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Training Carrie, chapter 41

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 41

I woke up when Carrie took my hand. I opened my eyes and she was
sitting cross-legged on the bed, looking at my face. "I was hoping I could
take your hand without waking you," she said.

    "It's Ok to wake me," I said. "Do you need something? Do you have to

    "No. Yes. No." She laughed. "What I mean is, I do have to pee, but it's
not urgent, it's not the reason I took your hand. I've been watching you
for 30 minutes, and I wanted to touch you."

    I gently pulled her on top of me and hugged her. "What am I going to
with you? Some day you'll figure out I'm just some guy, not whatever you've
convinced yourself I am. I'm afraid you won't want to be with me any more
when that happens."

    She pulled back and looked me in the eye. "That will NEVER happen," she
said forcefully. Then her voice softened. "I'm trying to be as transparent
to you in my thoughts and my feelings as I can be. We've already agreed
that I'm a little confused emotionally right now, would you rather I not
tell you what's on my mind until I get everything sorted out?"

    "No, tell me everything," I told her. "I want to know as much about you
as you can share with me. I guess I'm doing a poor job of accepting your
adoration, knowing that there isn't much adorable about me."

    "You're wrong, and some day I'll help you see that. Now I do have to
pee, come with me."

    While she peed, I carefully inspected her piercings, and one of the
holes had a slight reddening around it. That could have been from last
night's activity, or it could be the start of an infection. To be safe, I
put her in the shower and washed her thoroughly, and of course she had to
reciprocate, then I put some more antiseptic gel in each piercing.

    Carrie said she assumed we would make another trial run to the picnic
hill today. I asked her if she was up for it. She said she was, and asked
if she could wear the pony harness. I said sure, why not? I told her we
would skip her elliptical trainer session again today, but tomorrow we
would resume her regular training schedule.

    She said that, if there was nothing else on the agenda, we should carry
a picnic lunch and stay on the hill all day. I laughed, and told her she
would be carrying it, so that was fine with me. She said sure, the pack
pony could carry the weight. I told her I would go find Philip and tell him
we needed picnc lunch, and that we were ready for breakfast. She pointed
out that it was only 6:00, and Philip wouldn't be here for another hour.

    "In that case," I told her, "we're going up to the hill right now. It
will be good for you to get outside in the early morning chill. It'll give
you a modest preview of what it will be like in the cold and snow. I could
tell she didn't like the idea, but I didn't give her a choice. I told her
to fill the canteen, put some fruit in a bag, tie everything to the
backpack frame, and then bring it back here. I would get everything we
needed from the basement.

    I had just double checked that I had brought everything up from
downstairs. Carrie walked into the bedroom, and I immediately started
dressing her. First I put on her boots, then the tail plug, then the
harness. I said I thought we should leave off the crotch strap, but I would
let her decide. She said she wanted it, so on it went. I put on her head
harness, then asked her if she wanted to be steered by the bit or by her
nipples. Of course, she chose nipples. I took her to the bathroom and put
dental floss loops on both nipples, tightening the floss until she
groaned. Then I put the nipple clips on loosely over the dental floss,
and attached the jingle bells.

    We were just about to leave the bathroom, when I had an idea. I tied a
6-inch piece of dental floss to each of her labia rings. I said as she
walked they would brush her pussy and legs, and remind her that her reins
would eventually be attached there. She grinned.

    We went back to the bedroom and inspected her backpack. She had packed
everything I asked for. I got her too-long sweater that covered her ass,
rolled up a pair of her socks and walking shoes in the sweater, and
attached the roll to the frame with bungee cord. I told Carrie that the
sweater was a reward if we got to the top. If we didn't get to the top, she
would remain naked until we got home.

    Before blinding and deafening her, I gave her some more rules. Any fall
would be punished harshly, because I wanted her to be very careful and to
remember that her balance would be totally different with her pony boots
than with walking shoes, and I didn't want her to fall. Also, there would
be no rest stops. Once we left the house, we were going straight to the
hilltop. I told her if she got in trouble or couldn't continue, the signal
was to simply stop. She said she understood.

    I put the backpack on her, made sure it was secure and as comfortable
as possible, then attached the reins to her dental floss loops and threaded
the reins through and out the rear of the backpack frame. I put on her
wrist manacles and attached them to the bottom rear of the frame, then put
the bit in her mouth and secured it. Before blindfolding her, I got a
jacket from the closet and put it on. She gave me a dirty look, and I just
smiled at her and shrugged. Finally I put on her blindfold, carefully
inserted her earplugs, then patted her on the ass.

    Packing up the reins, I drove her through the house to the back door. I
could tell she had a definite balance problem on those very high heels, but
I had to wait and see if she could work it out.

