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Training Carrie, chapter 50

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 50

We came back into the bedroom, and Carrie watched while I began picking
out her clothing. I asked her if she had a pleated skirt, and she didn't. I
asked her if she had any silk blouses, and she showed me three blouses. One
was just what I was looking for, it buttoned up the front but had a ribbon
tie at the throat. I had her show me all of the skirts that went with that
blouse, and I picked one that would come to just below her knees. I told
her to get a slip that she could wear under that skirt, and she picked one
and laid it on the bed with the blouse and skirt. I picked out a pair of
medium-high heels, but she complained that they didn't go with that outfit,
so I had her pick a pair she liked better. Finally, I led her to the guest
bedroom and had her select a pair of sexy panties and a bra. Carrie asked
if I wouldn't prefer one of her new open front bras, and I told her No, we
needed a conventional bra for tonight.

    Returning to our bedroom, I surveyed her clothes, then realized we were
missing stockings and a garter belt. By now she was dying of curiosity, but
she knew I wasn't going to tell her anything. With a frustrated sigh she
picked out a pair of stockings and a garter belt.

    We only needed two more things. "Do you have any gloves?" I asked her.
She wanted to know what kind of gloves I was talking about. "You know, not
rubber gloves, not work gloves. Oh, what are they called, fashion gloves,
dress gloves?"

    She laughed. "Fashion gloves, Master? Yes, I have a pair of fashion
gloves here somewhere." She rummaged around in a drawer and came out with a
long pair of white gloves.

    "Perfect," I said. "One last thing, I'm not sure if we want to go with
the garter belt, or just a pair of garters. Do you have any garters?"
Muttering under her breath, she rummaged through some more drawers, then
came up with two different kinds of garters. One pair were wide and lacy,
the kind brides throw at their weddings. The others were simple, flesh
colored elastic bands. I pretended to think about it, then said, No, we'll
go with the garter belt." She shrugged.

    "Maybe I could be more helpful if I knew what you were trying to
achieve," she said. I told her we had everything we needed, we could
proceed. She was starting to get frustrated. "Proceed with what?" she
wanted to know.

    "Sit at your dresser while I brush your hair." I told her. She sat and
I began working on her hair. We both enjoyed this, and I was always
impressed at what a calming effect this had on Carrie. She was soon smiling
at me in the mirror and humming quietly. When I finished with her hair, I
had her turn around so I could apply a light coating of lipstick. When I
finished, I stepped back and looked at her. I said, "You look fresh and
lovely, perfect for a springtime walk in the park." She just smiled and
shook her head, and said this was getting more strange all the time.

    I told her it was time to dress. I put on her bra and adjusted her tits
the way she had shown me. Then I started to put on her panties. "I always
wore my panties over the garter belt," she said. I thought for a minute
about how the scenario would play itself out, then told her tonight she
would wear the panties under the garter belt. "Are we really doing
something here, or are you just trying to make me crazy?" she asked. I just
smiled and told her she would find out soon.

    Carrie sat on the bed while I carefully put on her stockings. She stood
while I put on the garter belt, then showed me how to fasten it to the
stockings. Next I helped her into her blouse, buttoned it up, and tied the
ribbon in a bow at her throat. I helped her into her slip, and then her
skirt, then she held onto my shoulder as I knelt and put her shoes on.
Finally I put the white gloves on her hands, and pulled them up over the
sleeves of her blouse.

    I stood back and looked at her, and I couldn't help laughing. She asked
if I was making fun of her. "Absolutely not," I said, "I just can't wait
for your reaction when you finally figure this out. It's going to be so
cool. Trust me, you're going to enjoy it."

    I led Carrie to the floor mirror and had her look at herself. She
agreed that she looked nice. "Remind you of anyone?" I asked, grinning at
her. She shook her head. I led her to the bathroom, and told her she would
have to wait here for a few minutes. "When I come back for you, we'll go
for a walk in the park," I said. She shook her head again, and I closed the

    Fetching a short piece of rope and the video camera and tripod from the
basement, I put in a new tape in the camera, then set it up where I wanted
it in the living room. I adjusted the lights, checked the viewfinder to
make sure the camera covered what I wanted, then returned to the bedroom. I
dressed in a shirt, slacks, sport coat, and shoes. I grabbed a pair of the
plain elastic garters Carrie had shown me and stuffed them, the piece of
rope, and Carrie's blindfold into the coat pocket. Then I took a small pair
of scissors from the dresser and put them in my pocket also.

