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Training Carrie, chapter 45

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 45

As we finished lunch, I told Carrie it was time for a visit to the
basement, where we would plan our remarriage ceremony, and then she would
pay the punishment debt she had accumulated. She swallowed hard, but then
smiled and said "Yes, Master."

    In the mural room, I outfitted Carrie with wrist and ankle manacles and
her bondage collar and belt. I picked up the leash and then escorted her
down to the basement.

    "The first thing we'll do," I said, "is continue your leash training.
We were just getting started with that when we were interrupted." She
shifted uncomfortably, and I'm sure she would have apologized again if she
could have. I reattached the leash to the disk at her pussy, then freed her
wrists and ordered her to fold her arms. I asked her if she remembered the
rules for leash training, and she nodded. She was already Posed perfectly,
so I turned and started walking.

    The basement was the perfect place for her leash training. With mirrors
on every wall, I could see how she was performing without having to look
back over my shoulder all the time. It quickly became clear what her
strategy was for keeping the leash taut, she was attempting to stay in
perfect step with me and match my stride. I was amazed how well she was
keeping a constant tension on the leash. I tried speeding up and slowing
down, and even changing my stride length. She reacted almost instantly to
every change, even though she kept her eyes down at all times, locked on
her nipples as I had commanded.

    After we had made several circuits of the training room, I told Carrie
we would try moving at a faster pace for awhile. I added that, if she felt
even the slightest pain in any of her piercings, she was commanded to break
her silence and tell her Master immediately. I saw her nod her head, and
then I began to jog slowly.

    My sudden change, from a slow walk to a jog, caught her by surprise.
There was a tug on the leash, but I was watching her face in the mirror and
saw no sign of pain. She immediately caught up to my speed, and again
amazed me at how perfectly she could synchronize her movements with mine.
We jogged around the room twice, then I switched back to a slow walk as
quickly as I could. I saw her lean back, to maintain the tension in the
leash as she matched my new pace. I wondered if she was thinking through
these responses in real time, or if it was all reflexes.

    While we walked, I explained to Carrie how to Heel on command. When she
was commanded to Heel, she would quickly move up beside her Master, on
whichever side her Master was holding the leash. I said that as soon as I
gave the Heel command, I would begin drawing the leash through my hand, and
she would smoothly move up beside me. The command would finish with me
holding the end of the leash that was attached to her, with my hand right
in front of her pussy. I told her the opposite command was Back, and when
commanded Back she would return to her position two paces behind me,
maintaining the leash tension as I reeled her out. I asked her if she
understood the Heel and Back commands, and she nodded.

    The first time she executed the Heel command, she broke her Pose and
looked up at me as my hand reached the end of the leash at her pussy. I
smiled at her and told her she had just added to her punishment again, and
she snapped back into the proper Pose. We ran through the Heel and Back
commands perhaps twenty more times, and by then she was doing everything
perfectly. I told her we would jog two more laps, and try Heel and Back
while jogging.

    She did very well the first time, but the second time she tried to Heel
our feet got tangled up. I really don't know if it was her fault or mine,
and it doesn't matter. I let go of the leash as soon as I began falling,
and concentrated on not falling on Carrie. I didn't fall hard, and was just
about to break out laughing, when I saw Carrie scramble to her knees and
put her forehead to the floor.  She had kept her arms folded even while she
fell. I asked her if she was hurt, and she shook her head rapidly. I asked
her if she had felt any pain in her piercings, and again she shook her head

    "Unfold your arms and stand up, Carrie," I told her. She got to her
feet and assumed the Waiting pose, her eyes fixed on her nipples. I told
her she was on informal rules until further notice, and asked her to look
at me. She looked into my eyes, and I saw tears pooling in her eyes. I
walked up to her and took her in my arms, and she put her arms around me. I
told her I was very sorry that I had tripped us, that it was inexcusable
that I had put her in a position where she could have been hurt and could
have torn out one of her rings, and asked her to forgive me.

    I knew her so well, I knew her mind was racing, trying to think of
something to say that would take the blame from me and put it on her. But
she knew I didn't want her to do that. Finally I felt a slight change in
her posture, and knew she had decided. She looked up at me with a smile,
and said, "It's Ok, Master, no harm done. I forgive you." Then she gave me
a big wet kiss. After the kiss, I told her that her forgiveness was very
important to me, and she had made me very happy. "Any time," she said with
a grin.

