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Training Carrie, chapter 31

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 31

     I made us a garden salad and some sandwiches for lunch. Carrie made a
pitcher of iced tea. When we were sitting at the table, I couldn't take my
eyes off her breasts under the sheer dress. Seeing me looking, she smiled
and said "Master, it makes me feel good when you look at me, but it makes
me feel even better when you touch me." While I was caressing her breast,
she said "Master, if you let me get an open-front support bra, I guaranteed
you will like looking at me in it; and whenever you say the word, it will
be off in an instant." I said we would see.

    Carrie said she wanted to ask me something, but she was afraid to. I
told her she must never be afraid to ask me anything. She said it was the
answer she feared, not my reaction. She took a deep breath, then asked
"Master, do you intend to put a mark on me at some time?" I asked her what
she meant, and she said "Master, I want to wear a mark that says I'm your
property. I don't know what is usually done, but I imagine that some slave
owners would want to mark their property." I told her that was sometimes
done, and asked her if she had any idea what kind of mark she should bear.
"I don't know, Master, I imagine it would be a piercing, a tattoo or a
brand. I'm not aware of any other way to mark skin."

    I asked her why she was thinking of that, and she said that my desire
to change her body, to darken her nipples and to make her pussy lips a
brighter red, made her think that eventually I would want to do something
more permanent to her. She said she wanted to find out if her assumption
was true, and talk with me about what kind of mark she should bear. I took
her hand, and said "Carrie, I haven't thought of doing anything like that,
your body is sacred to me. Darkening your nipples and putting lipstick on
your inner labia were merely make-up experiments to me. I have no intention
of ever mutilating your perfect body with piercing, tattoos, or brands."

    Instead of expressing relief, she asked me if I would mark her if she
requested it. She said she wanted to be marked, as a permanent sign that
she was my property. I was shocked by that answer, and didn't know how to
respond. Of course I could tell her not to bring up the subject again, but
I didn't like treating her that way unless it was absolutely necessary. I
told her it would depend upon what type of mark she thought she should

    I asked her if it would be appropriate for her to wear a gold ring to
indicate that I was her owner. She asked me where the ring would be
attached, and I said there were any number of places it could be attached,
such as through a nipple, or one of her labia, or her clitoris, or perhaps
on the ring finger of her left hand. She gave me a blank look, then laughed
and said it sounded like I was describing a wedding ring. I told her that
was exactly what I was talking about.

    She asked me if I wanted to get married. "Not at all," I said, "I was
merely asking you if you would like to wear a wedding ring as a visible
sign that you are my Slave and my property. If you want to consider it a
wedding, then you would be marrying me, I wouldn't be marrying you." She
asked if there would be a ceremony, and I said we could have a ceremony if
she wished, but only for the two of us. We could even film it with her
camera. I told her she could decide on the words she would speak to bind
herself to me, what the ceremony would consist of, and where and when we
did it.

    She said she was thinking of something more permanent and severe than a
ring on her finger, a ring could be removed any time. I gave her a stern
look and said, "Let me remind you, Slave, that anything your Master places
on your body can only be removed by your Master. Therefore, a ring on your
finger would be permanent as far as you're concerned, you could never
remove it." I saw that wasn't going to satisfy her, so I added, "I will
promise you that, one month after you put my ring on your finger, I will
pierce one of your labia and insert the ring there if you still want that.
Or, we could buy a second ring for your pussy and you could still wear one
on your hand. But you need to realize that I will never allow a piercing or
any permanent mark anywhere else on your body."

    Now she was smiling, and she asked to please come with her for a
minute. I said Ok, and she dragged me to the bedroom and showed me two gold
rings in a drawer. She said they were hers and her husband's wedding bands,
and now they were mine, to put on her as I chose, whenever I chose. I said
I was concerned that these rings would be a constant reminder of her
previous marriage, and not our current relationship. She looked me in the
eyes and said that they were just rings to her, to use for whatever purpose
we chose. If I preferred, we could destroy them and get new rings, but
these rings were here, and were usable right now.

    I said she should think about it for awhile. If she accepted my ring on
her finger, she would not be able to remove it. How would she explain the
ring to Beverly and Philip? She said she would tell Philip the truth, and
would tell Beverly that she decided to wear her old wedding ring as a sign
of her commitment to me. I told her I would be happy for her to wear my
ring if she wished. She said if I would let her think about it for a half
hour, she would have a plan for me to approve for our ceremony.

