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Training Carrie, chapter 47

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 47

"Of course, Carrie," I said, scrambling to my feet. I helped her up and
quickly led her to the door. Once we were inside and the door was locked, I
took her to the bathroom and turned on the shower. While the water was
getting hot I removed her manacles and collar. Then I quickly stripped off
her underwear and helped her into the shower. Under the warm water, I
rubbed her all over and held her in my arms.

    When Carrie started to respond and show some signs of life, I asked her
if the experience was what she expected. She said she had forgotten how
much it hurt, in the few days since our failed attempt to climb the hill.
She thanked me for taking her outside, and for leaving her there as long as
she could stand it, and said she was so sorry for failing to cum when I had
commanded her to. I told her we would discuss her disobedience later, there
would have to be consequences.

    We were back in the bedroom, with Carrie curled up in my lap. We were
sharing the last of the wine, when Carrie asked, "Master, were you serious
about me wearing a ... what did you call it, a posture collar?"

    "I'm serious about stopping you from breaking my rules and disobeying
my commands, Carrie. You're doing it more and more frequently, and I'm
going to put a stop to it. I know that it's during times of stress that you
disobey, but that is exactly when it's important that you be obedient. If
the collar will force you to be more conscious of what you're doing, then
Yes, I'm serious about it."

    With her eyes lowered, she said, "Master, when you first mentioned a
posture collar a few days ago, I didn't know what you meant. But when you
described it as six inches wide, I remembered that there is one like that
in a drawer downstairs." I asked her where it was, and she told me. It was
one of the drawers I had never bothered to look in. I made a mental note to
check all of the drawers at the first opportunity, to see what else there
might be that we could use. I had Carrie get out of my lap, then I went to
the basement and returned in a minute with the collar.

    Fitting the collar to Carrie was simple. It laced up in the back, to
adjust snugly to her neck. In the front, there were latches that allowed it
to be put on or removed without disturbing the lacing. It was made of black
leather, heavily reinforced with vertical stays about every half inch. It
flared at the base, to smoothly flow from her neck onto her shoulders. In
the front, in curved down a few inches onto her chest. In the rear, it
curved down the same amount onto her back, but also had an extension that
ran up the back of her head for about an inch. It was actually a little too
high for Carrie, in front the top of the collar pressed into the underside
of her jaw. It would be an unacceptable fit if I really intended her to
wear it for a long period.

    When I had laced it snugly and tied off the laces, I walked around in
front of her. It gave me an instant boner to see her in the collar, her
head perfectly erect. I told her to try moving her head, and she was unable
to move it up or down at all, and with difficulty could move it about an
inch side to side. I asked her how it felt. "Awful, Master," she said, "I
don't think I can stand this for long."

    "That's the point, Carrie," I said. "When we remove it, a month from
now, you'll feel abnormal without it, my bet is you'll beg me to put it
back on you. Sure, you'll be miserable for a few days or a week, but you
should have thought of the consequences of disobedience sooner. This will
be a constant reminder to you that you are my Slave and subject to my
rules. Now lie down on your back on the bed, I'm going to fuck you."

    She immediately went to the bed and lay down, trying to adjust to the
awkwardness of not being able to move her head. I lay down beside her, then
raised up on one elbow and kissed her lips. She immediately tried to adjust
her head to my lips, but couldn't. When I broke the kiss, she said,
"Please, Master, I don't want to wear this. If you'll give me another
chance, I'll do my very best to be obedient and follow the rules."

    "I don't remember opening the subject for discussion, Carrie. I think
you should concentrate on pleasing your Master with your body, and not
worry about trivia like the collar. The next words I hear from you are
going to be on the subject of how hot you are to be fucked, in any way your
Master chooses to fuck you."

    She did her best to obey, but both of us knew her heart wasn't in it. I
realized then that I had gone too far, I was on the verge of harming our
relationship. In the past I would have concluded that it was her problem,
and that she would eventually adjust. But now I couldn't do that to the
woman I loved. I popped the latches and opened the collar, and told her she
wouldn't have to wear the collar to bed, and I would put it back on her
tomorrow morning. Carrie threw her arms around my neck and kissed me
tenderly. "You won't be sorry, Master," she said. "I'll be your perfect
Slave, I promise."

