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Training Carrie, chapter 29

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 29

     Carrie walked up to me and asked me if I got any sleep. I said a few
hours. She asked me if I was ready for the day. I said I was, and asked her
how I was doing. She said I was her hero, her superman, her god, her lover.
I said, "That good, huh?" She laughed and said that I was under formal
speech for being a smart ass.

    Resuming her stern Mistress persona, she examined my rubber and said
apparently I didn't have any wet dreams. She said there was some unfinished
business from last night, then she retrieved the 5 rubbers full of cum from
last night. She brought them, and the glass of my cum, and set them on the
headrest beside my head. One by one, she untied each rubber, squeezed its
contents into the glass, then inverted the rubber and put it in my mouth
for final cleaning. When we had processed all 5 rubbers, the glass was more
than half full. She told me to open my mouth, and acted like she was going
to pour some of it in me. Then she smiled and said No, she wanted to see
how much we had at the end of the day. She discarded the rubbers and put
the glass back on her table.

    Releasing me from the bed, she attached my wrists at the side of my
belt. Grabbing my dildo, she asked if my ass was sore. I nodded. Very sore?
I shook my head. She steered me back to the punishment area. When I saw her
repositioning her camera, I knew what was coming. I told myself that after
the day's end flogging, I could take anything she wanted to give me.

    Sure enough, she positioned me with my ass hanging off the platform,
and attached my belt and collar to the floor. Then she moved my arms out to
my sides and attached my wrists to the floor. With the ropes on my ankle
belts, she raised my legs until they were perpendicular to the floor and
spread at 90 degrees. She showed me the flog, and said this flogging would
be as severe as the ones she received at the organization. I smiled at her
and nodded my head.

    As she was about to strike, she paused. She said she didn't want to hit
my cock or balls, so she got the cage and put it on me again. Then she
picked up the flog and started. I resisted for a long time, but began to
think it would never stop. When my tears started, my resistance evaporated,
and I was soon crying and screaming. Once I asked her to please stop, and
she said that was the last free outburst I would get, to keep quiet of pay
the consequences. Finally she stopped, then sat on the stage and watched
me. She had a tear in her eye. She was very near my outstretched hand, and
I wiggled my fingers. She put her hand in mine, and I held it and looked at
her until she was ready to release me.

    Turning off the camera, she removed the cage from my cock and balls.
After releasing me from the floor, she reattached my wrists behind my back
and led me to the toilet. She gave me a normal cool water enema and made me
hold it for about 15 minutes while she played with my nipples and my cock.
Then she removed the rubber, let me eliminate my waste, and put the rubber
back on. After using the bidet, I was told to stand still with my legs
spread. She produced the ball clamp and installed it on me. She watched my
face as she tightened it, and stopped when I winced. Then she tightened it
a little more, but not nearly as much as the first time she used it. She
laughed and gently tapped my balls, making me cringe. "You can take it, big
boy," she said.

    She steered me to the rails, installed me, and removed the dildo from
my ass. After retrieving the flog, she stood behind me and said "You know
the drill," Then she struck. Added to the pain I was already feeling on the
insides of my thighs, the additional pain was much worse that the first
time she had done this. I was crying and moaning in no time at all, but I
didn't make any vocalizations. When she finished, she put the vibrator in
my ass and switched it on. She told me this time she wanted me to wait 20
minutes, and then I could come. She said she would tell me when the 20
minutes were up, and in the meantime she would caress my ass and thighs.
Her caresses really did ease the pain, but I didn't know if that was a
physical or a mental effect on my part. Anyway, I was grateful she did it
for me. I was trying my best to keep my mind off of the vibrator, and soon
she told me I could come. I shook my head No, and she smiled. She asked if
I wanted to try for 30 minutes. I nodded, and she continued caressing me.
At 30 minutes I did come, and there was more pain than pleasure due to the
ball clamp. She saw the pain on my face, and commented that the ball clamp
was not what she would consider a sex aid, it was more of a sex avoidance
aid. She said she wanted me to keep it on a little longer, but she would
not put it on me again unless I really pissed her off. Then she laughed.

    After removing the vibrator and replacing it with the dildo, she
released me and reattached my wrists behind my back. She steered me to the
Master's area and led me onto the rug. After I was positioned in the
Learning Pose, she knelt in front of me and milked the last cum from my
cock. After removing the rubber, she again cleaned my cock with her
fingers, then had me lick her fingers. Following her usual procedure, she
emptied the rubber into the glass, then had be clean the rubber in my
mouth. Finally she re taped the rubber on my cock.

