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Training Carrie, chapter 48

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 48

 I got dressed, then Carrie took me to her dresser and combed
my hair. We walked up to the floor length mirror arm in arm.
"Quite a couple," Carrie said, "but something's missing, unless
Master has changed his mind about me wearing my disk."

    "Haven't changed my mind, my love, I just forgot." I fetched
the disk from the table, and Carrie held up the front of her
dress while I attached it to her rings. I stood up and kissed her
lightly on the lips, then took her hands in mine. "Carrie, when
you're on the punishment platform, after I've flogged you, I'm
going to be a rougher on you than I was the first time. The
reason is that I want you to remember the problems we've had
recently, and to understand that I'm willing to go as far as
necessary to correct your behaviour. Do you understand and accept

    She smiled at me. "Yes, Master, I will happily accept
whatever punishment you decide is necessary." She squeezed my
hands, and added, "I want to do better, make me understand how
badly you will punish me if I don't show improvement." I kissed
her again, and said it was time.

    I removed Carrie's wedding band and put it in my pocket, then
removed my ring and handed it to her. We would exchange them
again downstairs. Then I grabbed the camera, put in a new tape,
and we went downstairs.

    When we started down the stairs, Carrie asked me to hold onto
her, because she didn't feel safe going downstairs with her
collar, high heels, and a floor length gown. I gave her the
camera, put an arm around her waist, and took her hand with my
free hand. We made it downstairs without incident.

    I set up the camera on a tripod, so we could cover all of the
areas we needed to film just my panning the camera. We had
decided where to stand for our vows, and I pointed the camera
there first. Carrie walked all the way to the other end of the
room, then I started the camera as she began slowly walking back.
As she took her position, I entered the scene from the side and
joined her. We joined hands and kissed tenderly, then Carrie
began her vows.

    Carrie looked me in the eyes steadily while she spoke. But
she didn't just say the words, it was as if she was telling me
her most intimate thoughts. I was touched by the sincerity and
the depth of emotion she was putting into the vows. As she was
finishing, tears started running down my cheeks. She squeezed my
hand and smiled at me, her eyes never left mine.

    When I had recovered sufficiently from the emotional impact
of Carrie's vows, I began saying mine. I simply concentrated on
saying the words Carrie had written for me without sounding
forced or rehearsed. I couldn't compete with her delivery, and
didn't want to try. I must not have done too poorly, because
Carrie was crying softly when I finished.

    We exchanged rings and kissed each other passionately, and
the first part of the ceremony was completed. To begin the second
part, I walked around the camera and panned it to follow Carrie
as she walked to the punishment stage and took her position. I
followed her to the stage, stood in front of her, and commanded
her to strip. She kicked off her shoes, then reached behind her
neck, released the fastener holding up her halter top, and let
the gown slide down her body to the floor. She stepped out of the
gown, then took her position for her flogging.

    Carrie spread her arms upward at 45 degree angles, and I
helped her reach the ropes she would hold with her hands. She
then spread her legs until she was forced to stand on the balls
of her feet. I picked up the flog and asked her if she was ready
to demonstrate her obedience and submission to her Master. She
answered in a clear, loud voice that she was eager and willing to
do so, and smiled at me.

    I picked up the flog, ran it lightly down her back, over her
ass, and down her thighs. Then I began flogging her shoulders. I
could see her face reflected in the mirrored wall, and she was
still smiling. As I slowly worked my way down her back, I first
noticed that her breathing had become shallow and faster. By the
time I reached her waist, she was no longer smiling, and a few
tears had run down her cheeks.

    As the flogging moved over her ass, she lost it for a moment
and began sobbing loudly. But then she drew on her reserves of
strength and stopped making any sounds other than the panting of
her rapid breathing. She was still under control as I finished
flogging the back of her thighs. I walked around to face her, and
told her the flogging was half completed. She thanked me and
asked me to flog the front of her body as I had flogged her back.
She knew she would still have to endure the crop, but she didn't
know how severely I was going to apply it.

    I began flogging her upper chest, just below the collar. She
maintained her poise until I reached her nipples, when the tears
started to flow. She was murmuring, "Oh, oh, oh," quietly, each
"oh" another blow from the flog. Finally the flogging passed
below her breasts, and she regained some strength and became
quiet again.

    Carrie didn't make any more sounds as I progressed over her
belly and down her legs. I was very careful not to strike her
pussy with the flog. Finally I announced that the flogging was
complete. She thanked me in a hoarse, trembling voice, and asked
me to please mark her body with the crop. I said her wish would
be granted, and went to get the crop.

