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Training Carrie, chapter 8

novel by Jay West
Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 8

We all looked at each other for a few moments, then she laughed.
"Master," she said, "let me introduce you to Philip, your servant. Philip,
didn't we agree that you would not address me directly in my Master's
presence? And that if you must refer to me, you would call me 'Slave'."

"I'm sorry," Philip said, "I'm working on that, but I just can't do it

Feeling left out of the conversation, I offered the witty question,

"Yes sir," Philip said, "it's like a slave, except you pay me and we
don't fuck."

She laughed again, and said "That will do, Philip. Philip has a mouth
on him, Master. He has worked for my family all of his life, and now I'm
the last of my family. Philip raised me when I was a child. Philip knows
what you and I are to each other and what we will be doing here. He doesn't
approve, but he is trying hard to adapt to the situation. He has had a tour
of the basement. He knows that when he sees us, we will as likely as not be
naked - especially me - and that we will probably be doing things he finds
offensive. While we do the Master/Slave thing, Philip takes care of the
house. He's here seven to four, Monday through Friday, and always on call.
He has a duplicate set of the keys my Master has, but he won't come to the
basement unless specifically asked there for a cleaning or maintenance
problem. But I've invited him to spend time in the observation room
whenever he cares to." That last part was said with a huge grin in Philip's
direction. Philip scowled.

Again trying to join the conversation, I said, "Ok, I think I got all
of that, but who's Carrie?"

"Carrie is now my name in the outside world, since I changed my
identity. But since my Master has not named his Slave, Philip has been
told," here she looked sternly at Philip, "on more than one occasion, that
he was not to use that name once the Master had returned, or to speak
directly to the Slave if he could avoid it."

Philip wanted this to end, so he tried rephrasing the original
question. "Sir, would you like any breakfast for yourself and ... the

"Excellent, Philip!" she cried, clapping her hands. "This Slave is very
proud of its old friend."

I could see that this Slave stuff was becoming painful for Philip, so I
told him that I would like juice, coffee, toast, and 2 eggs scrambled, and
would he please make the Slave its favourite breakfast. That got me a
friendly smile from him, then he thanked me and left the room. I saw him
sneak a look at her as he left, I could tell it hurt him not to be able to
speak to her. I would try to find a way around that.

I said, "Out of bed, Slave, we have time to give each other a quick
shower before breakfast arrives." She ran to the shower and turned on the
water. When I came in, she smiled and asked, "Cold water only, Master?"
"Not when I'm in there with you, Slave. Don't even think about it." We
soaped each other up, coming pretty close to starting another round of
fucking. But I wanted to continue trying to figure out what was going on,
and frankly I was exhausted, so I made her stop. She looked disappointed
until I told her that after breakfast she would give me a tour of the
training room. She smiled.

As we were coming out of the bathroom and sharing a towel to dry each
other, Philip arrived with the breakfast cart. I took the towel from her
and wrapped it around me, leaving her facing Philip naked. He ignored her
and asked me where I wished breakfast to be served. I told him to just
leave the cart, we would figure out something.

As Philip turned to leave, I called him back and told him I had
something else to tell him. I said that, when I heard him call the Slave by
name, I realized that Carrie was the perfect name for her. Therefore, as a
reward for all she had achieved in the last 18 months, I was giving her the
Slave name Carrie, effective now, and that I was grateful he gave me the
idea. I also told him that, despite the orders given to him by Carrie, it
was my wish that, unless Carrie had been ordered to remain silent or was
otherwise unable to talk, he should always address her when he had anything
to say to us. I told him that the exception was that, in the training room
downstairs, the Slave would never be allowed to speak to him, and he would
never speak to the Slave. I looked over at her, and she wore a big grin.
"Thank you, Master," she said. I asked Philip if he understood, and he
said, "Yes, Sir, and I also thank you. And Sir, thank you for giving her
back laughter. I hadn't heard her laugh in a long time."

