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Training Carrie, chapter 46

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 46

Dinner was a pure pleasure. In addition to the enjoyment of simply
looking at Carrie, I was treated to the most interesting small talk I had
ever heard from her. She was a wealth of information on almost anything,
and I felt like she was pouring it all out for me. We didn't speak one word
about us or our relationship, but for a magic hour we were just the best of
possible friends, and any subject one of us wanted to discuss was
interesting to the other. I felt closer to Carrie than ever before, and I
believe she felt the same about me.

    After we had cleaned up from dinner, we took our wine to the living
room and danced for awhile. Suddenly Carrie threw her arms around me and
kissed me hard. "I'm so glad to be here with you, it's just perfect," she

    "You're perfect for me, Carrie," I told her between kisses. "And you're
right, it is perfect." We danced perhaps another 10 minutes, and she asked
if we could sit down for a few minutes, she had something to ask me.
"Certainly," I said. "but first, will you please lift your skirt up over
your ass and lean over the back of the couch?"

    She gave me a quick look, then moved quickly to obey. After she was
bent over as I asked, I looked at her for a minute, admiring the view of
her rear. As I suspected, she was using a garter belt to hold up her
stockings. I knew she liked garter belts, she thought they were sexy, but I
had never let her wear stockings until tonight. Walking up behind her, I
lay the palms of my hands on her perfect ass, and felt her trembling. She
looked over her shoulder at me, and said, "Can you please not spank me or
whip me tonight? I would like so much for this to be a night for lovers,
instead of for Master and Slave."

    I straightened her up by her shoulders, turned her around, and kissed
her. "I wasn't going to spank you or whip you, Carrie. I was going to
carress your ass and thighs, and then I was going to fuck you." She
immediately started to apologize, but I put a finger to her lips, then
kissed her again. "Carrie, I am delighted that you asked me not to spank
you. I don't think it would have been possible for you to make that request
before tonight. It's so extraordinary, and I was delighted to hear you say
it." I hugged her, then kissed her again.

    She smiled at me. "I think you're right," she said. "I scared myself
when I said that, if I had thought about it I would have kept my mouth

    "It's a breakthrough," I said. "I want you to know you can always speak
out and tell me what you want, or don't want. I'm always going to do to
you, or with you, whatever I want. But I want to know how you feel about
it, and I promise that your feelings will be a consideration when I decide
how you'll be used. Now, I think you wanted to sit for awhile, right?"

    She raised her skirt and bent over the couch. Looking back at me with a
big smile, she said, "I did want to sit, until I heard a better idea."

    "As beautiful as you are in that blouse and skirt," I told her, "I
think we should take them off now. Do you agree?"

    Still smiling, she stood up and turned to face me. "Would you like to
strip me, or would you prefer to watch?" she asked.

    I said, "I don't want you stripped just yet, I want to enjoy seeing you
in underwear for awhile. But I would be honoured to remove the outer layer."
She held out her arms and walked up to me, and I began unbuttoning her

    When the blouse was unbuttoned, I slowly undraped her breasts, kissing
the skin as I progressed. When each dark brown areola and nipple was
revealed, I spent long moments kissing, licking, and nibbling on them. The
floss she had tied around her nipples had made them exquisitely tender and
sensitive, and I soon had her moaning continuously. At one point I thought
she was about to cum, so I gave each nipple a last kiss and then continued
with the task of slowly removing her blouse. She groaned, and said this was
the best torture she could imagine.

    I spent less time removing her skirt, but made sure her pussy was well
kissed, licked, and fingered. There was also a surprise down there, she had
tied dental floss around her clit, and it was engorged with blood and so
sensitive she could hardly stand for me to touch it. I carefully removed
the floss, accompanied by many Ooohs and Ouches and a final Ahhh. I tugged
and twisted her rings, and asked her if she felt any discomfort. She said
No, she believed the rings were ready for use. Then I asked her if she
still wanted to sit. She asked me to sit, and she knelt in front of me and
took my hands in hers.

