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Traning Carrie, chapter 21

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 21


      When Philip opened our door the next morning, he seemed surprised we
were still asleep. He was probably also surprised we weren't fucking like
rabbits, the usual way he found us. Then he noticed Carrie was restrained,
and he smiled. He asked her if he should come back when she wasn't tied up,
and she told him not to be a smart ass. She told him what we wanted for
breakfast, then looked at me for confirmation. I nodded at her, then she
smiled and told Philip that was our final answer.

    When Philip had gone, I reached over and kissed her. She returned my
kiss and moaned slightly. I asked her how she had slept, and she said she
woke up several times, when she tried to change position in her sleep, but
couldn't move. I asked her how she felt when she woke up and found herself
manacled and tied in position. She said she had felt controlled,
submissive, and under the command of her Master. I asked her if that was a
good feeling, and she said it was a very good feeling, the best feeling
short of sex.

    I got out of bed and released Carrie from the rope, then unfastened her
ankle and wrist manacles, but I told her she would keep wearing the
manacles until further notice. "Yes, Master," she answered. Taking her to
the bathroom, I sat her on the toilet then knelt in front of her. She did
her thing, then we traded positions. Finally, we took turns at the bidet,
then dried one another. I asked her how her breasts felt, and she pushed
them out at me, saying, "Give them a feel, and I'll let you know." I did
just that, and she said they were still a little sensitive, but ready for
whatever use her Master had in mind. I said I was glad, I could be needing
them any time. She smiled, and said "Promises, promises."

    Dressing her in her house blouse and heels, I clipped her wrists
together behind her back and led her to the dining room. Philip had coffee
on the table, but breakfast had not arrived. I asked her if she could bare
her ass with her hands bound, and she said sure she could, then
demonstrated. We sat, and I poured each of us a cup of coffee. I prepared
hers the way she liked it, then gave her a sip. She smiled and asked if she
could expect to be waited on all day. I told her that in about an hour I
would be using her like a mule, when she helped me get the exercise
equipment upstairs. She said she helped get it downstairs, she could
probably figure it out. She seemed to have come to some degree of
acceptance of my recent decisions about the training room.

    Philip brought out the food, and he immediately noticed that now her
hands were bound behind her back. With a wry grin, he asked me if the Slave
had been acting up, and if he should put her plate on the floor for her.
She laughed and told him to mind his own business, her Master didn't need
any help finding ways to humiliate his Slave. With mischief in his eyes,
Philip apologized, and looked at me when he said that he could never make
Carrie do anything he wanted her to when she was growing up, so he was
impressed that she was now with someone who could control her. She looked
at me, and said, "My Master controls me totally, Philip, and I thank him
for that." I decided this had gone on long enough, so I cut up a piece of
cantaloupe and fed it to her. Taking his cue, Philip left.

    It took us longer to eat when I was feeding her, but finally we were
both finished. I pulled out her chair and led her to the bedroom. Without
unfastening her wrists, I pushed her down on the bed on her back, and
attacked her pussy and clit with my lips and tongue. She started coming
immediately, and continued having frequent orgasms as long as I stimulated
her, about 15 minutes. when I let her up, she looked mildly dazed. She
pressed her body against me and kissed me passionately on my lips. I asked
her how she liked her taste, and she licked her lips and said she had never
been flexible enough to find out on her own. I didn't believe it would have
ever occurred to her to even try to do that, and I told her so. She
laughed, and said I was right, she was all talk. I kissed her again and
said she was all mine, and I was a lucky man.

    I said we were going to start moving the training equipment, and told
Carrie she could dress if she wanted to. She asked to put on a pair of
socks and sneakers, and remain naked other than that. I said Ok, and
released her wrists so she could put on her shoes and socks. When she was
shod, I told her to take off her blouse, and we got started.

    As we went into the mural room, I told her that for the duration of the
job, she would not have to obey the rules of the training room. We went
downstairs, and I asked her how we should approach the task. She said we
should just carry the elliptical trainer up the stairs. Two people had
carried it down, and she was one of them, so she thought we could get it
back up. I said Ok, and asked about the weight bench. She said there was
only one choice, it had to be dismantled, and she knew how to do that. We
set to work, horsing the elliptical machine upstairs first. That wore me
out, but didn't seem to bother her.

    I watched while she broke the weight bench down into manageable pieces.
Together we started moving them upstairs. When everything was upstairs, we
went back downstairs, and I told her we were looking for anything we could
use upstairs, because we wouldn't be coming back here for a long time, if
ever. With a grin, she picked up the crop. I told her that would be staying
here, and she gave me an exaggerated frown. We grabbed a few more gadgets
from the fetish drawers, then left.

