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Training Carrie, chapter 39

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 39

    I woke up when Carrie said "Good morning, Master." I couldn't believe I
had slept through the night in that lousy chair. I was still holding her
hand, which I squeezed and asked her how she was. "Tits are fine, pussy's a
little sore, Master. Nothing serious."

    As soon as I stood, I felt the result of sleeping in a chair that was
barely designed for sitting. I limped up to Carrie's head and gave her a
long tender kiss. I told her I needed to put some more antiseptic gel in
her piercings, which would probably hurt a little, then I would let her up.
She smiled and said Ok. She was quiet as I squeezed the gel into each
wound, then carefully wiped off the excess. When I asked her, she admitted
she was sore and tender, but she swore it was very minor pain.

    As soon as I got her out of bed, Carrie asked if she could walk to the
nearest mirrored wall for another look. I laughed and said she certainly
could. I went with her and watched her as she admired the rings. She
smiled, then laughed, then jumped up and down a few times. She carefully
touched each ring with her fingers, then turned around and hugged me.

    I asked Carrie what she was thinking when she laughed. "I pictured
myself, naked, blind, and deaf, my breath visible in the air, leather reins
attached to my rings, and my master driving his pony up the hill to earn
its reward." I laughed, kissed her, and said it was time for breakfast.

    Upstairs, her bonds removed, I led Carrie to the bathroom. We used the
toilet, I washed my face, and we brushed each other's teeth. I told her I
would give her a sponge bath after breakfast, but for now she should wash
her face while I dressed and went to find Philip. It was 7:15. I placed a
breakfast order for 8:00 with Philip, then returned to the bedroom.

    Carrie was smiling in front of the full-length mirror, looking at her
rings. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her breasts. I
asked her how she felt about Philip seeing her rings for the first time.
Her smile faded, and she said, "Oh, Master, I've tried to prepare him for
anything he might see, but I'm afraid this will be too much for him. My
only hope is that he won't notice, he tries his best not to even see my
pussy and tits when I'm around him and naked. But sooner or later he will

    "Let's make it later," I said. "I've been thinking of having you dress
normally outside of the bedroom for a few days, to see if I can get used to
it. That will give us time to talk about how to handle Philip. Today, you
will wear a skirt and blouse of your choice, whichever open-front bra you
prefer, and a pair of 3-inch heels."

    She smiled, kissed me, and ran to collect the clothes she wanted. She
returned to me and handed me the first item, her bra. I was pleased that it
now seemed normal for her that I would dress her. I asked her if there was
anything to know about putting on a bra. "It's simple, Master," she said.
"After putting it on, all you have to do is let each tit figure out where
it wants to be. Just pull it up inside the bra and let it go. The only
thing about these open front bras is the tit has to wind up cradled by the
support, not hanging over it."

    After she approved my bra installation, I helped her into her blouse
and buttoned it for her. As she handed me the skirt, she said she hated to
cover up her rings. I put her skirt on her, then her shoes, then led her to
the mirror. I pulled up the front of her skirt to her waist and told her to
hold it there and look at herself until breakfast. She grinned and did just
that. I sat in a nearby chair and looked at her and her reflection until
8:00, then told her to drop the skirt and took her to breakfast.

    Several times during breakfast Carrie stopped eating and put her left
hand on the table between us, palm up. Each time, I put my hand in hers,
and she held my hand for a few seconds while looking into my eyes. Finally
I asked her why, and she said she craved physical contact with her Master,
and for now it was limited to hands. I told her it wasn't, and let my hand
roam over her covered breasts for a minute. She put her hands in her lap,
palms up, leaned her head against the back of the chair, and sighed.

    I told her we would go to the bedroom for some intimate cuddling, but
no sex, after breakfast, and the sooner she finished her breakfast the
sooner she could be in my arms naked. She thanked me and went back to
eating. I was sure she would gulp her food down, but she ate normally.
However, as soon as she had cleaned her plate, she dropped her fork on her
plate noisily, sat back in her chair, and grinned like the proverbial cat
that caught the canary. I couldn't help but laugh. Even though I hadn't
finished, I got up from the table and offered her my hand. "O boy, o boy,"
she said as she sprang up from her chair.

    I closed the door behind us as we went into the bedroom. I quickly got
out of my clothes, then slowly undressed Carrie. I sat in my favourite chair
and motioned for her to get into my lap. She gingerly sat on me, being
careful not to jam up any of her rings. When she was comfortable, with her
arm around my neck and my arm resting lightly on her stomach, I asked her
to sing to me, something romantic and intimate.