    As soon as we stepped outside, I was afraid I had made a mistake. It
was very chilly. When I pulled Carrie to a stop so I could close and lock
the door, I heard her groan loudly, and she started stamping her feet. I
could see our breath in the air, I guessed it was 50 degrees or maybe less.

    I shook her reins, and she started off. She was doing her usual good
job of interpreting my steering cues, but her unfamiliarity with the pony
boots made her very slow. I didn't want her to fall, but I didn't want her
to get hypothermia either. My only choice was trust her, that she would let
me know if she got too cold, or else call the whole thing off. I decided to
trust her, primarily because this was a great opportunity for her to excel.
If I called it off, in her mind it would be a failure on her part.

    She had goose flesh all over. I was trying to figure out how long
before we would be in sunlight. I knew the sun was up by the amount of
daylight, but it wasn't shining on us yet, or on any place I could see that
we were heading for.

    About the time Carrie was getting the hang of her new footware, the
terrain started getting rougher and she had to slow down again. But at
least she was adapting to the environment. I estimated we had been on the
trail for 35 minutes when we reached the spot that took us 20 minutes
yesterday. It would take us at least another hour to reach the top.

    My brain was in turmoil. One second I would think we have to go back,
the next second I would think we have to go on. But I wasn't the one
freezing my ass off. I thought that, when this is over Carrie is either
going to be totally elated, or totally pissed off at me. The only thing I
knew for certain was, the one thing she would never do, no matter what, was
stop moving. That would be the signal she was giving up.

    After another 20 minutes, we came around a curve on the trail and into
bright sunlight. In fact, the sun was right in front of us, warming
Carrie's entire front, head to foot. Her posture visibly straightened, and
she whinnied. That's when I knew we would be Ok. Unfortunately, the direct
sunlight only lasted for about five minutes, then we were in shadow again.
But the little bit of extra warmth seemed to energize Carrie.

    At the steepest place she stumbled yesterday, she stumbled again, and
went to one knee. She recovered immediately, but froze waiting for the
promised punishment. I patted her on the ass, then signalled for her to go

    Finally we reached the top and came into sunshine again, an hour and 45
minutes after we left home. When I stopped her she whinnied and stamped her
feet. I quickly freed her wrists and got her out of the backpack, then took
the bit out of her mouth and removed her earplugs and blindfold. I was
getting her sweater off of the backpack, when she said "Fuck me." She was
shivering and her teeth were chattering. I told her she needed to warm up,
I wanted her to put the sweater on and wrap herself in the blanket until
she was warm. She said "Fuck me first." I looked at her and saw the
determination on her face.

    I threw the blanket on the ground and pointed down to it, and she
dropped onto her hands and knees. I quickly but carefully removed her
crotch belt and butt plug, and noted her skin was very, very cold. I
dropped behind her, whipped out my cock, spit in my hand and rubbed it on
my cock, and plunged it into her pussy. I leaned over her back, putting my
hands on the ground beside her, trying to shelter her body as much as I
could, and transfer whatever heat I could give her. I stroked her for about
a minute, then willed myself as much as I could to cum. As soon as I felt
the orgasm building, I told Carrie to cum with me, and she nodded her head.
In about another minute I came, and she came a few seconds later. Without
even pulling out of her, I grabbed the sweater, pulled Carrie up off of her
hands, and put the sweater on her. I told her to get up while I completely
unfolded the blanket, then we made spoons on the blanket and I wrapped it
around us, and put my arms around Carrie and my top leg over her legs. I
could feel her shivering, and her teeth were still chattering. I pressed my
body against her, trying to transfer as much heat as I could, and we lay
that way for about half an hour.

    Finally Carrie spoke. She laughed, then said "Damn, that was a bitch."

    "I'm sorry, Carrie, I didn't realize how cold it was. We don't ever
have to do this again."

    "Oh, yes we do, I need a LOT of practice, or I'll never make it in
freezing weather. We need to do this every few days as the weather changes,
so I have half a chance of making it at the first snow."

    Arguing would have been pointless, the matter had been decided when she
first heard the idea of coming up here and getting fucked in the snow. I
could have ordered her to give it up, but I knew I wouldn't do that.

    I suddenly thought of her survival kit. We lugged that thing around
with us everywhere we went, now we finally had a use for it. I stretched
out one arm, snagged the backpack, and pulled it to us. Fumbling with one
free hand, I finally got the survival kit detached from the frame and open.
I pushed the pistol aside, then rooted around inside until I came out with
her panties, jeans, and another sweater.

    Waving her panties in front of Carrie's face, I said, "Wiggle into
these to protect your piercings, then put on the jeans."

    When she saw what I had, she laughed. "It's about time we used that
stuff for something." She struggled into the panties under the blanket,
then I handed her the jeans. She couldn't get them on over the boots, so I
got out from under the blanket and had her stick out one leg at a time so I
could remove the boots. When she had the jeans on, I had her sit up then
forced her second sweater on, over the one she already wore. Reaching under
her sweaters, I first removed the clips and dental floss from her nipples,
then unfastened and removed the harness straps.

