Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Training Carrie, chapter 30

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 30

    When Carrie finished lunch, she put everything away in the basket, then
put her watch on the ground in front of me, and said to wake her in an
hour. The time then would be nearly 11:30. I asked her if she would mind
her Slave admiring her body while she slept. She said she would like that,
then she stretched out and closed her eyes. I was very thirsty, but had
turned down an offer of water. My intestines were in agony, but I had
turned down an offer to relieve the pain. My legs were going to sleep.
Looking at Carrie, I considered myself a lucky man.

    At the time she had told me to, I said softly, "Mistress Carrie, time
to wake up." She immediately woke up and looked at me. She smiled and
thanked me. After taking a long drink of water, she stood up and walked
around the clearing. She asked me if I wanted to stretch before I butt
fucked her. I told her my legs were asleep, I didn't know if I could stand.
she came behind me and helped me stand. I could put my weight on my legs,
but I couldn't take a step. She held me while I shook my legs to restore
the circulation. As soon as I felt able, I thanked her and told her I could
stand on my own. I hobbled around the clearing for awhile until full
feeling was restored.

    She said she was afraid both of us would go to sleep, which is why she
left me in the Learning Pose while she slept. I thought to myself that it
was unlikely I would go to sleep with this pain in my gut. She did a few
jumping jacks, which were amazing to watch, then got on all fours and told
me she was ready. I asked her if I was to perform with my hands clasped
behind my back. She asked if that was a problem, and I said No, if that was
my Mistress' wish. She again told me she was ready. I knelt behind her and
tried to get my cock in her ass, but we were at different heights. It would
have been easy with even one hand free, but I couldn't make the connection.
Finally, she gave an exasperated groan, reached behind her, roughly grabbed
my cock, and guided it into her ass. "Can you take it from here, or would
you like some more help?" she asked. I thanked her and told her I could
handle the rest of the job.

    Actually, it was hard to fuck her like that, with nothing to hold to. I
came close several times to tipping forward onto her. I knew that would be
a bad thing, she seemed to have waked up grumpy and probably would not see
any humor in me falling on top of her. After a while I got the hang of it,
and things proceeded smoothly. To whatever extent she had synchronized our
orgasms before, she seemed to have no interest in that now. She came over a
dozen times while I was still trying to keep my balance. I wasn't sure what
had affected her mood, but I resolved to be the best Slave I could for her,
and let things take their own course. Eventually I came, but I kept pumping
her. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled at me. She said I still
felt hard, and I said I was. She said she was going to lie down, and for me
to follow her down and keep fucking.

    I said, "No, Mistress, I can't support myself, all of my weight will be
on you."

    "Are you refusing a command, Slave?" she said. I told her I would do
anything she asked, I just didn't want to hurt her. She said it was the
Mistress' job to think, and the Slave's job to obey or be punished. She
started to walk her hands forward, and I leaned into her and followed her
down. As soon as she was prone and I was lying on top of her, I began
pounding her ass with renewed strength. After a minute she was moaning. She
said she wanted to come with me the next time. I told her I would say when
I felt it coming. She said not to speak, she would know when. And the next
time she came first, I would know without being told.

    In only a few minutes I came, and she matched me perfectly. She laughed
and said I was crushing her, but this was the way she wanted to die, not to
stop for anything. She said she would start the process this time, and my
body would know immediately when she was coming and would match her. That's
exactly what happened. I had no idea she was coming until I came myself.
This was the most amazing thing I could have imagined, and I wondered how
many couples in the world - hell, in the universe - had discovered this. It
must be pheromones, that's the only explanation that made any sense. I told
her my idea, and she said we shouldn't analyse it, we should just do it. Of
course she was right.

    I suddenly realized that, although my intestines were still in agony,
it was no longer a problem for me. The pain was in a compartment that I
could visit, or shut the door on. I actually felt good, lying on top of the
most amazing woman in the world. She owned me, and I owned her, and we had
found something beyond any price. I came again, and she matched me
perfectly. She looked around at me, smiling, and said we should stop, the
rubber will burst. I asked her who cared, and her smile went away. She said
my Mistress cared. I immediately stopped. She walked back up on her hands
until I could go vertical and take my weight off of her. She turned around
and unclasped my hands, then carefully removed the rubber. I again cleaned
off my cock and ate the residue.

