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Training Carrie, chapter 52

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 52

    "You have a decision to make now, Carrie," I said. "You only have two
naked areas on your beautiful body, your tits and your crotch. You'll have
to decide which of those areas feels the flog." She looked up at me with
fear in her eyes, but she remained silent.

    "Do you remember what I told you about letting go, Carrie?" She nodded,
and I waited for her to say it.

    "You said I have to let go, and trust my Master to catch me if I fall."

    "Do you trust me, Carrie?"

    "Oh, yes, Master!" After a pause, she added, "Master, please, I can't
say it."

    I smiled at her. "How long have you wanted to ask me to flog your
pussy, Carrie?"

    "Since the first time you flogged my breasts, Master... Please don't
hurt me too much."

    "You have to trust me not to give you more pain than you can deal with,
and not to cause you any harm. That's what letting go is all about. Don't
worry, I'll catch you and protect you.

    "Since you can't say it, Carrie, I'll give you a special Pose. Any time
you are free to move, you may assume this Pose whenever you need to have me
flog your pussy. That way you won't have to ask for it. Would that make it
easier for you?"

    "Master, your slave understands that it is to be given a special pose,
which it can assume when it needs its pussy flogged, Master."

    "Excellent, Carrie, but tell me using informal speech, why you chose a
formal reply to my question."

    "It seemed appropriate, since you were giving me basic instructions,

    "That's very good, Carrie, but please use informal speech unless told
otherwise. Now here is the Pose you will use to signal your Master that you
need to have your pussy flogged. On your knees, you will open your legs
wide, as they are opened now, then arch your back as you lean back and
grasp your feet with your hands. Do you understand?"

    "Yes, Master," she said meekly. I told her that, if she wanted her
pussy flogged now, she should assume the Pose I had given her. She dropped
her hands to her side, then leaned back and grabbed her feet. Finally she
arched her back so severely that it made me groan to watch her.

    "Don't arch your back so much that it hurts, Carrie," I said. She
straightened her back a little, then held perfectly still. I watched her
for a few moments, and saw that she was trembling a little. I asked, "Can
you hold that Pose while I'm flogging your pussy, Carrie?"

    With a trembling voice, she said, "Yes, Master." I asked her if she was
trembling from fear of the strain of the Pose. "Both, Master, but mostly
fear," she answered.

    "Before we begin, Carrie, I need to make sure that flogging your pussy
is not going to cause you to cum without permission. What's your opinion?"

    "I don't know, Master. I'll do my very best to be obedient." I asked
her if she was close to coming right now. "I'm very close, Master. You've
kept me excited since breakfast, and only let me cum once." I asked what we
could do to take her back from the edge. "I don't know, Master, we could
fuck some more, or you could throw your slave under a cold shower."

    "That would defeat the idea of keeping you sexually frustrated,
wouldn't it? I think the best way to deal with the problem is for you to
look at your Master and tell him that you will obey him no matter how
difficult the task, and specifically that you will not cum without
permission, no matter how aroused you get. Can you do that for me now?"

    She tried to tilt her head down to look at me, but the collar wouldn't
let her move that far. I told her to break her Pose long enough to look at
her Master. She straightened up, looked at me, and said, "Master, I will
obey you no matter how difficult the task, and I will not cum without your
permission." Then she assumed the Pose again. I told her I believed her.

    I picked up the flog, then stood and leaned over and kissed Carrie on
each nipple and then on the lips. She returned my kiss, and I felt her
trembling. I knelt on the floor, facing her and slightly in front of her,
and dragged the flog across her pussy lightly. She gasped, then sighed. I
drew the flog back and flicked it lightly against her pussy. She jumped,
and her breath quickened a little. I slowly repeated the flicking action,
and she accepted the light blows with minimal reaction.

    "Your Master would never flog your pussy as hard as you are used to
being flogged on other parts of your body, Carrie," I said. "This is the
technique we will use on your pussy, but it will be applied for a much
longer time than your usual floggings. I want you to withstand a half hour
of this for your initial flogging. If you choose to request additional
pussy floggings, they will be harder than this, but still not as hard as
the floggings you are used to receiving, and they will last much longer, at
least an hour. Do you understand, and do you think you can withstand a half
hour of flogging today?"

    "Yes, Master, I understand, and I will withstand the flogging for as
long as you wish."

    "Is this what you expected when you signalled that you wished me to flog
your pussy, Carrie?"

    "No, Master, I expected much more pain. That's why I was afraid to ask
for this for so long."