    I left her to do the planning while I returned to the dining room and
cleared the table. Then I went to the office to try my hand at navigating
the internet without Carrie's help. While there, I was idly fingering the
rings she had left with me, and I noticed that her husband's ring fit
perfectly on my ring finger. That started me thinking that maybe Carrie
would be pleased if I chose to wear a ring also.

    She found me in the office about 40 minutes later, and explained her
plans for the ceremony. I agreed to the plans, and asked her when she
wanted to have the ceremony. "Right now, Master," she said.

    We went to the basement. On the way down the stairs, she commented that
she was used to walking these stairs barefoot, and it felt odd to be doing
it in heels. In the training room, we  decided where we would hold the
ceremony, and where the camera would be placed. She asked if she could have
her honeymoon in her slave bed, but I said No, we would have her honeymoon
in our bed upstairs. As a consolation, I told her we would come back down
here later tonight, then she could have some time in her slave bed.

    When everything was set, she started the camera, then walked into the
camera's view and joined me. She stripped completely, then said her vows.
They were the traditional wedding vows, to which she added promises to
serve and submit to me, and to never seek any privacy or concealment from
me, for her body or her mind. When she finished her vows, I slipped the
ring on her finger, and said she had been my lover and my Slave, now she
was also my wife. I also reminded her that whatever her Master put on her
body could only be removed by her Master.

    She moved to kiss me, but I held her off and handed her what used to be
her husband's ring. I hadn't told her I was going to do this, and she
gasped, delighted and surprised. As she put the ring on my finger, I vowed
to love and respect her, and to command her to the best of my ability, for
as long as she chose to be my Slave. A tear ran down her cheek.

    After we kissed, she walked to the punishment stage and assumed her
position. I panned the camera to follow her movement, then went to join
her. She was grinning ear to ear. she wasn't wearing manacles, so she
needed my help to stretch her arms up and out and grasp a rope with each
hand. Then she spread her legs wide and stood on the balls of her feet. She
looked just like she was bound in position for punishment, except it was
all voluntary. She could let go of the ropes and walk away any time she

    I lightly flogged her body all over, shoulders to knees. By the time I
finished, her tears were flowing, but she had not cried out. She was
smiling at me, and she silently mouthed that she loved me. I told her I
loved her, then I dropped the flog and picked up the crop. Each time I
struck her, once across her breasts, belly, and ass, just hard enough to
leave a mark, she thanked me.

    When I dropped the crop, she let go of the ropes and came to me.
Putting her arms around my neck, she gave me a long, passionate kiss. She
said she would be a good wife to me, and always obey me and see to my
needs. I told her that she had always obeyed and served my needs perfectly,
and I was certain she would continue to do so. We walked off the punishment
stage hand in hand, turned off the camera, picked up Carrie's clothes, and
went upstairs for the honeymoon.

    When we had temporarily exhausted ourselves with sex, I asked her how
it felt to be married again. She said she had felt married to me since the
day I arrived here, she just wanted some external mark to signify she was
mine, then she told me how delighted she was that her Master had chosen to
wear a ring. I said I was committed to her for as long as she wanted me as
her Master, and I was proud of my Slave.

    I asked her if she still thought she wanted a ring on her labia. She
said she did, and asked how it would be done. I told her I would pierce her
at the location we decided on. I would cut the ring, spread it apart far
enough to slip over her flesh, then squeeze it together again with pliers.
She asked why we didn't just get a ring intended for that purpose, and said
she had seen an internet site that sold such things.

    We agreed to add body piercing to the list of items we wanted to look
up on the internet later. She said we should be sure to get a leash to go
with the ring, and added that we might want to get several rings, not just
one. I told her again that I wouldn't allow her to be pierced anywhere
except her labia. She said she understood that, but thought a ring on each
side, or possibly two on each side, might be useful.

    "Let's get out of bed, Carrie, it's time to go shopping," I said,
pulling her to her feet. I led her by one of her labia to the office. "Do
you see me leading you around the house on a leash connected to a ring in
your pussy?" I asked her. She said that with two or more rings, she could
be trained to be guided like a horse, using reins instead of a leash. Then
she asked me if I would train her to the point that I could take her for
walks outside while she was blindfolded.

    I asked her where she got all these ideas. She said she had thought of
this one while she was leading me by my balls. She said that if there was a
way to indicate to the slave which direction to turn, the slave could be
taken anywhere blindfolded. She asked me to train her to be led
blindfolded, using reins attached to rings on her labia. "We'll do better
than that," I said, "my Slave will be trained to follow the reins while
blindfolded, wearing earplugs, and with her hands manacled behind her back.
That way the Slave will be totally isolated, receiving input from her
Master only through the reins. The training will be completed when the
Slave can be led all the way to our hilltop picnic area." She said she
liked that idea, then repeated that two rings on each side would be more
attractive than one. I had to admit that I liked her ideas.

