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Training Carrie, chapter 49

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 49

I asked Carrie if she needed a bathroom break. She didn't,
but I did. After stripping, I sat down on the toilet. She knelt
at my feet, took both of my hands in hers, and looked up at me,
smiling. When I was done she rose and continued holding my hands
as I moved to the bidet. As I squatted, she looked down at me and
smiled, then she let go of my hands to take a towel and dry me

    We moved to the bedroom, and I dressed Carrie again in her
sheer gown and heels. I stood back to admire her in the floor
length halter top gown. She was beautiful in that dress, but the
posture collar added such an erotic effect that I was immediately
aroused. She smiled as my cock rose to point at her. "Don't point
that at me unless you intend to use it, Partner," she said, in a
bad imitation of a western movie cowboy.

    "Later," I told her. I looked at the clock, and it was 2:30.
I was surprised, it seemed like we had been downstairs longer
than that. I told Carrie to go to the kitchen and prepare us a
salad and open a bottle of wine. I dressed and then went to join

    As I entered the kitchen behind Carrie, I could clearly see
the thick red stripe across the centre of her ass. I almost asked
her about her pain, but decided not to bring it up. I pressed my
body against her, wrapped my arms around her waist, and kissed
her on her back, just below the collar. She moved one hand up and
put her palm against the side of my face. I was pressed lightly
against her ass, and I was sure it hurt, but she gave no signs of

    When I released Carrie, she turned, kissed me on the lips,
then handed me my glass of wine. I held up my glass and said, "To
us and our future family."

    "Oh God," she said, "you make me weak in my knees. You've
overwhelmed me in many ways today, I'm having a hard time dealing
with all of it."

    I said, "Hey, I'm talking about events in our future, several
years from now, not tomorrow or next week. We'll start talking
about it while we eat, and we won't stop talking about it until
everything is resolved and all questions are answered. If this
isn't what you want, then we don't ..."

    Before I could finish, she quickly put her palm over my
mouth. "Don't ever say that," she said, "it's exactly what I
want, It's just more than I had any right to hope for. It's

    I held up my glass and waited. Carrie picked up her glass,
clinked it against mine, and said, "To us and our future family."
We both sipped our wine while looking into each others eyes.

    I helped Carrie set the table, then held her chair. She
gathered her gown up in the back, then sat down hard on the
chair, her eyes locked on mine and a smile on her lips. She was
determined to show me her obedience, she completely hid the fact
that she was in a lot of pain. I pushed in her chair, kissed her
on the lips, then untied and released her halter top. "I need an
unobstructed view while we eat," I said, then kissed both of her
nipples before taking my seat.

    She began eating, still a little awkward in her collar, but
now able to maintain an upright posture. She started with a fork
in her right hand and her left hand resting, palm up, on her
thigh. But within a minute or two her left hand had moved to the
table between us, still palm up. This had happened many times,
and I had become almost as adept at eating left handed as right.
I switched my fork to my left hand, and put my right hand on
hers. Not wasting any time, Carrie asked, "How will we do it?"

    "That's what we need to decide together," I said. "I think it
will take us at least a year, possibly two, to work through the
role playing phase of our life together." She asked me what I
meant. "Right now we are acting our roles for each other. We need
to get to a point where we are living our lives together, when
each of us knows what we are with respect to our partner, and
each of us has our needs met by our partner, with no more need
for bondage and punishment and role playing. I can't explain it
any better than that right now. But I know that we must be living
a more conventional lifestyle before we consider bringing a child
into the world."

    "I see where you're going with that," Carrie said, "and I
agree, although I can't see how we'll get from here to there.
I'll trust you to steer our course. But I meant, how will I get

    I laughed. "Well, I'll put my penis in your vagina and
ejaculate..." Carrie gave me a frown, so I got serious. "Look, I
don't know how you'll do it, maybe you can't do it. But how many
women do you think can cum on a moment's notice when they are
told to, or synchronize their orgasms with their partner's? And
how many women do you think can achieve conscious control over
the opening of their cervix in two tries? I don't know how you do
it, but when we agree the time is right, if it's at all possible,
you will conceive my child." I held up a finger in warning, and
added, "But one thing you must not do, is try to conceive before
we agree the time is right. Do we agree on that?"

