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Training Carrie, chapter 42

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 42

 It seemed like Carrie had been reading to me for only a few minutes
when Philip said he was sorry to interrupt, but lunch had been ready for 15
minutes. I told him we would be right in, then kissed Carrie and helped her
up from the couch. "Can we do this again?" she asked. I nodded and asked
her if she would like me to read to her occasionally. She beamed at me and

    During lunch, I told Carrie the pony outfit was no good for outside, we
had to find something else. She said the boots made walking difficult even
on level ground, so she couldn't make any speed over varied terrain. I
agreed with her, but said there was a bigger problem. Even if she wore
walking shoes, it would take approximately an hour to make it to the top of
the hill. That was too long for her to be exposed to freezing temperatures
while naked. We needed something she could wear that would provide some
insulation from the cold, while still preserving her sexual availability.
She said Ok, but what was that? I said I didn't know, but we should go on
the internet and look for something. She said we could start right after
lunch, before her workout.

    Several times during lunch, Carrie put her fork down and rested her
hand on the table between us. Each time, I put my hand in hers and she
squeezed my hand and smiled, then resumed eating. Finally I asked her what
she was doing. She laughed and said she wanted to make sure I was real,
because it was really important to know. I stood up and moved over to her,
gave her a big kiss, and said I would be so happy when she got over this
phase. She laughed and told me I should enjoy it while it lasted.

    After lunch we went to the PC in Philip's "office" and started looking
for a solution to our problem. I let Carrie navigate, since I considered
myself an Internet illiterate. We didn't find what we were looking for, but
from watching Carrie's search methods, I concluded that if you should just
come up with the right words to describe what you wanted, you could find
anything. After searching for about 45 minutes, I said we should start her
exercise, and continue our search afterwards.

    During Carrie's exercise, she first talked about our morning's effort.
She said it was perhaps the hardest thing she had ever done, to keep
moving. She knew I would give her the sweater immediately if she stopped
moving, in spite of what I had told her, but it would have meant she gave
up, and she couldn't do that. She said getting to the top of the hill,
getting fucked, then getting warm became all her life was about. She just
kept putting one foot in front of the other, and postponing the decision to
give up, until we reached the top.

    When she was talked out about the climb, Carrie asked that I just
accept her "adoration" until she worked everything out. She promised me
that eventually I would simply be the love of her life. I said she could
take as much time as she needed, I would not speak of it again until she
brought it up.

    She then told me she had enjoyed reading to me, and would really like
it if I ever chose to do the same for her. For the remainder of her workout
she talked about her piercing, and how the rings constantly reminded her of
her enslavement to her Master. She said she was eager to at least see how
the attachments looked and fit, even though she knew it was too soon to put
any stress on the rings. She asked if we could do that after her workout. I
said Yes, but we would have to be very careful. She gave me a big smile.

    We went to our bedroom after her workout. I examined the piercings very
carefully, and saw no evidence of irritation or infection. I said, "Ok,
what do you want to try first?" She said the manhole cover, which is what
we had called the circular disk that was supposed to be a poor man's
chastity belt. It was useless as a chastity belt, but Carrie thought it
might serve as a bizarre decoration. I hefted it in my hand, and it weighed
almost nothing. It was obviously plastic, with a metallic coating to make
it resemble a metal plate.

    I carefully attached the disk to her four rings. Its diameter was such
that it forced her pussy open slightly, and the plate nestled just inside
her pussy, between the inner and outer labia. I couldn't decide whether it
was cute or trashy, I finally concluded it was both. She looked at herself
in the mirror and laughed. She said we nailed it when we called it a
manhole cover, that's exactly what it looked like.

    I told Carrie that, since it weighed next to nothing, I would let her
leave it in for awhile if she wished. She said she wanted to try some of
the other items, then she might ask for permission to put the manhole cover
back on. She wanted to try the dildo next.

    The dildo was not heavy as dildos go, but I told her it was too soon
for her to walk around with it hanging from her rings. I had her sit on the
edge of a chair in front of the mirror, then I inserted the dildo and
attached it to the rings. I told her to very gently try to expel it, and we
saw it moving out of her pussy and pulling the rings outward. I warned her
to be very careful, but she said she hadn't felt any pain.

    There was also a vibrator dildo, but we agreed that was too heavy to
try at this early stage of her healing. I told her the vibrator might
occasionally be added to her hill-climbing attire, after she was healed.