    Forcing myself to slow down, I tried to think if I had missed anything.
Of course! She needed a purse. I took a deep breath and went to see Carrie
in the bathroom. When I opened the door, she was standing exactly where she
had been when I closed the door. Her concentration and discipline on
occasions like this always astounded me. "Do you have a purse?" I asked
her. She told me where her purse was, and I told her I'd be right back.

    I walked up to her with a smile on my face, gave her a soft kiss on the
lips, and handed her the purse. I told her it was springtime, and we were
taking a walk in the park. I offered her my arm, and she put her arm in

    We started walking slowly through the bedroom, and I commented on how
gorgeous the flowers were this year, and how nice it was that everything
had turned green again after the long winter. She was looking at me like I
was crazy, but then she decided to play along. She pointed out a few birds
and asked me what kind they were. I said I wasn't sure, but gave her some
bird names as guesses. While this was going on, we made our way into the
living room. I led her around the far end of the couch.

    "This car belongs to my friend, Carrie." I told her. She gave me a
quick glance, thinking she must have misunderstood what I said or missed
something. I continued. "I've told him all about you. He's going to take us
for a drive in the country, won't that be nice?" I looked at her and waited
for her to respond.

    After a long pause, she said "Yes, it's a perfect day for a drive in
the country."

    I acted like I was opening the door to a car, then motioned for her to
get in, or in other words to sit down on the couch. I indicated exactly
where she was to sit, and I sat down close beside her. She hadn't even
noticed the camera until I reached out and switched it on. Introducing her
to the camera as if it were my friend, I said, "Carrie, this is my friend
Maurice. Maurice, this is Carrie, whom I've told you about." She was really
confused now, and I think a little scared that I might have flipped out,
but she continued to play along. "We'll just sit quietly and admire the
scenery while Maurice drives us out of the city," I said.

    I sat silently beside Carrie for about 5 minutes, letting the tension
build. I couldn't go very much farther into the scenario before she figured
out what we were doing, so I wanted to delay it for awhile. She sat
quietly, clutching her purse and looking straight ahead, waiting to see
what was going on.

    "Remove your gloves," I said. She took the gloves off and handed them
to me. Immediately I said, "Your purse is in the way, let me have it." She
handed me the purse. I could tell from her expression that this was
beginning to feel familiar to her, but she still didn't get it.

    "You have on too many clothes," I said, "unfasten your stockings and
roll them down until they're just above your knees." She started to look at
me, then quickly faced straight ahead again. "Oh, my God," she said very
softly. A faint smile came to her lips, immediately replaced by a look of
mild apprehension. She reached under her skirt and began unfastening her
garter belt. While she was doing that, she glanced at the camera as if it
was the driver of the car, who could turn around and look at what she was
doing at any moment. When her stockings were free of the garter belt, she
began rolling them down her legs. I pulled the garters out of my pocket and
handed them to her, saying, "Use these to hold your stockings up, just
above your knees." Her eyes met mine briefly, she had a look of utter
amazement on her face. She took the garters from me and began slipping them
over her shoes and rolling them up her legs. Her breathing was faster, and
I saw the beginnings of fear in her eyes. I knew she understood what was
happening now, and she was getting into her role, the chance of a lifetime,
to live "The Story of O."

    After she had arranged her stockings as I commanded, I let her sit
silently for a minute. Her hands were resting on the couch beside her legs,
palms up. Finally I said, "Unfasten your garter belt, then remove your
panties." She jumped at the first sound of my voice, then began fumbling
under her skirt to unfasten her garter belt. Pulling it out from under her
skirt, she handed it to me and I put it on the couch with her purse, out of
her reach. I knew the next step was going to be hard on her sore ass, but I
didn't want to skip it. She raised her ass by leaning against the couch
back, then slid her panties down her legs, all the time fearfully glancing
at the camera. She was fully immersed in this little scene now, I hoped I
could keep it real for her.