    "I was thinking," she said with a grin, "that it's traditional for a
groom to have a stag party the night before his wedding. And from what I've
heard, it's not unusual for the groom's buddies to buy a prostitute to
service him during the party. Please, may I be your whore tonight?"

    "I don't know if I can afford you," I said with a grin. "How much would
it be for the whole night?"

    Letting go of one of my hands, she lightly ran her fingers over my
crotch. My cock began straining to get out of my pants. Smiling up at me,
she said softly, "The first one's free. For a return engagement, you'll pay
just about anything I ask."

    Trying to sound naive, I said, "Gee, you must have a lot of experience.
Have you been with a lot of men?"

    Continuing to caress my penis through my pants, she said, "I haven't
had many complaints, and what I lack in experience I make up for in

    "Ok, it's a deal," I told her. I helped her to her feet, then stood up
and led her around to the back of the couch. "Please bend over," I asked
her, and she immediately bent over the back of the couch and rested her
hands on the centre cushion. I stood silently behind her for a time, then
started walking slowly around the couch, looking at her from every angle.
She didn't turn her head from the straight ahead position, but her eyes
locked on me and began following me as I moved in front of her.

    "Do you like what you see?" she asked, shaking her breasts and her ass.

    "Oh yes, very much," I told her. "Your dark brown nipples are very ...
stimulating. I'm looking forward to tasting them, to see if they taste like
chocolate." She smiled. I continued my circuit of the couch, and stopped
when I was behind her again. "You have the sexiest ass I've ever seen," I
told her, and she wiggled it for me. She was so wet that her pussy juices
were beginning to run down her legs.

    I walked up behind her and lightly placed the palms of my hands on the
cheeks of her ass. She was trembling. "You're not afraid of me, are you, my
little whore?"

    "Not afraid, just unbelievably excited. My legs are beginning to feel
weak. Please take me to bed."

    I slid one hand over the curve of her ass and cupped her vulva, and she
began shaking. I told her to lower herself until her stomach was resting on
the back of the couch. She moved her feet apart and spread her legs as she
lowered her body onto the couch. "We're not in any hurry, my beautiful
whore," I told her. "I've got you for the whole night, and I intend to make
full use of you. You're going to be slowly, thoroughly, and completely
fucked tonight." I touched her clit lightly with a finger, and she came
hard, drenching my hand with her juices.

    I grabbed a couple of pillows from the couch, then had her stand up
straight just long enough to put them on the back of the couch. When I bent
her over on the pillow, her pussy was at just the right height. I quickly
stripped, then walked up behind her until the tip of my cock contacted her
labia. "Oh, God," she said, "Please put it in me. I need you inside me." I
slid the head of my cock up and down her slit a few times, pushed it an
inch into her pussy, then stopped and began caressing her ass and thighs
with my palms.

    "No, no, don't stop there," she cried. "You're driving me insane, put
it in me all the way and fuck me." I pulled out of her, and she groaned.

    "You're really hot tonight, aren't you?" I said.

    "Yes, yes, I'm hot, I'm horny, I don't know what you've done to me, but
I've never needed fucking more than I do right this minute. Why aren't you
fucking me? I need you inside me."

    I didn't know if she was serious or play acting for me. "You're going
to have to earn it, my little whore," I told her. "I think you should show
me how you can dance in your sexy underwear, then I'll be in the mood."
Before I finished talking, she was shaking her head from side to side.

    "No, no, no," she said. "I'm not kidding around here, I need you to
fuck me. Let's fuck first, then I'll gladly dance for you." I laughed, then
moved up and plunged my cock into her pussy. She sighed deeply, dropped her
head down until it almost touched the seat of the couch, and said, "Thank
you, thank you, now please fuck my brains out."

    "While I'm fucking your brains out, tell me why you're acting like
this. I've never seen you this desperate and hungry to be fucked."