    She told me today's breakfast was tomato soup, right after my mistress
had her breakfast. She took a bowl of fruit from the refrigerator, sat in
front of me, and talked to me about my performance while she slowly ate the
fruit. She said she was very displeased that I had spoken without
permission while she was flogging my thighs. And to make it worse, I had
begged her to stop flogging me. She said that was a big failing in an
otherwise admirable training session. She asked me if I understood that I
would be whipped until I bled if that happened again. I nodded that I

    When she was finished with her breakfast, she reached out and slapped
my balls lightly, getting a wince and a groan from me. She smiled and said
I was a wussy. Then she prepared my tomato soup. After the hose was down my
throat, she again poured the whole bowl into the funnel. It drained faster
than the mushroom soup, and I still had a little breath left when she
pulled the hose out. I expected another French kiss, which is probably why
I didn't get one this time.

    She had me stand up, slapped my balls one more time, and asked me if I
was sure I wanted the clamp removed. I nodded vigorously, then she asked
what if I knew that my Mistress wanted it to remain on me? She told me to
respond. I thought about our agreement, but decided that was the wrong
answer, and there was only one right answer. I said, "Mistress Carrie, if
the Mistress wishes the ball clamp to remain on its Fuck Toy, then the ball
clamp should remain on as long as the Mistress wishes, Mistress Carrie."

    "Right answer, Slave," she said, and removed the clamp. Then she stared
at my crotch for awhile, and finally said she was thinking of removing all
the hair from my crotch area. She said that wussies were usually hairless,
only real men had crotch hair. That made me really uncomfortable, but I
tried not to show any reaction, I knew that she would do it if she wanted
to. And if she wanted to do it, I knew I would let her. She wasn't going to
let it drop though, she wanted to know what her Fuck Toy thought about
having a hairless crotch. I told her that the Slave's opinion didn't
matter, the Mistress should do whatever would improve the Slave's
submission and obedience. She thought about it, then said it would not be
done during this training session, but it would definitely be done at our
next training session. She looked me in the eye when she said that, and I
knew she was making me a promise, if I ever agreed to do this again.

    My Mistress attached the nipple clamps to her Slave, and tightened them
until they hurt. She found a short length of light chain, and attached the
two clips together with the chain. Then she hung the small vibrator from
the chain and turned it on. She had me walk around the room for awhile, and
asked me how the clamps and vibrator felt. I told her there as more
pleasure than pain. She asked if I would be able to come from just that
amount of stimulation, and I said I didn't think so. She then asked me, if
I wanted to come from just that level of stimulation, how would I try to do
it. I told her I would try to use my mind to think of exciting scenarios or
memories, and try to integrate the sensations in my nipples into those
thoughts. She asked me if that process would be easier if I were moving or
stationary. I said it might be easier if I were moving, because there would
be more stimulation at my nipples. She asked if it would be easier
blindfolded or not blindfolded. I told her I thought it would be easier if
I had something really sexy to look at. She asked if she would do as
something really sexy, and I told her she was the sexiest woman I had ever

    She asked me if she thought I could come within 15 minutes, just from
the stimulation of the vibrator on my nipples, if I were dancing with my
Mistress and were free to look at my Mistress in any way I chose. I said I
didn't know, I had never tried anything like that before, but it was
possible. She asked if my mistress should be clothed as she is now, or
should be naked. I suggested we try it both ways. She went out the exit
door, and in a minute I heard our favourite radio station playing through
the room speakers. She soon returned, kicked off her shoes, and held out
her arms. She said, "The clock is running, you have 15 minutes. You will be
punished if you fail." I gulped, then started dancing with her. She was
looking at my face and smiling. I was looking at her face, her breasts, the
curve of her hip, her thighs where they disappeared into her shorts,
everything. Every part of her was sexy to me. After a minute I felt my cock
stirring, and soon it was hard. I began thinking back to the shared
experiences that turned me on the most. What worked the best were memories
of her kissing, sucking, and biting my nipples. The buzzing in my nipples
caused by the vibrator helped to amplify those memories. Soon I felt my
cock twitch a few times, then a minute later I felt an orgasm starting. I
looked her in the eye and smiled. She grinned at me, and watched my dick.
When I came, she came with me. While my cock was still undergoing the last
spasms of my orgasm, she told me I was on the road to controlling my
orgasms as she could.

