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Training Carrie, chapter 57

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 57

    Carrie got to her feet and followed behind me as I walked to
the bedroom. As I led her toward the mural room. She said she
needed to use the toilet, but I refused, saying she would wait
until we were downstairs.

    Before attaching Carrie's bondage gear, I took her by the
shoulders and kissed her lightly on the lips. I could feel her
body trembling. I was sure she understood that she wouldn't
receive a severe punishment, since she was merely obeying my
command when she broke the rules. Therefore I hoped she was
trembling because she had psyched herself up and was playing the
fearful slave role. "Do you have anything to say to me before I
place you under formal speech rules?" I asked her.

    She swallowed hard, then looked me in the eyes. "William, I'm
so sorry I broke your rules and sat down without a covering on my
ass, I don't know what came over me. I beg you to forgive me and
punish me severely, so that I will never be tempted to disobey
you again." That made me feel better, I knew she was role
playing, although she was deeply immersed in the role.

    "You're forgiven, Carrie, but you will be punished severely."
I put on her bondage gear and clipped her wrists together behind
her back. After grabbing her survival kit from the bedroom, and
her butt plug from the bathroom, I led her downstairs.

    "During your punishment," I told Carrie, "you will be holding
an enema solution inside you. Would you like to pee before I give
you the enema?" She shook her head, so I led her to the toilet
and pointed to the dot on the floor. She knelt and placed her
head on the dot, her back perfectly straight. I filled the enema
bag with clear warm water, then carefully pushed the fill tube
into Carrie and lightly slapped her ass.

    When the enema bag was empty, I pulled the fill tube out of
Carrie's ass, then immediately inserted the butt plug in its
place. I told her to get to her feet, and left her standing in
the Waiting Pose while I washed off the enema fill tube.

    I walked up to Carrie, grasped her nipples between the thumb
and forefinger of each hand, and squeezed hard. She winced, but
remained silent. "Are you ready for your punishment?" I asked

    "Master, your Slave is ready for whatever punishment its
Master feels is required, Master." It felt strange to have her
call me Master again, but she was doing exactly what I had told
her to do.

    I let go of her nipples. "I don't think you're quite ready
for punishment, Slave. I think you need some time in the teaching
machine, and then you will be punished." I took her to the
teaching machine and began the installation procedure.

    While fitting Carrie with the harness, I said, "Lucky for
you, Slave, I'm anxious to get you into bed so I can fuck your
brains out, so you'll only spend 15 minutes in the teaching
machine, and then receive the punishment you've earned." I was
behind her when I said that, and as I moved back in front to
attach her ankle electrodes, I saw the lingering traces of a
smile on her face.

    After applying the conductive grease to Carrie's nipples and
areolae, I put the machine in Test mode and made sure she could
activate both switches with her nipples. I set the average delay
time to 15 seconds, switched the machine to Operate, then turned
my back on Carrie and walked up to the Master's area. I noted the
time, then took a soft drink from the refrigerator and sat down
on the couch to wait.

    At the end of 15 minutes, I walked back to the teaching
machine and switched it off. "Very good," I told her, "62
successes and no failures." Carrie smiled at me, but I could see
the pain on her face from the enema filling her. She was probably
starting to have mild cramps.

    I quickly extracted her from the machine and wiped the grease
from her breasts and ankles. I started leading her by the arm the
short distance to the punishment stage. She was shaking by the
time I helped her up the few stairs onto the stage. I stood in
front of her and caressed her breasts while I explained what
would happen. I reminded her that, the last time she had been
punished here, she had let go of the ropes without permission. I
told her that she had a choice this time. She could hold the
ropes herself, without being bound, or she could be bound in
place for her punishment. If she chose to be bound, the
punishment would be twice as severe. But if she chose to hold the
ropes herself, then let go before being given permission, she
would then be bound and receive twice the punishment. Then I
commanded her to give me her choice.

