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Training Carrie, chapter 34

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 34

     "Your Master will be happy to spend some quality cuddling time with his
wife, right after she makes some dinner for us. Something quick and light,
please." She looked a little disappointed that the cuddling would be
delayed, but she curtsied and left for the kitchen. As she went out the
door, I told her to put her skirt back on before starting dinner. "Yes,
Master," she replied without looking back.

    I relaxed in the bedroom for about 10 minutes, then joined Carrie in
the kitchen. Coming up behind her, I took a breast in each hand and kissed
the back of her neck. She froze what she was doing and turned her head
around for a kiss on the lips, which I happily provided. She asked if the
skirt should go, and I told her to keep it on, I enjoyed the mystery. "Ha!"
she snorted, "If there's still a mystery under here, you haven't been
paying attention, Master."

    "There will always be a mystery about you, Carrie, and that's how I
want it. Yes, I know your body about as intimately as I possibly could, but
you keep surprising me with your wonderful mind, your terrific sense of
humour, the depth of your submission, and your commitment to our
partnership. Not to mention that you get more beautiful by the hour." She
just smiled and kissed me again. "Yes, Master, I know," she said with a
wicked grin.

    I sat down on a chair and watched her as she continued to make dinner.
"I've spanked you twice in the last day or so, Carrie. Until now I had
never done that. I want to know how you feel about it."

    She was silent for a long time. "Don't you have a reply for your
Master?" I finally asked her.

    "I was trying to think of the right words, Master. I have conflicting
feelings about it, I'm not sure I know exactly how I feel about it."

    "Ok, I'll ask you questions, and you answer them. Do you want me to
stop spanking you?"

    After a pause, she answered quietly, "No, Master."

    "Does it bother you that I've spanked you for my pleasure, and
hopefully yours, and not as punishment?"

    "That's part of what's troubling me, Master. I know I haven't broken
any rules, and I don't think I've angered you, so it doesn't seem like I
should be whipped."

    "First of all, you weren't whipped, you were spanked with my open hand.
Second, you are right that you hadn't done anything wrong. You have been a
perfect slave during the period of time you were spanked. Would it help if
I explicitly promise you that you will never be punished except when we are
downstairs, and that any pain I give you upstairs or outside is strictly
for my pleasure and yours?"

    "It's still confusing, Master. When you flog me downstairs, that's not
punishment either."

    "So what are you saying, Carrie? Can't you tell the difference between
a flogging or spanking versus an application of the crop or whip? Surely
the crop or whip are much more severe. What can we do to separate pain
administered for punishment from pain administered for pleasure?"

    After a long pause, Carrie said, "Master, I thought we agreed that I
should try to suppress my masochism, and get over my desire to have you
inflict pain on me. Now you are inflicting pain on me more often. Don't you
see why that confuses me?"

    "Do you remember my reason for not wanting to apply the amount of pain
that would to satisfy your needs?"

    She though for a moment, then said "You were worried about damaging my
body, my skin, Master." As she said that, a slow smile crept over her face.

    "Did you ever hear of anyone getting permanently damaged by a spanking,
Carrie?" I asked her.

    Now she was grinning. "No, Master," she replied.

    "Is dinner ready, Carrie?"

    "In about 5 minutes, Master. The table is set, and we just need to wait
for everything to get hot."

    "Then drop your skirt and come and lean over the chair, Carrie. Five
minutes will do."

    "Yes, Master," she said quietly as she took off her skirt and bent over
the chair. My hand was a little sore from earlier, but I gave her a hard
five minutes of spanking. When I stopped and told her to stand up, the
tears we rolling down her face. She faced me with her eyes downcast, but a
slight smile on her lips.

    "Tell me how that makes you feel, Slave," I ordered.

    "Master, it makes me feel very dominated, and very submissive, Master."

    "It's going to be like this for a few days, maybe a week, Carrie. At
random times during the day you will receive hard spankings. Unless I tell
you otherwise, the spankings will be delivered for my pleasure, not as
punishment. After that time we will discuss whether we should continue with
spanking or not. Tell your Master how you feel about that."

    She did something so unexpected, I couldn't believe it was happening at
first. She fell to her knees and started kissing my feet. I told her to
stop it and stand up. When she was standing, her eyes were still downcast.
I told her to look at me, and reluctantly she raised her eyes. I told her
to explain why she kissed my feet. She swallowed hard, but kept quiet.
"Speak!" I said.

    She lowered her eyes again, and said in a very quiet voice, "Master, It
was the most submissive act I could think of performing, Master."

