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Training Carrie, chapter 37

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 37

I heard Carrie reply, her voice groggy and raspy, that we would have
the usual, but we wouldn't be ready until 8:30. Philip left some boxes on
the table, which he said just arrived for us, then left.

    I asked Carrie why we wouldn't be ready until 8:30, and she said she
assumed her Master would want to deliver her first spanking of the day
before breakfast. I asked her if she was able to continue the spankings at
the same level as yesterday. She sat up in bed and looked at me seriously.
She reminded me that I told her we would build up to a rate of 1000 spanks
per day, that she had a deficit carrying over from yesterday, and that I
had promised her about a week ago that I would not let Bill take over for
Master. I told her to get to the bathroom, sit on the toilet, and wait for

    She ran to the bathroom, and I rolled over on my back, wondering if I
had created a monster. She was becoming insatiable for spankings just as
she was insatiable for sex. But as soon as I had that idea, it all seemed
so simple. There was no problem, she just needed me to regulate her ration
of spanking just as I regulated her ration of sex. Damn, I had to stop
forgetting who runs this relationship, she was dead on the money recalling
that promise I made to not let Bill take over for Master. It would be a
hell of a lot simpler if I didn't love her so much.

    I left her in the bathroom another five minutes, then went to join her.
Kneeling in front of her, I kissed her and caressed her breasts, then told
her to proceed. After we had traded places and then used the bidet, she
automatically bent over the tub. I grabbed her arm and led her back to the
bedroom. I told her to start opening her presents, pointing to the boxes
Philip had left for us. There were two large boxes and one medium sized
box. I assumed the clothing was in the larger boxes, so I had her start
with them.

    By luck, the first box she opened was the fashion clothing. That meant
the other large box probably contained the undergarments and bedroom wear
she had ordered, and the third box held her rings and accessories.

    She immediately found the evening gown. That was the one item I was
eager to see her model, so I helped her get into it. It was black, sheer
from neck to floor, and had a deep v-neck halter top and an open back. She
was barefooted, so the hem of the dress dragged the floor. I told her to
find her tallest shoes and put them on. She had only one pair of shoes with
4-inch heels. When she put them on, it was perfect, the gown just touched
the floor. I told her she had to see this. After quickly dressing myself, I
took her straight to the basement, without any transition to formal Slave
behavior in the mural room.

    Downstairs, I positioned her near a corner of the room, where she could
see herself from front and back at the same time. Then I noticed that her
hair was a mess, so I ran upstairs and returned with her hairbrush and a
tube of her favorite lipstick. After working on her hair for five minutes,
and putting on the lipstick, she was perfect. She had no other makeup on,
and she didn't need any.

    I had her walk around. looking at herself from every angle. I pointed
out how her brown areolas showed through the fabric, and every contour of
her body was clearly visible. She hadn't made any comments, so I asked her
what she thought. She said she was speechless, it was like she was looking
at another woman, it didn't seem real.

    I grabbed her movie camera, put in a new tape cartridge, and filmed her
as she walked around. Then we went back to the exit door. I went to the top
of the stairs and filmed her as she came up to meet me. She was smiling and
blushing. I filmed her as she entered the bedroom, and I told her to walk
around like she did last night. She said this was really too much, I was
making her very self-conscious. I told her to stop thinking and just be
herself, everything else would take care of itself.

    After a minute, I positioned the low-back chair in front of the bedroom
mirror, told Carrie to assume the position, and set the camera on a table
where it would record the action and her reflection in the mirror. I walked
up behind her and caressed her ass through the fabric, and I felt her
shudder. Slowly I raised the fabric up her legs and ass. I bunched it up at
her waist and made sure it would stay out of the way, then caressed her
bare ass.

    "Carrie," I said, "I just want to warm you up, I don't want to see any
tears this time. Do you think you can take five minutes without crying?"

    "I'll do my best, Master," she answered quietly.

    I ran and closed the bedroom door, then came back and gave her five
minutes of the hardest spanking I could deliver. When I stood her up, she
had tears pooled in her eyes, and I blotted them up with a handkerchief. I
told her to kiss me, and she pressed her lips against mine in a long,
tender kiss.

    It was time for breakfast. I told Carrie I was going to tape her as she
walked out of the bedroom, all the way to the dining room, and as she sat
at the table. I told her not to forget to pull her dress up as she sat
down. Grabbing the camera, I opened the bedroom door and started backing
down the hallway. I told her to come ahead, and then did my best to make a
quality home movie of my movie star.