    "Master, your Slave will hold the ropes without being bound,
Master," she said. I kissed her on the lips, feeling her tongue
dart out to meet mine, and told her that was the answer her
Master wanted to hear. She gave me a weak smile, but by now she
was shaking badly. Since I had brought up the previous
punishment, I worried that she thought I was going to cane her
again, but then I decided that wasn't likely. In fact, all I
intended to do was give her a light flogging, which would give
her more pleasure than pain.

    I moved Carrie into position, then helped her stretch out her
arms and grab the ropes with each hand. finally I had her open
her legs wide, until she was standing on the balls of her feet
and hanging by her hands from the ropes. I picked up the flog and
walked around in front of her. While slowly caressing her breasts
with the flog, I had her repeat the reasons for her punishment.
She did, of course, but she left out the part where I commanded
her to commit the offence for which she would be punished. I told
her I loved her, then began flogging her.

    I followed the usual pattern for a full body flogging,
starting above her breasts and ending just above her knees. I
flogged her with about the same intensity I had used during our
first wedding ceremony, which I knew she could easily tolerate.

    When I had finished her front side, I moved to the back and
began at her shoulder blades. As I worked my way down, listening
to her sobs, gasps, and sniffles, I realized that I would soon
have to decide what to do about her ass - whether to flog or to
skip it. I decided to flog everything that wasn't bruised. By now
the bruised area had shrunk to a band about an inch and a half
wide, which I just skipped over as I moved down her ass with the

    When I reached the bottom of her thighs, just above the
knees, I stopped and returned to her front. Holding the flog down
in front of her, I quickly flicked it up a few times across her
pussy. Then I stood quietly in front of her until she raised her
tear-filled eyes and looked at me.

    "Your punishment is complete," I told her. "This would be a
good time to drop to your knees as an act of submission to your
Master, and to thank him for your punishment."

    Carrie let go of the ropes and knelt in front of me. Walking
up to me on her knees, she crossed her wrists behind her back,
then bent and kissed each of my feet. Finally she placed her
forehead on the floor between my feet and thanked me for flogging

    I let her stay in that position for about a minute, hoping
she would get the urge out of her system for awhile. Then I told
her to stand up, and she quickly obeyed, keeping her wrists
crossed behind her back. Tears were still running down her face
as she stood with her eyes downcast. I told her to look at me,
and she slowly raised her eyes to meet mine. I told her that she
was on informal speech, and I wanted to know what Carrie was
feeling right now.

    Carrie moved closer, until our bodies were in contact. She
raised her arms and put her hands on either side of my face.
"Thank you for a wonderful day, William," she said. "I love you
more each day, you are my true Master, now and forever." She
kissed me, smiled, and added, "When can you start fucking my
brains out?"

    "Right now," I answered. "Would you like to hold the enema
while we fuck?"

    "Whatever you decide, William, but I'd prefer not."

    Taking her hand and starting for the door, I said, "Then
we'll get rid of it upstairs."

    As I removed Carrie's bondage gear in the mural room, I asked
her if she minded being commanded to break the rules, and if I
had punished her too hard. She smiled, and said, "It was fun
breaking your rules while you were standing there watching me do
it. I would never intentionally do that on my own; but since you
commanded to do it, that made it Ok. Please, let's do it again

    "As for the punishment, I would rate it not too hot, not too
cold, but just right. Of course, if I'd chosen on my own to break
the rules, I would expect something much worse than a flogging. I
tried to build it up in my mind, so I'd believe it was going to
be much worse. I was pretty scared by the time we got to the
punishment area, and very relieved when you told me it was over."

    In the bathroom, Carrie knelt in the correct Pose while I
removed the plug from her ass. As she carefully stood up and sat
on the toilet, I told her to release the enema fluid. Then I left
her alone in the bathroom while I quickly stripped then went to
get us some wine.

    I returned in a few minutes with a glass of wine, and offered
it to Carrie. She thanked me and took a sip. Then I sat on the
edge of the tub and watched her for a few minutes. I asked her if
she was finished. "Yes, William, thank you," she said. I put down
the glass of wine and knelt in front of her and kissed her, then
we traded places. After we both used the bidet, we towelled one
another dry.