    I told her to put dinner on the table, and we would continue talking
while we ate. When we were at the table, she was still naked. She asked
formally if she could eat dinner on her knees off the floor. I told her she
could not, and she would sit her bare ass in the chair now so we could
begin dinner. She sat.

    A few minutes into the meal, I asked her why she had to perform the
most submissive act she could think of for her Master. "Master, that's how
it makes your Slave feel to be spanked hard and to know that the spanking
will be repeated frequently, Master."

    I told her that she had not been ordered to use formal speech, which
was generally reserved for downstairs, and she would knock it off right now
and talk to me like my wife. She said that was difficult for her to do
right now. She felt more enslaved to me than she dreamed possible, she was
having a hard time dealing with it. "Do you want me to stop spanking you,
Carrie?" I asked.

    "Please, Master, don't do that. It's wonderful, I can't describe how it
makes me feel, it's even more devastating than when you grab my pussy lips
with both your hands. I feel so submissive, so enslaved, it drives all
thoughts out of my  mind. And the pain is wonderful, it's exactly what I've
craved, what I've tried to deny I needed because of my promises to you."

    "When it first occurred to me to spank you," I told her, "I was hoping
it would act as an escape valve for your masochism. I'm glad I was right
about that. But I can't have you dropping to kiss my feet, refusing to look
at me, and lapsing into formal slave behavior all the time. That's for
downstairs, all except the foot kissing. Foot kissing is not appropriate
anywhere, well maybe in bed. But when we're not in the basement under
formal rules, you are my partner, my woman, my wife, and also my slave.
When I choose to dominate you, I will do so. You will submit to my
domination whenever I choose, and then you will return to being my partner,
my woman, my wife, and my slave. I require the whole package. Do you
understand what I'm demanding of you, and can you do it for your Master,
for your partner?"

    She sat up straight, looked me in the eye, and said, "Give me a little
time, Master, and I'll be back. Please don't stop the spanking. I thought
my life with you was perfect, but you've made it better."

    "Were you spanked as a child, Carrie?" I asked her. She said she had
never been spanked until her Master spanked her. I asked her why it took
her three spankings before she had such an extreme reaction to it. She
thought for a moment, then said she thought the first spanking was just
payback for the way she had treated me during our role reversal. She was
sure I'd get over it and stop spanking her soon. Then when I spanked her in
the bedroom earlier tonight she knew it wasn't a temporary thing, and it
started affecting her more profoundly. Then when I spanked her again
tonight in the kitchen, after helping her understand what I was trying to
accomplish, her reaction overwhelmed her.

    We had long since finished dinner. I told her to stand up, then bend
over the back of her chair. She jumped to comply. When she was positioned,
I got up and started to clear the table. When all the dishes had been
removed and the dishwasher started, I returned to her. I stood behind her
for a few minutes, then began to caress her ass and the back of her
thighs. She was trembling, and pussy juices were running down both of her
legs. "Carrie," I finally said, "you have a choice to make. We will perform
one of three actions together, starting as soon as you choose which one.
The first is that I will put you in your slave bed downstairs, give your
the most severe spanking you have yet had, and leave you there for the
night. The second is that I will put you in your slave bed downstairs, fuck
you all over, and leave you there for the night. The third is that we will
go to the bedroom and cuddle as we had earlier planned, then we will go to
bed without any further sex. What is your preference?"

    "For options one and two, will my Master be staying downstairs with his
slave?" she asked. I told her that I would not be staying with her this
time, but I would do my best to be there for her when she woke up.

    "Then I choose option three, Master," she said. I told her she could
stand up, and she turned around and looked into my eyes. "I love you,
Master," she said.

    "I love you too, Carrie. Would it be helpful if we were Bill and Carrie
for the rest of the evening?"

    She put her arms around me and kissed me. "That would be perfect," she
said. "You always understand."

    "Do you want to meet Bill naked, with your skirt on, or fully dressed?"

    "Skirt only, Master, because I actually feel more naked like that than
I do now. It's time for Bill and I to discuss my life with my Master, and
feelings of nakedness are a big part of that life." We shared a smile,
knowing that the nakedness she was talking about wasn't just physical. I was
requiring her more and more to be mentally and emotionally naked, and she
wanted to talk about it. I told her to grab her skirt, a bottle of wine and
some glasses from the kitchen, and Bill would join her in the bedroom in a
few minutes. Smiling, she kissed me again and ran to the kitchen.