    Taking Carrie's hands in mine, I told her we had two more things to
deal with before going back upstairs, the wedding plans and her punishment.
I said we should take care of the punishment first. She swallowed hard, and
said, "Yes, Master." I asked her if she could tell me the offences she was
due punishment for. "Yes, Master," she said. "I tried to give my Master
advice on how how to control his Slave, and twice I broke a commanded

    "What do you think the punishment should be for those offences?" I
asked her.

    She thought for a few moments, then said, "Perhaps four strikes to the
breasts with a crop for each offence, Master."

    I told her that was a little severe, I thought two per offence was more
like it. Then I asked her if she remembered the circumstances of her first
offence. "Yes, Master, we were arguing about whether I should attempt the
hill climb in cold weather." I asked her if she remembered what I said
right before she offered her advice on how to control her. She said, "Sure,
you asked me what we should do."

    "So you offered me advice after I asked you for it. Hardly an offence.
Now remember back, and tell me the real reason I told you I would punish

    She thought for a few seconds, then smiled sheepishly. "I said you

    "So, do we agree that it would be wrong to punish you for offering me
advice, after I asked you for it?" She nodded her head. "Good," I said,
"that leaves the two episodes, both of them occurring this afternoon, where
you broke a commanded Pose. I understand that your emotions are in turmoil,
Carrie, and that your thinking might not be at its peak capability right
now. Also, I am assuming that on both occasions when you broke your Pose,
it was because of an irresistible impulse, and not done to provoke me into
giving you punishment. Is that the case?"

    "Yes, Master. I've promised you I would never try to provoke you into
punishing me, and I never will."

    "Ok then," I said. "Clearly you broke a Pose twice today, and those are
punishable offences. Your punishment is that you are forbidden to have an
orgasm for the next hour." She was relieved, and was about to thank me. I
held up a finger to silence her, and continued, "But I'm warning you. As
much as I would hate to begin whipping you, after we have come so far
without using the crop or whip one time for punishment, I will return you
here and punish you harshly if you continue to break my rules. Is that
clear, Carrie?"

    She looked into my eyes, and said "Yes, Master. I promise I will
control myself as you expect and demand. Thank you for your indulgence and
for being the best Master any slave could ask for. Please, Master, may I
have a kiss?"

    I gave her a long, tender kiss. Then I said we should get on with our
planning for the ceremony tomorrow, because I wanted her upstairs in bed in
one hour, when her punishment was over. She jumped up and down, saying
"Ohboy, Ohboy," like the Carrie I hadn't seen for a few days, and making me
think that all of the turmoil of the last couple of hours had led to a
positive outcome.

    We sat on the couch in the Master's area and watched our wedding movie
on the camera's monitor. We decided it wasn't that bad after all, but
Carrie said she wanted to change some of the words she used, and she subtly
let me know that my words could also stand improvement. I told her to
reword my original speech the way she thought it should have been said, and
I would consider it. I had forgotten that I used the crop on Carrie after
the ceremonial flogging, and I told her I didn't want to do that again. She
said it was up to me, but the symbolism of marking her body at the
conclusion of the ceremony was strong, and she thought we should repeat it.
I reluctantly agreed. I commented that she was going to look stunning at
the beginning of the ceremony in her floor length gown, and in a way it was
too bad that she stripped at the very beginning of the ceremony. She said
she could wait to strip when she went to the punishment area for her
flogging, that way she would be in the gown for longer. We agreed that was
how we would do it.

    There didn't seem to be anything left to decide. I looked at the clock,
and said "Oh, my, Carrie it's 3:45 in the afternoon. Time for bed!" She
laughed, then asked if her punishment was over yet. "With time off for good
behaviour, your sentence has been served," I told her. Carrie then took my
hand in hers. When I looked at her, she asked if I would please lead her a
few more laps around the room with her leash. I told her I would be pleased
to do that.

    Carrie assumed the correct Pose while I attached the leash to her. We
started walking, and again she was amazing in her ability to keep perfect
pace with me regardless of my walking speed. I told her that, and she said
it was important to be the best she could be, at whatever task her Master
set for her. I put her through a half dozen more Heel/Back cycles, and she
executed each one perfectly. The tension in her leash never varied, even
when she was moving toward or away from me.

    After four laps at various walking gaits, I broke into a fast jog. She
adapted within a few steps, and once again was as near perfect as I could
determine. I took her for three more laps at various jogging speeds, and
then tried another Heel. She moved up beside me, and ran beside me for a
whole lap. Our upper arms were in contact continuously, and she never
raised her eyes. Looking at her partially closed eyelids, I could see her
eyes moving up and down as they followed her bouncing nipples. I was in awe
of her concentration and her performance. Finally I gave her the Back
command, and when I had reeled her out to her two pace distance behind me,
I slowed to a walk and then stopped.

