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Training Carrie, chapter 33

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 33

     I asked Carrie if she was ready for more bridle training, and she
eagerly agreed. In the mural room, I attached her belt, wrist cuffs, and
nipple clips. She told me there were ear plugs in a drawer in the bathroom,
but I questioned whether she was ready for that, and pointed our that I had
used voice commands to start and stop her before. She said a tug on both
nipples could mean "stop" if she was moving, and "move" if she was stopped.
Instead, I told her, we would tie a third string to her clit, and use that
one to start and stop her. She smiled.

    Thinking ahead to what Carrie would be doing after lunch, I told her
she wasn't to have any orgasms until her Master came in her mouth later
today. Then leaning her back against the console, I knelt and stimulated
her clit until it was standing at full attention. I looped a piece of
string around it several times and tied it securely. I asked her if she
felt any pain from the string, she said she didn't. I then attached two
similar length strings to her nipple clips, and tugged each one to make
sure it wouldn't pull the clip off.

    I told Carrie we were going to train outside today. Blindfolded and
wearing earplugs, her experience of the world would be reduced to what she
felt in her clit, her nipples, and her feet. I clipped her wrists together
behind her back and blindfolded her. I asked her if she minded leaving her
survival kit behind, since we wouldn't be outside that long. She said that
was Ok with her.

    Before I put in the ear plugs, I told Carrie I wanted to lead her
around inside for awhile to make sure we were as coordinated as we had been
yesterday. I positioned the clit rein between her legs, and each nipple
rein over her shoulder, then behind her grasping the reins. With a tug on
her clit, she started walking slowly and responding to the directions I
gave her through her nipples. I led her through most of the rooms of the

    We avoided the kitchen area, trying to avoid Philip, but unfortunately
we met him in a hallway. He just shook his head and stood out of the way
until we passed. Since Carrie was blindfolded, she wasn't aware of Philip
until I told her to say hello to him. She gave him her best imitation of a
horse whinnying.

    After a few minutes, Carrie and I agreed that we had our signals well
coordinated, and it was time to try the earplugs. I told her to assume the
Waiting Pose while I went to get them. Along the way, I also got one of our
favourite blankets. Returning to Carrie, I put the blanket in her
hands and told her not to drop it, then I kissed her and put in her
earplugs. With a tug to her clit, we were moving again. I led her around
inside a little longer, so she would have time to adjust to being deaf.
Loss of her hearing didn't seem to affect her responses to my signals, so
finally it was time, and I steered her to the exit door.

    I stopped her, opened the door, then steered her through outside. After
stopping her long enough to close the door, I kissed her again and we set
off for our first rest stop. It was uphill most of the way, but the path
was well defined and there were no areas of loose rock or rough ground. At
one point, Carrie was getting overconfident and taking steps that were too
large for someone who can't see. She tripped and fell, rolling to her side
as I had told her to do in case of a fall.

    After picking her up and seeing that she wasn't hurt, I temporarily
removed one of her earplugs. I asked her if she knew why she fell. "Yes,
Master, because I was overconfident and not being careful, as you warned me
to be." I told her she was correct, and I was sure she could complete the
training, but I would remove the earplugs if she wanted me to. She said she
wanted to continue with the ear plugs. I complemented her on the way she
turned her body to take the fall on her side, told her she didn't have any
scratches that I could see, then reinserted the earplug and kissed her.

    She was much more careful after her fall, taking very small steps if
she was unsure of the terrain. I was glad she was erring on the side of
caution, and I didn't try to hurry her faster than she felt comfortable
walking. After another 20 minutes, we reached our first rest stop. She had
done a great job, and I felt she had earned a reward. I stopped her, then
took the blanket from her hands and spread it on the ground.

    I unfastened her wrists, then immediately reattached each wrist cuff to
the side of her belt. After removing the clit rein and nipple clips, I
helped her lie down on her back on the blanket. Once her her shoes and
socks were off, I spread her legs wide apart. If she didn't know what I was
planning before, she knew then, and she was smiling ear to ear.