    I sat up on the bed and had her do the same. I took her hands in mine,
looked into her eyes, and said, "You're already my perfect Slave, Carrie.
Your problem is that you don't always know whether you should be my Slave,
or my wife and partner. I realize how difficult that is for you, and I
promise to do a better job of helping you understand what I expect from you
at any given time. I'll try to make sure you know when I expect you to
switch into or out of your slave role. I know I ask a lot of you, and you
nearly always meet and exceed my expectations. Working together, we'll
figure out how to do better.

    "May I kiss you, Master?" she asked.

    "I wish you would," I said, and she did. After the kiss, I said, "Until
we get out of bed tomorrow, I would like you to be my wife and my partner.
When we get out of bed in the morning, I'll expect you to be my perfect
slave. Ok?"

    She agreed, and thanked me for letting her sleep without her collar.
Then she gave me a big smile and said, "Master, may I please have that fuck
now?" We lay down and started over, with the kiss.

    I woke up to find Carrie had my cock in her mouth. Sleepily, I told her
that was a dangerous thing to do first thing in the morning, she might end
up with a mouthful of my piss. She said it was worth the risk, then added
that this was a big day and she wanted to start it off right. I bunched up
the pillows under my head and watched her. She maintained eye contact with
me until I came. As she was cleaning my cock, she winked at me and shook
her ass in the air. I asked her where she wanted it, fore or aft. Having
finished cleaning me, she straightened up and acted like she was thinking
about it. Finally she said, "I can't decide, can you do both?"

    I told her I would fuck her bent over her spanking chair. She quickly
hopped out of bed, ran to the chair, bent over the chair back, and wiggled
her ass seductively. I walked up behind her and caressed her ass. She
turned her head around as far as she could and looked at me. She asked if
we could move to the floor, because she wanted to see my face while we
fucked. I reached out and took a handful of her hair in one hand and forced
her to turn her head back to the straight ahead position. "You're in the
position I want you in now, Carrie," I said. Keeping a grip on her hair, I
applied firm pressure, so she was forced to bend her head back.

    "You seem to have forgotten what I said last night, that you will be my
slave today," I said. I was still holding her hair, so she couldn't look
around, but she started to speak. I cut her off, saying "Shut up. Whenever
you transition to Slave mode, you will obey formal speech rules unless told
otherwise." I let go of her hair, slapped her hard on her ass, and said,
"Get your posture collar and bring it to me."

    She ran to get her collar, then ran back to me. She assumed the Waiting
Pose, her head held high and her eyes lowered. I took the collar from her
and locked it around her neck, then told her to assume the learning pose.
She dropped to her knees, spread her legs wide, and rested her open,
upturned palms on her thighs.

    I looked down at her for some moments, then started pacing back and
forth in front of her as I spoke. "We've already talked about your
increasing disobedience and ignoring of the rules. I hope we don't need to
say any more about that. But I've just noticed another trend in your
behaviour that must be stopped. Whenever I treat you as my equal partner,
you show an increasing tendency to control what we do. I'll give you two
examples. Last night we were having a wonderful, intimate evening, until
you put an end to it when you asked me to take you outside. Just now, after
I told you I wanted to fuck you over the chair, you wanted to do it on the
floor instead. You seem to want to be in control of what we do, and I've
been much too lax in letting you get away with it.

    "Here's the way it will be from now on: either neither of us is in
control, or I'm in control. There will never be a time when you're in
control. When I choose to treat you as an equal, because I love you, I will
always be willing to listen to your suggestions, advice and requests. But
when I've decided and told you what we're going to do, you will not make
suggestions or pleas to do something different. Do you understand what I'm
telling you? Respond now."