    She meekly handed me her panties. I opened her purse, put the garter
belt and panties inside, then set the purse down out of her reach again. "I
want you sitting directly on the car seat, pull your skirt and slip up
behind you." She immediately did as she was told, trembling and looking
directly at the camera the whole time, as if it was the back of the head of
the car's driver. She seemed relieved when she had complied with my command
without being discovered. She was taking short, shallow breaths now, and I
would have bet money that her heart was racing, too.

    I returned her gloves and told her to put them on. Her hands were
shaking as she put them on and pulled them up over the sleeves of her

    Again I paused the scenario for a few minutes, to let the tension
build. Carrie was almost panting now, her eyes darting around like she was
trying to decide if she should try to get away. Finally I said, "We're
here, this is the Chateau."

    In a whisper, Carrie said, "No, please, I'm not ready."

    "Don't move," I told her. I swivelled around on the couch so I could
reach her with both hands. She leaned forward slightly, as if she was
offering her breasts for my touch. Ignoring her offer, I untied the bow at
the neck of her blouse, unbuttoned it down to her skirt, and opened it to
expose her breasts in the bra. Again she was rapidly glancing at the camera
as if she feared discovery. Removing the scissors from my pocket, I snipped
her bra straps, then released the front closure of the bra and pulled it
out from under her blouse.

    She was panting, her eyes darting back and forth from me, to her
breasts, to the camera. Her hands quickly came a few inches off of the
couch, as if she was instinctively going to cover her bare breasts, but
then they returned to their position, palms up. Without touching her
breasts, I re-buttoned her blouse and retied the ribbon at her throat. She
was now sitting perfectly still, but I could see that she was trembling. I
looked at her face and saw that her eyes were downcast, and that she was
actually blushing. The last time I remembered seeing her blush was when I
shaved her pussy, the first day we met.

    I said, "Now your breasts are free beneath your blouse, as is your body
from your waist to your knees. Please lean forward and put your hands
behind your back."

    As she complied, she moaned and whispered, "Oh, God, I'm so afraid."
She looked at me pleadingly, and said "Don't leave me, please stay with

    As I tied her wrists together with the rope, I said, "You're merely the
girl I'm furnishing, I was entrusted with the task of getting you ready.
I'll be there later." I took the blindfold out of my pocket and covered her

    "Listen to me," I told her. "When I help you out of the car, someone
will come and take you into the Chateau. Go with them and do what they tell
you. If you refuse, you will be forced to obey. Do you understand?"

    "Yes," she answered in a weak, quivering voice, then as an
afterthought, "My purse?"

    "No, you have no further use for your purse."

    I stood, then helped Carrie to her feet. I led her to the end of the
couch by her arm. When I let go of her she whimpered, and again said, "I
love you, don't abandon me." I was in total awe of her performance.

    "Let's go, Maurice," I said, "they'll come and take her inside in a
minute." I went to the camera and removed it from the tripod, then
continued filming as I walked over to Carrie and made a complete circle
around her. She was visibly shaking, and I'm pretty sure she was crying.
The thought crossed my mind that she might have totally misunderstood what
was going on and was genuinely terrified, but then I rejected that idea.
She couldn't have missed all of the references to the events at the
beginning of "The Story of O," she had to understand that this was a play
and we were characters. I decided that she was simply a great actress.

    I took her by the arm, and said in a gruff voice, "Come with me."
Walking backwards and filming Carrie as we walked, I led her to the guest
bedroom. I turned her facing away from the door, then put down the camera
long enough to untie her wrists and put the rope back in my pocket. "Don't
move from this position," I told her. "When you hear the door close, you
may remove the blindfold. Someone will come for you when we're ready. Do
you understand?" She nodded, and I picked up the camera and filmed her as I
backed out of the room, turned off the lights, and closed the door. I felt
better about her now. This was her relief valve, if she really was fearful
she could simply leave the room.

