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Training Carrie, chapter 38

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 38

After helping her into the backpack and fastening the straps across her
chest, I attached strings to the dental floss loops at each of her nipples,
then threaded the string over her shoulders and through the frame. It was
simple to attach her wrist cuffs to the bottom of the frame, so that her
arms were pulled down and back at each side of her body.

    Before blinding and deafening her, I asked her how the weight and
balance felt. "It's good, Master. I can handle it. How far are we going

    I kissed her and said, "We're going all the way, my love." Then I
kissed her again and put the blindfold over her eyes. After carefully
inserting her earplugs, I patted her on the ass, and off we went.

    As before, she got through the house to the exit door without problems.
We had a long way to go, so I didn't want to waste time driving her around
the outside of the house. We set off on the trail up to the picnic hill.

    Carrie got noticeably more sure-footed on each outing, and she was
covering ground at a very good rate, regardless of terrain. After about
twenty minutes, I estimated we were between one-third and one-half of the
way to the top. We reached a flat spot, and I pulled her to a stop. Walking
around to face her, I noticed she was breathing a little hard. I gently
pushed her to her knees, and she leaned back until her ass was resting on
her heels, her knees opened wide. I took the canteen from the backpack and
gave her a long drink, then took a few sips for myself.

    After putting the canteen back on the frame, I patted her on the head
and then ran my hand over the top and back of her head several times. She
tried to whinny like a horse, then gave me a big grin. I knelt in front of
her and kissed her on the lips, and she kissed me back passionately. After
a long kiss, I began caressing her breasts, being careful of her sensitive
nipples. In a few minutes I began to slowly trail my hands down her stomach
toward her pussy. She sighed several times, then finally I reached her
pussy and began massaging her labia between my fingers. When I contacted
her clit she gasped, and her breathing began to speed up. I lingered over
her labia and clit for a minute, then started withdrawing back up her
torso. When she realized my fingers were moving away from her pussy, she
groaned softly. When I had worked my way back up to her breasts, I patted
her on each nipple, very lightly, as a warning. She nodded. Then I
tightened the floss knot at each nipple, provoking two sharp gasps. I took
her by the shoulders and kissed her again on her lips. As I was pulling
away she said very faintly "I adore you." I kissed her again, then stood up
and helped her to her feet.

    I patted Carrie gently on her ass, then started her moving with her
reins. She seemed rested, and we were making very good time. Then came a
place where the terrain suddenly got much more rugged. She had never
traversed anything like this blindfolded, so I was hoping for the best. The
first sharp rise in terrain caught her off guard, and she tripped. She
caught herself before falling, but she went down on one knee. She
immediately got up again, and stood still, awaiting the expected
punishment, a swat on her ass. I brushed the dirt off of her knee and
examined it carefully for cuts or embedded dirt of pebbles. She hadn't
suffered any damage at all. I patted he on the knee to let her know she was
unharmed. Softly she said, "I'm so sorry, Master."

    I put a hand on each side at her waist, and gave her a long, tender
kiss. I pulled out one earplug, and said, "You're not hurt. You are doing
very, very well. Your Master couldn't be more proud of your performance.
We'll be at the top in about twenty minutes. I love you, Carrie. Please
don't speak again until we reach the top." I put the earplug back in. She
had a big smile on her face as I pointed her up the hill and started her

    Twenty minutes actually turned out to be a very hard thirty minutes. On
the really steep terrain, she had trouble balancing the backpack without
the use of her hands. She went to one knee two more times, but each time
she hopped right back up again.

    She knew we were at the top when I stopped her on a level spot. The
first thing I did was remove the floss from each nipple, accompanied by
gasps of pain from Carrie. I helped her out of the backpack, spread the
blanket, and guided her to sit down on the blanket. I had not reattached
her wrists when I freed her from the pack, so she was resting her hands,
palms up, on her thighs. After giving her all the water she wanted, I began
massaging her nipples carefully. She sighed, which I took as a sign that
she wasn't hurting too bad. I put her hands on her breasts, and she took
over what I had been doing while I removed her shoes and socks. I sat and
watched her, wondering if I should remove her blindfold and earplugs or
leave them. I decided she should not be deprived of the view and the
sounds, plus I wanted to be with Carrie, not a pony. I took them off. After
blinking for a few seconds, she said, "We really made it! Damn, we're

    "Yes we are," I said. "At least, the one of us who carried all of the
load and couldn't see or hear is good. Damned good." She smiled, and said
she would be wandering around lost without my expert guidance. Then she
looked at me very seriously and said she needed badly to be fucked. Then
she grinned and said she knew we had enough water, because she lugged it up
here, so she wanted to be fucked in the ass before sucking my cock. I told
her I would like nothing better myself, but thought she should stretch out
in the sun and rest for a few more minutes before we get active again.