    I volunteered to try it again, with my Mistress naked this time. She
said maybe later. She removed my vibrator and nipple clips. She said it was
time for a rubber cleaning, and steered me to the Master's area with my
ever-present dildo. We went through the usual ritual, then she put a new
rubber on my cock. I noticed that my glass was nearly two thirds filled.
She saw me looking at the glass, laughed, and said the scene where I drink
that glass of cum was going to be our favourite scene from my training

    She said we were going for a walk outside. She reattached my wrists
behind my back, puled a long string out of her pocket, knelt in front of
me, and tied it tightly around my balls. She said this was my new steering
device, its method of directing me shouldn't require explanations. She
pulled the dildo out of my ass, had me clean it in my mouth, then dropped
it on the floor. Holding my string, she started walking toward the other
end of the room. When the string got tight, I started following her. she
took me to the toilet area, and had me kneel for an enema. When the enema
bag had drained, she removed the tube, then did something unexpected. She
shoved her butt plug into my ass, and seated the fingers in my ass crack.
She then had me stand up, and said she hoped I was comfortable, because I
would stay like this for hours while we were walking. She showed me that
she had about half a dozen rubbers in her pocket. She said we probably
wouldn't return until all of those were filled.

    Leading me to the door, she picked up her bag and then unlocked the
door. We went through, and she led me up the stairs. In the mural room, she
reminded me that the training session was still in progress, and I was
still under formal speech rules. She led me to the bathroom and covered my
body with sun block, then she covered all of her exposed surfaces with the
sun block. With my eyes downcast, I could still see what she was doing, and
I wished she had asked  me to do that for her, I had a craving to touch her
body again. She used the toilet and the bidet, dried herself, and led me to
the bedroom, where she put a pair of my walking shoes on my feet. I noticed
it was only 8:30 AM, I had over 9 more hours of training to go through.
Then we went to the exit door.

    She left me at the door, tied to the table by my string, and returned
in a few minutes with a packed lunch, blanket, backpack frame, canteen, and
her kit bag. As I watched, she secured her bag, the blanket, and the lunch
basket to the frame. She unfastened my wrists and had me put on the
backpack and secure the straps. Then she hung the canteen around my neck,
unfastened my ankle straps and reattached them at the tops of my thighs.
Finally she attached my wrists to the thigh straps, opened the door, and
led me outside by my string.

    She led the way up the hill, walking fast enough to keep my string taut
and constantly tugging on my balls. After a few minutes they started to
ache, but not nearly as bad and the clamp caused. As if aching balls
weren't enough of a problem on a hike, I started feeling intestinal cramps
from the enema. They were mild and easily ignored, but I doubted they would
stay that way. When we reached our second stop, I was praying she would
stop or turn right, but she turned left. She was taking me to the highest
spot we had visited, a long uphill hike.

    After an eternity, we got to the intermediate stop on the way to the
hilltop. She didn't even pause. My aching balls and cramping intestines
were now demanding my attention, but there was nothing I could do except
follow the string. Once I stumbled on some loose rock, and almost fell. I
was hoping she would realize how vulnerable I was if I should fall, with my
hands bound at my sides and my balls tied and exposed. All she did is look
back and tell me to be more careful. But she did seem to slow down a little
after that.

    Eventually we got to the top of the hill. While I was still standing,
my Mistress took the blanket from my pack and spread it. Then she took the
picnic pack and set it at the far corner of the blanket. She had me assume
the Learning Pose at the opposite corner, still wearing the backpack with
her kit bag. She walked behind me and took the sun block from her kit bag,
then took off her shoes and socks and walked to the middle of the blanket.
With her back to me, she removed her shorts and applied sun block to her
belly, upper thighs, and ass. She then knelt and removed her top. She
applied the sun block to her shoulders and breasts. Then she got up and
walked over to me. Releasing one of my wrists, she put sun block in my hand
and knelt with her back to me. Holding her hair out of the way, she had me
apply the sun block to her back. It took every ounce of my willpower not to
caress her ass, but I knew the consequences would be severe.