    Back in our bedroom, I checked the time. I was going to leave her as
she was for 15 minutes, then bring her here for her bath, makeup, and
perfuming. We didn't have any women slaves to help her with her toilet, so
I would have to play all of the roles. I stripped and put on one of the
leather "master" outfits she had provided for me, but which I had never
worn until now. Then I went to the bathroom and began running the water for
her bath. While the tub was filling, I went to the basement and returned
with a crop, which I stuck in the front of my belt. When the tub was
filled, I checked the clock. It was time for act 2, so I unsnapped the
crotch covering of my pants and went to the guest bedroom.

    When I opened the door and turned on the lights, she was standing in
the same place I left her, no surprise there. While I was still behind her,
I told her I was her valet, Pierre, and that I had been tasked to prepare
her for her presentation later this evening. I told her that she was to
remain silent, her head must always be erect and point straight ahead, her
eyes must be downcast at all times, and that whenever a cock was in her
view she was to lock her eyes on it and follow it as long as it was
visible. I then walked around in front of her. She immediately locked her
eyes on my cock, but she also saw the crop, which made her tremble.

    "Obey, and you will only have to look at the crop. Disobey, and you
will feel it" I told her. I began slowly undressing her. She stood still
unless commanded otherwise. As I removed her blouse, I commented on her
dark nipples and areolae, then suddenly grabbed a nipple and gave it a mild
twist. She gasped and began shaking. "You're right to fear me," I told her.
"I have complete control over you, and no responsibility for you. I can
beat you, whip you, or fuck you as often and as hard as I wish. I put my
face right up to hers, and added, "Don't ever give me a reason to punish
you. Do you understand?" She rapidly nodded her head and began breathing in
short gasps. I finished undressing her, giving her clit a twist as I had
her nipple. When she was naked I took her by the arm and pulled her through
our bedroom to the toilet.

    I put the seat up on the toilet, then told her to squat and do her
business while I watched. She squatted and relieved herself. When she was
finished, I wiped her with toilet paper, then led her over to the tub. I
had her clasp her hands behind her head, then helped her into the water and
had her lie down until she was immersed up to her chin. I sat on the edge
of the tub and spent a few minutes caressing various parts of her body with
my hands and the crop. I told her that her breasts and ass were made for
the crop, and she would undoubtedly be whipped many times a day during her
stay at the Chateau.

    After letting her soak for a few minutes, I began to bathe her, trying
to make my contact with her body as lascivious as possible. As I washed her
hair and rinsed it using the handheld spray nozzle, I told her she had to
look her best when presented to her new Masters tonight, so they would be
especially cruel to her and fuck her many times.

    After removing Carrie from the tub and towelling her off, I led her to
the bedroom. I positioned her spanking chair in the middle of the room, and
saw the fear grow in her eyes. I told her to sit down on the edge of the
chair, spread her legs wide, and lean back until her head hung over the
chair back. When I had her positioned as I wished, I told her not to move,
then proceeded to blow dry and brush her hair. Then I applied way too much
make-up to her face, reddened her areolae with rouge, and applied a bright
red lipstick to her lips and inner labia. Finally I sprayed her underarms,
her pussy, and her breasts with perfume, and told her again not to move
until she was given permission.

    I made her sit in the chair for about five minutes while I played with
her nipples and clit. Then I had her stand up and bend over the chair while
I fucked her ass. While I was fucking her I bent over her back and
whispered threateningly to her, "Don't you even think about coming until
you are being fucked by your Masters." I could feel her body trembling.

    After coming in her ass, I got her wrist manacles and collar from the
mural room, put them on her, and attached her wrists together behind her
back. Then I blindfolded her, led her back to the guest bedroom, and sat
her on the edge of a chair. I positioned her with her torso erect and her
legs spread wide, told her someone would come to feed her soon, and closed
the door as I left.

    While I was fixing dinner, I tried to think what I could use as a cape.
When O was presented to her Masters for the first time, she was wearing a
cape, which she couldn't keep closed as she walked because her hands were
fastened behind her back. I was pretty sure Carrie didn't have a cape, and
I didn't know what to use in it's place. Finally I gave up and decided she
would be presented naked.

