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Training Carrie, chapter 51

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 51

 I held Carrie close to me and we kissed tenderly until she was calm.
Finally I asked her, "Would you like to play back the car scene now?"

    "If you don't mind, Master," she said, "I'm totally exhausted, not to
mention emotionally drained. Could we just take a quick shower and go to
bed? We can watch the movie tomorrow, when it's not so fresh in our
memories." I agreed, but said we should gather up the clothes and bondage
gear we had left in various rooms as the action unfolded.

    When we got to the bedroom, Carrie was carrying all of the clothes she
wore at the start of the play. She said, "This is now my favourite outfit,
it's going to get an honoured place in the closet." She took my hand, and
looked into my eyes. "I'll remember what you did for me tonight every time
I see these clothes. You're amazing, I love you." We shared a tender kiss,
then Carrie began hanging up her clothes.

    "Too bad the bra had to be ruined," I said, "maybe next time I can just
remove it without cutting the straps."

    "Oh, no," she said. "The finality of cutting the straps is important.
When you did that I understood that my life was changing forever, there
were no choices left to me. It was like reliving the experience of walking
into that dark training room at the organization. The difference this time
was a voice in the back of my head. It told me to let go, hold nothing
back, live the experience totally, because I was safe and protected by the
man I love." She hugged me tight and kissed me hard, then I saw that she
was crying again. I held her until she took my hand and led me to the

    When we got in bed, we lay on our sides, face to face. Carrie moved
closer until our bodies were in contact from chest to knees. I asked her if
she wanted to fuck. "If you wish, Master," she said, "But all I really
wanted was to get as close to you as possible."

    "You've had a long, demanding weekend, haven't you?" I asked.

    "It's been wonderful, Master. There was that one rough spot, but I
would gladly relive that any time you feel it's necessary. No, it was a
good weekend, made perfect by what you did for me tonight. It was a
wonderful, amazing wedding present. I'll never forget it, and I hope we can
do it again."

    "We'll do it again," I said. "I hope I can do it better the next time.
It's too bad we can't get at least one other person to assist us. I know it
takes away from the sense of realism when every character you encounter is

    "I really hope you can work a whipping scene into the next version,"
she said. After a pause, she added, "Not too severe, though, please."

    "Actually, I was trying to think of how we could keep the story going
longer, maybe you could live the first 24 hours at the Chateau. You know
that O was subjected to quite a bit of pain during her first 24 hours. How
would you feel about that?"

    Carrie gasped. "That's so hot!" she said. "It makes me horny all over
again thinking about that. Please do it, Master, no matter how much pain
you have to give me."

    "If you're horny," I said, "what do you want to do about it, fuck, or
just cum?"

    She kissed me tenderly on the lips. "You control me, tell me what to
do," she said.

    I reached down and slid my cock into her pussy. "Cum," I told her. We
looked into each others eyes as she came, then we kissed again and held
each other. My cock was still inside her when I drifted off to sleep.

    I woke up with Carrie kissing me. I could tell immediately that she was
very happy. "Good morning, Sleepyhead," she said. I asked her what time it
was, she answered that it was a few minutes past 6. I asked her why she was
so happy so early. "I've been lying her for 20 minutes, watching you. I
needed to ask you a question, so I decided to kiss you awake."

    I gave her a big yawn, causing her to giggle. "What's the question that
couldn't wait until 7:00," I asked her.

    "Well," she said, changing to a more serious tone, "I need to know
what's more than 'adore', but less than 'worship'?" I just looked at her,
then she laughed again. "Look," she said with a big grin. "I've always
loved you, even before I met you, because you're my one true love, whom I
was born to be with. But then, some days ago, love wasn't good enough
anymore, so I began adoring you. That felt better for awhile, but now
that's not good enough either. I tried worshipping you, but you won't let
me. So..." and she drew out the o's until she giggled again, "as my Master
and my controller, you have to give me a word to describe how I feel about
you that's more than 'adore' but less than 'worship'." As she finished, she
nodded her head quickly down and back up, as if saying "So there, I
explained it."

    "Have you been drinking while I slept?" I asked.