    "I know," she said, raising her head and swivelling it around, trying to
meet my gaze. "I'm not sure, but I think it's everything that happened
today, the insights you helped me attain, our upcoming remarriage, and
topped off by the freedom you're giving me tonight. I just want to devour
you, and to be devoured by you." She just looked at me for a few moments,
then said, "I can barely see you, and I need my hands on you, can't we go
to bed now and fuck face to face? I want to look at you and touch you and
feel your hands on my body."

    While continuing my slow, deep strokes into her pussy, I bent over and
cupped her breasts in my hands, getting a deep sigh. I started sliding my
hands over her breasts, and she gave a sudden start. "The dental floss has
been on a little too long," she said, "will you please remove it now?"

    "You should have thought ahead when you put it on so tight," I told
her. "I'll remove it when I'm finished fucking your pussy. Or we can stop
fucking while I remove the floss. It's up to you."

    "No, don't stop, fuck me harder. May I please come now?"

    "You're on your own, my little whore,"  I said. "When you come and how
often you come is entirely up to you tonight." When she came, her pussy
clamped down on my cock so tight that it hurt. As soon as the first
compression eased off, she began gentler, rhythmic squeezes. It was
irresistible, I groaned as I shot my load into her.

    She looked back at me with a heavenly smile. "Oh, yes, yes, that's what
I needed," she said, "now I can think again. That felt so good, thank you."

    "I kinda enjoyed it myself," I told her. Bent over with my chest on her
back, I cuddled her a few minutes, until she had stopped shuddering and her
breathing had slowed. I had her stand up, then turned her around to face me
and kissed her tenderly.

    Picking her up, I carried her to the bedroom. I was about to drop her
gently on the bed, but she said "Bathroom, please." I carried her to the
bathroom and sat her on the toilet. Kneeling in front of her, I asked her
if she would really like for me to remove the floss from her nipples with
my teeth. She smiled and nodded. I warned her it would take longer, and
hurt more, than if I did it with my fingers. In response, she pushed a
breast to my mouth. I started to work removing the floss.

    Whenever I put floss on Carrie, I tied the knot with one or two loops,
like a shoelace knot. Also, I only tied the knot tight enough so that it
wouldn't slip off of her nipple or clit. But she wouldn't do that, she
always tied regular double, or sometimes triple knots, and tied the knots
as tight as she could stand. He nipples were dark purple, even under the
brown skin dye, and they felt cold in my mouth. I didn't want to give her
rules or orders tonight, but I made a mental note to put a stop to this
practice of hers, or else forbid her to ever put floss on herself.

    I worked on one nipple for perhaps 5 minutes, and got nowhere. I knew
it was hurting her, but each time I looked up at her she just smiled and
told me I was doing fine. Finally I stopped, and said, "It's too painful
for you, and I'm taking too long. If I use my fingernail clippers, I think
I can cut the floss without cutting you." She was unhappy that I was giving
up, but said to do it however I wanted to.

    In fact I did nip her once with the nail clippers. She was long past
the point of denying she was in pain from the floss, and when the clippers
pinched her skin at the base of her nipple, she yelled and pulled away from
me. I couldn't help laughing, which annoyed her. I told her I hoped she
would remember this, the next time she was tempted to put herself in pain
without permission. She put her hand on my arm and said, "Message received,
now can we get back to some of that slow, thorough fucking I was promised?"

    After we changed places on the toilet, I told Carrie I fancied some sex
under water, nodding at the shower. She nodded her head eagerly, so I told
her to go turn on the water and adjust the temperature. "No, I want to stay
here with you," she said. "It will only take a few seconds to adjust the
shower, we can do it together." I told her if she wanted to stay with me
she had to kiss me. "About time you asked," she said as she moved her lips
to mine.

