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Training Carrie, chapter 59

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 59

 I knew Carrie's analytical mind was working full speed now. She had
probably thought of a dozen questions. Most of the questions would be
about her trusted lawyer and long-time family friend, Edward Collins. He
was one of the few people in the world who knew who and where she was, and
he was in complete control of her finances. Finally she just said, "Go on,

    Philip continued his story. "About a month after your father's death,
Charlene and her mother were in a plane crash, or so everyone thought. She
would have been about 18 at the time. Until Jimmy's discovery, no one knew
she was still alive." He took a long pause, and we could tell from his
expression that the hardest part of the story was about to be told.

    "We now think the plane crash was planned to cover Charlene's
disappearance, and that of her mother. When she disappeared, Charlene was
taken to the organization and trained as a slave. According to her
records, she was in training for nearly twice the usual time, probably
indicating that she resisted as long as she could. She was then turned
over to her master, Arthur Collins, her half brother. We have no idea what
happened to her mother."

    No one spoke for a minute. Then Carrie said, "I have so many questions
I don't know where to begin."

    I knew where to begin. "Is Carrie's lawyer involved in this as well as
his son?"

    "We don't know," Philip said. "When everyone here has had his or her
say, Jimmy and I are going out again. Jimmy and his hacker are going to
attempt another breakin of the organization's computers, and search for
any evidence that Edward Collins is associated with them.

    "I'm meeting tomorrow with a lawyer, a reliable associate of your
father's from the old days. I'm going to tell him to take immediate action
to take control of your finances away from Mr. Collins." Looking at
Carrie, he added, "I'm assuming you want that, Carrie, it's the only
prudent thing to do."

    We all looked at Carrie, and she said, "Yes, of course. That's exactly
what we should do." She looked at Philip and Jimmy and thanked them both
from her heart. Then her analytical mind kicked in. "How are you financing
all of this, Philip? Can we keep this from Mr. Collins?"

    "Don't worry about that," Philip said. "Beverly and I are taking care
of everything. Jimmy is billing Mr. Collins his usual fees, but we're
handling the additional expenses." Carrie looked unhappy about that
situation, but realized her options were few. She thanked Philip and said
she would make it up to him.

    Everyone was in agreement that we needed to act fast, to get Carrie's
finances away from Collins, while at the same time trying to determine if
he was a threat to her. That left one big problem, Charlene.

    "Why did you bring Carrie's sister here?" I asked, then thought of an
equally important question. "And are you sure she really is Carrie's

    "I'll answer the last question first," Philip said. "I met her several
times when she was a little girl. She remembered me, she called me by
name. She asked me if we were going to see Marnie now."

    When she heard that, Carrie put her hands to her mouth and cried out.
Tears began running down her cheeks.

    "Marnie was what Carrie's father called her, short for Marlene,"
Philip explained. "The times I met Charlene, I was with her father. I
heard him tell her that some day she would meet her sister Marnie, and
they would become best friends."

    Answering my first question, Philip said, "We brought her here because
we didn't know what else to do. She's been a Arthur Collins' slave for
many years now, she doesn't know how to be anything else. He kept her
locked in a room alone all this time. The only person she ever saw was
him, and he rarely spoke to her or let her speak. He just beat her and
fucked her." Looking at me, he said, "We thought you could help her. You
understand what's been done to her. De-program her, ease her back into
being a human being, do whatever you can to help her. Where else could she

    I looked at Carrie, and she nodded. "We'll do anything we can to help
her," I told Philip.

    "Why didn't anyone tell me I had a sister," Carrie asked.

    "It was your father's decision not to tell you until he thought the
time was right. After his death, I had planned to tell you. But before I
could find a good time, the plane crash occurred. There didn't seem to be
any point after that."

    We talked on for another hour. We discussed why Arthur Collins would
do such a thing. No one knew. Jimmy described the rescue, which wasn't as
interesting as I thought it would be. Charlene was locked in a dungeon
room, in the basement of a house owned by Arthur Collins. There was no one
else in the house, they just broke in and took her. She resisted their
attempts to take her away, then she silently offered them sex. Ever the
cynic, I couldn't help wondering how Jimmy would have handled that
situation if Philip hadn't been with him.