    "Oh, yes Master. That's the one thing about all of this I
totally understand. We're definitely not ready for a child, and
we won't be ready for years, if ever."

    "I disagree with your 'if ever', Carrie. But other than that,
I think we understand and agree on our long term goals. How we
achieve them will be a big challenge and a source of many more
discussions. As I said, we have all the time we need."

    We had finished our late lunch. I got up and moved behind
Carrie's chair. I pulled up her halter and reattached it behind
her neck, then pulled out her chair. She walked up to me, pressed
her body to mine, and put her arms around my neck. "Ever since
you came back to me, I've been living for the moment, afraid to
think about the future. Now you've given me ... No, you've given
both of us a long term goal. Thank you." She kissed me tenderly,
doing her best to position her lips the way I like, in spite of
the limited movement allowed by her collar.

    We cleaned up our lunch, then I led Carrie by the hand to our
bedroom. "Don't worry, I'm not going to spank you," I told her as
I arranged her spanking chair in front of the mirror. This time I
arranged it so she would be facing away from the mirror, then I
had her bend over the chair back and grasp the seat with her
hands. I pulled her gown up until her ass was exposed, then
retrieved the hand mirror from her dresser. "I just wanted you to
see this the way it looks to me, then we won't talk of it again."

    I handed her the mirror, and she positioned it so she could
see her ass reflected off both mirrors. Her jaw dropped. The
welts were now a dark red, with slight yellow and purple tinging
at the edges. Over the next few days the red would fade and be
replaced by very ugly bruising, which would eventually cover a
much wider area than the thin band of the welts. "Master, you
have to let me cover my ass while it looks like this," she said.
"You shouldn't have to look at me like this, I'm ugly, you'll
hate me for looking like this."

    I took the mirror from her and then pulled her into my arms.
I took her collar off, pushed her head down onto my shoulder, and
held her tight. She locked her arms around my waist and squeezed
me. "You're not ugly, Carrie, and I could never hate you," I told
her. "I need to see you like this, and you need to know I'm
seeing you like this, so we won't let this happen again. It
breaks my heart to see your ravaged ass, and know I did that to
you. Please don't ever make me do that again."

    She looked up at me with tears in her eyes. "I promise,
Master, I'll be the best, most obedient, most submissive Slave I
can possibly be. I hope that will be good enough to satisfy my
Master's requirements." I told her it would be, then we shared a
long, tender kiss.

    When we broke from our kiss I said we wouldn't talk of that
subject any more, we needed to get on with our lives. I asked
Carrie what she would like to do for the rest of the afternoon:
go for a walk, get in bed together, or she could read to me some
more. She said she would like to read to me, and then go to bed
with me.

    We stopped in the kitchen to get the bottle of wine we opened
at lunch, then continued to the living room. I poured a glass of
wine for us to share while Carrie got "Treasure Island" from the
bookshelf. When she returned to the couch, I told her she could
kneel if she wanted to. She gave me a big smile, and said, "No,
Master, I'd rather sit beside you. I remember your hand on my
thigh while I read to you before. I liked that very much." I told
her Ok, thinking this was really going to be painful for her.

    I held the book while Carrie bunched up her gown in the back
and sat on the couch. Like at lunch, she looked into my eyes and
smiled as she sat, giving no hint of the pain she must have felt.
I sat beside her, our bodies in contact. She looked down at my
hands as I pulled up and arranged her gown so that her legs were
bared to the tops of her thighs. I offered her a sip of wine,
which she took, then handed her the book. I leaned my head on the
back of the couch and on her shoulder, and laid my hand on her
leg, with my fingers resting lightly on her inner thigh. She
sighed, then opened the book and began reading from where she
left off.

    Starting with Carrie's request to be taken outside last night
(how could that have been less than 24 hours ago, so much has
happened) there had been a lot of tension in our relationship, to
say the least. Granted, Carrie bore the brunt of it, the
physically painful part. But I had felt a lot of stress, too. To
be sitting here now, listening to the woman I loved read a
children's book to me with the voice of an angel, was such a
relief. I thought back to the first time she had read to me, when
an hour flew by like mere minutes. It was the most relaxing
experience of my life, and she was repeating that experience for
me now. I never wanted it to end.