    The last time I had asked her to sing to me, she had to be talked into
it. This time she said she was a lousy singer, and there was no way I could
enjoy listening to her. I said she was wrong, it gave me a lot of pleasure
to listen to her sing, and asked her to please begin. She thought for a
minute of what song she wanted, and then began singing softly. It was
amazing to think of how far she had come, how open she had become, in the
few weeks we had been together. I closed my eyes and listened to her
less-than-perfect, but totally sincere and enjoyable singing. As I
listened, I cuddled her and ran my hands over her body, hopefully in a way
that satisfied her longing for contact without getting her hot. She sang me
perhaps a half dozen songs, pausing now and then to let me kiss her
tenderly, then resuming after the kiss. Finally she stopped and rested her
head on my shoulder. I asked her if she was happy. "Totally," was all she
said. "Me too," I answered.

    We both dozed off, and when I woke up it was nearly 10:00. I kissed
Carrie awake, and asked her if she felt up to a little upper body weight
training. She said she would like that. I told her I would give her a
sponge bath after that, then we would take a short walk outside before

    I peeked out the bedroom door, and Philip was not in sight, so I
quickly led Carrie to the spare bedroom. After dressing her in socks and
shoes for her workout, I told her I didn't want her on the elliptical
trainer today, so she would just do the upper body stretches, carefully do
the upper body strength exercises, then repeat the stretches. She started
stretching, and I sat down to admire her body and to talk to her. I asked
her if she was sore anywhere. "Tender, not sore," she replied. I made
small talk while she concentrated on her form during the exercises. She was
soon finished, and I told her she would get back to her regular exercise
regimen in a few days. She said she wanted to do that, she looked forward
to her exercising and her long talks while riding the elliptical machine.

    I peeked for Philip, and again didn't see him, so we set out
hand-in-hand back to our bedroom. Just as we got to the bedroom door, we
ran into Philip coming out of the bedroom. I quickly stepped in front of
Carrie, to shield her from sight, and said Hi to Philip. Doing his best to
ignore our nakedness, he apologized and said he though we were downstairs
or outside, so he had decided to clean up in the bedroom. I told him that
was Ok, we had been exercising in the spare bedroom. I'm sure he thought I
was using "exercise" as a euphemism, but that was Ok. I told him we were
going to bathe, then take a short walk before lunch. He asked if noon would
be a good time for lunch, and I said that 12:30 would be better. As he
walked away from us down the hall, Carrie moved to keep my body in front of
hers. I'm sure Philip thought we were acting even stranger than normal.

    I started filling the tub with warm water, then helped Carrie step into
the tub and sit on the wide ledge at a back corner of the tub. I sat down
in the tub and bathed as she watched and complained that she wanted to
participate. When I felt clean, I began working on Carrie. I started at her
feet, and worked up to mid-thigh. Then I started at her head, with a
shampoo and rinse, then worked down to her belly, lingering a long time on
her breasts. With Carrie standing in the tub, her back to me, I carefully
washed her ass, hips, and the backs of her thighs. Finally I turned her
around and carefully washed her belly and pussy area, using only my hands
and being careful to avoid or barely contact her rings. Finally I put my
soapy fingers in her pussy and cleaned her thoroughly. I rinsed her top to
toe and inside her pussy with the handheld spray head, then we were done.

    After we dried one another, I asked her how much pain I had caused her
with the bath. She smiled and said almost none, I would have made a good
nurse. Paraphrasing what she said yesterday on the trail, I said that if I
hadn't become a sadistic slave master, I would have become a nurse. She put
her hand on my arm, looked in my eyes, and said I was no sadist. I kissed
her, then sat her on the edge of the tub and injected more antiseptic gel
into her piercings.

    Back in the bedroom, I brushed Carrie's hair, put a little lipstick on
her, then dressed her in the same clothes she wore to breakfast. Instead of
heels, I put walking shoes on her for our outside expedition.

    When we were out in the sun, Carrie twirled around a few times,
laughing. She said it seemed really strange to be outside with clothes on.
I asked her if she wanted to take advantage of the situation and go down
and say Hi to Beverly. She liked that idea at first, then said we really
should clear it with Philip first, plus it would be hard to get away from
Beverly once we got there.  I said OK, we would just walk up one of the
gentle trails we used.