    I ended the discussion on a sour note. I asked Jimmy if it was
possible to put back the records he had deleted from the organization's
computer. They looked at me like I was crazy, and asked why. "Well," I
explained, "in a short period of time, Carrie's, Charlene's, and my
records were deleted, then Charlene was taken away from her master. Where
does the finger point? If they had forgotten about us before this, they'll
remember us now."

    Jimmy summarized the situation accurately, when he said, "Oh, shit!"
He said he didn't think it was possible, but they would replace our
records if it could be done. I told Jimmy he had done a fine job for us,
and he shouldn't feel bad if the records couldn't be replaced. At the time
he decided to delete them, it was the right decision.

    Philip looked at me, and I knew what he wanted to say, but we had
agreed not to discuss it in front of Carrie. Deleting my records might be
the only thing that would keep me out of prison. I shrugged at him. I'd
take my chances if it kept Carrie safe.

    While Carrie hovered nearby, with tears running down her cheeks, Jimmy
and I carried Charlene into the house and put her on the bed in the guest
bedroom. Jimmy looked at his watch, and said she would wake up in another
4 or 5 hours. I looked at his watch and saw that it was 10:45. I made a
mental note that she would wake up sometime between 2:45 and 3:45. We left
Carrie to extract her from the sleeping bag.

    A few minutes later, Carrie came out of the guest bedroom and handed
the sleeping bag back to Jimmy. She looked at me with the saddest
expression I had ever seen on her. "Her back is covered with scars, from
her shoulders to her knees," Carrie said, then put her arms around me and
began sobbing.

    As I was holding Carrie, Philip said it was time for he and Jimmy to
go. I thanked them again, and they started to leave. Still sobbing, Carrie
called out, "Philip, please kill the son of a bitch."

    Philip walked over to us and put his hand on Carrie's shoulder. With a
wry grin that only I could see, he said, "If I agreed with you, that would
be conspiracy to commit murder, Carrie." Then he leaned close to us and
kissed her on the cheek. "He'll get everything he's got coming to him," he
whispered. Then he turned again to leave.

    Still holding on to me, Carrie called after them, "Thank you Philip,
thank you Jimmy." Jimmy looked back and grinned as they left the room.

    I heard the truck start up and then move off down the driveway. I took
Carrie into the living room, sat down on the couch, and pulled her into my
lap. She sobbed for awhile longer, then she looked up at me. "What have I
done to us?" she asked. "Can we do this?"

    I smiled at her. "She's family. Do we have a choice?" I asked.

    "I swear," she said, "I'll do everything. I'll take care of her. You
won't have to do anything, you won't know she's here. And I'll still be
your slave."

    I kissed her. "Of course you'll still be my slave," I said. "As for
the other stuff you just said, don't say it again, or I'll think you've
forgotten that we're partners."

    She laid her head on my shoulder. "Yes, William," she said.

    We sat quietly for a long time, then I said, "We need to talk about
how we're going to behave when she wakes up." Carrie nodded. "I think we
should live our lives the way we always have. We'll tell her that you're
my Slave by your own choice, and try to explain what that means. She won't
get it at first, but as she watches us live our lives she'll understand.

    "We'll tell her she will never see her former Master again, and that
we're her Master and Mistress until she is able to decide for herself what
she wants. If she accepts that and will obey us, we can gradually help her
to start making her own decisions. But for now, you have to remember that
she's a slave. We'll transition her quickly from the oppression she's used
to, into a non-threatening environment. But we can't expect her to make
any important decisons right away. We'll have to decide what's best for
her, and tell her to do it."

    Carrie said she agreed, then frowned. "What about sex?" she asked.

    "I don't have the foggiest idea," I said. "You're my woman and the
only person I want to have sex with. I suggest we find out what she needs,
when she's able to tell us what she needs, and then decide how to proceed.
If we decide to include her in our sexual activities, my only stipulation
would be that I would never fuck her unless you were present."

