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Training Carrie, chapter 61

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 61

 We lay side by side and cuddled for a minute, then we both remembered
Char. We sat up in bed and looked over at her. She was slowly masturbating
herself, she seemed to be coming down from an orgasm. When she became
aware that we were watching her, she took her hand away from her pussy. "I
didn't know people fucked like that," she said. "I didn't know it could be
that much fun."

    Carrie held out her hands, and Char stood up and quickly walked to the
bed. She took Carrie's hands, and Carrie pulled her onto the bed and
tenderly kissed her on the lips. "When we're all ready, we're going to
have a lot of fun, I promise," Carrie said. We all looked at one another
for a moment, then Carrie suggested we take a shower together. Again I
thought Carrie was moving too fast, but I didn't object. There was a fine
line between pushing Char to do things she wan't ready for, versus making
her feel left out of our activities.

    When we went into the bathroom, Carrie sat on the toilet. Without
thinking, I knelt in front of her and began caressing her nipples and
kissing her. Char asked what we were doing, and we stopped kissing while
Carrie told her. "It's another way William and I express our love and
devotion for one other," Carrie said. When Carrie finished, we traded
places, and Carrie wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me.

    When I finished and stood up, Carrie asked Char if she needed to use
the toilet. She looked at both of us, and said quietly, "I'm not ready for
the holding part. I don't understand it." Carrie told her that was fine,
and asked her if she wanted to be alone while she was on the toilet. "I
don't want to be alone any more," she said, "but it's hard to be close,
I'm not ready yet." Carrie and I used the bidet while Char finished on the
toilet, then Carrie held her hands while Char stooped over the bidet. She
giggled as the cool water contacted her crotch.

    Carrie turned on the shower and adjusted the water temperature. As we
were climbing into the shower, Char asked if just she and Carrie could
shower together. "William and I always shower together, we do everything
together," Carrie told her gently. "If you don't want to shower with us,
you can shower alone when we're finished, we'll stay here in the bathroom
with you." She shook her head and climbed into the shower after us, but
she stood at the back of the shower with her eyes lowered.

    I shrugged at Carrie, and we began our usual playful shower scene.
Most of the time we couldn't get through a shower without at least one
fuck, even if we had just finished fucking. This time was no exception,
soon I had Carrie pinned face first against the shower wall as I fucked
her in the ass. She was laughing and joking with me, while I fucked her so
hard she was being forced up onto her tiptoes.

    After a few minutes I remembered Char, and looked over at her. Her
expression was part lust and part fear. I told Carrie we were scaring
Char, then Carrie looked over at her and sighed. "Don't stop," she said to
me, then to Char she said, "Char, you'll get used to our love play soon,
and you'll see that there's nothing to be afraid of. William never hurts
me more than I want him to, he's my perfect lover." She winked at Char,
then added, "Wait 'till you see him spank me, he sets my ass on fire. It's
delicious." I thought that was way over the line, and told Carrie she was
going too far. "She needs to understand us, William," she said. "You do
spank me, it does set my ass on fire, and it is delicious. Do you plan to
stop the spankings?"

    "No, but here's the part you left out," I whispered. I turned to Char
and said, "Char, nothing is going to happen to you here unless you want
it. I know what Carrie likes, and I never do anything to her that she
doesn't want me to do. Carrie and I will never do anything to you that
would harm you, or that you don't want us to do. You have no reason to be
afraid of us. Give us some time, and you'll see that I'm telling you the

    She relaxed a little, gave me a weak smile, and nodded her head. To
Carrie I said, "Rinse me off under the shower, then suck my cock." I
unpinned her from the wall, and she dropped to her knees. After rinsing me
off with her hand under the spray, she engulfed my cock and swallowed it.
I was almost ready to cum from fucking her ass, and it only took her a
minute to get me off.

    I helped Carrie to her feet, and we quickly soaped and rinsed one
another. Then Carrie turned to Char with a smile, and said "Your turn."

    With lowered eyes, Char asked if Carrie would wash her by herself.
Carrie put her hand under Char's chin and gently forced her head up, as I
had done so often to Carrie. When Char was looking into Carrie's eyes,
Carrie told her, "William is our Master. He is the kindest, most gentle,
most considerate man I have ever known. Do not disrespect him by asking me
to exclude him from our activities. If you have anything to say about who
washes you, say it to William."

