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Training Carrie, chapter 6

novel by Jay West
Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 6

"Now we need to get some food and liquids into this Slave," I said, and
guided her down to the toilet area for a drink.

As usual, she handled the penis faucet without problems or spills. I
was even thinking that I would change the regulator to deliver 6 ounces at
a time rather than 4, to keep her challenged.

Then we moved back up to the Master's enclave, set up the funnel, and
then she waited in the Instructional Pose on the carpet while I heated up
some tomato soup concentrate and lo-fat milk in the microwave. Of course I
couldn't pour it down her throat boiling hot, so I heated it a few seconds
at a time until it felt warm enough to my tongue. When it was ready it
didn't taste very good, probably because it wasn't heated enough to get
tasty, but she wouldn't be tasting it anyway, As before, she took it 1 cup
at a time. After 2 cups she said she was full. It occurred to me then that
it would have made much more sense to have given her 4 cups of soup rather
that 2 of soup and 2 of water. Oh well, we'll do better next time.

I was about to take her to try on some harnesses, when the remote
chirped. I looked at the readout, then looked up at the nearest camera, and
said "This isn't how we do things." In a few seconds, another chirp,
another message. I turned to her and said, "Your Master has to leave the
room for awhile. Get up and go to the bed so I can secure the Slave while
I'm gone. She looked at me questioningly while she was moving to obey, but
I didn't offer her any explanation.

After securing her in bed, I went to see what the hell they wanted.
About an hour later I was back. I walked up to the bed and laid my hand on
her breast. She smiled up at me, and I said, "This is very serious. I want
you to keep silent and do exactly as I say." I unstrapped her breasts, then
moved to the other end of the bed and began the extraction sequence. When
she was out I secured her hands to the belt behind her back and told her to
go back to the carpeted area. She looked worried, but did as I said,
waiting just off the carpet as she had been told.

I led her onto the carpet by her arm, turned her facing down the room,
and told her to assume the Learning Pose and not to break the Pose for any
reason. She quickly complied. I went and sat on the couch, where I was
looking at her but she couldn't see me without turning her head and
breaking the Pose.

I said "Listen carefully, and don't break the Pose for any reason. We
need to have another conversation without using the formal Master/Slave
address mode. In fact, we will not even address each other as 'Master' and
'Slave', we will just talk. We are doing it like this, with you posed and
me out of your line of sight, for a reason. The last time we had a chat,
you were lying on the couch and your naked body covered. Some people feel
that episode did serious harm to your training. It is agreed that this
conversation is necessary, but it has been decided that keeping you in a
formal Pose with your back to me during the conversation will minimize
further damage. We will switch to plain old conversation as soon as you nod
your head to indicate that you will not, under any circumstances, break
your Pose by looking around at me." She nodded her head.

I waited a second, then said "I am no longer your Master, I am to be
replaced by another training Master". I was about to continue, when she
yelled forcefully, "No!" Anyone who heard her say that would have known
that she wasn't making an expression of shocked denial, she was issuing a

I said, "Quiet, let me continue and give you more of the story. As I
said before, it is felt, by members of the training oversight board, that
my unorthodox behavior subsequent to your fainting episode has harmed your
training, perhaps beyond repair. It is also felt that my deviations from
standard training practices will most likely result in a final product -
that means you - that does not meet our quality standards for a general-use
slave. Furthermore, it is felt that I have become too emotionally involved
with you to function as your training Master."

She interrupted, "Are you? Are you emotionally involved?"

I said, "Have I become smitten with you, do I want to take you to a
movie, do I want to go to the prom with you? No. Do I want to be your
Master, both during and after your training, do I want to train you to be
the Slave you were born to be, do I want to help you achieve your full
potential for sexual pleasure? You're Goddamn right I do." At this point I
saw her head start to move, and I said, "Do not break the Pose. If you do,
this conversation will have to end and I will have to leave."

She kept still, but spoke loudly to any and all listeners, "Listen to
me, whoever you are. If you remove this man as my trainer, our Agreement is
broken. I came here by choice, and I will leave by choice."

I said, "You will not be allowed to leave. You're here until your
training is complete and you are delivered to your selected Master, or
until they release you. They won't release you."

She said, "That's kidnapping, its illegal."

I said, "In their way of thinking, they are just living up to the
original binding contract the organization made with you. And I don't mean
the parchment, that was fake legal mumbo-jumbo. I mean the contract made
between two parties - you and them - that can't be enforced in the legal
system, but can be enforced by them. As for illegal, everything that goes
on here is illegal."