    In the office, I sat in the chair in front of the computer. I had
Carrie stimulate my cock in her mouth until I was hard, which she could now
do in seconds. Then she sat on my lap, with my cock buried in her pussy. I
told her to use her vaginal muscles to keep me hard, but not to make me
come. Then I watched and enjoyed while she shopped online for the items we
had agreed we wanted.

    First, Carrie went to several online book stores, searching for
descriptive books on sexual positions. We had agreed we wanted to
experiment with new positions, so we were looking for information. She
found and ordered several books that we both liked.

    Next we went looking for clothing for Carrie. The first thing she
wanted to get was a sheer, long, black evening gown. The one we both liked
had a deep v-neck halter top and an open back. She also bought several more
sheer or lace blouses. I also had her shop for sexy undergarments and
lounge wear, and let her get whatever she wanted. She understood what I
wanted to see, and I trusted her to make the right choices. She also showed
me some open-front support bras. I still didn't like the idea of her
wearing a bra, but let her get several anyway. She said it was understood
that anything that I didn't like on her, she wouldn't wear.

    After the clothing, we went looking for rings. When we found the first
place that carried them, I had to tell her to slow down the vaginal
stimulation. She was really excited at the prospect of being pierced and
wearing rings in her labia. After trying a few sites, she found a page that
seemed to have just what she was looking for, although I couldn't say the
same for myself. She got so excited she was bouncing up and down on my lap,
until I told her to calm down.

    The display that had caught her eye started with a selection of rings
designed for attachment to the labia. They were available in all sizes,
weights, and materials. She immediately wanted the heaviest gold rings. I
wanted the lightest rings, and I didn't care what the material was. We
settled on gold rings that were of a medium size. I let her get four rings,
but I wasn't sure I was going to put more than two rings on her.

    Aside from the ring selection, this web page had all sorts of
attachments and accessories for the rings. Most of these items required
that four rings be present, making me reluctant to agree to any of them.
Carrie, on the other hand, wanted everything she saw. There were brackets
that attached to the rings for the purpose of spreading the labia apart or
pulling them together, and brackets for holding a vibrator or dildo in the
pussy. There was some sort of bracket that seemed to be designed to grab
the clit and keep it extended from its sheath and always visible. There was
something that was advertised as a chastity belt replacement. It was like a
small manhole cover, held in place by attachment to the labia rings, but
its function would be largely symbolic since it would be easy to remove.
Carrie said that we should get all of it, then use what we liked and
discard the rest. She said it was all about control and pleasure, exploring
the different and exciting ways I could exert control over my Slave. In a
weak moment I agreed, and she bought all but the silliest attachments.

    When we were finished, Carrie thanked me for letting her buy all she
wanted. I told her it was her money she was spending, and I was all for
experimentation. But I reminded her that I would decide what would and
would not be put on her body, and if we tried these things and they didn't
work for me, she wouldn't be allowed to use them again. She leaned back and
kissed me, then asked if she could kneel and suck my cock. I told her
instead to stimulate me a little more vigorously with her vaginal muscles.
She did so, and after a few minutes I thought I was in range of an orgasm.
I said "Cum, Slave," which she did immediately. As soon as I felt her
cum, I had an orgasm too.

    We smiled at one another in appreciation and wonder at our newfound
ability. I told Carrie to relax her muscles and stop stimulating me, then I
reached around with both hands and began rubbing her nipples in the way I
knew she liked. After a few minutes her breathing became faster, and I
moved one hand to her clitoris. She angled her head back on my shoulder so
we could kiss. In a few more minutes, she came on her own without being
commanded, and I immediately came too. I stopped stimulating her and just
hugged and kissed her for a few minutes.

    I told Carrie I wanted to try her idea of controlling her movement
around the house while she was blindfolded, and we could use the nipple
clips instead of pussy rings as attach points for the reins. She said,
"Let's do it right now, Master. But your Slave thinks she would be more
responsive to your control if we used dental floss on her nipples instead
of the clips." I asked her if her nipples weren't already sore from her
earlier experience with the floss. She winked, smiled, and said "Yes,
Master, that's why I would be more responsive to the floss."