    "Wow," Carrie said. She looked troubled. "What I meant was, how would
we make sure she wasn't around when we fucked?" She thought for a minute,
then said, "Everything you said makes sense. I know I have no right to
expect monogamous sex with you, but I don't want to share you, with my
half sister or anyone else."

    I kissed her and said, "If that's what you decide, that's how it'll
be. You're all the woman I need." I decided that she needed to understand
right now that nothing was going to change between us, so I said, "Now you
will go to the bedroom, strip, find your house wear, and bring it to me."

    She looked like she wanted to object, but instead said, "Yes,
William." She crawled out of my lap and left for the bedroom.

    Carrie returned in about 5 minutes. She stood naked in front of me and
offered me her house wear. I took it and tied it around her waist. "Is she
still sleeping?" I asked.

    Carrie gave me a grin. "Nothing gets past you, does it?" she said. "I
couldn't resist looking in on her. Yes, she's still asleep."

    "You checked on her before you undressed, didn't you?" I asked. She
nodded. "I think you should go check on her again, now that you're naked.
You're going to be naked most of the time, and you need to get used being
around her that way. Now's a good time to start, while she's asleep."

    "Yes, William," she said, and left for the guest bedroom. I waited a
minute, then followed her.

    I stopped at the door and looked into the bedroom. Carrie was sitting
on the edge of the bed, talking quietly to her sleeping sister, telling
her she was safe now. For the first time I got a good look at Charlene's
face, everything else was under the covers. Her face was pretty, perhaps
elfin or pixy-like would be a good description.  But she looked very
gaunt, she was obviously undernourished. She had very short hair, I think
dirty blonde would describe the colour. I was never good at seeing family
resemblances, so it was no surprise that I didn't think she and Carrie
looked anything alike.

    I quietly entered the bedroom and stood at the foot of the bed. Carrie
had finished what she wanted to say, she reached out and softly touched
the side of Charlene's face, then carefully got off of the bed. She jumped
when she turned and saw me, then she came up to me and hugged me. We stood
for a moment, arm in arm, looking down at her sister, then went back to
the living room.

    We sat on the couch, Carrie curled up in my lap. I said, "I want to
tell you how proud I am of you. I'm proud of the way you got up the hill
this morning, I'm proud of how you supported me outside with Philip and
Jimmy, and I'm proud of how you're handling the situation with your
sister. You're the strongest woman I've ever known."

    Carrie kissed me, but didn't reply for awhile. "I thought you were
overreacting at first, because Philip would never do anything to harm me.
But then I thought of Beverly, and wondered what choice he would make if
he were forced to choose between her and me, then I knew you were right.
We have to take the ultimate responsibility for our own safety."

    "In the light of what we learned this morning, I did overreact," I
said. "I believe we can depend on Jimmy and Philip, but you're right. We
are our own last line of defence."

    After a long silence, Carrie said, "I'm hungry, William, could we
please have a quick lunch, then a long fuck?" I smiled, and Carrie hopped
out of my lap and pulled me off the couch.

    I checked the time, and it was nearly 12:30. We had time for lunch and
a leisurely fuck, then time to shower and get ready for Charlene to wake
up. We prepared a sandwich and salad, and shared it in the kitchen,
standing at the counter.

    After lunch, we went to Charlene's room and peeked in. She was still
sleeping. We went on to our bedroom, where Carrie turned in the middle of
the room and put her arms around my neck. "I'm sorry our life has become
so complicated," she said.

    "It's not your fault," I said, "it's nobody's fault. You don't need to
feel bad about it. We'll do whatever needs to be done. We'll work it out
together, and our love and our partnership will go on unchanged." While we
kissed passionately, I looked across the room at Carrie's back in the
mirror. The bruise across her ass was beginning to fade. "Is your ass
still tender?" I asked her when we broke from the kiss.

    She rubbed her ass cheeks with both hands. "No, not really," she said,
then gave me a wicked grin. I closed the bedroom door, then took Carrie by
the arm and led her to the bathroom. She was looking at me and smiling. I
closed the bathroom door and pointed to the tub. She walked up to it,
leaned over and grabbed the front edge with both hands. Looking over her
shoulder at me, she wiggled her ass seductively.