She spoke again to the invisible listeners, "If I am not trained by
this man, I will not be trained. Replace him, and you will never, and I
mean never, get a quality final product." She spat out those last 3 words
with derision and contempt. She continued, "You can tie me up, whip me,
starve me, drug me, fuck me 'til I'm dead. I will not be trained!" The last
sentence she said with as much force as her original "No", pausing between
each word. She was trembling more than she ever did from fear. She was in a
rage. Kneeling on the floor in naked submission, screaming orders at the
people who are enslaving her - that's my girl.

I said, "Calm down, there's more to the story, you haven't heard

She interrupted again, "Calm down? Calm down? This is bullshit! I will
not calm down!"

I said, "Shut up and let me speak. Let me tell you how this business is
run." She remained quiet, so I continued. "Most of our trainees are lovers,
mistresses, or sometimes even wives of rich and powerful men. After they
are trained, the relationship becomes Master/Slave. Of course the trainee
has to come here willingly as far as we can tell, we don't grab people off
the street. Their sponsors pay us for the training, sort of like college
tuition, room, and board, plus a percentage for our overhead and profit,
and a bonus if a 'quality product' is delivered. It's a moneymaking

"For those trainees, the organization tailors the training program to
the sponsor's preferences, to emphasize the characteristics in the trained
Slave that are most important to the sponsor.

"Then there are a few trainees like you, walk-ins, so to speak, with no
sponsor. The pact the organization makes with those people is to train them
without charge, then place them with a highly-screened, trusted Master, who
will use them as they are intended to be used. The organization invariably
lives up to that pact. That was the pact you made with them, that was your
future. What they thought you didn't need to know was, they wouldn't be
giving you to a Master, they would be selling you to a Master. That's how
they recoup their cost of training you and make a profit. It's the same as
the deal with sponsored trainees, only the payment is delayed. So we make
money and stay in business." The remote chirped again, and I read the
message. "Bite me," I said, "it's all going to come out now." I continued
telling her the story.

"For unsponsored trainees, the organization has a standard training
plan they always follow, to produce what they call a general-use Slave.
This is simply because they don't yet know the preferences of the eventual
Master. But this approach results in, not so much a satisfied Master/Slave
pair, but more like a Man and his Robot. I believe that training you to
this generic mold would be a terrible waste of the promise I see in you. I
believe you should be trained as a Slave, as the property a Master, of
course. You were born for that role, and you know that better than we do.
But built on top of that core, owner/property relationship, you should be
trained for a cooperative relationship with a Master who is dedicated to
developing your great potential for giving and taking pleasure. I believe
the Master you should be trained to serve is me."

The remote beeped, but I didn't need to look at it. I was looking at
her, and I knew she just had another orgasm.

Wanting her to have the full story, I continued after a pause, "Here's
another piece of this puzzle. When a trainee is inducted, the organization
wants the trainee's former persona, in your case Marlene, to die. That's so
there are no loose ends that can be followed to them by organizations such
as the IRS, FBI, or police. In its own way, this is an ethical, if entirely
illegal, organization. They don't kill people, but they arrange for people
who have recently died to become misidentified as a trainee whose former
persona needs to die. In Marlene's case this has not happened yet, and now
her "death" has been put on hold for reasons that will become clear.

"Finally, before I tell you about the deal I'm trying to get them to
agree to, let me tell you the short version of my story. In my youth I was
a ski bum and lived by winning hot-dog ski contests. I found the
organization by a series of accidents, as you did, and they agreed to take
me on. They taught me to be a trainer, and I've been doing this ever since.
I don't get a salary, they give me expense money. I live in another part of
this complex, and don't have much of a life except for my work. During a
training session, we don't take weekends off, but we get vacations between
training sessions. The bottom line is, I have no income, no skills that
would be useable outside this complex, and no savings.

"Now, here comes the deal. I have proposed to them that I continue as
your Training Master, and when your training is completed you will be
assigned to me as my Slave. They have agreed to that, on condition." I
could see from behind that she was now smiling. I continued.

"They know that before you came to us you were living on the remains of
your insurance settlement. They estimate it is presently worth about
$300,000 in cash. They had no interest in obtaining that money when you
were accepted for training, because to them it is just another way your
disappearance might be followed to their door; and because, as I've
explained, they already have a system in place to recover cost and make
profit from training. They're not greedy. In short it's not worth the risk
to them. That's changed now. Their condition for accepting my deal, since I
have nothing to offer them, is that you will temporarily return to the
outside world as Marlene, convert Marlene's holdings to untraceable cash,
and give it to the organization.

