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Training Carrie, chapter 60

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 60

    I said, "Char, Carrie would like to explain to you who we are, and why
we want to help you. Then she'll tell you all about Marnie."

    Carrie sat on the floor and asked Char to do the same. She repeated
what she said in the kitchen, "I'm not allowed to sit." Carrie told her
that was her old Master's rule, but the rule here was she could sit any
time she wanted to. She remained still for several moments, then she
slowly and cautiously sat on the carpet and folded her legs to imitate
Carrie. When she was seated she gave us a big grin. We grinned too, then
Carrie took both of Char's hands in hers and began telling the story of
how she became a slave.

    As I expected, Char cringed away from me when Carrie got to the part,
early on in the story, where she met her training master, who was me. But
Carrie wouldn't let go of her hands, and reassured her that I was nothing
like the trainer who had forced her to become a slave. "I wish," I was

    Carrie waited while Char to settled down a bit. Char finally said, "I
had three trainers." I didn't want to interrupt Carrie's story, but I made
a mental note to ask Char about that comment later.

    Carrie continued her story, and basically told Char the whole story of
our life together. She emphasized over and over that she was my slave by
choice, and she could choose to stop being a slave any time she wished.

    Char asked why anyone would want to be a slave, and Carrie said her
brain was wired such that she received pleasure from being submissive, and
also that she was very much in love with me, and I was the kindest man she
had ever known. Then she grinned up at me and added that I was also the
best fuck she had ever had or ever heard of. I cringed to hear Carrie
introduce sex into the conversation, but I kept quiet.

    When Carrie finished her story and had answered the few questions Char
asked, she filled in the one important detail she had intentionally left
out. She said, "After I escaped from the organization, I had to change my
name to make it hard for them to find me. I changed my name to Carrie, but
it used to be Marlene." Char looked at her intensely, then Carrie added,
"I'm your sister, Char."

    They looked at each other for a long moment, then Char said, "Marnie?
You're Marnie?" Carrie smiled and nodded her head. "Can you hug me,
please, Marnie?" Char asked. Carrie scooted up beside Char and they held
each other for a long time, occasionally sharing kisses on the cheek.

    I thought it would be good if I was out of the picture for awhile,
both to let the sisters get acquainted, and because Char was still
uncomfortable knowing I had been a training master. I eased off the couch,
and Carrie looked up at me. I motioned for her and Char to get off the
floor and sit on the couch. She nodded, and I went to the kitchen to get
them some more iced tea.

    In the kitchen, I pondered how we could have brought Char back this
far so soon. She had been held in strict slavery for perhaps 6 years, and
within a little more than an hour she was sitting on the couch having a
conversation with her sister. And then I got it. She had never broken. She
had adjusted to slavery to stay alive, but she had never become a slave.
Strength of character must be a dominant gene in that family.

    I brought two glasses of tea and handed one to each of the sisters.
Carrie looked up at me and told me she loved me. I told her I loved her,
and said I would be in the bedroom if they needed anything. Carrie thanked
me, and I smiled at Char and left. I noticed that Char was looking back
and forth between us as we talked, trying not to miss any nuances of our

    I stretched out on my back on the bed and tried to imagine our life
with a third member of the household. I had no idea what we would do, but
I imagined it would be interesting.

    Some time later, I awoke when someone climbed onto the bed. I knew it
was Carrie, so I remained still with my eyes closed. She carefully
stretched out on top of me. "I know you're awake," she said quietly. Then
through clenched teeth, she said, "I need you to fuck me, right now." I
smiled and opened my eyes to look at her beautiful face. It was right in
front of my eyes, where I thought it would be, but Char was standing right
beside me, smiling down at both of us.

    "Did you two have a good talk?" I asked.

    They both said, "Yes, William," at the same time, then Carrie looked
up at Char and they both laughed softly. Carrie looked back at me and
smiled. She raised her eyebrows and tilted her head, giving me her "Well,
what about it?" look.

