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Training Carrie, chapter 58

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 58

I steered Carrie to the outside door. She waited while I opened the
door, then waited again while I closed and locked it. I patted her pussy,
then kissed her on the lips, then started her moving.

    Yesterday's rain had given way to partly cloudy skies. It was very
cool, but not bitter cold like the last few times we had tried the hill
climb. When the sun came up, it would probably turn into a nice day.

    I felt confident that Carrie's leotard would keep her warm, except for
her exposed crotch. I was hoping her attempts to obey my instructions
would generate a good deal of heat from her pussy to compensate for the
heat loss.

    Carrie had become very proficient at responding to the reins, although
she still wasn't as sensitive as she would have been if I was steering her
through her nipples. She was also very good at feeling her way blind
across the varied terrain. We moved at a brisk walk, even though she had
to respond to changes on the ground with each step she took.

    We hadn't gone but a few hundred feet, when I noticed reflections of
the faint light on the inside legs of her leotard. Her pussy juices were
starting to run down her legs. I smiled, marvelling at her control over her
body and her determination to obey any command I gave her.

    Before long we reached the transition from walking trail to hill
climb, which was about a third of the way to the top. After stopping
Carrie, I walked around in front of her and plunged two fingers into her
pussy, producing a groan. I was pleased to find that she was still very
wet. I moved my fingers in and out of her a few times, then pulled them
out and rubbed them on her lips. She quickly opened her mouth and bent
forward, sucking my fingers into her mouth. After she had licked them
clean, she opened her mouth, and I removed my fingers and planted a tender
kiss on her lips. I patted her pussy with my open palm, then moved behind
her and patted her ass. She rewarded me with a warm, throaty, sexy laugh
that made my cock tingle. Picking up the reins, I started her moving up
the hill.

    Carrie was making the best time she had ever achieved, even in warm,
sunny weather. We didn't make any more stops until we reached the last
flat spot which was about 25 minutes from the hill top. I reined her to a
stop and again shoved two fingers into her pussy. She was barely moist
this time, even though I could see on her leotard that she had produced
copious amounts of pussy juices. I knelt in front of her and started
kissing, licking, and nibbling her labia and clit, occasionally pushing my
tongue as far into her pussy as I could. In no time she was moaning and
gasping and asking me to please fuck her.

    When Carrie was again soaking wet, I stood and gave her a long kiss.
We spent what seemed like a long time with our wide open mouths pressed
together, flicking and sliding our tongues over everything they could
reach. When I finally pulled away from her, we were both breathing hard.
It was all I could do not to push her down and fuck her on the spot. I
again patted her pussy, then patted her ass and picked up the reins. "I
adore you, William," she said.

    I said, "I adore you, too, Carrie," knowing she couldn't hear me.

    When we reached the top, the first thing I did was release Carrie's
wrists and take off her backpack. She was smiling ear to ear as I removed
her blindfold and earplugs. "Let's see if you've been obedient," I said,
plunging my fingers into her pussy. She was dripping wet.

    I pulled my fingers out and held them up for her. She sucked them into
her mouth and cleaned them thoroughly. When I took back my fingers she
grinned, then she said, "You're right, I am delicious." She unzipped her
breasts and eased them out of the leotard. "Warm your hands, William, they
ache for your touch," she said. She gasped as I covered her breasts with
my cold hands, then she covered my hands with hers and bent at the waist
to bring her lips close to mine. I moved to kiss her, and just before our
lips touched she said, "My pussy is ready and waiting, William, please
fuck me."

    When we pulled apart from out tender kiss, I removed Carrie's posture
collar and told her to spread the blanket, then spread herself. In seconds
she was on her back on the blanket, her arms reaching up to me. I knelt
between her legs and pulled out my stiff cock. Leaning over her, I guided
it to its home, then eased myself down and slid into her up to my balls.
She whispered "My Master" in my ear, as she had the first of many orgasms.

    By the time I switched from her pussy to her ass, she was trembling
continuously from multiple small orgasms. I asked her if she was cold, and
she laughed. "Are we outside?" she asked. "My world consists of you and
me, your cock and my asshole. Everything is perfect." A minute later, the
sun broke over the horizon that seemed to be below us, and bathed us in
light and warmth.

    I was reaching my limit, but Carrie pleaded with me to let her suck my
cock before we rested. As tired as I was, her oral techniques were
irresistible. She soon had me hard, and kept me that way for 10 minutes,
until I finally asked her to finish me.