    The first thing I wanted to do was remind Carrie of her newly dyed
breasts. I knelt beside her and traced the outlines of each areola and
nipple, then bent down and tenderly kissed each one. "My beautiful, brown
nipples," she said. I kissed her on the lips, then returned to her nipples.
While kissing and tonguing one nipple, I massaged, rubbed, and rolled the
other nipple with my fingers. Then I switched, and each nipple got the
alternate treatment. I kept this up until she was moaning softly and
squirming on the blanket. Then I stopped and just looked at her for a few

    Carrie didn't know why I stopped, or what I was planning. She whimpered
a few times, then lay quietly, waiting to find out what would be done to
her next. Watching her lying there in the bright sun, I realized she wasn't
wearing any sun protection, so we shouldn't stay out more than an hour. I
got up and knelt again between her legs, and slowly started to administer
her reward.

    First I gave each of her feet a deep massage, then I thoroughly kissed
each foot and sucked on her toes for awhile. I don't think that turned her
on, but it did make her smile.

    Moving up to her thighs, I caressed and kissed the inside of each thigh
until she was moaning. Working my way closer and closer to her pussy, I
began making brushing, tentative contact. She was breathing faster now, and
she would gasp each time I contacted her pussy. Gradually growing bolder
with my touches, I brushed her clit with the tip of my tongue, then I lay
down with my face right above her pussy and began some serious stimulation.
With my hands I slowly moved up her belly, stomach, and chest, until I
found her nipples.

    I knew this was one of her favourite positions, but I had forbidden her
to come. My goal now was not to torment her, that would come in the
basement after lunch. I just wanted her to feel really good, as a reward
for her excellent progress in bridle training. Consequently, I slowly
increased her stimulation over a period of about 10 minutes, then slowly
took her down again over the same time span. After I had tapered off the
stimulation on her pussy, I moved up to lay down beside her and held her in
my arms for awhile. She started several times to talk, but each time I
gently squeezed her lips together to silence her. For awhile, I wanted her
silent as well as deaf and blind.

    I thought we had stayed out as long as we should without sun block, so
I knelt at her side and again kissed and caressed her nipples. Then I
pulled her to a sitting position and put on her shoes and socks. Finally I
pulled her to her feet and unfastened the wrist cuffs from the belt. I
guided her off to the side so I could fold up the blanket, then smiled to
see that my perfect slave immediately assumed the Waiting Pose when I let
go of her. After gathering up the blanket and her bridle equipment, I
walked to her side, kissed her, and put an arm around her upper back. As
soon as I started walking, she put her arm around my waist, and we walked
back home.

    I had decided to leave her blindfolded and deaf until we were finished
in the basement this afternoon. When we got in the house, I let go of her
to find Philip and see about lunch. As soon as she lost contact with me,
she assumed the Waiting Pose again. She knew this was a test, to evaluate
her response under these conditions, and as usual she wanted to be perfect.

    Philip said he would have lunch ready for us in 15 minutes. I retrieved
Carrie and took her to the bathroom. Seating her on the commode, I knelt in
front of her and kissed her and caressed her breasts until she finished.
Holding her arms, I raised her off the toilet and we pivoted around so I
could sit. Then we continued kissing until I finished. I helped her use the
bidet, then used it myself, and we dried one another.

    I removed Carrie's wrist manacles and belt, taking them to the mural
room for this afternoon's use. Then I dressed her the way she was dressed
for breakfast, in a skirt, blouse, and heels. I had expected her to ask
before now if I would take out her earplugs, but she kept perfect silence
from the time I made her aware that I didn't wish her to speak. I suddenly
grabbed her roughly around her waist, and kissed her hard on her lips. She
put both arms around my neck and returned my kiss, giving as good as she
got. Then I led her to the dining room.