    Standing in front of Carrie, I showed her the crop I was
holding. She gave me a weak smile and nodded as much as the
collar would let her. I struck her quickly, two blows on each
breast, one above the nipple and one across the nipple. She cried
out and her body slumped. I was afraid she would let go of the
ropes, but she held on. She was gasping and sobbing, but through
all of that she thanked me again. "Unfortunately we're not
finished," I told her. I quickly gave her two more blows across
the front of her thighs, then moved behind her and gave the same
treatment to the back of her thighs. She wailed, and began
sobbing so hard she was having difficulty breathing, but after a
few moments she weakly thanked me again.

    I examined the marks I had made on her, they were now quite
red, but I had not broken her skin. By tomorrow they would be
faded but still visible. Within a few days the tenderness would
almost be gone. Carrie had her eyes squeezed tightly shut. I told
her to look at me, and she opened her red, teary eyes. I said, "I
need to strike you one last time, Carrie, and this will be your
reminder that you need to modify your behaviour as we have
discussed. Are you ready?"

    Looking into my eyes, she said, "Yes, Master, your Slave is
ready to accept its lesson." I took the crop back to its place on
the wall, chose a bamboo cane, and returned to Carrie. I
positioned myself beside her, swung the cane very hard, and hit
her right in the centre of her ass, across both cheeks. She
shrieked, let go of the ropes, and fell to her hands and knees.
It took her a few seconds before she could inhale, then she
started panting hard. when she had enough breath to speak, she
began saying, "Oh, God, oh, God," over and over.

    I looked at her ass, and saw the blood red band across her
cheeks where the cane had broken capillaries under her skin. She
was going to have trouble sitting for days, and her ass would
bear the mark I had given her for weeks. I went and turned the
camera off, then returned and sat cross-legged beside Carrie.
After several minutes she was still sobbing, but she picked up
one hand from the floor and held it out. I took her hand in mine
and asked her if she could ever forgive me. In a weak, sobbing
voice, she said, "There's nothing to forgive, Master, you did
what needed doing. I just wasn't prepared for that level of pain,
I've never had anything hurt that much."

    "Can you stand up?" I asked her. She asked if I could give
her a few minutes, and help her lay over on her side. "No,
Carrie," I said, "you need to stand up and walk to the couch now.
Then you can lay down on your side and I'll put some damp cloths
on you to ease the pain." She didn't answer, so I stood up. "I
know it hurts," I told her, "but your Master wants you to obey
him and stand up now." She took a deep breath and came up off of
her hands. I took her hands in mine and gently pulled her up onto
her feet.

    She stood shakily, her eyes downcast. I asked her if she
would look up at me, and she said, "Please, not yet." I told her
it was Ok, but she had to walk to the couch now. I took one of
her hands in mine and told her I would help, and she started
walking. She was wobbly, but she soon made it to the couch. She
whimpered as I eased her down on her side.

    I removed her collar and shoes, then tried to leave her side
and get some damp towels to drape over her, but she held onto my
hand. I knelt beside her to see what she wanted. "I can't look at
you yet," she said with her eyes closed, "but I want to thank
you, and tell you that you did the right thing, and that I love

    She let me leave her then, and I quickly returned with two
damp towels. I draped one over her ass and thighs, and pressed
the other one lightly against her breasts. She sighed and said
that felt good. I knelt by her again and asked her why she
couldn't look at me. I had assumed that she meant she was still
too angry to see my face, but I was wrong. "I can't look at you
because I'm not worthy to look at your face. I keep thinking I
can't feel more submissive, more unworthy to be with you, and you
keep showing me that I can. At times I feel overwhelmed at my
worthlessness in your sight."

    I took her hand in mine. "You are not worthless, you're
priceless. Don't you know how much I love you and how lucky I
feel to be with you? I really need you to look at me now, because
I need to tell you something very important." I touched her face
with my other hand, and she briefly opened her eyes and met my
gaze, then quickly looked away. "Carrie, look at me now, please,"
I said gently. She sighed and looked at me.

    "I know you're in terrible pain. And I feel like shit because
I caused it. I need to know that you understand now, that I have
the will to punish you if I have to. And I need your assurance
that I will never have to do this again."