    "Shower, or bed?" I asked.

    "Bed, shower, bed," she said with a smile. I gently pushed
her against the bathroom wall and slipped my cock into her pussy.
She wrapped her arms around my neck and then wrapped her legs
around my hips. "Let's go," she said. I walked to the bed and
gently laid her down, then lay down beside her. We looked into
each other's eyes for a long moment, then Carrie giggled and
asked, "When do we get to the part where you fuck my brains out?"

    "We'll start any time you wish," I answered, "but I'd like to
just lie here and look at you for a few minutes. You are so
beautiful, so intelligent, and such a pleasure to be with. I'll
make tomorrow an easier day for you, you've earned a vacation."

    Carrie put a hand to my cheek. "I don't want a vacation from
you, William," she said. "Command me every minute of every day.
I'm happy doing anything you wish, any time you wish it."

    After a moment, she rolled onto her back and laughed. Then
she yelled at the ceiling, "Who else in the whole fucking
universe could give me the experience of intentionally breaking
the rules and being punished for it, without actually being
disobedient and without actually being punished? Nobody, that's
who!" She rolled back to face me, then climbed on top of me and
kissed me hard. She said, "Sometimes I think I must be imagining
you, nobody could know me like you do, nobody would do the things
you do for me, especially knowing I'll obey no matter how you
treat me."

    "When you had me brought here," I said, "you must have had
some expectations, some idea of how your life would be lived as
my Slave. How different is it now from what you expected?"

    She looked at me for a long moment, then tears welled up in
her eyes and begin running down her face. She started to speak
several times, but then stopped. Finally she put her head down on
my chest, whispered, "I can't," and then started bawling. I
wrapped my arms around her and waited.

    Carrie cried for nearly 10 minutes. She was still sobbing
when she finally raised her head and looked at me with red,
tear-filled eyes. "That bad, huh?" I said.

    She hit me lightly on the chest with a fist. "No, dummy, that
good," she sobbed. Then she slid up a little and started kissing
my face. She kissed me for a few minutes, until finally her tears
were almost gone. She cupped my face between her palms and looked
into my eyes. Then, still sniffling, she tried to answer my

    "I remembered all the things we said during our short time
together at the organization. I loved you even then. I didn't
think you loved me, but I didn't think that mattered. I wanted to
be your Slave, and I thought you wanted to be my Master, at least
for awhile. I didn't think you would be unnecessarily cruel to
me. Based only on that, I decided to have you brought here.

    "After I argued until I was hoarse, and then made threats
they knew I wouldn't carry out, Philip and Mr. Collins finally
agreed to bring you here.

    "I thought you would continue my training. I expected to be
kept in the basement, whipped, fucked, humiliated, and starved,
until I was able to behave as you would demand. I really didn't
know what would happen after that.

    "I was stunned when you wanted me to leave the basement right
after you found me. I couldn't understand why you would do that.
I kept hoping if I just humoured you, you would take me back to
the basement, train me, and make me whatever you wanted me to be.

    "When I finally began to see what you wanted from me, I
thought, 'Why doesn't he just tie me up, whip me and fuck me?
Why is he making it so complicated?' Then it finally sank in that
you cared about me, and you weren't going to let me be your slave
unless I was first your partner.

    "When you talked about a partnership at the organization, I
thought you meant you were going to let me cum during sex. I
didn't know you expected me to be a real partner, a life mate. I
never imagined you would love someone who would submit totally to
your smallest whim."

    Carrie rested her head on my chest again, but kept talking.
"I'm sorry I've been babbling, I'll try to answer your question.
You've given me the structured environment I craved. You make me
feel like a slave, like I have no refuge, nowhere to hide from
you, no alternative to obeying you. Yet you let me out of that
straight jacket any time I want out. You give me the pain I need
and the domination I crave, yet you make me know I'm perfectly
safe. You've shown me what a true partnership is, and you've
shown me what true love is, and you've shown me how to have fun.
If you left tomorrow, I would always be grateful for what you've
given me these last few weeks."