    After Carrie rinsed her mouth thoroughly, we curled up and made spoons
under the blanket, our faces to the rising sun. I had my top leg over
Carrie's legs, and my free arm was under hers, my hand cupping her naked
breast. We were silent for a long time, then I said, "On the trail, you
told me you adored me. You couldn't hear my reply because of your

    "What did you say?" she asked.

    "I said I adored you, too."

    "Oh, William, you're going to make me cry," she said. I told her to
cry all she wanted, as long as they were happy tears. She hugged my hand
to her breast and cried gently for a long time.

    We had lain together for perhaps an hour, and were discussing whether
we wanted to start another round of fucking, or go home. We had just
agreed to go home and eat breakfast, and then fuck some more, when my
pager started beeping. I didn't know what it was at first, I had never
heard it beep before.

    I had long since stopped wearing the pager on my belt. After it poked
Carrie in the ribs once too often, she took it off of my belt and clipped
it to her survival kit bag. It had stayed there ever since, except when it
was in the recharging cradle.

    We both realized what was beeping at the same time. I felt a sinking
feeling in my gut, and Carrie turned her head around and looked at me with
fear in her eyes. She was closest to the backpack, so she stretched out
and pulled the pager off of her kit bag and handed it to me without
looking at it. I read the first word of the message, "PINFO." Relief, it
was from Philip and it was information, not a warning. I told Carrie
before reading further.

    The rest of the message was, "NO DANGER. YOU HAVE COMPANY. COME HOME.
DRESS CARRIE IF POSSIBLE." I showed it to Carrie. "What does it mean, "you
have company?" she asked.

    "I guess we'll have to go home to find out," I said. We worked as a
team to get ready to walk home. I told Carrie the rules of her slavery
were suspended, we were partners. Then I untied her jeans and sweater from
the backpack. As she dressed, I took her pistol out of her survival kit,
then began stowing everything else on the backpack. As soon as she had her
jeans on and had put her shoes back on, she stood up and I folded and
stowed the blanket. She pulled on her sweater, then we hugged and kissed.
I had her cock her pistol, make sure the hammer was down and the safety
was on, then put in the rear pocket of her jeans, where it was covered by
her sweater. "Don't show it unless you need to use it," I told her. "If
you have to use it, then remember what Philip told you. You're fully
capable of defending yourself."

    "I'm not afraid, as long as we're together," she said. I almost told
her that I was afraid, but I decided that would be a bad idea. She helped
me put on the backpack, then we started for home, hand in hand. My free
hand was caressing my own pistol in my jacket pocket.

    We didn't speak the whole way down the hill, but every time we looked
at each other Carrie smiled and squeezed my hand. I knew she was worried,
but she was calling on her strength. I was wishing I had her strength.

    Before we came into the open space surrounding the house, I took off
the backpack and put it beside the trail. I whispered to Carrie that if we
needed more ammunition, this is where it would be. She nodded. I
positioned her on my left, with my left arm around her. Her right arm was
behind my back, where she could go for her pistol without it being
obvious. My right hand was in my jacket pocket, holding my pistol.

    We circled around to the front of the house and came out into the
open. Philip was standing alone, beside a large SUV I had never seen
before. "What's up, Philip?" I asked. He hadn't seen us until I spoke, and
he calmly turned his head and looked at us.

    Philip knew immediately that we were in a defensive posture. He held
both hands out away from his body, his palms facing us. "There's no
problem, Sir," he said. "There's another person here with me, someone I
believe you'll recognize. Come on out, Jimmy," he said.

    Another man came out from behind the SUV, his hands up, a grin on his
face. I knew immediately I had seen him before, but I didn't know where
until he spoke. "Remember me, Bill?" he said. "We had coffee together."

    "I remember you," I said. "You drugged me, then you kidnapped me." His
smile faded slightly, until I smiled and continued, "I owe you a bigger
debt than I can ever repay."

    "I've been paid well," he said. Nodding at Carrie, he added, "but I
can see why you said that. Hello, Miss Carrie. I'm Jimmy, your
investigator. It's a pleasure to meet you."

    I wasn't ready to relax yet, but Carrie was a step ahead of me. "So
it's just the two of you, then?" she asked. There was a hard edge to her
voice, and Philip understood that immediately.