    This time she used all the rubbers she had left, and they were all
overfilled when she redistributed the volume of cum. She asked me where I
kept all of this stuff, it couldn't come from those two average size balls.
I told her we shouldn't analyse it, we should just do it. She laughed.

    I asked her if I had done anything to make her angry. She said I hadn't
done anything wrong. While I was becoming a perfect Slave for her, she was
having a harder time being my stern Mistress. She wanted the role reversal
to be over. I told her she was in charge, she could end it any time she
wished. Then, if she decided later she hadn't had enough, we could do it
again. She looked at me and asked if I would really consider doing this
again. I said I would do it any time she asked. She said I was amazing, and
I thanked her.

    She asked me about the glass of cum, and the balloons. Would I still
drink all of that if she called it off now? I said I had no idea what that
was about, I never made her eat or drink her own cum except incidentally,
when she kissed me after I had eaten her out. But if it was important to
her for me to do that, I would. She looked me in the eye, and said, "You
would really do that, wouldn't you?" I said Yes, I would do anything for
her. She said in that case I wouldn't have to, we would just pour it out. I
asked her why she thought of doing that in the first place. She said it was
the worst thing she could think of asking me to do, and if I would do that,
she knew I would do anything for her. I asked her if she wouldn't always
have doubts if I didn't go through with it. She handed me all of the
rubbers she had, and said, "Here, eat this and we'll call it even." I ate

    When I finished, she handed me the canteen. She said, "The role
reversal is completed, Master, have some water, and then let your Slave
remove your bonds." While I was drinking, she dove into her picnic basket
and pulled out a sandwich and an apple. I inhaled both while she removed my
bondage gear. Then I went to the edge of the clearing and she popped out my
butt plug.  When I was finished expelling everything, she came to me with
all of the napkins from the picnic basket, and wiped my ass clean.

    She said before we left, there was one thing she had wanted to do all
day. She pushed me down on the blanket and gave me a long, slow blow job.
When she finished, she told me with a grin that I tasted like rubber. Then
we lay side by side and hugged each other for a long time. I thanked her
for pushing me to do the role reversal, and she thanked me for having the
courage to go through with it. We agreed that it was a highlight of our
relationship, we were more in love than ever, and each of us was profoundly
enslaved to the other. But, Carrie pointed out, I was the Master, and she
was the Slave.

    We were both very tired, and worried about going to sleep out here, so
we agreed to pack up and go home. We got everything together and started
putting the items back on the frame. Before I stowed the picnic hamper,
Carrie asked if she could put her clothes in there and stay naked like her
Master. I agreed. After we had both put on our shoes, she asked if she
could wear the back pack, but I put it on myself, then we walked home.
Everywhere the trail width allowed it, we walked side by side and arm in
arm. There was a lot of kissing, caressing, and hand holding, but somehow
we got back to the house without any stops.

    Back at the house, after we had separated the bondage gear from the
picnic gear, I had her take all of it back to the basement. I took her
clothes and the blanket to the laundry room, dropped off the picnic basket
in the kitchen, then dropped her kit bag in the bedroom. When I joined her
in the basement, she was straightening up and putting things away. I picked
up the glass of cum, and we poured it in the toilet together and flushed
it. I asked her where her bondage gear was, and she said it was on the
console in the mural room. I told her to take my bondage straps and put
them beside hers.

    Carrie said she would like to put her crop on the floor next to mine,
but I said we would hang both of them up on the wall again. They had their
uses, occasionally. She asked if that meant I might whip her again someday.
I told her she could count on it, but she must never do anything
intentionally to force me to punish her. When the time was right for her to
feel the flog or the crop, we would both know it. She agreed, and kissed

    We turned out the lights, then walked through the door together, hand
in hand. Upstairs, we attended each other on the toilet and bidet, then
took a long whirlpool bath together. It was 6:30 when we emerged into the

    Carrie said she would fix dinner, then we could spend the evening in
bed. We went to the kitchen together, naked, and I helped her with dinner.
We decided to take everything to the bedroom and have dinner there on the
table. When we had eaten, I held out my hand to Carrie, she took it, and I
led her to bed.