    In the shower, we took our time soaping each other. As we finished
rinsing under the shower head, I pushed Carrie face-first against the wall.
"This isn't gonna be slow, but it's gonna be very thorough," I whispered in
her ear as I drove my cock into her ass.

    "Show me you own me. Make me know I'm yours," she answered. I fucked
her ass until I felt the orgasm starting to build. I told Carrie to cum
with me, and she did. As we came down from our orgasms, I held her pressed
against the wall of the shower so I could feel every tremble of her body.
Kissing her neck and the sides of her face, I told her she was mine
forever, as I was hers. When at last I eased the pressure of my body on
hers and withdrew my cock from her ass, she turned around, put her arms
around me, and we shared a long, tender kiss.

    It was Carrie's turn to run the show, she pushed me under the running
shower and dropped to her knees. Looking up at me with a mischievous grin,
she said, "This is going to be slow AND thorough. Find something to hang on

    She was right. By the time she got me off, I had my hands over my head,
holding onto the shower head for support. When she released me from her
mouth, I eased myself down until I was sitting under the running water.
Carrie curled up in my arms, and we cuddled in the warm shower for a few

    As we were drying off, Carrie said she knew what she wanted to do next.
I asked her what, and she said, "You dress warmly, then tie my hands behind
my back, take me outside naked, throw me on the ground behind the house,
and fuck me." I told her that was not a good idea, it was freezing cold
outside. "It's not like we're taking two hours to get up to the hilltop,"
she said, "we'll be back inside before I get really cold. But I don't want
a quickie out there, I want a thorough fuck, the kind you usually give me."

    "What do you mean 'usually'?" I asked her. "When have I not given you a
thorough fuck?"

    She put her arm around my neck, kissed me and smiled. "All I meant was,
we'll be outside for your pleasure and my submission, so if you try to
hurry on my account you'll short-change both of us. Understand?"

    "Understood," I answered. "But it's not a good idea to go outside
naked, in freezing weather, right after a warm shower. Go get us some wine,
and we'll sip and talk for awhile." She ran off to fetch the wine, and I
got dressed.

    Carrie soon returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses. She poured
a glass and handed it to me. "Thank you, my beautiful whore," I said.

    She said, "You know what, I've decided I don't really like being called
a whore, even if I am one."

    I sat in a chair and told Carrie to climb into my lap. With my arms
around her, I reminded her that she was the one that started the whore
talk, and I was just going along with what I though she wanted.
Furthermore, she was not a whore, and never would be, and I never again
wanted to hear her say that she was a whore. She said she didn't want to
make a big deal out of it, I was right that it was her idea, but it was a
bad idea, so let's just forget about it. I agreed, offered her a sip of
wine, then kissed her.

    We drank wine and made small talk for awhile. At one point I reminded
Carrie that she had said she wanted this to be a night for lovers, and now
she was asking me to tie her hands, take her out into the cold night naked,
and fuck her on the ground. I pointed out that lovers would probably just
go to bed instead. She gave me a serious look, and said, "You've been a
wonderful, considerate lover all evening, and I've loved every second of
it. But now, if it pleases my Master, I would very much like to be put
under his control."

    I gave her another sip of wine, then kissed her tenderly and pointed to
her spanking chair. "Formal speech, Slave. Go bend over the chair, and stay
there until I'm ready to deal with you." Carrie scrambled out of my lap and
ran to the chair. She spread her feet to shoulder width, bent over the
chair back and grasped the front of the seat with her hands. I could see
that her pussy was already wet.

    During the ten minutes it took me to finish the glass of wine, I
silently watched Carrie. She didn't seem to be trembling, but once in a
while she would shudder for a few moments. I wondered if she was having
orgasms, but I didn't want to break the silence to ask. Her body tensed as
she heard me rise from the chair. Rather than going to her, I went to the
mural room.

    Returning with her slave collar and wrist manacles, I threw them down
on her chair between her hands, startling her. I said, "We had more hours
of tender lovemaking ahead of us tonight, but you chose this instead." I
returned to my chair, sat down, and poured another glass of wine.