    Carrie stretched out on her back, with her hands clasped behind her
head. I was sitting beside her, idly running my fingers over her body. I
told her I had planned to withhold orgasms from her until after her flogging
tonight, but I had changed my mind and wished for her to have as many
orgasms as she wanted until further notice. She thanked me, and said it
would please her to cum a lot to celebrate our achievement of getting up
here. I said I agreed, she had earned it.

    After a few minutes Carrie said that she really needed my cock in her
ass, but first she wanted to ask her Master a question. "Ask away," I said.
She asked me if was really going to bring her up here naked in freezing
weather and fuck her while she was lying in snow. "Yes, I am," I answered.
She asked me why, and I said, "Because I want to, and when the time comes
you'll want to, too." She was silent for a minute, then she got on her
hands and knees and smiled at me. "Work, work, work," I grumbled as I stood
up and stripped.

    As I was fucking her, I noticed that it was quite a bit cooler than
normal today. I wondered if it really was cooling off, or if I just thought
so because Carrie told me it was time for a change of season.

    We had been fucking for about five minutes when she had her first
orgasm, a big one. "I was beginning to think you were holding back," I

    "I was, I can't stop thinking about tonight. I'm sorry I can't get it
out of my mind, Master."

    "What do you want to do about it, Carrie? I've told you that you don't
have to submit to the breast flogging, and it was you who originally wanted
the rings. You have faced far more terrifying situations, and felt greater
pain, than you will experience tonight. Tell me what your problem is."

    "I think my biggest problem is the anticipation, Master. I know you've
tried to keep me too busy to dwell on it, but it intrudes on my thoughts.
If I could just go to sleep right now, and wake up with you flogging me or
piercing me, it would be Ok. It's all this time to fill that's the

    "Do you want to go home now, Carrie?"

    "No, I need some serious fucking with you, my Master, and this is the
perfect place to do it. You won't like this, Master, but I know what would
help me get with the program."

    "The most thorough spanking you've ever had?" I speculated.

    "That's right, Master."

    I continued fucking her for a minute, then pulled out and moved to her
side. "Ok, Carrie, but you have to keep count for me. And we're going to do
it a little differently this time. The spanking will stop when you can no
longer give me the count after each blow. Do you understand?"

    "You're going to spank me until I can't tell you the count after each
blow. Is that correct, Master?"

    "Yes, Carrie, and I'm trusting you not to cheat. We're going for a very
thorough spanking this time."

    She swallowed hard. "Yes, Master, I won't cheat." I had no doubt she
wouldn't cheat. She would get a much worse spanking under her control than
she would have gotten under my control. I delivered the first blow, not
nearly as hard as what I gave her earlier today, since we were going for
duration this time. "One," she counted.

    I alternated from one cheek to another, slapping as hard and as fast as
I could without feeling a sting in my hand. I didn't notice much stress in
her voice until we approached a count of 50, then the strain became
apparent. I looked at her face, the tears were flowing freely.

    By the time we reached 100, she was having a hard time calling out the
count between the sobs and gasps. Once she choked and I paused until she
stopped coughing. I looked around at her head, and she nodded when she was
able to continue.

    At a count of 150, her arms collapsed and she was leaning on her
elbows, her forehead resting on the blanket. She still kept up the count in
a ragged, racked voice.

    At 200 she actually raised up on her hands for a few blows, then fell
back on her elbows again. At one point she said, "Oh, God, this is the
hardest thing I've ever done." I asked her to please keep silent except for
the count.

    When we reached 240, she didn't give me the count for nearly 5 seconds.
I thought she was done, but at the next blow she gave the count right away.
We kept going. I think she was beyond crying and sobbing, she was just
speaking in a low, raspy voice. Her body would spasm every time I delivered
a blow.

    She collapsed completely onto her stomach at 310. "Are we finished?" I
asked her.

    After several moments, she said, "Master, I'm sorry I'm so weak. I
can't take any more."

    "You're not weak, Carrie, you're the strongest person I've ever known.
I'm very proud of how well you did, at how well you do everything you try."