    When everything was reassembled, it was 10:30. I told her she would
skip  her weight training today, she had already done enough exercise. I
took her arm and led her back to our bedroom, where I took off her
shoes and socks and clipped her wrists together behind her back. I stripped
and lay down on the bed on my back. Smiling at her, I said she was so good
at sucking my cock, I wanted her to try it with a handicap, no hands. She
said "No problem," and crawled up on the bed and got to work. She was just
as good with no hands, she had me begging to cum within 20 minutes. She
held me off for another 5 minutes, then brought me to a giant orgasm. She
stayed on me until she had swallowed everything and cleaned me thoroughly,
then sat up and asked how it was. With a grin, I told her she should
practice more, that was barely adequate. She said Ok, she would do it again
right now. Covering my cock and balls with my hands, I said I was kidding,
please have mercy of my cock and let it rest for a little while.

    After getting dressed, I released her wrists long enough to put on her
blouse, then reattached the manacles. Putting on her heels, I took her to
find Philip. He was preparing lunch for us, and said if we would be seated
he would bring us some tea, followed by lunch in about 10 minutes. Carrie
and I went to the dining room, where I watched as she bared her ass and sat
down. Then I sat, leaned over and kissed her, and thanked her for the
moving help and the blow job. "Any time," she said. She asked what was
planned for this afternoon, and I told her we were taking a long walk, with
many stops along the way. Grinning, she asked what we would be doing on
those stops. I told her it might not be what she was thinking. Just then
Philip showed up with iced tea, and I held her glass up for her to take a

    While I was having some tea, she said we both knew what she was
thinking we would do. So if it wasn't that, what was it? I told her it
would be something like what she was thinking, but not exactly like it, and
she would have to wait and see.

    When lunch arrived, I split my time between feeding myself and her. It
was a light lunch, and we were soon finished. Taking her to the bathroom, I
told her she would be wearing her butt plug all afternoon, so if she wanted
to use the toilet now was the time. She asked about an enema, and I said
she didn't need one. While she was on the toilet, she asked if she could
wear her nipple clips, and I said No, I had other plans for her tits today.
After her bidet and towelling, she bent over the tub without being told, and
I plugged her. I then released her wrists, and told her to get her
harnesses and cram them into her kit, she would be wearing them as soon as
we were out of sight of the house. While she did that, I went to fill the
canteen and tell Philip of our plans.

    Leaving the canteen by the side door, I noticed that the sun block was
still there on the table. I took it to the bedroom, where Carrie was
waiting in the Waiting Pose. I stripped her and applied sun block all over
her body, then put her socks and shoes on for the hike. I said her wrists
would remain free so she could carry her kit, but the manacles would stay
on. She put her blouse back on for the short trip to the side door, and
went to get a blanket. I put the sun block in her kit, noting she had put
the harnesses in as commanded, then took the kit to the door. We met at the
door and decided we had everything we needed for the trip. I removed her
blouse and told her to carry the kit and blanket. I grabbed the canteen,
opened the door, and we started out.

    As soon as we were far enough from the house that Philip wouldn't see
us, I made her stop and get the harnesses out of the kit bag. I put them on
her, stripped off my clothes, then we continued walking. After a few
minutes, I asked her if the harness was irritating her breasts, and she
said No. Soon we got to our first stopping point, and I had her spread the
blanket and we both removed our shoes. I had her assume the Learning Pose
on the blanket, and I sat cross-legged facing her, and explained what I
wanted to do.

    I told her that, at each stop, we could relax, drink water, talk,
whatever we felt like. But we would also spend 15 minutes with her sitting
as close to me as we could get, facing each other, with my dick in her
pussy. We would not move below our waists during that time, and we would
not speak. We would look at one another's face during the whole time, and
we could do anything we wanted with our hands except touch each other below
the waist. Neither of us would cum prior to returning to the house. I
asked her if she understood the plan, and she said Yes, but she didn't
understand the point. I told her there might not be a point, it was just
something her Master wanted to do with her. Then I asked her if she wanted
some water or if there was anything she wanted to ask or talk about before
we started our first 15 minutes. She said she was ready to start.

    I had her move to a sitting position, then move close to me, put her
legs over mine, and wrap her legs behind my back. By the time she had done
this, my dick was hard, so I guided it into her pussy and then told her to
move as close as she could. When I was in her almost all the way, I set the
timer on my wristwatch for 15 minutes, and asked her if she was ready to
start. She said Yes, and I started the timer.