Philip then looked at Carrie, and asked "Will that be all, Carrie?" She
looked at me, and I said, "The lawyer." "Oh, yes," she said. "Philip,
please contact Mr. Collins and tell him he will have to undo the legal work
transferring my holdings to the Master. I shouldn't have done that, and
everything is to be transferred back to my ownership." She looked at me,
and I said, "That should do it." She said, "That's all, Philip. Thank you.
... Oh, Philip, do you think Mr. Collins will be angry?" Philip was
actually grinning, and he answered that he was sure Mr. Collins would not
be angry to hear that. He looked at me and thanked me, then thanked Carrie
and left.

When Philip had disappeared, she said "This Slave can't thank you
enough for that, and for the Slave's new name, Master. And I know it meant
the world to Philip, I believe Master has made a friend. But couldn't
Master have left me some towel, too?" I told her I was simply trying to
avoid grossing Philip out more than necessary this soon, and she said,
"Does Master think that seeing his little girl naked and with a shaved
pussy might have grossed him out a little?" I told her that it was certain
that Philip would sooner or later see her in situations and performing acts
that he would find unpleasant, if not disgusting. I said that I was sure
she had already told Philip that, and he was still here. If he loved her,
and I was sure he did, he would have to adapt to the reality of her status
as a sex slave, if she and he wished him to stay here. Then I asked her
where the name Carrie came from. She said she had chosen it for herself. It
was a name she had always liked, despite the movie of the same name, and
she was happy and proud that it was now also her Slave name.

I put her bondage equipment and blouse on her, which made her smile.
Arranging two chairs at a suitable table in the bedroom, I watched her sit
as she now knew to do, then fastened her wrists behind her back. Setting
out the food, I concluded that her "favourite breakfast" was apparently half
a grapefruit and a soft-boiled egg. "If I knew you were having a
grapefruit," I said, "I would have let you feed yourself. From now on when
you have this, ask Philip to section it for you." "Is my Master always
going to feed his Slave?" she asked. "Any time the Master wishes to," I
answered. She asked if she could have coffee with her breakfast, and I
refused. I told her if she were very good, she could possibly have a few
sips of her Master's coffee.

When breakfast was finished, and I had squirted as much grapefruit
juice as possible onto her breasts and stomach, I put on some clothes from
the closet, which fit perfectly, then led her to the mural room. I told her
that this would be her transition point from now on. When she entered this
room from the rest of the house, any clothing she was wearing would be
removed and her slave bondage equipment would be attached. When she entered
this room from the training room, the opposite procedure would be followed,
her bonds would be removed and she would be dressed as her Master chose for
the house. I also told her that this would be the point where formal Slave
replies would be required when she was going to the training room, and it
would be the point where she would adopt the more informal speech patterns
when she was leaving the training room. I asked her if she understood all
of that, and she read it all back perfectly in her formal response.

I removed her blouse, attached her wrists to the belt behind her back,
and led her down the stairs and into the training room. Guiding her with
her tits and anus, I took her on the same tour circuit she had originally
followed in her first training room. Her first stop was past the bed to the
Master's enclave. It was of course different, but the only thing missing
was the system interface controls - There was no system controlling this
room. I asked her what the door at the far end of the Master's area led to.
She replied that she knew there was a toilet of some kind for the Master in
her original training room, although she had not known where its door was.
She said that behind the door was a commode and a tiny shower for the
Master's exclusive use. It was locked at all times and only the Master and
Philip had the key, or any keys for that matter. She pointed out that the
refrigerator was full, and that Philip would restock it when asked, and
would provide any other items that the Master wanted in his refrigerator. I
told her I was very pleased with her design for the Master's enclave, and
added that I was sure she already knew that she was never to set foot onto
the rug unless led there by her Master. She said she knew that, and thanked
me for reminding her.

Then I guided her back to the bed. Although it looked different, it was
functionally the same as her first bed. I put her in it, and took her
through the range of adjustment possible for the legs and head, and tried
out all of the tilt and height adjustments. Everything was manually
operated, but the mechanism was so well balanced that it was easy to make
any desired adjustment, even raising the whole bed with her in it. I told
her that I was very pleased with the bed.