    She raised up again and looked at me. "You give me
everything," she said. "You give me what I want, what I didn't
even even know I wanted, and what I need." Tears started running
down her cheeks again. In a choking voice, she said, "It's like
you were made for me, and I was made for you. I'm so thankful
we're together." She started crying again, and I eased her head
down onto my chest.

    "You're everything I ever wanted in a woman, and you're the
only woman I'll ever want," I said. "I'm thankful we're together,
too. Rest now, we've got all the time we need, to do all the
things we want. Never doubt that I love you, and I'll be with you
as long as you want me."

    "Forever," she said in a whisper, still softly sobbing. She
quieted down after awhile, and then I heard the steady breathing
that meant she was asleep. I didn't want to roll her off of me,
because that would probably wake her up. So I lay still,
listening to Carrie breathe, and at some point I also fell

    She was kissing me when I woke up. "I thought you were going
to fuck my brains out," she said.

    "You were exhausted, you needed a nap. Obviously, I needed a
nap too. We can fuck any time," I said.

    She grinned. "Now?"

    I looked at the clock, it was only 9:30. "Now's a good time."

    "I'll work, you watch," she said as she moved down and took
my cock in her mouth. She had me hard in a matter of seconds,
then she sat straddling my hips and guided my cock into her

    After fucking me for a few minutes, she leaned forward and
rested her palms on my chest. "Did I answer your question?" she
asked. I nodded. "Then I'd like to ask you a question, but it's
Ok if you don't want to answer." She laughed and blushed
slightly. "William, I didn't mean ..."

    I smiled and put my hands on hers. "I know what you meant.
I'll gladly answer any question you want to ask, if I know the

    She took a deep breath. "When did you fall in love with me?"
she  asked.

    I smiled up at her, then thought about it for a few moments.
I finally said, "Well, it wasn't an event, it was a process. And
the process isn't finished yet, I'm still falling in love with

    "It started at the organization, as admiration and respect
for the difficult path you had chosen, and the poise and
determination you showed under stress. Everything I saw there and
here, every new situation you've faced and dealt with, every time
you showed individuality when you knew you'd probably suffer for
it, everything about you led me to love you. You're a strong
willed, highly intelligent woman who's chosen the life of
submission, and you have to deal with that struggle every waking
second. What's not to love?"

    Carrie smiled. "You make me feel loved, William, and I was
curious. I had no right to ask that question, and I'm grateful to
you for giving me an answer."

    "I give you the right to ask me any question, any time,
Carrie. I want to be as open to you as you are to me. Now stretch
out on top of me, your face is too far from mine."

    She lay down on top of me. Instead of scooting down to
maximize contact with her clit, she slid up a little and kissed
me. "I'll stay up here for awhile," she said, "I need some heavy
duty kissing."

    "Who taught you to kiss like you do, anyway?" I asked. "I
know it wasn't me, because you're the only woman whose ever been
able to make me hard just by kissing me."

    "I've never been a good kisser," she said. "But when I kiss
you, I feel like we're flowing into each other, filling each
other with our love. Maybe you sense how intense my feelings are
when you kiss me. Maybe that's what gives you a woody. I'm glad
my kisses give you so much pleasure."

    Stroking her hair with one hand, and caressing her ass with
the other, I told her between kisses that everything about her
gave me pleasure. We shared one last passionate kiss, then I told
Carrie to slide down so I could give her as much pleasure as

    We cycled through our favourite sexual positions several
times. I was feeling the strain, but I wanted to stay with it
until Carrie was satisfied. At last she rolled off of me onto her
back, and said, "You did it, you've fucked my brains out. I have
to stop for awhile."

    I looked at the clock, it read 11:05. "What would you like to
do, Carrie?" I asked. "We could grab a bite to eat, dance awhile,
go to sleep, whatever you'd like."

    She thought for a moment, then said, "We could get some
sleep, then try a run up to the picnic hill first thing in the
morning." Then she quickly added, "If you'd like to, William."

    "You could try out the latex leotard," I said. I got out of
bed and pulled Carrie after me. "Let's shower and sleep for
awhile, then climb the hill before breakfast."