    After we were temporarily satiated with sex, we talked more about the
experiences of the last 24 hours. At one point I asked Carrie if she wanted
to continue wearing her slave bonds in the house, and if she wanted to be
restrained in bed and during meals. She said she wasn't as worried as she
had been about that. She knew now that there was no danger that she would
ever want to dominate me, she had to work hard to be my Mistress for a day,
and even then the facade broke down several times. She said we should just
be together and let our partnership evolve. With a devilish grin, she
added, "and have sex as often as possible."

    She asked me how I felt about my experience as a submissive. I said I
didn't enjoy it, but I would do it again for her, any time she wanted. She
said that it seemed like I was really into it, she had thought I enjoyed
it. I replied that was the whole idea of playing a role for the other
person, and that I didn't know she was struggling to be my Mistress. What
she described as breaks in the facade, I had interpreted as compassion,
which every dominant should be capable of expressing at times.

    As tired as we both were, we didn't want to stop talking. I think we
were both reluctant to sleep, because in a sense we couldn't sleep and
still be together. But eventually we were both exhausted, and fell asleep
in each  other's arms.

    I awoke suddenly to find Carrie lying on top of me. That wasn't
unusual, except my erect cock was in her. I was pretty sure we had been
fucking, but I was also pretty sure I wasn't awake while it was happening.
I put a hand on her arm and shook her gently. She awoke with a start, then
smiled when she saw my face. I asked her if we had been fucking. She said
Yes, for weeks now, and it was wonderful. I told her I was talking about
right now, and she said I just woke her up, she didn't know what I meant.

    I asked Carrie what she felt in her pussy, and a smile of recognition
came to her face. "Why Master," she said, "have you been fucking me in my
sleep? You should have waked me up, you know I'm eager to have sex with you
any time." I told her I had been asleep myself, and it sure looked like we
were fucking in our sleep. She laughed, and said that didn't seem very
likely, she didn't understand the joke. I said it was no joke. I carefully
rolled her off of me and gently inserted my finger in her pussy. Pulling it
out, I put it up to her nose and asked her what it was. With a devilish
grin, she took my finger in her mouth and cleaned it off. When she released
it, she said I was right, we had been fucking, then she asked me what it
meant. I told her not to worry, we would figure it out.

    It was only 5:45 AM, but I felt rested and very hungry. Carrie said she
was ready for a giant breakfast, so we decided to start our day. In the
bathroom, we went through our familiar ritual of attending to one another
at the toilet and bidet. Then we took a long, hot shower together. Carrie
was very apologetic about the lingering marks from her crop on my chest and
ass. I told her she didn't need to apologize, it was part of our lives. She
asked if I meant what I had said, that I would be wiling to do it again. I
said I was serious, and asked her if she thought she would like to do it
again. She gave me an unqualified Yes. I told her I had thought of an
alternate way to arrange the next role reversal, and we would talk about it
over breakfast.

    After drying one another and brushing one another's teeth, I combed out
her hair, then took her to the bedroom. I used the brush and blow dryer on
her hair until it looked perfect. Even Carrie was impressed with how good
her hair looked. I put a small amount of lipstick on her lips and her inner
labia, rouged her nipples, and we went to breakfast.

    I asked her if she wanted a good breakfast, or a healthy breakfast. She
opted for good. She poured us some juice to get us started, then made the
coffee while I started a ham and egg breakfast. Carrie made the toast, and
soon everything was plated and in the dining room. She asked if she could
sit without anything covering her ass. I told her No, and made her kneel in
her chair while we ate.

    After we started eating, Carrie asked me what my plan was for the next
role reversal. I asked her to first tell me how often she would be
interested in doing it. She thought for a moment, then asked how about
every couple of weeks, or maybe once a month? I said that was the same as I
was thinking. Then I told her my plan. We would not schedule the event by
agreeing between ourselves, as we had this time. Only Carrie would know
when it was to happen. She seemed excited when I told her that. We would
agree on a code word, and when Carrie gave me the code word I would
immediately strip, and go to the spare bedroom to begin a one-hour wait.
That would give her time to prepare whatever she needed to. Then I would
be her Slave, and she would be my Mistress, for 24 hours.