    She squeezed my hand harder, but remained quiet. I decided to
wait for her, and after a few minutes she took a deep breath and
spoke. "This was a long time coming. I know you've been reluctant
to punish me, even though you should have done it many times. I'm
also sorry that I failed you, because you wanted to train me
without punishment, and I've made that impossible. I can't
promise you that you'll never have to do this again. But I can
tell you that I don't ever want to have it done to me again, and
I will do my very best to obey you in all things.

    I put a pillow under her head, then sat beside her and held
her hand Every time she tried to look away, I made her look into
my eyes again. Eventually her sniffles and occasional sobs faded
away. I told her I would be right back, then went upstairs to the
mural room and fetched her bondage belt and manacles. Returning,
I put the manacles on her wrists and ankles. I asked her to
please stand up, and she slowly got to her feet, being careful
not to let her ass touch the couch. When she was able to stand
without holding onto me, I fastened the belt around her waist.

    "Carrie, please go to the rails, I'm going to butt fuck you
now," I told her. She looked up at me sharply, then quickly
lowered her eyes. "Yes, Master," she answered meekly as she
started walking slowly to the rails.

    By the time we got to the rails, Carrie was shaking. She
probably thought I was going to flog her sore ass before fucking
her. I told her not to worry, I wouldn't do that. But I warned
her that I was going to fuck her hard, and I would undoubtedly
contact the sore area of her ass with my body. "Yes, Master, my
body is yours to use as you please," she said.

    After attaching her to the rails and the floor in the proper
position, I walked behind her and told her to look up and watch
her face until told otherwise. She looked up, and I could still
see a lot of pain in her eyes. I ran my palms lightly over her
ass to gage her response. She gasped and squeezed her eyes
together tightly.

    "Carrie," I said softly, "I'm going to begin fucking you now.
Whenever I tell you to cum, I expect that you will obey me
immediately, is that clear?"

    She opened her eyes and looked at me. "Yes, Master," she
said, "your slave will always do her best to obey her Master."

    "That's my good girl," I told her. I put some lubricating
jelly on my cock and gently pushed it into her ass. She sighed
and gave me a faint smile. I began slowly stroking, and she
continued smiling. After a minute I began fucking her harder, and
eventually my body contacted her ass. At that point she gasped
and squeezed her eyes together. "Keep your eyes open and keep
looking at your face, Carrie," I told her. "I know you're
hurting, but I expect your obedience in spite of the pain."

    She opened her eyes, took a deep breath, and gave me another
weak smile. "Yes Master," she said, "I'm sorry I'm so weak."

    "You're not weak, Carrie, you're very strong," I told her.
"Now, I would like you to cum for me please." Within a few
seconds, she came, then her smile widened. She was pleased that
she had been able to obey my command. "That's my beautiful, sexy
Slave," I told her.

    I continued fucking her moderately hard for nearly 15
minutes. Whenever I would see her wince or close her eyes
tightly, I would tell her to cum, and she always obeyed. She had
cum 10 times by the time I was ready. As I felt my orgasm
building, I told her to cum until she felt me cum inside her.
When we came together, she actually gave me a short laugh. "I
still hurt like hell, but God, that felt good," she told me.

    I moved around to her side, then ducked under one of her
outstretched arms and stood in front of her face. "You may clean
me off and then suck my cock, Carrie," I told her. As I moved
closer to her, she tenderly kissed the head of my cock, then took
it into her mouth and began cleaning it. Soon she had me rock
hard again, then she proceeded to give me a great blowjob. Twice
I pushed my cock down her throat and held it there, telling her
to cum. Then, when her orgasm began to subside, I pulled out of
her throat and let her continue working on me. It took her nearly
20 minutes to bring me to another orgasm, and she came at the
same time without having to be told. She held my cock in her
mouth and continued to tenderly clean me until I was limp. As I
withdrew, she kissed my cock again.

    I released Carrie from the bars. I told her I was going to
put her in her Slave bed for some special treatment, which caused
her eyes to brighten. I told her she might be in the bed for
quite a while, and asked her if she wanted some water and to use
the toilet first. She said yes to both, so we walked slowly to
the toilet area, our arms around each other.

    Carrie had trouble kneeling to drink, because it caused the
skin of her ass to tighten, causing her more pain. Finally she
was able to get into position, and she then took four discharges
of water. I helped her up, then helped her ease herself onto the
toilet. When she was installed on the toilet, hanging from the
brackets under her arms, she said it was a good she didn't have
to actually sit down. Then, when I helped her to squat over the
bidet, she sighed when the cold water splashed onto her ass. I
held her there until she nodded that she was ready to stand up.
She smiled, and said she never really appreciated that cold water
bidet until now.