"Fair enough, now let's talk about my conditions," she said.

"Wait, wait" I said, "we need to talk about this some more. Here's a
problem for you and I, what would we do when your training was complete and
I owned you? Although they deny it now, they will eventually decide that
they no longer want me as a trainer, because they can't trust me to follow
their rules any more. So we're out on the street. I'm already broke, you're
now broke because you gave everything to them. What will we do? I know
there are many different answers, like 'learn skills, get jobs, earn money,
buy house,' or 'rob banks.' But we have to decide what would be the best
course of action for us, because we're not about 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith over
on Maple Street,' we're about Master and Slave.

She was laughing now, that wonderful laugh. "Don't worry about it," she
said. "It'll be OK."

"You don't know that," I said.

"I just know it will work out. This is our chance, and we have to take
it. But I do have conditions, and here they are."

"One. This Slave will continue its training, as its Master sees fit of
course, through the rest of today, tonight, and tomorrow morning until the
completion of the Slave's morning whipping, toilet duties, and first
fucking. It's unfortunate that so much time has been wasted on this
bullshit. Today the Slave needs very much to be fucked in its ass at least
one more time by its Master, has a well-deserved day's-end punishment to
receive, and needs to experience another night in its bed, and of course
tomorrow its morning whipping, toilet, and fucking, before it is forced to
interrupt training temporarily to settle this nonsense.

"Two. Marlene's blouse, skirt, shoes, coat and purse will be available
at the exit to the room tomorrow morning. The remainder of Marlene's
clothing, her underclothes, will be destroyed. They are of no further use,
this Slave does not wear such things. This Slave will be led from the room
tomorrow morning by its Master, who will temporarily remove its bonds and
command it it to put on Marlene's clothing and perform its mission.

"Three. When this Slave returns from its mission with the money, its
Master will meet it, command it to strip, reattach its bonds, and lead it
back into the training room to complete its training under this Master's
sole control. The Master will decide if any of the Slave's first day
training should be repeated because of this disruption to training.

"Four. The organization will not interfere with or seek to influence
the Master's decisions regarding the proper training procedures for this
Slave. Ever.

"Five. The organization will ensure that, for at least 2 hours per day,
4 days per week, while this Slave is in training, there will be at least
one person from the organization in the observation room at random times
during the day, to see for themselves the quality product this Slave is
becoming under its Master's control."

"Is there anything else, my Master?" she asked.

"I haven't yet mentioned," I said, "that they stipulated that one of
their members, a lawyer, must accompany you in the outside world."

"Fine," she said, "as long as he doesn't get in my way or expect me to
fuck him."

The remote chirped, and I read the message. "They agree to everything,"
I said.

"Can we trust them, Master?" she asked.

"Yes, in their own way they are ethical people. They created this
problem precisely for that reason. They sincerely believed I wasn't living
up to their ethical standards."

"Good," she said. "We agree too. Now fuck off and leave us alone."

"Play time's over, Slave. Stand up," I said.

She jumped to her feet and assumed the Waiting Pose. I got off the
couch and walked around her to inspect her form. I tapped her on the belly
with the crop. "Suck in your stomach, Slave," I said. She complied
immediately, her face beaming with a huge smile.

I admired her perfect face and body for awhile, reached out and
caressed one of her breasts, then said, "I don't know what all those
conditions were about, and I wish I had your confidence that this will work
out for us, but one thing I'm sure of is that you're going to be a pretty
good slave. Now the Slave will tell its Master if it is satisfied with our
deal. Respond."

"Master, this Slave is very satisfied with our deal, Master. Master,
this Slave believes the deal should be sealed with a fuck, Master."


  1. Well this chapter hasn't changed my mind about who is running this relationship...don't see any submission in this woman yet. ;) Thanks for sharing Han.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I see submission, but I also see love. But then again I am the romantic one, so that is no surprise.

      Wait for changes to come Cat,

  2. Interesting twist....she is one smart lady.....watching her develop as a submissive should be very interesting.
    hugs abby

    1. She is smart, maybe even more so than he is. But he is in love, and maybe she is a little as well.

      New chapters ahead,

  3. Äntligen!!!!
    They have this smart women and they use el torture on her to get her submit?
    Use her mind !!!

    I am curious to see how it continue .
    I think I know... Lol

    Mona Lisa

    1. Yes at last, Mona Lisa. And if I remember correctly she asked herself that her training would go on with a morning whipping, toilet duties and ass fucking....

      Maybe it will go on as you thought it might go, may not,


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