    I said, "Uh, I thought you were worried about doing this in private.
Did something happen while I was asleep?"

    "It just doesn't seem important, that's all," she said. "You said we
should just live our lives, and you were right." Clenching her teeth
again, she said, "I'm horny, I want you inside me. Everywhere inside me.

    "You're not talking about a threesome, are you?" I asked.

    "Not unless you want to, William. I don't think she's ready for that."

    "Damn right she's not ready," I said. I hadn't forgotten Char was
standing right next to us, but we had to discuss this regardless. "Don't
you think she'll feel a little left out if we just start going at it?"

    Carrie gave me a peck on the lips, then turned her head and looked up
at Char. "Char," she said, "William and I fuck many times a day, because
we love each other very much, and because fucking is so much fun for us.
We want to fuck right now. Would you like to watch? Or would you prefer to
go and take a nap, or just look around the house on your own? What would
you like to do?" I couldn't believe she had asked her sister if she wanted
to watch us fuck. Carrie was an endless source of amazement to me.

    Char looked around the room. "I don't want to be alone, Carrie. Can I
sit in the chair and wait for you?"

    Carrie looked at me, and I shrugged. "That will be fine, Char," she
said, turning back to Char, "but we might be fucking a long time." Char
nodded, walked over to my favourite chair, and sat down.

    Carrie took a deep breath. I chuckled. "Now you've done it, haven't
you?" I teased her. She gave me a big theatrical gulp and nodded. I said,
"It's just you and me, alone in the universe, enjoying one another's
bodies like we have so many times."  She gave me a big grin and kissed me.
Then she pulled me off the bed and began undressing me.

    I followed Carrie's directions as she expertly stripped me, covering
my body with kisses, licks, and nibbles as each part was uncovered. When I
was naked, I pointed to the bed and said, "On your back, spread wide."

    "Yes, William," she said as she hurried to obey. I crawled between her
legs, bent down and kissed her already-erect clit. She shuddered, and I
told her she could cum whenever she chose. "Thank you, William," she said.

    I buried my face in Carrie's cunt while reaching up for her nipples
with both hands. She immediately began moaning. She took my hands in hers
and sat up enough to reach them with her mouth. After kissing both my
hands, she put them back on her breasts and I resumed working on her
nipples. She began talking to me, telling me how wonderful she felt.

    I had been working on Carrie for a number of minutes, when I saw
movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked up, and Char was beside the
bed, picking up my clothes from where Carrie had piled them on the floor.
She saw me looking at her, and smiled at me. I smiled back, and she walked
toward the closet with my clothes in her hand. I went back to work on
Carrie, and heard Char hang up my clothes and then return and sit in her

    I had been working on Carrie's pussy and nipples for about 20 minutes,
and she had cum several times, when she reached down and pulled gently on
my hair. "That's enough foreplay, Bub," she said. "I need your cock up my
ass now." I pulled my face off of her and got to my knees. She gracefully
flipped over and got on all fours, then reached around with one hand and
slapped herself on the ass. "Let's go, put it right in there," she said.

    "I hate bossy slaves," I mumbled as I walked up to her on my knees.
She looked around at me, grinned, then blew me a kiss. I gave her my own
smack on her butt, lubricated my cock in her pussy, then plunged it to the
hilt in her ass. She came again after several strokes. She looked around
again and gave me a throaty laugh. "Now that's good fucking," she said.

    I reached out and gripped her shoulders, then gently pulled her to an
upright posture. As she came up, she rotated her hips to keep her asshole
positioned properly for me. When her back was against my chest, I reached
around her and cupped her breasts, then began stimulating her nipples
again. "Oh, God," she said, "what you do to my nipples drives me crazy."
She turned her head around so we could kiss. Just before she came again,
she touched the tip of her tongue to mine. When her tremors had quieted,
she asked, "Did you feel my orgasm through my tongue?"

