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Training Carrie, chapter 40

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 40

I took Carrie by her shoulders, and she looked into my eyes. "If
anything hurts, you are to say so immediately. It doesn't mean we'll stop,
it only means we'll be more gentle, or we'll try another position. We have
the rest of our lives to have sex as roughly as we please. For the next few
days, it is important that we have gentle sex, at least when your pussy is
involved. Do you agree with me?"

    "Absolutely, Master. I don't want to do anything to interfere with my

    I had Carrie undress me and hang up my tux, then I removed her gown.
Kneeling before her, I gently kissed her all over her pussy while she ran
her fingers through my hair. After a minute, she said she wanted me in her
ass. She walked to our favourite butt-fucking chair, leaned over the back of
the chair, and grabbed the front of the seat. I came up behind her and
caressed her ass and thighs, producing sighs and trembling. I quickly went
to the bathroom and put some lubricating jelly on my cock. As I impaled
Carrie's ass, I asked her if she could rotate her hips a little to protect
her pussy from contact. She did, and I gradually increased the speed and
force I was using on her until I was at full power. I asked Carrie if she
felt any pain, and she said No, everything was wonderful.

    I reached around and cupped her breasts in my hands, combining
caressing her breasts with rolling her nipples between my thumbs and
fingers. I asked her how her breasts felt, and she said they had been
lonely, but now they were home again in my hands.

    I told Carrie I wanted her to cum as often as she wished. "Like that?"
she said, as I felt her body shudder. After about 5 minutes, I felt her
rotate he hips a little farther. I asked her if she was feeling any pain.
"Just a twinge," she said, "but now that I've repositioned, it's Ok again."
I wished I had thought of positioning the chair in front of the mirror, so
I could look at her eyes and make my own pain assessment.

    I let go of her breasts, and began running my palms over her back and
rump, and then down the side of her legs, then repeating. "Remember the
first time I did that to you?" I asked.

    She had a strong orgasm. "Yes, Master, you were training me to cum
for you. You've trained me well." She was silent for a minute, then said,
"Master, will you cum with me the next time?"

    "Yes, Carrie, whenever you're ready. I'll be there with you." She came
again twice in the space of a minute, and so did I. I moved my hands back
to her breasts, and we both came again.

    She turned her head and smiled at me, and said it was time for me to
experience the worst way. It took me a few seconds to remember her
reference, then I laughed, slowed to a stop, and withdrew from her ass.

    Carrie straightened up and came into my arms, and I asked her if she
was Ok. She held up her right hand like she was taking an oath, and said
"Ok." We embraced and kissed at length, until finally she pulled away from
my mouth and said, "Listen, that cock is going to be in this mouth in about
three seconds. I'd rather do it on the bed, but I'll do it right here on my
knees if that's what you want."

    I backed toward the bed and pulled Carrie with me. When I reached the
bed she pushed me back with considerable force, and I sprawled onto the bed
on my back. She followed me onto the bed and quickly clamped her mouth on
my cock. she had me groaning in seconds, but I recognized from her
technique that she was going to make it last. I told her to swing around
and straddle my head with her knees, I need to do a close-up tongue exam on
her pussy.

    Carrie carefully swung around to straddle me. I'm sure we were both
remembering the time she planted a knee right in the middle of my face, but
this time she was more careful. She didn't let go of my cock the whole

    I looked carefully at her piercings, and there was still no sign of
redness. I thought we had been extremely lucky to get away without even a
minor bacterial infection. Then I realized I was looking forward to
experimenting with all of the attachments she bought along with the rings.
And I was really, really looking forward to attaching reins to her rings
and teaching her to follow commands transmitted through the rings.

    I raised my head up until I was within range, then began carefully
tonguing her pussy. She began groaning, and I immediately stopped and
asked her if it hurt. She took her mouth off of my cock long enough to say,
"More of that. I have a clit in there somewhere, too."

    I flailed around with my arms and hands until I found a pillow, and
jammed it under my head. Then I went back to work on her, quickly working
my way along her pussy to her clit. I soon had the clit erect and engorged,
and I was nibbling it carefully, lightly flicking it with my tongue, and
sucking it with my lips. She started matching everything on my cock that I
was doing to her clit, then we both started having frequent simultaneous

    I have no idea how long we stayed in the 69 position. Eventually I
cried Uncle, and Carrie rolled off of me onto her back. She laughed, and
said "24 hours is too damned long to go without sex, what's next?"

    I said, "A few minutes rest, a trip to the bathroom for relief and
tooth brushing and to wash you off of my face, then I'll think of something.
I don't want to give away too much, but I believe it will involve cocks and
pussies working in close partnership."

    We crawled off the bed and headed for the bathroom, and she again took
my hand and intertwined her fingers with mine. I held our hands up, and
asked her what that was all about. "The fingers? That's you and me,
together. Two lives as one."

