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Training Carrie, chapter 36

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 36

Carrie soon had dinner ready, and I helped her set the table. When we
were ready to sit, she didn't know what to do, since she was naked. I told
her to kneel in the chair, then I pushed her close to the table. Before we
ate, I took her hand and told her I was happy she was back. She said she
wouldn't leave again.

    When the dishes were cleared away and the dishwasher running, I checked
the clock. It was only 6:45, we had the whole night ahead of us. I told
Carrie to go to the mural room and wait. When I joined her she was
perfectly Posed. I held up her survival kit and told her this was her
responsibility to remember when we went out. She obviously wanted to reply,
so I gave her permission. She said she didn't forget it, but she couldn't
carry it with her hands bound, her Master couldn't carry it and drive his
pony, so she decided to leave it here. I agreed that was a problem, and
told her we needed a solution.

    I put Carrie in her bonds, locked her wrists to the back of her collar,
and took her and her kit to the basement. Leaving her by the toilet, I
returned for the wine and glasses. I told Carrie it was time for an enema.
She took her position, and I prepared a warm, soapy enema. When the bag was
nearly empty, I told her she would get a second bag tonight. She didn't
move or speak. As the second bag was filling her, she groaned a few times.
I asked her if she was already cramping, and she replied formally that she
was just feeling overfilled. When the second bag was transferred, I warned
her not to spill anything. I led her to the mirrored wall and let her see
herself in profile and head on. She looked pregnant. After a moment I
returned her and had her take her place on the toilet.

    I reminded her that she was not to release anything without permission,
then I went to get a glass of wine. I gave her a sip, took one myself, then
set the glass on the floor. I asked her if she would like to play a game.
She looked up at me, but didn't speak. I told her I was thinking of a game
where we bet on how long it would take her to disobey her Master and
release her enema without permission. I told her my bet would be two hours,
and asked her what her bet would be. She looked at me with determination,
and perhaps a little anger, and said, "Master, never, Master."

    "So my bet is two hours, and your bet is never. That means if you hold
it for two hours and ten seconds, I lose the bet. Do you agree?" She nodded
her head. "Shall we play?" I asked her. She shook her head no. "Oh, come
on, it'll be fun," I said. "I'll go check the clock and note the starting
time." I strolled up to the Master's area and wrote down the time. Then I
stretched out on the couch. I knew she could see that I was lying down, I
wanted to know if she would break the rules and speak.

    After 5 minutes, I got off the couch and strolled back down to the
toilet area. She was watching me the whole time. I walked up to her, bent
over and picked up the wine glass, and smiled. "Forgot my wine," I said,
"would you like another sip?" I could tell she was in pain, but she smiled
at me and nodded her head. I gave her a sip, then turned and headed back
for the Master's area. After I had taken about 5 steps, I turned back to
Carrie. "Oh," I said, "I forgot to tell you. You can release now." She gave
me a sarcastic smile, and didn't release her enema for another 10 seconds.

    While I was filling her with a clear water enema, I asked her if she
enjoyed the game. She said she knew I was messing with her, but she
couldn't tell how far I would go with it. She was glad I ended it when I

    When Carrie was finished with the toilet and bidet, I told her I wanted
to give her a cold shower, but I would not do it if she objected. She said
her body was mine, to use as I pleased. I installed her in the shower and
wet her down with cold water. She was gasping from the cold as I started
soaping her. When she was completely soaped up, including her hair, I
thoroughly rinsed her off with cold water. She was shivering hard when I
finished. Leaving her attached to the shower, I ran to the Master's area
and returned with several towels. I dried her thoroughly, then combed out
her damp hair. She had stopped shivering, so I removed her from the shower
and attached her wrists at the back of her belt.

    I turned Carrie toward the rails using her tits, the put my finger on
her ass hole to start her walking. After a few course corrections, we
reached the rails, and I installed her. Once her feet, belt, and wrists
were attached, she automatically raised her head and watched her face in
the mirror.