    Just as Carrie entered the dining room, I heard Philip enter from the
kitchen. I didn't interrupt my movie making, but through the viewfinder I
saw Carrie smile at him and say good morning. I heard Philip say "My, God,"
and I pictured him with his jaw dropped open. I wondered how Carrie would
handle pulling up that floor-length dress to sit down, with Philip watching
her. The answer was, she did it perfectly. Looking directly into the camera
and smiling at her lover, she smoothly pulled the dress up over her ass in
several handfuls and sat, then she pulled her chair up to the table.
Looking up at Philip, she said "I'm famished, Philip, is breakfast nearly
ready?" I heard Philip walk back into the kitchen.

    I moved in as smoothly as possible for a close-up, being careful that
her breasts remained in the shot along with her face, and asked her if she
had any words for her adoring audience. She looked into the camera, gave
her sweetest smile, and said "You can all go and fuck yourselves,
everything you see here is for my Master, and only for my Master."

    "Perfect," I said, and shut off the camera.

    We were sipping coffee when Philip returned from the kitchen with our
breakfast. "That's a beautiful dress, Carrie," he said.

    "This old thing?" she said. "I just wear it when I'm working around the
house. You know, washing the car, vacuuming, being spanked by my Master."

    I reached out my hand, and Carrie immediately put her hand in mine. I
told Philip this was one of the items we ordered from the internet. He said
it was a very good choice, it was very glamorous. "Do we have any potato
sacks, Philip?" I asked him. "I have a theory that if we put a potato sack
on Carrie it would look glamorous." She squeezed my hand.

    "Good point, sir," he said. Then with a smile he said, "If that's all
for now, I'll go search for that potato sack." We all laughed, and he left
us to our breakfast.

    "How did that feel?" I asked her as we ate. "Do you feel like you've
had an opportunity to 'strut your stuff' for your Master?"

    "A little," she said. "I didn't figure out what we were doing until
half way through the film. Next time I'll get into the part faster."

    "You did fine," I told her. "That 'you can all go and fuck yourselves'
more than made up for a slow start. I was very pleased with your debut, and
now that we know your talent and star power, other roles will be

    Carrie looked at me. "Master," she said, "I know I was tasked to think
of something fun for today, but I can't top what we just did." Can our fun
for the rest of the day be to examine what's in the rest of the boxes?"

    "Of course," I told her, "with the exceptions that you have to take
your workout, and there will be a few more spankings throughout the day."

    "Only a few, Master?"

    "Only a few, Carrie." I took her hand and looked at her, then
explained. "Often, when we try something new, you want to negotiate how
often we do it. This was true for visits to the basement, floggings,
outside walks, sex, and on and on. When your Master allows you  to
negotiate with him, that is a privilege granted to the Slave. When the
Master chooses not to negotiate, it is the Slave's duty to deal with it and
obey. You can always negotiate with Bill, but you only negotiate with your
Master when he chooses to grant you that privilege. Is that clear?"

    "Yes, Master, this Slave apologizes, Master."

    "No, Carrie, you have nothing to apologize for. I always want to know
your feelings, don't stop asking for what you want. Just understand that
you won't always get it. Trust your Master, I understand what the spankings
mean to you. And never doubt that I love you, my movie star."

    "Let's go check out some more loot, Master," she said with a smile. I
told her most of the film I took was from the front, I wanted to film her
from the rear as she went back to the bedroom. "Do you want me to throw out
a hip, Master?" she asked with a grin.

    "Don't make it obvious, but a little exaggeration of your normal sexy
walk would be appropriate."

    I've seen that ass so often, I have it memorized. But by the time she
got back to the bedroom, she had given me a raging boner from watching her
walk in the viewfinder. The girl's got talent.

    I stood by her while she examined the remaining contents of the open
box. She had bought items I didn't even remember we looked at, she had a
quick mouse finger. Nothing matched the black dress, but there were some
interesting items. I noted that all of the items I really liked were sheer,
simply variations of naked. There was a sheer white blouse with long
sleeves that caught my eye. I asked her if she could wear it unbuttoned and
tied below the breasts. She tried it on that way, and it looked stunning.
Half of each bulging breast stuck out where the blouse was unbuttoned, the
remaining half clearly visible through the fabric. I had her put on a pair
of white, hip-hugging hot pants. When I steered her to the mirror, she
looked for a long moment, then said "Holy shit, I think I'm in love."