    Carrie was looking for other items to try on, and she pulled out an
object and asked me how it would attach. She said it was much too big to
fit inside her pussy, and it wasn't shaped right to be a cover over her
pussy, and the attach points were in a weird place. I looked at, and it
finally dawned on me that it was a cup holder. When I told her, she said
that didn't make any sense. I said it was something a sadistic master might
enjoy, using a slave as nothing but a cupholder. I asked her to imagine
kneeling in front of her master, a cup of coffee or a glass of wine sitting
in the cup holder, causing her a good deal of discomfort to have it hanging
from her pussy, especially if it was a hot drink. Her master might take an
hour to finish his beverage, then put the empty cup or glass back in the
cupholder and tell the slave to please bring him another. She gulped, and
said she should probably keep this well out of sight, and hope that I would
forget about it. I told her not to worry, we wouldn't use it until she
asked me to. She was about to say she would never do that, then she
realized what I said, "until" instead of "unless." I just smiled.

    There were other items we tried, most silly and some sadistic. We
agreed that with the exception of the dildo, the vibrator, and the manhole
cover, we would put the rest of the toys away in the back of the closet, in
case we ever got bored. I let Carrie put the manhole cover back on, then
dressed her in her sheer gown and high heels and had her walk around the
room. I told her it reminded me of a nameplate on some piece of equipment,
and we needed a version of the insert that had our names on it, signifying
that she was my property. Her eyes got wide, and she said that would be
perfect, she would find some place on the web that would make that for us.

    We went back to the PC to continue our search, and almost immediately
found a sheer, black, long sleeved, ankle to neck, mesh body suit. It even
had zippers over the breasts and crotch. "Perfect," Carrie said, but I had
my doubts. I knew it would look stunning, but I wasn't sure it would be
warm enough to protect her in freezing weather. After talking about it, we
decided that she would order it with overnight delivery, but we would keep
looking for something better. She said she wanted to get a flesh-coloured
version in addition to the black one, and I agreed. I then made her go to a
famous outdoors outfitter's web site and get a pair of high quality black
high top walking shoes. We agreed we were tired of e-shopping for the
present, but we checked out one last site before stopping, and found just
what I wanted.

    It was made of fairly heavy black latex. It had long sleeves, and
covered the body from ankles to high on the neck. It was basically a rubber
leotard. There was some sort of a built-in corset at the waist, zippered
breast and crotch openings, and an optional hood that overlapped the neck
of the suit and covered the head except for an oval cut-out for the eyes and
nose. Now it was my turn to say "Perfect." I told Carrie to buy one, be
very careful to specify the right measurements, and get the fastest
delivery possible. I was suddenly feeling much better about making that
movie on top of the hill.

    I told Carrie I thought she needed a long, hard spanking, and asked her
how she felt about being spanked downstairs. I didn't want her to think the
spanking was for punishment, since she had done nothing to be punished for.
She said she knew that spankings were for her Master's pleasure, and for
his Slave's pleasure as well. I took her to the bedroom and stripped her,
including the manhole cover. After a bathroom stop, we went to the mural
room for her bondage gear, then downstairs.

    After bending Carrie to the rails in the familiar butt-fucking
position, I said she would again give me the count after each slap to her
ass, and we would continue until she was unable to keep count. She gulped
hard, knowing that this procedure resulted in a much more severe spanking
than she would get if I was controlling the duration.

    Although her tears started flowing right away, she did very well until
the count neared 100. She was gasping and sobbing between counts, and she
lowered her head onto her chest. I told her that was not allowed, she must
hold her head up and look at herself, just like when she was being flogged.
She quickly raised her head, and seemed to have regained some control over
her sobbing.

    At a count of 205, Carrie asked if she could have a moment's rest. I
asked her if she needed a drink of water, and she eagerly said Yes.
Bringing her a glass of cold water, I held it to her lips while she drank.
I gave her a light, tender kiss, and asked her if she was ready to stop.
She said No, she was able to continue, and thanked me for the water and the
kiss. Returning to my spanking position, I noted that her ass was very red
and very warm to the touch. I resumed the spanking.

    As we neared a count of 300, Carrie began taking several seconds to say
the count after each blow. She had pretty much gotten beyond the sobbing
and gasping, although tears were still flowing freely. I wasn't sure if she
was trying to stretch out the spanking, or if she needed to stop but was
too stubborn to admit it. I told her she would have to respond faster, I
didn't want to spend the rest of the day swatting her ass. She answered
faster after that, and we continued until the count reached 390, when she
failed to respond. I waited about 5 seconds, then asked her if whe was
finished. She begged my forgiveness for being so weak, and said if she
could have another brief rest she would be able to continue.

    I told her she was not weak, she was very strong. I said her Master
wanted his Slave to tell him that she had performed as well as anyone could
ask, and that she had taken all she could for the time being. She echoed
back what I had said, and I told her she would have to repeat it until I
knew she believed it. She gathered herself up, then told me in her own
words that she had done a good job, and she wanted to stop now.

    When I told Carrie to let go of the rail and stand up, she asked if I
would butt fuck her first. I told her I had other plans, which we would
implement after she had rested for awhile.

