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Training Carrie, chapter 53

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 53

 I was going to stop Carrie after half an hour, but she seemed so happy
singing to me, and I was enjoying it also, so I let her sing until she
asked to stop. She had sung for an hour and ten minutes. She was shocked
when I told her, she said she totally lost track of time. I hugged and
kissed her, and told her it was time to exercise.

    Carrie left her heels and house wear in the bedroom and walked naked
with me to the spare bedroom, where her exercise equipment was. She put on
a pair of socks and the old sneakers she used for exercise. She was about
to get on the elliptical machine for her warm-up, but she turned to me and
said she needed to pee first. I was about to take her to our bathroom, but
instead I asked her if she ever peed standing up.

    "Like a man?" she said. "I tried that once or twice when I was a kid, I
wound up with piss all over my pussy and running down both legs." I asked
her if she would like me to show her how. "If you're not just kidding me,
Yes I would like you to show me how," she said. I told her to wait where
she was, and she immediately assumed the Waiting Pose.

    I went to our bathroom and tore off a handful of toilet paper, then
put on my jacket, grabbed the pistol, and put it in the jacket pocket. I
retrieved Carrie, and we went back outside together. She asked why we were
outside, and I said because it might be messy until she got the hang of it.

    I took her to the clearing where I had tormented her earlier. I took
her collar off, so she could look down and watch herself pee. I pressed my
forefinger and middle finger vertically into her pussy, spread them apart
to open her labia, then pulled them up to expose her urethral orifice. "Now
pee," I told her. She put out a perfect stream that hit the ground a couple
of feet in front of her.

    Carrie looked at her urine stream, then looked at me and laughed. "How
did you - I mean we - do that?" she asked. I told her to stop peeing, and I
would show her how to do it by herself. She stopped, and I explained
exactly how to do it with her own fingers. When she was ready she began
peeing, and reproduced the stream she made using my fingers. "This is so
cool," she said, "How did you figure it out?"

    I said, "I've knelt in front of you while you peed countless times, and
I've spent hours with my face in your pussy, I'm an expert on that area of
your body. To state it simply, I visualized the geometry." She laughed.

    When she finished, I handed her the toilet paper. She wiped her pussy,
and the paper came out dry. "This is way cool," she said. "Now we don't
have to take turns at the toilet, we can have a pissing contest." She
couldn't help giggling after delivering that pun. I thought it was pretty
good, and told her so.

    I told her it was time to go back inside and do her exercise. "But it's
so nice out here, Master," she complained, "can't we stay out for a little
while?" It was warm in the sun, even though the air temperature wasn't much
above 50.

    I found a flat, sunny area, well away from where she had pissed, then
lay down on my back and unzipped my fly. "Being naked," I told her, "the
only thing you're allowed to sit on is me." Giggling, she eased herself
down and impaled her asshole on my stiff cock, then lay back on top of me.
I slid my feet up near my ass, my legs bent, and Carrie hooked her knees
over mine.

    I started pumping my hips, and Carrie rocked her pelvis in perfect
sync. Reaching around to her breasts, I began rolling and pinching her
nipples. She reached her hands back over her head and cupped her palms at
the side of my face. "I'm the luckiest woman in the world," she said.
There's no one else like you, what were the odds I'd find you?"

    "One hundred percent, Carrie," I said. "You said it yourself, we were
born for each other."

    We fucked like that for perhaps 30 minutes, coming together three
times. Then Carrie hopped off of me and knelt between my legs. By now I
knew she really wanted to do this, so I just kept quiet and enjoyed it as
she cleaned me off with her mouth, then got me hard again, and began giving
me one of her devastating blowjobs.

    "Wheel around," I told her, "my tongue and your pussy are both lonely
for company." Without taking her mouth off of my dick, she shuffled around
and carefully straddled my head. Not having a pillow handy, I reached
around her hips with both hands, then pulled myself up until my mouth was
firmly seated over her pussy. I alternated between tormenting her clit and
jamming my tongue as far as possible into her pussy. After about 15
minutes, we both came. I kept licking up everything that came out of her
pussy until she had finished cleaning my cock. Then I gave her pussy a
final kiss, and she carefully dismounted from my face.

    I stayed on my back and asked Carrie to lie down on top of me. I put my
arms around her, and tried to kiss her on the lips. "No, Master, not until
I've brushed my teeth," she said.

