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Training Carrie, chapter 35

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 35

     When we got out of the shower, I grabbed a towel and began drying
myself. Carrie stood in the Waiting Pose. I told her to go tell Philip we
would like lunch as soon as possible. She paused, wanting to ask if she
could dry off and get dressed first, but then she shook her head and left
to obey my command.

    Walking out of the bathroom a few minutes later, I saw her standing in
the Waiting Pose in the centre of the bedroom. She told me lunch would be
ready in 15 minutes. I tossed her the wet towel and told her to dry off and
get dressed. She asked me what she should wear, and I told her to surprise
me. While she was drying off, I told her I was tired of the bullshit, the
only thing that had changed was that I was spanking her, which she said she
enjoyed. Why had that changed our relationship, and shouldn't we stop the
spankings and go back to the way things were yesterday?

    She stopped towelling, and met my gaze. "It's not your fault, Master,"
she said, "I don't know why I'm handling this so poorly. Please give me one
more day, and I swear I will be back to normal."

    "I think we should stop the spankings, Carrie," I said. "We had a
relaxed, easy relationship, and now there's only tension. It sucks."

    I think she was going to drop to her knees, but then she realized that
would only make things worse. She walked up to me and hooked an arm around
my neck. Looking into my eyes, she said, "Listen, if you want to punish me
for the stupid way I'm behaving, stopping the spankings is the perfect
punishment. But I'm asking you not to do that."

    "That's the Carrie I want with me," I said. "Are you back, or just

    "I'm going to have trouble after your spankings for a while, Master.
Until I can get my shit together, would you consider just spanking me
without making me participate by counting, and then give me a little while
to recover after each spanking?"

    I put my arms around her and kissed her. She eagerly returned my kiss.
"Done," I said. "We'll do it that way until this time tomorrow."

    She smiled at me, then kissed me hard. "Thank you, Master," she said.

    I steered her to her dresser and combed out her damp hair, then went
with her to the closet while we picked out her clothes together. After I
dressed her in a skirt and blouse, I kissed her and told her she was my
woman and would always be my woman. "That's what I want, Master," she said.

    As we walked to the dining room, I pulled up the back of her skirt and
carressed her ass. she looked over at me and smiled. She asked me what we
would do after lunch. I said we would continue her bridle training, going
farther today than yesterday. I stopped her and turned her to face me, then
told her she would receive another spanking while we were outside and while
she was blindfolded and had earplugs inserted. A faint smile came to her
lips, and she said, "Yes, Master. Thank you, Master." I then told her she
needed to decide if the spanking stop would be before or after the fucking
stop. Without hesitation, she said she wanted a fucking stop, a spanking
stop, and then another fucking stop. I told her that's what we would do,
then kissed her.

    We made smalltalk during lunch. I think both of us were sick of talking
about the whole spanking thing. It was very perplexing that something we
both said we wanted was causing such a problem. I resolved that the problem
would be gone this time tomorrow, one way or another.

    After lunch I took Carrie to the bathroom for an enema and to outfit
her for bridle training. While she sat on the toilet waiting for permission
to relieve herself, I told her to caress her breasts for a minute. Then I
had her squeeze her nipples and roll them between her fingers. I asked her
if they were too tender to use dental floss, or if we should use the nipple
clips again. She said we should use floss, but take the clips with us in
case she got really sore. I told her that was a fine suggestion, and a good
indication that she was rejoining the partnership. She lowered her eyes and
thanked me for my patience. I told her to look up at me, then kissed her
and told her I loved her. That got a smile and a "Me too."

    I told her we wouldn't be using her clit for start/stop control,
because it would interfere with our fucking. She would have to interpret
tugs on both nipples as start/stop commands. She didn't think that would be
a problem.

    I left her on the toilet while I rounded up our gear, a blanket and
canteen. Putting them by our exit door, I returned to Carrie and had her
relieve herself. After she used the bidet and I dried her, I watched as she
applied the dental floss. She didn't tie the floss as tight as she had done
the last time, which was the source of her previous problems. I covered her
with sun block, then attached long strings to the floss and positioned the
strings across the top of her shoulders. All she needed was the blindfold
and earplugs, and we were ready to start.

    As I steered her out of the bathroom, she asked about shoes and socks.
With her earplugs in, she didn't hear my "D'oh!" but she was grinning after
I pulled her to a stop. Not so godlike after all, I guess.

    After sitting her on the bed, putting socks and walking shoes on her,
clipping her wrists together, and attaching them to the belt behind her
back, I steered her to the exit door. She was doing fine, we made it
through the house without hitting anything. Stopped at the door, I put the
canteen over my shoulder, put the blanket in her hands, opened the door,
and we were on our way.