    She reattached my wrist, then lay down in the center of the blanket on
her back, acting like she was sunbathing alone. After a few minutes she
picked up the end of my string in her fingers. She started idly wrapping it
around her fingers, and seeming to play with it, until soon she had taken
up all the slack and was tugging on my balls. Still not looking at me, she
said "I bet that feels pretty uncomfortable by now." After pausing, she
added, "And I bet that enema is asking to be let out by now, too." Then she
propped her self up on her elbows, her breasts swaying seductively. She
said, "I bet my Slave would like to take that backpack off for awhile, am I
right?" I vigorously nodded.

    She got up and walked over to me on her knees, but all she did was take
the canteen from around my neck and return to the centre of the blanket.
Turning to face me, she took a long drink from the canteen, and commented
about how cold the water was. She capped the canteen and set it down beside
her, then stretched out on her back again. She was quiet for so long I
thought she was asleep. Between thinking about my aching balls and my
cramping guts, it occurred to me that her pistol was in the bag on my back.
I smiled at that evil thought, and she asked me what was so funny. She had
been looking at me all along. She hadn't told me to reply, so I kept quiet.

    After a minute, she said Ok, I was on informal speech rules, and there
would be no retaliation, she just wanted to know what I was thinking that
made me smile. I told her that my balls ached, and my intestines were
cramping badly, but there was a pistol in the backpack, if only I could get
to it. She got on her knees again, walked over to me. She pressed her body
against mine, put her arms around my neck, and gave me a long passionate
kiss, which I greedily returned. She asked me who would do that for me if I
shot her. Smiling, I said they were lined up around the block to do that
for me. She laughed and kissed me again. I asked her why she thought it was
her I wanted to shoot, when I was the one who needed to be put out of my

    She asked me if I was miserable right now. I said I was happy looking
at her and talking to her, it was my body that was in misery. She asked if
I was too miserable to fuck her, and I said I was never too miserable for
that, but would she please untie my balls before she made me fuck her. She
took issue with me saying she was "making me" fuck her. I told her I always
wanted to fuck her, but it was obvious to both of us that she was in
complete control of my body now, so that was why I used those words. I told
her that if I didn't want to fuck her - and that would never be the case -
she actually could "make me" do it just by telling me to. Such was the
complete submission and obedience she had obtained from me now.

    She asked me if I would comply with her wish that I fuck her even if
she didn't untie my balls. I said of course I would, I would have no
choice. She asked why I would have no choice. I said because she was my
Mistress and I was her Slave, and I owed her my total obedience. She said I
was just saying that because I knew it was the right answer. I said I
wasn't stupid, of course I knew it was the right answer. But all she had to
do to test me was tell me to fuck her with my balls still tied, and I would
do it until I couldn't do it any more, or until she told me to stop. A tear
came to her eye, and she said she believed me. She untied my balls, then
unfastened my wrists and helped me remove the pack. She smiled and said
that I could reach the gun now if I still wanted to. I smiled and said this
Slave hoped its Mistress understood that it was only joking about the gun.

    She asked me what I wanted to do about the enema. I took both of her
hands in mine and said, "Carrie, the only thing that matters here today is
what you want. What do you want to do about the enema?" Now tears were
running down her face. She asked if the enema was causing me pain, and I
said Yes, it was. She asked me why, then, I wasn't asking her to let me
release it. I said because I was willing to withstand the pain if that was
her wish. She asked why I asked to have the string removed from my balls,
didn't her wish count there? I said of course her wish counted, but I asked
to have the string removed because I thought it would prevent me from
giving her the fuck she deserved. Tying off a man's balls affects his
performance, aside from the pain issues.

    She turned her back on me for a time, trying to regain her composure.
Then she tried to reclaim her role as my Mistress. She said it was my
Mistress' wish that her Slave fuck her while retaining the enema in its
body. I asked her what position my Mistress would like her Slave to use,
and she said we would do it with the Mistress on top, as we had done
earlier. I immediately lay down on my back and held my arms up in welcome.
She straddled me, inserted my already hard dick in her pussy, and stretched
out on top of me. Before sliding down, she kissed me on the lips and told
me I would make a good Slave some day. I told her I had the best trainer
there was, I was bound to become a good Slave.