    After pulling her chair out and positioning her at the table, I pushed
the chair in until it contacted her legs. She smoothly pulled up her skirt
and sat down. When I pushed the chair in, she placed her unbound hands on
her thighs, palms up and fingers open. She had never before been in this
situation, where she was blindfolded but not manacled. Like every other
control situation I imposed on her, she responded with grace and

    I slowly fed us lunch. She almost always sensed when a bite of food was
in front of her, and gracefully plucked it from my fingers, but once or
twice I had to touch the food to her lips for her to know it was there.
Several times during the meal I got up from my chair and kissed her on the
lips. I always got a big smile, but she kept perfectly silent the whole
time. Once I put a hand on her breast and caressed her lightly. After
enjoying my caress for a few moments, she put both of her hands over mine
and pressed my hand to her breast, then brought my hand to her lips and
kissed it. I had a strong urge to remove her earplugs then, just so I could
tell her I loved her.

    After lunch I took Carrie to the living room, turned the radio on at
low volume, and selected the station we liked for dance music. I then held
Carrie and began dancing. She immediately realized what I was doing, making
her dance without being able to hear the music, so she had only my lead to
go by. She laughed and began dancing with me, and after only a few minutes
practice she was following me smoothly. She had a big smile on her face the
whole time we danced. About 30 minutes later, I stopped dancing with her
and kissed her hand, and then she leaned forward and pursed her lips.
Taking the hint, I put my arms around her waist and kissed her.

    I led Carrie to the bedroom, where I undressed her and removed her
shoes. Leading her to the mural room, I put on all of her bondage gear,
then clipped her wrists to the back of her belt. Leaving her in the Waiting
Pose temporarily, I collected the nipple clips and the new vibrators we had
received along with the dye. I carefully led my deaf and blind Slave down
the stairs and into the training room, then steered her to her slave bed.

    When Carrie was installed in her bed, with her arms pulled down toward
the floor below her body, and her ass resting on the makeshift support, I
stood by her breasts and caressed them for a few minutes. After kissing her
again, I attached her nipple clips, then clamped one of the small vibrators
to one clip. After retrieving our 3 original vibrators from a drawer, I
attached the other small one to her other nipple clip.

    By now she knew what she was going to be subjected to. I moved from her
side and went to stand between her legs. Lubricating one of the dildo
vibrators, I slowly pushed it into her ass. Then I leaned over her and
begin stimulating her clit until it stood erect. I quickly attached the new
clit vibrator to it, and tightened it until I saw her wince slightly.
Finally I lubricated the second dildo vibrator and slipped it into her
pussy. She was now outfitted with 5 vibrators, and she had been commanded
not to come.

    Walking back to her side, I kissed her again. I was sure she would say
something at this point, but she kept her silence. I believe she was trying
to psych herself up, to obey her Master's order as long as she possibly
could. Nevertheless she responded with passion to my kiss, and I lingered
at her lips for long moments. When I finally broke contact with her lips, I
reached out and switched on the small vibrators on each nipple clip. She
gasped, then began taking slow, deep breaths. I gave her a final short kiss
on the lips, then walked back to her crotch.

    I caressed the inside of Carrie's thighs and her belly for several
minutes, enjoying the soft texture of her skin. Then in rapid order I
started the dildoes in her pussy and her ass. Returning to the caresses, I
could feel her trembling as she tried to come to grips with the flood of
sexual stimulation she was receiving. I knew she had nearly total control
over her orgasms, and she had withstood this same level of stimulation in
the past, granted that we only had one nipple vibrator until today. I
decided to leave her with this level of stimulation for awhile, but I
continued to stay with her and gradually moved from one end of her body to
the other, caressing and kissing her skin.

    Carrie had been told that she could cum when her Master came in her
mouth. I decided to tease her by making her think that time was near. I
lowered her headrest until her head was tilted downward as I would want it
when I put my dick in her mouth. But then I only caressed her neck,
shoulders, and breasts while kissing her tenderly on the lips. When I began
moving my attentions back down her body again, she groaned softly. She had
to know I did it to torment her, and I was sure I would hear about it
later, but for now she was determined to obey her Master.