    As we slowly walked back toward her Slave bed, Carrie asked
me if "special" meant what she thought it meant. I acted dumb,
saying I had no idea what she thought it meant. She looked at me
and said, "It means you're going to fist fuck me, right?" I told
her that was a crude way to state it, but she was correct. She
smiled, "I've wanted that again ever since the first time you did
it," she said.

    "This time," I told her, "you'll open more for your Master
than you were able to the first time. Eventually, you will open
enough to let me get my whole hand into your womb. Today, we'll
try for three or four fingers." She said she didn't know if she
could do that. "Of course you can, Carrie. You opened on command
the first time, and let me get a finger beyond your cervix into
your uterus. You'll learn to open as much as I need you to,
whenever I ask. We'll be doing this on a regular basis from now

    "Yes, Master, whatever you wish," she said. "But Master, it
scares me to have you so far inside me, I don't understand why
you want us to do that."

    "I told you, Carrie, it's another form of sexual sharing and
intimacy between us. Granting your Master entry to your womb is
another form of submission that I require from my Slave. Don't
worry, just obey your Master."

    Carrie was quiet after that. When we reached her Slave bed, I
backed her up to the entry position and locked her ankles and
belt to the bed. Fetching her posture collar, I put it around her
neck and snapped it closed. After tilting her back, I fastened
the straps at her knees and across her breasts. She winced when I
gently tugged her breasts by the nipples, but she didn't
complain. I strapped her forehead to the head rest, then attached
ropes to her wrist bonds and pulled her arms downward and secured
them. Standing at her shoulders, I bent down and kissed her. She
returned my kiss passionately.

    I played with her nipples awhile, until she was starting to
breathe faster. "Are you getting excited?" I asked her. She said
that she was. "Are you ready to open for your Master?" She said
she would do her best, but it scared her that I wanted to
penetrate past her cervix. "I don't mind you being afraid, as
long as you obey," I told her. She said she would obey.

    After removing her disk, I fetched the tube of lubricating
jelly from the rail area. I put a generous blob of it on her
labia and began working it into her pussy, at the same time
coating my fingers with it. I began easing my fingers into her,
trying to squeeze them together into a more-or-less cylindrical
shape. It was no time before I had all four fingers in her up to
the last joint. I told her she was much more open to me than she
had been before, and told her I would pause before penetrating
her further, giving her time to open further to me.

    I moved my fingers in and out of her pussy, rotating my hand
at the wrist. Carrie was silent, so I told her to talk to me and
tell me what she was feeling and thinking. She said she was
afraid I would stretch her pussy so that it was too big for my
cock, and then I wouldn't want to fuck her any more. I reminded
her that a child had passed through her pussy, and it was still
perfect for me, my hand wasn't going to do her any harm. She
thanked me, and said she should have thought of that.

    I told her it was time for me to ease my hand past her labia.
She took a deep breath, and said she was ready. "Just relax, and
concentrate on opening for your Master," I told her. With my
thumb tucked as tightly as possible in my palm, I began carefully
pushing my hand into her, rotating my wrist back and forth at the
same time. I kept repeating her mantra to her, "Open, open,
open." In no time at all, I was in her up to my wrist. "How do
you feel, Carrie? Are you in any pain?"

    "I feel very full, Master," she said, "but it doesn't hurt at

    "Would you like to cum now, Carrie?" I asked her.

    "If you wish it, Master."

    "No, Carrie," I said, "this time it's up to you." She came,
and again I experienced it much more intimately than when my cock
was in her. When her orgasm had subsided, I began slowly
burrowing deeper, and soon my finger contacted her cervix. I felt
her muscles tighten when my fingers first pressed against her
womb's portal. "You must open for your Master, Carrie," I said

    "Oh God," she said, "this is so terrifying. Can't we stop
here, Master?"

    "Are you disobeying your Master, so soon after you
experienced a small sample of the consequences of disobedience,

    "No, Master, I will obey," she said. I felt her muscles
starting to relax, but I didn't want to force my way in and add
to her fear. I held my hand still, and again chanted her mantra,
"Open, open, open," over and over. I felt her cervix begin to
dilate, and I eased my middle finger through the opening. It was
a snug fit. "More, Carrie, open more," I told her.

    I could feel her trembling. I started making small movements
and rotations with my hand, but still not trying to force my way
into her. Finally I felt her cervix relax, and she said "Master,
I'm open for you." I pushed forward, and my whole hand slid
easily into her uterus. She began very softly repeating, "Oh, oh,
oh," as her breathing came in short gasps.