    I turned around to look at Carrie. She was still posed perfectly, but
she was grinning ear-to-ear. I released her from her pose, then took her
shoulders to kiss her. She was covered with a fine layer of sweat, and was
still breathing a little fast. "How did I do?" she asked.

    "Perfect, as always." I told her.

    She was about to give me one of her "aw, shucks, not little ol' me"
looks, but then she changed her mind. Looking into my eyes, she said "I was
good, and I'm damned proud of it. Please take me to bed now, Master."

    We were standing by the bed and kissing, and I asked Carrie if her
pussy was sore or tender from the fisting I gave her earlier. She said she
hadn't noticed any problem, and suggested I send in a probe to investigate
further. I laughed, and asked if she was thinking of a regular sized probe
or an extra large probe? She hooked her arm around my neck, and said in a
very husky, sexy voice, "any sized probe you choose, any time you want." I
told her I would keep that in mind, but the whole-hand treatment was for
special occasions only. She said a honeymoon was a special occasion, then
pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top of me.

    For over an hour we cycled through our repertoire of sex. At one point
Carrie admitted that her pussy was a little tender, but she assured me that
there was no real pain, and she begged me not to stop what I was doing,
which was pounding her cunt as hard as I could with my cock. I told her we
would go easy on the vaginal penetration for a few days, but assured her
she would have plenty of pleasure. She didn't argue, other than to repeat
that a honeymoon was a special occasion and called for special activities.

    At one point I took a risk, and told Carrie that I felt like my Slave
was more submissive than she had ever been, but I still had a fully
functional partner and wife. She grinned at me, and said "I think you're
right, Master. Could it be I'm finally getting my shit together?"

    The sex was over for a while, and we were cuddling on the bed. I asked
Carrie how she really felt about having my whole hand in her vagina. She
said it felt almost like rape when I first started. She immediately
apologized for saying that, saying she knew that rape was impossible in our
case, because I always had her permission to do anything I wished to her
body. I said I wanted her to her to continue, I really needed to understand
her perception of what happened. She said it seemed like I was trying to
humiliate and debase her on purpose, but at the same time she trusted that
I wouldn't do that to her for no reason. Finally, she said, she shut out
everything but her Master telling her over and over again to open for him,
and she tried her best to open completely, in every way. She then felt the
joy of her total obedience to me, and trusted me to decide what was the
right thing for her to do.

    "I really need you to be honest with me Carrie, and not just tell me
what I want to hear," I said. "Should I have stopped when you asked me to?"

    She held my face between her hands, and said, "No, Master, I was not
raped. I was merely taken to a new threshold, one I was afraid to cross
without the help of my Master, my lover, my husband, my man."

    I told her I was relieved, because I was afraid I had pushed her
farther than she was willing to go, and that would have been rape even if
she didn't want to call it that. She sat up in bed and laughed. "I've been
trying to tell you for the last two hours that I want you to do it to me
again tomorrow, when we're on our second honeymoon. Does that sound like I
was raped? I think it would be good if we could work up to the point where
you fist-fucked me every morning as soon as we wake up. I guarantee you it
would set my attitude for the whole day. You would have the most docile,
obedient slave you could imagine."

    "I like you docile and obedient sometimes, Carrie," I said, "but most
of the time I want you as my equal partner. Plus, I would miss the
aggressive Carrie, who presses her body against me, hooks her arm around my
neck, says 'Listen,' and then tells me what I need to hear." She laughed,
and said she wasn't sure whether I liked that Carrie or not. I said I'd
like to see more of that Carrie, as long as she doesn't show up at
inappropriate times.

    "That's not an act I put on for you, Master, that's the real, non-slave
me coming out. That's who I'm in constant conflict with when I'm docile and
obey your commands without question. Every time I let that Carrie speak,
I'm afraid I'll wind up in the punishment area, getting whipped until I

    "Keep doing what you're doing, Carrie, and keep your Master honest. You
have the finest mind of anyone I've ever known, and I want you to let that
Carrie speak whenever she detects bullshit coming from your Master. You
will never be punished for doing that."

    The assertive Carrie came out then, for just an instant. She put her
hands on my shoulders and pinned me force ably to the bed. "We both love
you," she said. She kissed me hard, and then rolled over onto her back.

    "Get up and fix us some dinner," I told her.

    Groaning, she rolled off the bed. I got up and took her by the hand,
and we went to the bathroom and relieved ourselves. Back in the bedroom, I
dressed her in the house wear "reverse apron." "Let's get things back to
normal for awhile," I told her, "We're due some quiet time together."