    She vigorously shook her head and said she really needed to know. She
added that it would be so much simpler if I would let her worship me, but
since I wouldn't, I had to give her a word. "It's a rule," she said with a
big grin.

    "It makes me feel good to see you 'up' like this," I said, "and I
really don't mind that you woke me up to have a little fun with me, but I
think you should go back to just loving me, as I love you. That's the
simplest solution to your problem."

    "Is that a command, Master?"

    "A Master controls how his Slave behaves, but not how the Slave thinks.
But here is my best advice to my Slave: If you love me, you will never have
reason to regret it. If you adore me or worship me, you are reacting to an
image of me that is only in your mind, it's not real, and someday we will
both regret it."

    She was serious now. "I know what you said is right. But how should I
react, when you constantly surprise and delight me with your humor, your
intelligence, your imagination, and your ability to fuck me half to death
many times a day. Last night you kept me in stark terror and exquisite
sexual frustration for several hours, yet knew with absolute certainty that
nothing would happen to me that I didn't want to happen. Everything about
you just keeps getting more awe inspiring. How should I react to that."

    I sat up in bed and took her by the shoulders. "Ok, I'll tell you how
to react to that. Tell yourself, 'Lucky me, I'm with someone who's good
enough for me. I deserve the best, and here he is. And to top it off, he
loves me as much as I love him.'"

    She just looked at me for several moments. Finally she smiled and said,
"Y'know, that actually makes sense. I'm going to work on that. I think
you're right, in the long run that attitude will work much better than
'adore' or 'worship'."

    She gave me a tender kiss, and said, "See, I knew you could solve the
problem. Now, since we're both awake, I need to be fucked all over."

    As I pushed her over onto her back and got in position to tongue her
pussy, I asked her how her ass felt. "That's what started me on this
'happy' kick," she said. "I woke up to find that my ass didn't ache any
more. It's still tender if I press on it, but not otherwise. You said it
would ache for days."

    Pulling my face out of her snatch, I said, "I thought it would, but I
couldn't be happier to be wrong." Then I gave her an evil grin. "Does that
mean we can resume frequent spankings, starting this morning?"

    "Gulp," she said. "Your Slave's answer is 'Whatever Master wishes'. I'm
praying right now that you also want to hear Carrie's answer."

    "I always want Carrie's answer if it differs from my Slave's answer."

    "Very well, Master, Carrie says we should wait a few days."

    "Carrie's right," I said, "now leave me alone while I eat breakfast. I
pushed my face back into her pussy and went to work on her clit."

    "Bon appetit, Master," she said. "If you feel you need a break, I could
use some breakfast myself."

    I stopped, crawled up beside her, and flopped over on my back. As I
wadded up a pillow and put it under my head, I said, "No reason we can't
both eat at the same time, hop on." Carrie giggled, then carefully
straddled my head with her legs. As she lowered her pussy to my mouth, she
engulfed my cock with her mouth.

    I didn't know Philip had come into the bedroom until Carrie released my
cock and said good morning to him. She told him we would be ready for
breakfast at 8:30. I thought it was time to pay Carrie back for
demonstrating her control over me with a blowjob, so I intensified my
efforts to get a moan out of her.

    I heard Philip say that we had received some parcels. He must have been
walking to the table to lay them down when I extracted and "Oh, God!" from
Carrie. I couldn't see Philip, her leg blocked my view, but I almost
laughed out loud imagining what his expression must be. He stammered a
second, and then said he had to be away for a few days on urgent business.
Carrie interrupted him, saying, "I'm coming, I'm coming. Sit down, Philip,
we'll talk in a minute. Oh, shit!" Philip said he would wait outside, and I
heard the door close a few seconds after Carrie and I began massive orgasm.

    When she was back in control and had cleaned me off, she said, "You
bastard," and bit me gently on the head of my cock. She crawled off of me,
and I began laughing, while I wiped her off of my face. "We're even now,
we've both grossed Philip out," I said, still laughing. She smiled, and
said, "Poor Philip."