    "Your next spanking will be delivered now, are you ready, Slave?" She
smiled at me and nodded her head. I asked her if she felt able to count the
blows for her Master. She answered that she would be happy to do that for
her Master. I warned her that if she lost the count or was unable to give
me the count after each blow, we would have to start over. She swallowed
hard and nodded her head, and I started.

    I paused after 25 spanks. Her tears were flowing freely, but she hadn't
made any sounds except for announcing the count after each blow. After 50,
she was sobbing continuously, but was keeping up with the count. I felt her
ass, and it was very hot. I told her we were taking a break, and warned her
not to forget the count. I soaked a towel in cool water, wrung it out, then
returned and draped it over her ass. Then I brought her a glass of water.
She looked up at me and I told her to speak if she wished. She asked me to
kiss her, and I did. I asked her if she was ready to continue, and she said
she was.

    I gave Carrie her last fifty in two sets, with a pause between. She was
a wreck when we finished, but she was still croaking out the counts until
the last blow. I put the damp towel back on her ass and told her I was very
proud of her, and she silently thanked me. I told her I thought she was too
tired for the butt fucking I had planned to give her, but she vigorously
shook her head, indicating she wanted the fucking.

    Leaving the damp towel on her ass, I lubed up my cock and plunged it
into her ass hole. As tired as Carrie was, she gave me a bright smile when
she felt me penetrate her. I told her she didn't have to cum with me if she
was too tired. In response, she came immediately, and smiled again. I
resolved to make this a quickie, she really should have been lying down,
not participating in a fuckfest. It was over in about 5 minutes.

    As I was releasing her from the bars, I put her on informal speech and
asked her how she felt. "Sore and tired, Master, but very happy," she said
with a faint smile. I told her we would skip the final spanking for today,
she had done very well. She said she would make up the deficit tomorrow,
then I told her we would deal with tomorrow when it came.

    I took Carrie back upstairs. She would have benefited from a long soak
in the whirlpool bath, but I didn't think her ass could stand the hot
water. Instead, I put her in the shower. After giving her a thorough
soaping and washing her hair, I massaged her shoulders under the shower.
Finally she said she felt like a limp rag, so we got out of the shower.
When we had dried off, I brushed her hair until it looked normal, then had
her lie on the bed while I rubbed her back and massaged her leg muscles.

    I asked her if her day was too hard for her. She said it was hard, but
not too hard. She said she enjoyed meeting her Master's challenges, it made
her feel proud. I told her that we had accomplished a lot the last two
days, but we hadn't had any fun. I gave her the assignment of planning some
fun activity for tomorrow. She said she would do her best, and I said she
always did, and I knew she would this time.

    Carrie asked me if I would fuck her missionary style. "I thought you
didn't like the old standards," I said.

    "I like everything you do to me, Master," she replied. I asked her if
that included spanking her and tormenting her when she was in pain. Without
hesitation she said, "Yes, Master. Now please climb on and do your
missionary thing." As it turned out, the missionary position was just the
first of many. The more we fucked, and the more we came, the more Carrie
seemed to rebound from her rough day. By the time I had reached my limit,
she was laughing, telling me jokes, and suggesting new positions we should
try. I finally told her I was too tired to fuck any more. We should either
get some sleep or she should suggest some other activity.

    She looked at the clock, and it was nearly 10:00. She said we should
pack some food, walk up to our picnic spot on the high hill, and eat and
fuck under the stars. I asked her if she remembered the last time we were
out after dark. She said yes, but this time we'd be doing it on purpose,
and we'd lock the house when we leave, and I could take a rifle, and that
would make it different. I laughed, and told her it wouldn't make it any
safer. She just shrugged, and said she thought I wanted to do something
different, have some fun.

    I looked at Carrie, and she was grinning at me "Come on," she said,
"you were right, we do need to do more fun things. This will be fun."

    I said Ok, but she would be fully dressed in jeans and a sweater, and
we would take a flash light, but only for emergencies. I asked her if she
could navigate to the hill in the dark. She said the moon was nearly full,
and we would have plenty of light. I asked her how she knew the phase of
the moon, but she just shrugged.