    I told her I was setting some restrictions on her power over me. The
first restriction was that she could not call for a role switch sooner than
two weeks after the previous one. Also, I reserved the right to refuse one
switch. But after I had refused her, she could call for another switch any
time after 24 hours had passed, and I promised not to refuse a second time.
She really liked the restrictions. She said it made it obvious that I
controlled her, but also that I loved her enough to give her this power
over me.

    I told her there were a few other restrictions. I would not wear any
more of her maternity dresses, and there would be no more rubbers and cum
eating. She agreed, and said that reminded her that she really did want us
to destroy her maternity skirt and blouse together, to signify that her
period of mourning for her family was ended. She said that, with my help,
she had at last freed herself of the guilt and pain she had carried for so
many years.

    I asked her if she had any ideas for our code word, something that
would not come up in ordinary conversation, but that we would instantly
recognize. She thought for awhile, and asked if "Switcheroo" would work. I
laughed, and said it was fine with me if that was her choice. Then, with a
mischievous grin, she asked me if I remembered what Mistress Carrie said
she would do if there were a second role reversal. I said I remembered. She
said she noticed that was not on my list of restrictions, did that mean I
was Ok with it? I said No, I was not Ok with it, but if Mistress Carrie
chose to do that to her Slave, then that's what the Slave would have to
endure. She smiled, and said she loved me.

    Carrie said she would like to perform the weight training today that
was scheduled for yesterday, if that wouldn't interfere with her Master's
plans for today. I told her I had not planned a busy day for her, and it
was a good idea to make up the missed weight training. I said I wanted her
to try on the clothes in her forbidden pile for me, perhaps some of them
would be keepers after all. After she had done that, she could do her
weight training.

    She said she had one other request, which was that she hold an enema in
her body today, for the same amount of time her Master was forced to hold
his yesterday. She said she thought I had held it for about 4 hours. I told
her it was closer to 3 hours, and that I fully intended for her to do that,
but not today. She would do it the next time we went for a walk to the
hilltop. She thanked me, and said she regretted that she couldn't also have
her balls cruelly tied for that same amount of time, like I had endured. I
laughed, and told her I was not at all sorry she didn't have balls. I told
her I could tie her clit tight enough to cause her much more agony than I
had endured, but I would never do that. I said perhaps some dental floss
tied around her nipples would satisfy her desire to suffer as her Master
had, and we would see to that right now.

    I had her watch what I did, so she could do it herself the next time. I
cut two pieces of waxed dental floss, about 6 inches long. I tied a loop in
one end of each one. Then I tied the other end of one piece around her left
nipple. I finished it with a single loop knot, so it would be easy to
remove the floss when I wanted to. After repeating with the other piece on
her right nipple, I got the weights we had used with the nipple clips, and
attached one to the loop of each piece of dental floss. Then I tightened
each loop until she was clearly in pain. I didn't need to, but I told
Carrie she was not to remove the floss for any reason, only her Master
could remove what he put on his Slave's body.

    Leading her by one of her labia to the guest bedroom, I had her try on
some of the clothes I had forbidden her to wear. I told her I was
especially interested in form-fitting and sheer clothing. I also said that
I was rescinding the rule that she couldn't wear any type of pants of
panties. After seeing how sexy and desirable my Mistress was while wearing
short shorts, and seeing how easy she could get out of those pants at the
right time, I had decided to allow Carrie to wear pants or panties if they
were sexy enough to turn me on.

    Before she started trying on the clothes, I noticed that one of her
nipples was turning slightly purplish in colour, while the other was still
red. I tightened the floss around the red nipple, telling her we wanted the
same shade of purple on each nipple. She winced when I tightened the floss.
I asked her how much pain she was feeling, and she said it hurt a lot. I
patted each nipple, causing her to cry out, then told her to begin trying
on her clothes.