    At first she had her hands on her thighs, palms up, and I was holding
her shoulders lightly with my hands. We kept silent and looked into each
others eyes. After a few minutes, she smiled, then laughed. I was tempted
to tell her to knock off the laughter, but I decided to keep quiet and see
what she would do. She was intermittently giggling for a few minutes, then
she seemed to get past the humorous phase. She put her hands on my waist,
then after a few minutes started lightly rubbing them up and down my sides.
I remained still with my hands on her shoulders. She started running her
hands from my sides, down my hips and thighs, then back up. After doing
that for a few minutes, she moved her hands to my chest, and began lightly
caressing my chest and stomach. Eventually, her hands began roaming down
toward my crotch, and I shook my head. She returned her hands to my sides,
and stopped moving them.

    She smiled at me, and a tear formed in her right eye and ran down her
cheek. I smiled back at her, and slowly moved my hands to her breasts. She
sighed and continued smiling at me as I caressed her breasts and nipples.
After a minute or two, I put my left hand over her right hand on my side.
While my right hand continued caressing one breast, I moved her hand from
my side and put it on her other breast. She seemed surprised, but didn't
resist. After a little while I started moving her hand over her breast to
match what I was doing. She shook her head No, but I smiled and nodded my
head Yes. She started moving her hand on her own to match my motion, and I
removed my hand from hers. After a minute of that, I stopped caressing her
breast and began stimulating the nipple with the tip of a finger. She
hesitated at first, and I nodded at her again. She began stimulating her
other nipple, then sighed and smiled at me. Just then the timer alarm went

    I put my hands on her thighs, palms up, and she placed her hands in
mine. I asked her if she enjoyed the 15 minutes, and she smiled and said
Yes. Then she said  would probably not believe her, but she had never tried
to stimulate herself before. I told her I did believe her, and she was
going to learn to do that for herself, but only under my command. I told
her that, by watching how she chose to give herself pleasure, her Master
would learn how he could better please her. She said her Master already
pleased her, he did not need any lessons from his Slave. Still smiling at
her, I said it didn't matter whether the Master needed lessons or not, the
Slave would provide them whenever she was told to. She lowered her eyes,
and said, "Yes, Master."

    I told her that, at the next stop, we would start out like we did here,
then when the Master placed his Slave's hands on her breasts, the Slave
would begin exploring, to find the kinds of stimulation that were most
pleasing. The master would watch and learn. I reminded her that neither of
us would have any orgasms while we were on our walk.

    We were still sexually coupled, although my dick had been limp for some
minutes. I stretched out and grabbed the canteen, took a drink, then
offered it to her. She took a drink, then gave me a sly grin. She said,
since I wasn't going to fuck her, could she lie down and soak up the rays
for a few minutes. I told her to go right ahead, and I promised her I would
stay awake. She laughed. I asked her if she wanted the harnesses off, and
she said if she was going to be feeling herself up, she might as well not
have anything in the way. Then she looked at me and smiled. I pulled her to
me and kissed her, then removed her harnesses and put them back in her bag.
She lay down on her back with her arms out to her sides and her legs
spread. I sat and watched her, marvelling at her beauty and at how
unselfconscious she had become in my presence.

    After letting her lie in the sun for about 10 minutes, I told Carrie it
was time to move on. We both put our shoes on, I took the blanket, canteen,
and my clothes, she grabbed her kit bag, and we set out.

    At the second stop, things went as I had told her. after a few minutes
face-to-face, I took both her hands in mine and placed them on her breasts.
She began exploring her breasts. I already knew that her nipples were super
sensitive, and she immediately started working on them and trying different
approaches to stimulation, such as finger tips, palms, finger nails,
knuckles, wetting the finger or nipple or both with saliva, and various
combinations of those things. She was obviously turning herself on, but I
couldn't tell what techniques she was preferring to others. I would have
her show me her "top 10" when we returned to the house.