    I sat facing Carrie, trying to find a way to tell her how stupid I had
been. She reached out, took me by the shoulders, pulled me to her, and gave
me a big wet kiss. "Don't beat yourself up, we got here didn't we? The next
time we'll know what to expect, how to prepare, and I'll be faster." She
gave me a stern look, then said, "Don't chicken out on me Master, we're
going to make that movie."

    While she sat wrapped in the blanket, I put socks and walking shoes on
her feet, then asked her if she wanted to head back. "Are you crazy, after
what it took to get up here? No, I'm not ready to go back. Let's have some
fruit and water while it warms up some more, then I want some proper
fucking, not that quickie you gave me while ago." I shook my head and

    We lay down together again, face-to-face this time, rolled ourselves up
in the blanket, and nuzzled until the air seemed warmer. I snagged the bag
of fruit Carrie had packed and pulled out an apple. We shared alternate
bites, then I tossed the core and opened the canteen. I offered Carrie a
drink, then took one for myself. "Are you really glad we did this, or are
you just being the good slave?" I asked her.

    She kissed me, looked into my eyes, and said, "I'm glad we did this. I
feel like it was a hell of an accomplishment, I'm glad my Master ordered me
to attempt it, and I'm proud of the way we worked as a team to get here."

    I told her she was right, it was one hell of an accomplishment, and I
was very proud of her.

    We nuzzled some more, then Carrie said she wanted to get up and move
around awhile, and see how warm it had gotten. We both got out from under
the blanket and walked the perimeter of the small flat spot we called the
picnic area. Carrie did a few jumping jacks, then said it felt pretty warm,
she was going to lose the second sweater. I took off my jacket, and when
she noticed she said she was really pissed off when I put that jacket on in
the bedroom. I told her I knew she would be, and she grinned and wagged a
finger at me. She said she was still hungry, and pulled out a bunch of
grapes. I had a few, and she ate the rest.

    When Carrie had finished her grapes, she looked at me, shrugged, and
peeled off her sweater. She walked around topless for a few moments, then
took off her jeans and panties. She walked up and pressed her body against
me, and said, "Are you going to fuck me, or what?" I straightened out the
blanket and helped her lay down. I put her on her back, oriented so her
body would receive the maximum sunlight, then knelt between her legs. First
I removed the pieces of dental floss still tied to her rings, then I buried
my face in her pussy and began rolling and rubbing her nipples. She came
almost immediately, and kept coming about once a minute as long as I worked
on her.

    Carrie said I was making her insane with my tongue and fingers, she
wanted some relaxing butt fucking for awhile. Then she grinned and said,
"maybe I should call it remedial fucking, after your earlier attempt."

    I knew she was just baiting me, so I jabbed back. "You came, didn't
you?" I said with a grin. She laughed, patted me on the head as she was
changing positions, and said it only took one word from her Master to make
that happen. Our butt fucking session ran the usual time for us, about 40
minutes. Again she came many, many times, and I came with her on most of
them. Finally she said she was really tired, and asked if we could stop for
awhile. I flopped on my back beside her, and pulled her down on top of me.
She tenderly kissed me for a few minutes, then started working her way down
to my cock. I asked her if she had had enough sex to last her until we got
home, and she said she guessed so, if I wanted to stop. I told her to just
cuddle with me for awhile, I could clean off my own cock with canteen water

    Carrie shrugged and flopped down on top of me again, and we kissed for
more minutes. After awhile she said the happiness and contentment she was
feeling now was such a contrast to the misery she was in about an hour ago.
I almost started another round of apologies, but then I realized that's not
what she wanted. She had a thought that was interesting to her, and she
simply wanted to share it with me. I kissed her.

    I told Carrie she could wear the panties and jeans home if she wanted
to, whatever she wished. She said just shoes and socks and the long sweater
would be fine. I told her to replace the items I took out of her survival
kit, then reattach it to the backpack frame. Meanwhile I washed my dick
with canteen water, then folded up the blanket. We made one big roll of the
pony girl stuff and my jacket, and attached that and the blanket to the
frame. I hoisted it onto my back, and we set off back down the hill.

    I showed Carrie the spot where she stumbled. She said what actually
happened was that she stubbed her toe, and she was so cold she couldn't
react in time to keep from going to one knee. She said those pony boots
weren't made for hill climbing, then she asked why I didn't punish her as I
said I would. I said I knew she was already suffering, and I thought
encouragement would be better for her than punishment. "You were right,
Master, it helped a lot," she said with a smile.

    Once we cleared the rugged area, we walked home side by side with our
fingers intertwined. Two lives as one.