I lowered her head, unzipped my pants, and told her to suck my cock.
She looked distressed at this, and I asked her if she was refusing my
command. She assured me she was not, she would gladly obey, but she didn't
think she would be allowed to suck her Master's cock until she had
completed her week of butt fucking. I told her that we were not going to
follow the original training plan defined by the organization, and that
although I owed her nothing in the way of explanation, I would explain why
later, at the completion of my tour. She then proceeded to give me a blow
job that left me weak in the knees, all the more impressive because of her
inexperience and the fact that her head was rigidly strapped to the
headrest. When she finished, I left her in the bed and went to the Master's
enclave, where I had a glass of water and rested on the couch for a few

Finally I went back and removed her from the bed. I told her she was
going to be a great cock sucker after more practice. Actually, she was
already great, and what she could do after more practice was a daunting
prospect. Continuing the tour, I observed that the elliptical trainer and
weight training bench were identical to the ones the organization used. I
asked her if she used them. She said that she had been doing an hour a day
on the elliptical machine for the last 2 months, but she didn't know the
right way to use the weights. I told her she would learn, and explained how
weight training would improve her shape at selected locations where she was
too lean now.

Moving on, the ritual sex area looked identical to the original. The
bars looked fine. She had never seen how the table was to be used, so she
had done the best she could to duplicate its functionality. At first look,
I thought it would be Ok.

I was going to bypass the toilet area since I had already seen it all
in use except the shower, but she indicated that she needed to use it, so I
waited and watched while she did her thing and then washed herself. I dried
her with a towel.

The punishment area was perfect, what more can I say? She had not
duplicated the full variety of whips, crops, flogs, and belts the original
room had, but there would be more than enough options here.

Finally, we got to the learning machine. There was no system computer
to control it, like the original. She said the designer told her its
operation was too complex for a passive circuit to control, so he had
installed a small PC in the console, and had a simple visual interface on a
nearby monitor to allow full control. I asked her if she had tried it, and
she said yes, she needed to make sure it worked like the original. She told
me the breast shocks were very similar but a little stronger, but the leg
shock was much stronger, and there was no way to make it milder. I asked
her if it knocked her out, and she said no, it just hurt a lot worse and
took longer to recover from. I told her that was OK, but that I would
eventually need to see her response to it myself. She answered that she
would be pleased to demonstrate it for the Master right now, although she
looked pretty pale as she said that. I told her we had other, more
important things to do right now, but eventually she would be allowed to

I told her again that her Master couldn't be more pleased with the
room, that she had done an excellent job, and she had fully earned the
privilege of having a Slave name. I told her that it was time to go back
upstairs, and she looked like she was very distressed at the idea of
leaving the room again. I commanded her to speak, and she said she needed
to resume her training, so that she could be the best possible Slave for
her Master. I said I had promised her an explanation, and she would have
one soon, but that she must never again balk or act upset when her Master
ordered her to leave the training room. She went through the door when I
unlocked and opened it, and quickly climbed the stairs. After I locked up I
followed her up the stairs. She was waiting as required to transition from
training room to house, and I removed her bonds and put on her blouse and

I took her directly to the guest room where her clothes were stored,
and began trying to find her an acceptable set of clothes to wear outside
the house. I had looked outside, saw that it was a beautiful day, and
decided to take her for a walk. Not knowing what the privacy issues were
like around the house, I decided she would wear normal clothes her first
time out with her Master. After some searching, I selected a simple skirt,
not tight, a form fitting blouse that buttoned up the front, and a pair of
low-heeled shoes suitable for walking.