    I had prepared a stir fry for dinner. When it was ready, I split it
into two halves, and then gulped down half of my half. I took Carrie's
portion to her, put the plate on the floor in front of her, then pulled her
down onto her knees. I bent her head over until she could smell the food,
then said "Eat." While she was eating her dinner off the floor, blindfolded
and with her hands still fastened behind her back, I sat in the chair and
stimulated her ass and pussy, penetrating both with my thumb and fingers. I
could feel her constant trembling, and it amazed me that she could so
immerse herself in this situation.

    I decided to get her as hot and horny as I could. I began working on
her clit with one hand while penetrating her ass with the other hand. As I
worked her over, she began having trouble eating. I told her to hurry up
and finish her dinner, and she took another bite of food. Soon I sensed she
was on the verge of coming, so I grabbed her by her collar and jerked her
to an upright position, sitting back on her heels. "If you cum," I hissed
menacingly in her ear, "I will whip you with the crop, from your shoulders
to your knees, front and back. That will take a long time, and you will be
late for your presentation. Your new Masters will be displeased, and then
they will whip you even more than they already plan to." She was shaking,
and she began to cry. I pushed her head back down to her plate and told her
to finish her dinner. As she bent over to comply, still sobbing, I began
working on her clit and asshole again.

    Carrie finally finished her dinner, so I pulled her up and sat her on
the edge of the chair again. She was still sobbing softly. I knelt in front
of her and continued working over her pussy and clit. She was shaking and
panting, and her juices were dripping onto the floor. It was hard to read
her face under the blindfold, but she seemed to be consumed by lust and
terror. I knew the lust was real, I only hoped the terror was pretend. I
stopped suddenly and stood up, then told her to stay as she was, I would
return when it was time for her presentation. I picked up the plate and
left the room, closing the door behind me.

    I scarfed down the cold second half of my dinner, then hurried to set
everything up for the final act of our play. I went to the basement and
grabbed two dildo vibrators. Taking them to the living room, I put them on
the table and then started a fire in the fireplace. Philip routinely and
expertly loaded the fireplace with a perfect mix of starter material and
split wood, so the fire always took hold and started with a single match.

    I couldn't decide whether or not to film this final act. Visually, it
wasn't going to be nearly interesting as the car scene. All I planned to do
was terrorize her some more and then thoroughly fuck her. I wasn't sure
how, or if, I could create the same effect in her mind as if half a dozen
men were using her. But even if I could pull that off, it would still be
boring visually, or just plain silly. Finally I decided to skip the camera.

    The last special effect I needed was a glass of ice water, which I
fetched from the kitchen and put on the table by the vibrators. The fire
was roaring, the only thing missing was the victim.

    Carrie jumped as I opened the door to the guest bedroom. "There are
half a dozen Masters who are eager to sink their cocks into some new slave
flesh," I said. "Time for you to find out what you were born for." I took
her by the arm and pulled her to her feet. she was shaking badly, and her
legs almost collapsed when she first tried to stand. I held on to both of
her arms until I knew she was stable, then I slowly led her toward the
living room.

    When we got close enough to the fireplace to hear the fire crackling, I
stopped her. "Gentlemen," I said loudly, "may I present your newest
acquisition, and your entertainment for tonight." I let go of her arm and
quickly circled around the couch to approach her from the front. "Well,
let's have a closer look at you," I said. I took hold of her nipple and led
her to the fireplace. I turned her with her back to the fire and let go of
the nipple. She was panting, breathing so fast I was afraid she would
hyperventilate. "Fear becomes you," I said as I caressed her breasts.

    I left her standing in front of the fireplace, picked up the glass of
ice water, and began slowly walking back and forth in front of her. Soon
she began turning her head to follow the sound of the tinkling ice. I told
her that punishment would be swift and severe if she broke any rules, and
she had been told to keep her head pointing straight ahead. She snapped her
head into the straight-ahead position. I continued pacing back and forth,
and began commenting on various features of her body. It was hard to find
anything to criticise, but I pointed out a few trivial negatives along with
many positives.

    I knew better than to try using multiple voices, that would have ruined
the effect. So I just pretended that a discussion was taking place, with
Carrie as the subject. The discussion was about how "we" would use her, and
what would be done to her. I kept walking around in front of her as I
spoke, hoping to create the suggestion that several people were talking.

    "We should whip her thoroughly before we do anything else."

    "Yes, I want to see how she responds to the whip."