    She was probably getting tired of the intense stimulation to her
nipples, because she stopped working on them and started searching her
breasts for areas that were more sensitive than others. She also tried
various methods of contact stimulation on the skin of the breasts. Again it
was hard to tell what she was finding most pleasurable, she would have to
demo the best stuff later. A few minutes after she stopped working on the
nipples, the timer went off. She sighed, and placed her hands in mine
again. I asked her what her thoughts were. She said I must forbid her to
ever do that when I was not present, she could get addicted to it. I told
her that I did forbid her to ever do it except under my command, and she
thanked me, and said she would never disobey her Master. Then I told her
that when we returned to the house, we would go to the bedroom, and the
Master would watch while the Slave stimulated herself to have a series of
orgasms. During the process, the Slave would describe to the Master what
she was feeling, and why particular kinds of stimulation felt better than
others. She didn't like that, she said she had never masturbated herself,
and she asked to please not be forced to do that. I told her she would not
be forced, she would be asked. And because she had pledged to always be
submissive and obedient to her Master, she would do as she was asked. She
lowered her eyes and said, "Yes, Master, your Slave will obey you, now and

    At our third stop, I told her we would do something different. We would
spend the 15 minutes with our lips just touching, but we would not kiss. We
would also have our arms around each other's neck. She really had a
difficult time with that one, she kept laughing and snickering, and several
times kissed me. Once I broke the rules myself to tell her to knock it off.
At the end of the 15 minutes, she said she was really having a hard time
understanding what we were doing. I told her again that I didn't know what
we would accomplish, it was just something I wanted to try, then asked her
if she needed to understand why her Master was asking her to do something
before she would obey. She again told me she would always obey me.

    At the fourth stop, I said we would look into each other's eyes for the
whole time. That one did something to her, for about the last 5 minutes
tears were streaming down her face. When the time was up, I asked her if
she had been bored to tears. She said that wasn't it at all. I asked her if
they were tears of sorrow or of joy. She looked at me very seriously, took
my face in her hands, and said "Joy, Master."

    At the fifth stop, she asked if we could just rest and talk. We had one
more stop, so I told her that would be fine. I lay down on the blanket, and
she sprawled out on top of me. I thought at first she would ask for sex,
but she apparently just wanted our two bodies to be in contact. We talked
about this and that for awhile, then I asked her why she had sought the
easy path to obedience and submission to her Master, instead of the hard
path. She said she didn't understand the question. I then asked her which
was easier, to always obey and submit because you know you will be punished
if you don't, or to always obey and submit simply because you have promised
to? And which is harder, to do what you said you would when there is no
other reason to do it, or to do what you said you would because you feared
the consequences of acting otherwise? She said she had never thought of it
like that. I said we should move on, she kissed me, and we got up.

    At the last stop, I told her I would watch her play with her breasts
again.  We followed the same procedure as the second stop, and I was
surprised to see that she mostly tried techniques she had not used before.
She was much more inventive in her experimentation than I ever was. I had
been right in thinking that she would be able to show me new ways to please
her. When time was up, we both took some water, then sat silently and
looked at the view for awhile. then we put our shoes on and I got dressed,
I took the kit and blanket, she put the canteen strap over her shoulder and
between her breasts, and we walked down the hill to the house with our arms
around one another.

    Back in the house, I put her heels on, put her into her blouse, and
attached her wrists behind her back. I took the kit bag, and she followed
me to the bedroom. It was 3:45. I told her to go to the bathroom, then took
the harnesses and sun block out of her bag. I went into the bathroom,
released her wrists, removed her heels and blouse, and told her to lean
over the tub. She asked if she could leave the plug in while I watched her
masturbate. I said No, what if she decided she wanted to stick a finger up
her ass and couldn't because it was plugged? She shrugged and bent over the
tub. I popped out the plug and handed it to her. She washed it off as I had
told her to. When she put the plug down and dried her hands, I took her in
my arms and gave her a long kiss, which she hungrily returned. Then she
said she really didn't want to masturbate, and I told her she didn't have
to want to, she just had to obey her Master. She asked how she should do

    I took her back into the bedroom and had her kneel in the middle of the
floor, facing a chair. I took off all my clothes and sat in the chair. I
told her I wanted to be naked so she could immediately tell the effect she
was having on me. Then I told her to start by stimulating her breast as she
did outside, and describe to me how it made her feel. She should use all of
the techniques I saw her use before, and explain the advantages and
disadvantages of each. She took a deep breath, then started. She was only a
few minutes into her demonstration, and already I had a big boner. She
looked at it and smiled. I told her not to worry, it would be hers later,
but not until she had finished her show. She continued, and did a pretty
good job of showing me what types of stimulation she responded to and which
she didn't. I concentrated on what she was telling me. I really did want to
learn what turned her on, although that was not the real purpose of this
exercise. The real purpose was to push her farther and farther, to let her
prove to herself that she would obey me as she had said she would, without
being coerced.