    Laughing, I agreed to use the floss, and went with her to the bathroom.
After we attended to each other on the toilet and bidet, I watched as she
put the dental floss on her nipples. She did it just as I had shown her,
except she tied the knot much too tight around each nipple. I told her I
was amazed, because she had complained that I put the floss on much too
tightly, but now she was tightening it much more than I had. With tears in
her eyes, she said the more it hurt, the more sensitive she would be to her
Master's commands. All I could do was kiss her and tell her she was

    In order to minimize the weight pulling on her nipples, I attached four
feet of string to each piece of floss. I explained that I would walk right
behind her, and attempt to steer her around the house. When I pulled on a
nipple, she would turn in that direction. The harder the pull, the faster
she would turn. I would start and stop her with voice commands for now. She
said she understood. To increase her sense of being controlled, I put on
her collar and wrist manacles, and attached her wrists at the back of her
collar. I was about to blindfold her, when Carrie suggested that we try it
for awhile without the blindfold, so she could get feedback on how fast she
should turn as a function of how hard I was pulling on her nipple. I agreed
to try it without the blindfold.

    I guided her out of the bathroom, through the bedroom, and down the
hall to the kitchen. While I was steering her around the kitchen counter, I
realized that she wasn't following my input through the strings, she was
just going where she thought I wanted her to go. I told her this wasn't
going to work, she needed to be trained with the blindfold. After steering
her back into the bathroom, I blindfolded her, then spun her around a few
times so she wouldn't know which direction she was facing.

    I told Carrie to take small steps, and try to react immediately to
changes in what she felt under her feet. I said I wanted her to rapidly get
to the point where I could take her on short walks outside in her
blindfold, and there she would constantly encounter different walking
conditions. She had to learn to react to what her feet told her at each
step. then I tugged on her right nipple and told her to walk.

    It required constant corrections to her directions at first, to keep
her from walking into walls or furniture. I soon realized that this was a
learning experience for both of us. I had to be consistent in the strength
of tugs I was giving her, and she had to turn the same amount each time for
a given strength of tug.

    After about an hour, I was able to steer her anywhere in the house with
only occasional collisions. I started attempting fine control, seeing how
close I could make her come to a door frame and still get through the door.
I told her what I was doing, so she understood why she was running into
things more often than before. Finally she admitted what I already guessed,
that her nipples were really getting tender. I told her we were going
outside for a short walk, then we would stop for awhile.

    I steered her to the side exit door, then stopped her while I opened
the door. Outside, I took her all the way around the house, once in each
direction. Then I steered her along a very narrow and winding passage
through a thicket of shrubs. We made it through without her touching
anything, and I told her we were declaring victory. I took her dental floss
and blindfold off, then had her walk behind me back the way she had come.
She admitted that we did pretty well to get her through the passage.

    I asked her how she felt while I was steering her by her nipples. She
said she loved all the forms of control I subjected her to, and this was
one of the most enjoyable. I asked her if she was ready for a longer walk
tomorrow. She said she was afraid of the rugged terrain we would have to
climb to get to the hilltop, and I told her not to worry, we wouldn't try
that path for a few more days.

    It was almost 5:00 PM. Since Carrie had been walking around outside in
her bare feet, I took her to the bathroom and removed her bonds, then we
showered together. After we had toweled off and I had blow-dried her hair,
I told Carrie to fix dinner. In the kitchen, I opened a bottle of wine and
poured a glass for each of us. I handed her a glass, then proposed a toast,
"To my Wife and my Slave, who always takes the difficult path, and never
falters." Smiling, she offered her own toast, "To my Master. Your Slave
will always love and obey you, and no path is too difficult." We each took
a sip, then kissed.

    When dinner was almost ready, I got Carrie's sheer dress and slipped it
over her head. Admiring her body under the dress, I said "I'm beginning to
appreciate women's clothes more and more. I'll always prefer you naked, but
you look so good in that dress."

    "You can have me naked any time you wish, Master," she told me with a
grin. "How about right now?" I told her we would talk about that while we
ate. We took our plates and wine to the dining room and sat down. I
reminded her that she had asked to be put in her Slave bed earlier, and
asked her if that was still on her mind. She said she would like that, so I
asked her to give me a scenario for this evening. The only restriction I
placed on her was that she would not be flogged or whipped any more

    "I didn't have any specific scenario in mind, Master. I just want to be
fucked while I'm totally restrained." I asked her if she wanted to spend
the night downstairs, and she said "No, Master, I just wanted to stay long
enough for a thorough fucking." I took that as a very good sign that she
was becoming less dependent on the dungeon environment of the basement. My
goal was to make our visits to the basement a rare event. I wanted a Slave
in the real world, not in the confines of a dungeon.