    "I agree, Master," Carrie said. "I'm all for dinner, dancing, cuddling,
and lots and lots of fucking." I said that sounded like a perfect plan for
the evening, and asked her if she would like to spend the evening with Bill
instead of Master. She thought for a moment, then said, "How about no names
or titles tonight? Let's just be two people in love." I kissed her, and we
walked arm-in-arm to the kitchen.

    When we got to the kitchen, I untied her house wear, and told her she
wasn't a slave tonight. She turned and looked at me, and pressed her palm
lightly against my chest. "I'm always a slave, and I'll always be a slave,
but only for you. May I please ignore the rules of my slavery tonight?"

    "You certainly may. Now, why don't you start planning dinner? I have a
little something to take care of, and I'll be right back." Carrie gave me a
questioning look, but I just kissed her then walked out.

    I returned to the kitchen in a few minutes. I had put on a pair of
slacks, a sport shirt, and a pair of loafers, from the impeccable selection
of clothing Carrie had bought for me before I even arrived here. Carrie
whistled when she saw me. "Sexy," she said, "but one of us is overdressed."

    "Not for long," I told her. "While I start dinner, it's your turn. I
expect to be stunned when you return."

    "Any limitations?" she asked. I told her she could dress however she
chose. She walked up to me and put her hand on my arm. "Don't worry," she
said with a smile, "you'll like it." As she left the kitchen, she looked
over her shoulder at me, smiled, and wiggled her ass. I had total access to
her, any time I wanted it, but she could still give me a raging boner just
by shaking her bare ass at me.

    Carrie had been gone for perhaps 15 minutes, my boner had subsided, and
I was washing vegetables for our salad. I felt her hands on my shoulders,
then she ran her hands down my back and grasped me by my waist. I started
to turn, but she said, "Don't turn around yet, I have a test for you

    "Is that perfume I smell?" I asked, catching a faint scent of something
very nice.

    "Very good," she said, "but that's not the test. Here's the test." She
wrapped her arms around my waist and pressed herself into my back. "What do
you feel?"

    "Either there are two very perky breasts pressing into my back, or
you're an armed robber."

    "Right the first time," she said. "Would you like to see how perky they
are? Turn around and look." She let go of me and took a step back.

    I turned and looked at her, and I was stunned. Top to bottom, she was
perfect. Her hair looked as good as I had ever seen it. She had put on just
the right touch of make-up and that very subtle perfume. But when I got to
her breasts, she was spectacular. She wore a sheer black blouse over one of
her new open front bras. He breasts defied gravity, yet they looked
perfectly natural. Her nipples were rock hard. "Are those marbles, or are
you just happy to see me?" I asked with a silly grin.

    She brushed each one with a fingertip, causing her to gasp. "Dental
floss," she said. "I was thinking that, when the time was right, you could
remove it with your teeth. Maybe we'll start a trend, flossing and foreplay

    "Are you wearing anything below your breasts?" I asked. "I can't tear
my eyes away to check."

    "Ok, smartass," she said, turning her back on me. "Now can you see?"
She had on a short red skirt that perfectly outlined her shapely ass. Below
that were her beautiful legs clad in sexy black stockings and pair of red
heels. She walked to the kitchen door, then spun around and walked back to
me. "I believe you mentioned something about perky?" she said, looking down
at her bouncing breasts and pointing to them with her index fingers.

    I was almost literally drooling. "Honest to God, Carrie, you are
spectacular." I told her. She curtsied and thanked me. "Can I touch?" I

    "Sure," she said, "it's what they live for." I gently cupped and then
caressed her breasts, getting a sensuous sigh in return. When I brushed
her hard nipples, she gasped. "Not too much of that, or we won't make it to
dinner," she said. "Maybe we can just look, lust, and dream until the time
is right, and then we'll make each other's dreams come true."

    I said Ok, I would do my best, but I had to do one thing first. I bent
down and planted a gentle kiss on each nipple, then on her lips. "A promise
of things to come," I said. She said she would hold me to the promise, then
asked me what she could do to help with dinner. I told her to get us some
wine, everything was under control.


  1. They sure do have the 'art of romance' down to a science. I loved this chapter...showing the dominance, the love, the caring, the romance....
    hugs abby

    1. Leash training, Abby. It is such a wonderful fantasy. And yes, he does not only want a submissive he wants a partner like he said in this chapter.

      Some people get bored with these chapters where really nothing happens.
      But I love them.



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