    "Breasts like those should be whipped often and thoroughly." In spite
of her rapid breathing, I could tell that she gasped when she heard that.

    "Turn her around first, I want to see her backside." At this point I
turned her around facing the fire.

    "Look, she's already seen recent use. That's a nice welt, perfectly
placed for maximum discomfort." I traced the mark on her ass with my
finger, getting her to squirm.

    "Bend her over, let's look at her holes." I bent her over at the waist.

    I pushed two fingers into her ass, and felt her body shuddering
continuously. "She needs to be opened a little more, not too much though. A
few weeks with the tapered dildoes should be sufficient."

    I took hold of one of her rings and tugged. "Look, she's already
pierced. But the rings are so small. She'll need heavier rings, perhaps she
should be pierced again, farther back on the labia."

    "What about her clit, a ring through her clit would be most

    "Enough talk. There'll be plenty of time to decide how to modify her,
she's not going anywhere. Before we whip her, I want to fuck her."

    I kicked the footstool in front of her and roughly pushed her down onto
it, her knees on the floor. Kneeling behind her, I plunged my cock into her
pussy and began fucking her hard. She immediately came, releasing the
tension of the last few hours in an enormous orgasm. I continued fucking
her, and as her first orgasm was subsiding she had another, almost as
strong as the first. She came five more times, then finally we came

    I pulled out of her, grabbed one of the vibrators, said, "I want to try
out her ass," then shoved the vibrator into her asshole and turned it on.
She began shuddering.

    I moved around to her head and knelt in front of her. She was gasping,
and saliva was dribbling out of her mouth. Grabbing her by the hair, I
pulled her head up and shoved my cock into her mouth. "We can use her from
both ends at once," I said, as I began fucking her mouth. She immediately
swallowed my cock, then kept repeating the swallowing action, producing a
rhythmic squeezing effect. She knew that was the fastest way to get me off,
I couldn't resist it. In less than a minute I came hard. When I pulled out
of her throat she began gasping again. Her drool was running out of her
mouth, mixed with the last of my cum. I could tell she was close to
collapse, so I slowly fucked her mouth until I felt her cum again from the
vibrator up her ass.

    "The end," I thought to myself, as I turned off the vibrator and slid
it out of her ass. I gently rolled her off of the footstool onto the floor.
She lay still on her back, still panting and shuddering. I sat on the
stool, reached down and began gently caressing her body, from her breasts
to her belly. When she had calmed down and her breathing had nearly
returned to normal, I took one of her breasts in one hand, and removed her
blindfold with the other. She blinked several times, then looked up at me
and began crying.

    I asked her if she was Ok, and she gave me a "what an idiot" look
through her tears. "Is it over?" she asked in a trembling, blubbering
voice. I nodded. "Please hold me," she said. I dropped down onto the floor
and took her in my arms. Then the dam really burst, and she began sobbing
and gasping for breath. I managed to release her wrists while holding her
with one arm. She pushed herself up until she could wrap her arms around my
neck. She buried her face in my chest and cried hard for ten minutes.

    When Carrie's crying had tapered off to quiet sobbing, I asked her if I
had gone too far. She looked up at me and tried to smile. "No, Dummy, it
was perfect," she blubbered.

    I told her I was astonished at how deeply she got into the role. "You
made it real for me, I was truly terrified," she said. "I knew we were in
our house, not in a French chateau, but at the same time I could vividly
imagine that it was all really happening to me. I surrendered to the
experience, and became that woman. It was awesome."

    I continued holding her until she seemed back to normal. Suddenly she
looked up at me. "When my ass has healed, I want to do it again, only with
a whipping scene."

    "I was thinking the same thing," I said.


  1. I like this chapter. A cute chapter.

    Thank you, Han.

    Mona Lisa

  2. When Master and i were just beginning we did a lot of role plays, they were fun and helped us to get to know each other. We still do occasionally, but have never done one from a book we have both read...I have a new idea to discuss with Master!
    hugs abby

    1. This is one thing that Wanita likes, but I suck at it. Not much for roleplay, it always seem like bad acting. And it is bad acting LOL.

      I like it that you get new idea's from the story like we once did, long time ago.



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