    She slid down and raised herself on her elbows. I found her nipples and
began stimulating them, and she smiled. I asked her if she wished for her
Slave to try to control its orgasm. She said No, she wished for her Slave
to have as many orgasms as possible, as often as possible, because that was
exactly what my Mistress was going to do. We fucked for perhaps 10 minutes,
and I noticed that she had not yet come. I almost asked her about it, but
decided against it. About 5 minutes later, I felt the onset of my first
orgasm. when I came, she came also. I looked at her, and she was grinning
at me. I didn't lose my erection, and I kept fucking her. A few minutes
later she came, and with no warning I also came. I didn't know what had
happened. I looked at her, and she was laughing. I asked her if she had
caused that. She said the way she thought it worked was that she was
responsible for her orgasms and I was responsible for mine, but she was
still laughing. I thought sure I would get soft after that, but I didn't.
In about 5 minutes I again came with no warning, and she came about a
second later. She said she was late on that one, and laughed again. I told
her I was totally confused, and she told me to stop thinking and keep

    We had three more nearly simultaneous orgasms before my dick finally
went limp. She said she knew this Slave was a keeper, and she rolled off of
me. We looked at the rubber, and it was enormous. It was amazing it hadn't
broken. She had me roll over and get on my knees while she carefully
removed it. she told me to clean my cock with my fingers and suck them
clean. While I did that, she got out three more rubbers, and divided the
contents of the one overfilled one among the others, then tied them all
off. She got another unused rubber, put it on me, and taped it all around.

    She looked at me, and said business had been taken care of, would I
please lie beside her on the blanket and enjoy some post-coital cuddling.
We lay side-by-side and held hands. I told her I wanted to apologize for
speaking while I was being flogged. I said that I couldn't have stopped
myself from speaking at that moment, but I didn't really mean to ask her to
stop. She laughed, and asked me if I knew how many times Slave Carrie had
come close to doing the same thing. I told her I remembered Slave Carrie
speaking a number of times, but she never asked me to stop. She said the
truth is, the pain has to come out, and eventually you will have no choice
but to speak. And every time that happens, the words that want to come out
are "please stop" or something similar. All you can do is intercept that
urge and say something else first, like "no, no," or "it hurts." Then your
Master or Mistress will tell you to shut up, and the moment will be safely
past. Finally she said, "Speak when you must, Slave, just never say 'please
stop' again."

    I said, "Yes, Mistress Carrie. Thank you for the explanation." I then
asked her if she could explain what happened to us when we were fucking.
She said she really couldn't explain it, but she thought that Carrie and
her Master -  or Slave, as the case may be - are so close that they have
been on the verge of this capability for some time. All it took to make the
leap was for her partner to see things a certain way, and now things might
fall into place. Or they might not, this could have been a fluke. I asked
her if she thought it was a fluke. She smiled and said No, she didn't. I
asked her if that was why she wanted this role reversal. She said it was
one reason, but she couldn't explain it to her Master, because she didn't
really understand it herself.

    My Mistress told me I could expel my enema now if I wished. I asked to
be allowed to hold it until we returned to the training room, as a
demonstration of my submission and obedience. "So ordered," she said. "Now
I will do something I find unpleasant, Slave. But I'm going to do it
anyway. The lunch that you carried up here is only for your Mistress. There
is nothing in the basket for a Slave in training to eat. However, you may
drink from the canteen if you wish, while your Mistress is eating."

    "Thank you for your kind offer, Mistress," I said, "but this Slave asks
to wait until it can drink from the Slave faucet in the training room." She
said that was so ordered too, and I should now assume the Learning Pose on
the blanket. But I could face away while she ate, if I wished to. I told
her I would enjoy looking at my Mistress, if that was permitted. She looked
in my eyes and said she enjoyed being under my gaze. She clipped my wrists
together behind my back, and told me to assume the Pose wherever I liked.
Then she stretched out and grabbed the picnic basket, opened it, and began
eating. While she ate, I looked a her and she looked at me. We both smiled
the whole time.


  1. I try allway learn something from thing I read.
    Today I learned , that there ate right answer and that it is truth.
    Snd if you day truth you will be punished. If you say right answer and lies, you will be rewarded.

    1. That does sound a bit bitter, and totally not like you Mona Lisa. Maybe it helps if you realize that none of them are victims without a will of their own, and that they both consent in this.

      Try not to be upset. It's just a story.
      I love it that you care,


  2. In response to Mona..i do not see it as telling a lie...He is playing a role, and acting his part very well. I am beginning to think he is enjoying this more that he thought possible...
    hugs abby

    1. You think he likes it Abby? Let's see, the next chapter will be even more intense...



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