    Carrie went to pack some food, while I got a rifle from Philip's gun
rack. I made sure it was fully loaded, and also grabbed a box of shells,
then went back to check on Carrie. She had the food ready, and said she was
ready to get dressed. I told her that I would dress her, that way she
wouldn't violate my dress rules. I put the ammo in the food hamper, and we
went to the guest bedroom. Carrie picked a pair of jeans and a sweater, and
I put them on her. I stood back and looked at her, and I wanted to strip
her and fuck her on the spot. She looked good in any clothes. I put her
socks and shoes on, then we went to our bedroom and she dressed me. I
clipped a flash light to her pants and one to mine, and told her not to turn
on the light unless it was an emergency, and to be quiet when we were
outside. She grabbed her survival kit, I slung the rifle over my shoulder
and grabbed the picnic hamper and blanket, and we headed for the back door.
I was about to open the door, when she hooked her free arm around my neck
and gave me a hard kiss. When she pulled away she told me she loved me.

    We went out, and I locked the door behind us. We held hands as we set
out for the hill. I was trusting Carrie, that she could navigate the trails
without getting us lost. I couldn't find the moon, but there seemed to be
enough light once my eyes started to adapt.

    Our ascent to the hilltop we thought of as our picnic area was
uneventful. Several times we heard rustling in the bushes. If there were no
other considerations, we should have been making some noise so we wouldn't
surprise any animals that might not react well to surprise. Fortunately,
whatever we disturbed ran away from us rather than toward us.

    We put down our gear, and Carrie spread the blanket. It was too chilly
to strip her, even though she asked me to. I decided we would both stay
dressed until the clothes started getting in the way. We sat with our arms
around each other, looking at the stars where they peeked through the
clouds. After a while the moon came out from behind the clouds, and then we
could see all of the landscape below us. We could actually make out animals
- coyotes I thought - moving around in the distance.

    We sat silently for a long time, then Carrie rested her head on my
shoulder and turned her face up toward me. I moved my lips to hers and we
kissed tenderly. I asked her what she was thinking about, and she said she
was thinking about us, about how we were doing. "And how are we doing?" I
asked her.

    "We're doing just fine, Master," she said. "Under the circumstances, I
don't think we could be any better." I asked her what she meant by "under
the circumstances," and she said she mainly meant that we were stuck here,
but also that we were still discovering each other.

    I told her I hoped we would always be discovering each other, and I
added that I was still trying to think of a way for us to get out for some
R and R. She smiled up at me and said she didn't mean to sound like she was
complaining, and she was actually very happy with her life and her Master.
Then she said she was hungry, and asked if she could bring out some food.
We shared a sandwich and a bottle of water.

    We were making small talk while we ate, and Carrie asked me if I sensed
the change of season. I told her the weather always seemed the same to me
each time we came out. She said it was late fall, and this time last year
there had already been several cold spells and one light snow. In a few
weeks, she said, I would notice that winter was coming. I asked her what
the winter was like, and she said it was actually pretty mild if it was
like last year, but there would probably be a few snowfalls.

    I put my hand on her arm, and she looked at me. I told her that the
first time it snowed I would lead her up here using her bridle, and fuck
her in the snow. She would be naked, blindfolded, and wearing earplugs. She
held my gaze and said, "Yes, Master." We had finished eating, and I told
her to get on her hands and knees so I could fuck her in the ass.

    Carrie again asked permission to strip, saying she should be naked for
her Master. I told her No, and put her on her hands and knees and dropped
her jeans to her knees. I caressed her ass and thighs, and asked her if she
was still sore from the spankings. "A little, but what you're doing feels
really good," she answered. Then she asked me to please fuck her. I dropped
my pants to my knees and pushed my cock into her pussy for lubrication.
Then I transferred to her ass, and began slowly fucking her. After a few
minutes, I told her to get off her hands. She raised up, and I slipped my
hands under her sweater and began caressing and massaging her breasts and
nipples. She turned her head until our lips could reach, and we kissed

    We fucked in that position for many minutes, until we came together.
She wanted to suck my cock then, but we had not brought any extra water for
her to rinse out her mouth, so I refused to let her put her mouth on my
cock. I had her lie on her back, with her pants still at her knees. I lay
down with my head at her crotch, and reached up under her sweater with my
hands. She was soon moaning, but I told her not to cum again until I gave
her permission. I worked her over for nearly an hour, then finally told her
to cum. She had a series of crashing orgasms that lasted several minutes.