    We walked along quietly, with our arms around each other, for perhaps a
half mile. She looked up and said she wished she could tell me how much she
adored me. I said she had been using that word a lot, wasn't "love" a good
enough word for our mutual feelings? I repeated what I had told her a few
nights ago. I'm just a guy, nothing more, and she shouldn't be seeing more
than that in me. She said her intellect knew that to be true, but her
emotions refused to accept it. She said she knew I had no supernatural
powers, and I was far from infallible, but she felt how she felt, and asked
me to allow her this quirk. I said OK, then added, "Hey, just how far from
infallible do you think I am?"

    Laughing, she said "Not far, Master, not very far at all."

    We reached the spot where we had had our first talk, where Carrie told
me about her feelings of guilt that she survived the accident that killed
her family. She said we should have brought a blanket. I saw a clear spot
that didn't look too uncomfortable, where I sat down with my back against a
rock, then held up my hand to her. She carefully sat down facing me, with
her breasts against my chest and her head on my shoulder. I put my arms
around her and held her. After some minutes, she said, "This just doesn't
feel right." she pulled away from me, stood up, quickly stripped except for
her shoes, then resumed her position. "Much better," she sighed, "I should
always be naked in my Master's arms."

    We held each other quietly for a long time. Finally, Carrie whispered
in my ear, "This is really nice," and I could tell a 'but' was coming, "but
fucking would be better."

    "After dinner, we will resume normal fucking, and we will make up for
lost time. Ok?" When I said the "Ok?" I gave her a look that told her it
had better be Ok.

    "Ok, Master, I'll try to wait," she said with a slight pout. I gently
opened her legs with my hand, and inspected her piercings closely. There
was no trace of redness around the holes, a very good sign, but it occurred
to me that it was not smart for her to be sitting here on the ground, we
should probably keep moving or go home.

    We got up, and I brushed Carrie off and dressed her. I asked her if she
wanted to go home or walk farther. Grinning to let me know she was joking,
she said if I wasn't interested in her body, we might as well keep walking.
I said her body was very interesting to me, but right now I was more
interested in her health than in getting off. She squeezed my hand and said
she knew that, and appreciated it.

    We walked about another half mile, then turned back and retraced our
steps. Carrie put her arm around my waist, and said she didn't like wearing
clothes any more, it seemed more natural for her to be naked or wearing
bonds. I told her I preferred her naked or in bonds. But we both needed to
bear in mind that one of our goals was to get away from here, at least
temporarily, and that in the outside world, clothing is not optional. I
promised her there would always be time in the day when she was naked for
me. I added that it is I who am being trained to accept her in clothes, not

    We were almost in sight of the house when Carrie pulled me to a stop.
She said she needed to do something, then walked around in front of me,
pressed up against my body and put her hands at the back of my neck.
Pulling my head down, she gave me a kiss that produced an instant boner.
After a few moments she broke the kiss, smiled, then took my hand and
pulled me into motion once more. "Wow," I said, "did I teach you that?"

    "I guess you did, I never felt like doing that to anyone else," she
answered. Then she turned serious. "It's awesome the list of wonderful
things you've done for me this week. I'm the one who is supposed to devote
my life to your pleasure, how did this relationship get so lopsided?"

    "It's not at all lopsided. You make every second of my life a joyful
experience. The least I can do is whip you and mutilate your body once in
awhile." I thought she would find that funny, but she didn't.

    "I don't look at it that way, Master," she said. "We both know I was
born to be submissive and to crave a certain level of pain. No one else in
the universe could give me what I need in such a supportive, loving, safe
relationship as I have with you. Please don't denigrate or trivialize what
you do for me, my life with you is all I could ask for."

    We covered the remaining distance home in silence. We ran into Philip
as soon as we came inside, and he said we timed it perfectly, lunch was
ready. He returned to the kitchen while we went to the dining room. I asked
Carrie if she wanted to talk to Philip about the rings, and she said she
wouldn't know what to say. I told her say to that piercings and tattoos are
trendy, they're mainstream lifestyle choices now, and you wanted some rings
in your labia. I advised her not to mention the attachments, and she said
"Well, duh!" and we both laughed. She said she would do it, but I had to
help her out if she got stuck.