    Back in the house, I told Carrie to go start a warm bath, then strip
and wait for me. As I was stripping the backpack frame, Philip came into
the room. He said he had assumed we were downstairs. I said No, we went for
an early morning hike. He then apologized for accusing me yesterday of
harming Carrie. I told him he would be a fool to trust me, considering my
background, but he had known Carrie all of her life, she was an intelligent
adult, and she was worthy of his complete trust. I told him that when
Carrie obeyed me, she did it by choice, not by force, and just because she
had the courage to live her life the way she wanted, that didn't mean she
couldn't take care of herself. I don't think he appreciated being lectured
to, he thanked me and left.

    I found Carrie exactly where I knew she would be, waiting for me naked
in the bathroom, a big smile on her face. The tub was nearly filled, I shut
off the water and told Carrie to sit on the toilet. While she did her
thing, I knelt in front of her, gave her a kiss, and told her again how
proud I was of her accomplishments. "Our accomplishments, Master," she said
with a smile."

    "Yes, my role was the hardest. I had to follow you all the way up that
big hill. I was warm, I could see and hear and use my hands, I wore
comfortable shoes, but it was a real struggle."

    She laughed. "Ok, my part was a little harder than yours. But in my
mind, it was a team effort. We each played our roles well, and we made it
to the top together."

    "Seriously," I said, "it was very hard for me to watch you suffering,
and know I could stop it at any moment and bring you back here to the
warmth of the house. I was agonizing over my choices all the way up the
hill. I hope I made the right decision for my wonderful Slave."

    She gave me a stern, almost Mistress Carrie look. "Didn't I tell you
not to beat yourself up? Decision making is sometimes hard, that's why it
takes strong people. You made the right decisions, we achieved our goal
together, we're both heroes, end of story."

    We traded places, then used the bidet, then eased ourselves into the
tub and turned on the water jets. We lay side by side in the tub, Carrie
half sprawled on top of me, with one leg thrown over mine. I was caressing
her ass with one hand and a breast with the other and kissing her. She
asked what was on the agenda for the rest of the day, and I asked her if
she would be interested in an elliptical trainer session after lunch. She
said Yes, she missed working out and talking to me non-stop. I said she
really didn't need another workout today, but I was also looking forward to
her talk.

    Just as I was considering staying in the whirlpool bath all day, Carrie
said we were getting pruney, it was time to get out. I quickly washed her
hair, then we got out and dried towelled one another dry. I took her to her
dressing table and brushed her hair, then dressed her in hot pants, a
semi-transparent blouse, and heels. She asked why I chose that outfit, and
I said because I liked to keep her guessing. She said I did that really

    It was only 11:00. We went hand in hand to the kitchen, confirmed a
12:00 lunchtime with Philip, then I led Carrie to the living room. She
looked at me when I told her to sit on the couch, but I told her it was Ok,
I could break my rules if I felt like it. As an afterthought, I said I was
amending the rule. The amendment was, if her Master dressed her such that
she was unable to bare her ass to sit down, then she would sit normally.
She thanked me, then sat down. She sat with her legs well apart and her
hands resting on the couch beside her legs, palms up and open.

    I wandered over to a bookcase in the corner, which I didn't even
remember noticing before. As I was browsing the titles, one caught my eye,
"Treasure Island." I took it over to the couch and showed it to Carrie. She
said that was one of her favourite stories when she was a kid. I asked her
which character was her, and she laughed and said "Ben Gunn." I sat beside
her, handed her the book, and asked her to please read to me.

    She looked like she was going to protest, but then slowly smiled. She
opened the book to page one and began reading. I leaned my head back on the
couch, rested a hand lightly on her thigh, and listened to her beautiful
voice, reading me a story from both of our childhoods.


  1. Hiking in high heeled boots that I take resemble horses hooves? Totally wacko! Will check back tomorrow. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. It is what is called a trial run in those boots Cat, many more to come. But it's not all ponies and play. Things will change. Things never stay the same.

      At least not in books,

  2. I was going to say exactly what Cat did...hiking up a hill in those??? She is a stronger woman than I am. Putting on my grandmother hat for the weekend...will be back to catch up on Monday...
    hugs abby

    1. I doubt she is stronger Abby, she is one determined lady. Look at her preparing the house to be his slave... And now all that determination comes out in the walk uphill.

      I hope you have a wonderful time being Oma for the weekend.


  3. I said it before and I am saying it again.
    She needs a help.
    She is a danger to herself. She does not know where limits are going between good things and bad things.
    That should be his job to teach her that.
    And of course, he's doing everything she says she wants to do.
    I wonder who is ..
    And it was not even snow there and not frost ..
    Outdoors in freezing temperatures for an hour ...
    Yes !! Do it !!

    1. Thank you for your comment Mona Lisa,



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