    After kissing her pussy and telling her how much I loved her, I told
her to pull up her pants and sit up. "Are we done already, Master?" she
asked. She sounded disappointed. I told her she would get another round
when we were back in our bed. I sat next to her with my arm around her.

    Looking out over the view below us, I could see moving lights in the
distance. I was sure they were cars, I pointed them out to Carrie and asked
her if there was a road there. She said yes, that was a country road used
by locals. She said it was about 5 miles from us, but it looked closer that
that to me.

    We were sitting side by side, then in one smooth move she was in my lap
facing me, with her ankles crossed behind my back. "How did you do that?" I
asked. She just smiled, and said she wasn't ready to leave yet. She took my
hands in hers and put them under her sweater, then she started kissing me

    "I'm not afraid of your dirty dick," she said, "put it in me. After
all, it's my dirt you've got on you." I smiled at her and nodded my head.
Before I could react, she was on her feet and stripping.

    "It's too cold for that Carrie, keep your clothes on," I said.

    Before I could finish, she was on her back. "Then climb on top of me
and keep me warm. I need you inside me." What could I do, I couldn't let
her get cold. Against my better judgement I took off my pants, but I left my
sweater on. I climbed on top of Carrie, and she guided my cock into her
pussy. As I penetrated her, she sighed. "That's how my pussy is supposed to
feel, filled with my Master's cock."

    I started fucking her "missionary style," and we were kissing
passionately. Suddenly she gently pushed my head away and started
chuckling. I asked her what she was laughing at. She looked at me and said,
"Just an idea I had, Master. We should have been born as conjoined twins,
joined at the cock and pussy. We would fuck every minute of every day.
After a lifetime of that, I would still not have gotten enough of you." I
laughed with her, then told her to stop thinking her perverted thoughts and
kiss me.

    We fucked a while longer, then I told her to cum. She did, and so did
I. I smiled at her, and asked her if she was cold, and she said she wasn't.
I told her there was nobody lying on top of me, and I was cold, it was time
to go home.  She smiled up at me and said, "Yes, Master, it's time to go

    I got off of her and started putting my pants back on. I looked over at
Carrie and she was about to step into her jeans. "Stop!" I said, and she
froze. "If you put those pants on, you are breaking a direct command of
your Master. I would have to punish you severely for that. Drop the pants
and sit down." She did as ordered. I picked up her pants and threaded them
onto her legs, then I pulled her to her feet and fastened her pants.

    "I'm sorry, Master," she said, "I was stupid." I told her it was an
unusual situation for her, but we would probably be in this situation again
and she would have to be aware of what she was doing, and remember her
slave status at all times. I gave her a kiss on the lips to show her that
we were Ok, then I told her to make sure we had everything we brought with

    Our trip back to the house was uneventful, not counting that I fell
once and slid about twenty feet down a hill. The only harm was a skinned
elbow, although Carrie acted like I had received a war wound. When we got
to the house, I unlocked the door, we stepped inside, and I closed and
locked the door. I told her I was just being cautious, not to worry and not
to move until I told her to. I jacked a round into the rifle, and carefully
searched every room in the house, including the basement. Then I called to
Carrie that everything was normal, and told her to put everything away and
report to the bathroom.

    After only a few minutes, she came into the bathroom. She was still
dressed in her jeans and sweater. "My God, you're beautiful," I told her.
Let's see how you look with just the jeans, lose the sweater." She peeled
it off and tossed it into the corner, then stood with her shoulders back
and her breasts pushed out. "On your knees," I ordered, and she immediately
dropped to her knees. I admired her for a few moments, then gently took her
nipples between my fingers and thumbs and pulled up. She rose in one smooth
motion, smiling at me. I took her into the bedroom, sat in a chair, and
said "Walk around, I want to look at you." She walked all around the room,
making eye contact with me whenever she could.

    "Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?" I asked her.