    "Carrie, you can trust me." he said. "You know I would never hurt you.
There's just Jimmy and me, and one other - an unconscious young woman in
the truck. We brought her here the same way we brought your Master here.
Let's go inside, and Jimmy and I will explain everything to you." He
smiled, then said, "You can both keep your weapons, and you can search us
before we go inside."

    Carrie smiled then. "That won't be necessary, Philip," she said.

    I pulled my pistol, but didn't point it at anyone. "I'm sorry, Philip,
but it will be necessary," I said. "Jimmy, you lie down on your stomach,
clasp your hands behind your head, and spread your legs wide." He shook
his head, but slowly did as I said. "Carrie, you'll have to search Philip.
Take everything out of his pockets. Try to convince him that if he
twitches while you're near him, I'll shoot him." I reached behind her with
my left hand and pulled her pistol out of her pocket.

    Philip slowly put his hands on the hood of the truck and spread his
legs wide. I knew Carrie wanted to object, but I whispered "Obey," which
settled all arguments with her.

    She walked over to Philip. "I'm sorry, Philip, but we need to be
certain," she said. Philip said he understood, and was glad his little
girl was well protected. She searched him thoroughly, and found nothing
but keys, a wallet, and a handkerchief.

    I told Philip to hold his position, then told Carrie to search Jimmy.
As she approached him, I said, "I don't really know you Jimmy, so I'll
kill you twice as fast if you move while Carrie's near you." She searched
Jimmy, then I had him roll over while she searched again. In addition to
keys and wallet, he had a pistol strapped to his ankle.

    "Someone who had good intentions would have mentioned the pistol,
Jimmy," I said. "Is there some reason why we should trust you now? A
better question, is there some reason I shouldn't shoot you right now?"

    Carrie was going through his wallet. "He is who he claims to be,
William," she said. "I saw him when he brought you here, although he
didn't see me. His driver's license has his picture, and the name Philip
mentioned to me nearly a year ago. I think he's Ok." Then she looked at
Jimmy and waved his pistol in his general direction. "But why didn't you
tell us about the gun, Jimmy?" she asked.

    I think Jimmy was half scared and half pissed off by now, he knew he
wouldn't get a break from either me or Carrie. He said, "I always carry
it, I don't even think about it unless I need to use it. You're my
employers, you were just being careful. I didn't feel threatened - until
now. I didn't think about the damn gun."

    "Ok," I said, "we're nearly finished. Carrie, come over here." She
walked over to me, and I traded her Jimmy's pistol for the one she was
more familiar with. "Take the safety off, point it at Jimmy, and shoot him
if he moves," I told her. She immediately pulled back the hammer, clicked
the safety off, and pointed it near, but not at, Jimmy. "Ok, Philip, I
said, show me who and what is in the truck." He slowly walked to the back
of the truck and opened the doors. He took out a fake cardboard carton,
and under it was an attractive young woman in a sleeping bag, obviously in
deep sleep or unconscious.

    "Who is she?" I asked.

    Philip looked at me and sighed. Very softly, almost in a whisper, he
said, "She's Carrie's half sister, but Carrie doesn't even know she has a
sister. This is a delicate situation, and we need to sit down and talk it
through with the both of you. I understand why you're being careful, but
you need to trust me now, as I've trusted you."

    Nodding toward the woman, I asked, "Should we bring her inside?"

    "She'll be just fine here," Philip said. "Let's talk first and explain
everything to Carrie and to you."

    I nodded my head and put my pistol in my pocket. Philip put the
cardboard box over the sleeping bag, then closed the truck's doors. We
walked back to where Carrie and Jimmy were. "You can get up, Jimmy," I
told him. Carrie safed her pistol, but kept it in her hand. I took the
shells out of Jimmy's pistol, then handed him the gun. "I'll give you the
ammo when you leave," I told him.

    Carrie and I stood by while Philip and Jimmy walked up to the front
door. Philip unlocked the door, then turned and asked us if we were
coming. "You first," I said. They entered the house and stood still a few
feet inside the door. Motioning to Carrie to stay back, I walked up behind
them. Everything seemed normal, so I motioned Carrie to join me.

    We made Philip and Jimmy walk in front of us as we examined every room
of the house, including the basement. As we came back into the bedroom
from downstairs, I took Carrie aside and asked her if she wanted to use
the toilet. She nodded, and I told her to shower afterwards, then dress
again minus the leotard. She said she would. "Lock the bathroom door while
you're in there, and keep the pistol in reach," I added. She nodded, then
kissed me and went into the bathroom.