    Char took a deep breath, then looked me in the eyes. "William, I'm
sorry I offended you. Would you and Carrie please wash me?" she asked.
Carrie gave her a kiss on the cheek, then squeezed by her so that Char was
between us.

    I smiled at Char, and said, "Apology accepted, Char. We would be
pleased to wash you. Please turn around, Carrie will wash your front and
I'll get the rear." I wasn't sure if she was disappointed or relieved, but
she turned around and raised her arms into the air.

    When I looked at the wet skin of her back, I felt the hate and disgust
rising in me again, for whoever had caused her so much harm. I couldn't
see any patch of skin on her back or ass that was free of scarring. Over a
long period of time, she had been repeatedly whipped until she was cut and
bleeding. They had systematically whipped every square inch, from her
shoulders to her knees, but only her backside. I hadn't seen any marks at
all on her chest, stomach, or the front of her thighs.

    While Carrie did the same to her front, I soaped my hands thoroughly
and began washing Char. I started with the back of her neck and slowly
worked my way down. I was starting to wash Char's ass, when I noticed that
Carrie was still lingering on her breasts. I straightened up and looked
over Char's shoulder at her, asking her with my eyes what the hell she was
doing. She shrugged and began working her way down past Char's tits.
Obviously, Carrie was confused about her sexual intentions toward Char. I
wanted to give her some time to figure things out, but I didn't want her
sending mixed signals to Char in the meantime.

    I moved on down the back of Char's legs, keeping a closer eye on what
Carrie was doing around front. Carrie spent some time cleaning Char's
vulva and vagina, but I concluded she was just being thorough, not trying
to excite Char. When I finished the backs of her legs, I put some shampoo
on my hands and worked up a good lather on her short hair. Then I asked
her to give me her arms, one at a time, and cleaned them thoroughly with
the shampoo suds. Finally I steadied her by holding her shoulders while
she raised one foot at a time for Carrie to wash.

    I pushed Char gently under the shower stream and told her to rinse
herself. Meantime, Carrie and I got out of the shower and began towelling
each other. When Char climbed out of the shower, she first hugged me, then
Carrie. She thanked us, and said the last time anyone gave her a shower it
was under icy cold water, and they weren't gentle like we were. We both
towelled her dry, then finished ourselves.

    I began combing out Carrie's damp hair, then Char asked if she could
do it. I handed her the comb, then walked around in front of Carrie and
caressed her breasts while Char combed her hair. Carrie closed her eyes
and sighed softly, her body swaying to the gentle touches from Char's comb
and my hands.

    Back in the bedroom, I had Carrie sit on the bench at her dresser. I
told Char to watch and learn, she needed to know how to make Carrie look
beautiful. "She's already beautiful," Char said softly. I smiled at her
and nodded in agreement. After blow drying and brushing Carrie's hair, I
turned her around and applied her favourite lipstick.

    When I finished and stepped back, Carrie smiled up at me. Char
whispered, "Perfect." I asked her if she would like to wear lipstick. She
nodded eagerly, and Carrie gave me a different shade that she said would
be better for Char's complexion and her blue eyes. I put carefully applied
it to her lips, then she looked at herself in the mirror and gave us a big

    I took Carrie to the closet and started picking out the clothes she
would wear. I chose a silk blouse over an open front bra, a short skirt,
and a pair of medium heels. As I started dressing Carrie, Char said she
had never been allowed to wear clothes. I told her she could wear any
clothes she wanted from now on, or she could remain naked. She asked why I
chose Carrie's clothes and dressed her.

    "Carrie is my Slave by choice, and as long as she chooses to be my
slave she has no say in how she's dressed. I dress her how I choose, or
leave her naked if I choose. This is how Carrie and I want it." At that
point Carrie smiled and nodded her agreement to Char.

    Continuing my explanation, I said to Char, "You, on the other hand,
never chose to be a slave, slavery was forced on you. You are now my
slave, but only until you are able to begin making decisions for yourself.
Then you will be free to choose slavery or freedom, as Carrie is free to

    "I grant you the freedom to decide some things for yourself
immediately, and one of those is what to wear or what not to wear. Until
we put some weight back on you, Carrie's clothes won't fit you well. But
I'm sure Carrie won't mind if you wear any of her clothes that you like."
Char looked at Carrie, and Carrie said she would help Char pick out
clothes, if she wished to get dressed.