    I led her to the Master's area, where I sprawled on the couch and
pulled her on top of me. We cuddled until her tears had subsided, then we
got up. I had her lay face first on the couch, and laid a damp towel over
her ass. After fastening her wrists behind her back, I ordered her to
remain as she was, and said I would be right back.

    After making a quick trip upstairs for equipment, I returned to the
basement. As soon as I reached Carrie, I put her blindfold over her eyes. I
helped her to her knees on the couch and tied several turns of rope around
the base of each breast. Getting her to her feet, I tied the ropes from
each breast together behind her neck, creating a sort of a bra. Her breasts
were constricted into a spherical shape, standing straight out from her

    Turning Carrie toward the far end of the room by pulling her nipples, I
then set her into motion with a finger on her anus. We walked the full
length of the room, until we reached the punishment area. I felt her tense
up as she realized where she was, so I kissed her gently and told her not
to worry, she wasn't here for punishment. I positioned her as if I were
going to flog the insides of her thighs. Her collar, belt, and wrists were
secured to connect points on the floor of the punishment stage. Her ass
hung off the front apron of the stage. Her ankles were tied to ropes and
pulled up and to the sides until her legs were straight, with a 90 degree
angle between them.

    I caressed the insides of her thighs softly with my fingers, then knelt
at her side on the stage and used my lips and tongue on her nipples until
they were rock hard. Then I sat down beside her and began reading her "The
Story of O." As soon as she realized what I was up to, she gave me a big
smile and relaxed.

    After I read about 10 pages, I put the book down and knelt on the floor
at her crotch, surprised that she was already very wet. I tongued her pussy
and clit until she came several times, then I returned to her side and
resumed reading. After this process was repeated a number of times, Carrie
was in a continuous state of arousal. Each time I returned to her crotch,
there was a larger puddle under her ass, as her juices were freely flowing
out of her pussy, down the crack of her ass, and onto the floor.

    Once when I stopped reading, I decided to administer to her breasts
instead of her pussy. As I was licking, sucking, and nibbling on her
nipples, she was repeating softly that she loved me. Good, I thought, maybe
the adoration thing had run its course. I told her I wasn't commanding her
to cum, but I wanted her to try to have an orgasm just from the pleasure
she was receiving at her nipples. Within a few seconds she came. I sat back
beside her and continued reading, then after another ten pages returned my
attention to her pussy.

    This went on for a long time, perhaps two hours, until finally Carrie
begged me to stop, saying she was exhausted and needed to calm down for
awhile. I carefully removed the ropes around her breasts, lowered and
released her ankles, then unfastened her from the stage. After removing the
blindfold, I helped her sit up, then sat beside her and held her in my
arms. We kissed softly for a few minutes, until I could tell she was
starting to relax. I asked her if she could stand, and she asked me to
please hold her a few more minutes while she regained her strength.

    When she said she was ready, I took Carrie upstairs. After I removed
her bondage gear in the mural room, she walked up to me and pressed her
body against mine. Smiling, she said "Master, when you read to a girl, she
knows she's been read to."

    I laughed. "You're still turned on, aren't you?" I asked her.

    "Yes, Master, I'm just too tired to do anything about it. I hope you
give me another opportunity later." Then she asked, "How come I read
'Treasure Island,' but you got to read 'The Story of O'?"

    "It's simple," I told her. "I picked 'Treasure Island' because it was a
book I loved as a kid. I didn't know it had the same history with you. I
picked 'The Story of O' to read to you, because it was the only work of
pornography I saw on your bookshelf, and that made me think it meant
something to you. Was I right?"

    "You were right, Master," she said, lowering her eyes.

    I raised her chin until she met my gaze again. "You'll tell me when we
get to the parts that interest you," I said. She knew it wasn't a question.

    "Yes, Master, I will. You've already read some of the interesting
passages." I told her we would revisit those passages the next time.

    It was 4:15, and it was Friday, which meant we had the house to
ourselves for the weekend. After using the toilet, Carrie and I gave each
other a quick shower, and then I examined her piercings. I told her
everything looked great. I asked her if she was still conscious of the
extra weight hanging from her labia. She said Yes, and that she hoped she
would always be constantly aware of her Master's mark on her body.

    I dressed Carrie in a pair of 3-inch heels and her house wear "reverse
apron," then replaced the manhole cover over her pussy and attached it to
her rings. I told her this is how she would be dressed all weekend, unless
it interfered with other activities. She said she was proud to display
herself for her Master. She even offered to go completely naked, knowing
that she would be unable to sit down unless her ass was covered. I thanked
her for the offer, and said I would be pleased if she would remain naked
for me for the rest of the evening. She asked for permission to remove the
housewear, and I granted it. I added that she might as well lose the shoes,
too, since she preferred to go barefoot anyway.