    We went to the mural room, where I dressed Carrie in her collar, belt,
and manacles. She automatically reverted to formal speech in the mural
room. I was tempted to tell her we didn't need to do that, but then I
realized she needed to do it, so I kept quiet. I led her down the stairs
and into the training room.

    She seemed surprised when I told her to walk to the ritual sex area and
bend over the bars. Leaving her there temporarily, I went to get some rope.
When I returned, I wrapped four turns of rope snugly around each of her
breasts, then tied the ends of the rope behind her neck. I had her stand up
and look at herself in the mirror. She grinned when she saw her breasts
forced into a spherical shape and standing straight out from her body. I
caressed her breasts and nipples, and asked her how it felt. Pushing the
limits of her formal reply, she said it felt wonderful, and suggested that
it would feel better if her Master would tie her nipples with dental floss

    I was expecting a reply similar to that, and I told her to assume the
Training Pose, which she quickly did. I sat in front of her, took her hands
in mine, and said, "Informal speech, Slave, we need to talk." That seemed
to worry her, I think she was afraid she had done something wrong. To
reassure her, I leaned over and gave her a lingering kiss on her lips and
then on each nipple. When I straightened up and looked at her face, she was
calm and smiling. I told her what was on my mind. "Carrie, I've told you
that I want to tear down all the walls between us, but we have both been
tiptoeing around a big wall. It's time that wall came down. You enjoy pain,
don't you, Carrie? You're a masochist, aren't you?"

    She lowered her eyes, then swallowed and looked in my eyes. "Yes,
Master, to me pain is pleasure. I remember when you told me you weren't a
sadist and I wasn't a masochist. I agreed with you then, I was confused
about why I wanted you to whip and flog me. But I've put my guilt behind me
now, and I still need to experience pain. I've tried to ignore these
feelings, Master, but I've failed you." After a long pause, she continued.
"I am a masochist, Master. Can you forgive that weakness in your Slave,

    "It's a need, not a weakness, Carrie," I answered, "and it doesn't
require forgiveness. Can you live with the fact that your Master will not
allow harm to come to your body? I can provide you a certain amount of
physical pain, but I will not abuse your body to the point that you are
damaged. I want us to be together for the rest of our lives. Do you really
want to be scarred and have rough, damaged skin five or ten years from now?
Do you want your Master to look back on our life together with regret,
because he has ruined your beauty? You are a work of art to me, Carrie,
don't ask me to destroy the wonder that is your body."

    She straightened her back, inhaled deeply, and said, "Master, your
Slave will rely on its Master's judgement, and trust that Master will grant
his Slave a safe amount of the pain the Slave craves. Also, Master, this
Slave apologizes for its weakness and its perverse need for pain, and
regrets the difficulty this causes for its Master."

    "You're not a cause of difficulty for me, Carrie, you are the woman I
love. Can you trust my judgement, and continue to obey your Master, even
though you might not be receiving the amount of pain you crave? And will
you renew your pledge, that you will not try to provoke punishment through
disobedience? Will you stay on the difficult path?"

    "I will obey you at all times and in all things, Master," she said.
Then she smiled and added, "Choosing the difficult path is an appealing
challenge to a masochist, Master. Use your Slave as you see fit, she is
yours forever." She broke her pose and kissed me.

    I stood up and pulled her up with me. "It was my duty to have this talk
with you, Carrie, and I apologize for waiting so long to do it. Again we
have both seen that talking about the differences between us has brought us
closer, not driven us apart. Eventually we will find it natural to discuss
these kinds of things when they first come up. Our love will only grow."

    She smiled at me and kissed me again, then looked down at her breasts.
"I love you, Master, but aren't you ever going to play with these globes?"
she asked with a grin. I grabbed each nipple between a thumb and
forefinger, and pulled her toward the slave bed. She looked down the room,
then smiled and said, "Master, your Slave has not had its turn in the
teaching machine since you adjusted the shock levels." I immediately
diverted her away from the bed, and continued pulling her nipples until we
reached the training machine.