    After she had exhausted the lessons from breast stimulation, I told her
to begin on her pussy. She said this was all new to her, and I said she
already knew a lot from what I did to her that she enjoyed, just start
there and improvise. She was much more inhibited here than when stimulating
her breasts, but in time she did show me a few new tricks.

    I decided she had gone as far as she could for the first session. I
would push her one step farther, then let her off the hook. I had her lie
on her back with her pussy facing me. Then I told her to finger her pussy
and her asshole at the same time until she came. She froze, and I said, "Do
it now, please Carrie." She did it, but this was the first time I ever saw
her having difficulty reaching an orgasm. She had been fingering herself in
the ass and stimulating her clit for about 10 minutes, and she obviously
wanted to come, but couldn't. I remembered an event from long ago, and I
said, "You are very close, Carrie. It's yours, your Master wants you to
have it, just reach out and take it. Relax, trust your Master, and give him
what he wants." She came, then she thanked me.

    I told her to crawl over to me and take my cock in her mouth. She came
to me with a smile, and did as I asked, then paused and looked into my
eyes. I asked her if she would prefer to blow me, or that I fuck her. With
my cock in her mouth, she said something that sounded a lot like "fuck me."
How could I refuse? I told her to go wash her hands, then come to bed. She
ran into the bathroom, and was back in record time. Diving into the bed,
she thanked me for taking her another step, and asked me to please fuck her
until I couldn't fuck her anymore. I did my best.

    It was about 6:00 when we finished. I had Carrie go draw a hot bath,
telling her we both needed a long soak. I forced myself to get up and join
her in the bathroom a few minutes later. We watched each other use the
toilet, took turns on the bidet, then climbed into the bath. She turned on
the water jets, and we stretched out in the tub with her on top of me. She
kept "accidentally" pushing my head under the water, until I said it was my
turn to be on top. Then she swore it wouldn't happen again. I asked her if
she was happy, and she asked me what planet I was from, and how could I not
know she was happy? I asked her if she would object to masturbating again
when her Master requested her to, and she said she would do anything her
Master wished, any time he wished it.

    When we had dried one another, I got the rest of her bondage gear and
put it on her. Telling her to wait, I went to get her weekend "apron."
Putting it on her, I told her Philip was gone for the evening, and I would
have my Slave as naked as possible tonight. Then I ran my hands through her
hair, and said, "But you could be made more naked still, couldn't you, my
Slave?" She immediately started begging me not to shave her head. I laughed
and told her I could never do that, I loved her hair, I was just joking.
She said that wasn't funny, then she asked me if I would have really shaved
her head when I had threatened to, her first day at the organization. I
smiled and told her I really didn't know.

    I attached her wrists behind her back, then told her it was time to see
about dinner, and I led her to the dining room. After watching her bare her
ass and sit, I told her I would be right back. I returned in a minute with
some short lengths of rope, and proceeded to secure her ankle manacles to
the chair legs with rope. Then I released her wrists, only to attach them
to the chair arms with rope. Finally, I attached a rope to her collar,
pulled it snugly over the back of the chair, and tied it off. She was
forced to sit back in the chair, and was pretty much immobilized by all her
attachments to the chair. I then pulled a blindfold out of my pocket and
blindfolded her.

    She asked me timidly if she could speak, and I told her she certainly
could. She then asked if she had done anything today to make me angry or to
disappoint me. I told her No, she had been my perfect little Slave today.
Then, she asked, why was I tying her to the chair and blindfolding her? I
asked her how it made her feel, and she said she felt helpless and at my
mercy. I told her that was why I did it, to make her feel exactly like
that. I told her she would remain like that through dinner, then went to
the kitchen.

    The first thing I did was open a bottle of wine and pour a glass.
Returning to my helpless Carrie, I kissed her nipples, then her lips, then
I put the glass up to her lips and told her to take a sip. She did as I
told her, and seemed relieved that it was wine. "Now that you are totally
at my mercy, Carrie, did you think I would trick you by giving you
something unpleasant to drink or eat?" I asked her. She said she was afraid
I might play tricks on her when she was in this state. I told her she would
just have to trust me. I reminded her that I could command her to eat or
drink anything I wanted her to, whether or not she was blindfolded, and she
would do it. She said that was true, but to please not trick her tonight,
because being blindfolded was new to her and she felt very vulnerable. I
told her to tell her Master that his Slave trusted him not to cause her any
harm. She repeated what said, then I asked her if she believed what she had
told me. She smiled and said of course she did, she was sorry she had
worried for no reason. I again kissed her nipples and lips, fed her some
more wine, and told her I was going to prepare dinner.