    "I need to kiss my Slave, right now," I said. She looked into my eyes
then gave me a long, passionate kiss. When the kiss finally ended, we lay
quietly for a long time, until Carrie finally said she should go and do her

    After pausing, she added, "Unless you'd let me skip my exercise, and
read to me for the rest of the afternoon." I told her I needed her to
exercise so I'd have time to recover for the reading session. "That's
because you have a seriously abnormal reading style," she said with a grin.
Then she got serious for a moment. Her grin faded, she looked into my eyes
and said, "Your reading sessions have opened me more than I could have
imagined. You'll soon understand me better than I understand myself, the
little play you staged night before last is proof of that. I want to do a
24-hour total immersion in the story."

    "Everything?" I said. "That could be pretty painful."

    "It doesn't matter, welts and cuts will heal. It will complete my
enslavement to you, totally and irreversibly. If I end up with a few scars,
so much the better."

    "Are you sure?" I asked her.

    "I've never been more certain of anything," she answered.

    "I'll start planning it," I said. We looked at one another for a time,
then I told Carrie, "When you used the phrase 'opened me', I remembered
what it was like to have my hand deep inside you. I'll never forget how
that felt."

    "So did I," she said. "It was a wonderful feeling, total surrender to
my Master. I hope we do it again soon." She kissed me tenderly, then got to
her feet and pulled me up after her. "If you don't command me to do my
exercise now, I'll try to keep you out here all day."

    I gave her my best parody of a stern Master's voice. "Exercise now, or
face the consequences, Slave!"

    "Yes, Master," she said, with lowered eyes and a sly grin. I picked up
the collar and fastened it around her neck, then we walked back to the
house, arm in arm.

    Before taking Carrie to exercise, I led her to the kitchen and told her
to rinse her mouth out, then drink a glass of water. When we got to the
spare bedroom, I put on her sports bra and adjusted her tits. Then I sat on
the floor and watched as she began her warm-up. I told her she could start
talking now, she didn't need to wait until she was in her exercise routine.
"What should I talk about today, Master?" she asked.

    "It's your talk, don't ask me. Why don't you start by telling me why
you were caned, whether or not you deserved it, how it has affected the way
you feel about your slavery and your Master, and how your ass feels today?"

    "Wow," she said. Then, after a pause, she started talking. The
punishment had clouded my thoughts ever since I gave it to her. I had
concluded that I did the wrong thing, and did it at the wrong time. The
failure I punished her for was mine, not hers. It was true that she had
been disrupting our activities more and more. But I should have been able
to modify her behaviour before resorting to punishment. It had been another
case where Bill was running the show, and Master had lost a degree of
control. So I wanted her to talk about it because I wanted to hear her
reach the same conclusion, that she had been unjustly punished for her
Master's weakness. I also wanted her to tell me that I shouldn't have done
it at the end of our filmed wedding, because that was also a mistake.

    She didn't get to any of the conclusions I wanted from her, she still
accepted all of the blame and thought that the punishment was deserved and
was more lenient than it should have been. I resolved to keep her thinking
about it until she was able to tell me what I already knew. She was smarter
than me, it would only be a matter of time until her analytical mind
overcame her wish that her Master always be right.

    After she said all she had to say about the punishment, she spent the
rest of the exercise period talking about our little dramatic experiment.
While it was going on, I was impressed at how well Carrie was acting the
role of the victim, O. But she really wasn't acting at all, she had
consciously put herself into the role. As she told me before, she actually
was that woman, living that experience. How she was able to ignore all of
the cues that told her she was alone with me in our house the whole time
was a mystery to me. But I believed her when she said she had lived the

    Maintaining enough reality to let her experience 24 hours of captivity,
torture, humiliation, and forced sex was going to be difficult. It would be
made even more difficult, because I had already made a key decision
concerning the production of the long version. Carrie would begin the
experience expecting it to last 24 hours, but in fact it was going to last
48 hours or longer. I had no idea how to do it, but I intended to try.

    Deep in thought, I hardly heard Carrie's talk during the last half of
her workout. When she finished her cooldown and stretching, I removed her
bra, then told her it was time for a shower. But first I detoured her to
the kitchen for a big glass of water, to replace what she lost during her

    We didn't fool around much in the shower. Both of us were still
somewhat sated from our recent outdoor activities, and we were both
thinking ahead to the reading I would soon subject her to. After we dried
one another, I asked Carrie if she needed to pee. She grinned and said she
did. I told her I did too, maybe we should do it together. She agreed, so
we stood side by side in front of the toilet and peed. Her aim still needed
work, but she put it all in the bowl, satisfying the minimum requirements.
I told her that her aim needed improving, and she said that was her second
try. "How good was your aim the second time you peed standing up?" she
asked me. I told her I couldn't be expected to remember as far back as last
week, getting me a big smile and a tender kiss.

