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Training Carrie, chapter 56

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 56

    "Your curtsies are a turn-on for me," I told her. "What made
you think of doing that?"

    She blushed. "I would rather kneel at your feet," she said,
"but I know that makes you uncomfortable. The curtsy lets me
openly express my submission and respect without annoying you.
It's a good compromise, right?"

    "It is a good compromise, Carrie," I said. "But your kneeling
didn't annoy me, I just thought it was inappropriate. If you find
it pleasant to kneel at my feet occasionally as a sign of your
submission, feel free to do so. I just don't want you to do it as
a sign of adoration or worship. Do you understand?"

    She took my hands in hers, then dropped to her knees and
bowed her head as far as the collar would allow. "I do
understand, William. Thank you."

    I let her remain on her knees for a few seconds, then gently
pulled her back to her feet and kissed her. "Of course, you'll
only do that when we're alone together," I warned her. She nodded
her head in agreement and thanked me again.

    I retrieved the reins from where I had dropped them earlier
in the day. Returning to Carrie, I knelt at her feet to attach
the reins. "My turn to kneel before you," I said with a smile.
She grinned. I asked her if it had bothered her to leave the
vertical bars attached to her rings during our sexual activities.
She said they had been no bother at all, but she had been
constantly aware of the added weight.

    After reattaching the reins to her bars, I threaded each rein
through the D-ring at either side of her bondage belt. Carrie
positioned herself several paces in front of the mirror, and then
walked toward it as I held steady pressure on the reins. Her
labia didn't move as she walked. We smiled at each other, and she
said it was time for another test drive.

    Carrie folded her arms behind her back while I put on her
blindfold. I told her we would do without the earplugs, so we
could talk about her experience during the test. I took her reins
in my fingers and started her moving with an immediate sharp turn
away from the mirror. Soon after she started walking, I could
tell her sensitivity to my commands was much better. Once we got
out of the bedroom, it proved easy to provide the frequent small
corrections she needed to keep her walking in a straight line. I
took her into the kitchen and circled her around the island that
contained our stove and sink, then guided her into the dining
room and once around the table. Then we went into the living
room, where I took her around the couch twice, once in each

    Stopping at the rear outside door, I asked her how she felt.
She said everything felt fine, except that the reins pulled
upward on her labia rather than pulling outward. I asked her if
it hurt her when I pulled on the reins. She said No, it didn't
hurt, it just felt odd. I pointed out to her that when we
attached the reins to her nipples and ran them over her
shoulders, they also pulled up rather than to the side. She
agreed, and said it was just a feeling she would have to get used

    We talked about her sensitivity, and we both came to the same
conclusions. She was much more sensitive to steering commands
when the reins were attached to her nipples. But we both wanted
to use the labia for steering, so we agreed to try a few runs and
see how it worked out.

    Without saying anything to Carrie, I dropped her reins and
left for the bedroom to get dressed. I knew that, whether I was
gone for ten minutes or three hours, I would return to find her
waiting exactly as I left her. After dressing, I put on my jacket
and grabbed the pistol. Then I took a pair of her cotton socks
and sneakers, and returned to her. She held onto my shoulders as
I put on her shoes and socks, then immediately refolded her arms
behind her back. It was 4:00, and I thought we would have plenty
of time for a short trip up to one of the closest clearings.

    I opened the door and drove Carrie outside, only to discover
that a cold rain was falling. That was the first rain I could
remember in the time I had been here. I asked Carrie if this
happened often, and she answered that it almost never rained, but
last year about this time was when she remembered the most rainy
periods. I almost decided to take her back inside. But,
considering we had agreed we were going to try this in freezing,
snowy weather, I thought we might as well have a trial run in the
cold rain.

    After closing and locking the door, I started Carrie moving,
steering her toward the gentle trail to the clearing we called
fucking stop 1. Before we had gotten 50 feet from the house, her
beautiful mane of reddish brown hair was saturated with water and
plastered to her head and shoulders. I could see the water
running down her back in rivulets. She was goose flesh all over,
and starting to shiver.

    It took us nearly 10 minutes to get to our destination.
Carrie was shivering hard and generally looking miserable. I
stopped her in the middle of the clearing and removed her reins.
"On your back, with your arms at your sides." I told her. She
unfolded her arms, then gingerly sat down and felt around her.
When she understood her environment as well as possible without
being able to see, she stretched out on her back with her arms at
her sides and her legs spread. When her back came into contact
with the cold, wet vegetation, she gasped, but then lowered her
head to the ground and remained still. I stood looking down at
her shivering body for a minute. "Are you feeling submissive,
Carrie?" I asked her.

    "Yes, William, thank you," she said, "I love you."

    "Would you like to get up and go home now?" I asked.