    Char had only seen Carrie naked, and now I was dressing her. She was
stunning when naked, but she was stunning and mysterious when you had to
imagine some things. Char was transfixed, she couldn't take her eyes off
of Carrie. When I put on her shoes, she twirled around with her arms
outstretched, then asked Char what she thought. "You're beautiful. No,
you're perfect," she said.

    "That's what I think, too," I said. I checked the clock, it was 5:10.
"Help Char decide what to wear," I told Carrie as I kissed her on the
cheek, "then we'll give her a tour of the house, and then start dinner.
I'm going out to pick up our backpack."

    "Yes, William," Carrie said. I put on my jacket, feeling the weight of
the pistol still in the jacket pocket, and walked out of the bedroom.

    After returning with the backpack, I unloaded it and walked back to
the bedroom with Carrie's survival kit. Char was dressed in a knee length
skirt, blouse and low heels. The clothes were big on her, but she looked
attractive and I told her so. She and Carrie both looked unhappy, so I
asked what was wrong.

    Carrie took me by the arm and led me to the kitchen. She said, "I
think she's a lesbian, she tried to grope me while you were gone. I had
trouble making her stop."

    I laughed. "It seemed to me you were putting some moves on her in bed
and in the shower, and I know for a fact you're no lesbian. What's the

    "I was confused," Carrie said, "that's different."

    I said, "She's been held against her will and raped and beaten
regularly by a man. Don't you think she has a right to be confused?" Then
I added, "Besides, I think it would work out just fine if she was a

    "What do you mean? I don't want to fuck a lesbian!" she said.

    "What I mean is, if she's a lesbian, we'll both get what we want. I'll
remain faithful to you, which you want, and I'll get to watch you fuck a
woman, which I want. You didn't raise much concern when we were talking
about fucking your half sister, but it's not acceptable when she's a
lesbian? What's the matter with you? Are we going to kick your sister out
of the house if she's a lesbian?"

    She put both hands to her head. "No, we're not going to kick her out,
no matter what she is. To everything else, my answer is 'I don't know'."

    "Fair enough," I said. "Let's go talk to her." I took Carrie by the
hand and led her back to the bedroom. "Carrie thinks you might be a
lesbian, Char. Are you?"

    She looked into my eyes, and said, "No William. I'm bi, actually. At
least, I was until I was captured and made a slave. I'm a little off of
men right now, but I hope that will eventually pass. So I guess, for now,
I'm lesbian. May I speak to Carrie?" I nodded.

    She looked at Carrie and said, "I'm sorry, Carrie. I've suppressed all
of my emotions for so long, I guess I've forgotten how to act civilized.
You're so hot dressed like that, and I'm so hungry for the kind of sexual
encounters I remember from a long time ago. All the sex I've had for years
has been rape, usually brutal. From what the two of you were saying
earlier, I thought we would all be sexually involved eventually. I'm sorry
I misunderstood."

    Carrie walked to Char and gave her a warm hug. "You didn't
misunderstand anything," she said. "William wants us to be sexually
involved, because he wants to watch." She gave me a wry grin, then
continued before I could defend myself. "I want that too, except every
other second I don't want it. I've never been with a woman, and the
thought is as terrifying as it is exciting. I need some time to get
adjusted to the idea, could we adopt a hands off policy until then?"

    Char smiled at Carrie, and said, "I promise to keep my hands to
myself, but I hope you and William won't. I loved cuddling in bed and
being given a shower. It's been so long since I felt a loving touch,
please don't take it away from me."

    "Ok, we're all square," I said. "But let me make sure the pecking
order here is crystal clear to you, Char. Until I see that you're capable
of making decisions for yourself, you're my slave. Any order I give you,
you will obey. And here's the really important part, look at me." She
looked up and met my gaze, and I continued. "Even though you will see me
treat Carrie like a slave, you and Carrie are not equals. Carrie has my
complete confidence, and full authority over you. Anything Carrie tells
you to do, and I mean anything at all, you will obey as if the words came
straight from my mouth. Do you understand that?"

    She straightened her posture and lowered her eyes again. Very softly,
she said, "Yes Wiliam. Thank you, William. Thank you, Carrie."

    "I think you need a demonstration of what I mean," I said. "Carrie, on
your knees!" Carrie looked at me with surprise, but immediately dropped to
her knees and lowered her eyes. Char didn't know what was going on.