    We went through all of her pants and panties first. I told her to
forget about any long-legged pants, I still had no interest in those. She
had a large collection of shorts. I told her only short shorts or hot pants
were acceptable. There were 7 pairs, not counting the ones she wore
yesterday. Two of them rode low on her hips, and really looked sexy on her
lean, shapely body. After making sure they could be removed quickly and
easily, I let her keep all 7 pairs. I also let her keep any bikini panties
that rode low on her hips. She had 4 pairs of thong panties, and 2 that
looked like gauze pads held on with strings. I told her to keep all of
those, and had her leave on the last gauze pad she modelled.

    Before she started modelling the dresses, blouses, and sweaters, I
removed the weights hanging from her dental floss. She gave a sigh of
relief, until I tightened both knots. I told her the floss loosens slowly
because of the weights and because of resistance in her nipples, so the
knots have to be retightened occasionally. She said her nipples were really
hurting now, but I just patted each one again and told her to get back to
trying on clothes.

    She was allowed to keep every sheer blouse, even though some of them
failed the original criteria that her breasts could be bared without taking
the blouse off of her shoulders. I decided that, if the blouse was sheer to
start with, what difference did it make? She had one mid-thigh length
dress that was sheer, even though it fastened at the back. I told her she
would wear that one after her weight training. All of the sweaters went
back on the discard pile.

    She said I really should let her model some of her bras for me, she
thought I would like what I saw. I reluctantly agreed, and she showed me
her favourites. I had to admit that they enhanced the appearance of her
large breasts, although I preferred to look at the breasts rather than
fabric. I let her keep all of the front-opening bras, but I told her they
would only be worn occasionally. She said we could go online and get her
some open-front bras that would not be as objectionable to her Master. I
told her we would check it out after lunch. I also wanted to see about some
sheer lingerie for her.

    I re-hung the weights from her nipples, and told her it was time for
her weight training. While she did the exercises, I noted that she was
still showing excellent form with the weights. I complemented her, and told
her she could try heavier weights after a few more sessions. Leading her
back to the spare bedroom, I had her gather up all the newly accepted
clothes and carry them to our bedroom. She put everything away, then I
helped he put on the sheer dress. Before putting it on her shoulders and
fastening it in the back, I tightened the floss again. Her nipples were a
uniform shade of purple now. finally I had her put on her normal daytime
heels, then pose for me.

    Just looking at her made me hard. The floss and weights were clearly
visible on her perfect breasts, as were her tiny string panties. At the
rear, her ass was very alluring, hiding but visible. I bent her over a
chair, raised her dress, and spanked her ass until it was pink all over,
then told her to stand up straight. She put her arms around me and gave me
a long, passionate kiss.

    I told Carrie to get her maternity clothes from the mural room. I asked
her how she wanted to destroy them. She said we could either burn them or
bury them, or however her Master thought would be appropriate. I liked the
symbolism of burying them, I asked her if there was a shovel we could use.
After I got dressed, we went outside and she showed me where the shovel
was. About 50 feet behind the house, we found an isolated patch of ground.
I dug a hole about three feet deep. She neatly folded the clothes, and we
put them in the hole together. I let Carrie refill the hole, then I tamped
the area flat with the shovel. She had tears in her eyes when she thanked
me again for helping her work through her grief. We embraced and kissed,
then returned to the house.

    It was only 9:00 AM. I asked Carrie if she could stand the dental floss
until lunch. She said if it was her Master's wish, she would wear the floss
all day. But she was clearly in a lot pain, and I decided to remove the
weights now, then remove the floss after lunch. After the weights were off
and her dress was refastened, I took her to the living room. I sat on the
couch, and told Carrie I just wanted to watch her walking around. With a
big smile on her face, she displayed herself as she walked around the room
for several minutes. She said she loved being on display for her Master.
After a few minutes, I told her I wanted to watch her sit. She pulled a
chair over in front of the couch, and I had her sit and stand a number of
times with the chair facing me, baring her ass each time she sat. While she
was sitting, I had her pull the dress up to expose her crotch and then
spread her legs wide. Then I had her turn the chair 90 degrees, and watched
her sit and stand from the side.

