'm not sure how long it had been going on, but
it lasted another few minutes after I woke up. I thought about
investigating, but decided against it.

    Finally the slapping sound stopped, and a minute later I heard
Carrie's voice coming down the hall.

    "Get in there, you little cunt," Carrie said as she pushed Char into
the room. She was walking right behind Char, pushing her along and pinning
Char's hands behind her back. They were both naked. She guided Char over
to the low-backed chair and bent her over it. I could then see that Carrie
was holding both of Char's thumbs tightly in one hand, leaving her other
hand free. Char stopped when her upper body was horizontal, but Carrie
pulled Char's hands straight up, forcing her head down onto the chair
seat. She said, "All the way down, bitch, put your forehead on the seat
and don't move. Your spanking isn't finished yet."

    Carrie let go of Char's thumbs, and Char lowered her arms. "I told you
not to move, keep your arms up," Carrie said, and Char raised her arms up
as high as she could above her back. "Stay that way until I give you
permission to move," Carrie said, then turned her back on Char and gave me
a warm smile.

    "Did you girls have fun?" I asked.

    "She's a horny little slut, William," Carrie said with a laugh. "I
thought she was going to fuck me to death, but then she decided she wanted
to be in charge. I had to explain some things to her."

    "It looks like you got your point across, she seems under control
now," I said. Then I addressed Char. "Didn't your slave training teach you
to obey those who have been put in control of you, Char? And didn't I ask
you to obey Carrie?"

    "Yes, William, I apologize. I'm very sorry, Carrie, I will obey you
from now on." Carrie and I smiled at each other.

    "It's just as well she acted up," Carrie said. "I was getting tired of
her anyway, I wanted to come back in here and get the real thing from you.
I thought I'd bring her along in case we thought of some use for her.
Please stand up, William, and let me undress you."

    I got out of bed, and Carrie and I hugged and kissed. "Hmm," I said,
"you taste like you've been eating pussy." Carrie laughed, then began
undressing me.

    Char was getting tired, she was having trouble holding her arms up
behind her. I motioned toward Char, then told Carrie, "You've got her in
too comfortable a position, she might go to sleep like that. Have her turn
around and kneel. She can watch us while we fuck, and think about the
reasons she's not in bed with us."

    Carrie said, "You mean because she doesn't know how to obey, and
because she doesn't like men any more?" Then to Char she said, "Turn
around and kneel facing the bed, Char. And keep your wrists crossed behind
your back, I don't want your hands anywhere near your pussy."

    "Yes, Carrie," Char said as she quickly straightened up, turned to
face our bed, and dropped to her knees. She crossed her wrists behind her
back, spread her legs wide, and lowered her eyes.

    Carrie said, "Don't lower your eyes, Char, William and I have never
had an audience before. We want you to watch."

    Yes, Carrie. Thank you, Carrie," she said.

    When I was naked, Carrie pushed me onto the bed and jumped in beside
me. She quickly got up on all fours, grinned at me, and said, "Whenever
you're ready." That was the start of another of our long cycles. We were
definitely in a rut, we even cycled through our favourite positions in the
same order, usually.

    Within a few minutes, I had forgotten Char was in the same room. After
about 20 minutes of butt fucking, I rolled off and Carrie latched onto my
cock with her mouth. That lasted another 20 minutes, then I had Carrie lie
on her back while I buried my face in her pussy and stimulated her nipples

    Carrie seemed more vocal during this stage than I remembered her being
in the past, then I realized she was playing it up for Char. She kept at
it for about 5 minutes, then I heard Char say softly, "William?" I ignored
her until she called my name again, louder this time.

    I pulled my face out of Carrie's pussy, and said "What do you want,

    "May I please join you and Carrie in bed, William?"

    "I've given control of you to Carrie, Char," I said. "If you get her
permission, it's fine with me."

    Char started over. "Carrie?"

    "What is it, Char?"

    "May I please join you and William in bed, Carrie?"

    "Can you tell me what you are first, Char?" Carrie asked. I wasn't
sure what answer she wanted from Char.

    Char was silent for a long moment, then with great reluctance in her
voice, she said, "I'm a slave and a horny little slut, Carrie." Carrie
said that Char didn't sound like she believed what she was saying, and
made her repeat it several times until she sounded convincing.

    "Whose slave are you, Char?" Carrie asked.

    "I'm your slave, Carrie, yours and William's."

    "Yes, Char, you can join William and I in bed." As Char got to her
feet and moved to the bed, Carrie said, "You can take William's place,
with your face buried in my pussy, while William fucks you from behind."

    With a smile on her face, Char said, "Yes, Carrie."


  1. Whoa...he's gone from Char being an abused slave to Char playing with herself without permission, to Carrie and Char having sex when Carrie had said that she wasn't comfortable with that to suddenly Carrie says William can have sex with Char...sheesh! Am really trying to heed your advice and add 6 months in my head before each change. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Make that 2 years.... or you will annoyed to the last chapter of this book, or put it down...
      Let's see if something decent comes from this, shall we?


  2. I am going to have to use that '6 months further' also.....
    hugs abby

    1. I know. Let's write a different ending, shall we?


  3. What did you said, Han?
    6 YEARS ahaed?
    Hmmmm, maybe.

    I don't care isbit is one hour or 100 years.
    What is hardest for me to understand is:
    HOW can someone have sex without feelings , without love?
    Nope, can't understand.


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