    "I felt it through your tongue, your breasts, your back, and your
asshole. You are so incredibly responsive to me, I wish we could fuck 24
hours a day."

    "So do I," she said. We kissed awhile longer, then she asked me to let
her get back on all fours again. "I want a few minutes of real ass
pounding, until I cum again, then I need your cock in my mouth."

    Carrie dropped back onto her hands, and I took hold of her hips and
started fucking her hard. Before she came again, she was making loud
sounds, almost screaming. I was worried she would scare Char, so I stole a
glance over in her direction. She had several fingers of one hand in her
pussy, and was rubbing a nipple with the other. I smiled, thinking she
probably wasn't scared after all. I really would have preferred to leave
her out of our sexual activities, but I wasn't sure that was fair to her.
When she was better adjusted to her new home, she and Carrie would have to
decide how to proceed.

    Carrie soon had a huge orgasm. I slowed my strokes, but kept at it
until she had come down again. She looked around at me with a big grin.
"That was a good one, William, I owe you big time. On your back, please."

    I flopped onto my back, and Carrie attacked my cock. After she had
cleaned me off, she asked, "Do you want to go for duration, or do you want
the top of your head blown off?"

    "Can't I have both?" I asked.

    She smiled. "You asked for it, I don't want to hear any whining and
begging." I grinned at her and nodded, and she went to work on me with a
vengeance. When she finally let me cum, about 30 minutes later, I was
begging. And she did blow the top of my head off.

    This was the point where we usually rested and talked before starting
the finale, which was plain old cock in pussy fucking. Carrie sprawled out
beside me on the bed, and we nuzzled and kissed for a minute while we came
down. Then Carrie looked over at Char, put out her hand, and said, "Come
here, please, Char."

    "Do we want to do that?" I asked.

    "Just while we're resting," Carrie said. I nodded. Char walked up and
took Carrie's hand. "Lie down beside me, Baby," Carrie said, and laid her
arm out horizontally on the bed. Char gingerly crawled onto the bed and
lay down on her back, with Carrie's arm under her neck. When Char was
settled, Carrie curled her arm and rolled Char onto her side. Char rested
her hand on Carrie's breast, and nestled her head against Carrie's cheek.
I rolled onto my side and rested my hand on Carrie's other breast, then
nestled my head against her other cheek.

    We all lay still for a few minutes, then Carrie began crying softly.
"Tears of joy, Carrie?" I asked.

    "Tears of joy, William," she said. Char stretched her head up and
kissed Carrie on the cheek, causing Carrie to sob.

    "You're surrounded by your family," I said to Carrie. She nodded. I
moved my hand from her breast down to her belly. "Remember what I told
you," I said, "your family will grow when the time is right." Then she
really began crying and sobbing. Char didn't understand, she became
concerned about Carrie. I told her Carrie was fine, she was just very
happy that we had found Char and that she was here with us.

    When Carrie's crying had run its course, she assured Char that she was
fine. Then she turned her head toward me. "You'll tell me when the time is
right to try?" she asked.

    "You'll know," I said, "but yes, I'll tell you when."

    We rested a few minutes more, then Carrie felt my boner pressing
against her hip. "You horny devil," she whispered to me. Then she kissed
Char on the forehead. "William and I want to fuck some more, Sweetie," she
said, "will you please go back to the chair until we're finished?"

    Char looked up at Carrie, then at me. "Can't I stay? I could help,"
she said. I saw the beginnings of lust in her eyes.

    It wasn't going to happen, but I waited to see what Carrie would say.
After a moments hesitation, Carrie kissed her again. "No, Char, I'm not
ready to share him with you yet."

    So it was settled. Char would join us in sex, and Carrie would decide

    "You're not ready either, Char," I added in a soft voice. "You need
time to get used to us. And you need to get over your fear of me."