    "You'll tell me immediately if you feel anything worse than the sting
of a spanking," I said. She assured me that she would. I stooped over and
gave her a big wet kiss on each cheek of her ass, then straightened up and
began spanking her.

    I didn't keep count of how many times I hit her with my open palms. I
kept at it until she was crying and sobbing softly, then gave her a final
pat and told her it was over. she stood up and turned to face me. With
downcast eyes, she walked up to me until our bodies were in contact.
"Thank you, William. I've missed your spankings and I hope you'll give me
another one soon."

    I put my hand under her chin and raised it up slightly. She knew I
wanted her to look at me, and that's what she did. I said, "I sometimes
have trouble hearing you when your eyes are lowered, please repeat what
you said." She obeyed. "I promise you'll get regular spankings from now
on," I said, then kissed her and wiped the remaining tears from her eyes.

    I asked Carrie if she needed to use the toilet, and she said No, she
needed to be fucked. I opened the bathroom door, and when we went into the
bedroom Carrie ran and flopped onto the bed on her back. I went to open
the bedroom door before joining her.

    When I opened the door, Charlene was standing on the other side. She
looked at me with fear in her eyes, then dropped to her knees, put her
forehead to the floor, and crossed her wrists behind her back. "Carrie," I
said, "it's started a little sooner than we hoped."

    "What do you mean," she asked. As I looked around at her, she sat up
on the bed and saw what I meant. "Oh, shit," she said softly. She
scrambled off the bed and came over to stand beside me. I put my finger to
my lips, indicating she should remain silent. She nodded in agreement, her
eyes locked on Charlene.

    In the most non-threatening voice I could muster, I said, "Please stand
up, Slave." Charlene immediately scrambled to her feet and assumed the
waiting pose, her eyes downcast. I didn't resist the urge to look her
over. She probably had a body men would drool for at one time, and perhaps
she would again. But for now, she was scrawny, perhaps on the verge of
malnutrition. Even at that, she had substantial breasts. I guessed her
body would be a close match for Carrie's if she was better fed.

    "Raise your eyes and look at us," I said. She looked me in the eyes
for a moment, but she couldn't hold my gaze, she lowered her eyes again.
"Please keep your eyes raised and look at Carrie," I said, indicating with
my hand that I meant the person standing next to me. She looked at Carrie,
who gave her a big smile. The faintest of smiles came to Charlene's mouth,
but only for an instant.

    I reached out and took one of her hands in mine, and indicated to
Carrie that she should take the other one. We led her to the centre of the
room, then I asked her to please kneel in the Learning Pose. She
immediately obeyed, then I sat cross-legged in front of her and to one
side. I indicated to Carrie she should do the same, then we each took one
of her hands again. She looked confused, but didn't resist. With my free
hand, I reached out to Carrie, and she immediately took my hand in hers,
pulled it to her mouth, and kissed it. Charlene saw that, but gave no
indication she knew what it meant.

    "There is a lot you need to learn," I told her, "But first I need to
know, what is your Slave name?"

    She spoke for the first time, so softly I had to strain to hear her.
"Master, this slave was never given a slave name, Master." She had been
kept by this bastard, this Arthur Collins, for years, and he never
bothered to give her a name. I decided that if Philip didn't kill him, I

    "Do you know what 'Informal Speech' means, Slave?"

    She thought for a moment, then answered. "Master, this Slave was
taught about Informal Speech during it's training, but has always been
required to observe Formal Speech, Master." Now I wanted to hit something,
anything, but I tried to stay under control. I looked at Carrie, and she
was silently crying.

    "You are now under Informal Speech rules, Slave. You may address me as
William, and you may address Carrie as Carrie." I gave her a big smile
when I said that last part, and she actually smiled back at me for an
instant. If she still understood humour, she wasn't completely dead inside.

    She looked up at me and actually held my gaze for the first time.
"Yes, ... William," she said. I told her to say hello to Carrie. She
looked at Carrie, and said "Hello, Carrie." Carrie beamed at her and said
hello, and Charlene smiled back.

