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Training Carrie, chapter 55

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 55

 After breakfast we returned to the bedroom. I needed to find a way to
attach Carrie's reins to the rings on her labia, preferably employing all
four rings rather than one on each side. I thought of one of the
attachments she had bought for use with the rings. It consisted of a number
of small metal rods. Two rods attached directly to the rings, and ran
vertically, one on each side of her pussy. They could be attached tightly
together at their centre, thus closing her two pussy lips together. The
opposite effect, holding the pussy lips stretched open, could be achieved
by attaching cross rods to the ends of each vertical rod.

    I attached the vertical rods to Carrie's rings, then tied the reins to
each bar at its centre. Fortunately, the clips at the centre of each bar,
that were intended to hold the bars together, also acted to keep the reins
from sliding down the bar. I stood Carrie in front of the mirror, then
stood behind her and off to one side, holding the reins. I pulled on the
left rein, and her left labia was pulled aside, revealing more of her puffy
inner labia. "Cool," she said, looking at herself in the mirror. "You've
found yet another way to open me, Master." Pulling the right rein had the
same effect on her right labia, and pulling both reins opened her pussy
wide. "Wow," she said.

    "That's a stunning visual effect," I said, "too bad I'll be behind you
and unable to enjoy it while we're on the trail. But the important question
is, Does it hurt?"

    "No, Master," she said. "There's no pain at all."

    "Ok," I said, "then the next question is, Do you get enough sensation
to use it as a steering command?"

    "I think so," she said. "I can feel vibrations transmitted through the
reins from you moving your hands, so I should be able to tell a soft pull
from a strong pull. Let's try it around the house and see."

    Carrie was right, it was time for a test drive. First I snapped her
posture collar around her neck. I told her she would be wearing the collar
on all of our outings from now on, so she might as well get used to it.
Then I had her cross her arms behind her back while I blindfolded her.
Before putting in her earplugs, I told her to walk slowly until we were
communicating well through the reins.

    On all of our outings until now, I had been steering her by her
nipples. When tied tightly with dental floss, her nipples were so
exquisitely sensitive that I could steer her almost by thought. Now we
needed to relearn our signals, so that she would always turn at the same
rate for the same force applied to her labia.

    I flicked the reins, then immediately pulled sharply on the left rein.
Carrie started walking and simultaneously began a sharp left turn. She
turned too far, so I relaxed the left rein and pulled on the right one.
When she was pointed toward the bedroom door, I tried to produce gentle,
even pressure on both reins. I made a mental note that sometime today we
would set up the camera, and film her walking toward it as I applied
varying degrees of pressure to the reins. I was dying to see what her pussy
looked like with the labia being pulled back and forth.

    After a few minutes, I could tell that things weren't going well. It
was taking too much force on the reins to start her turning, and then she
nearly always turned too far. Also, she sometimes started turning when I
was trying to keep even pressure on both reins. I stopped her and removed
the earplugs. I told her we weren't communicating very well, and asked her
if she knew why.

    "The motion of my legs is tugging on the reins, Master." she said. "I
can't really tell the difference between that and you pulling on a rein." I
took her back to the bedroom and stopped her facing the mirror, about 10
feet away. Trying to hold both reins steady, I told Carrie to walk toward
the mirror. Sure enough, her labia were pulled back and forth as her legs

    "We'll have to think about this," I said. "In the mean time, you'll do
your weight training." I detached the reins, but Carrie asked me to leave
the bars attached to her rings, saying she liked the added weight.

    In the spare bedroom, Carrie put on socks and sneakers, did her warm-up
exercises and stretching, then began her weight routine. I walked back and
forth, observing her, and noticed for the first time that her body was
starting to show results from the weights. Her upper arms and thighs were
becoming more rounded, and I pointed that out to her. She smiled at me, and
said she was happy that her body was more attractive to her Master now. I
interrupted her exercise to kiss her, saying that her body had always been
attractive to her Master.

    Carrie finished her workout, and I left her to do her cool down exercise
and stretches while I went to the bedroom and got dressed. Putting on a
jacket and grabbing the pistol from behind the headboard of our bed, I went
back to join her. She had finished stretching, and was waiting for me. I
gave her another kiss, reattached her reins, and told her to fold her arms
behind her back. She immediately complied, and I turned and began leading
her to the back door, feeling the tension in the reins as she took up her
station behind me. Once we were out of the spare bedroom, I gave her the
"heel" command, and she smoothly walked up beside me as I reeled in the

    As we neared the exit door, I gave Carrie the "back" command and she
quickly dropped back and maintained her position behind me. Once we were
outside, I made her "heel" again and walked her around for about 10
minutes. It was nearly 11:00, but the sun hadn't burned off the morning
chill, and Carrie was soon shivering. I brought her to a stop in full
sunlight, with her back to the sun.