    We washed our faces and brushed each other's teeth. As she sat on the
toilet and I caressed her breasts, I asked her how her rings were doing.
She said she hadn't had any serious pain, just a couple of twinges. But she
said she was conscious of the rings all the time, she felt their weight in
any position, and it was a wonderful feeling. She not only bore my mark on
her body, but she was constantly aware of it.

    I reminded her that we needed to be careful during the cock-on-pussy
stage of our love making, and I suggested we do it with her sitting up on
me. She said we should just see how it goes, and do whatever we feel like
until something hurts. Then she gave me a shy grin, and said she had been
thinking about her pony training, and she wanted to re-examine the pony
girl harness in the basement, and see if we could use any of it.

    "Was there any particular part of the harness you were thinking about,
Carrie?" I asked her.

    "She blushed a little, and said, "Yes, Master, the tail. When I told
you I was picturing your pony being driven up the hill to her reward, she
was wearing that tail."

    I told her she would model the whole thing, and we would see what parts
we might be able to use. But I could tell her right now that the tail was
hers. She hugged me and thanked me.

    As we were walking back to the bed, I asked Carrie if she would like a
little warming of her backside before resuming. "Master, that's just what I
was thinking of," she said, "you're reading my mind." She quickly
positioned the low-backed chair before the mirror, positioned herself bent
over the chair, and wiggled her ass seductively. I asked her if she was
trying to get me to spank her, or fuck her. "Master's choice," she said,
smiling, "eventually I'll get both."

    I spanked her moderately hard until the tears were flowing freely, then
stopped and took her hand. We stretched out in bed together, face to face
with our bodies pressed together, and began kissing softly. "Carrie," I
said, "please stop telling me I should leave you. First of all, it's never
going to happen. But it worries me that you're having dark thoughts like
that. So the next time you start to tell me I should leave, try instead to
tell me why you are thinking about me leaving, and then we can figure out
how to allay your fears."

    "That's a good idea, Master, but I know you won't leave me, I have a
feeling the subject is dead. But if I do keep having those thoughts, I
promise we'll talk about it." She kissed me then smiled. "I need you inside
me now, Master."

    "Let's start off easy, my love, with my face buried in your beautiful,
ringed snatch, and my fingers roaming over your beautiful, dark brown
areolae and nipples."

    She rolled over onto her back, with her arms and legs spread wide. "Why
Master," she said, in what I assumed was a Southern Belle accent, "you'll
turn my head with that sweet talk."

    I really wanted to avoid belly-to-belly sex tonight, because I was
worried about causing pain or damage to her piercings. But it was not to
be. After half an hour of cunnilingus, during which she had about one
orgasm per minute. she said, "That's enough foreplay, I need your cock
inside me right now."

    I flopped on my back beside her. "Climb on," I said.

    When she was in position, she began slowly pumping her hips. I watched
her face for signs of pain, but all I saw was passion. She smiled. "Relax,"
she said, "there's only good feelings here, no pain at all. Like everything
else you do, you're a perfect piercer."

    My eyes roamed over her, from face to breasts to belly to pussy and
back again. It was all so perfect. "Have I ever told you what a stunningly
beautiful woman you are?" I asked.

    She looked puzzled. "Maybe, I can't remember for sure. Perhaps you
should tell me again." I told her again, in great detail.

    After she rode me for a long time, she said, "Listen, I'm doing all the
work here, and it's time for a change. We've been fucking for nearly two
hours, and you haven't hurt me once, so I want you to get on top of me and
pound me into the mattress, and if it hurts I promise I'll tell you."

    I reluctantly agreed. She stretched out on top of me and we rolled
over. After a position adjustment, I started work. "Oh, yes, I've missed
this," she said. "I take back all the bad jokes I made about you in the
missionary position. From now on, it's just straight fucking for us."

    "Now hold on," I said with a grin, "don't I get a vote?"

    "No," she said, "you're the sex provider, and I'm the sex consumer, and
the consumer is always right."

    Still grinning, I said, "It's fine for you to think of yourself as the
consumer, but you should think of me as Big Business. That means I'll screw
you any way I want to, and there's nothing you can do about it."

    Then I gave her a serious look, and asked her if I was hurting her.
"No, Master, there's nothing but pleasure. Lots of pleasure."

    "Then would you like to cum for me?" I asked. Of course she did, many

    Finally, we were temporarily sated. It was 6:30. We lay with our bodies
pressed together, kissing softly, for another 15 minutes. Finally Carrie
said she was starving. Groaning, I got out of bed and pulled her after me.
We used the toilet and showered, then I carefully inspected her piercings
and injected more disinfectant gel. I told her I was amazed that there was
no sign of infection. The wounds actually looked like they were healed,
although I knew that wasn't the case.