I had her show me to the door she normally used to enter and leave the
house. It was on the side of the house and opened onto a driveway where an
SUV was parked. I told her that her transition area from in the house to
outside would be just inside that door for now, and that suitable outdoor
clothing would be located here for her to change. I had her remove her
house blouse and heels and put on her outdoor clothes. Before taking her
outside, I commanded her to demonstrate for me how she would sit down in
that skirt, using a nearby chair. She reached down and pulled the skirt up
over her ass as she sat down, and blushed bright red. I told her that was
good, and had her practice a few more times. I then took her and the chair
to a mirror, and had her practice more while watching herself in the
mirror, both from in front and from the side. "How is that for
humiliating?" I asked her after awhile. She said that it was extremely
humiliating. I said "Just as it should be, Carrie," addressing her by her
Slave name for the first time. She smiled when I said her name. I told her
to go and get a blanket or a beach towel and a tube of sun block and join
me at the exit door. She said at first that she didn't know if there was
any sun block, then she remembered that there was a tube of it in the
Master's bathroom and went to get it.

When she returned with the required items, I opened the door and told
her to go outside, which she did without hesitation. I asked her if there
was a nearby area suitable for a picnic on the ground with lots of privacy.
She knew of a place, and I told her to show me the way.

As we walked, I asked her where the hell we were, and she said we were
in the foothills outside of Albuquerque. I told her that was a comfortable
distance from the organization, and complemented her again on her abilities
and her choices. She said that we owned the land for a mile in any
direction from here, and that she had never seen any strangers here, there
was only us, Philip, and his wife. She felt safe walking out here alone. I
told her I didn't want to discuss Philip now, but I wanted to know more
about him and his wife later.

After about a 20-minute walk, she led me to the perfect spot for what I
had in mind, very private. I told her to spread the blanket, then strip and
assume the Learning Pose on the blanket. I checked to be sure she wasn't
opening her legs to the extreme painful position I had forbidden her to use
again. I took the sun block and applied it to her body all over and to my
face. I told her we were likely to be here awhile, and I didn't want us to

I then sat down across from her, had her put her hands in mine, and
began. I asked her to recall what I had with me when I first entered the
training room yesterday. She correctly named her bonds, my keys, and the
crop. I asked her what happened to the crop, and she said I dropped it on
the floor with her bonds before I helped her stand up. I asked her if she
knew where it was now, and she said that it was still on the floor where I
dropped it, she had just seen it there a half hour ago. I asked her how
many time I had struck her with the crop before I dropped it, and she said
that I had not hit her at all. I asked her if I had hit her with anything
else, or had disciplined her in any way, between the first time I saw her
in the training room and now. She said no, I had not disciplined her. I
asked her how long it has been since I first entered the training room, and
she said it was about 18 hours. I asked her if she knew why I had not
struck her or disciplined her in any way in that time. She thought, then
answered that she had not given me a reason to discipline her. Why, then, I
asked her, did she think she needed further training?

She paused, gave me a deer-in-the-headlights stare, and said she didn't
know what I wanted her to say. I said I wanted her to explain why she was
in urgent need of training, when she was apparently very well trained now,
that in fact she had trained herself to be her idea of a perfect slave
already, and that she had done a fine job. She said that wasn't true, she
needed her Master to train her, to show her how to behave. I said that I
didn't appreciate her calling me a liar, but that she had made a good
point, and we should pursue that path. Her Master showing her how he
expected her to behave was exactly what she needed, and her Master was
providing that for her, every minute we spent together. But what she was
really asking her Master to do was to break her spirit, to turn her into
the organization's "general purpose slave", to make her a robot. I asked
her to think back, and remember that that was the very reason we got into
trouble with the organization, and why we are here now and why she is not
someone else's slave now. I asked her to remember that both she and I knew
the organization would not provide the training she needed or deserved, and
that she was getting the training she deserved now, minute by minute, at
her Master's side. That seemed to get through to her. She sat quietly,
looking into my eyes, and tears started running down her cheeks and onto
her breasts.

For awhile we sat still and looked at each other, and she quietly
cried. Then something broke, she shook her head, and said "No, Master, you
are wrong. I love you, Master, but you are wrong, I need strict training, I
need ... I need to feel pain, Master. You are not giving me pain, and I
need pain. At first you gave me pain, so it was OK to feel the pleasure.
Now there is no pain, but you give me pleasure anyway. That's not right.
Please, Master, train me to fear you through pain."