    I let the silence stretch out for a few moments, Then I said, "Carrie,
tell Char how to prepare for the punishment she is due for groping you and
refusing to stop when you asked her to stop."

    Suppressing a grin, Carrie said in a clear, strong voice, "Char, lean
over the back of the chair and raise your skirt over your ass." After a
moment's hesitation, Char walked slowly to the low chair and bent over it.
She raised her skirt up onto her waist, then grabbed the front edge of the
chair seat and waited.

    I said, "Carrie, you may now rise and tend to your duties." She looked
at me as she got to her feet, and I indicated by holding up my fingers
that she should give Char 5 slaps on each cheek.

    Carrie walked over to Char and patted her lightly on the ass, causing
Char to jump. "Your punishment is 5 hard slaps on each cheek. Are you
ready to accept your punishment?"

    "Yes, Carrie. I apologize for my rude behaviour, and I'm ready to
accept punishment." Carrie slowly administered 10 very hard slaps, 5 on
each of Char's cheeks, then told Char to straighten up and thank her. Char
wasn't hurting enough to cause tears, but she seemed to have gotten the
message. She was a slave's slave, any time Carrie wished. She took a deep
breath, then said, "Thank you for my punishment, Carrie, and I apologize
again for my rude behaviour."

    Carrie and I left Char standing in the bedroom while we walked into
the kitchen. I kissed her and told her she did a fine job. She asked if
that was really necessary. "Yes, it was," I said. "When you and she are
alone together, and someone needs to be in charge, it will be you, not
her. That puts a responsibility on you, and I trust you to meet that
responsibility." She said she would, and thanked me for my confidence in

    We returned to the bedroom, and I asked Char if she wanted a tour. She
said she would like that, so we set off to show her the house. I let
Carrie lead the tour, while I lagged back and watched the interaction
between them. I wanted to see if Char would show any resentment. Carrie
wasn't at her best after this morning, and she was acting pretty erratic.
Nevertheless, I had no choice but to give her my full support, unless and
until she started making serious mistakes. If I had to come down a little
hard on Char, that was Ok with me, but it was a relief that she seemed to
have put the incident behind her.

    Char had actually seen all of the house except the spare bedroom, and
there wasn't anything in there but a bed and Carrie's exercise equipment.
So soon we were back in our bedroom, ready to show her the mural room and

    I took over the tour as we got to the mural room. While Carrie stood
in the Waiting Pose with her eyes lowered, I explained the idea of this
room as a transition area. I told Char that Carrie was normally stripped
and her bondage gear was put on in here, then she was led downstairs with
her wrists fastened behind her back. Char didn't know what was downstairs,
so she was a little puzzled.

    I said that Carrie would remain dressed today, since this was only a
tour. We went downstairs, then Carrie and I entered the training room
first. When Char was part of the way through the door, she figured out
what the room was, and refused to enter, asking why we had such a room.
Carrie explained that she had it built so she could continue her slave
training once her Master had been brought here.

    "You knew what training was like, and you wanted to continue it? Are
you insane?" Char asked, almost screaming. Carrie tried to explain that
she wanted to be trained by me, not the way the organization would have
trained her. Carrie had spent less than 2 days in the organization's
training room, and even then she was being trained in a very lenient
fashion by me. On the other hand, Char had the full tour as a minimum. I
suspected she had spent more than the normal amount of time in training,
but I didn't think she was ready to talk about it yet. In any case, I
understood all too well why she and Carrie had different feelings about
the training room.

    We couldn't coax Char into the training room, in spite of assurances
that she wouldn't be harmed or restrained. Finally, I told Carrie I needed
to show her something, and told Char we'd be right back. Carrie and I
walked up to the Master's area, and I rummaged around in one of the
equipment drawers while I whispered to her that this was where we could be
alone, if she ever wanted to get away for awhile. "Perhaps for some light
reading from the classics?" Carrie said with a smile. Of course she was
referring to "The Story of O," and my unconventional reading style that
usually left her in a state of physical exhaustion combined with sexual

    We walked arm in arm back to the exit door. I asked Char if she was
sure she didn't want a tour, but she was still adamant that she didn't
want to enter the room. I shrugged and suggested we go upstairs and start

    The first thing I did in the kitchen was open a bottle of wine and
pour 2 glasses. I told Char that I was assuming she wasn't used to
drinking alcohol. She laughed and said that was a good assumption. I said
Carrie would let her have sips from her glass, but would regulate her
intake to make sure she didn't get drunk or sick. When I handed Carrie her
glass, she offered Char the first taste. We both watched as Char took a
sip, then gave us a big smile. After she swallowed, she said she had
forgotten the simple pleasures like drinking wine.