    "Yes, William, but would you please fuck me first?" she

    I knelt between her legs, unzipped my jacket, then unfastened
my pants. Taking my penis in one hand, I stretched out on top of
her as I pushed it into her pussy. She sighed as she felt my cock
sliding into her. "Put your arms around me, under my jacket, I'll
try to warm you up," I told her. She immediately hugged me and
squeezed me to her, whispering that she loved me. I began fucking
her hard, hoping to cum as quickly as possible. She could cum any
time she wanted to, but she wouldn't think we had really fucked
in the rain unless I came, too.

    My jacket was waterproof, but my pants weren't. A few minutes
after I lay down on top of Carrie, my ass and legs were wet and
cold. I was trying to concentrate on pleasing the beautiful woman
beneath me, knowing that no matter how miserable I got, she was
the naked one. Her teeth were chattering now, so I told her I was
trying my best to cum so we could go home. "Kiss me," she said.

    Wearing the posture collar, she couldn't turn her head to my
lips, so I twisted my head around as much as I could to
compensate. When our lips met, she began giving me the most
sensuous kiss I could ever imagine. She made the rain and cold
fade into the background as I felt a warmth spreading into me
from her lips. I was thinking that angels must kiss like this,
then I felt my orgasm starting to build. She knew it was coming
as soon as I knew, I felt the grin form on her lips. Within
seconds we came together. We continued to kiss for awhile as our
orgasms ran their course.

    When our lips finally separated, I reached up and took off
her blindfold. She looked at me and smiled, as the rain dripped
off of my head onto hers. "My love, my life," she said. I noticed
she wasn't shivering any more.

    I got to my knees, then pulled Carrie to a sitting position.
I quickly took off my coat and put it on her. She didn't object,
she zipped up the front of the jacket while I zipped my pants. I
stood up and pulled her to her feet, then we ran home hand in

    When we were back inside, I told Carrie to go to the bathroom
and get under a warm shower, and that I would join her in a
minute. She put a hand on my arm and kissed me on the lips.
"Thank you, William," she said as she looked into my eyes.

    "You're thanking me for making you cold, wet, and miserable?"
I asked her with a grin.

    "I'm cold and wet, I'm not miserable." she said. "Thank you
for understanding what I need, and for being strong enough to
give it to me." Then she ran to the bathroom.

    I stripped and took my wet clothes to the laundry room.
Carrying my keys and shoes, I went to the bedroom. Starting at
the bedroom door, I saw Carrie's trail to the bathroom in
discarded jacket, shoes, and socks. I picked up the jacket, took
the pistol out of the pocket, and put it back in its hidden
location behind the headboard of our bed. After hanging up the
jacket, I joined Carrie in the bathroom. She was under the shower
as I had ordered. She hadn't removed her posture collar, so that
was the first thing I did when I joined her in the shower.

    "I didn't think I had the right to remove that, William," she
said as I unfastened the collar. I kissed her and told her she
had done the right thing, and anyway the collar was designed for
continuous use, so the shower wouldn't damage it as long as it
was dried off afterwards.

    "So when you threatened to make me wear it for a month, you
really meant 24 hours a day for a month?" she asked.

    "I sure did," I answered. "Do you remember what else I told
you, about how you would feel when I took it off after a month?"

    She shivered. "You said I would ask you to put it back on
me." She looked into my eyes with a pleading look. "William,
please don't make me go that far," she said.

    "We'll see," was all I said. I would never make her wear that
collar for a month. But, now that I knew it was something that
bothered her, I very well might make her wear it several days, to
find out what her concerns were.

    I soaped Carrie thoroughly, and then she did the same for me.
She asked permission to suck my cock, and I told her that would
be nice, but she would do it in bed after we had dried off. I
pushed her against the wall and plunged my cock into her pussy,
but all I did was kiss her tenderly for a minute or so, then
withdrew and turned off the water. She sighed, but obediently got
out of the shower and began towelling me dry.

    I led Carrie by her labia into the bedroom and pushed her
down onto the bed. She lay as she fell, awaiting a command from
me. I crawled onto the bed and flopped onto my back. "You wanted
to suck my cock, now's the time," I told her.

    "Thank you, William," she said, and crawled into position
between my legs.

    "Not like that," I told her. "Swing around and put your pussy
where it belongs, over my mouth."

    She smiled. "Yes, William," she said as she crawled around to
straddle my head. I told her to lie down on top of me with her
legs spread, which she did. Kissing her on her pussy, I told her
she didn't have to do anything but enjoy the ride, if that was
her choice. In response, she engulfed my cock with her mouth and
began driving me crazy with her teeth, lips, and tongue. I told
her I couldn't last long under that kind of stimulation.