    This was not going to be a conventional dinner, I tried to assemble as
many different flavours as I could find, to challenge her senses while she
couldn't see. For myself, I made a sandwich. Retuning to Carrie, I put the
food on the table and sat down. I explained to her that she would be fed a
small bit of food, and after chewing it thoroughly she would have to tell
me what it was before she could swallow. If she couldn't identify it, she
would have to spit it out. Then I told her I needed to get an empty plate
for her to spit on, and went to get the plate. Before I sat down again, I
told her I wanted another kiss, and again gave each nipple and her lips a
lingering kiss.

    I started feeding her slowly. She was very good at identifying the
different tastes, only making mistakes when there was a mixture of
different flavours in one bite. When she guessed wrong or said she couldn't
identify a flavour, I would give her hints. She usually identified the food
after a few hints, but there were a few she never got right, and I made her
spit them out before telling her what they were. When all of her sample
foods were gone, I offered to make her a real dinner if she was still
hungry. She asked if she could just have a small bowl of ice cream instead,
and I went to get ice cream for both of us.

    As we sat at the table sharing our third glass of wine, I asked her if
she was still uncomfortable at being bound and blindfolded. She said she
felt better about it now, and she was enjoying the helpless feeling, and
her total dependence on her Master. Then I told her the real point of this
exercise. She was in a period of adjustment. With the best of intentions,
she had convinced herself that she could not be a submissive, obedient
Slave without being whipped, flogged, and hit with the crop. In fact, that
type of training was only necessary for those who did not wish to be
Slaves, and had to be coerced into obedience and submission. She was the
most willing Slave I had ever seen or heard of. For her, physical coercion
was unnecessary and counterproductive. I told her that it was her Master's
wish that she take the hard road, submitting and obeying her Master by her
own free choice, rather than taking the easy path, letting her Master force
her into the proper behaviour with the threat of pain. I knew making her
that challenge, to do it the hard way rather than the easy way, would be a
great aid for her to adjust her thinking.

    Continuing my explanation, I said that, while she was in this period of
adjustment, it was important that her dependence on her Master and her
submission and obedience be emphasized. That was why she was wearing her
bondage gear in the house, why she was restrained at most times, including
while she slept, and why she had just been fed dinner while totally
restrained and blindfolded. I told her that she had willingly allowed all
of those things to be done to her, as she had willingly followed the
command to masturbate herself before her Master. All of those things were
reinforcing the behaviour her Master wanted, that her submission and
obedience would be freely given, no matter what commands or rules her
Master gave her.

    When I finished my rambling explanation, I asked her if she understood.
She said she did understand, and that she would always choose to obey and
submit to her Master, no matter how difficult the task she was given, and
she welcomed any challenge her Master would like to present her with.
Paraphrasing something she had told me a few days ago, I said that life
would challenge us enough, and her Master had no plans to present her with
contrived tests. I kissed her, and said I was going to release her from the
chair, but she would remain blindfolded for the time being.

    Having removed all of the ropes, I reattached her wrists behind her
back and led her to the kitchen. I watched her sit in a chair, finding her
"apron" by feel then pulling it up to clear her ass. I told her to remain
seated and talk to me while I cleaned off the dinner table. The first thing
she said was that she was happy I had commanded her to stimulate and
masturbate herself today. She said she had always been curious about what
that would be like, but she never had the nerve to try it. I told her I
would give her opportunities to do it again, and reminded her to never do
it except in my presence, because I loved watching her. She said she would
never think of experiencing any kind of sexual pleasure except in her
Master's presence, and hopefully with the participation of her Master's


  1. I like what they did outside and inside.
    He is s smart Master.. As long..
    Ofcourse I love his thought about why a slave or sub will submitt.
    It is so much as I believe it should be.

    Thank you Han.
    A wonderful chapter.

    Mona Lisa

    1. It is a wonderful chapter and I am so glad you like it.


  2. Interesting chapter, Han. I like it this way.


    1. You too, Appy. I agree with you 100% again.


  3. I like the way he is training her. Enjoyed this chapter more ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Yes, the master must be the master, oh Cat, difficult times ahead for you...

      Keep on reading, please...


  4. Interesting chapter....made me think that when i get back from home, i need to dig blindfold out from the bottom of the a hint only, of course.
    hugs abby

    1. LOL, what a good idea Abby. I know you will love it. It brings out all your senses if you cannot see.

      Ah the surprise...
      Wonderful that you keep on reading, I love it,



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