    "You can't have her, she's mine," I said. The hot pants had no rear
pockets and the material was fairly thin. "Time for another warm-up," I told
her. She moved the chair back in front of the mirror, and took her
position. I closed the bedroom door and gave her another spanking, much
longer than the first one. My hand was stinging badly, but I kept at it
until she began sobbing. She stood up and thanked me when I told her we
were finished.

    Caressing her breasts behind the sheer blouse, I told her I had just
thought of another activity for today, one we would perform after dinner.
She looked at me questioningly, and I said I would give her breasts a
thorough flogging downstairs tonight, then she would demonstrate her
control for me with the clit vibrator. I felt her shudder, and she briefly
frowned, but then recovered and smiled at me. "How do you feel about that?"
I asked her.

    "You can use this body however you please, Master," she said. "I've
known  the time would come for another breast flogging, and I've dreaded
it. I don't fear the pain, you know I crave it. But there's something about
having my breasts struck that scares me. I don't know what it is, Master."

    "Are you making a request that your Master not strike your breasts,
Carrie? Such a request would almost certainly be granted."

    She swallowed hard. "Master, please use my body for your pleasure. Your
slave will be proud to have its breasts flogged tonight."

    I didn't commit one way or the other. I commanded her not to cum until
further notice, then told her to open the other package and show me what
she liked.

    There was a lot of what I think of as "bedroom stuff," with various
names like baby dolls, which I hate, teddies, which are Ok, and other such
items. She looked good in any of them, but I had very little interest.

    Then she brought out the bras. She knew how I disliked bras, but I had
let her buy some open-front bras, that supported and lifted the breasts but
didn't cover the areolae or anything above. She had bought a variety of
colours. All opened from the front. Most had straps, but a few were

    After stripping her, I put a black strapless bra on her. I really
couldn't complain about access, there was only about an inch of skin around
the lower half of each breast that was covered. Her breasts were obviously
lifted, but they still looked natural is shape. I had her put the sheer
gown on over the bra. Her shape was spectacular, but the bra was a
distraction. She suggested we try it with a flesh coloured bra. That was
better. I knew the bra was there, I could still see it. But if I chose, I
could ignore it.

    I told her to take off the dress, then put her in a white bra with
straps. I hated seeing the bra on her body, but loved the shape of her
breasts. I had her get her favourite non-sheer blouse from the closet, and
put it on her. I told her to put on a normal skirt, then had her model for
me. When I couldn't see the bra, I could appreciate what it did for her

    I felt her up through the blouse, and again the bra was a distraction.
I told her that, then she showed me a workaround. She quickly unbuttoned
the blouse without pulling it out of the skirt, then released the bra
fastener, exposed her breasts, and moved the bra and blouse out of the way
for me. I slowly caressed her, then kissed each nipple and gave her a few
playful bites. When I was finished, she quickly refastened the bra,
adjusted her boobs, and re-buttoned the blouse. I told her I got the point,
I could live with that. She smiled.

    We opened the last box, and as expected it contained her labia rings
and attachments. I was surprised that it also contained a piercing kit with
detailed instructions, I had assumed I would have to wing it. I read the
instructions while she examined the attachments. I had given her permission
to strip and try the attachments, and she was putting the various
attachments up to or into her pussy, trying to visualize how she would look
when her rings were installed. I still hadn't committed to giving her four
rings, although we had bought four. But nearly all of the attachments
required four rings, so I figured it was inevitable that she would get four

    She started asking me questions, like how much pain there would be. I
grinned at her and asked her why she didn't ask about that before we bought
all of this stuff. I said I imagined there would be quite a bit of pain
while I was piercing her, but it shouldn't last long. I told her not to
worry, I would restrain her well while performing the surgery. She cringed
when she heard "surgery," and I hugged her and said it was really just a
bad pin prick, not surgery.

    She wanted to know how long her pussy would be out of service, and how
long before the attachments could be used. I told her the instructions said
she could engage in gentle sex twelve hours after the piercing, and to wait
for full healing, two to three weeks, before using any attachments.

    She wanted to know when I thought we should do it. I looked at her and
said, "Tonight. We'll flog your breasts, then pierce your labia. It will be
a good opportunity to try out your ritual sex table, we've never used it
for anything. We'll skip the clit vibrator test until another time."

    She gulped. "Tonight, Master? Why so soon."