    I was trying to decide how much control she had remaining. I intended
to turn on the final vibrator, attached to her clit, at some point, but I
was worried she would come when I did that. I wanted her to have a
difficult struggle against the stimulation, but I wanted her to win, not to
lose. Finally, I decided that she would want me to push her to be her best,
so I turned on the clit vibrator. She gasped, and spoke for the first time
in hours. "Oh, my God," she said, "Master, I can't resist that."

    I moved up to her head and kissed her hard, then released one of her
wrists and held her hand in mine, letting her know I had confidence in her.
She smiled, and nodded her head as best she could. Her breathing was
becoming shallow and ragged, and she was trembling from the effort. I
decide she had struggled long enough, and it was becoming likely she would
have to come soon.

    Keeping hold of her hand, I put my already-hard cock in her mouth. She
squeezed my hand in thanks, and immediately began working on me with her
lips and tongue. She was feeling a sense of urgency, and wasn't giving me
her usual slow and devastating blowjob. That was fine with me. As I said, I
wanted her to win this contest. It didn't take me but a minute to cum in
her mouth, and that triggered an orgasm in Carrie that lasted nearly a
minute. By the time her orgasm subsided, she had finished cleaning my dick,
and I removed it from her mouth. Weakly, she said, "Please turn them off,
Master." I quickly complied with her request.

    When I had removed the vibrators from her ass, pussy and clit, I wiped
her crotch area dry. Returning to her upper body, I removed the nipple
clips with their vibrators, then removed her ear plugs. I told her I loved
her, and said how proud I was of all she had accomplished today. She said
it was quite an experience, being totally dependent on my control, and she
wanted to do it again soon. "Including, the clit vibrator?" I asked with a

    "It's devastating, Master," she replied with a laugh. "You don't need
any of the others, you can take me to the limits of my strength with that
one alone." I told her she had withstood all 5 of them, and had not
disobeyed her Master's command, and I repeated how proud I was of my Slave.
I also reminded her of her excellent performance during the bridle training
and while we were dancing. She laughed, and said, "The dancing was
inspired, Master. Dancing without being able to hear the music or see your
dance partner is quite an experience. But you controlled your Slave

    "I controlled a perfect Slave, Carrie. That's a better description of
what we did together today." We kissed again, then I began removing her
from her slave bed. When she was standing in front of me, I picked her up,
carried her to the couch and laid her down. As soon as I lay down next to
her, she pulled herself up on top of me and began kissing me. When I rose
to the occasion, she reached down and guided my cock into her pussy. "Don't
you want a break from sex, Carrie?" I asked.

    "I want a break from vibrators, Master, but I want as much sex with you
as I can get. What do you want to do with your slave for the rest of the
day, Master?" As we talked, she slowly pumped her hips to keep me hard. I
said I was guessing she had some ideas, and she said, "Believe it or not,
Master, I was thinking of more dancing. I bet I could do better if you let
me hear the music."

    "You're wrong, Carrie," I told her, "you couldn't do better, because
you followed my lead perfectly. Would you rather be dressed as you were
this morning, or would you prefer wearing just the skirt, so we can both
admire your beautiful brown breasts?"

    "Just the skirt Master, and would you please remove my blindfold now?
I'd like to see my breasts again." I took off her blindfold, then she
raised herself up on her hands and smiled as she looked down at her
areolas and nipples. "I just love them, Master," she said with a grin. She
leaned down and kissed me, then said, "You're so good to me, I'm the
luckiest woman in the world. I was stupid enough to walk into hell, and I
wound up in heaven."

    After we had both come a number of times on the couch, I told Carrie it
was time to go upstairs. As I removed her bonds in the mural room, I told
her I wanted to give her an enema and then put in her butt plug.