    She blushed a little. After a pause, she answered me. "Yes, I actually
do have an idea how beautiful I am. Is that why you're here with me now, my
beauty? My beauty will fade in a few years, I hope you're with me for the
long run."

    "I'm definitely with you for the long run, Carrie. Is it Ok if I enjoy
your beauty while it lasts?"

    "Since you came into my life, Master, my beauty, my brains, my
personality, and my body have all been for you and you alone. Of course I
want you to enjoy me, all of me."

    I stood up and moved a chair to the middle of the room. It was the
low-backed chair, and she knew what it was for. I looked at her, and she
took her position, leaning over the back of the chair and grasping the
front edge of the seat with her hands. Pressing my body against hers, I
leaned over her and cupped her breasts in my hands. I heard her sigh. I
straightened up and ran my hands over her ass and the back of her thighs
for a few moments. I reached around and unfastened her jeans, then pulled
them over her ass and down to her knees. After caressing her ass and thighs
for another few moments, I began spanking her hard.

    About five minutes into the spanking, I asked Carrie if she wanted to
cum while being spanked. Gasping and sobbing, she said she did not wish to
associate orgasms and pain, but she would be pleased to cum for her Master
if it was his wish. I told her it was her Master's wish that she never cum
while being spanked, flogged, or punished with the crop or whip, unless
specifically ordered to. She thanked me.

    I spanked her about five minutes more, then plunged my cock into her
ass and gave her a quick fuck. When I finished and stood her up, she was
still crying and gasping, but she smiled at me. I gave her a light kiss,
which she returned. There was no doubt in my mind now, she had overcome her
problem dealing with spankings.

    "Let's go take a shower, during which I plan to enjoy your mouth on my
sparkling clean cock." She said I had put these pants on her, I should take
them off of her now. I told her she would be wearing them again before

    We climbed into the shower, and Carrie started soaping me. I told her
not yet, and pushed her against the wall of the shower. I impaled her pussy
on my dick, and fucked her hard for about ten minutes. Then I whispered in
her ear a command to cum until I told her to stop. We both had many orgasms
- we still were intentionally not keeping a count - then I released her and
told her to bathe me. After she soaped and rinsed me, I did the same for
her, then told her to suck my cock.

    With a smile, she dropped to her knees in the tub. "I thought you would
never ask," she said, then she locked onto my cock with her mouth. She had
me moaning out loud and asking her to let me cum before she finally
finished me. When she had cleaned me off, I pulled her to her feet and
started kissing her passionately. After a minute she pulled back from me
and asked me if I was developing a taste for my own cum. I told her No, but
I was no longer afraid of tasting it. She smiled and kissed me again.

    When we finally crawled into bed, it was 2:20. The next thing I
remember Philip was asking us what we wanted for breakfast.


  1. Seems as if they're learning more about each others likes and dislikes. Interested to see where this goes.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Getting to know each other in vanilla circumstances is difficult enough, getting to know each other in D/s is much harder...

      We will see where this goes, tomorrow....


  2. I found this chapter very touching.....sometimes i just want some sentimentalism......hugs abby

    1. I know what you mean. Some people say the story has stopped and came to a hold. I say they savour each other.


  3. Nice chapter, but as a nurse.. I am worry for safety of their play. They do things we learn our doughters never ever do..
    These two things are just absolutely wrong. I hope they have som antibiotics at ther home.

    Mona Lisa

    1. Ah, the shortcomings of a writer who didn't do his research properly... Perhaps his hormones have taken over and he is fulfilling a fantasy. Would you be so kind to point out the risks they were taking? So inexperienced or young or both people would be aware of the risks?

      I would like that very much,

  4. 1.
    Never ever go from ass to pussy.
    intestinal bacteria are not to be play with. It can get pretty nasty bacterial infections of the vagina that almost always require antibiotics.
    I just have very hard to accept their enema t
    technology. Never give so much to look pregnant out. Npdu says with a clear voice PAIN- that something is wrong. They use too much liquid soap !! which can damage the intestines and bowel flora.

    1. Good points Mona Lisa, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.

      Any story should be proofread by a nurse.
      Thank you,



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