    When I entered the bedroom, Carrie was sitting in a chair. She said
hello to Bill, then asked how I liked her topless. I told her I liked her
fine topless, but why was she wearing the skirt?

    She didn't waste any time. "In my other life, I'm a slave. This is how
my Master commanded me to dress earlier this evening, before dinner. I will
never give up that life, I will be with the man who is my Master until I
die or until he doesn't want me any more. I wanted you to know that."

    "Gee," I said, "I take it you're happy as a slave, since you say you
wouldn't give it up. Is it hard? Do you have to do things you don't want to
do? Does he force you to have sex against your will? Do you love him? Do
you think he'll change his mind and not want you someday?"

    She gave me a sharp look. "Tough questions, Bill. I'll answer the best
I can. Yes, I am happier than I thought it was possible to be. Yes, it is
very, very hard. There is no way I could make you understand how hard it
is. I have to defy my nature, my being, every second of my life to submit
to this man. But I wouldn't have it any other way. A week ago I would have
said yes, I have to do many things I don't want to. That's not true any
more. Now I want to do everything and anything he tells me, asks me, or
even seems like he might ask me to do.

    "No, he has never forced me to have sex against my will. With this man,
sex against my will would be impossible. Whatever he wants to do with me or
to me, I willingly and eagerly accept it.

    "I tell him I love him, but it's a lie. There isn't a word to describe
how I feel about him. Calling it love is a pathetically inadequate
description. I worship him like a god, that's a better description than
love. And yes, I think one day he won't want to be with me any more."
She gave me a hard look. "That day is too horrible to think about, never bring it up again."

    She stood up and poured two glasses of wine. After handing one to me,
she unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. Picking up her glass, she
turned her back to me. Looking over her shoulder, she asked "Is my ass red,
Bill? My Master has started spanking me frequently." I told her it didn't
look red to me, it was beautiful. I asked her why her Master spanked her.
She said it was because that was exactly what she needed, and her Master
had figured that out. I asked her why she needed to be spanked. "Because it
is the best possible alternative, to save a pain slut from causing herself
harm. My Master understood what I needed, and knew that I wouldn't be able
to deny my nature forever, so he found a solution to save me.

    "I have two good men in my life, Bill, my Master and you. You know
where I should be? Where I deserve to be? I should be in some rich
bastard's slave stable, being whipped and fucked against my will
god-only-knows how many times a day. That's what I signed up for, Bill. I
didn't think I was signing up for that, because I was stupid. But that's
where I should have wound up. My Master saved me from that. His love saved
me, and destroyed his life. You want to know if he'll leave me someday? He
would be a fool not to leave."

    I wanted to stop her at this point, but I didn't know how to do it and
remain Bill. "Seems like you're feeling pretty sorry for yourself, Carrie.
So you escaped a bad fate and wound up with someone you want to be with.
Why is that so bad?"

    "Oh, it's not bad, Billy Boy, not bad at all. If you don't count the
lives I've screwed up along the way, my lifelong friends, my Master, you."

    "My life isn't ruined, Carrie. I'm here with you now because I want to
be. If anything, you helped me get out of a place I didn't belong, and now
I'm very happy with where I am and who I'm with. Do you think there is
anyone supporting you here who would not willingly do anything for you,
including dying? Tell me what's really on your mind. Tell me what you can't
tell your Master.

    That got her attention, she looked at me sharply. "If I can't tell my
Master, what makes you think I can tell you?"

    "Because it needs to be said, and if you won't say it to me, and you
can't tell your Master, who can you tell?"

    After looking at me for a long moment, she sank to her knees, then sat
on the floor. She looked up at me with a pleading expression. "I'm so
afraid, please help me," she said.

    I sat in front of her and took her hands. She looked at our hands, and
I knew she was confused now, was she with Bill or Master? Fuck it, it
didn't matter. I told her to look at me, then I said, "Help is right here,
Carrie. What do you need?"

    "I can't ask you, Master, I have no right to ask you for anything."

    "Quite the contrary, Carrie, you are required to ask me for any help
you need. It isn't our Master/Slave relationship that requires it, it is
our partnership that requires it. We are in this together."

    "Well then how do I tell you my fear is that our partnership is an
illusion, Master? If you wanted to dump me and leave, would our partnership
prevent that from happening? If you get tired of being cooped up here, or
if you get tired of me and leave, what will I do? You have become my whole
life. All I am now is your slave. If you leave, what will I do? Turn myself
in to the organization? Find the rich bastard I should have wound up with,
knock on his door, say 'here I am, sorry I'm late'?"