    "You've done it, Carrie," I told her, "you're completely open
to your Master. I'm very proud of you. I looked down, and it
surprised me that half of my forearm was inside Carrie. "Are you
in any pain, Carrie?" I asked.

    "The opening to my pussy feel overstretched, but other than
that I just feel very filled," she said. Then she asked, "What

    "Now I'm going to carefully explore your womb with my
fingertips," I told her. "I want to experience the place where
you will carry our child for nine months."

    She didn't say anything for several moments. Then she said,
"That's not funny. You know I can't have children, if you're
trying to tease me, please stop it, I hate it."

    "I'm not trying to tease you, Carrie," I said. "I've seen
more medical reports on you than you have, and I know it's very
unlikely, but not impossible, that you can conceive and carry a
child to term. But I want you to have my child, or my children,
and I believe it will eventually happen. We're not ready for it
to happen now. But in a matter of years, when we're both ready, I
believe it will happen."

    She was quiet for a long time, as I carefully and lightly
traced my fingertips over the walls of her uterus. When she
spoke, she was crying. "I don't know what to say. You've touched
my emotions as deeply as you're touching my body. I had no idea,
I never dreamed you would ever think about us having children.
Can we please talk about this some more, if that's acceptable,

    "We'll talk it out until there's no more to be said, my
wonderful wife. Years from now, we will have integrated Master
and Slave, husband and wife, and partners into our personalities.
We won't need flogs and crops and bondage gear to help us act out
roles, we'll be those people. Then we'll be free to live like
other people live, and we can try to make a family."

    We were both silent after that. I knew I had opened a big can
of worms. But it was what I felt, so I said it. Perhaps it would
have been better for Carrie if I had kept quiet. She was confused
enough, about a lot of things, and this might cause her problems.
We'd just have to deal with them.

    Carrie's body was still and her breathing was regular.
Finally I asked her if she was Ok. She said she was just trying
to live this experience as fully as possible. She said she was
remembering how her child felt in her womb when it first started
moving, and comparing that to the sensations she was receiving
from my movements inside her. Then she choked and sobbed, and
said she was afraid she was losing it, she was overcome by her
emotions and didn't think she could stay with me for much longer.
I told her I would withdraw from her as quickly as I could, then
we would have all the time we needed to adjust to all that
happened today.

    Slowly and carefully, I pulled my hand from her uterus. As I
cleared her cervix, I felt it smoothly close. Soon I was out of
her, and I immediately moved up to her head and looked at her
face. Tears were running down her cheeks into her ears, and she
was smiling up at me. "I knew you loved me, but I thought you
loved me like a pet. This is all too wonderful, I don't know what
to say, I don't know ... I'm so confused."

    "We have all the time in the world to figure it out," I said.
I kissed her, then quickly extracted her from the bed. As soon as
she was free she threw her arms around my neck and began sobbing.
I put my arms around her waist and told her everything would be
all right. Through her sobs she told me that everything was all
right, because I loved her.

    When Carrie had calmed down somewhat, I gathered up her disk,
gown and shoes, and the parts of my tux I had discarded, then we
went upstairs together. As I was removing her bonds in the mural
room, I told her that I knew she was going to be in pain for many
days, but part of her lesson was that from now on we would not
make any accommodation to her because of her pain. When it was
appropriate for her to sit or lie on her back, she would do it.
If I wanted to caress or pat her ass, or even spank her, I would
do it. Her pain was hers to deal with, and I didn't expect to see
any visual indications of it. I asked her if she understood. She
stood up straight, looked me in the eyes, and said, "Yes, I do
understand, and it will be exactly as you wish."


  1. An intense chapter....but He has certainly taken control. hugs abby

    1. Quote:
      " "I'm not trying to tease you, Carrie," I said. "I've seen
      more medical reports on you than you have, and I know it's very
      unlikely, but not impossible, that you can conceive and carry a
      child to term. But I want you to have my child, or my children,
      and I believe it will eventually happen. We're not ready for it
      to happen now. But in a matter of years, when we're both ready, I
      believe it will happen."
      End of quote.

      There are not many things I really, really dislike in this story but this is one of them. It is sheer and utter nonsense. It is a disgusting and humiliating thing to say. It gives hope where there is no hope. It has no respect for all those women (and men) out there so much longing for a child but not capable of getting one.

      I hate it.



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