    To make sure she wouldn't try to follow a memorized path, I took her
all the way around the house once, then put her on the path to our favourite
fuck stops. She was being careful and methodical, slowing her pace whenever
the terrain changed and speeding up when she was on smooth level ground. We
made it to the first stop in about twenty minutes, with only a few stumbles
and no falls.

    I had decided we would do nothing at this stop, just rest in the sun
for awhile. I was sure she expected this to be the first fuck stop, but I
wanted to delay and increase her anticipation. When I stopped her to spread
the blanket, she immediately assumed the Waiting Pose. I led her onto the
blanket and pushed down on her shoulders. She dropped onto her knees and
assumed the Instructional Pose. I bent down and gave her a kiss, which she
hungrily returned, then I released her hands. She immediately put her
hands, palms up, on her thighs. I stretched out on the blanket in front of
her and watched her, something I never get tired of doing.

    After a few minutes, she figured out that nothing important was going
to happen here, and I could see her body relax slightly. She knew me too
well, it was difficult to do anything she couldn't take in stride. Except
spanking, of course. Maybe it was time to throw her a curve.

    I got up and moved behind her, then helped her to her feet. I gently
forced her down into a sitting position rather than kneeling, then moved in
front of her and sat close to her, so our knees were touching. I couldn't
see her eyes behind the blindfold, but her expressive mouth indicated
surprise and anticipation.

    I pulled her toward me and positioned her legs over mine and behind my
back. She was smiling now. She was close enough that I could have put my
dick in her pussy, but instead I began caressing her breasts, and nipples.
She gasped when I touched her nipples, they would be very sensitive now due
to the dental floss tied tightly around each one. I saw that the floss had
loosened, and tightened the knot on each nipple. That got more gasps and
short, rapid breathing for a few seconds. When she had returned to normal I
resumed caressing the breasts, being very careful of the nipples but not
avoiding contact with them.

    Her hands were resting on her thighs. I took her right hand, kissed it,
then placed it over her right breast. When I let go, she began caressing
her right breast, trying to mimic what I was doing to her left breast.

    After several minutes, I took her left hand in mine, kissed it, and put
it on her left breast. She was now working on both of her breasts and I was
watching. I could see that her pussy was wet, and she had begun breathing
faster. She was smiling. I just watched her for a minute, then I began
gently teasing her pussy. As soon as I first entered her pussy with my
fingers, she began breathing in short gasps. I wished I had told her she
was free to cum all she wanted, but I didn't want to disrupt the rhythm by
removing an earplug to tell her. I decided to trust that she would cum if
she wanted to.

    Taking her right hand away from her breast, I kissed it again, then put
it on her pussy. She immediately took over the downstairs operation, and I
began caressing her right breast again. We were close enough that I could
lean forward and kiss her, which I did. She immediately put both arms
around my neck and began kissing me hungrily and passionately. We kissed
hard for perhaps a minute, then I gently pulled her arms away from me and
put them back where I wanted them. She resumed caressing her breast and

    After a few more minutes, I concluded she would have come by now if she
was going to. I wanted her to, but I couldn't figure out how to let her
know that. Finally I reached out and wrote "CUM" on her chest with my
finger. She cocked her head to one side, and I repeated the message with my
finger, very slowly. She smiled and came. After a minute I sent the message
again, and she came again.

    When she had come down from her orgasm, I gently took her hands away
from her breast and pussy, and kissed them. I cleaned her right hand with
my mouth, then reached over and kissed her. She again locked her arms
around my neck and kissed me hard. This time I let her decide how long we
kissed, which was a long time. When she finally broke the kiss she told me
she loved me. I gently pressed her lips together with my fingers, telling
her to keep silent. She nodded her head.

    We both drank from the canteen, then I tightened her floss again,
getting more gasps of pain. I hoped it was mild pain. Her nipples didn't
seem to be in bad shape, although it was difficult to judge their true
color after her dye job. I decided to trust that she would let me know if
she wanted to switch to the clips, although I knew she couldn't be entirely
trusted to avoid excess pain.

    I got Carrie to her feet and clipped her wrists together behind her
back, then folded the blanket and put it in her hands, and kissed her.
Positioning her reins over her shoulders, I began guiding her to the next
stop. The terrain was a little more rugged here, and she was going faster
than she should. She fell pretty hard, but again she remembered to turn to
her side. After helping her up, I checked her for cuts or scrapes, and
didn't see anything. Impulsively, I decided that punishment was due, so I
gave her a very hard open-handed swat across her ass.