    When Philip brought in our lunch plates, Carrie asked him to sit with
us, which he did. She got right to the point, explaining that she had
thought about getting some body piercings, and that last night downstairs I
pierced her labia and attached some small rings on her. Philip was angry,
he looked at me and said I shouldn't have made her do that. I was going to
keep quiet and let him have his say, but Carrie jumped all over him. She
told him he was out of line and didn't know what he was talking about, that
she had pleaded and pestered me about getting the rings until I finally
agreed to let her do it. She said we were doing him the courtesy of telling
him about it now, before he saw her nude and was shocked seeing the rings,
but that in the end it was our business, not his. I thought she had gone
too far, I took her hand and said that was enough. Philip apologized, and
said he was reacting out of a desire to protect his little girl. Carrie
said she knew that and that she loved him for it, but he needed to
understand that she and her Master were living our lives together with
mutual love and support, and she had not been, and would not be, forced to
do anything that was harmful to her.

    When everyone had their say, Philip excused himself and left us to our
lunch. He met my gaze and smiled slightly as he left. I hoped that meant
that he accepted Carrie's explanation, and wasn't afraid I was torturing
his little girl. But either way, she was right. It was none of his

    Carrie and I ate lunch in silence for a few minutes, then I asked her
what she thought. "He'll get over it," she said.

    "I'm sorry I suggested it, Carrie, it was a bad idea."

    "No, Master, it was a good idea, I just executed it badly. Plus, I
couldn't let him blame it on you, like you forced me to do it, when it was
my idea and you resisted it. As I said, he'll get over it." Changing her
frown to a smile, she asked me what was on the agenda for this afternoon.

    I thought, then said, "Well, since the cat's out of the bag, so to
speak, I have [here I paused to count on my fingers] 6 words for you...
You, me, sheer black gown, dancing."

    "Perfect," she said with a big grin, "but I don't think that dress will
fit you."

    As soon as we entered the bedroom to change, she turned around and put
the open palm of her hand on my chest with some force. "Listen," she said,
"I really need to suck your cock in the worst way."

    "I'm not familiar with that way, Carrie, you've only ever sucked my
cock in the best ways. The answer is No, and the reason is because it
always leads to other things, and you are not going to be fucked until
after dinner tonight. Please stop tempting me, we are abstaining for a very
good reason, you need time to heal. I promise you, before the evening is
out, you will be thoroughly fucked. Now let's please enjoy the afternoon
without having this discussion again. Can we do that?"

    She saw that it was hopeless. "Ok, Master, I had to try one last time.
You win."

    I undressed her, checked the piercings and squeezed in some more
antiseptic gel, then asked her if she wanted to wear a bra with the black
gown. She said any bra would look trashy with a backless gown. That made
perfect sense, I had only been thinking about the front view. I slipped the
gown on her and fastened the halter top at her neck. She wanted to wear
3-inch heels for dancing, but her gown dragged the floor and she was afraid
she or I would step on it and rip it. She said she could dance in 4-inch
heels, so that's what she wore.

    I told her I felt underdressed, with her in her gown and me in my
normal clothes. She said I never paid any attention to the variety of
clothes she had provided for me, there were suits, and even a tux, in the
closet. Like a boy with a new toy, I pulled out the tux and she helped me
dress. We walked up to the mirror arm in arm, and we both said, "Wow." I
told her that this weekend we were going to re-film our wedding downstairs,
dressed like this. She said that would be great, not only because of the
formal clothes, but the rings in her pussy when she strips.

    We decided we had to show Philip, so we found him in the kitchen. He
had his back to us, but turned around when Carrie spoke to him. He was
holding a drinking glass, and he dropped it on the floor, where it
shattered. He just stared at us for a long time. Then he said "Amazing...

    "We're going dancing," Carrie said. "We wanted you to see how we
cleaned up."

    Repeating himself, he said "Amazing. Where are you going dancing?"

    "The living room," Carrie told him with a grin, as we turned and left
the kitchen arm in arm.

    When I asked her for a dance in the living room, she asked if she were
talking to her Master or to Bill. "Who would you prefer?" I asked her.

    "I need to be with my Master. I couldn't stand to be parted from him
now. He means more to me than I can say." Smiling, I took her hand, she
flowed into my arms, and we danced.

    We danced and kissed for perhaps an hour, then Carrie asked if we could
sit the next one out. We went to the couch, and I wondered how she would
sit down. Smiling, and with her eyes locked on mine, she slowly gathered
her gown up in her hands, then carefully positioned it behind her ass as
she sat. She also pulled the front of the gown up to expose her pussy. Her
legs were spread enough that her pussy lips were open slightly, her 4 rings
clearly visible. "You're a beautiful, graceful vision," I told her, then
kissed her hand. She patted the seat beside her, and I sat down. She
interlocked the fingers of her hand with mine, something she had never done
before this morning.