    I gave her hand a squeeze, and she looked at me again. "Do you
remember the name Charlene?" I asked her. She was silent for a moment,
then tears welled up in her eyes.

    "That was my name before I became a slave, William," she said quietly.
Then she made me feel really good by adding, "I was called Char." She
pronounced it as if it was spelled "Shar."

    "Would you like to have the Slave name 'Char'?" I asked her.

    "Would that be possible, ... William?" she asked. I nodded my head as
I smiled at her. "Then I would very much like to have the slave name
'Char', William," she said, her voice beginning to sound stronger.

    "Then until further notice, or until you choose a different name for
yourself, you will be known as 'Char'," I told her. That last part seemed
to confuse her, but I tried to get her past it quickly. I looked at
Carrie. "Carrie, say hello to Char," I said.

    "Hello, Char," Carrie said with a lot of emotion. Char looked at
Carrie and said hello to her again, her smile bigger this time.

    Carrie asked a question I should have asked sooner. "Do you need to
use the toilet, Char?"

    She quickly said, "Yes, Carrie, I need to use the toilet badly."
Carrie and I stood up and helped Char to her feet, and Carrie led her to
the bathroom. Now that we could communicate with her, Carrie would do
better than I at allaying her fears. I watched them go into the bathroom,
feeling new waves of anger sweep over me when I saw the network of scars
covering Char's back, ass, and thighs.

    They came back into the bedroom after about 10 minutes. Carrie said,
"William, Char wants to know who we are, and when she will be returned to
her Master. I wasn't sure how to explain it to her."

    "Are you hungry, Char?" I asked her.

    "Yes, William, I'm very hungry," she quickly answered.

    We took her to the kitchen, and I asked her to sit on the stool. "I'm
not allowed to sit," she said. I tried to assure her that the rules were
different here, but she was afraid to sit on the stool. Carrie brought a
pillow from the couch and put it on the floor, and we had her kneel on the

    Carrie made iced tea while I made a sandwich and microwaved a bowl of
soup. We moved the stool so it was in front of Char, and put the food on
the stool for her. She began tentatively eating, then hungrily devoured
the sandwich and began on the soup. When she tasted the iced tea, a big
smile came to her face. "I remember," she said softly.

    When Char had finished eating, Carrie asked her if she wanted more.
She said she was full. Carrie and I cleaned up the kitchen, then took Char
by the hands and led her to the living room. She wouldn't sit on the
couch, so we sat and had her kneel in front of us.

    "Do you want to return to your Master, Char?" I asked her.

    "I'm his property, he owns me," she said quietly.

    "If you could stay here with us, and never had to see your Master
again, would you like that?"

    She looked at me, then at Carrie, then asked "Is Marnie here?"

    Carrie almost lost it, but I took her hand and squeezed. She looked at
me and nodded that I should answer. "Yes," I told Char, "Marnie is here.
We have to talk about a few other things first, but we'll tell you about
Marnie very soon."

    Char was quiet for a minute, looking back and forth from me to Carrie.
Finally she said, "My Master would hurt me if I tried to leave him."

    "Your Master will never hurt you again," I said forcefully. "You never
have to see your Master again. Do you remember Philip and Jimmy?"

    She nodded. "They took me from my Master," she said.

    "Philip and Jimmy and Carrie and I will protect you. You belong to
Carrie and me now. Your old Master can't hurt you ever again," I said,
looking into her eyes.

    She held my gaze for a moment. "I'd like to stay here with you and
Carrie," she said in a whisper.

    Carrie got off the couch and knelt in front of Char, then hugged her.
Char was passive at first, then slowly put her arms around Carrie. After a
few moments, Carrie kissed Char on the cheek and then took both her hands.
Neither of them showed the least awareness that they were naked.


  1. Oh my...that is heart-breaking. Looking forward to seeing where this goes and hoping everything goes very well.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Mmmm. Kind of had a strange feeling in stomach reading this chapter....


  2. WOW....this has added a whole new element to the story..probably more than one Cat i hope all goes well...but my instincts tell me get ready for it not to...
    hugs abby

    1. Trust your instincts, my mum always used to say.



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