    I let Carrie put on her bathrobe, and I wrapped a towel around myself,
and we went out to talk to Philip. We both apologized for being so rude,
and he said it wasn't a problem. Obviously uncomfortable, he said that he
didn't like watching Carrie have sex, but he was happy knowing that she had
found someone to have so much joyful sex with. I thought that was a really
cool and liberated thing for him to say. I smiled and put my arm around

    Carrie asked Philip when he had to leave, and he said right now. He
said he wouldn't be back until Wednesday or Thursday. I asked him if there
was anything we could do. He gave me a serious look, and told me to be
alert and be cautious. He said Beverly would be at their house, and she
could reach him in an emergency. I wanted to ask him if his trip was
personal or something to do with Carrie and the organization, but I decided
not to put him on the spot. If he didn't volunteer the information when he
returned, I would ask him then.

    When Philip was gone, Carrie turned to me. "We have the house to
ourselves for two or three more days, Master, may I strip?" I told her I
would like very much for her to strip, and so she did. We went to the
bathroom and performed our toilet ritual, then brushed one another's teeth.

    "Let's go to the kitchen, where I will make you an unhealthy breakfast,
then we'll think of how to spend our day," I said. She asked if she could
lead the way, and I nodded. She took me by the cock and pulled me to the
kitchen. After assembling the ingredients, I began cooking breakfast.
Carrie tried to kneel in front of me and blow me, but I shooed her away so
she wouldn't get any grease spatters on her from the frying bacon. I told
her to go sit on her spanking stool and wait. She grumbled as she went to
sit down. When she got to the stool, she asked permission to sit while
naked. I said that was a good point, she should kneel on the floor instead
of sitting.

    I asked Carrie how she liked eating dinner last night while fingers and
thumbs were probing her ass and pussy. She said she wanted to skip the
eating and just concentrate on the reaming she was getting, but Pierre
wouldn't let her. It added to her level of frustration that I made her eat
until she had cleaned her plate. "Perfect," I said. "You said I kept you in
'exquisite sexual frustration' for a few hours last night. How would you
like to be kept that way at times today?"

    She frowned, then said, "Anything you wish, Master."

    "Yes, anything I wish, you will do; but I'm asking your opinion. You
almost came last night, if I hadn't jerked you up by your collar, you
probably would have cum. You need more practice in dealing with sexual
frustration. I think it would improve your training. Do you agree, or

    She was silent for a long moment, then she looked up at me. "You're
right, Master, I was close to losing it last night. But you hadn't
commanded me not to cum, Pierre had. I was curious what would happen to me
if I disobeyed him. But when he jerked me up by the collar and threatened
me, it scared the shit out of me, I had no further desire to mess with
Pierre. If I had been commanded not to cum by my Master, that would have
been altogether different. There would have been no question of

    I walked over to Carrie and gently pulled her to her feet by her
nipples. "We're not acting out a story now, Carrie, we're living our lives.
You are not under any threat of beating or whipping. You will obey your
Master, not out of fear of punishment, but because you have sworn to obey
me in all things. Your Master requests that you not cum, and that you not
touch any part of your body with your hands, until you are given
permission. That means that if your nose itches, you will ask your master
to scratch it for you, you will not touch yourself in any way. Do you

    She lowered her eyes and said she understood. I put my hand under her
chin and raised her head, then told her to look at me and tell me she
understood. She looked into my eyes and said, "I understand what you
require of me Master. I will do my best to obey."

    "Your best has always been good enough, Carrie," I said, "I'm sure it
will be good enough today." Returning to the stove, I partitioned our
breakfast onto two plates. I took a moment to make sure Carrie's food was
broken into bite-sized pieces, then took the plates into the dining room. I
put my plate on the table, then put Carrie's plate on the floor to the left
of my chair. Returning to the kitchen, I poured a cup of coffee, then took
Carrie by the arm and led her to the dining room. I had her kneel beside my
chair, then I sat down. I offered her a sip from the coffee cup, then told
her to bend down and eat her breakfast. She bent over and lowered her face
to her plate, with her arms on the floor at her side. Her hands were right
beside her feet, palms up.

    As soon as Carrie bent over and took the first bite of her breakfast, I
penetrated her ass and pussy with the thumb and three fingers of my left
hand, and began burrowing into her. She immediately spread her legs wider
to allow me easy access. "I'm sorry, Master," she said with a mouth full of
food, "I should have anticipated that you'd want access to my cunt."