    She rolled onto one side, rocking back and forth and moaning, and
looking up at me. I let her deal with the pain for awhile, then I told her
to get back on her hands and knees, I wasn't finished fucking her. "Yes,
Master," she said as she struggled to her knees. Her tears were still
flowing freely and she was sobbing and gasping again. I got the canteen and
she took a long drink, then I helped her blow her nose. I asked her if she
was ready to satisfy her Master. "Yes, Master, this Slave humbly apologizes
for the interruption, Master. Your Slave would be privileged to be fucked
by its Master until the Master is satisfied."

    Positioning myself behind her, I grasped Carrie's hips on the side,
where she had not been spanked. I plunged my cock into her ass again and
began fucking her hard. After a minute I told her to cum, and she did. I
kept plowing her for another five to ten minutes, occasionally ordering her
to cum. Every time she came, I came with her. Finally I withdrew from her
ass and collapsed beside her on the blanket.

    I was on my back, looking up at Carrie's face. Tears were still running
down her cheeks, onto the blanket. She slowly moved her head over mine,
lowered her lips onto mine, and began kissing me tenderly and passionately.
Her tears were then running onto my face, and she tried to wipe them away
with one hand. I reached up and took that hand in mine, and placed it over
my heart. That caused her to start sobbing again, and I don't think it was
from pain. She fell over on her side again, but I still held her hand over
my heart. I turned onto my side and our eyes met, I put my free hand to the
side of her face and told her I loved her.

    We lay like that for long minutes. Eventually she started to settle
down, her tears had almost stopped. She struggled to her knees and moved
down to my cock and started cleaning me off with her mouth. Then she gave
me the best blowjob of my life. She didn't try to make it last, she just
thoroughly fucked me with her mouth and made me know the emotions she was
feeling while she did it.

    She slowly removed my cock from her mouth, then kissed it up and down
the length, top, bottom, and sides. She planted a final long kiss on the
head, then met my gaze and smiled. I told her that I loved her, and she
said she adored me. She then crawled to the canteen and thoroughly rinsed
out her mouth, then crawled back to me and lay down on her side facing me.
I took her hand in mine and asked her how she felt. She said she was on
fire, but she had it under control now, and asked me what her Master wished
of his slave.

    I asked her if she could lie on her back. She rolled carefully onto her
back, and groaned as her ass cheeks contacted the blanket. I asked her if
she could stay like that, and she said she could. I asked her if she was in
a lot of pain in that position, and she said she was, but that was
unimportant. I said it was important, and told her to roll on top of me,
which she did slowly.

    Carrie positioned herself on top of me, then guided my cock into her
pussy. She sighed as I penetrated her. I told her to slide down a little,
then remain still and let me give her pleasure. She knew what I wanted, and
she raised up on her elbows long enough for me to get a grip on her
nipples. She sighed again as I started rolling her nipples between thumbs
and fingers. I started stroking her pussy slowly, and she told me again
that she adored me.

    While I fucked her slowly and stimulated her nipples, I repeated how
proud I was that she had made it all the way to the top of this hill on her
first try. She said she could do anything, with my support and help.

    "Master, do you think I'll ever be able to handle all of those roles
well, slave, wife, partner, and be able to know which one is talking to you
at any given time?"

    "I don't know, Carrie, but if you don't figure it out within the next
50 or 60 years, I'm going to have to dump you and find somebody else."

    She laughed, reached up and held my head in her hands. "I love you, my
man, my Master, my partner, my Bill."

    I looked at her seriously, and said, "Won't you please ask me to
postpone your breast flogging? I've given you too much pain already today,
let's put off tonight's activities for another time."

    "No, Master, let's follow the original plan. I want to, if that's
acceptable to you."

    "Ok, Carrie, we'll do as you wish."

    "Master, can we please have less talk and more fucking for awhile. I'm
starting to get into it, the pain isn't overwhelming me anymore."

    We fucked another 15 or 20 minutes, then I told Carrie it was time to
get started for home. Groaning, she got off of me and stood up. I got up
and checked her ass. It was still red. I told her to feel her cheeks and
tell me how sore she was. She rubbed her hands over her ass, and said she
was just tender, not in pain.

    Carrie put on her socks and shoes while I got dressed. We made sure
everything we brought up with us was on the backpack frame, then I
rearranged the shoulder straps and hefted the frame onto my back. Carrie
laughed, and said, "Suddenly I feel so light, like a great burden has been
lifted from my back."