    When Carrie had prepared her enema, she handed me the full enema bag
with a smile, then immediately knelt with her forehead touching the floor,
her wrists crossed behind her back. I inserted the tube in her ass, started
the flow, and slapped her cheek. Later, when I removed the tube, she hopped
up and sat on the toilet. Kneeling in front of her, I used my lips and
tongue on her nipples for a few minutes, until she was moaning softly. I
told her the novelty of seeing her with darker areolae and nipples was a
real turn-on, and it was hard for me to keep from touching them. "Don't
try, Master," she said, "they're for your pleasure. Look, touch, and use
them as you please."

    Sitting back on my heels, with my hands lightly gripping Carrie's
thighs, I told her to stimulate her breasts and nipples while I watched.
She no longer seemed shy about playing with herself for my enjoyment. After
a few minutes, I asked her if she enjoyed doing that, and she said she
enjoyed it very much. I told her to move one hand to her pussy, and she
immediately began caressing her outer pussy lips. Then I told her to go
inside, and she did that. Finally I told her to grasp her clit gently
between her thumb and forefinger, and stimulate it until I told her she
could cum. After watching her a few more minutes, smiling at me while she
masturbated herself and held the enema in her bowels, I told her I wanted
her to begin releasing the enema, then cum 3 seconds later.

    Everything about Carrie interested me. I had made a study of the
different expressions on her face when she came, because they were very
different from one time to the next. Captioning her expressions had become
a game, pretending I didn't know they were produced in an orgasm. There was
"surprised", "just won the lottery", "so in love", "I know something you
don't know", "what a relief", and others. At first, I thought these
expressions really indicated her inner thoughts, but now I knew her well
enough to doubt it. I came close to asking her about it several times, but
I was afraid it would make her self conscious, so I played my game
silently. This time her look was "surprised". Maybe having an orgasm while
taking a massive shit really surprised her, I don't know.

    After putting in her butt plug, I led Carrie to the bedroom and stood
her in front of the full length mirror. "Look at that beautiful woman for
awhile," I told her. She smiled at me and looked at her breasts. "Go ahead
and touch them, see why I like to watch you." She watched herself slowly
caress her breasts and nipples, then she cupped her breasts in her hands
and lifted them slightly. I had her lean on me with one arm while she
stepped into her skirt, then put her heels on. Standing behind her, I told
her to cup her breasts again, and I began to caress and kiss her bare
shoulders and back. She sighed and leaned back against me. Tilting her head
back, she asked me to kiss her and then take her dancing.

    With our arms around each other, we walked to the living room. I told
her we would have a glass of wine first, and watched her raise her skirt to
sit on the couch. I went to the kitchen, and returned shortly with a bottle
of wine and a glass. She sat with her legs apart and her open, upturned
hands on her thighs. "I feel more naked like this than when I'm wearing my
house blouse," she told me. As I poured a glass of wine, I looked at her
and told her she was beautiful. She said, "You make me feel beautiful,
Master." Kneeling in front of her, I offered her the first sip from our

    Carrie took a sip of wine, then leaned her head back on the couch and
closed her eyes. "It was about this time yesterday you married me, Carrie,"
I said. "I should tell you more often what a wonderful wife you are, not to
mention what a wonderful woman, slave, and partner you are." She leaned
forward and put her hands on each side of my face. She kissed my forehead,
then my lips, then pulled back and looked into my eyes.

    "Please dance with your wife, Master," she asked. I got up and offered
her my hand. We walked together to the radio and turned on our favourite
station, then started dancing. She put both arms around my neck and pressed
her body close to me, and I immediately got an erection. "Too bad I'm
wearing this skirt, Master," she said, "otherwise you'd have some place to
put that thing." I told her Philip was still in the house, and she would
lose the skirt as soon as he left for the day. "I could change to a shorter
skirt, Master," she said with a grin. I smiled, and said I bet she couldn't
change skirts and get back before I lost my erection. "You're on," she
said, as she ran to the bedroom.