    Taking a deep breath, Carrie read back what I had just told her in a
trembling voice. She reworded my speech enough that I was sure she knew
exactly what I was talking about. I complemented her on her response, then
told her to fold her arms behind her back. After watching her struggle to
grasp her upper arms with her hands, I left her on the floor and went to
the kitchen.

    I started a pot of coffee, then returned to the bedroom. Taking hold of
Carrie's nipples, I told her to stand, and she rose to her feet in one
graceful move. Leading her to the bathroom by a nipple, I seated her on the
toilet, then stood against the wall and watched her eliminate her waste.
She looked so sexy and submissive I wanted to fuck her again, but I steeled
myself to wait.

    When we had finished in the toilet, I returned Carrie to the bedroom
and dressed her in a pair of 4-inch heels. I got her "manhole cover" disk
and attached it to the rings in her labia, then hooked on the leash. I took
the leash in my hand, turned toward the kitchen, and began walking. After a
few steps I felt a smooth increase in tension in the leash.

    When we reached the kitchen, I walked a step past where I wanted to
position her, then stopped. She stopped behind me and held the tension in
the leash. I turned in the direction I wanted her to be facing, then said
"Heel." As I pulled the leash through my hand, she walked up to me and then
turned to face the same direction I was facing. We had never practised
that, she just instinctively knew what I wanted her to do. I dropped my end
of the leash on the floor, knowing she would be frozen in her current
position until I took up the leash again.

    Ignoring Carrie, I poured myself a cup of coffee, took a few sips, then
started preparing breakfast. After busying myself for perhaps five minutes,
I stopped and walked over to her. I stood in front of her and looked at her
face for a minute. She held her eyes downcast, but I noticed a she was
starting to tremble. I put a finger under her chin and ran it along the
upper edge of her collar until I reached her earlobe. I let the finger
drift down the collar onto her shoulder, then down her breast to her
nipple, where I spent some time rubbing, rolling, and squeezing. "I know
you're uncomfortable in the collar," I told her, "but you need this to help
you regain your discipline." She nodded almost imperceptibly. "Besides," I
added, "you look incredibly sexy and submissive. It's all I can do to keep
from fucking you right now." I was holding her nipple as I said that. I saw
her eyelids flutter like she was about to look up at me, but she didn't.
Her tongue briefly appeared through her partly open lips, then disappeared
again. I kissed her softly, and felt her tongue dart out to touch my lips.

    Before returning to my breakfast chores, I brought my coffee to Carrie
and put the cup to her lips. She took a sip, and smiled. I waited a few
seconds, then offered her the cup again. She took a bigger sip, then
nodded. Laying my hand on the side of her face, I told her I loved her. She
smiled, and I returned to work.

    After setting the table, I returned to Carrie and removed her leash. I
told her to unfold her arms and come to breakfast. At the table, she paused
until I told her to sit down. As we began eating I told her she was on
informal speech until further notice. Her first words were, "I love you,

    I could tell she found it very awkward to eat while wearing the collar.
She was bending from her hips as she brought food up to her mouth, probably
as a substitute for tilting her head down to meet the food. I told her to
sit up straight. I said she shouldn't worry about spilling food. If any
food dropped onto her, I would lick it up. And if any food spilled on the
floor, she could lick it up. She gave me an insincere smile.

    Trying to make conversation and distract her from her misery, I asked
what plans we needed to make for the wedding. Carrie said she didn't think
I was still planning to have the wedding, considering how unsatisfactory
her behaviour had been lately. I told her weddings were about love, not
behaviour, and nothing had changed in that respect. She looked at me and
gave me a real smile. She thought for a few moments, then reeled off a list
of things she thought we should do. The first item was to rewrite our vows,
and I said we would do that right after breakfast.

    She obviously wanted to say something, but she was hesitating. I told
her to tell me what she was thinking. "I was just wondering whether I would
be wearing the collar during our wedding, Master," she said quietly.

    "You don't need to worry about the collar, Carrie," I told her. "You'll
wear the collar whenever I put it on you, for as long as I leave it on you.
The answer is, Yes, you'll wear your collar during our wedding, and until
we go to bed tonight. Did that answer your question?"