    "Why not tonight, Carrie? If we wait, you'll just worry about it until
it's done, you don't need the distraction. Just decide right now if you
want to be pierced of not, and if you do it will happen tonight."

    "Could we just do one piercing tonight, and see how that goes?"

    "Are you afraid, Carrie?"

    "Yes, Master, I am."

    "Do you remember the fear you felt when you walked, alone and manacled,
into the dark training room at the organization? You had no one to call on
for support then. Now you have the full support of the man who is your
partner for life."

    She straightened her shoulders and looked into my eyes. "Let's do it
tonight, Master, all four. When you take your pony up to the picnic area to
fuck her in the snow, I want the reins attached to my labia, not my

    I put the four rings into her open hand. I told her I wasn't trying to
talk her out of it, but I wanted to make sure she understood that she would
be carrying that weight on her labia all the time. She agreed they were
heavy, but said she wanted to do it. I told her the matter was settled, and
now it was time for her exercise.

    During her workout, Carrie mostly talked about spanking. I believe her
main point was that she and I were both conflicted about what we were
really trying to accomplish with the spanking, and as a result we were
flip-flopping around about how much spanking she should receive. I broke my
own rule about engaging her in conversation during her workout, and told
her she was right. I repeated what I said earlier, that she simply had to
trust her Master to find the right balance. I also told her that today was
an exception, because of the activity we had planned for downstairs
tonight. She would only receive a few mild spankings during the rest of

    She also talked about her fear of the piercings. I guaranteed her that
the breast flogging she would receive first would be much more painful than
she would feel during each piercing, but pointed out that she would have to
submit to four piercings in a row. She said she was also concerned that her
Master would be displeased with her body after she is pierced. I said that
if either of us was displeased, after a month or so, we would simply remove
the rings and then the holes would heal over time. I told her she could
still change her mind until it was time for the first piercing, then it
would be too late.

    When she finished her exercise, I took her back to the bedroom and
closed the door. I sat in a chair and told her I wanted her to practice her
acting skills. I said she was to pick one of the items of bedroom wear, put
it on, and then seduce her Master the way someone wearing that item would
do it. I didn't think she would understand, but she caught on right away.

    I was just looking for a way to distract her for awhile, so she
wouldn't obsess over tonight's activities, and I was sure she would
complain that this was a stupid game. Boy, was I wrong, she got into to it
with style. I'm no expert on bedroom wear stereotypes, my women have
generally been naked, so I don't know if Carrie nailed any of the character
types or not. But the cool thing was that she was able to convincingly play
a whole variety of distinct types of women. At one point I asked her if she
had any training as an actor, and she laughed. I told her she was doing an
amazingly good job. She said maybe it was because she had no inhibitions
around her Master, so she could just "let it all hang out," as she put it.
We were having so much fun, we kept at it until lunch. Naturally, each
character Carrie played for me was able to score. I guess I'm just too

    At 11:15, I went to find Philip. He said he would have lunch ready at
noon. Returning to Carrie, I dressed her in one of the combinations she had
demonstrated earlier, White strapped bra under white non-sheer blouse, with
skirt and 4-inch heels. I then spent about 5 minutes brushing her hair,
until it no longer looked like she had been rolling around in bed all

    Taking Carrie by her hands, I pulled her to her feet and led her to the
low-backed chair and bent her over it. I told her lunch was in 30 minutes,
and I wanted to spank her slowly for 15 minutes. I asked her if 15 minutes
would be enough time for her to pull herself together before we went to
lunch. "Yes, Master, I'll do whatever it takes to look good at lunch."

    "I'm not worried about you looking good, Carrie, you always look good.
I'm assuming you don't want Philip to see you crying or with red eyes like
you usually have after you've cried. If that's not a concern for you, I'll
spank you right up until lunch time."

    "No, Master, you're right, I don't want Philip to see me like that. I
think I can get it together in 15 minutes, Master, thank you for your
concern for your Slave."

    I pulled her skirt up to her waist, then began spanking her. I gave her
twenty slaps on each cheek very quickly, to warm her up. Then I began
spanking her very slowly but very hard. I was slapping her ass so hard that
she and the chair were scooting across the rug slowly. Soon she was sobbing
loudly, and I decided I'd better stop and give her plenty of time to settle
down. I got a damp wash cloth and applied it gently over her ass for a

    Straightening her up, I sat down in the chair and pulled her into my
lap. She rested her head on my shoulder, still sobbing quietly. I told her
that I loved her, and she sobbed that she loved me, too. I held her until
she was quiet, then took her to the bathroom. I asked if she wanted to use
the toilet, and she nodded. After unfastening and dropping her skirt, I sat
her down and then knelt in front of her. When she finished, I helped her at
the bidet, then held her hair out of the way while she washed her face.