    She looked me in the eyes, projecting her growing lust. Then she
lowered her eyes submissively, said "Yes, William," and rolled off the

    "Char," I said as she walked back to the chair. She paused and turned
around. "If you want to, it's Ok to give yourself pleasure while we fuck.
You don't need permission." She smiled, then went to the chair and sat
down, one hand resting on her belly just above her pussy.

    Turning back to Carrie, I said, "Mount up, partner."

    She grinned, rolled on top of me and sat astride my hips. "Horsey take
Carrie for ride?" she asked, as she guided me into her pussy.

    "Just be careful you don't get bucked off," I joked, as I began
pumping my hips. We fucked quietly for a few minutes. Then with a grin I
said, "So you're not ready to share me yet."

    "Don't tease me about this, please," she said softly. "Sharing you
with anyone, even her, is the scariest thing I've ever thought of doing.
You don't know how hard it is."

    "I think I do know," I whispered. "First of all, you don't have to do
it. I told you that you're the only woman I need. Second, you have nothing
to fear. There will never be another love in my life but you. Nothing can
ever change that."

    She looked at me. "But if I keep you to myself, it's not fair to her.
There's no one else here for her. When she's adjusted to her freedom, we
can't just tell her to masturbate whenever she wants sex. What about the
comfort of physical contact? She's entitled to that, isn't she?"

    I smiled. "You're right, as usual," I said. "But how do you know it's
me she would want? Maybe she would prefer you. She might not want sexual
contact with a man for a long time, maybe never, after what she's been put

    Carrie's mouth fell open. "I never thought of that," she said. "I
don't know if I could do that. I've never even thought of sex with another
woman, I wouldn't know what to do."

    I grinned. "Of course you'd know what to do. All the things I do to
you that turn you on, you'd do to her. Then she'd do the same to you. Then
you'd talk about it, and learn what each other preferred, and experiment.
What's so hard about that?" I paused, then added, "Maybe you having sex
with another woman isn't one of your fantasies, but it's definitely one of

    She looked down at me for a long moment. "So I'm going to do it," she
said, making it sound like both a question and a statement.

    I shook my head. "I'm not going to tell you to do it, or even ask you
to do it. I'm just saying that if it's something both of you decide you
want, I'll enjoy watching. I'll also enjoy participating, if that's what
both of you want."

    "It scares me," she said.

    Before she could continue, I finished it for her. "You're afraid that
bringing her into our sexual activities will change the way I feel about
you or the way you feel about me. From my point of view, all I can say is
that will never happen. Don't you know by now that you're the love of my

    "I know you think I'm just another horny guy, who'll chase any
cock-sized hole that's waved in front of him. And I used to be exactly
like that. But now I'm your property, and I don't need anyone else but

    "It's another case where you need to just let go. I won't let you
fall, and I won't betray your trust in me - ever. But it's entirely up to
you what we do about Char. I won't bring it up again. When you decide,
you'll tell us what you want, and that's how things will be."

    I had been thrusting into Carrie while we talked, but I wasn't sure
she was even conscious that we were still fucking. Then she came without
warning, and I came along with her. While she was still trembling, she
smiled down at me. "You're right," she said. "That's something that
neither of us could do with anyone else. We're a matched set."

    "For life," I added. "Now lie down on top of me and give me those

    "Yes, William," she said, stretching out and offering me her breasts,
"I love this part." I fucked her like that until we both came again, then
rolled her over and "pounded her into the mattress," as she liked to call
it. We finished with one last big orgasm, then she patted me on the head
and said, "Good boy, you made Momma very happy."

    I laughed. "Where the fuck did that come from?" I asked her.

    She grinned. "I don't know. You make me feel so good, I get giddy
sometimes. You can't hold me responsible for everything I say while I'm


  1. Hmmm...If Char gets her way, they may be a threesome soon.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. It all seems too day you do not even know you have a sister....and then you are best friends and maybe more. And Char...she needs no adjustment period??
    hugs abby

  3. Too fast? Yes.
    Way to fast.

    Chills on this chapter,


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