    I hadn't moved a muscle since Carrie began reading, yet I was
intensely focused on her voice. Every word she read seemed to burn
itself into my brain. It could have been the phone book rather
than "Treasure Island", it would have had the same effect. Then,
gradually, an idea crept into my mind that Carrie's voice was
getting hoarse, and she had cleared her throat or coughed several
times. I picked up the wine glass and offered it to her. She
smiled at me, thanked me, and took the glass. After taking a big
sip, she handed the glass back to me, and I drained it. "How am I
doing?" she asked.

    "I'm in heaven, I would marry you just for your reading
skills, and yet there's so much more."

    She laughed softly, then looked down at my hand on her thigh.
"You could move your hand a little higher," she said. I slid my
hand up until I was in contact with her vulva. She sighed, then
said, "You could take hold of something." I gently took one of
her outer labia between my thumb and fingers and began massaging
and rubbing it and playing with her rings. She sighed again, then
closed her eyes and leaned her head back on the couch. "My owner
has reclaimed his property," she said.

    I let go of her and reached around to undo her halter top.
She leaned forward while I pulled her gown up and over her head.
When she was sitting naked, I spun around on the couch and lay
down facing her, with my head in her lap. "Your owner never gave
up his property, it's mine for life," I said, looking up at her.
She looked down at me and ran her fingers through my hair. I
said, "That's enough reading for tonight," and moved my head
forward until I could reach her pussy with my lips. She spread
her legs a little more, and I began kissing her and nibbling on
her labia and clit. I reached up and began caressing her breasts
and rubbing her nipples. To reciprocate, Carrie extended her hand
to my crotch, and began rubbing my cock through my pants.

    We continued giving each other pleasure for many long
minutes, then finally Carrie said it was time to move to the
bedroom. I said that was a good idea, but I wanted her to cum for
me first, then I bit down softly on her clit. She came hard, the
fluid gushing out of her pussy and covering the lower part of my
face. I let go of her long enough to say, "Lucky this is a
leather couch, you just let loose a minor flood down here."

    She looked down and smiled. "Looks like not all of it is on
the couch," she said, "I'll get a towel and clean you up."

    "No," I said, "you stay right where you are." I ran to the
laundry room, which was closer than our bathroom, and returned
with a towel. I had already cleaned my face off, so I gently
pushed the towel between Carrie's legs. "Stand up, and I'll wipe
off the couch," I said.

    Carrie had forgotten how tender her ass was, and she cringed
as her skin stuck to the leather couch. She looked horrified that
she had broken my command to hide her suffering, and hung her
head to await her punishment. I took her chin between my
forefinger and thumb, and lifted her head. Her eyes met mine, and
I smiled and told her I loved her. With considerable relief in
her eyes, she said she loved me too, and this wouldn't happen
again. I kissed her, then wiped up her cum from the couch.

    With the towel and her gown in one hand, I put my other arm
around Carrie and we walked to the bedroom. After throwing the
towel in the bathroom hamper, I returned to Carrie and asked her
if she needed to use the toilet. She shook her head, so I
stripped, jumped onto the bed on my back, and held up my hands to
her. She crawled onto the bed, straddled me, and guided my cock
into her pussy. Then she stretched out on top of me and slid down
to maximize the contact between my cock and her clit. I asked if
her nipples were too tender, and she smiled and shook her head.
"They ache for your touch," she said, as she raised her chest up
so I could get a grip on her nipples.

    I wasn't watching the clock, but I'm sure we fucked slowly
for half an hour. Finally I told Carrie I was about to cum. "I
know," she said. "Don't worry, I'll be there with you." We came
together, then smiled at each other. When her shuddering had
subsided, I asked her to move up so we could kiss. She eased up
to me and softly touched her lips to mine. We kissed tenderly,
then she moved her head back until our lips separated, and said
"I don't know what to say to you, to express how much I love you
and how much it means to be with you."

    "Even after what I did to you today?" I asked her seriously.
I was still feeling guilty.

    She reached a hand up and touched her fingers to my lips.
"Yes, even after that," she said. "And if you do it again, once
or a thousand times, I'll still feel the same. So you do what you
have to do to control your Slave. Never worry that it will change
how much I adore you."

    "I never want to do it again," I said. "It hurts too much."