    If I had thought first, I wouldn't have swatted her, considering the
problems she was having with spankings. She bowed her head, and I was
afraid she was going to lose it. I took her by both shoulders and shook her
mildly, then I put my hand under her chin and raised her head. I lightly
touched my lips to hers in a gentle kiss. She tried to press her lips to
mine in another hungry kiss, but I took her shoulders and pushed her back.
After a few seconds I again touched my lips to hers very lightly, and again
she tried to turn it into a passionate kiss. I pushed her back again, then
waited. The third time I kissed her lightly, she returned the kiss in kind.
I let go of her shoulders and we stood with our bodies in contact, lightly
and tenderly kissing for several minutes. I knew she was Ok then, so I
cupped her face in my hands and kissed her forehead. Then I straightened her
reins and we resumed our journey.

    She had learned from her punishment, and she was now doing an expert
job of handling varied terrain, but still making good time on smooth
terrain. In no time we arrived at the next stop. After I spread the
blanket, I released her hands, then removed the floss from her nipples. I
massaged them, causing her to gasp, then I began gently rolling them
between my thumb and finger. Soon I took her right hand and put it on her
right breast, and did the same on the left, and she was on autopilot.

    I stood back and watched her for perhaps a minute, then I took both her
hands in mine and led her onto the blanket. Sitting her down, I removed her
shoes and socks. I stood her up again, then indicated that I wanted her to
strip me. She didn't have any trouble doing that using the Braille-system,
but then I put the tube of sun block into her hand. She realized what it
was, and laughed. "Do you really want me to do this blindfolded, Master?"
she asked. Again I gently squeezed her lips together, then took her hand
that held the sun block and placed it on my chest. She sighed, took the cap
off of the tube and handed it to me, then began.

    She didn't get any sun block in my mouth or eyes, and she did pretty
much cover my body. What more could I ask of a deaf and blind slave? When
she finished, I capped the tube and tossed it aside. I gently pushed her to
her knees, then knelt in front of her and began caressing her breasts and
kissing her passionately. Soon I put her on her hands and knees and moved
to the rear. She was very wet, so I plunged my cock into her pussy for some
lubrication. Then I moved to her ass, and proceeded to give her a hard,
long fucking. About a minute into the process, I spelled out "CUM" on her
back with my finger, and we began a long series of very intense orgasms. It
lasted for perhaps a half hour, then I finally deflated. I wrapped my arms
around her waist and pulled her up onto her knees. She turned her head
around so we could kiss, then I pulled out of her ass and flopped on the

    I took her hand and pulled her to me, and she immediately started to
locate my cock. She locked onto my dick with her mouth and began cleaning
me off and getting me hard again. By now I knew this was what she wanted to
do, so I just lay back and enjoyed it. She worked on me a long time before
I started coming again, then she matched me on each orgasm. Finally she
stopped, kissed my cock one last time, then sat on her knees. I grabbed the
canteen and gave it to her. She found the edge of the blanket, went a few
feet farther, then thoroughly rinsed out her mouth. She felt her way back
to me and lay down beside me. We held each other for a long time,
occasionally kissing and caressing.

    When I felt able, I positioned Carrie on her back with her legs spread,
then proceeded to give her a very long and thorough tongue job and nipple
exam. Then I sprawled out next to her, and started pulling her on top of
me. She knew the drill, so she helped guide my cock into her pussy, then
slid down and raised up on her elbows. I took control of her nipples, and
she lowered her body onto me. I began fucking her with long, slow strokes.
She knew I wanted her to remain still during this phase. She lay her head
on my chest, and I could hear her rapid breathing, punctuated with happy
sighs and occasional gasps.

    I was getting very tired, and  I think Carrie was, too. She still had
her toughest challenge ahead, so I decided we should move on. I let go of
her nipples and hugged her. she scooted up far enough that we could share a
last passionate kiss, then she stood and I moved her off the blanket.

    After attaching the nipple clips and reins, and clipping her wrists
behind her back, I gave her and myself a drink. I handed her the blanket,
and off we went.

    It wasn't far to the next stop, where I was planning to deliver her
next spanking. While we were walking, I was trying to think of a way to get
her out of whatever her problem was without discontinuing the spanking.
Finally I thought I had a way.

    At the next stop, I took off her nipple clips and released her wrists.
She was already trembling in anticipation. I spread the blanket, undressed
myself, and then positioned Carrie on her hands and knees. I spent a minute
caressing her ass, so she would be certain that her spanking was next. I
moved up to her head and kissed her on the lips, and now her trembling was
really strong. Moving back to her ass, I patted her and then gave her ten
really hard slaps, alternating on each cheek of her ass.