    "Yes, William," she said as she followed me into the

    I woke up a little before 6:00. I kissed Carrie awake and
asked her if she still wanted to climb the hill this morning.
"Whatever you wish, William," she answered sleepily.

    "Not what I wish," I said, "what Carrie wants to do this
morning. Climb the hill, sleep in, fuck, anything you want to

    "I like all of those," she said. "Could we climb the hill,
fuck, come down the hill, eat breakfast, fuck, then take a nap?"

    "We can absolutely do that," I said with a kiss. After we
used the toilet, I dressed Carrie in her latex leotard, socks and
walking shoes, then put on her belt, wrist manacles, and posture
collar. I opened the zippers covering her breasts and crotch.
Seeing her in the leotard and collar made me so hot, I had to
grope her for awhile, but I stopped when she asked me to take her
back to bed.

    We rounded up all of our equipment and attached it to the
backpack frame, then Carrie dressed me. I helped her into the
backpack and attached her wrist manacles to it, then knelt in
front of her and began eating her pussy. When I had her wet and
moaning, I stood and began stimulating her nipples. "You taste
delicious this morning," I told her as I leaned forward and gave
her a wet kiss. "Tell me how badly you need to be fucked right
now," I said.

    "I'm wet and horny, and I need you to fuck me, William," she
said, licking her lips and looking into my eyes. Then she lowered
her eyes and added in a whisper, "Please."

    "Look at me," I said. She met my gaze again. "I'll fuck you
as much as you want on top of the hill. But I want you to stay
wet and horny until we get there. I want to see you dripping all
the way up the hill. Any time I stop you and feel your pussy, I
want it to be as wet as it is now. You may not cum until you feel
my cock inside you, at the top of the hill. Do you understand?"

    "I understand, William, I'll try my best," she said quietly.

    "Please answer me again, Carrie, substituting 'obey' for 'try
my best'," I told her.

    In a clear, strong voice, she said, "I understand, William, I
will obey you."

    I kissed her, then closed the zippers over her breasts,
telling her I wanted two toasty tits to warm my hands on at the
top of the hill. After attaching her reins to the bars on her
labia rings, I threaded them through the D-rings at each side of
the belt. After putting on my jacket, I grabbed the pistol from
the headboard of our bed. Finally I blindfolded her and put in
her earplugs, and we were ready to go.


  1. Oh my...I cannot tell you how often i have heard the words....."Do not try, obey, do it"...i am getting better at my wording....I loved this chapter.
    hugs abby

    1. Do not try, obey. I say it often as well. I know it is hard to do.
      But the result can be so wonderful.


  2. Okay Han...I'm back and have caught not going to comment on each chapter. I am somewhat enjoying the story but don't think the author really has a good understanding of M/s and what the true role of a Master is...I do see glimpses but see more topping from the bottom. Oh's just a story so will continue to read and see where it goes. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Yes, topping from the bottom has bothered you for some time. It doesn't bother me though. The main goal is that these two people find a way to be happy together and if that is by switching roles, she is tops from the bottom, or he is dominating her completely doesn't really matter to me.

      I think that "a true Master" means different things for all of us, Cat. But I love it that you are still reading. Do not feel obliged to read on if you don't like it at all, of course.

      It is just a story,

  3. Han , I need explanation here.
    He wanted her make mistake, so he could punishe her. She must obey him. And she is punished.
    Why he did it?

    Mona Lisa

    1. Quote:
      "She smiled, and said, "It was fun breaking your rules while you were standing there watching me do it. I would never intentionally do that on my own; but since you commanded to do it, that made it Ok. Please, let's do it again sometime."
      End of quote.

      Difficult to explain to you. Let me try this: She would never break the rules, because that is the basis of her submission: obey his rules. But what if she did? What would happen tot Eve if she ate the forbidden fruit? Why did she want to know?

      I don't know why. But she did.

      Hope it will help to understand,

  4. Thank you, Han
    what I wanted know was:
    Why HE did it?
    Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa


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