    "That's Ok, Carrie, you corrected yourself very well." With my right
hand, I picked up my fork and began eating breakfast. I had her making
noise, groaning and whimpering, within a few minutes. I watched her
carefully, and kept urging her to continue eating her breakfast. When she
had eaten about half of her food, I pulled out of her and told her to
straighten up. When she raised her head I saw that she was taking short,
shallow breaths. "Master, I can't take this all day, I'm already going out
of my mind," she said quietly.

    "You can stand 5 vibrators, but my fingers have you drooling in
minutes. Are you playing a game with me, Carrie?"

    "Oh, no, Master. I can't resist your touch precisely because it's YOUR
touch. When you touch me, my body screams that it wants to cum. Vibrators
are nothing in comparison." I didn't know how to respond to that, but I
decided she had just drastically shortened the amount of time I would keep
her frustrated today.

    I handed her the coffee and told her to take a sip. She drained the
cup, then handed it back to me. I reached across with my right hand and
began rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. "Oh, God," she
said. I asked her to kiss me, and when I bent down to her she pressed her
mouth to mine hungrily. I pulled away and told her I wanted a tender,
loving kiss. She gave it to me, but I could feel her body trembling through
her lips. I was worried that she was right, she wouldn't last an hour, let
alone all day.

    I reminded her of her pledge to obey, then told her to finish her
breakfast. As she bent down, I penetrated her again with my thumb and
fingers. Soon she was panting. After each bite of food, she would freeze
with her head an inch over the plate, panting. Several times she drooled
onto her plate. I had to tell her again and again to eat.

    Finally Carrie told me, in a faraway voice, that she didn't want any
more food. I told her to straighten up, then tweaked her nipple again for a
few moments. Then I handed her the cup and asked her to get us another cup
of coffee. She took the cup, but when she tried to stand she staggered and
dropped the cup. It didn't break, so I told her to put it on the counter,
then fill a clean cup with coffee and bring it to me. She picked up the
cup, then unsteadily walked into the kitchen. A moment later she returned,
carrying the cup of coffee with both hands. She stopped beside me, so I let
her stand there while I finished my breakfast, all the while rubbing her
labia between my fingers and thumb.

    Carrie was shaking so badly, I was afraid she would spill the coffee. I
took the cup from her and took a sip. I asked her if she wanted more, and
she shook her head.

    Still gripping her labia, I looked into her eyes and said, "I know
you're hurting, Carrie. I'll soon give you relief." She smiled. I told her
to clean up the mess I made fixing breakfast, then put this morning's and
last night's dishes in the dishwasher and start it. "Come to the bedroom for
your reward when you finish that task," I said, and she jumped up and down,
clapping her hands.

    When Carrie came running into the bedroom a few minutes later, I took
her by the arm and led her to the table on which Philip had piled her
packages. "Here's your reward," I said, "you get to open your packages."
She gave me a really pitiful, pleading look, and I laughed. That made her
angry, until I told her through my laughter that I was joking, her reward
was on the bed.

    "There's nothing on the bed," she said, still angry. I ran to the bed
and leaped onto it, landing on my back. She smiled a big smile, ran to the
bed, and dived onto it beside me. In a second she was on top of me and had
put my cock into her pussy. "You're mean to me, but I forgive you," she
said as she started vigorously pumping her hips up and down.

    I gave Carrie a good hour of fucking, but I only allowed her to cum
during the last 10 minutes. Then I pulled her out of bed and told her she
was not to cum again without permission, and that it was time to open our

    The first package contained her black latex leotard, the outfit I
thought would give her the best chance of making it up the picnic hill in
freezing weather. She wanted to try it on immediately. I said she would be
able to try everything on soon, but we should open everything first.

    The next box I opened contained her hightop black walking shoes.
Assuming they were comfortable, I intended for her to wear them on our
practice runs, instead of the uncomfortable pony boots she had been
wearing. She wasn't impressed, since they were neither fashion nor fetish

    In the last box were the sheer mesh body suits she had originally
wanted for her hill climb. They wouldn't protect her from the cold like the
latex one, but I was sure they would look a lot sexier. I had let her buy
two, a black one and a flesh coloured one. Looking at the flesh coloured one
as I held it up and draped it over her chest, I wanted to see her in it.