    Carrie won the bet. Running back into the living room, wearing her
shortest skirt, she smiled when she saw the bulge in my pants. Looking like
a predator stalking its prey, she walked up to me as she tucked the front
hem of her skirt into her waistband. Unzipping my pants, she pulled out my
cock. Then she put one arm around my neck and pressed her body to mine,
guiding my cock into her pussy. Putting her other arm around my neck, she
sighed and said "Much better," then put her lips to mine. We began swaying
to the music, limiting our movement to avoid fallout. Carrie looked
questioningly at me, I nodded, and we came.

    We danced for several hours, only stopping a few times to share another
glass of wine. Part of the time we danced sexually coupled, but mostly we
just danced. I finally noticed that it was nearly 5:00. Philip was long
gone, and there was no reason for Carrie to wear her skirt any longer. I
reached down and unfastened it, and when it fell to her ankles Carrie
kicked it out of our way. "How about you, Master?" she asked. I let go of
her and opened my arms, and she undressed me. Finally we both kicked off
our shoes, and resumed dancing in the nude. Carrie asked me if I had any
plans for her this evening. I said I had not thought about it, and asked if
she had any ideas.

    "I would like a long soak in the tub with you, and an evening of
cuddling, Master," she said. I told her that was a fine idea, we needed a
relaxing evening now and then. But I told her that before we got into a
cuddling mode, I needed her for something in the bedroom. She led me to the
bedroom by my cock. I told her to continue into the bathroom and lean over
the bathtub, where I pulled out her butt plug and cleaned her off.

    When we returned to the bedroom, I positioned a chair facing the
mirror. Carrie knew what was coming. She kissed me, then took her position
behind the chair without being told. I roughly bent her over the chair back
and began spanking her hard. This time I continued until her tears were
flowing freely. "Cum," I commanded, and she came hard. I plunged my cock
into her ass. She held onto the chair arms for dear life, looked at us in
the mirror the whole time I slammed her butt. After perhaps 10 minutes, we
both came, but I wasn't ready to stop. We continued for another 10 or 15
minutes and several more orgasms, until finally I began to go limp.

    When I pulled out of Carrie, she immediately turned around and knelt in
front of me. Her eyes were still red from crying, but she was smiling and
licking her lips as she looked at my cock. I stood still, so she walked on
her knees until she could reach me, and took my cock into her mouth. She
cleaned me off thoroughly, then kissed my cock as she released it. "You
don't have to do that, you know." I said. "In fact, I wish you wouldn't."

    She smiled up at me and said,  "All you have to do is command me not to
Master, and I will stop. You haven't, and I know it's because you enjoy it.
It's my pleasure and my duty to clean my Master after sex, please let me
continue doing something we both enjoy. Now please take your Slave to the
bathroom and brush her teeth." Smiling, I took her hands in mine and pulled
her to her feet, then led her to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. When I
finished, she insisted on brushing mine, then we both used the toilet and
spent an hour together in the tub.

    When we returned to the bedroom, Carrie said that I owed her some
cuddling time. "Isn't that what we were doing while ago, with you bent over
the chair?" I asked with a smile.

    "Oh, Master, what dictionary have you been using? No, that was
domination, pure and simple, and I loved it and crave it. But now I need
some gentle time, time to quietly adore my Master while he holds me and
makes me feel like I'm safe and loved and his partner for life."


  1. Lovely chapter...that 'cuddle' time is so important...Master and i call it our lap time...even if we are not
    hugs abby

  2. Blindfold and ear plugs are quite a challenge but I do enjoy their interaction. Oh yes, cuddle time is so very important in any relationship! :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. BBBBBBIIIIIIIIIGGGGG FANTASY, Cat, blindfold and ear plugs. Wanita does not like both though she does not mind each separate. It's trying all things and keep the ones you like....

      Wonderful comment,

  3. Nice chapter.
    Yes. very nice .

    Thank you, Han.
    Mona Lisa

    1. Oh yes, Mona Lisa, I knew you would like this one.

      Thank YOU, for your comment,


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