    She lowered her eyes and placed her hands on her thighs, palms up.
"Yes, Master," she said, barely above a whisper, "I hope my question wasn't
out of line."

    I reached over and took one of her hands in mine. She squeezed it
tightly, but didn't raise her eyes to look at me, letting me know she was
genuinely upset by what was taking place between us. I said, "I always want
you to ask questions and tell me what you're thinking, Carrie. We've talked
about that many times. What I want you to watch out for from now on is your
tendency to take control of our activities. When I've told you specifically
that we're going to do a certain thing, then that's what we'll do. I hope
you can understand the difference between communicating with your Master
versus trying to control your Master. If you don't see the difference right
away, we'll just keep working on it until you understand."

    After Carrie helped me clear the table, I reattached her leash, led her
back to the bedroom, and positioned her at a low coffee table in a kneeling
position. After fetching the video camera from the basement, I plugged it
into its charger, then set the camera, a notepad, and a pen on the table in
front of Carrie. "You have an hour to perform this task, Carrie," I told
her, "but if you can do it faster that would be good. I want you to write
down our vows from the first ceremony on two pieces of paper, one for your
vows and one for mine. Play back the tape of the ceremony if you need to
refresh your memory. Then, on two more sheets of paper, write down the vows
you think we should say today. Then we'll go over your results and decide.

    She looked up at me, smiled, and said that was a good plan. While she
set to work, I returned to the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher, and started
it running. When I returned to the bedroom, Carrie was reviewing my vows on
the camera viewer. I bent down and kissed her on the forehead. She strained
against the collar to look up at me. "I love you, Carrie," I said, looking
into her eyes.

    "I know you do, Master, and I love you, too," she said.

    I sat in a nearby chair and watched her as she worked, thinking all the
time how much I wanted to fuck her. Soon she had transcribed our original
vows. She shoved the camera to the side, then began studying her vows.
After only a few minutes she added one phrase, then began reading my vows.
Shortly she turned her head as best she could in my direction. "Master,"
she said, I don't feel that I have the right to modify your words."

    "I give you the right, and the obligation, to suggest any improvements
you can make to my vows, Carrie. You told me they could use improving, now
show me what you meant."

    "Ok," she said, and started rewriting my words on another sheet of
paper. Soon she was done, and she set the pen down and assumed the Waiting

    I walked to the table to see what she had done. She had added only one
word to her vows, "follow," mixed in with the love and obey part. I asked
her what that meant. "It means that I always want you to determine what we
do, and I will follow, Master." I told her that was excellent, and she
smiled up at me.

    I picked up the two versions of my vows. The original, which I more or
less made up on the spot, really sucked. Her rewrite was a lot more
polished, but expressed the same thoughts. I told her that was excellent
too, she had done a fine job. I took her hands and gently pulled her to her
feet, then put my arms around her and kissed her. It was awkward for both
of us, I had never noticed how much Carrie contributed to my enjoyment of
our kisses, by positioning her head to meet my lips.

    I pulled back and looked at Carrie, and our eyes met. It was clear we
were thinking the exact same thing. I popped open the clasps and removed
her collar, then removed the disk covering her pussy and led her to the
bed. She lay down on her back and held her hands up to me. I undressed and
carefully crawled on top of her, my already stiff cock sliding into her
moist pussy. We fucked hard for a long time, looking into each others eyes,
smiling, laughing, kissing.

    When we had both cum for the third time, I rolled off of Carrie onto my
back. "I hope you've learned your lesson," I said, breaking up in laughter
before I could finish the sentence. We both laughed hard, then Carrie
rolled on top of me.

    Looking into my eyes, and cupping my face between her hands, she said,
"Listen, I want to do what you want me to do, always. I wasn't aware I was
trying to control you, but when you called me on it I realized that's
exactly what I was doing, more and more. You've always known that my
submission to you is in conflict with my basic personality. I promise I'll
redouble my efforts to be submissive. And the next time you catch me trying
to control you, take me downstairs and use the crop on me."