    The chair she was using had a low back. I told her to turn the chair so
its back was to me. Then I had her stand behind the chair, bend over its
back and grasp the front of the seat with her hands. Her gauze-covered
pussy was just visible below the hem of the dress. After about 5 minutes I
told her to raise her dress up to her waist to completely uncover her ass,
then grasp the front of the chair with her hands again. I walked over to
her, had her spread her legs farther apart, and gave her ass another
thorough spanking. Then I returned to the couch and watched her for about
10 minutes. I could see her pussy juices running down her legs.

    I asked Carrie if there was anything she wanted. She said all she
wanted was her Master's cock inside her. I said the the view I was looking
at made me wish I had a flog for her. She offered to run and get it, but I
told her No, there would be no flogging or whipping upstairs, although
there would be frequent bare-handed spankings. I stood and walked up
behind her. She knew I was there, but I didn't touch her for a minute. I
could see her trembling in anticipation, and I asked her if she enjoyed
being under my control. She said it meant everything to her. She jumped as
I put my hands on her ass, then I caressed her ass and thighs for several
minutes, until she was moaning and sighing continuously.

    Slipping my fingers under the strings of her panties, I slowly pulled
them down to the middle of her thighs. Then I teased her pussy lips and
anus with my fingers, until finally she begged me to fuck her. I penetrated
her pussy with several fingers while I unfastened my pants with my other
hand. With my pants around my ankles, I asked her if she wanted me in her
ass or her pussy. She asked if I couldn't do both at the same time. I told
her I didn't have a dildo on me at the moment, so I would do the best I
could with only one cock. She said one cock was all she would ever need.

    Removing my fingers, I plunged my cock into her slippery pussy. I asked
her to please come for her Master, and she did. while I was fucking her
pussy, I pressed a finger to her anus, and it eagerly opened for me. When I
slipped my finger into her ass, she came again. I asked her how her nipples
felt, and she said the pain was exquisite, and thanked me for showing her
how to apply the floss.

    Carrie said she would be happy if I fucked her over this chair all day,
but she requested that I throw her on the floor and continue fucking there,
because she wanted to see if we could synchronize our orgasms again.
Reaching up her back, I unfastened her dress, then eased it up her body and
told her to take it off and drop it on the floor. I pulled out of her and
quickly stripped. I told her to stand up and turn around, then I embraced
her and we kissed. Taking her by the hands, I led her to the bedroom, where
I lay down on my back and invited her to lay on top of me.

    We quickly got into our preferred positions, and I asked her if she
wanted her nipples untied while I stimulated them. She shook her head. We
started fucking, and within a minute she came. I immediately came too, and
she smiled. "We've still got it," she said. I asked her if we should count
how many times we come. She said we should specifically not do that, we
should just enjoy each one as if it was the last. She said it's no longer
important if we come once a day or a hundred times. Each one is something
we can do together now. I asked her if she literally believed that each
time one of us had an orgasm, the other one would too. She said it wasn't
necessary, but she thought it was possible.

    When we were finally too exhausted to continue, it was nearly 11:00. We
had come together every time. I rolled her off of me, and she whimpered
when my cock came out of her pussy. I carefully removed the floss from her
nipples. She said she wouldn't want that every day, but she would
definitely want it again. I kissed each nipple, and she asked me to tongue
her nipples for a few minutes. While I was doing it, she said it was
amazing that her nipples could feel so good while they were in such pain.

    When we could get up, we both used the toilet and bidet. I got our
clothes from the living room, and we dressed one another. Seeing her in her
sheer dress and string panties made me want her all over again, and I told
her so. She said I could have her any time I wanted her, she would always
be available for me. I kissed her, and we went to see about lunch.


  1. Contrary to what many (who are not in the lifestyle) believe, I have come to believe that it is the Master/Mistress who has the more difficult role. Yes they get served....but that is what others see on the surface....This chapter seems to confirm my belief....
    hugs abby

    1. The nail on the head is the expression, isn't it? Yes, I think so too Abby and said so a few times before in my blog. I'm very curious what scene exactly made you delve beneath the surface.

      I would be pleased if you could pinpoint it for me,
      Thank you in advance,


  2. It started when she wanted the reversal to end...and then when she decided to not have Him drink his 'special' lunch.....i knew...
    hugs abby


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