"Listen to me, Carrie," I said, "that will never happen. I am not a
sadist, and you are not a masochist. You will never be given pain for no
reason, and never, ever because you ask for it. Tell me why you think you
need pain, Carrie."

"Punishment, Master, I need to be punished."

"But what have you done to deserve pain and punishment, Carrie? I
command you to tell me why you deserve pain and punishment."

"Because I ... because I lived, Master." She couldn't talk any more,
she was sobbing and gasping for air. Finally she was able to finish saying
it between sobs, "I lived and they died. It should have been me, not them.
They deserved to live. I was barely scratched. I have to be punished for

"Have you known that all along, Carrie? Is that why you sought Slave

"No, Master, I think I just figured it out. Master, can we just be
quiet for a few minutes?"

"Of course, Carrie, you tell me when you are ready to talk some more.
Is it Ok if I stay here and hold your hands?"

"Please, Master, stay. Don't leave me, don't let me go. Don't ever let
me go. I just need some time to think."

I sat still, looked at her, and held her hands in mine while she cried.
After long minutes she looked up at me and said, "Master, I'm very tired,
can we go home now? I need to sleep, Master."

"Carrie," I said, "obviously I didn't know your husband or child. But I
think that if they could talk to you right now they would say that it was
time for you to grieve for their loss, and then let go of the past. Can you
see a time in the near future when you might be able to forgive yourself
for surviving while they died?"

She was silent for a minute, then answered, "Yes, Master, I think I
can, but it will take time. I've kept this bottled up in me for so long,
now I need to feel the pain and sorrow I should have felt back then, and
let my grief expend itself. I want to be happy, Master. And I want to be
with you. Can you be patient with me while I heal?"

"Of course I can, Carrie. Do you want to modify our Master/Slave
relationship, or end it altogether?"

"Oh, no, Master, being your Slave means everything to me. Just be
patient with me. I will always try to be your perfect Slave, Master, I just
need your understanding while I get better."

I said that I would do anything I could to help, but that she must talk
to me about what's on her mind. She said now that she saw how much that
could help, she would always try to make her thoughts as open to me as her

I told her to get up and dress. She immediately stood, but said, "Oh,
Master, it's such a beautiful day, may the Slave remain naked while we walk
home?" I told her to put her shoes on and grab the sun block, and I would
carry the blanket and her clothes.

We set out for home, walking side by side. After only a few paces she
moved closer until her hip contacted me, then put her arm around my waist.
I put my arm around her shoulders, and that's how we walked home. A couple
of times I heard her humming some tune, and that made me smile.


  1. What a wonderful chapter.
    This is what I like. Not robot like people.. My tought exactly.
    I like him , his explanations .
    Unfortunately, many injured souls looking to BDSM and uses the bodily pain that expression to avoid grabbing the very problem they have. As someone said on blogland- it is cheaper. Horrible thought.

    I want know more...
    Thank you, Han.
    Mona Lisa

    1. You might very well be right, Mona Lisa in your analysis of people practising D/s. But not two people are the same so there is a rainbow of colours out there in the way they play with each other.

      I'm glad you like to know more. Tomorrow 00:01 hours.
      New chapter. LOL,


  2. Don't know how I missed this chapter Han but glad I found it. I do understand her feeling guilt for surviving when her loved ones didn't...that pain is like no other. Hopefully her master will help her work through the pain.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I was anxious about posting this chapter, and I have to confess, reading it again before I posted it, that you might find it offensive to read it. So when you did not respond, I thought, I wait another day and I will e-mail Cat to see if she is OK with the story...

      I'm sorry for your loss, Cat and I understand the guilt. I cannot understand it fully but enough I think. And Carrie choose a very drastic way of punishment to free her soul. I don''t know what you did (and it is none of my business) but it made you to one of the kindest people I know.

      Thank you for your comment,



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