    Dropping the reins on the ground, I stepped around in front of her. I
rolled her nipples between the thumb and finger of each hand, while we
looked into each other's eyes. After a minute, I leaned forward to kiss
her, and right before our lips met I said one word to her, "Cum." We shared
a long, tender kiss while I felt her body tremble through her nipples and

    When her orgasmic tremors had almost ceased, I broke contact with her
lips and released her nipples. As I was detaching the reins, I told her to
unfold her arms. When I straightened up with the reins in my hand, Carrie
stepped forward until her body was pressed against me, her eyes lowered.
"Take me to bed, please," she asked. I took her hand and led her into the

    I led Carrie directly to the bedroom. She steadied herself by holding
onto my shoulder while I knelt and removed her shoes and socks. I pointed
to the chair, and she shivered as she bent over the chair back. "Don't
worry, you're still not ready for a spanking," I told her. I ran my hands
over her ass and thighs, causing her to tremble, then I quickly undressed
and plunged my cock into her pussy. She cried out when I entered her,
something she didn't normally do. I stopped moving. "Did I hurt you?" I

    "No, Master, I'm sorry I yelled," she said. I began fucking her slowly,
as I asked her why she yelled. "I felt such joy and relief when you entered
me, I couldn't keep quiet, Master," she said. "I'm sorry, it won't happen
again." I told her she could make any noise she wished, any time she
wished, assuming she had not been commanded to remain silent. "Thank you,
Master, sometimes it's hard to contain my emotions." she replied.

    I put a hand on each of her shoulders and pulled her to a standing
position, then removed her collar. Cupping her breasts in my hands, I began
kissing her neck. Then, with my mouth at her ear, I whispered, "You're the
love of my life, I love commanding you and watching your perfect response.
Go lay down on the bed, on your back." I stepped back, and she groaned when
my cock pulled out of her pussy. She went to the bed and lay down, and I
walked up to the bed and stood, looking down at her beautiful body.

    She reached over and took my cock in her hand. "Let me suck you,
please," she asked. I shook my head, then crawled onto the bed and
straddled her hips. I guided my cock into her, then leaned over until my
chest was pressing on her breasts. I straightened my legs between hers,
then held her waist as I rolled us over until she was on top of me. She
immediately slid down to maximize the contact between my cock and her clit,
then raised up so I could get a grip on her nipples. When she felt me
starting to stimulate her nipples, she lowered herself onto my chest and
laid her head on me. I bent my neck and kissed the top of her head, and she
began sobbing softly.

    "Is there a problem, Carrie?" I asked. "If there is, you can tell me
about it, whatever it is."

    "Honest to God, Master, there's no problem," she said. "I'm just so
thankful to be here with you. I live to obey your commands. I always want
to do my best for you, and I'm sorry I come up short so often."

    I kissed her again. "You're my perfect Slave, Carrie. The problems we
have are communication problems. We'll figure it out soon, don't worry. I
punished you for something that was as much my fault as yours. Someday
you'll understand that, and when that time comes I hope you'll forgive me."

    She was quiet and still for a long time. Finally, she said, "It hurt so
bad, Master." After another pause, she said, "I forgive you."

    "I'll never hurt you like that again, Carrie," I said.

    She raised her head quickly and looked at me. "Don't say that," she
said. "You made a mistake, but you're my Master, and you have to be willing
to punish me when I deserve it. I trust you, you have to trust yourself." I
nodded my head, and she lowered her head onto my chest again. We were still
for a minute, then she said, "What does a girl have to do to get fucked,
anyway?" I laughed and began pumping my hips and rolling her nipples
between my fingers and thumbs. She sighed, and said, "That's better."

    We fucked until we couldn't fuck any more. I looked at the clock and
was surprised that it was 12:30, no wonder I was so hungry. Carrie and I
were making spoons, with my softening cock still in her ass. I kissed her
neck and asked her if she was hungry. "Starving," she said. I told her we
should go fix some lunch. Groaning, she asked if I we could get to the
kitchen without my cock coming out of her ass. I laughed and told her to
get up now, and she immediately crawled out of bed and offered me her hand
to assist me.

    "Shower first, or eat first?" I asked.