    Carrie leaned her head back on the couch and tilted her head to me, her
lips parted seductively. I leaned my head to hers and we shared a long,
tender kiss. I said, "I know you would rather be doing something else, and
so would I. Other than that one thing, is there anything you would rather
be doing now? We can do whatever you want."

    "No, this is what I want. You're what I want. It doesn't matter what we
do, as long as we're doing it together."

    "Do you still think I'm planning to dump you and leave?" I asked. She
turned her head away. I asked her again.

    "No, I don't. But you should leave," she answered quietly.

    "How can you tell me with one breath that I'm what you want and it
doesn't matter what we do as long as we're together, then with the next
breath tell me I should leave? Don't you understand that I feel the same
way about you that you feel about me? Don't you know that our partnership
is the only important thing in my life? Don't you realize how much I love
you? Don't you know I'll never leave you, and I would die to protect you?"

    She turned her head back to face me. "Just like I know intellectually
you're just a man, but emotionally I think you're more, intellectually I
know everything you just said is the truth, but emotionally I'm racked with
fear and doubt."

    "Then you have to tell me what I can do to allay your fears and doubts.
I'll do anything I can to prove I'm true to you."

    She smiled and tightened her grip on my hand. "Love me, command me,
take care of me as you've done since I've known you, but especially as
you've done this week. In time you'll overcome my stupidity."

    "You are far from stupid. I believe that your fears and doubts will be
overcome eventually, but I feel that they are intruding and interfering
with your enjoyment of the present. Can't you let go and trust me to catch
you, to always be your support?"

    "Master, that's what I'm trying to do. The change in my attitude toward
you this week, that you've noticed and commented on, is evidence that I'm
making progress in letting go. I know it was confusing, because all of this
started at the same time you began spanking me, and somehow got confused in
my own mind as a result of the spanking. Haven't you seen that I'm more
open and trusting of you than I've ever been? I can tell you that my mood
swings this week are evidence of my internal struggles, and I can tell you
that I'm winning the fight."

    I kissed her. "This has been a wonderful talk, Carrie. I think I
understand much better now what you're struggling to do. I'm here beside
you, ask me for anything, anytime. I want to help. Your struggle is very
important for both of us, we will win it together."

    She smiled. "It has been a wonderful talk, Master. I can tell you now,
with certainty, that although we haven't won the struggle yet, we are
winning and we will win."

    I asked her if she would share a glass of wine with me, and she said
she would love to. I went to the kitchen, and soon returned with the wine.
I knelt in front of Carrie, offered her a sip, took a sip myself, then set
the glass on the coffee table.

    I softly caressed Carrie's belly, then slowly traced my fingers down
toward her pussy. She sighed, rested her hands on the couch on either side
of her, palms up and open, and opened her legs a little wider. I carefully
caressed her vulva for a minute, occasionally brushing the rings as softly
as possible. Her eyes were locked on mine, and I saw no sign of a pain
response in her eyes. At one point I covered her entire vulva with my palm
and applied moderate pressure. "Does that hurt?" I asked. She shook her
head No. I flicked each ring lightly, listening for a gasp and watching her
eyes for any sign of pain. Nothing, except she opened her legs even wider.

    "It's been nearly 20 hours. I think if we're very careful around your
pussy, we'll be fine." She leaned forward, took my head in her hands,
kissed me, then offered me her hand. I stood up, then pulled her up from
the couch. With the wine glass in one hand, and Carrie in the other, I
headed for the bedroom.


  1. With all the that they do...what i love the most...well at least today i the intimacy they share.....
    hugs abby

    1. It's all to much for a commercial book, but because the pace is so slow you really feel their love for each other.

      Tomorrow could be different again,

  2. I agree with Abby...I do love the intimacy...also love the open communication.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Quote: "Don't you realize how much I love you? Don't you know I'll never leave you, and I would die to protect you?"

      She turned her head back to face me. "Just like I know intellectually you're just a man, but emotionally I think you're more, intellectually I know everything you just said is the truth, but emotionally I'm racked with fear and doubt."

      It could be just a piece of conversation with Wanita and myself. I love the writing that is so close to home.



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