    We talked about what to make for dinner on what seemed like a special
occasion. Char said she didn't care as long as it was cooked, her diet had
consisted mostly of raw fruits and vegetables for years. Carrie decided on
steaks and microwave baked potatoes, with ice cream desert. I didn't
intend to actually do it, but as a way of teasing Carrie I suggested I
could give her the special ice cream torture while Char watched. Carrie
blushed as she said, "If you wish, William." I kissed her and said I was
kidding, but Char wanted to know what ice cream torture was. Carrie
explained it to her, and she laughed and said we could do it to her any
time we wanted to, it sounded like a lot of fun. Blushing even more,
Carrie pointed out that it always ended in someone's pussy getting licked
until they couldn't stand it any more, and it was too soon in our
relationship for that. Char said she understood, but looked forward to it
in the future.

    I picked 3 equal-sized potatoes, stabbed them several times each, and
put them in the microwave. Carrie took out the steaks and seasoned them,
then we adjourned to the living room. I asked Carrie to dance, and we
turned on the radio and danced to a few songs. Then Carrie told me to
dance with Char.

    Carrie was a dream to dance with. She was so responsive to me on the
dance floor, as she was in every other way, that no effort was involved.
But, Char wasn't a very good dancer, we always seemed to be pulling
against one another. After 2 dances, she apologized and said dancing was
one of the things she had forgotten how to do. I suggested that she and
Carrie dance for awhile.

    Carrie led, but unlike me she talked to Char, telling her how to
correct her mistakes. They danced for 3 or 4 songs, then Carrie put her
back in my arms. "Road test her again, you'll see an improvement, " Carrie
said with a grin. We danced for 2 more songs, and she was much better,
although still not as enjoyable as Carrie. I complemented her on her
improvement, and asked her if she minded if I had a last dance with
Carrie. She said No, it was a pleasure to watch us dance. Carrie and I
kicked off our shoes, Carrie flowed into my arms, and everything but the
two of us disappeared. I lost track of everything until Carrie tapped me
and said the microwave alarm had sounded. I kissed her, then we put our
shoes back on. I took she and Char by the hand, and we returned to the


  1. Find it very hard to believe that someone held in such cruel slavery for a long time would not need more healing time...just seems to be more a male fantasy. Still an interesting story.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. It is a male fantasy. Ask any man (even poor Han) about his real secret fantasy and if he is honest and feels safe enough to answer, he will say sex with two women. It's a very common fantasy. Many man are wise enough to keep their mouth shut, but secretly, deep inside, it is gender related sexual fantasy.

      I do understand that the writer needed a plot adjustment, the story was getting nowhere. My guess is that the original story was much shorter, and because he got positive feedback on the story (from myself and others) he kept on writing and decided to change to one of his fantasies.

      Sex with two women. Sex with two sisters. Well, be careful of incest, make it half sisters. But like in other points of the story he went too fast. Impossible, unrealistic fast. The only way you are going to enjoy the rest of the story is if you add the next sentence in your mind:

      "Six months further...."

      We agree on all points again,

  2. I know this is fantasy, but i feel like i have come to know the least i thought so until these last 2 chapters. I am still enjoying reading, but it seems to be too far from reality..or at least what i imaging reality to be. Sorry for the confusing comment, i am just confused, i guess...
    hugs abby

    1. I know exactly what you feel, Abby. We had the very same reaction when we read the story. The story somehow could have happened IRL, up to this point (and that the guy looses a bucket of sperm each and every day, that too). It was imaginable up to this point.

      This is the point where we sadly separate amateur writers from professional ones, a professional one would not be guided by his or her hormones. But if you add 6 months later, or better: two years later, the story is enjoyable to the last chapter. If you don't you will be annoyed to the last chapter...

      And how about that unconditional love for Carrie? Did you feel just a little betrayed as well. Oh, you are her sister. Oh. OK. Let's fuck. I love you as well...

      Ah, well it is like it is.


    2. Thanks for you comment, you have made me feel better...and yes, the whole i have known you for a day and now i love as well...disappointing...i am guessing a female author might have know the bucket of sperm.....
      hugs abby


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