    She took a deep breath. "Why did you have to ask me if I thought you
wouldn't want me someday? I thought you were just going to relieve some of
the pressure I felt from my slavery by letting me have some time with Bill.
What was that bullshit about leaving me? You're going to leave, aren't you?
This is your way of telling me."

    I almost laughed, but that would have been a serious error at this
time. "I'm never going to leave you, Carrie. What can I do to prove that to

    "Why did you say that? Why did you bring up the subject of you leaving
me? Why? Why? Explain it to me."

    "I did it because I'm an idiot. It was something I thought Bill would
ask after what you had told him. Bill was trying to find out if he was
always going to be second banana, so to speak."

    She grinned briefly at the banana reference, then scowled again. "How
can I believe you?" she asked.

    I needed to lighten things up, so I risked a little more humour. "I
don't suppose it would work if I commanded you to believe me?" Her scowl
deepened. "Look, Carrie, you should believe me because you know what an
idiot I can be. Read my lips. I SCREWED UP. I love you and I'll never leave
you, that's the simple truth. You either have to believe me, or spell out
what I need to do to convince you. Otherwise we're at an impasse, and we
both lose. Now come on, let's reason this out together. we're good at

    She looked up at me. "We are good at that," she said. "Can I believe
you? I want to."

    I looked into her eyes, and said, "Yes, you can believe me. You KNOW
you can believe me. Don't you know I love you? And whether you believe me
or not, never again say that you are nothing but my slave. You are whatever
you want to be."

    She began crying. "I'm sorry," she sobbed. "Of course I believe you.
Please forgive me."

    "That was bullshit wasn't it, that part about worshipping me like a

    She shook her head No. "Don't ever leave me, please don't. I would

    "I never will. Hey, if you can't trust your god, who can you trust?"

    "Are you going to use that against me from now on, or was this the one

    "It will come up just once more, when you feel like explaining it to
me. 'Cause I'm just a guy, not a god. So I need to know what you were
really thinking when you said that."

    "Ok, but not now."

    "I think I heard Bill down the hall, Carrie. He's a really nice guy,
even though he says stupid things sometimes. Why don't you get off the
floor, and I'll go see if I can find him." I walked to the kitchen and
back. She was sitting in the chair, naked. She stood up and walked to me.

    "Can I have a kiss, Bill?, she asked?  She gave me a long, sensual
kiss, appropriate for someone she had a sexual history with. Finally she
broke the kiss, looked in my eyes, and said, "Bill, did I ever tell you
that I'm a sex slave for a Master whom I worship as a god?" She had a
barely detectable smile.

    I tried my best to keep a straight face. "No, Carrie, but I would love
to hear all about it, if you would like to tell me."

    She said it was a long story, and I told her I had all the time in the
world, and was very interested in any aspects of her life she would share
with me. She asked me to sit in the most comfortable chair in the room,
then she picked up a glass of wine, curled up in my lap, and offered me a
sip. After taking a sip herself, she began telling her story.

    We talked all night. We were still talking when Philip looked in on us
in the morning. I already knew almost everything she told me, but now I
knew it from her side as well as mine. I had never understood how much
against her nature it was for her to be a slave, and how hard it was for
her to be submissive. The hardest thing I had to accept was why she does
it. Everything she does, she does because she loves me and treasures our
partnership. She was wrong about me leaving, I would never have left her.
But if I had been planning to dump her, I doubt I could have done it after
what she let me see. Now I know that she was exaggerating when she said she
worshipped me like a god, but she only exaggerated a little. From this
point on, it was going to be a lot more difficult for me to play the part
of her dominating master, but I knew she still needed me in that role, and
I would try my best to meet her needs.

    We told Philip we had been up all night, and we were going to bed. We
would catch him later and see about lunch. We went to use the toilet. While
she sat and I held her hands, I asked her if she needed Bill to stay. She
said No, she needed her Master now. I told her he was here, and would
always be here any time she needed him. We kissed.

    When we got in bed, she climbed on top of me and said she wanted to go
to sleep with my cock in her pussy. She slid down and took my cock in her
mouth, and got me hard in only a few seconds. She slid back up and guided
me into her, then she sighed and told me good night. We both went to sleep

    I woke up and looked at the clock. It was a few minutes past noon. She
was still on top of me, my dick was still hard, and her pussy was very wet.
I didn't even want to think about how much sex we had had in our sleep. I
shook Carrie and told her to wake up, we had things to do today. She looked
at me sleepily and kissed me. Then she remembered last night, and seemed
embarrassed. I told her I would never leave her, and she smiled and said
she believed me. She gave me an evil grin, and said she deserved a good
spanking for the way she behaved last night. I told her she deserved four
spankings, and if my hands could stand it, I would give her an extra before
bedtime tonight. I told her to go and wait for me at the toilet, then she
would get her first spanking before our shower. "Five, Master?" she asked.