    I helped Carrie back into her skirt, then led her back to the bedroom.
Examining her face, I could tell her eyes were still red. It was 11:55, and
I decided to give her ten more minutes of recovery. I sat down and pulled
her into my lap again, and began kissing her gently. She responded in kind,
and soon put her arms around my neck.  At a few minutes after noon, I
looked at her eyes, and concluded she was fully recovered. I told her it
was time for lunch, and we held hands as we walked to the dining room.

    My concerns were needless, because we didn't even see Philip during
lunch. Everything was laid out on the table when we got to the dining room.
We ate and talked, Carrie seemed happy and even made a few jokes while we
were talking about her budding acting career.

    After lunch I told Carrie to find the backpack frame we had used on
earlier field trips, and bring it to the bedroom. I was determined to keep
her fully occupied with activity and small projects until dinner. When she
arrived with the frame, I told her to strip. As she was getting naked, I
told her we were going to figure out how to attach everything we need for
field trips to the backpack frame, and she would carry it whenever we went
out for her bridle training.

    I fetched Carrie's manacles from the mural room and put them on her
wrists. Then we worked out how to put the frame on her.

    First we attached her survival kit at the bottom of the frame. Then we
tried different ways for her to carry it. The normal shoulder strap over
each shoulder wouldn't work, they would slip off her shoulders. I finally
arrived at a method where the shoulder straps were crossed across her chest
between the breasts, then her manacled wrists could be attached to the
frame, either at the bottom or the top. I told her we would go out like
that, and took the frame off of her while we made the remaining

    We went to the bathroom, and I watched while Carrie attached dental
floss to her nipples. I picked up the backup nipple clips and put them in
my pocket. Then we put a pair of socks and walking shoes on her feet, and I
grabbed the blindfold and earplugs. I commanded Carrie to the Waiting Pose,
then went to round up the canteen and a blanket. Returning to the bedroom,
I was able to attach everything we carried to the backpack frame. That
meant Carrie carried everything, and my hands were free for controlling my

    "I thought you wanted a trained pony, Master, not a pack mule," she

    "You're versatile, you can perform both functions," I answered.
"Looking ahead to our first snowfall, the other equipment that will be
attached to the frame will be warm clothes for you to wear home, after you
make it naked to the top of the picnic hill and have been thoroughly fucked
in the snow. Of course, we won't need the blanket on that trip, so there
won't be as much added weight as you might think."

    "I don't understand, Master. What do you mean about the blanket? Why
won't we need a blanket?"

    "We won't need a blanket, my love, because when I said I was going to
fuck you in the snow, that's exactly what I meant. You will be naked, in
the snow, while being thoroughly and completely fucked."

    "That's not funny, Master," she said.

    "No, it's not. Now let's get this backpack on my Slave and hit the


  1. Nice chapter , but I think I will pass next, when " THAT" hapoen.

    Thank you , Han,
    Mona Lisa

    1. Quote: "No, Carrie, you have nothing to apologize for. I always want to know your feelings, don't stop asking for what you want. Just understand that you won't always get it. Trust your Master, I understand what the spankings mean to you. And never doubt that I love you, my movie star."

      Yes a very nice chapter, and if the next chapter upsets you Mona Lisa, please skip it. I will tell you when it is safe to open your eyes again...

      Thank you for your comment(s),

  2. I think i would dread the laying in the snow more than the piercings....Master's always seem to know how to give their submissives something to think about...
    hugs abby

    1. Not fond of the cold, huh? Ah well, it's just a question of acting if the master says so, it's not your problem any more just act as you are told...
      I think a lot of Masters are fond of the game of chess...

      Thank you for reading Abby,

  3. Oh my...hiking is not my cup of tea and to do it blindfolded over rough terrain? No thank you. Hmmm...I have been nude in the snow...Matthew had a thing about hot vs cold. LOL

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Oh, it is such a big fantasy of mine, you are touching here, Cat. Mmm.
      I love the idea of you and snow... Matthew had a good eye for beauty!

      Thank you for reading, Cat,


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