    "Wait until you have experienced this for half an hour, Carrie, then we
will discuss how painful it is." I sped up my rhythm a little, but tried to
maintain the same force in the flicking. The idea was to make her feel a
sting from each blow, which would build into substantial pain when repeated
over a period of time.

    Carrie was quiet after that exchange, until about 10 minutes into her
flogging. then she started moaning softly. I asked her if she was more
excited, or less excited than she was when we started her flogging.

    "More, Master, much more," she said, straining to get the words out.

    "Do you still feel that you're capable of obeying your Master, and not
coming until given permission?"

    "I will not cum without your permission, Master," she said. I looked at
her face, and saw that a few tears had already run from the corner of her
eye into her ear. Her responses grew more vocal during the second 10
minutes. She was crying and making the sounds she usually made when she was
in pain. In a ragged, gasping voice she asked me if we could pause for just
a minute. I told her she knew the answer to that question, we would not
stop until the 30 minutes was up.

    Carrie lasted the whole 30 minutes, but for the last few minutes she
was sobbing and gasping and begging me to let her have a moment's pause.
When it was finished, I told Carrie to straighten up, then I hugged and
kissed her, telling her what a good job she had done and how brave she had
been to request that I flog her pussy. I asked her if she was glad she did
it, and she said she was. When I asked her if she would request it again,
she was a little hesitant, but finally she said she would.

    When she stopped crying, I had her sit on the edge of a chair while I
put socks and her new walking shoes on her feet, then told her we were
going outside to see how cold it was. While I dressed, Carrie walked around
the bedroom in her new shoes. I asked her how they felt, and she replied
that they were a little stiff, but very comfortable, no comparison to the
pony boots.

    I finished dressing, then put on a jacket, grabbed the pistol from
behind the headboard, and led Carrie by her nipple to the door. On the way
through the house, she asked if we were going to make a practice run up to
the picnic hill. I said we were just going to stay outside long enough to
evaluate if the body suit offered her any protection from the cold.

    Remembering Philip's warning, I surveyed the area outside the house
before unlocking and opening the door. As soon as we stepped outside,
Carrie looked at me and smiled. "Ahh, warmth," she said. It was only 10:00,
but it already seemed warm, I guessed mid-50s in the shade.

    "I guess we won't be doing any cold-weather tests today," I said, "but
we might as well enjoy the warming trend. How about a trial run up the hill
this afternoon, using reins attached to your rings?"

    "Yes, Master, please," she said, "I've wanted you to use them since you
first put them on me." She offered me a kiss, which I gladly accepted.

    I led Carrie away from the house, to the clearing we had used the last
time we came out, several nights ago. I positioned her on her knees,
forehead on the ground, arms trailing behind her also on the ground.
Kneeling behind her, I again penetrated her ass and pussy with my thumb and
fingers. This time she began moaning immediately, and within a minute she
was begging me to fuck her. I said, If your trial run this afternoon is
satisfactory, you'll be thoroughly fucked on top of the hill. Otherwise,
you'll have to wait until we're in bed tonight."

    She groaned. "I promise I'll make a good climb, please give me an
advance fuck. I need it so badly." I laughed, but then commanded her to
stop asking me to fuck her. I worked her over for another ten minutes or
so, until she was continuously gasping and moaning. Her pussy juices had
covered my hand and were running down her thighs and dripping onto the

    I suddenly stopped stimulating her and withdrew my hand, provoking a
final groan of frustration. I told Carrie to stand up, give her Master a
tender kiss on the lips, and thank him for making her feel so good. She
gave me a really nasty look, but then did as I commanded, meekly thanking
me for making her feel good. I could see that her whole body was trembling,
and I felt it through her lips when she kissed me.

    Holding Carrie by a nipple, I led her from the clearing to the path
that led to our fucking/picnic sites. While I tucked her breasts into the
body suit and closed the zippers, I told her she was going to show me how
well she could run. I would walk up the trail as far as I could without
losing sight of her. When I signalled her, she would run after me, then
past me and on to our first fuck stop.

    "Will your Slave get fucked when she reaches the fuck stop, Master?"
she asked with a pleading smile.

    I slapped her on the ass, which immediately wiped away her smile. I
could see that her ass was still very tender. "No, you won't get fucked
there," I told her. "But remember what happens when you disobey me, and
hope you don't get a spanking instead. You were told not to ask me again to
fuck you." She lowered her eyes and nodded her head.