    She raised her head off of my cock long enough to say, "What
a wuss," then went back to work. I began stimulating her pussy
and clit as intensely as I could, determined that I would get her
off before she made me cum. I did my best to tune out all of the
sensations flooding in from my dick, and concentrated on what I
was doing to Carrie's pussy and clit.

    I lost the contest, but Carrie could always turn my loss into
a tie. I came hard, and Carrie came a second later, flooding my
mouth with her cum. I caught everything I could, but some got by
me and ran down my face.

    It was a source of fascination to me, the way Carrie's body
was racked by tremors for several minutes after a strong orgasm.
The trembling would die out for a few seconds, sometimes as long
as ten seconds, then would suddenly start again. I knew she was
extremely sensitive during this time, so I stopped licking and
sucking and used only gentle kisses on her labia and her
still-exposed clit. Simultaneously, she was gently licking my
cock and catching the last of my cum. We both decided to uncouple
at the same time, and Carrie gently rolled off of me and then
turned around until we were lying side by side.

    I rolled onto my side facing Carrie, then pulled her onto her
side. She hooked her top leg over mine and pulled our lower
bodies together. We looked into each other's eyes for a time,
then shared a long tender kiss. "You're my perfect lover," I told
her. "I feel like you know what I want from you before I know it

    She chuckled. "I told you, it's my job. I'm glad you approve
of my job performance. And by the way, it seems exactly the same
to me, that you know what I would like you to do before I know it

    I pulled her up on top of me. My cock was already stiff
enough to push it into her. "Don't move," I told her, "let's just
stay like this for awhile."

    "I love this feeling," Carrie said. "I'll keep you hard as
long as you want." She began pulsing her vaginal muscles slowly.

    We looked into each other's eyes for several minutes. Finally
I decided to ask her the question that was on my mind. "Why are
you afraid that I'll make you wear the collar for a month?"

    Carrie looked at me without speaking for a long time, then
she said, "The collar is irrelevant, make me wear it for a year
if you wish. The part that scares me is the part where I would
ask you to put it back on if you removed it." She stopped
speaking for awhile, and I waited her out.

    "Don't break me, William," she finally said. "If you break
me, everything will be different, and you won't like it. The way
I respond to you, for better or worse, results from my choice. I
choose, from one second to the next, to be your Slave. I think
you like the way I respond to you, the way I fight my
enslavement, but in the end I'm always still your Slave. You can
break me if you choose to, you're the only one who could. But if
you do, I'll be the "general purpose slave" the organization
would have turned me into. Trust me, if you leave me my free
will, I will always choose to be your Slave, you don't need to
break me."

    Tears were pooled in my eyes, slowly running down my cheeks.
"I don't want to break you, ever," I told her. "I love that you
choose freely to submit to me, that's exactly how I want it. Will
you please tell me if you think I'm doing anything to endanger
that? You're right, I would hate it if you ever became my
mindless slave."

    She smiled and kissed me. "If neither of us wants that, then
we won't let it happen. You're my Master and I'm your Slave, now
and forever."

    We lay still for another few minutes, then Carrie said she
was hungry. After we had waited on each other at the toilet and
bidet, I brushed Carrie's hair. Then, on a whim, I dressed her in
an open front bra, stockings and garter belt, and high heels.

    I took her to the mirror and had her stand in front of it
while I stood behind her and ran my hands over her body. When I
sensed she was becoming aroused, I whispered in her ear, "I want
you to sit normally, with nothing covering your ass. Then, after
dinner, I'll take you downstairs and punish you for breaking my

    I felt a shiver run through her body, as a faint smile came
to her lips. "Yes, William," she whispered.

    We walked to the kitchen hand in hand. I told Carrie to sit
down and talk to me while I made dinner, then I watched her while
she sat on the stool. Once she was seated, her eyes met mine for
an instant before she lowered her eyes and blushed.
"Interesting," I said, then started collecting what I needed for

    "How did you like fucking in the rain?" I asked her as a
conversation starter.

    She laughed. "Loved the fucking, hated the rain," she said.

    "So you wouldn't want to do it again?" I asked. I looked at
her. She was sitting with her hands resting on her thighs, palms
up. "Play with your nipples, but don't cum," I told her. Her
hands immediately went to her breasts, and she began pulling,
pinching, and rolling her nipples. "Slowly," I said, and she
slowed down. Her eyes were downcast, so I told her to look up at
me and keep looking at me while I worked. I went back to
preparing dinner.

     "You didn't answer, would you want to fuck in the rain

    "Any time you wish, William," she said, barely above a

    I opened a bottle of wine and poured two glasses, then took a
glass to Carrie. "You can stop playing with your nipples now," I
said, then offered her the wine. "One hand for your wine glass,
the other hand can start working on your pussy," I told her, then
turned back to my work.