    After installing her in the machine, I booted the PC and put it into
Test Mode. Adjusting the target positions for her breasts, I had her test
each target with her tied breasts. She could activate each target with
ease. I warned her not to fail any trial on purpose until she was directed
to do so by her Master. Then I adjusted the average delay time for 20
seconds and put the machine into Operate Mode. After sitting on the floor
to observe her trials, I smiled and told her she could be getting fucked in
her slave bed right now, but she had chosen this instead. I was joking with
her, but she took it as a rebuff. She said she was sorry for her weakness,
and she did not meant to place her desire for pain ahead of her desire for
her Master. I told her to relax, both of her desires would be satisfied
tonight. She smiled, then the first trial started.

    I watched her getting mild shocks for about ten minutes, then I got off
the floor and went to the Master's area. She no doubt thought I was leaving
her to relax on the couch or use the toilet, but I soon returned with one
of the dildo vibrators. I pushed it into her pussy and told her not to come
until her Master's cock was inside her. Then I turned it on and resumed my
position on the floor. She looked at me with a big smile on her face and
thanked me.

    She had been in the machine for a total of 15 minutes, and had passed
48 trials. I warned her that the delay time was only 20 seconds, and then
told her to fail the next trial. She smiled at me again, then took a deep
breath when the next trial started. When I saw her response to the severe
shock, I remembered what it felt like. It was a very unpleasant experience,
made more so by the nagging in one's mind that it was necessary to get over
it immediately, or another one just like it would follow. I saw her
struggle, and I think she would have made it, except the next trial delay
was on the short side. As soon as the second severe shock was delivered,
the PC shut itself down as a safety measure.

    I immediately restarted the PC. While it was rebooting, Carrie
recovered enough to apologize for failing me. I told her she had another 15
minutes of training, and she had better get her shit together. As soon as
the PC had restarted the control program, I put it back into Operate Mode.
Then I resumed my place on the floor and watched her as she completed the
final 15 minutes.

    When her time was up, I shut off the machine and extracted her. After
wiping off the conductive grease from her ankles and breasts, I kissed her
and told her she had done well. She apologized that she had given the
impression that her desire for pain was more important to her than her
desire to be fucked by her Master. I pointed out that she still had a
vibrator in her pussy, and the only unimportant priority here tonight was
her Master's satisfaction. She gulped, and said, "I'm so sorry, Master. You
found a way to satisfy all of my needs, and at the same time I was
unconcerned with your needs. From now on, my Master's desires will always
come first. Please put your Slave in its bed and let your Slave make amends
for its selfishness." I pulled her to the bed by her nipples.


  1. I've been skimming the previous chapters and as soon as I saw where they were headed, I left. This is the first chapter I've completed in a bit. I'm very glad to see them address the masochist issue as I have felt she is one for quite a while. Will stick around unless I get too uncomfortable again. ;) Thanks Han.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. SPOILER: We have had the last of the role reversal chapters, Cat. A bit strange that they made agreements on how to continue the role reversal in the future, yet they never did.

      This is the beginning of wonderful chapters, Cat, it is one of my fantasies....


  2. I am glad they finally discussed the masochist issue, i have felt it was the case. So, maybe, the absence of pain would be more of a punishment? I love that they are so often on the same wave length ...the rings are a wonderful symbol of how they both feel.
    hugs abby

    1. Yes, the masochist chapter was long overdue. They are in sync a lot of the time, aren't they? It's good for my romantic heart...


    2. Mine too, my friend...mine too...:) hugs abby

  3. Oh, no Carrie!!!!!
    Your husband ring you put on a new man's finger?
    Is it so easy? Finger las finger ?
    That ring was a symbol for your husbandet LOVE to you!!
    Yes, I am a romantiker.
    Bill, you should say: NO!
    I told you, you must protect her against her self.

    Carrie, you should say you are masochist early.
    You should soaré me a LOTS of bad emotions, and tears, and name-calling, and,,...
    Whatever ...

    Just wondering: Is one born to be masochist or is one learned to
    Be masochist?
    What do you think, Han?

    Mona Lisa

    1. Is she still a victim, Mona Lisa? Quote: "To my Wife and my Slave, who always takes the difficult path, and never
      falters." Smiling, she offered her own toast, "To my Master. Your Slave will always love and obey you, and no path is too difficult."

      I'm afraid Carrie will have to look after herself, because he will protect her in other ways that are more difficult.

      To answer your question one is born a masochist, Mona Lisa. It is possible to hide it for a short or long time, but the longing will be always there somehow. Really.
      One can learn to embrace pain because they want to please the master or mistress, but they will never love the sensation of pain like a masochist will.

      This is my opinion at least Mona Lisa. Some one else might think different.


    2. I forgot. Totally agree on the ring issue. But I loved the symbolic burial of the maternity clothes didn't you?



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