    As I turned to start up the trail, Carrie asked me if I wanted her to
run or jog. "Run as hard and as fast as you can," I said. "But don't fall

    When I reached the point on the trail where the terrain steepened, from
gentle to moderate grade, I looked back and waved for Carrie to start. I
should have known she would be a good runner, any type of physical activity
seemed easy for her. But my jaw dropped as I watched her rapidly narrow the
distance between us. If it weren't for the posture collar forcing her head
to be kept stiffly erect, her running technique would have been perfect. As
she neared where I was standing, she pursed her lips and blew me a kiss,
then gave me a big grin as she flew past.

    I turned to watch her as she ran by me, admiring her form and her
hypnotic ass. I let her get 6 or 7 paces past me, then took off after her.
Within a few seconds it was clear to me that I wouldn't catch up to her
unless I ran flat out. I sped up, but still wasn't closing the gap. In
another few moments the finish line was in sight, and my ego stupidly told
me that I should be able to catch up to her before she got there. Pouring
on the coals, I saw that I was beginning to close the gap, but it wouldn't
be good enough. When Carrie reached the clearing we referred to as fuck
stop 1, she came to a halt and looked back. I was 3 or 4 paces behind her,
obviously straining to run flat out. She grinned, and as I reached the
clearing I tripped on my own feet and sprawled on the ground in front of

    She laughed softly. "I didn't know we were racing, Master, or I would
have tried harder. Now I see why you told me not to fall. Are you Ok?"

    "All but my pride and self esteem," I said with a smile.

    She helped me to my feet and kissed me. "For what it's worth, you still
have my esteem, and I'm very proud of you," she said.

    I put my arms around her, and we kissed again, hungrily and
passionately. "It's worth everything, Carrie," I said when we finally
separated. I removed her collar. "Now kiss me again, and make me want you
so badly that I'll fuck you." She was the world's sexiest kisser, except
when she wore that collar. It didn't take her very long to get me hot, then
horny, then in an advanced state of lusting for her. I pushed her down on
her back and we fucked.

    We had been fucking for perhaps 20 minutes, and had quickly cycled
through our favorite positions, when it occurred to me that she wasn't
having orgasms. "Idiot," I said to myself, then to her I said, "Your
training period is over, Carrie, and you've performed very, very well.
Until further notice, you may cum whenever you choose."

    I was behind her, fucking her ass, when I said that. I expected an
immediate, massive orgasm, but there was none. I asked her if she heard me,
and she turned around and smiled. "I'll wait until we're kissing and you
cum in my pussy, then I'll cum," she said. I pulled out of her ass and told
her to get on her back while I cleaned off my cock with a handkerchief.
When I was as clean as I could get without water, I carefully stretched out
on top of Carrie and pushed my dick into her. I eased farther down until
our lips met, then we kissed for a few seconds, until we came together.

    I stayed in Carrie until my cock went limp, then I rolled off and
hugged her. We lay face to face and kissed while I unzipped her breasts and
caressed them. In a few minutes her shudders had finally ceased, and I told
her we should get back home. I got up and helped Carrie to her feet. She
picked up her collar and asked me to put it back on her. I told her she
didn't have to wear it if she didn't wish to.

    "I want to wear it, Master," she told me. I asked her why, and she
said, "I told you before, Master, it helps me feel the way we both want me
to feel. It helps me stay aware that I'm under your control from second to
second, every time I move and feel the collar's restriction. It also helps
me to learn the posture I know you want me to have. That posture includes
always holding my head high, which reminds me of how proud I am to be your
Slave, and to be learning to behave the way you require. I'm just sorry I
can't kiss you the way you expect and deserve when I wear it."

    I fastened the collar around her neck, then bent my head at the right
angle to kiss her lips the way we both liked. "I can't expect you to do
everything, maybe it's time I helped out a little," I said. She laughed and
took my hand, and we started walking home. She grinned and asked me if I
wanted to race home. "Let's just pretend we ran home, and you got there
first," I said. Then, looking at her bobbing breasts, I added "I'm going to
save my energy for more enjoyable things."

    As we neared the house, I asked Carrie if she would like to have the
rules suspended until tomorrow morning. "Would it offend you or make you
angry if I said No, Master?" she asked.

    "Not at all," I said. "It's just that your performance and obedience
this morning were perfect, so I felt a reward was appropriate." She was
silent. I finally said, "Ok, I'm feeling guilty for putting you through
training, plus I'm still feeling guilty for caning you, and I was trying to
ease my conscience."