    "Master, I'm dripping our cum from everywhere. If I don't take a
shower, I'll be leaving a slug trail wherever I go." I groaned at her
analogy, and steered her to the bathroom. She stopped by the toilet, and I
sat her down and knelt in front of her with my hands lightly gripping her
thighs. She took my head in her hand and told me she loved me. When we
traded places, I took her head in my hand and told her I loved her too. She
laughed. "I was beginning to wonder," she said.

    After showering, we went to the kitchen and fixed a quick lunch. As we
were cleaning up after lunch, I told her if we hurried we still had time to
make a run up to the picnic hill. She looked at me and said "Or?"

    I grinned. "Or, we could change the sheets and go back to bed." Her
eyes sparkled as she nodded her head.

    We worked together to change the sheets. Then, while Carrie took the
dirty linen to the laundry room, I flopped onto the bed on my back, my
hands behind my head. When she returned to the bedroom, I told her to suck
me until I was hard, then straddle me and put my cock into her pussy. It
didn't take her long to accomplish that.

    When Carrie was sitting astride my hips, smiling down at me, I said I
wanted to watch her while she had a long, gentle orgasm. Her facial
features softened immediately, and I felt the rhythmic muscle contractions
beginning in her pussy. She cupped her breasts in her hands, and I told her
she could play with her nipples if she wanted to. She started rolling them
between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, and her pussy gripped me
harder and began pulsating faster. She started to close her eyes and roll
her head back, but I told her to keep her eyes open and look at me. She
locked her eyes onto mine, and within a few seconds she gasped and then
cried out my name. I was surprised. She had never done that before, even
when we were having sex as Bill and Carrie.

    She was silent after that, except for occasional moans and gasps. I let
her continue for nearly a minute, then told her she could stop whenever she
was ready. Her vaginal muscle contractions began to ease, and I could see
in her face that her orgasm was fading. She sat silently, our eyes still
locked. For several minutes after that, her body would occasionally
shudder. Finally she spoke. "See what you can do to me, with just a word or
a look? How does it feel to have that power over me?"

    "How does it feel to surrender that power to me?" I asked her in
return. "I have no power over you except what you willingly give me. To
answer your question, I'm in awe of the power you've given me to control
your body. Now lie down beside me and let's talk for awhile."

    As she climbed off and stretched out beside me, she answered my
question. "It feels like I'm free. I only have one thing to think about, my
total obedience to you. My world is reduced to just you and your demands.
And every act of obedience is a prayer that you will make more demands."

    "Why did you say my name?" I asked her.

    "I don't know, Master, it wasn't something I thought about, it just
happened. I know it was wrong, I'll watch for that in the future. It won't
happen again."

    "I was thinking perhaps you should use my name from now on, instead of
calling me Master. When we finally get out into the real world, calling me
Master might get us the kind of attention we wouldn't want." She started to
say something, but I raised a finger and she remained silent. "I know," I
continued, "you want to 'strut your stuff' and demonstrate your submission
to me in public. But you'll do it on my terms, when and where I choose."
She nodded her acceptance. My mind was made up that we needed to try this.

    "Unless I tell you otherwise," I told her, "I want you to call me by
name from now on. When Bill and Carrie are together, you will call me Bill
as you've always done. When you're with your Master, you will call me
William rather than Master. The only time you will call me Master is when
you're under formal speech rules. Do you understand?"

    "Yes, William," she said, then she shuddered. Her eyelids fluttered and
then closed. After a few moments, she opened her eyes, smiled at me, and
said, "That made me cum. It makes me feel even more enslaved to you, to
have to use the proper form of your name. I love it." She moved closer and
gave me a tender kiss. With her lips still brushing mine, she asked, "May I
please suck your cock, William?"

    "Only if you promise to cum when I do, Carrie," I answered. She giggled
at my use of her name in my reply, knowing I was gently teasing her. She
moved down to the foot of the bed and began kissing and licking my cock and
balls. At the same time she was lightly raking her fingernails over my
legs, stomach and belly. I propped my head up on some pillows to watch what
she was doing. Then she locked her eyes on mine as she opened her mouth
wide and swallowed my cock completely.