    When my glass was half empty, I got up and went to the kitchen.
Fetching two ice cubes from the freezer, I held them under running water
until all of the rough edges had been melted away. Returning to the
bedroom, I walked up behind Carrie and rubbed an ice cube the length of her
pussy. She gasped and jumped, but didn't pull away from my hand. I moved
the ice cube to her sphincter, held it there for a few seconds, then pushed
it into her ass hole. She gave out a yelp, and I immediately told her to be
quiet or face punishment. I repeated the procedure with the second ice
cube, first rubbing it across her pussy and then pushing it into her ass.
Finally I gave her a single hard slap across her ass, then returned to my
chair and continued sipping my wine.

    After making her wait for 10 more minutes, I stood, walked up behind
her, and caressed her ass and thighs. She began trembling, and then she
sobbed. I hadn't noticed the tears running down her face onto the chair,
but I could see now that she had been crying silently for some time. I
asked her why she was crying, and told her to respond to my question. "I
hate myself when I act so selfishly and disappoint you, Master," she said.
"I'm so sorry I ruined our evening."

    "I thought we had gotten past this, Carrie. Didn't we agree, earlier
this evening, how wonderful it was that you could ask me for what you want?
Why would you think you had disappointed me by asking for what you want

    She forgot she was in formal speech. "You're not mad at me?" she asked.

    "No, I'm not mad at you. I decided you were in need of some discipline.
You're going to get more, as soon as we settle this little issue. Do you
think I'm unable to refuse your requests if I choose to?"

    She shook her head rapidly. "No, Master, I never thought that," she
said earnestly.

    "Ok, then, there's just one more thing you need to understand before we
can continue. You disrespect your Master, when you say you hate something
that your Master loves more than his own life. I will never hear you say
that again, is that understood?"

    She looked around at me, the tears still flowing down her face. "Oh,
yes, Master, I will never say that again."

    "I'm going to spank you now, Carrie, but this is not a punishment. Tell
me how you know this is not a punishment."

    "Because you just told me so, Master, and because I've done nothing to
deserve punishment."

    "That's right, Carrie, now hold your head straight and erect, and
accept your spanking," I said, then began.

    I spanked her for about half an hour. Both my hands were starting to
sting badly, and Carrie was sobbing constantly. Finally I saw her lower her
head, and I used that as my cue to stop. I returned to the kitchen and
filled a small bowl with ice. Coming back to Carrie, I spent a few minutes
rubbing her ass lightly with the ice, causing her to come several times.

    Finally I shoved another ice cube into Carrie's ass, saying "This had
better be melted by the time I put my cock in there." I had her stand up,
then put her collar and manacles on. I fastened her wrists together behind
her back, then got a jacket from the closet and put it on. Finally I
grabbed the pistol from its hiding place behind the headboard of our bed,
put it in the jacket pocket, then took Carrie by the arm and led her toward
the back door.

    With a hand on the pistol in my pocket, I opened the door and stepped
outside. I stood quietly for a few seconds, listening for any unusual
noises. Then I reached across the doorway, grabbed Carrie by her arm, and
pulled her outside. I felt her shudder when the cold air hit her naked
flesh. I could see our breath heavy on the air, it was really cold. After
closing the door, I pointed Carrie where I wanted her to go, then pushed
her back to start her walking. I took her about twenty feet from the house,
where there was a small clearing we had used before.

    When we reached the clearing, Carrie was shivering. "On your knees,
forehead to the ground," I told her. She immediately knelt as I ordered. I
walked a slow circle around her, then knelt down behind her. Unzipping my
pants, I pulled out my cock and shoved it into her ass. I think the ice had
melted, but it was pretty cold in there at first. I held her hips as I
pumped her, since she had no way to brace herself with her hands restrained
behind her back. In the faint light I could she that she was covered with
goose flesh all over, and she was starting to tremble badly.