    "Ok, I will," I said. We kissed for awhile, then I held her in my arms.
After a time I asked, "Did you really hate the collar?"

    "No. It's a little too high, it cuts into my jaw. Maybe we could get
one that's a little narrower. The collar made me feel the way we both want
me to feel, what I hated was the tension that was between us while I was
wearing it." Looking at me, she said, "You hated it too." I nodded as she
continued. "We don't need that shit between us, do we? I think we can work
these problems through and still maintain the comfort we feel with one

    "I agree," I said. "But God, you look hot in that collar. I had a boner
all the time you were wearing it." She laughed and said she could tell,
that was sort of a distraction from the idea that she was being punished.
We both laughed, and I put my arms around her and hugged her tight.

    After another few minutes, I rolled Carrie off of me and dragged her
out of bed. I said it was time to shower, then I would make her hair and
face even more beautiful than they were now, then we would get dressed and
go to our wedding. As I was dragging her to the bathroom, she said we
should consummate the wedding one more time first. I reminded her of her
previous remark about me using the crop on her. She made a motion with her
hand like she was zipping her lips, and we both laughed again. "I'm glad
we're laughing together again," she said.

    She sat quietly at her dressing table, her back to the mirror, while I
brushed her hair and applied her make-up. When I pronounced her perfect, she
spun around to examine the results. She looked at herself critically, then
looked up at me in the mirror, smiled, and nodded her head. I dressed her
in her high heels and her sheer, sexy gown. Then stood back and admired the
results "You like?" she asked.

    "I definitely like," I replied. She held up a finger, then retrieved
the collar from where I had dropped it on the floor.

    "Let's see if this adds or subtracts from the effect," she said,
handing the collar to me. I smiled and slipped it over her neck, making
sure her hair was out of the way. I snapped the clasped to lock it on her
neck, then stepped back and looked again. I got another raging boner.

    "Well," I said, looking down at my stiff cock, "I think my opinion is
obvious, see what you think." Carrie walked to the full length mirror and
studied herself. She tried to look at herself from the side, but of course
the collar wouldn't allow that. I held up a hand mirror so she could check
her side view.

    "It's not so much the look," she said. Then she looked at my cock,
smiled, and added, "at least, not for me. For me, it's how it makes me
feel. I'm constantly aware that you're controlling me, even when you're not
touching me or commanding me. It's a powerful feeling, I like it."

    "Ok, you're dressed and ready, now see if you can help me get some
pants on over this boner."

    She laughed. "Are you sure you wouldn't like me to relieve that problem
for you?"

    "What, sex before marriage? Never! Besides, I'd mess up your perfect
make-up. I'll survive until the honeymoon, now help me into my tux, please."


  1. Ah...the Dom persona has taken over.......I think it will also help Carrie to be a better submissive.....
    hugs abby

    1. Quote:
      I reached over and took one of her hands in mine. She squeezed it tightly, but didn't raise her eyes to look at me, letting me know she was genuinely upset by what was taking place between us. I said, "I always want you to ask questions and tell me what you're thinking, Carrie. We've talked about that many times. What I want you to watch out for from now on is your tendency to take control of our activities. When I've told you specifically that we're going to do a certain thing, then that's what we'll do. I hope
      you can understand the difference between communicating with your Master versus trying to control your Master. If you don't see the difference right away, we'll just keep working on it until you understand."
      End of Quote.

      Bill has been following this line in all the chapters before, but now he wants to make the difference between control and communication visible, I think.
      Did you ever see a posture collar? It is very sexy. Very, very, very sexy. I will make a post of several soon.

      Of course the writer dreams away again, because in normal life to wear a posture collar would not be possible. It puts a strain on neck muscles and is not suitable for every day wearing.

      Still I LOVE the idea. It is similar to eye flaps on a horse. It makes the horse look only forward. The posture collar makes the submissive restricted in her movement.

      I love it.


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