    Carrie laughed and put her arm around me. "I can't do anything for your
conscience, Master, but you have nothing to feel guilty about. I deserved
the caning, which was only one blow with the cane, and I'm sure you didn't
strike me as hard as you could have. As for the training, your decisions
concerning how and when I'm trained have served us well so far. I trust you
without reservation, to provide me with whatever training or correction I

    "I appreciate your generous offer to suspend the rules of my slavery
tonight, and I hope you will make the offer again at another time. But
today I want very much to be your obedient, submissive, docile slave.
Following your rules is a pleasure for me, not a burden, Master."

    "I know how hard it is for you to be submissive, Carrie," I told her.
"How can you say it's a pleasure? And wouldn't you like a break, a
breather, now and then?"

    "It is hard, but it is a pleasure, and I would like a break now and
then. But that doesn't mean a break is good for me or for my training,
Master. In my humble opinion, control is what your Slave needs now, not

    "Then it's settled," I said. By now we were in the house. I took Carrie
to the bedroom, put the pistol back in its hidden location, then stripped
her and had her strip me. We went through our familiar toilet ritual, then
showered. I dressed her in heels and her "reverse apron" house wear, and we
went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

    After we had decided what we wanted for lunch, and had split up the
required tasks, I told Carrie I had changed my mind, we would not go on a
hike this afternoon. We would go first thing tomorrow morning. This
afternoon, she would work out on the eliptical trainer, and then we would
go downstairs and I would read to her some more from "The Story of O." She
groaned, and I laughed and asked her what was the matter.

    "Master, why is it that when I read to you it's relaxing, but when you
read to me its an intensely sexual experience that leaves me physically
exhausted, emotionally drained, and unbelievably horny?"

    "So, you don't like the way I read?" I asked in mock surprise.

    She laughed, walked up to me, cupped my face between her palms, and
said, "Your reading consists of an inquisition, alternating with sexual
torment, followed by hot, intense sex. I absolutely adore the way you read
to me. Like I said before, when you read to a girl, she knows she's been
read to."

    Carrie plated our lunch while I opened a bottle of wine. I poured a
glass for each of us, and we carried everything to the dining room. I held
Carrie's chair while she pulled up her house wear and sat down, then pushed
her up to the table. As soon as I was seated, she put her hand on the table
between us. I took her hand in mine, looked into her eyes, and said, "My
beautiful Slave."

    "My beautiful Master," she said. Then she looked surprised, and gave me
a big smile. "Why Master, you're blushing," she said.

    "I'm not used to being called beautiful," I told her.

    "Well, that's my fault," she laughed. "From now on I promise to tell
you how beautiful you are at every opportunity." I told her to eat her
lunch, and she smiled and squeezed my hand. "I'm just kidding," she said,
"but you are beautiful, and I'm sorry I never told you that before." We
held hands until lunch was over.

    We cleared the dining room table and piled everything in the sink, then
I took Carrie back to the bedroom. I sat in my favourite chair and looked at
her, standing in the centre of the room. She looked back at me for awhile,
then said "What?"

    "What do you mean, 'What'?" I asked her.

    "What do you want me to do, Master?" she asked.

    "What do you want to do, Carrie?" I said.

    She looked a me a few seconds. "I'd like to sing to you," she said. I
said I would like nothing better than listen to her sing. After another few
seconds deciding what she wanted to sing, she began.

    As she began, I thought back to the first time I asked her to sing to
me. I had to coax her into it, she kept saying that she couldn't sing.
Since then, she had done it a few more times at my urging. But I never
dreamed she would actually ask to sing to me. The truth was that she wasn't
a good singer, but that didn't mean it was unpleasant to listen to her. I
liked it.

    I listened attentively to her voice. After each song, she smiled and
bowed, as I applauded and asked her for an encore. She had come so very
far, to be standing in front of me, naked except for high heels and a silly
apron covering her ass, singing her heart out without a trace of


  1. Carrie has me beat in at least one submissive category...not sure i could put Master through listening to me sing...even at His request....
    hugs abby

    1. The singing. It is so wonderful, isn't it Abby? After reading aloud in the favourite book, after dancing together, singing.

      Can you imagine something more vulnerable than to sing while your loved one is watching you?

      Try it sometime.
      You will love it both.


  2. Oh man, I think I need to read from the start!

    1. You have missed a few, Minelle? Don't worry. I have made a page with all the chapters:
      so you can read it at your own pace.

      It will be here for a while. I would love it if you read it.



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