    It took me perhaps 15 minutes to come in her ass. She didn't seem to be
hurting much worse than she was when I first entered her, so I decided to
extend her experience as she had asked me to do. I told her she could
straighten up, and she raised her body to a vertical position, still on her
knees. "As soon as I rest up a little, you can clean me off and suck my
cock," I told her. Still with her back to me, she nodded. I noticed she had
curled her hands into fists. "You do not have permission to curl your
fingers," I told her, "straighten them at once and attend to your posture."
She immediately straightened her fingers, opened her knees farther, and
tried to assume a more erect posture.

    I knelt quietly behind Carrie for a few minutes, then started tracing
designs on her back with my fingers. I could feel her continuous shaking,
although she was trying to suppress it. Finally I said, "Well, I suppose I
should let you blow me before your teeth start chattering." I think she
tried to laugh, but it came out more like a snort. I laid down behind her
and told her to turn around, clean me off, and suck my cock. She shuffled
around on her knees and began her assigned task.

    That was the only time I remember getting a less-than-perfect blowjob
from Carrie. After she cleaned me off, she began stimulating me, but the
cold was really starting to get to her. A few times I felt her teeth on my
cock, although she never bit me. I wasn't sure how long to let her
continue, but just when I had decided to end it she got her second wind.
She took a deep breath, then swallowed my cock. He face was pressing into
my crotch as I felt the tip of my cock moving back and forth deep in her
throat. She held me in her throat as long as possible, then pulled back so
she could gasp enough air to do it again. She repeated that four or five
times, then finally I felt my orgasm starting to build. When I was
approaching the peak sensation, I told Carrie to cum, and for the first
time I could remember, she didn't cum on command. Tears fell from her eyes.
"So that's how you obey your Master?" I asked.

    When Carrie had cleaned my cock thoroughly, she straightened up and sat
back on her heels. She looked miserable, it was obvious she was hurting
badly. Tears were still running down her cheeks. "I'll need ten or fifteen
minutes to recover," I told her, "then we can have a straight fuck. I
wouldn't want your pussy to feel left out. Just relax, I'll let you know
when I'm ready." I put my cock back in my pants and zipped up. "Don't want
it to get too cold," I told her with a smile.

    I put my hands behind my head and lay there watching her. "You could
open your legs a little farther," I told her. She immediately opened her
legs another few inches. "Hold your head erect, too. I really think it's
time we got a posture collar for you. A month in a rigid, six-inch wide
collar, 24 hours a day, will teach you the proper way to hold your head,
and the importance of obeying your Master's commands." While I was speaking
she raised her head and lowered her eyes in the correct posture. "Much
better, but a little late" I told her.

    I lay quietly, watching Carrie's shivering become more violent and the
pain reflected on her face grow stronger. Finally, without raising her
eyes, she said in a whisper, "Please."

    "Please what, Carrie?" I asked.

    "Please, Master, take me inside."


  1. I am totally mystified at her desire to freeze herself....maybe it is because I am not a fan of the cold.....hopefully she has learned her lesson.
    hugs abby

    1. She is trying over and over to show him how much she loves him. And she makes mistakes. The floss on the nipples where a clipper is needed to untie.

      And yet, she wants to feel owned, especially at anal. Look back the feeling of being owned is mostly with anal sex and that is maybe because it's the most tight way to be bound together.

      I love the chapter.


  2. Me too, Abby, and he is fiolliwing on it.
    I wish he would say : no. It is not good for you.
    She wants be controlled Sometimes and Sometimes she wants do as she wants.
    She is too complicated for me..
    Is she his slave?
    Is he her slave?

    1. I think in any good relationship both partners are willing to compromise and to forgive. And that is what that do, often.

      People as a species are complicated Mona Lisa. And only in good stories people are multifaceted.

      Thank you for your comment,


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