    "I know it hurt you terribly," Carrie said. She gave me a wry
grin, and added "just not in the same way." Then she got serious
again. "For that reason, because I don't want cause you that much
emotional pain again, I will try my best to overcome my inner
assertive self. But if I slip again, you have to be strong for
both of us. I will become the perfect Slave you want and deserve,
but I might need your help again to reach our goal."

    I kissed her again, and said, "I'll help you as much as you
need, but I hope and pray you don't need any more help like I
gave you today."

    We cuddled for awhile, then Carrie asked me to butt fuck her.
I said I would rather wait a few days before we did that again.
"I thought we weren't going to do that, accommodate my pain,"
Carrie said. She slid off of me and got to her hands and knees
beside me. "I'm ready, are you?" she asked me with a smile.

    "No, I'm not ready," I said, "I've hurt you enough today."

    She put a hand over my heart. "But you haven't fucked me
enough today. I want it in the ass right now. Please, Master, we
need to get on with our lives."

    "Unfair, using my own words against me," I said. Carrie
sighed as I positioned myself behind her and pushed my cock
slowly into her ass. I tried not to look at her ravaged ass, but
I couldn't  help it. I began fucking her slowly, trying not to
contact her ass. But she wasn't going to put up with that.

    "Faster, harder," she said. "I want to feel like I've been
well-pounded when we're done here."

    "What the hell," I thought, "she wants it, I'll give it to
her." I began fucking her hard. I tried to be alert for signs
that I was hurting her more than she could stand, but all I heard
from her was sighs and brief words of encouragement. In about 15
minutes, Carrie came without warning, and so did I. I made sure I
wasn't contacting her ass any more, and slowed my strokes until I
grew limp. I pulled out of her and flopped on the bed beside her.

    She collapsed beside me. "That was wonderful, thank you,
Master," she said. I put an arm over her back, snuggled up to
her, and kissed her.

    "Let's rest awhile, Carrie," I said. She agreed, so I got off
the bed and went to the bathroom. After cleaning my cock, I
returned with a moistened towel and draped it across Carrie's
ass. She gave me a stern look. "This is exactly what we weren't
going to do, Master," she said.

    "Does it feel good?" I asked her. She smiled and nodded.
"Then shut up." I crawled back into bed beside her and lay on my
side so I could look at her face. She had a faraway look, like
she was somewhere else mentally. I asked her what she was

    "I was remembering what it felt like to have your hand in my
womb, and wishing you would do it again. Like I said after the
first time, if you put your hand in me first thing every morning,
you would have a perfectly submissive slave for the rest of the
day. It's such an intense feeling of being dominated and owned.
It's impossible to forget, the feeling is with me all the time

    "That's a special thing for us, we won't be doing it every
day," I told her. "We share the knowledge that you will open
yourself completely for your Master whenever he asks, and that
knowledge strengthens the bonds of intimacy between us. Do you

    "I agree about the intimacy. I don't like the idea of only
doing it occasionally, I could become addicted to it. But you're
the Master, we'll do exactly what you decide we'll do." She
reached over and kissed me.

    "Let's get out of bed, Carrie," I said, "I have a wedding
present to give you, and I need you dressed a certain way first."
She immediately wanted to know what it was, and why she had to be
dressed before I would give it to her. "All will be revealed in
the fullness of time, let's use the toilet and get started," I

    Even though she protested, I made Carrie hold on to me while
she gently lowered herself onto the toilet seat. When she was
sitting and had promised me that she wasn't in serious pain, I
knelt and kissed her. "What's the present?" she asked.

    All I would tell her was that she would know what it was
before the evening was over. After we changed places, she knelt
and took my hands. "It's not fair," she said, smiling. "I can't
even pout, or get angry and threaten you, or anything, because
you'd just order me to stop it. You hold all the cards."

    "Aw," I said in mock sympathy, "the poor Slave can't have her
way. Ain't it awful?" We both laughed, then kissed again.


  1. If I was Bill's slave, his wavering would confuse me. He says they will not change anything because of her painful bottom....and He does. I understand and love to see that He loves and cares for her....but being consistent is a gift to your my lowly opinion..
    hugs abby

  2. Like Bill said: Always give me your opinion. So your opinion is never low. But like life, you do not always get your way.

    Such is Life,


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