    I put Carrie's gown on her, but told her she could remain barefoot. She
said she was afraid of tearing the gown, so I put the 4-inch heels on her
feet. I told her the first chance she had, she was to buy more dresses like
this, but with an appropriate length for lower heels or no shoes at all. I
told her as long as they were sheer, she should get any style she liked.

    We went to the kitchen, and she poured us a glass of wine. After we
each had a sip, I told her to sit on the stool while I made dinner. We
locked eyes and smiled at each other as she gathered up the gown before
sitting her bare ass on the stool. She held the front of the gown so her
pussy was exposed for me, and I made sure she caught me looking at it

    Halfway through preparing dinner, it occurred to me I had been
concentrating on work and not paying attention to Carrie, and she had
become quiet. I stopped what I was doing and walked over to her. I put my
open hand over her vulva and pressed, then entered her with my middle
finger. She opened her legs wider to accommodate my hand. I kissed her, and
told her not to think she was being ignored. She smiled, and said she never
felt ignored by me. I gave her another sip of wine, told her to talk to me
while I worked, then went back to preparing dinner.

    After a few minutes she hadn't said anything. I went to her again,
knelt in front of her, and asked what was wrong. She smiled at me and said
she was happy, tired, sexually satisfied (for a few minutes), and very much
in love, there was nothing wrong. I told her dinner was ready, and plated
the food while she took the wine to the dining room.

    After watching Carrie raise her gown and sit, I pushed in her chair,
then took my seat. I was about to dig into the food, when Carrie put her
hand on the table between us, palm up. I put my hand in hers, and we looked
into each other's eyes for a long moment. She said sometimes her feelings
for me overwhelmed her, and that was why she was quiet. I got up, walked to
her chair and gave her a long kiss. I told her I wasn't worthy of the
feelings she had for me, but she made me feel like the luckiest man in the
world. She repeated something she had told me before, each of us is worthy
of the other. Then she smiled, and said "Let's eat."

    We cleaned up from dinner, then shared another glass of wine on the
couch. Carrie stretched out on the couch with her head in my lap, and I
began caressing her face and running my fingers through her hair. After a
minute, she went to sleep. When I noticed she was asleep, I rested my head
on the back of the couch, and soon I was asleep, too. The next thing I
knew, Carrie was saying "Wake up, sleepyhead." We got up and checked the
time. It was 9:00. We decided to make a quick trip downstairs to check out
the pony girl harness, then go to bed.

    In the mural room, I stripped her and attached her bondage gear.
Clipping her wrists behind her back, I led her down to the training room.
We walked over to the Master's area, where the fetish gear discard pile had
remained undisturbed. I pulled out the bag of pony girl equipment, did my
best to sort it out, and then began fitting it on Carrie. I told her the
simplest thing to do was put the whole outfit on her, then decide what we
wanted to keep.

    Carrie asked to have the tail plug inserted first, so we went over to
the rails. I lubed the plug, then she bent over while I slowly pushed it
into her ass. This plug was bigger than the one she normally wore, and
there were a few cries of pain until I got it all the way in. I had her
walk the length of the room and back to try out her tail. When she was
halfway down the room, I told her to swing her ass more. Then she started
getting into it, and I told her to look at her reflection in the mirror and
develop a sexy walk that showed off the tail. By the time she got back to
my end of the room, she had developed a great walk. The tail was swishing
back and forth, about a foot to either side of her body. I told her she
looked great, and she said it tickled her legs, and it was much more
filling than her usual plug.

    I removed Carrie's ankle manacles, belt, and collar. We returned to the
rails, where she leaned back on the rail while I put the heavy black boots
on her. They came half way up her calves. I asked her how they fit her
feet, and she said they were a little large, but Ok. I commented that a
little large was much better than a little small. I laced each boot all the
way up, then had her walk down the room and back again. She said, "They're
so heavy and clunky, and they're like six-inch heels. I'm almost walking on
my toes." I told her to think of them as pony hooves. I didn't tell her how
ugly they were, I figured she knew that better than I did. She quickly
developed a sexy walk in the boots, good enough to swish the tail out to
either side.

    Next came the harness. The focus of the harness was two large metal
rings, one just below the breasts and another at the same height in the
middle of her back. A strap looped over each shoulder and connected to each
ring. Two more straps ran around her body below the breasts, and they also
connected to the rings. The fifth strap was supposed to run down the back,
follow her ass crack and across her crotch, then back up the belly and
stomach. It had a hole for the tail to be threaded through. I didn't want
to put that belt on, but Carrie insisted. So I carefully spread her pussy
lips, so that the belt actually entered the top of her pussy and exited at
the bottom, making no contact with her outer labia and the rings. When she
was harnessed, I attached the nipple clips with the tiny jingle bells,
fastened her wrists behind her back, then had her prance down the room and
back. She was into the whole experience now, pawing the ground and
whinnying when she returned to my end of the room.