    As we exited the bathroom, I smiled at her and said, "Time for a
relaxing afternoon of reading." She groaned. I started for the mural room,
and Carrie asked me if I wanted to put her posture collar back on. I had
taken it off for her shower, and I told her she would be more comfortable
without it while I read to her. In the mural room, I outfitted her with her
complete set of bondage gear, reminded her that she was under formal speech
rules, then led her downstairs.

    I blindfolded Carrie, then took her to the punishment area. This time
she knew what to expect, so she didn't tense up. I tied her breasts as I
had done previously, and spent a minute admiring and stimulating her twin
globes. Then I had her lie on her back on the punishment stage, with her
ass hanging off the front of the stage and her feet on the floor. I
attached her wrists, waist, and neck to the stage using her bondage gear,
then attached ropes to her ankles and pulled her legs up, spread at a 90
degree angle.

    I wanted to follow the identical procedure I used the first time I read
to her, so I spent a few minutes kissing and licking the insides of her
thighs. When she was moaning from that, I turned my attentions to her
nipples. I licked and nibbled on them until they looked and felt like
pencil erasers. By that time she was moaning continuously, and when I
looked at the floor under her pussy there were already a few drops of her
juices. Anticipating a flood, I walked back to the Master's area and
returned with a towel, which I spread on the floor under her ass.

    I sat down beside Carrie and picked up the book. This time, I told her,
I was going to skip around a little in "The Story of O." I knew the types
of things that interested her now, and we would seek out those passages and
discuss them, but wouldn't waste time on the stuff in between. I told her
that she was now under informal speech rules, but that she would only speak
in response to my questions.

    During our first reading, we had stopped after O was presented to the
Masters, had the rules explained to her, and was then fucked and whipped. I
picked up at the point where Pierre chained her in bed, probed her pussy
with his hand, then covered her with a fur, and finally she drifted off to

    After reading the passage, I put down the book and asked her a series
of questions. The goal was to find out how she responded, sexually,
emotionally and intellectually, to the description; what the individual
elements of the narrative meant to her; whether she could see any elements
of the narrative in her own experiences, either here or at the
organization; and perhaps most importantly, whether or not she would like
to have the same experience for herself. I wouldn't allow her to tell me
she didn't know how to answer, or to give me a vague or incomplete answer.

    When Carrie had answered every question to my satisfaction, I knelt at
her pussy and gave her 10 minutes of the most intense stimulation I could
provide. After I had been working on her for only a few minutes, she asked
if she could cum. I told her I would prefer that she didn't, but if she
really needed to cum she had permission. She didn't cum during that period,
and when the 10 minutes of stimulation were finished I sat beside her and
read the next selection.

    The next selection described how Pierre woke her before dawn,
rearranged her chain so she was standing, whipped her hard, and then left
her to cry alone for hours. I repeated variations of my previous questions,
tailored slightly for this section. Again she had trouble answering the
questions, but I kept probing until I was satisfied I understood how she
related to the scene. This time, I spent 10 minutes kissing, licking, and
nibbling her tied breasts and rock hard nipples. When I finished, she was
dripping onto the floor, but again she didn't cum. I was thinking that,
when she finally did cum, it would be a big one.

    We continued, sampling the hot scenes of the book. I took her through
O's first session in the library, the dildoes of increasing thickness that
she had to wear in her ass to open her more, the first time she was given
pleasure by another man in Rene's presence, the first time Rene gave
pleasure to another woman in her presence, and finally her isolation in the
dungeon, where the only human contact she experienced was to be whipped and
fucked. When she had provided complete answers to all of my questions for a
scene, I repeated her reward, alternating between her pussy and her

    For a long time, Carrie had been breathing in shallow gasps, moaning
and dripping like a faucet. As I was rewarding her for her thorough answers
concerning the dungeon scene, which had been the most difficult scene for
her to talk about, she finally came, accompanied by an extended
vocalization that I can only describe as a howl.

    Until then, I had limited my contact to her pussy and breasts. I moved
up to her head, gave her a loving and lingering kiss, and asked her if she
could continue. "Whatever Master wishes," she said in a weak voice.

    "And Carrie's answer?" I asked.

    "I'm wasted, Master, but I'll try to keep going if you want to."