    After ten blows, I quickly repositioned myself for the next step. Then
I took her right wrist in my hand, and guided her hand until it contacted
my ass. I repeated the motion several times, with more force each time.
Then I let go of her and waited. She thought about if for long moments,
then she started spanking me. She wasn't hitting me nearly hard enough, so
I grabbed her wrist and slammed her palm onto my ass as hard as I could
without the risk of hurting her wrist. I let go and she began again, this
time she was hitting me hard.

    I didn't know if she would stop at ten, but she did. I again positioned
myself at her ass, and delivered ten more slaps, as hard as I could. She
was gasping when I finished. I quickly moved back to where she could spank
me, then nudged her. She located my ass by feel, then gave me ten very hard
slaps. When she finished, I knew I was going to be hurting when we were
done. But it would be worth it if this worked for Carrie.

    Again I moved back to her ass and gave her ten more blazing slaps on
her ass. Now she was sobbing softly, and I considered removing the
blindfold. But I decided it would stay on for the whole trip. I changed
position again, then nudged Carrie. She hesitated, still sobbing softly.
Finally she struck, and struck hard. It seemed she was hitting me as hard
as I was hitting her, I was amazed at her strength. My eyes began to water.

    We continued alternating until each of us had received the full 100
swats I had promised her. I was crying continuously, Carrie was crying,
sobbing, and gasping for air. When she delivered the final 10 blows to me,
I wanted her to know it was over, so I swung around and kissed her on the
lips. She grabbed me by the shoulders and launched herself at me, pushing
me onto my back. She landed on top of me, found my face again, and started
smothering me in strong, passionate kisses. After a long time, she put a
hand to each side of my face, pulled her head back from mine, and said,
"Carrie's back." I put my arms around her and we held each other for
several minutes.

    I gave her a drink and a kiss, then pulled her to her feet. She was
grinning ear-to-ear. I reattached the nipple clips and restrained her
wrists behind her back. After putting the blanket in her hands and
rearranging her reins, I gave her a kiss and then patted her lightly on her
ass. She laughed. I started her off for the final destination, quite a ways
from where we were.

    There was only one incident on the final leg. She got careless and fell
again. Once I had helped her up and determined she wasn't hurt, I gave her
another very hard slap across her ass. She took the blow, silently mouthed
"Thank you," and then assumed the Waiting Pose. I repositioned her reins
and started her off. Now I was grinning ear-to-ear.

    When we reached the final destination, I removed her reins and nipple
clips, then I took off her blindfold and took out her ear plugs. Her eyes
were still red from all the crying she had done, but she was beaming at me.
We looked at each other silently for a long moment, then she pressed her
body against me and gave me a very long, tender kiss. "You did it, Carrie,"
I said, "you made it to all the stops, you did a fine job, and you've come
back to me. I am so proud of you."

    "I'm proud of me too, Master," she said. "Now I know I have the
strength and the ability to do anything, to be anything for my Master."

    Reaching around her, I unfastened her wrists. I told her to spread the
blanket and assume the Learning Pose, and she quickly obeyed. Sitting in
front of her, I took her hands in mine. We looked at each other for a long
moment, then I asked her how she felt about being spanked hard and often.

    "It still makes me feel totally dominated and submissive, Master," she

    "Does it satisfy your need for pain, is it severe enough to give you
what you need?"

    "Yes, Master, I will never need to ask for anything more than frequent
hard spankings. My Master has given me exactly what I need, as usual."

    "And how do you feel about your Master right after he has spanked you?"

    "Master, this slave loves its Master, Master." As soon as she said
that, we both cracked up. After we had laughed awhile, I asked her
seriously if the whippings would still be incapacitating to her. "No,
Master," she said, "your slave will always provide the whole package for
you. I am your partner, your woman, your wife, and your slave, now and

    "If your Master decided you needed another spanking right now, would
that interfere with your ability to sexually please your Master when the
spanking was finished?"

    She broke her Pose to get on her hands and knees, and said "Absolutely
not, Master. Please let your Slave prove that to you."

    "And if your Master decides to spank you again, what will be the reason
for the spanking?"

    "The spanking would be administered for my Master's pleasure, and for
his Slave's pleasure.

    "And would the spanking be pleasurable for my Slave, so soon after her
last spanking?"

    "Yes, Master, your Slave would find pleasure along with the pain of
another spanking."