    She kept me in her throat for nearly a minute, slowly moving her head
up and down while somehow causing her throat to vibrate. I was right on the
verge of coming down her throat when she pulled back, kissing the head of
my cock as it cleared her lips. While panting to catch her breath, she
smiled at me. "Not so fast, William, we're just getting warmed up" she

    While she teased the head of my cock with her fingers, she went back to
kissing and licking my balls, then took one into her mouth. After sucking
and licking it for awhile, she exchanged it for the other ball and provided
it the same gentle service. Then she tried to take in both at the same
time, which wasn't a good idea. She managed to get both balls into her
mouth, but it was a little too crowded in there, and I felt quite a bit of
pain. I groaned, and she immediately opened her mouth wide and carefully
removed my balls. She looked at me with a rueful expression, and said "I
guess my eyes were bigger than my mouth. Only one at a time from now on." I
smiled and told her it was Ok, and she went back to work.

    Carrie teased my cock and played with my balls for another 10 minutes,
then raised her head up and looked at me with a smile. "Are you ready for
me, William?" she asked. I nodded, and she opened wide and swallowed my
cock again. She used the same technique she had used earlier, and when she
sensed that I was about to come she pulled back enough that my cock came
out of her throat, but not all the way out of her mouth. With her mouth
open and her tongue slowly licking me, she caught her breath. Then she
closed her mouth on me again and I felt teeth on my cock.

    I don't think I'm the only guy that gets nervous when he feels teeth
during a blowjob. As a matter of fact, the organization's slave training
program devoted a lot of time teaching trainees to NEVER let their Master
feel their teeth. So I tensed up when Carrie raked her teeth over my cock.
She sensed my reaction, and took her mouth off of me long enough to say,
"Please trust me, William, you couldn't be in safer hands." She smiled and
added, "or a more loving mouth."

    I did trust her without reservation, so I forced myself to relax and
try to enjoy whatever she wanted to do. She closed her mouth over me, then
I felt three completely different processing taking place over the surface
of my cock. With her teeth, she clamped down tenderly just behind my glans
and began rotating her head so I felt her teeth moving around the
circumference of my dick. At the same time, her lips were extending up and
down my shaft, applying more pressure than I would have thought possible
using only her lips. While all of that was going on, she was flicking her
tongue over my glans. It was an overwhelming level of stimulation, I came
within about 15 seconds. Carrie came at the same time, her eyes locked on

    When Carrie had swallowed all of my cum and cleaned my cock thoroughly,
she lay down beside me again. She was still shuddering from her own orgasm.
"Was it Ok?" she asked.

    I touched her cheek with the palm of my hand. "Ok? No, Ok doesn't begin
to describe that. It was wonderful. How did you do all that at one time?"

    She smiled. "It's my job, I try my best to find new ways to please you.
I'm sorry I didn't warn you in advance about the teeth."

    "No, Carrie, I'm the one who's sorry. I trust you totally, and I should
have been able to prevent myself from tensing up like I did." I kissed her
tenderly on the lips, then she sighed and rolled onto her back, her eyes
closed. She held up one hand, and I took it in mine and told her I loved

    We lay side by side, silently holding hands, for a long time. Suddenly
I had an idea about how to attach her reins to her labia rings. "Carrie,
please get up and get your bondage belt from the mural room," I told her.

    "Yes, William," she said as she rolled out of bed and headed for the
mural room. I told her to get her posture collar, too, and she again
replied, "Yes, William."

    When Carrie returned with the belt and collar, I climbed out of bed and
took both of them from her. I tossed them onto the bed, then told her to
kiss me. She pressed her body against mine, put her arms around my neck,
and gave me a long passionate kiss. My dick got hard again, and she felt it
pressing against her belly. Without breaking the kiss, she gave me a
"Hmmm," as if to say "ready again so soon?" When I broke the kiss, she
looked down at my dick and grinned.

    "Pay no attention to that thing, it has a mind of its own," I told her.

    "I like how it thinks," she said.

    I retrieved the belt and collar and put both of them on her. As I was
fastening the belt around her waist, I told her she was not under formal
speech rules. "Yes, William," she answered.

    "You like calling me William, don't you?" I asked her.

    She lowered her eyes. "If you didn't keep me wet all the time, I'd get
wet just from saying it. It's a big turn-on for me." She looked up at me
and smiled, then added, "Anyway, I need the practice, right?"

    I gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "I never liked being called
William, the only people who ever called me that were school teachers and
my mother, when I was a kid. But when you say it, I like it a lot."

    She gave me a small curtsy and a smile. "Thank you, William," she said.



  1. A nice chapter, i like it.

    Thank you, Han

    Mona Lisa

    1. Bill, William.
      Coincidence that is the first name of Shakespeare, right?

      It is, I'm sure.

  2. I love that they are both always learning new things to please other...trying out new ideas...
    hugs abby

    1. Yes. we loved that as well. New ideas.
      The story is full of new ideas.



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