    As we started down the hill, Carrie asked me to point out the three
places she stumbled on the way up. I told her I didn't want her trying to
memorize the path, which I knew she was capable of doing if she wanted to.
I said the idea was to develop our teamwork, for her to learn to trust me
and take the path I steered her to. She said she just wanted to see the
exact terrain that tripped her up, and it would help her to perform better
in the future. So we paused at each spot, where she would inspect the
terrain closely and then approach the spot several times, with her eyes
closed and her wrists crossed behind her back, until she was satisfied she
knew the cause of her mistake and how to correct it. I told her I was in
awe of her analytical mind. She smiled at me, and said, "If I couldn't be a
slave, my second choice would be mechanical engineer. Anyway, when you
bring me here naked in the cold and snow, it will be important to get up
the hill as quickly as possible. You won't want your slave to get

    It was a few minutes after 4:00 when we got home. We unpacked and put
everything away, then went to the bathroom and relieved ourselves. I led
Carrie to the bed, and we fucked for nearly an hour. I said that was the
last sex we would have until this time tomorrow, with the exception of the
blowjob she would give me after I had flogged her breasts in a few hours.

    We took a long soak in the tub, then I washed her hair and brushed it.
We went to the kitchen naked, fixed a light dinner, and made small talk
while we ate. I refused her request for wine, I said we would share a glass
downstairs tonight before I put her to bed. After clearing away the dishes,
we cuddled on the couch for awhile, then I told her it was time. She smiled
up at me, and said, "Let's do it." She got a bottle of wine and a glass,
while I gathered up everything we might possibly need from the bedroom and
bathroom: rings, piercing kit, antiseptic, gauze, cotton swabs, etc.

    In the mural room, I put on Carrie's bondage gear, taped over her
nipples to protect them from the flogging, then attached her hands behind
her back. I had to make two trips to get all of the stuff downstairs, and
finally we were ready. I gave her an enema and watched her relieve herself,
then helped her at the bidet and towelled her off. We walked slowly to the
ritual sex table, where I unfastened her wrists, helped her onto the table,
and attached her wrists, ankles, belt, and collar to the table.

    I fetched the flog and held it over her head so she could see it. I
said she would now ask her Master for what she wants. "Master, please flog
your Slave's breasts, then permit your Slave to suck your cock, then attach
the rings to your Slave's labia, Master."

    I immediately began flogging her. I used the random rather than the
systematic approach, because that produced the desired result - a rosy glow
- with fewer strikes of the flog. I could tell she was trying to resist the
pain, but after about 20 blows she began sobbing and moaning. Soon
afterward, she actually screamed once, very loud, but then returned to soft
moans and groans. Tears were flowing freely, running down her cheeks, into
her ears. I stopped the second it looked like I had achieved even coverage
over her ribcage. I told her it was over, then leaned down and kissed her.
She hungrily returned my kiss, thanked me, and asked again if she could
please suck her Master's cock.

    I adjusted the table's headrest to lower her head, then put my erect
cock in her open, waiting mouth. Unlike earlier, she seemed determined this
time to make it last. She sucked me slowly for nearly 15 minutes, then I
had a crashing orgasm and came in her mouth. Her head wasn't restrained as
severely as when she was in her slave bed, she was able to turn from side
to side. That made it easier for her to clean me off, and soon she was
finished. I withdrew from her mouth, and she smiled and told me she loved
me. I asked her how the pain was, and she said it wasn't nearly as bad as
the first time, she was Ok.

    I peeled the tape from Carrie's nipples, then told her I was going to
prepare for the piercings. I told her to relax, she would feel me messing
around down there, making measurements and such, but I would warn her when
the actual piercing was about to occur. The piercing kit included templates
for various sized pussies, so that the four rings would be centred
vertically on the pussy, and the rings on each side would be correctly
aligned to accept the attachments. I found the right template for Carrie,
then carefully mapped the location of the 4 holes. I put a drop of iodine
at each location to mark it, and dried it thoroughly by blowing on her.
Then I laid a few of the attachments on her pussy, and made sure they
would be properly aligned with rings at the four iodine dots. Everything
looked good.

    I wasn't sure Carrie would be able to hold still, so I fetched some
rope and bungee cord from a drawer in the Master's area, and tied her down
tightly at her hips and the top of each thigh. I put on the disposable
rubber gloves that came with the kit, sterilized the rings, the needle and
her pussy with antiseptic, then told her we were ready to start. I wanted
to be careful, but not timid, and I wanted to do a quality job for her, but
get it over with as quickly as possible. Taking a deep breath, I pinched
her right labia just below the top dot, and carefully pushed the needle
into the centre of the dot and through the labia. She shrieked and began
breathing in short gasps. I left the needle in the hole, and said, "That's
one, are you Ok?"

    "It hurts a lot, Master," she said, "but let's not stop now."