    I turned to Philip and Jimmy. "Carrie's going to freshen up," I said,
"the three of us will go to the kitchen. While Philip fixes breakfast for
all of us, I'll tell you why I'm acting like such an asshole."

    In the kitchen, I told Jimmy to sit on the stool and stay there.
Philip took off his coat and began preparing breakfast, starting with a
pot of coffee. I stood with both of them in my field of view. "I know why
you're acting like you are, Sir," Philip said, "and I don't blame you."
Nodding at Jimmy, he said, "But now we need to tell you what we've been
doing the past few days, and explain about the woman in the truck. And
Carrie needs to hear it, too."

    "Carrie will be here when we talk," I said. "But I want to tell you
now, from my point of view, how stupid it was of you to bring a stranger
here without telling us your plans in advance. We're hiding here, Philip,
from people who mean us harm. We don't like surprises. If I hadn't
recognized Jimmy's face, I might very well have put a bullet in him just
to be safe. Don't do anything like this again, Philip."

    Philip nodded as I spoke. When I finished, he said he agreed with
everything I said, that he shouldn't have surprised us, but it was an
emergency. He said Jimmy had done things for us that went well beyond
anything we could have expected, and he deserved better treatment than I
was giving him. Then Jimmy spoke up, and said he also understood my
attitude, but now was the time for everyone to chill out and start
cooperating. At some point during that discussion, the "danger" alarm in
my brain switched off. I relaxed a little, but only a little.

    The three of us were drinking coffee when Carrie came into the
kitchen. She had towel-dried her hair and was fully dressed. The handle of
her pistol stuck out of the waistband at the front of her jeans. She was
calm, beautiful and sexy.

    Philip poured Carrie a cup of coffee, and she took a big swallow, then
walked to my side and turned to face the same way I was facing. As she
took my hand in hers, she looked at Philip and said, "What the fuck's
going on, Philip? Why the hell did you bring an outsider here with no

    I couldn't help grinning, as Philip patiently repeated the explanation
he had just given me. As he finished, he realized that he was getting the
exact same attitude from both of us. He smiled, and said he felt like he
was talking to one person who happened to have two bodies. We both said,
"Thank you," at the same time, making everyone laugh. That did a lot to
ease the tension.

    When breakfast was ready, Philip filled 4 plates and we each took our
plate and coffee to the dining room. While we ate, Philip and Jimmy took
turns as they explained the first part of their story.

    Jimmy obviously enjoyed his job, and this time he had no doubt he was
on the right side, so he drew the story out as long as Philip would allow.
Here's the short version of what he told us.

    Jimmy finally found an insider in the organization. A lot of money
changed hands, and Jimmy got a login user name and password on their
records computer. Jimmy immediately found a first rate hacker, paid him
another large sum of money, and together they went on a voyage of
discovery in the organization's records. They copied the cream of the
data, then they found a high priority file, Carrie's. After skimming it,
Jimmy found one thing he didn't expect, a reference to another trainee. He
recorded the information, then deleted Carrie's records as thoroughly as
the hacker could manage.

    Then they went after my employee records, and deleted them. I didn't
expect that to be a priority for the investigation, and I was astonished
to find that they had tried to protect me. Now I really regretted my harsh
treatment of Philip and Jimmy.

    Jimmy continued, saying they copied the documentation on dozens of
slaves that had been through training. Amazingly, the organization kept
track of the current locations of slaves when possible, which would help
enormously when the information was handed over to the authorities.

    Jimmy's final act of hacking was to track down the file for the slave
who's name was referenced in Carrie's file. When he found and read the
file, he knew there was a problem. He copied the file, deleted it,
then bypassed his normal chain of command and contacted Philip directly.
That's when Philip left to meet with Jimmy and rescue the slave from her

    "Who is she, and why was her name in my file?" Carrie asked. Jimmy
knew his part of the story was over, he looked at Philip to take up the

    Philip looked at Carrie, then reached out for her hand. She put her
hand in his, and put her other hand out to me. When we were both holding
Carrie's hands, Philip answered her question.

    "Your father had a love affair with Edward Collins' wife, lasting many
years" he told her. "She got pregnant by your father and had a daughter,
Charlene Collins. Charlene is your half sister, you were 4 when she was


  1. OMG Han...sure wasn't expecting that! Can't wait to see where this goes!

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    1. No, Wanita and I did not see that coming either....

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    1. Yes, interesting is definitely the right word, Mona Lisa!

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