    I tried to initiate small talk, but Carrie would only give me
short answers or comments to what I said. Finally she pleaded,
"William, may I please cum now?"

    "No," I said, "not until we're fucking. But you may stop
playing with yourself if it's becoming too difficult for you."

    "Thank you, William," she said, and put her free hand on her
thigh. The stool seat was covered with her juices, so I fetched a
towel from the linen closet, then had Carrie stand while I gently
dried her off. After wiping the stool dry, I told her to sit
down. Again she blushed and lowered her eyes, as she sat down in
violation of the rules, and again I reminded her to keep looking
at me.

    When dinner was ready, I took everything to the dining room,
leaving Carrie seated in the kitchen. After I took my seat at the
dining room table, I called to her to join me. When she entered
the dining room, I said, "I've been waiting for you, sit down so
we can eat." I watched her as she set her wine on the table, then
pulled out her chair and sat down. "That's going to cost you,
later," I told her.

    "I know," she whispered, as she pulled her chair up to the
table. She took a deep breath, sat up very straight, then gave me
a dazzling smile and said, "Dinner looks great, shall we eat?"

    As we began eating, Carrie's mood lightened and she became
more talkative. We both tried to steer our conversation toward
inconsequential subjects, wanting to keep the mood light. Twice
while I was talking, Carrie put her hand on the table, and I put
my hand in hers. Both times she gave my hand a squeeze while
looking into my eyes and smiling, then released me.

    When we finished eating, I had Carrie remain seated at the
table while I put all the dirty dishes and utensils in the
dishwasher and started it. When I returned to her, I showed her a
blindfold and a bowl of ice cream. "Time for your ice cream
torture," I told her. She gave me a big grin and clapped her
hands together.

    I had Carrie open her legs wide, then I tucked a napkin under
her legs and crotch to catch any run-off. I removed all of her
clothing. After I blindfolded her, she rested her head against
the back of her chair.

    Kneeling in front of Carrie, I played with the ice cream,
mashing it up with a spoon until it was in a semi-frozen, mushy
state. I fed Carrie a small spoonful, then put a small amount on
her left breast, above her nipple. She gasped when she felt the
cold ice cream, then remained still. I waited until the slushy
ice cream started running down her breast, then caught each drop
as it ran off of her nipple, being sure to stimulate the nipple
with my tongue as I lapped up the ice cream.

    When her left breast was clean, I gave her another small
spoonful, and then repeated the whole process on her right
breast. By the time her right breast had been licked clean, she
was starting to moan and her breathing was becoming shallow and

    Next, I put a spoonful of ice cream between her breasts, then
watched as it melted and ran down her stomach. As it pooled in
her navel, I licked it up. I let the occasional drop get past the
navel, and watched as it ran toward her vulva, only to catch it
with my tongue a few inches short of the target.

    By the time I was ready for the last phase of her torture,
Carrie was having a hard time staying still. I asked her if she
wanted to be tied to the chair, but she said No, she could
control herself a little longer. I fed her some more ice cream,
then put a big spoonful on her navel. It took a long time before
it started running down her belly, and I let it flow until
several rivulets had entered the folds of her pussy. She was
moaning constantly now, and I knew she would have to ask
permission to cum soon.

    When the ice cream reached the lower part of her pussy, I
began lapping it up before it dripped onto the napkin. After a
minute of waiting for the ice cream to come to my tongue, my
tongue started following its path, up through the folds of her
pussy. "Please, William," she moaned.

    As soon as my tongue contacted her clit, she bucked. I was
afraid she had cum, giving me another reason to punish her, but
it wasn't an orgasm. I broke contact long enough to say "Obey!,"
before plunging my tongue deep into her pussy.

    She was panting now, and groaning through clenched teeth. I
could feel the muscles tightening in her pussy as she tried to
maintain control of her body. After another minute, I began
slowly reducing the level of stimulation I was giving her, until
finally I kissed her clit and broke contact. I watched her
blindfolded face for a few minutes as she slowly relaxed, then I
stood and kissed her on the lips. Removing her blindfold, I asked
her if she was Ok.

    Looking into my eyes, she said, "Yes, William."


  1. I found the first part of this interesting..I have never worried about being 'broken' by my mind, why would anyone want someone who was broken...guess i am lucky to have found a Master who agress with that thought.
    The second part has my mind reeling....the next time Master says we may have ice cream...He is in for a big surprise....
    hugs abby

    1. New ideas. The story is full of ideas.
      About breaking the submissive, it is a popular thought and you find it back in many books. In Training Carrie there is no need to break the will of some one who gives it out of love.

      It is the point Mona Lisa is stressing, and she is right about that of course. I'm glad you have found the right partner.



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