    I tossed her the body suit and said I would see her in it now. She
immediately began putting it on. To get into it, she stepped into the open
back and pulled its legs over her legs. Then, with my help, she eased it up
over her hips and put her arms into the sleeves. Finally I pulled it taut
at her back and closed the zipper that ran from the top of her ass to her

    I stepped back and looked at her, and got another boner. For a few
seconds I decided that she looked better than naked, then I changed my
mind. She always looked better naked than clothed, but this was pretty
damned close. The mesh accented every curve, bump, and depression on her
body. I was thinking that the black version would even more dramatically
enhance her contours. The only thing I didn't like was the flattening
effect on her breasts, but hers were large enough that they didn't really
go flat. They looked something like two very large pear halves on her

    I ran my hands over her contours, admiring the feel as much as the
sight of her body clad in the sheer mesh. As I was feeling her chest and
working my way down, she said, "Why did we have to try on new clothes while
you're teasing me like this? I've already soaked the crotch, I'm ruining it
before I even get to wear it." I rummaged through the packaging material
until I found a slip of paper marked Care Instructions. I showed her the
line that said Machine Washable, Delicate Setting. "Oh," she said.

    After playing with her breasts under the material for awhile, I
unzipped the zippers that ran horizontally across each breast, then
carefully pulled her breasts through the opening until they bobbed free
outside the body suit. I then turned my attention to her crotch, and she
immediately opened her legs farther to allow easier access. She was right,
she had soaked the crotch area as well as the insides of the thighs. I
found the pulltab on the crotch zipper, right above the top of her pussy,
and smoothly unzipped her until I reached the other end of the zipper, half
way up her ass. I told her it was a good thing the zipper didn't bind when
it was wet.

    I stood back and looked her up and down. "You know what would go great
with this?" I asked her.

    "My collar," she said. I sent her to get the collar, then wrapped it
around her neck and locked the snaps. The material of the body suit
extended several inches under the collar. It looked great. I felt my
erection stiffen even more.

    Kneeling in front of Carrie, I impaled her asshole and her pussy with
my fingers and thumb, and began probing, prodding, massaging, and burrowing
into her. She immediately began gasping and whimpering. "You're really
horny today, aren't you?" I asked her.

    "Yes, Master, I'm still turned on from what we did last night." I
burrowed deeper into her and began giving more attention to her clit. Her
juices were running down my arm, and her legs had begun trembling. I
suddenly stopped. pulled my hand away from her crotch and stood up. I sat
down in the chair, my erection pointing to the ceiling, and told Carrie to
walk around the room for awhile.

    After watching her for a few minutes, I said, "Carrie, please go to the
basement and return right away with your favourite flog. Bring the flog back
in your teeth." She ran for the mural room, and I called after her, telling
her not to run down the stairs.

    In a minute Carrie returned with the flog in her teeth, her wrists
crossed behind her back, and a pleading look in her eyes. She walked up to
me, and I pointed to the floor at my feet. She immediately knelt in the
Instructional Pose and lowered her eyes.

    "Did you return my keys to the table in the mural room?" I asked her.

    "Yeth, Mathter," she said.

    "Do you know why you've brought the flog upstairs?"

    "Yeth, Mathter, becauth you cad ank e."

    "That's right, Carrie, because I can't spank you. And you do need this,
don't you?" She nodded, her eyes still looking down.

    I reached out and took the flog gently from her teeth. "Thank you,
Master," she said.


  1. There are so many different parts of this chapter that I love. His solution when
    Carrie asks for something that describes more than adore, but less than worship....Her reply when He asks why His touch excites her more than 5 vibrators.....I was nodding my head at her answer....
    hugs abby

    1. Quote:
      A Master controls how his Slave behaves, but not how the Slave thinks. But here is my best advice to my Slave: If you love me, you will never have reason to regret it. If you adore me or worship me, you are reacting to an image of me that is only in your mind, it's not real, and someday we will both regret it."
      End of Quote.

      I love it that he refuses her worship. How many men would? How many man live on the ego boost of being worshipped by their submissive? I know a few.

      I love it,


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