    The final item was the head harness and mouth bit. There were two bits,
one metal and one rubber. I absolutely refused to allow the metal bit in
her mouth, so after the head straps were adjusted to fit her, I inserted
the rubber bit and connected it to the head harness. The bit held her teeth
open about an inch and a half, and pulled her lips back so that her teeth
showed. I put the plumed skull cap over her head, attached the reins to
each side of the bit, and then drove her around the room for several

    She pranced, raising her knees very high as she walked. She was very
responsive to the reins. I didn't have to pull enough to actually force her
head to move, the slightest pressure caused her to make perfect turns.

    Finally, I reined her to a halt and removed the bit. She was pawing the
floor with her "hooves." I asked her if she wanted to try it blindfolded,
but she said for now she would rather watch herself in the mirrors. She
then asked me to attach the reins to her labia rings. At first I refused,
but she said she would just walk around the room with me holding the reins,
I wouldn't have to actually steer her. I reluctantly agreed, and carefully
attached the reins to her upper set of rings. She asked me to put the bit
back in, which I did. Then we paraded around the room for almost ten

    I removed the bit again and asked her what she thought. She said this
should be the outfit she wore on the first snow. I reminded her she would
also have to carry the backpack, and she said she could handle it. She said
that to make it to the top of the picnic hill, have me remove the backpack
from my fully outfitted pony girl, then to throw her down in the snow and
fuck her, that would be something to behold. I told her she would need to
make some practice runs in this outfit, and she said that was fine, we
could leave off the plumed hat for the practice runs. I said when we did
the real thing, we would take the camera, I would leave her out of sight
below the hilltop, set up the camera at the top and start it recording,
then drive her up the hill, take off the backpack, and fuck her. "Now
that's a home movie!" she exclaimed, pawing the floor.

    I told Carrie it was time to go upstairs. She asked if I would fuck her
in her pony outfit first, with her bent over the bars. I agreed, and then
carefully removed the strap running across her crotch, and her tail plug.
She didn't need to be attached to the bars, she simply leaned over the
first bar and grabbed the other bar with her hands. After whe was
positioned at the bars, I carefully trailed the reins out on the floor
behind us. They were still attached to her labia rings, and I wanted to
make sure neither of us would step on them.

    When I was positioned behind her, I asked Carrie if she was ready, and
she nodded. But instead of fucking her right away, I began spanking her.
When I saw her surprised look in the mirror, I told her this was a bonus,
no extra charge. She snorted and pawed the ground. "Easy, girl," I said. I
only spanked her for a few minutes, not enough to start her tears. I
carefully put my cock in her pussy for lubrication, then withdrew and
plunged into her ass. I fucked her hard for quite awhile, then told her to
start coming. She had a long series of orgasms, and I matched her on about
half of them.

    Finally I bent over Carrie and rested my head on her back, gently
cupping her breasts. "That's a good girl," I told her as she whinnied and
pawed the floor again and came one last time.

    Carrie didn't move from the bars until I explicitly told her to.
Actually, there was never a reason to restrain her anymore, except for her
pleasure or security. She would assume any position I commanded her to, and
would hold it as long as I wanted. When she stood up and turned to me, I
held her in my arms for a long moment, then told her I loved her very much.
She still had the rubber bit in her mouth, so she whinnied again. Then I
told her it was time for a rubdown in the stable, and started removing her

    When all of the pony gear was removed, and she had carefully washed the
butt plug that held her tail, I refastened her hands behind her back and
led her to the exit door. When we were upstairs, I told her that was
definitely a fun activity, and she had thought of it, then thanked her for
the idea.

    We used the toilet, gave each other a quick shower, and crawled into
bed. I was sure Carrie would initiate more sex, but she didn't. We made
small talk about the day's activities, and when the conversation slowed to a
stop I said Goodnight and told her I loved her. She took my hand, placed my
palm on her pussy, and said, "Thank you for all you do for me, for this
gift and too many more to mention. I adore you and thank God for you." I
rolled on my side to face her, she did the same, and we moved together
until our bodies were in contact from head to toe, our free arms around one
another. That's the last thing I remembered until morning.


  1. A great, explicit description of pony play....
    hugs abby

    1. It is a great description of pony play... AND I LOVE IT.


  2. Hmmm...have heard of a lot of different types of play but never pony. Don't think I'd want to do that but...different strokes for different folks. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Mmm, really Cat? Never heard of pony play, it's been there for a while. In my bloglist there is a link today to How to BDSM and it's
      Have a look and shake your head in wonderment.

      How wonderful of you to comment,


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