    "Would you like to go for six, Slave," I asked. She jumped out of bed
and ran into the bathroom. She was in the Waiting position when I staggered
into the bathroom. "Sit," I said, then knelt in front of her and began
playing with her breasts. I looked up and saw her looking into my eyes. She
had tears running down her cheeks. "Are you still worried I plan to leave
you?" I asked her.

    "No, Master, I'm embarrassed and so very much in love."

    "Embarrassed about last night?" I asked. She nodded. "Don't be," I told
her. It was stupid of Bill to plant that suggestion in her mind. I said I
was going to beat the shit out of him for doing that to her, and she asked
me not to beat him up, she loved him as well as her Master. I said Ok, he
would get a pass this time, which caused her to smile.

    We swapped places on the toilet. I told her to to use the bidet, then
bend over the tub for her spanking. I said she would count out loud the
number of times I slapped her ass, and we would stop at 100. That would
give her a count of 400 or 500 for today, which would be a short day, since
we slept all morning. I told her that over the next few days, we would work
up to 1000 per day. She gulped, said "Yes, Master," and took her position
over the edge of the tub.

    When I finished on the bidet, I walked over to her and asked her if she
was ready to count out her spanking. "Yes, Master," she said quietly. I
closed the bathroom door, then began her spanking. She did pretty well up
to 50, then her silent crying turned to sobbing and she had trouble
counting out. I told her we would start over if she lost count or couldn't
keep speaking the count. I paused a moment for her to regain control, then
began again. She made it all the way to 100, but just barely. She was
sobbing uncontrollably. I told her she would straighten up, meet her
Master's gaze, thank her Master for the spanking, and then kiss her Master
on the lips.

    She stood up straight and turned to face me. Tears were running down
her face, her lips were quivering, and she was still sobbing. She met my
gaze, and I have never seen a more submissive look from any slave. She took
a deep, gasping breath, and thanked me for her spanking. Then she tenderly
kissed me on the lips. After the kiss, she kept her face close to mine, and
said with her eyes lowered, "You are my love and my life, and I adore you."
Then she dropped to her knees and bowed her head.

    I ran my fingers through her hair, then said, "Stand up, Carrie, and
don't do that again without being commanded to." She stood up, and I raised
her head and kissed her passionately on the lips. "Have I lost a lover and
picked up a worshipper?" I asked. "You will remember your other roles, as my
partner, my woman, my wife, and act accordingly."

    She straightened up, took a deep breath, looked up and met my gaze,
then said, "You overwhelm me Master, it's very hard to snap back after such
intense domination."

    "Learn," I said. "I want Carrie here right now."

    She took another deep breath. Tears were still running down her cheeks.
"Ok, I'm here," she said.

    "Don't leave again," I ordered. I told her to turn on the shower so we
could get cleaned up and start our day. When we were both under the shower,
I dropped to my knees and began tenderly kissing her pussy. After a few
minutes, I looked up and said, "Remember this?" She smiled and nodded.
"Remember me?" She nodded again, grinning this time. "Good, now soap me up,
then I'll soap you up, then we can begin our day". Still grinning, she
began soaping my body.


  1. I am enjoying this story a bit more but feel as if the two of them don't really understand the D/s dynamic or her need for spanking. Will continue to read and see if they figure it out. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I'm curious too Cat, but I would strongly advise you to keep on reading...

      Lots of chapters coming up,

  2. Some chapters have opened up new discussions...and some are more of a reflection of where i have been. This one reminds me of how long it took for me to truly believe Master when He said to me....I am not going any are stuck with me.
    hugs abby

    1. That discussion sounds familiar... We all go through the same processes, even if we are all different. Yes, a good story makes you looks back and brings on new idea's...

      Glad you still like it,

  3. Sfi don't know.
    Nice chapter but. All these spankings.
    Ok, I am absolutely not masochist , so that scares me to read she was sobbibg!!
    But I liked all dancing .

    Mona Lisa

    1. Don't be alarmed by her tears, Mona Lisa. They are happy tears. She likes it, me thinks. And the dancing is just so romantic, don't you agree?

      So nice you are still reading,



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