    I pushed the needle all the way through the opening I had made, so that
the thicker back end of the needle would widen the hole enough for the
ring. Carrie cried out as the needle finished its job. I dropped the
needle, quickly picked up a ring and put it in the hole. Then I carefully
slid the small bead over the gap in the ring. "That one's finished, Carrie,
you're now a pierced woman. Shall we continue?"

    "Please give me a minute while you come up here and kiss me Master,
then I'll be good to go." I told her I would be happy to kiss her. When I
pulled away from her lips, I asked her if it hurt a lot. She smiled up at
me, and said "Hell, yes, it hurt a lot." I asked her if it still hurt, and
she said it was just a dull ache, then she asked me if she was bleeding a
lot. I answered that there was almost no blood at all, just a few drops.
She smiled again and said she was ready to do the next one.

    The remaining three rings went in without major incident. There was
more bleeding on the third piercing than the first two, and it frightened
me at first, but the bleeding soon stopped when I applied mild pressure
with a gauze pad. Before long it was all over. I told Carrie there would be
one last bit of pain, as I forced antiseptic gel into each hole around the
rings. Then I told her it was all finished.

    I walked up to Carrie's head. She was beaming up at me. I asked her if
it had been awful for her. "Piece of cake ... NOT!" she said, then laughed.
I untied and unfastened her from the table and helped her to slowly sit up.
She wanted to go to the mirrored wall and look, so I helped her to ease off
of the table, and walk slowly to the wall. With her standing, the rings
looked perfectly aligned horizontally and vertically, and centred over the
length of her pussy. I was pleased.

    I looked up at Carrie's face in the mirror, and she was staring down at
her pussy. "You're carrying your Master's mark on your body now, Carrie, a
permanent visible sign of your enslavement to me."

    "It's what I've longed for, Master," she said quietly. She tore her
eyes away from the rings and looked up at me. "Oh, Master, thank you for
this gift. I will wear your rings with pride for the rest of my life."

    I asked her how her breasts felt, and she said just a little prickly
and itchy, much better than the first time. I asked her if she wanted to go
sit on the couch with me and share some wine, and she said she would enjoy
that. I told her to keep her legs apart while she walked and sat, no point
in causing her further pain by pushing on the rings or twisting them. As we
started walking toward the Master's area and the couch, Carrie took my hand
in hers and laced her fingers with mine. She had never done that before.

    After we shared half a glass of wine in silence, I told Carrie she
should be very proud of all she had accomplished today. "What we
accomplished Master, we can do anything together," she said proudly.

    We finished the first glass of wine and then shared a second. I was
exhausted, and I could tell from her face that Carrie was very tired. I
told her she would be sleeping in her slave bed tonight, so she wouldn't
have to worry about contacting the rings and her still-tender labia.

    When she was installed in the slave bed and her ass support was in
place, she begged me to butt fuck her or let her suck my cock again. I
refused, telling her she needed rest and we would be fucking and sucking
again before she knew it. Instead of attaching her wrists the usual way, I
attached her left wrist at the the front of her belt, so her arm was
resting on her stomach, and left her right hand free. I dimmed the lights,
then got a chair from the Master's area and positioned it beside her bed.
After kissing her goodnight, I sat in the chair, leaned my head back
against her side, and held her hand. In a minute she started crying and
sobbing. I asked her if she was in pain, and she answered, "No, Master, I'm
in love." I squeezed her hand and told her she should try to sleep, I would
be right here if she needed anything. Her sobs gradually faded, and in a
very few minutes I heard the slow regular breathing that meant she was


  1. I had my ears pierced years ago but that's the extent of piercing I want! Don't need my nose, eyebrows, lip, tongue, nipples, belly button, labia or anything else pierced. ;) Too bad it's not snowing...might feel good on her. LOL

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Keep the snow in mind Cat as you keep on reading, you are in for a surprise!


  2. I know we are all different, but as someone who loves a good flogging..using a flogger with wide leather strands, i am wondering if she is getting a whipping??
    hugs abby

    1. Quote:
      "Master, do you think I'll ever be able to handle all of those roles
      well, slave, wife, partner, and be able to know which one is talking to you
      at any given time?"

      "I don't know, Carrie, but if you don't figure it out within the next
      50 or 60 years, I'm going to have to dump you and find somebody else."

      Not on topic, but I love it too much just to let it pass.... LOL

      Ah yes, Abby the flogging with wide leather strands, I always warn people not to do it, because in the inexperienced hands it really, really can be a whipping and worse.
      But good old Bill has a lot of experience I think...


  3. OH...I love, love that made me smile, and sounds like something Master would say to me.....
    hugs abby


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