    "I'd like to do one more scene," I told her. "I want to skip ahead to
where O is whipped on her inner thighs for the first time. But then instead
of asking you about it, I want to flog your inner thighs lightly. Is that

    "Yes, Master," she said, "I'd like that, if it was a light flogging."

    "I promise it will be light, Carrie." I sat back down, found the
passage, and read it to her. When I finished, she asked me to read it again
before flogging her. I read the section again, then went to get the flog.

    Standing between Carrie's legs, I trailed the flog over the inside of
each of her thighs, then began giving her a light flogging. When her thighs
were a uniform light pink, and she was crying silently, I stopped and began
lightly kissing and tonguing the flogged area. She sighed, and told me how
good my tongue felt on her hot skin.

    I told Carrie I was ready to release her, but she asked me to fuck her
pussy first. I tormented her clit for a few minutes with my tongue and
fingers, then suddenly plunged my stiff cock into her pussy. She cried out
and came as soon as I penetrated her. I continued fucking her until I came,
and she orgasmed again in perfect sync.

    Leaving her belt attached to the stage and her legs and ass suspended
from the ropes, I released her hands and her collar. Lifting her shoulders,
I carefully scooted under her so that her head and shoulders were in my
lap. I removed her blindfold, and told her to look down at her crotch and
legs and see how open she had been to me during our reading session.

    Carrie laughed. "Opening my crotch is easy," she said. "You opened me
like that the first day we met. But the way you open my soul with these
reading sessions is the most intrusive, invasive probing I could ever
imagine. If you open me any more like this, I'll be inside out."

    "Did I go too far?" I asked. "Am I demanding more of you than you can

    "Oh, no Master," she said, looking up at me. "I want you to have it
all. I want you to have the advantage over me of knowing all there is to
know about me, even things I don't know or can't accept about myself. I
finally get it, I know I can show you everything, and when you know me
completely you'll still love me. It's just that you're so good at getting
at it, I feel like my mind is being forced through a sieve.

    "When I was in therapy, I could never really face the problem I needed
to solve, my feeling of guilt over the death of my family, so therapy
didn't help me at all. Within a few days after you arrived, you helped me
face that guilt and work through it. And you did it simply by not giving me
any choice, you made me do what I needed to do. What you're doing now is
like that. I want you to know everything about me, but I'm not able to just
lay it all out for you. So what you're doing is extracting it forceably -
gently and with love, but forceably. Once again, you're doing just what I
need you to do."

    Looking down at her, I ran my index finger along the line of her lips.
She suddenly opened her mouth, took my finger in, and began sucking on it
and stimulating it with her tongue. "I have something a little bigger, if
you're interested," I told her with a smile. Looking into my eyes, she
nodded her head, then released my finger.

    I eased myself out from under Carrie, then quickly lowered and released
her feet and unfastened her belt from the platform. She sat up, and I
removed all of her bondage gear. I asked her if she could stand, and she
put out her hands for me to help her to her feet.

    Looking down at the wet towel on the floor, she asked, "Did all of that
come out of me?" I nodded that it did. "You probably wouldn't believe it,
but my husband used to complain that I never got wet. He took that as a
sign that he didn't excite me sexually." She looked at me, then added, "He
was right. I did love him, though."

    "I know you did," I told her. "It was a different time, and you were a
different person."

    Carrie laughed. "Yes, I'm a late bloomer. I bloomed when I met you. I
love you more than I thought it was possible to love, and I lust after you
every waking moment."

    "I'm happy you can talk to me like that, and tell me those things.
You'll never regret telling me anything, I promise."

    "I know I won't," she said, putting her hands to my face. "I told you,
I finally get it. You love me, and nothing I do or say will change that. I
hope you know that it's mutual. You're the Master, and I have no right to
ask you anything. But please know that you can tell me anything, and I'll
still love you."

    I kissed her, then took her hands in mine. "I give you the right to ask
me any question you wish, any time you wish, and I will always do my best
to answer you fully and truthfully."

    She grinned. "Will you take me upstairs and fuck me all over?"

    "Yes," I answered.


  1. Well...i learned something to pee standing up...not sure i will ever try Funny...not so funny at the ex told me i was not sexually attractive...and i never got wet enough....never had the problem years later with Master...
    hugs abby

    1. Wanita actually tried it... LOL. Without much succes, I might add. Harmful words stick to us like glue, Abby but only a real man can satisfy his woman. And you have found him.

      I am so pleased for you,


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