    Carrie asked what I was planning for the evening. I told her my plans
were still unfolding, but I knew the first thing we would do. I sat in a
comfortable chair, and told her to kneel in front of me and suck my cock.

    About 5 minutes into a terrific blowjob, I asked Carrie if she could
cross her arms behind her back. Without breaking her rhythm, she folded her
arms behind her back. She was grasping one forearm with the other hand, and
I asked her if she could grasp her upper arms with each hand. With a little
struggle, she managed to do that without removing her mouth from my cock. I
asked her if that was uncomfortable or painful. She stopped sucking me long
enough to say it took effort, but was not painful. I told her she would
hold her arms in that position until told otherwise.

    After Carrie got me off and cleaned my cock thoroughly, she started to
get to her feet. I stopped her, and told her we were trying something new.
I said that as long as she had her arms positioned as I had ordered, folded
behind her back, she would be unable to change position without help. That
meant she could not stand, sit, kneel, or walk unless she was being held by
her nipples or her labia, or unless I had a finger, or something like a
finger, up her ass. I asked her if she understood, and she read back the
new rules perfectly.

    I stood, then took both of her nipples between thumbs and forefingers,
and told her she could get off her knees now. She stood up in one smooth
motion. Mindful of her rings, I took one of her labia between my fingers
and started for the kitchen. "What would you like for dinner?" I asked. She
had a hard time answering, but finally said anything would be fine.

    In the kitchen, I positioned Carrie in a corner and let go of her
labia. Going to the living room, I returned with a pillow from the couch
and put it on the floor in front of her. I told her to kneel, but she
remained standing. "That's my good girl," I said with a kiss, then took her
nipples and gently tugged her down to her knees. As I turned away from her
to begin preparing dinner, I asked her to talk to me while I worked.

    She didn't say anything for a few minutes, so I asked her if there was
a problem. In a soft voice she answered, "There's no problem, Master, your
Slave has a request, and was trying to think of the right way to ask."

    "Carrie, the right way to ask me anything at all is simply to ask. I
hope you know by know that you can tell me, or ask me, anything."

    She exhaled sharply. "Ok, Master, I would like you to decide how long
you spank me, instead of having me make the decision."

    I stopped what I was doing and turned to face her. "Done," I said, and
she gave me a relieved smile. I added, "Now please tell me why," and her
smile became a little strained. She was silent for a few moments, so I
added, "Would you like me to tell you why?"

    "Yes, Master," she said quietly, looking down at the floor. I told her
to look up at me and to straighten up, she was bending slightly at her
hips. She adjusted her posture and looked into my eyes.

    I smiled at her. "I think it's simple," I said. "you can't go easy on
yourself. You want to feel some pain, but when you've had all you want, you
just can't ask me to stop. You have to keep going until you can't stand any
more, as a demonstration of your love and devotion to your Master. Is that
about it?"

    "That is one reason Master. The other is that I feel more enslaved by
the spanking when it's length and severity is not under my control. I know
I can trust you totally Master, and I love the feeling of surrender when
you are in control."

    I smiled at her. "That was very well said, Carrie, and it helps me to
understand that you wish to be controlled more. How do you like the new
rules you are under right now? Does it make you feel more controlled,
knowing that you must keep your arms folded behind your back, and that you
can't move without assistance when they are folded like that?"

    "Yes, Master, I like this a lot, although my shoulders are beginning to
ache a little from holding this position. May I take a break and unfold my
arms for awhile?"

    "No, Carrie," I answered, "not yet. But I'm glad you felt confident
that you could ask that of your Master. You can always talk to me about
anything, or ask me for anything. Just understand that I will not always
give you what you ask for. Is that clear?"

    "Oh, yes Master, it's very clear," she replied quickly.


  1. Happy they figured out that the pony costume was not going to work for outdoors, especially in the cold. Sheesh...I have no idea how her bottom or his hand can take that amount of spanking with a lot of breaks and rubbing. Matthew always said the pain should be confined to my bottom which is why he liked using different implements.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. The spanking yes, it's much but people can take a lot of spanks especially by the hand. It makes your hand on fire though and Matthew was a wise man to divide his spankings with different implements.

      Thank you for reading, Cat,

  2. I see, , Bill had read My last comment. I don't know if I am thinking too fast, or they are thinking too slowly.
    But anyway, Bill and Carrie, you are welcome, just ask me for advice... LOL

    Mona Lisa

    1. I think you think very fast Mona Lisa! I'm not sure if they will follow your advice all the time...

      Thank you for reading,

  3. I doubt Master would ever put me in charge of stopping a hand spanking...His hand would be as hot as my bottom.....and i might still want more....Glad they have a better plan for the snow outing...
    hugs abby


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