    I stood, then said, "Stand up, look at me, and tell me what Carrie

    She stood, walked up to me until her body was pressed against mine, met
my gaze, and said, "Listen, your spankings hurt like hell, but they're what
I need. I could use another one right now, if that's what you want to do.
But whether you spank me or not, I was promised a second fuck stop, and
this is it."

    I laughed, and told her we would wait until we were back home for her
next spanking, and right now I wanted her to strip me and give me a long
blow job. She immediately began removing my clothes. While she was
stripping me, I asked her how she liked spanking me. She said it hurt her
hand, she didn't know how I could so it so often without it hurting my
hand. "Who said it doesn't hurt?" I said. "But what I want to know is if
you enjoyed spanking me."

    "You'll find out during our next role reversal," she said with a smile.
Then she pushed me down and began a devastating blow job.

    We had our usual variety of sex, until we were both temporarily
satiated. We drank the last of the water, and I told her it was time to get
home, we got a late start and the sun was getting pretty low. Carrie asked
to put on the reins, blindfold, and earplugs, and be driven home, but I
refused because it was mostly downhill from our last stop to the house. She
agreed that she might not be ready for downhill yet. I got dressed while
Carrie folded the blanket. I realized then that we had not taken her
survival kit, and made a note not to forget that again. We set off home,
with her arm around my waist and my hand roaming over her ass.

    Philip had already left for the day. I told Carrie to go put her bonds
in the mural room, then wait for me in the bathroom. When I got there I
told her to use the toilet. I stripped, then played with her breasts until
she was done. We traded places, then took turns on the bidet and took a
quick shower. I told her we would both be naked tonight, and she she should
start dinner. She said she had done it last night. "I believe you're right,
Carrie, what's your point?" I asked. She smiled and set off for the

    I came into the kitchen and gave her a kiss on the neck. She turned
around to kiss me, but I pointed to a stool. She walked to the stool, bent
over, and braced her hands on the rim of the stool. "This will just be a
quickie," I told her. "You'll still have two full spankings before tonight
is over."

    "Yes, Master," she said quietly. I walked up to her and spanked her as
hard as my sore hands could stand for five minutes. When she stood up, her
tears were flowing freely, but she was not sobbing. She thanked me, and I
gave her a peck on the lips and told her to continue with dinner. I sat and
watched her awhile to make sure she wasn't going to start acting stupid
again, then I opened a bottle of wine and poured each of us a glass. I
offered her a sip, and she met my gaze while she sipped. Then she smiled
and thanked me. I wiped a remaining tear from her cheek with my finger,
then kissed her.

    I sat and watched Carrie and sipped my wine. It suddenly occurred to me
how happy I was with her, and how much I treasured being here. I began to
feel a little guilty over the spankings. I asked her if her ass was very
sore. She turned around and looked at me. "You're not chickening out on me,
are you?" she asked. I asked her what she meant. "You just started the
spankings, you've spanked the hell out of me today, with more to come You
know they're a positive for me, but you already want to know if my ass
hurts? Of course it hurts. But you promised me a week of evaluation before
we discussed if we would continue. Believe me, if I get so sore I can't
take any more, I'll let you know."

    "Jeez," I said, "I think I liked you better when you were kissing my

    She smiled, and said, "Sorry Master, I was out of line." Then she
grinned and asked, "Should I bend over the stool again, Master?" I laughed
and told her not just yet.


  1. Hmm...still don't see the point in Carrie spanking Bill on their walk. Bill could have learned a lot from my Matthew who, other than short warm ups and a few swats here or there, used his leather paddle, spanking buddy and/or belt for all spankings. When I asked him about it, he informed me that the spanking was for my bum to hurt...not his hand. At least he did prefer leather to wood. ;) Enjoyable chapter.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I'm sure Bill could have learned a lot from your Matthew, Cat not only about using his big hands. But all men are different thank God, and all submissive women are different.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the story again,


  2. I enjoyed this chapter and love the easy way they relate and talk to each other. He must have some hard hands....and she can make him cry from a hand spanking....i am thinking their hands must be the hardest ones around....
    hugs abby

    1. He is making sure she really wants the spanking and then gives it to her. And they talk a lot. Few people talk a lot Abby, not a lot of lovers do.

      I hope you've got inspiration to tell your Master about this chapter.


  3. Nope. I just don't understand what is going on. This is too complicated for me. She is too complicated for me.

    Mona Lisa

    1. I understand Mona Lisa. It is hard to comprehend. I was reassured when he double checked if the second spanking was what she wanted and she told him she needed it.

      Needs are hard to explain,


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